Amber Ankerholz
5 hours ago

#Mozilla is hiring: 155 jobs listed at @osjobhub including 6- and 12-month contract positions.

#jobs #FediHired #opensource

7 hours ago

Oui c'est sûr, mais ça me choque.

Je dépense une quantité phénoménale d'énergie à me mettre à l'abri. Parce que je sature. Parce que j'en peux plus. Et vla-t-y pas que ça arrive même par #Mozilla

Jörg Kantel
12 hours ago

Mozilla Thunderbird Version 102.12 freigegeben

Wie so häufig folgt einen Tag nach dem roten Panda der Donnervogel: Die Entwickler des Mozilla Thunderbird haben das Update auf die Version 102.12 freigegeben und damit auch Sicherheitslücken behoben. #Mozilla #Thunderbird #Update #Security

13 hours ago

Using vanilla Firefox for the first time in years. No wonder most people have abandoned it either for a fork or a Chrome-based browser. It's godawful, isn't it?

#Mozilla #FireFox

John Shaft
1 day ago

Updating Firefox and... FUCK YOU #MOZILLA!! 😠

That shit is supposed to be disabled (extensions.pocket.enabled to false) and you bring it back


New tab in Mozilla Firefox with Pocket sponsored articles.
1 day ago

Firefox 114 released with new UI to manage DNS over HTTPS exception list, bookmarks can now be searched from the bookmarks menu, searches to the local browsing history can now be restricted #Firefox114 #firefoxbrowser #mozilla

Jörg Kantel
1 day ago

Mozilla veröffentlicht neue Firefox-Version

Die Entwickler des Mozilla Firefox haben die neue Version 114.0 und die Version ESR 192.12 veröffentlicht und darin auch wieder Sicherheitslücken behoben. #Mozilla #Firefox #Update #Security

heise Security
2 days ago

Sicherheitsupdates: Firefox und Firefox ESR gegen mögliche Attacken gerüstet

Aufgrund einer Schwachstelle in Firefox könnten Angreifer Opfer noch effektiver auf unverschlüsselte Fake-Websites locken.

#Mozilla #Security #Sicherheitslücken #Updates #news

2 days ago

Fundacja Mozilla poinformowała o wydaniu nowej wersji przeglądarki internetowej Firefox 114 #mozilla #firefox #linux #osx #windows #bsd #android

2 days ago

Hi @mozilla I deeply love Firefox, but I must say I really hate that nearly on every update on my Firefox "new tab" Pocket and sponsored stuff keeps coming back even if I disabled it on previous Firefox version. I'd like #mozilla to be more respectful of users' wishes and more "delicate" in marketing policies.

2 days ago

There is another issue with Ring security cameras which apparently allows attackers to take them offline with not much effort.

#security #privacy #ring #camera #vulnerability #amazon #mozilla

2 days ago

Firefox 114 ist da und 115 kommt

Die neue und die nächste Version des Webbrowsers enthalten ein paar interessante Neuerungen.

#Firefox #Mozilla #Datenschutz #DNS #DNS_over_HTTPS #Lesezeichen #Linux

2 days ago

Quoi de neuf dans le navigateur web Mozilla Firefox 114 ?

Firefox 114 introduit deux nouveautés de taille, d’un côté, la réduction des bannières de cookies.

De l’autre, une gestion améliorée des DNS via HTTPS.#Mozilla #Firefox

2 days ago

Mozilla has released Firefox 114. It doesn't bring major new features but lots of smaller ones. The update should be applied automatically to your browser if you already have Firefox installed. #Mozilla #Firefox

2 days ago

#Firefox 115 Beta Brings Cookie Banner Reduction, Quick Actions in Address Bar, and Middle-Click Support on New Tab Button to Search Clipboard Text or Open URLs on #Linux

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Mozilla

Screenshot of the Firefox 115 beta web browser showing the website.
Simoto 🏴‍☠️
2 days ago

Great guide to harden your Firefox 🦊, step-by-step. Tailor according to your privacy needs. Enjoy! ​:blobbonedealwithit:​

#privacy #firefox #mozilla #harden

2 days ago

Did you know that #mozilla hosts its own #matrix server and you can join with your #firefox account? (i didn't, and i'm happy to have found out) There goes the quandary of "picking a server"

2 days ago

It's still saddening (maddening?) that #Mozilla didn't take the lead in this, but we're getting unfortunately used to them not being the champion of the open Internet that they used to be.
Of course the question remains of what #Google will do with #Chrome, but the hopes are that #Apple (and hopefully soon Mozilla) throwing their weight behind the format will help it gain enough adoption to push the ad giant on the right path too.

