4 minutes ago
A screenshot from containing the posters for: "Requiem for a Village, 1975" "Penda's Fen, 1974" "Dead of Night: The Exorcism, 1972" and "Robin Redbreast, 1970"
1 hour ago

Rosamund Pike carefully writing a new diary-entry on the set of ‘Gone Girl’ (2014) #BehindTheScenes #Movie #Movies #MoviesInTheMaking

Rosamund Pike carefully writing a new diary-entry on the set of 'Gone Girl' (2014)
Nick Garlick
1 hour ago

A favourite film a day for 365 days: Brotherhood of Satan.

70s horror film that didn't cost much and used suggestion to unsettle rather than go for big budget special effects. Fifty years later, it's *still* a creepy little gem.

#movies #movie #film #cinema #films #cultmovies #70smovies #horrormovies

1 hour ago

🇷🇺 The Boy and The Heron box office in Russia #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

🇷🇺 The Boy and The Heron box office in Russia
Luke Cordell
2 hours ago

Trainspotting (1996)
#filmstill #cinema #movies

JW prince of CPH
3 hours ago

Maybe a christmas gift for the prop nerd in your life...? 😍

#EarlHaysPress #props #movies #Tested #AdamSavage

3 hours ago

🇦🇺 The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is still at no.1 in Australia taking $1.85M. 🦘 The Boy and The Heron, the latest animated feature from Studio Ghibli, opens in 4th with $1.17M. This is the highest opening weekend for a Studio Ghibli film in Australia ever. #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

🇦🇺 The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is still at no.1 in Australia taking $1.85M. 🦘 The Boy and The Heron, the latest animated feature from Studio Ghibli, opens in 4th with $1.17M. This is the highest opening weekend for a Studio Ghibli film in Australia ever.
3 hours ago

ad 4. Jeśli byłby bardziej skomplikowany, to miałby gorsze przyjęci za oceanem. Oni nie lubią "skomplikowanych" rzeczy.
Genialny "The Leftovers" uratowała Europa, bo tu podszedł jak należy.
Amerykanie trzymali się serialu, trochę ze względu na obsadę gwiazdorską i pewnie Liv Taylor 😉

To moja opinia ofc

#movies #series

@selzero One of my Honey’s all-time favorite movies, and the first Criterion disc we ever bought. Hope both you and the kiddo enjoyed.


3 hours ago

🇳🇿 Next Goal Wins, Taika Waititi’s latest film, takes the top spot in New Zealand for its opening weekend with $299k. 🎟️ The Boy and The Heron, the latest animated feature from Studio Ghibli, opens in 3rd with $212k. #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

🇳🇿 Next Goal Wins, Taika Waititi's latest film, takes the top spot in New Zealand for its opening weekend with $299k. 🎟️ The Boy and The Heron, the latest animated feature from Studio Ghibli, opens in 3rd with $212k.
Frozen Canuck
4 hours ago

Over the weekend I watched Miyazaki's newest film The Boy and the Heron.

My thoughts after taking some time to reflect on the film over the past day:

1/🧵 ...

#Movies #TheBoyAndTheHeron #StudioGhibli #Miyazaki #Anime

5 hours ago

TIL that Dennis Haysbert, from Allstate commercials and “24” played Pedro Cerrano in Major League (1989) and he actually hit every single home run you see him hit in the movie. #Movie #MovieDetails #Movies

TIL that Dennis Haysbert, from Allstate commercials and "24" played Pedro Cerrano in Major League (1989) and he actually hit every single home run you see him hit in the movie.
5 hours ago

Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes grossed an estimated $11M at the foreign BO this weekend lifting overseas gross to $143M & global gross stands at $279M. #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes grossed an estimated $11M at the foreign BO this weekend lifting overseas gross to $143M & global gross stands at $279M.
5 hours ago

There is no world where “Christmas of Yes” should be a good movie. It has a stupid-ass premise, the lead actress is made of wood, the production design is hot garbage…

…and yet somehow I like it. The two leads have great chemistry and the screenplay is pretty good, and I guess those count for a lot.

#movies #christmas

The Explorographer
5 hours ago

Late to the party but I just watched: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and man, what a work of art!! Highly recommended.

