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Mark H
2 weeks ago

For #SaturdayMug a recent purchase to replace some previously bought mugs on travels that had finally become a little too cracked and grotty to use. No prizes for guessing where I bought this.

#MugShot #Mug #Cruise #Travel

A portrait orientation view in a living room with polished, almost yellow floorboards looking towards the large bay window framed with brown curtains and filled with a large TV that almost completely hides the view of houses across the street on a bright but overcast day. The TV, out of focus, shows downhill skiing taking place. In the foreground, at the very bottom of the frame, is a wooden table on which there sits a mug of tea, its handle to the right. The mug is predominantly blue with a stylised cruise ship sailing towards and just off us and with dozens of small balloons floating in the air.
Andy Paciorek-Uncanny Noir 💀☕
2 weeks ago

Mug Shot - Ada McGuinness, 26 July 1929,

“McGuinness is listed in the NSW Police Gazette of 25 September 1929 as having been convicted of two charges of having cocaine illegally in her possession, for which she was sentenced to concurrent six and twelve months imprisonment with hard labour. "

#Noirvember #TrueCrime #VintagePhotography #MugShot

mug shot of Ada McGuiness - an elder woman in furs arrested for dealing cocaine in 1929
Andy Paciorek-Uncanny Noir 💀☕
2 weeks ago

Agnes Smith - Mug shot - Sydney, Australia. 1923
photographer unidentified

#VintagePhotography #TrueCrime #MugShot #Noirvember

Mug shot of scowling woman
3 weeks ago

It's been a while since I posted a #mugshot mostly because I don't have many. But here's one of my favourites, a beauty we bought in Germany. I just love the colour!

Hope all you mastofolks have a lovely day.

And now for some rooibos and new words for my book!

To the left, my timer, to the right, my dark blue mug with white starry dots and my name. 

In the mug is rooibos chai tea, which I will drink a lot of today. 

Under the mug is a seven up vintage coaster which I found at the thriftstore. Love the thing so much.
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@travissouthard looks like a stealth #Mugshot too! :)

1 month ago My Review of MugShots Christmas dinner flavoured Pasta #Mugshot #ChristmasDinner #weirdfood

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Morning #CupOfTeaSocial! I overslept by 90 minutes today. I either forgot to set my alarm or slept through it. Either way, I apparently needed almost 10 hours of sleep.

I woke up at 7.40am - I was supposed to leave at 7.30am to get the kittens to the vet. I got them there at 8.05am but luckily everyone else was running late too due to traffic.

Kittens are all good. They are booked in for early sterilisation as we have one boy and one girl and need them not to reproduce!!!

#MugShot #Today #KittensOfMastodon

Large yellow mug with cross cross white pattern and black inside
Tiny 10 week old kitten in a cat carrier. She looks fairly forlorn
2 months ago

I saw someone post with the #CupOfTeaSocial and #Mugshot hashtags and both made me smile so much.

I’m currently curled up in bed with a hot water bottle and a warm cup of rooibos in my favourite mug.

Tea makes all better!

A Winnie the Pooh mug filled with delicious rooibos tea. The mug is on a floral coaster.
2 months ago

The ultimate mug shot!
#DarkBrandon goes really dark and it's a #MugShot I can get behind. #Biden2024

And when you add 336,000 jobs in a fall month, you earn that #Bidenomics tag FOR REAL!

Sharon Murphy
3 months ago

I'm delighted to have the weekend off. I'm enjoying a nice coffee in my favourite birdy mug, in some unseasonably warm #Irish weather.
Have a nice day all!

A pale blue mug sits on a garden table. The mug has colourful flowers with owls perched on branches.
3 months ago

I wish #MSNBC would stop using the #Trump #mugshot and go back to the balding old unfit dude one from the #Saudi golf tournament. It's much more representative.

Ang Black
3 months ago
graffiti of Trump's mugshot

M.A.G.A My ass got arrested

As Lisa Needham points out, the mugshots of Jeffrey Clark and John Eastman are the Federalist Society's mugshots, documenting for all time the role that organization is playing in the attempt to overthrow democracy — a task it has long been engaged in and for which it exists.

#JeffreyClark #JohnEastman #FederalistSociety #democracy #insurrection #mugshot

Are We Going to Let Prisoner P01135809 Destroy Our 250-Year-Old Democracy?