3 days ago

So apparently Safari is getting JPEG XL support. Now would be a perfect time for Firefox to reconsider. You know, since the devs in charge have decided to outsource their reasoning to Google, why not try Apple for once? Doesn’t take any more time off their busy plates and makes for the healthier web they’re supposed to love.

#lang_en #apple #browsers #firefox #mozilla #safari :geblobcatshrug:

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :mastodoncertified:
3 days ago

Le navigateur Web #Mozilla #Firefox 114 est sorti avec une fonctionnalité DNS sur HTTPS remaniée et toussa, toussa...

Et... cette petite chose activée par défaut : Recommandé par Pocket - Articles sponsorisés

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

3 days ago

@mkj @deightonrobbie

Wow, just spent the day with #Thunderbird and am loving it. So clean and simple and not filled with a million third-party widgets trying to get all my information. And it's a #Mozilla company, too. Thank you both so much for the recommendation and guidance.

Guilherme Dea
3 days ago

Passkeys are so fun and easy to use. C'mon Firefox, time to support this! #passkeys #security #firefox #mozilla

Preston Maness ☭
3 days ago

@kristian Echoing others:

Why not to use #Brave:

1. Brave is based on Chrome. Contributing to Google's hegemony across the web is, in my opinion, a Bad Thing.
2. Brave have associated themselves with various cryptocurrency projects/schemes/shenanigans, which, in my opinion, is another Bad Thing.

Why to use #Firefox:

1. The only non-Chrome browser left standing in the way of total Google hegemony, which is, in my opinion, a Good Thing.
2. Makes greater efforts to respect users' privacy. E.g., none of the v3 manifest shenanigans, far less phone-home activity, DNS over HTTPS / #DoH (yes, I know some folks really don't like this) support.
3. Managed by a non-profit, Mozilla. They're hardly perfect -- being a part of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex -- but I'd rather struggle with them than Google.

Firefox (and #Mozilla) aren't perfect. And so long as they are dependent upon a massive conglomerate like #Google or #Microsoft or #Yahoo to underwrite their efforts, they won't be. But that, in my opinion, is really up to us to work to fix. If there's any software that people would pay for, and *have* paid for in the past, it's:

1. Their operating systems
2. Their web browsers

3 days ago

#Mozilla #Firefox 114 Available With WebTransport Enabled, Continued DNS Over HTTPS Work

Original tweet :

4 days ago

default data collection settings for mozilla firefox browser including sponsored suggestions

#mozilla #firefox #browser #privacy #opensource #foss #fediverse #datacollection #dataprivacy #pxlmo

mozilla firefox browser default settings. suggestions from the web and suggestions from sponsors are both enabled by default. posted from
mozilla firefox browser settings. by default it sends technical and interaction data to mozilla. firefox to install and run studies is also enabled by default. posted from
Kai Klostermann
4 days ago

@mathew @diegopappalardo @jbzfn They have containered tabs instead 😊 Which is a lot cooler tbh.

#mozilla #firefox #multiaccount

Finally a #browser builder that introduces a ‘logical’ evolution to web browsing: Vertical Tabs

Any UX designer can tell you this is the way to go: maximize screen real estate


#mozilla #firefox I am looking at you! Adding something useful for your users is a great switch from, let’s say, adding #DoH crap nobody wants…

Maxi 7x 💉
5 days ago

Ich hoffe, dass #Mozilla draufkommt, dass es nicht nur mit einer Mastodon-Instanz getan ist, sondern dass eine tiefere Integration in den Browser sinnvoll ist: Das Antworten und Folgen von dritten Instanzen könnte dann ohne zusätzliche Add-Ons direkt sehr viel besser funktionieren.

5 days ago

Firefox version 115 will be the last supported Firefox version for users of macOS 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

Mozilla will provide security updates for these users until September 2024. No security updates will be provided after that date.

#mozilla #firefox #browser #apple #macos #sierra #mojave #highsierra

6 days ago

Does anyone know if #mozilla are going to integrate the offline translations extension ( into the core #firefox browser?

I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to do this, bar any stability issues they're working through. 📚
6 days ago

There’s plenty of hand-wringing over the damage #AI can do. To offset that, #Firefox maker #Mozilla set out to encourage more accountable use of AI with its Responsible AI Challenge.