#movies #spiderman #milesMorales

5 hours ago

WONKA rolled out in IMAX on 846 screens this weekend with $2.3M and expands to another 518 screens in 43 territories (including US/CAN) next weekend. #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

WONKA rolled out in IMAX on 846 screens this weekend with $2.3M and expands to another 518 screens in 43 territories (including US/CAN) next weekend.
6 hours ago

I so, so hate the modern idea of the "legacy reboot", just bringing back any property that ever had any fanbase for pure depressing nostalgiafests usually featuring actors who would really be better off just enjoying their retirements. At this point, I just refuse to watch any of them as a rule, I'm not gonna reward any studio for making them no matter how much morbid curiosity I might have. #movies #cinemastodon #tv

6 hours ago

Kurt Russell On The “Tombstone” ‘Mystery’ #Movie #MovieNews #Movies

Kurt Russell On The "Tombstone" 'Mystery'
7 hours ago

[UK/Ireland] Top 5 for Saturday: 1. Wonka £3.64M, 2. Wish £423k (only a 36% drop on last Saturday, not bad in the face of Wonka), 3. Hunger Games £407k, 4. Napoleon £395k, 5. Saltburn £161k #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

[UK/Ireland] Top 5 for Saturday: 1. Wonka £3.64M, 2. Wish £423k (only a 36% drop on last Saturday, not bad in the face of Wonka), 3. Hunger Games £407k, 4. Napoleon £395k, 5. Saltburn £161k
7 hours ago

I've seen at least three recent #Westerns that have been filmed before in decades past (i.e., they're not all "remakes"), and my hot take is that the new #movies are just as good as the old ones (one or two may even be better):

High Noon
3:10 to Yuma
The Magnificent Seven

Eve 2023 :heart_nb:​
7 hours ago

🔗 In a way this is similar in concept (but not message) to The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. Rather than having specific characters, it describes a social situation. They're talking about how these future human descendants came to be as a result of a cataclysm. This becomes an implied cycle. Rather than having anyone shown on screen, there are shots of real monuments on Earth you could go see in real life.

Tilda Swinton narrates. The music is a major feature of the movie. There are moments where the music cuts out in a way that seems to clash with the visuals of what's happening on screen. It creates a tension and a feeling that's out of kilter. The tone and pace remind me of Eraserhead but the themes are quite different.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I try to write my initial feelings about a movie before I've read anything about it. In this case, I'm removing some notes I would have shared because of what I learned. There's some themes in the movie that I assume are related to the original 1930 book. I think it's worth being aware of that if you decide to watch the movie.

This is a pretty ponderous movie. I don't know that I can recommend it but if this sounds interesting, give it a shot.

#movies #FilmMastodon #films

7 hours ago

I loved the first Chicken Run movie. But after reading this review, I think I'll skip the sequel.


Film Noir Movie Posters
8 hours ago

The Enforcer (1951)

This is so ugly and weird, I could believe it was created by AI.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir

Main image: a man climbs a set of stairs toward the viewer, a gun in his hand and two men in police uniform behind him. Other images: a woman looking over her shoulder, a man surrounded by three other men, a group of men in a struggle.

Poster for the 1951 movie “The Enforcer” starring Humphrey Bogart. 

Poster for the 1951 film “The Enforcer”.
8 hours ago

HIGHEST PER THEATER AVERAGE: 2023 1. ASTEROID CITY ($142k) 2. BEAU IS AFRAID ($80k) 3. POOR THINGS ($71k) 4. PAST LIVES ($58k) 4. ORIGIN ($58k) #BoxOffice #Movie #MovieBusiness #Movies #TheBusinessOfMovies

Andrew Haglund
8 hours ago

Go see Godzilla Minus One in theaters. #movies

The Hollywood Reporter
8 hours ago

Mort Engelberg, ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ Producer Who Worked on Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaigns, Dies at 86
#MovieNews #Movies #Obituaries

9 hours ago

Genuinely curious if the new Aquaman movie ends up being a bust and confirming the superhero bubble is truly well burst. The first movie was decently received but also nothing with a fanatic fandom, kind of like Captain Marvel on the Marvel side, so could be a bigger tell on the DC side than things like The Flash with its troubles and Blue Beetle with its obscurity were. #movies

9 hours ago the hell did BlackBerry end up so fucking GOOD?!?!

Well, I mean, I have some thoughts, which I'll go on about in my review this week.

But god DAMN, that was an excellent movie!


9 hours ago

This is an outstanding film I'm very happy I saw on the big screen.

🏆 I expect multiple award nominations 🏆

Shout out to @drafthouse for adding showtimes and an amazing pre-show.

Go see it in theaters if you have the opportunity.