Trump’s great, improbable triumph—his ascension to the presidency—was also his fatal mistake: He finally put himself in a position where the law, however slowly, could catch up with him.
#Treason #TrumpIndictment #insurrection #Georgia #indictments #FBI #NYC #Democracy #VoteBlue #mugshot #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #Vote #Jan6 #MAGA #MAGAViolence #GOP #Republicans #violence #Politics

Metin Seven 🎨
3 months ago
Donald Trump's mugshot photo with added hair.
Satori :Skye:
3 months ago


(Sound of loud flashbulb going off)


Front view of rabbit mugshot. Rabbit looks at camera in front of blank wall.
Satori :Skye:
3 months ago


(Sound of loud flashbulb going off)


Sideways view of rabbit in front of blank wall. Mugshot shows a shocked and guilty rabbit.
AmiW Streetart 🍂
3 months ago

🥴Artist: #NILSVRA in City: #Amsterdam NDSM-Plein 28, #STRAAT Museum, Netherlands 🇳🇱 2023 - Title: "🇺🇸" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #DonaldTrump #Mugshot

Streetartwall. On an outside wall of the Straatmuseum in Amsterdam a mural with the American flag and the well-known photo of Donald Trump has been sprayed/painted. The flag hangs down and Donald Trump appears shadowy in black and white as on his mugshot from August 2023.
John Scott-Railton ☕
3 months ago

Normal tweet by a polling company.

#Trump #mugshot #poll #elections #indictment

3 months ago

@w7voa What Joe is really thinking when he says “Handsome guy.” about #tRump ‘s #mugshot… >>Handsome guy, takes a nice photo. I’d like to see more photos like this of him…we all would << 🤣🤣🤣#DarkBrandon #Biden

Kamala, Joe, Barack, and Hillary, all with laser eyes all smiling. The first three are walking through the White House. Hillary has been photo shopped peeking in the corner.
3 months ago

😳 Um...

Via Acyn:

Fox's Jesse Watters: I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality. He looks good and he looks hard.

#ClusterFox #Trump #mugshot

Dr. Farhana Sultana
3 months ago

Kudos to whoever made it but it’s spot-on!

#trumpindictment #mugshot

Flipboard Culture Desk
3 months ago

The mug shot's history goes back to the 1840s, when prisoners in Belgium were photographed so they could be identified if they committed crimes after they were released. Here's a look at their evolution, the images that have become famous, and why some newsrooms are turning against them.

#MugShot #History #Culture #Trump

3 months ago

Lieve peoples,
Hebben jullie deze al gezien?

Zo nee, sluit je dag even lekker lachend af met dit filmpje!


ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 months ago

Pastor Stephen Cliffgard Lee's #mugshot

Cheezus Christ. #BrieBest

The pastor's mugshot with cheese
3 months ago

More items for your scrapbooks! #mugshot-a-palooza!

Michael Roman, Robert Cheeley, Trevian Kutti and Misty Hampton, and... wait for it... Jeffrey Clark! #Georgia #TrumpIndictment #legal

3 months ago

Dressed in his Sunday Best, Defendant Pastor Stephen Cliffgard Lee's #mugshot.

#Georgia #TrumpIndictment #legal

3 months ago

„Historisches Polizeifoto:
20 Minuten Knast für 45. Ex-Präsidenten Trump“
#Trump #Mugshot #polizeifoto #schwarwel

Kent Pitman
3 months ago

Fani Willis rocks.
Bravely just doing her job.
More such heroes please.

#haiku #senryu #poem #hero #heroism
#Trump #mugshot #TrumpMugShot #TrumpIndictment #Justice #Equality

3 months ago

Greetings from trump’s hometown! 🙂 #mugshot

Upol Ehsan
3 months ago

It do be like that

#mastodon #meme #trump #mugshot #email

Mugshot of Donald Trump with the text reading I hope this email finds you well vs. how the email finds me
3 months ago

Front page of The #Atlanta Journal-Constitution this morning. #Trump #mugshot #Georgia

Front page with Trump’s mugshot. FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2023 | $3.00 | AIC.COM EXTRA EDITION The Atlanta Journal-Constitution THE INDICTMENT OF DONALD TRUMP :