6 days ago

Koryphäe in Sachen praktischer #Acessibility für #Blinde ist sicher @marco
Er hat jahrelang bei #Mozilla für #Barrierefreiheit gesorgt.
Und dort gibts auch viel praktisches:

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
6 days ago
The Firefox logo.
JRelland :linux:
1 week ago

Join the Responsible AI Challenge
Par Mozilla Builers.

Les résultats :

À propos de ce challenge (traduction :

« Chez Mozilla, nous croyons en l'IA : en son pouvoir, en ses opportunités commerciales et en son potentiel pour résoudre les problèmes les plus difficiles du monde. Mais nous sommes également conscients des risques qu'elle comporte et nous voulons contribuer à son développement de manière responsable, au service de la société.


1 week ago

#Mozilla has confirmed that it will end support for #Firefox on Microsoft's Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems, with the last supported version being 115. Users will be moved to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).

Der #rss reader #reeder auf dem #apple #mac bietet endlich eine direkte Funktion, die ich woanders lange vermisste: Links in einer App meiner Wahl zu öffnen. In diesem Fall #mozilla #firefox, den ich extra zum Lesen von Nachrichten und Pressetexten für deren #cookie Wahn konfiguriert habe. Siehe Bildschirmfoto …

RSS-Reader bieten das Lesen von Nachrichten ohne Tracking. Alt, aber immer noch gut.

John Carlsen
1 week ago

The other day I was catching up with an old friend who had spent some time working at #Mozilla , from whom I learned about
#BrendanEich , who co-founded it. After ultimately becoming its CEO, in that role he lasted 11 days.

Though my friend described him as a nice guy, to me he seems like a spineless tool of the Catholic church who acted apologetically against democracy.

He then founded #Brave .

Overall, I like Mozilla #Firefox and Brave #browsers , and prefer them to #Google #Chrome (for its apparent lack of privacy). But getting to know this guy's politics prompted me to install #Opera and #Vivaldi .

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

@simon Hmm, it seems on the low side…

Mozilla’s CEO made $2,458,350 in 2018.

They’re a non-profit too, right?



Neff :manjaro:
1 week ago

I tried to connect to the #Thunderbird Matrix channel ...with Thunderbird and failed miserably. I looked for instructions on #Mozilla wiki and even there they make you use #Element instead. ( In my opinion the Thunderbird team should spend some time to make easier for "normal people" to discover popular channel and set up chat accounts in Thunderbird. @killyourfm you're our only hope 😉

Neff :manjaro:
1 week ago

Wouldn't be nice if #Thunderbird had the ability to undo send a message similarly to what GMAIL does with the "undo send" feature? If so, please vote for my idea on #mozilla connect
1 week ago

Vor wenigen Wochen gab #Mozilla bekannt, dass man sich dazu entschlossen habe, die Unterstützung für #Firefox auf #Windows7, 8 und Windows 8.1 noch zu verlängern. Jetzt gibt es auch einen konkreten Termin:,136516.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Bald Polnareff Art
1 week ago

I've been so impressed by the recent developments of @thunderbird, I love what @killyourfm is doing for the project.
The redesigned logo by @jonhicks is so epic, I felt inspired and I had to make some fan art during the weekend, all in @Blender of course

#thunderbird #mozilla

Cristian Rasch 🇦🇷 🇺🇾
1 week ago

For all those #firefox users out there that don't quite appreciate the load of crap that #mozilla piles on to their otherwise awesome browser, there's always Betterfox to help you trim down the fat:

#mozilla please reconsider making #DoH ‘opt-in’ for the 114 #Firefox release.

It IS NOT a #security measure, it IS a #data #propagation measure and certainly not in any users’ best interest 📚
1 week ago

After user backlash, #Mozilla stops the "madness" of mandatory ads in its #Firefox #browser

Timo Tijhof
2 weeks ago

@me @BleepingComputer yes and I'm still pissed at @mozilla for refusing to actually listen to people like us and actually ask: "Why do you use #Firefox & #Thunderbird and not #Chrome & #Geary?"
Because they'd get to hear #based things like "#privacy" and "#customization" as well as "no shitty #ads" instead.

So instead of plastering shitty ads around, #Mozilla should maybe include more #safety features, harden it more and also add #uBlockOrigin into it.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
2 weeks ago

Inside a super fast CSS engine: Quantum CSS (aka Stylo) - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog #mozilla #css

2 weeks ago

Has #Mozilla made any statements on that weird VPN ad popup they stuck in #firefox the other day? Not too happy about that.

Joe Ortiz
2 weeks ago

Meanwhile, #Mozilla continues down their path to irrelevance after years of mismanagement and many more.