#film #movies #kaiju #godzilla

Flipboard Culture Desk
11 hours ago

Maria Cicogna was born a Venetian aristocrat in 1934 who transcended her gilded upbringing to become Europe’s first major female film producer. Cicogna died last month after a long battle with cancer. Air Mail tells us more about the distinguished filmmaker’s intelligence and sharp sense of humor. But, as fashion exec Georgina Brandolini recalls, “she was nasty when she didn’t like someone.”
#Culture #Entertainment #Film #Movies #Women

Is 1920's The Cabinet of Dr Caligari a masterpiece? Yes, obviously, but how? Find out what @lordof1 and I thought in #RibbonOfMemes #Podcast #Film #Movies

Started writing this about an hour before the movie ended.

I wasn't prepared how much worse it could get in Act 3.

Somehow the last hour actually SURPASSES stupid. When the big twist was revealed, I had one of the hardest laughs all year. Absolutely remarkable! Even low budget schlockfests have to aim for this level of nonsense.

And again: It takes EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE of its runtime seriously! How?! #Moonfall #movies

Watched #Moonfall

...I'm stunned.

This has to be one of the stupidest, laziest, and shittiest schlockfests in recent years that is, somehow, also completely unaware of itself. It checks every kind of dumb box set by Emmerich's #IndependenceDayResurgence and is somehow still a hundred times worse.
Often times it can not even follow its own logic, let alone the multiverse-wide jumps of suspension of disbelief it requires from its audience.

Holy shit. #movies

GIF from the movie "Moonfall": A dark hangar with a Space Shutttle. The words "Screw the Moon" are written on its side, as flashlights go over the word.
The Hollywood Reporter
13 hours ago

Producers of ‘American Fiction,’ ‘Maestro,’ ‘Origin’ and More Oscar Contenders Talk the Toughest Tasks Behind the Scenes of Their Films
#MovieFeatures #Movies #AmericanFiction #Awards #Maestro #Oppenheimer #Origin #Oscars #Oscars2023 #TheHoldovers #TheIronClaw

Flipboard Culture Desk
13 hours ago

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Moviegoers have debated whether the action flick starring Bruce Willis is part of holiday canon. Half of respondents to a Yahoo/YouGov poll say no. Where do you stand on the film’s holiday status?
#Film #Movies #Christmas #Holidays #DieHard #BruceWillis

Eye For Film
13 hours ago

"I just want people to realise that acceptance is the key" - Ahmad Alyaseer and Rana Alyaseer discuss Oscar-qualifying short film Our Males And Females #Oscars #lgbtq #film #movies

A still from the film Our Males And Females. In a darkened room, a woman wearing a burka and an older Arab man in a dark suit stand on either side of a table on which a body lies under a sheet.
14 hours ago

Crocodile Dundee II (1988)
#NowWatching #movies

Crocodile Dundee 2 movie poster. Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski standing against the backdrop of the New York City skyline with the tagline "The world's favourite adventurer is back for more!"
Lainy - A Fan Of The Movies
14 hours ago

Just watched the movie. This movie really scared me. I actually cried at one scene which I didn't expect. I really enjoyed it but it did scare me #movies

15 hours ago

The movie shrek is about #usa & #eu relations in the mid 2000s

I will not be elaborating

#funny #mastodon
#lol #jokes #movies

Noel J. Penaflor
15 hours ago

EILEEN #Review

Thomasin McKenzie's Baw-Stun accent is just like Daniel Craig's Mexican accent in Glass Onion.

Full Review #Link Below-- This Eileen (2023) Review Has David Gordon Green Rebooting Friday The 13th But With 4 Marching Bands And Making it on a Saturday!

#films #cinema #cinemastodon #Reviews #film #filmmastodon #writing #writer #writingCommunity #writers #Movies #movie #cinema #cinemastodon #article #listicle #list #read #reading #funny

Eileen Onesheet
15 hours ago

I've always marveled at this shot from "The Looking Glass War" that has Christopher Jones walking toward a grove of trees that, as he gets closer, inexplicably turn out to be these weird miniature trees

#movies #trees #cinema

20 second shot from the film "The Looking Glass War". In the foreground are a few thin trees, in the baclground a hilly landscape. A man approaches on foot, toward the camera and as he enters the grove it becomes clear that the trees are very small, his face ending up among the leafy treetops.
Steve Roy
18 hours ago

I rewatch a lot of #movies and I often ask myself when was the last time I watched xyz? Is it too soon to rewatch it again?

Scratching my own itch I’m putting together a little app to answer that question. Coming soon to iOS.

RetroStrange TV
19 hours ago

RetroStrange TV Is On The Air! Vintage horror, sci-fi, and ephemera.

Vintage Holiday Programming All December

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain

Live stream preview
20 hours ago

Thinking back to the movie *Barbie* when Barbie became real, was she given a Social Insurance Number and if so how? I mean, she's got to work now right?

#Movies #Humour

Film Noir Movie Posters
20 hours ago

Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

“La Pègre” appears to mean "the underworld"? This is obviously produced by some totally different process than the average US poster here, isn't it?

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir

Multiple superimposed images: a man's face in closeup with an intense expression; a street scene with a gunfight; a man clutching another man in pain on the ground; a woman in an off-the-shoulder gown and jewellery and her hand on her hip.

Poster for the 1950 movie “Where the Sidewalk Ends” starring Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney.

Poster for the 1950 film “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.
The European Network
22 hours ago

The European Film Awards have awarded the top prize to Justine Triet’s Anatomy of a Fall.

The French film swept everything up, with wins for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress for Sandra Hüller.

It tells the compelling story of possible Alpine murder which morphs into a captivating courtroom drama, powered by a stellar performance from Hüller.

#Europe #Film #Cinema #Movies #EuropeanFilmAwards

RobotWig :mastodon:
1 day ago

It’s that time of the week again, Roundup time!
All my miniature movie photographic creations posted this week in one big bundle just in case you missed any. Hope you enjoyed my festively themed posts this week as always there’s more to come.

#miniatures #photographer #movies #popculture #cinematic #practicaleffects

Montage of work from this week
Matt Sevits
1 day ago

I still think “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” deserved a little more love than it got. #movies #valerian

Tucker Teague
1 day ago

On a whim this evening I watched the 1983 film WARGAMES. It's dated, of course, and goes slower than similar types of movies these days, but it's still excellent. I mainly sought it out because, for some reason, it had crossed my mind a few times lately. Perhaps that's because of all the recent focus on AI. But I also wanted to watch it thinking about story construction and screenwriting. It definitely follows a lot of the common advice given to screenwriters.

#movies #film #cinema

A screengrab from the film WARGAMES showing a computer screen with the following text:
1 day ago

“Godzilla Minus One” was excellent. Imagine the first Godzilla, but with characters that are actual people rather than cardboard cutouts, and you basically have it. The Godzilla design is also brilliant. #movies #godzilla

Yoni Den
1 day ago

Sick of the holiday season and holiday season movie fare?...

Might I suggest these alternative Holiday Films


Dark Angel(1990)

Night Of The Comet(1984)

#SciFi #ScienceFiction #Film #Movies #HolidayMovies #HolidayFilms #SeasonalSciFi #SFF #Seasonal #December

The promotional poster for the 1985 Charles Band film "Trancers"

text on poster reads:

Meet Jack Deth. He's a future cop lost in the present... He's hunting a 23rd century menace in 1985.
Trancers. The battle of the future is about to begin.
promotional poster for the 1984 Tom Eberhardt film "Night Of The Comet"

text on poster reads:

Night of the comet. It was the last thing on Earth they ever expected.
Promotional poster for the 1990 Craig R. Baxley film "Dark Angel"

poster feature Dolph Lundgren in midshot holding an automatic pistol.

text reads:

Jack Caine. 
Houston Cop. 

What he's up against,

Dark Angel.
The Global Voice
1 day ago

🕑Z Coming up in 20 minutes, entertainment from radio royalty. It's a new edition of the L.A. Connection Hosted by Emperor Rosko. #audio #TGVRadio #Movies #Radio #tv 🎉👑🙌🎥🎬

Film Noir Movie Posters
1 day ago

Blonde Bait (1956)

I guess the contrast between the sexy version of her bottom left and the derp-face and unflattering dress in the main image is the point, but it's pretty comic.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir

Main image: a female prison warder grips a woman by the arm, seen against a large stone wall. Other images, a woman reclining wearing a sheer gown; a man and woman kissing. Text: “A beautiful man trips that backfired with bullets …”.

Poster for the 1956 movie “Blonde Bait” starring Beverly Michaels, Jim Davis, Joan Rice.