The latest example? Promoting a full screen ad for their VPN service and only had to stop after enough people complained.

And this is how to disable this fucker: go to about:config

browser.vpn_promo.enabled -> change to false

Thank you very much, #Mozilla, for gratuitously making your few supporters left hate you even more.

Charlie Owen
2 weeks ago

Er, FUCK OFF @mozilla with this shit.

It suddenly appeared in Firefox while I was looking at a page and wouldn't allow any other action in the browser until it was dismissed. 🖕

#firefox #browsers #mozilla

A full screen advert for Mozilla's VPN.
Damian Yerrick
2 weeks ago

#Firefox 113.0.2 (64-bit) Snap on Xubuntu 23.04 just popped up an ad for #MozillaVPN right in front of my Discord session.

Should I expect more #PopUp ads like this from #Mozilla?

Firefox browser window, with dimmed in the background and a pop-up in the foreground. Text of pop-up:
Privacy beyond your browser
Mozilla VPN is a powerful, easy-to-use virtual private network that protects you across all your devices. Intentionally simple, fiercely protective.
[ Get Mozilla VPN | Not Now ]
2 weeks ago

Found the solution to @mozilla's bad marketing with #Firefox's pop-up ad for #Mozilla #VPN

In about:config set browser.vpn_promo.enabled to false.

2 weeks ago

Mastodon : vous pouvez rejoindre (bêta privée).

Fin 2022, Mozilla dévoilait son intention de rejoindre Fediverse et le réseau Mastodon.

La Fondation lance aujourd’hui, mais en bêta privée dans un premier temps.#Mastodon #Mozilla

@256 … very cool, @mozilla should reuse it … #mozilla

2 weeks ago


calculang issue #5: a browser extension to facilitate transparency for the numbers we read on the web: in our #banking portals, #news websites and more like #Mastodon discourse, ++

#ShowMeTheNumbers #web

Extension authors: help wanted 🥰 🙂

#w3c #firefox @firefox @mozilla #mozilla #chromium

Dan Gero
3 weeks ago

I read an article regarding #Brave removing reader mode for ad reasons. I decided to switch back to #Mozilla #Firefox. I never really liked the #Chromium interface to begin with, and now that I've learned about You Block Origin and Sponsor Block for YouTube videos, as well as how much better these extensions are at blocking unwanted ads, I don't think I'll ever go back permanently. Thanks @weirdwriter for telling me about You Block Origin! #web #browsers

3 weeks ago

So let me wrap my head around this regarding #ActivityPub...

- #Tumblr (572M blogs) wants to integrate it
- #Instagram (2B users) wants to start an app that supports it
- #Mozilla starts its own #Mastodon instance
- #Medium started its own Mastodon instance
- #WordPress now has an official ActivityPub plugin
- #Flickr (60M users) is considering using the protocol


Am I missing something or does it look like the #Fediverse might actually win the "social media wars" in the end? 🤔

3 weeks ago

2/ Next time, I'll just send 'em the only interview I have done in decades, which I only did because they had Al Lowe on before me - But I guess that would need too much of an attention span :)

#Mozilla #Ageism #Jobs #Discrimination #Disability #Fediverse #Interview @mozilla

3 weeks ago

Funny, I read what it said, but given the amount of experience I have for the role that I can't see anyone else at all would have, all I can understand from it is either: "You are too old", "You are too disabled" or both. I certainly expected an interview for this one, but maybe they think I can only use a rotary phone? I can't think of another reason.

Bitter? Well, I expect better from some companies, so yes.

#Mozilla #Ageism #Jobs #Discrimination #Disability #Fediverse @mozilla

An email from Mozilla: 

Regarding your application to Mozilla's Trust & Safety Operations Lead position

Thank you for your interest in Mozilla and for applying to our Trust and Safety Operations Lead position. We appreciate the time and effort that you’ve put into connecting with us. 

We received a lot of interest in this position and extended an offer this week. The candidate accepted and we won't be proceeding with any additional interviews.

We encourage you to check back on our careers page for other opportunities that fit your skills and interests.  We also invite you to follow our social media pages on LinkedIn and Twitter.  We are committed to our mission of keeping the internet open and accessible to all!

We wish you every success in your job search and professional endeavors!

Kind regards

The Mozilla Talent Acquisition Team
Yellow Flag
3 weeks ago

So #Mozilla Add-ons is apparently circling back to requiring a human review prior to publication, at least for the popular browser extensions. Which is great news for all Firefox users.