Poster for the 1956 film “Blonde Bait”.
Tucker Teague
1 day ago

A time capsule: In 1982, while working at Universal Studios as a publicity and marketing specialist for horror and science-fiction films, Mick Garris produced and hosted this twenty-six-minute roundtable discussion with directors David Cronenberg, John Landis, and John Carpenter.

A great discussion, including some interesting talk about ratings and censorship.

#movies #film #cinema #horror

Kent Brewster
1 day ago

Ordinarily I have a low tolerance for Will Ferrell, but wow, Spirited is fun. Would 100% go see the live theater version, especially if it was done (loudly and enthusiastically) by my local community players. #spirited #goodafternoon #movies

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
2 days ago

🎬 Cold, rainy afternoon here — perfect for a movie and nap.

Haven't seen the Coen Brothers' HAIL, CAESAR!, and it's been in my queue for a while.


Joanne Fisher
2 days ago
2 days ago
Official movie poster for Violent Night (2022). David Harbour as Santa Claus with cuts on his face and a candy cane in his mouth.


Network (1976) — One of the most succinct and direct explanation for how the world is arranged. I wish George Clooney or Steven Spielberg would remake this film today:

#capitalism #ClimateChange #billionaires #film #movies

Film Noir Movie Posters
2 days ago

The Maltese Falcon (1941)

I love the style of this, the reduced palette and the light and shade. Note the shadow of the Falcon on the wall behind them.

I don't think there's actually a scene in the movie where Bogart calmly shoots two guns at once without looking and Lorre regards him with mild concern.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir

A man with a gun in each hand, one of them firing. Another man looking at him from the side. The shadow of a bird is on the wall between them. Various silhouetted figures are shown falling, reacting to being shot, and shooting back.

Poster for the 1941 movie “The Maltese Falcon” starring Humphrey Bogart, Gladys George, Peter Lorre.

Poster for the 1941 film “The Maltese Falcon”.
Dave Heinemann 🇦🇺
2 days ago

Saturdays are always a good day for movies.

I saw the Hurt Locker for the first time. It's very good, and sometimes a little intense.

It's also stereotypically pro-military and doesn't have a whole lot particularly interesting to say about the War in Iraq.

Definitely worth watching though. I enjoyed it.


The Hurt Locker movie poster.
James House-Lantto (He/Him)
2 days ago

20 Places to LEGALLY download or stream movies:

- Kanopy and Hoopla
- Tubi
- Vudu
- PlutoTV
- Public Domain Torrents
- TopDocumentaryFilms
- Classic Cinema Online
- PopcornFlix
- Crackle
- Plex
- Vimeo
- YouTube
- The Internet Archive
- Fandor
- Freevee
- Shout Factory TV
- The Film Detective
- ViX
- Redbox

#Movies #DigitalMedia #Free #Streaming

"Cinematically, Manhattan is still a place where pretty blond women can traipse through the West Village in Manolo Blahniks. But now it’s also a place where Korean Canadian creative types can fall in love, lose their shit on the sidewalk, and hold real power over the men in their lives. Past Lives is the kind of bilingual hit that, just a few years ago, probably wouldn’t have been possible."

#aapi #aanhpi #films #movies #pastlives

3 days ago

It’s strange how a second viewing of a film can show you new things, after the initial hype has died down. I've just rewatched Decision to Leave, and 1) it’s a lot funnier than I remember; and 2) the first time I thought was too long and that the ending was unnecessary, but I was wrong. 3) the erotic and emotional tension between Park Hae-il and Tang Wei was off the scale. #films #movies #cinema #Mubi

Park Hae-il and Tang Wei in the back of a police car, looking at each other smoulderingly…
Texas Observer
3 days ago

“In all the films I’ve seen, whenever the weather changes, the people change.”

A Vietnamese filmmaker with #Houston ties, Phạm Thiên Ân, reveals more about his contemplative #film Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell, which won the Caméra d’Or award, in this interview from our magazine:

#movies @film #Vietnam #nature

Seen from behind, a lone figure in white clothing stands at a balcony, the terrace behind him covered with rainwater, and the countryside ahead of him shadowed by an overcast sky.
Jake Beamer
3 days ago

Finally saw Hellraiser: Revelations (free on Tubi) after avoiding it for 12 years because I thought a Pinhead without Doug Bradley was a dumb idea. Why not just come up with another main cenobite? Like the Hulu one did? Anyway, the acting in it mostly sucked and non-Bradley Pinhead was weird, but admittedly there were a couple okay gross-out scenes as usual (which is what I'm watching for anyway).

I'm only partway through Hellraiser: Judgment and while the first scenes are severely twisted and weird (props to the makers for those, if you've seen it, you know what I mean), but then after that for quite a while, it becomes more of a cop/crime drama than a Hellraiser movie 😂 The other stuff in it is definitely a different kind of concept, though. I have to give em that.

#horror #Hellraiser #film #films #movies #CliveBarker #Pinhead #Cenobites #monsters #Monsterdon @horror

3 days ago

I’m doing a regularly scheduled streaming app switch up. Cancelled MAX and AppleTV and trying out #Peacock

Any #suggestions / #recommendations of what’s good on there?

#tv #movies #streaming

3 days ago

Went back to DVDs (on my PC), after one too many evenings dealing with advertising in the middle of free streamed movies. ("free" i.e. paid for by that advertising). Amazon Prime used to be not-so-bad, but it's terrible now. I forgot how awesome it is to NOT BE INTERRUPTED in the middle of key movie scenes. Borrowing them from the library, and buying some of the ones I'll watch multiple times from thrift stores/library sales. #movies #streaming #DVDs

4 days ago

I don't understand all the hype about this movie.

Great cinematography, stellar cast, and great acting. However, I've found one big problem: I don't give two hoots about any of the characters. I'm about three-quarters of the way through the film, but, I probably won't finish it. I don't care what happens to any of the characters I don't feel involved in the story nor invested in the characters. Even though I'm well versed in the story of the Manhattan Project.

Not recommended.

#movies #films

DVD cover for the Oppenheimer movie.
Laura E. Hall
4 days ago

Love movies? Want to know what to watch on this day, every day?

Check out my collab with Letterboxd! I created a list of films featuring dates (and events that take place on dates) for each day of the month, for the whole year. December’s list:

#Film #Movies #Letterboxd #December

A grid of film covers including Psycho, Boys Town, the Truman Show, 12 Monkeys, Before Sunset, The Holiday, American Psycho, Home Alone, Scrooges, and Muppets Christmas Carol
4 days ago

One of my most favorite sci-fi characters has zero bullshit and maximum chill. That character is #Bit, from #Tron. I love him so so much. Especially when he gets really excited. YES YES NO NO NO! 🥰

It was Tron that really influenced me as a little kid. Not a big surprise I ended up in #infotech as I have.

Much like #Airplane and #Clue, Tron can do no wrong. They are foundational parts of my upbringing. A part of me. :) #Movies #today #MoreAboutMe

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
4 days ago

The old #JamesBond #movies are so bad and they aren't even that old. Bond for me starts with Brosnan.

#DecRecs for today: Last night we watched “Sullivan’s Travels” (1941), directed by Preston Sturges (screwball comedy genius) and starring Veronica Lake! (And Joel McCrea.) A hilarious, original, rapidfire, whimsical but sometimes dark movie with memorable characters. About Hollywood in a self-aware, not navel-gazing way! Recommended for fans of the Coen Brothers (I am morally certain they love this.)

I shrieked at several things Lake’s character said: she is a snarky, luminous joy.


Veronica Lake, with her trademark peekaboo blonde hair, with Joel McCrea in a studio still. She is dressed up for evening under an overcoat, sitting at the counter of a little diner drinking coffee with Joel McCrea’s character, a handsome tall white man in a battered hat and a suit that has seen better days, long arduous months before. She is smiling impishly at him, so of course he is grinning back.
saul brown :acab: 🎡🇵🇸
5 days ago

What’s the deal with Godzilla minus 1, canon wise? Is it a sequel to Shin Godzilla?

#godzilla #film #movies #kaiju #monstermovies

5 days ago

Obviously there is zero contention that the greatest all time #xmas #movie is Die Hard so let's just set aside number one.

But after that, what do you reckon is 2-5?

The correct answers are:

2. Hackers
3. Nacho Libre
4. Birdemic 2
5. Muppets Christmas Carol

Argue futilely amongst yourselves if you want. I need to borrow some sweats.

#movieBowl #movies #DieHard #moviereview #poll :boostplease:

What is the second greatest christmas movie ever?

Damon Thomas
5 days ago

Having been online in the 90s I'll say the most accurate part of "Hackers" was the Angelina Jolie to boring dudes ratio. #movies #hackers #90s

Cast of the movie "Hackers"
6 days ago

Is the Don't Worry Darling and the Barbie set the same set / town?