For reference: originally, Firefox extensions had the same privileges on the system as the browser itself. Back then Mozilla Add-ons had a mandatory human review for all extensions. Even though human review occasionally missed something, this was great for security. But developers hated the delays, and the effort running this review system was also considerable.

So when Mozilla switched to sandboxed extensions, one of the goals was getting rid of human reviews. They first switched to reviewing extensions after publication, then to barely reviewing anything at all. With the predictable consequence that installing add-ons became a gamble with your security and privacy – just like with the Chrome Web Store.

Back then I argued that a permission prompt isn’t a sufficient substitution for code review. It would seem that this message finally arrived.

Matt 2.0
1 month ago

@corbin Tbf to #Mozilla, I love their implementation of PiP and, as a consumer, really hate when websites disable it.

1 month ago

I don't think that the #Mozilla team isn't caring. These new features are going to be implemented a.s.a.p.
They just don't have the resources of Google, MS and Apple (which also has to support only a single platform). Browser code is a beast.
Add to that the fact, that the only platform and geographical region where #Firefox is still a major player, seem to be Linux and the German-speaking countries, makes it tough to find qualified developers.

1 month ago

Why are Hyperlinks Blue?

A deep dive into browser hyperlink color history

Elise Blanchard, Senior Web UX Designer, #Mozilla

heise online
1 month ago

Mittwoch: Haftstrafen für Krypto-Insider, Google I/O heute mit KI und Pixeln

Urteile bei Coinbase & Opensea + KI, Pixel & Android bei Google I/O + Thunderbird mit Spendenrekord + SSD-Preise im Keller + Bit-Rauschen-Podcast über KI-Chips

#Android #EMail #FlashSpeicher #GoogleIO #GooglePixel #Kryptowährung #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Mozilla #MozillaThunderbird #NFT #Podcast #SSD #news

Schmelzender Bitcoin vor sinkendem Kurs; Mittwoch: Krypto-Urteile, Google-Event, Thunderbird-Spenden, SSD-Preise & Bit-Rauschen über KI-Chips
heise online
1 month ago

E-Mail-Client Thunderbird jubelt über Spendenwelle

6,4 Millionen US-Dollar hat Thunderbird im Vorjahr aus Spenden eingenommen. Das ist mehr als das Doppelte des Jahres 2021.

#Android #EMail #iOS #Mozilla #MozillaThunderbird #news

Aquarell: Eine Dame springt in die Luft, aus dem Bildrahmen; zu sehen sind ihre Beine und Bauch; unter Ihr ein See
1 month ago

I never heard a peep from #Mozilla about managing their #Fediverse #TrustAndSafety stuff. I can't think of anyone who would be more qualified for the role who'd have applied, but it doesn't seem that #Tech #jobs work that way these days 🤷

Since the role is unlisted now, and I never heard a peep from them I am assuming #Ageism or #Disability #Discrimination. There's no way I shouldn't have at least been interviewed for that - I checked every damned box.

#Ghosted by @mozilla

Hahahha! I love it.

I had my recommendation on @thunderbird's best unsung features on the @thundercast shared at the 39 minute mark. ♥️ #Mozilla #ThunderCast #Thunderbird

1 month ago

Welcome back to the ThunderCast: Episode 2 is READY!

We welcome special #Mozilla guest @mconley, a software mechanic, musician, livestreamer, and self-described “pre-internet phenomenon” among many other awesome things.

Join us for a great conversation full of nostalgia, a behind-the-scenes look at some great Firefox features, and much more!

#Podcast #Firefox #OpenSource #Dev #Email #Linux

heise online
1 month ago


Keine "neutrale" Plattform: Mozilla öffnet Warteliste für Mastodon-Instanz

Mozilla plant eine große Instanz für die Twitter-Alternative Mastodon. Dort soll Meinungsfreiheit nicht über allem stehen. Nun gibt es eine Warteliste.

#Mastodon #Mozilla #Nutzungsbedingungen #SocialMedia #TwitterÜbernahme

12 past midnight 🔮
1 month ago

#Mozilla has its own instance on #mastodon at Mozilla.Social

“We’re not going to advertise that we’re some kind of neutral platform,” says Steve Teixeira, Mozilla’s chief product officer. He says too many platforms try to find a middle ground between, say, people who want to do others harm and people that don’t, when in reality, there is no middle ground at all.”

#mozilladotsocial #mozillasocial

MPT-7B: Mozilla is training free open source large language models
#mozilla #chatgpt #llm #ai #+