Andy Paciorek-Uncanny Noir 💀☕
3 weeks ago

Mug Shot of Vera Crichton, 21 February 1924. Sydney
Charged with “conspiring together to procure a miscarriage”. Crichton was “bound over to appear for sentence if called upon within three years"

#Noirvember #VintagePhotography #MugShots

mugshot of young woman with sorrowful eyes and wild hair
1 month ago

For THEIR 75th anniversary, the
@maxplanckgesellschaft made US and everyone at #MPE a wonderful present. Thank you #MaxPlanckSociety! 🤗
#MaxPlanck75 #maxplanckandme #WeAreMaxPlanck #mugshots

Krolowa ⚧️
3 months ago

Bertha gives zero fucks because the odds are high that she picked the arresting cops wallet too. #instagram #colorizedhistory #mugshots

Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3
3 months ago

The #corporate #media doesn't have clean hands when it comes to #whitesupremacist #terror against #black and other #peopleofculture. The #photos of #whitespremacists capture them in "heroic" postures--similar to the poses of #superheroes. While the photos of people classified as "regular criminals" are #mugshots with them looking cowed, feigning bravado, hopeless, or just crazy. This is an editor's choice. #blackfediverse #BlackMastodon

Poetry News
3 months ago

Donald Trump turned to Georgia's law
When a mug shot sent shock and awe
He soon made his move
To turn it into cash grooves
And profit from legal controversy

#trump #mugshots #moneymaker #controversy #limerick #poetry

I spent more time on this than I should have. As Arlo Guthrie said, "I'm not proud, or tired." #mugshots

The Street Fighter II character select screen featuring mug shots of Trump and co-conspirators instead of the usual Street Fighter characters.  It appears that Trump and Rudy are about to face off.
3 months ago

#DumpTrump #Mugshots #Arrested

Who the heck was on duty when that mug shot was taken?

That should never be allowed. Everyone needs to look ahead straight, then turn for profile.

I wish I'd been there that day:

"Sir, you need to look straight ahead at the camera. No, sir, not like that. Look up more. No, sir. I said straight ahead. No sir, not like a vulture looking at a dead cat.

Look right at the camera. No, sir, can you please stand straight and look straight ahead? Not like that. Straight at the camera. Oh, fuck it."


Matt Jordan
3 months ago

I don't know why everyone is so anxious about #Trump 's 19 co-conspirators & their #mugshots They're harmless. They wouldn't even harm a fly.

3 months ago

8-25-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Wrapping Up the Week with Marcy Wheeler
View on Zencastr


This was a pretty momentous week which came to a climax lat night as the former guy went down to Georgia where he was officially booked, fingerprinted, mug-shotted, and released on $200,000 bond. It was a first in US history, but the fourth arrest for the embattled, twice-impeached, former gu
#NicolesBlog #indictments #MarcyWheeler #mugshots #Trump

3 months ago

☑️ #mugshots #FultonCounty #RICO #conspiracy #Trump

"Very Fine People, the BEST!"

A grid of all the mugshots of the people who are under indictment in Fulton County / Georgia, for conspiracy / RICO. Each of the mugshots is  photoshopped by me on a mug.
A grid of images of all the people under indictment in Fulton County 

(image © the NYT)
3 months ago

I put these together with my latest public domain music" #Trump #mugshots #independent

Ang Black
3 months ago

I feel like these right wingers are giving all you crafters and artists great materials for a weekend art and crafts project. I mean, it would be a great community activity

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 months ago

"Rating the MAGA mug shots: Donald Trump and his posse pose as supervillains" #GOP #Trump #ATlanta #Georgia #mugshots #MAGA #defiance

"Playing an evil badass is a crucial MAGA fundraising skill. Turns out it's tougher when you're actually in jail"

Éibhear 🔭
3 months ago
@wendynather These are the only types of #MugShots that should be released to the public for entertainment purposes.
Syn-ACK :facepalm:
3 months ago

This will be my one and only toot about this subject. #uspol #indictments #Trump #mugshots

RE: the group of mugshots of all the conspirators - what kind of entitled, narcissistic moron smiles for their mugshot as if it were some ID badge picture? There’s a couple of assholes in that group that apparently have no grasp of what is happening to them or why they are there. They probably still think this is a lark and just another thing that they’ll get away with. If they do, joke’s on us but this makes it look like they’re not taking it at all seriously which, if I were the prosecutor, would make me redouble my efforts to make sure that all of them eventually grasp that they are now convicted felons.

Don’t need any comments on this one, just wanted to get it off my chest.

Tywin Lannister
3 months ago

Jeffrey Clark now booked. #Mugshots

Ross of Ottawa
3 months ago

I wish there were a #mastodon setting to block a particular photo, say maybe a particular mugshot.

Now there's a use of machine-learning I can endorse.

#AI #mugshots

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"It is quite a thing to see leading Republicans—including a former president—in #mugshots for their assault on our democracy and to know that party leadership supports their actions.... is a sad end.

But an end it is. The authoritarians who have taken over the party have abandoned their history and are now building something altogether different."

#Trump #GOP #Republicans
#USPol #USPolitics #History
#News #NoPaywall

Screen shot of a tweet by Lindsey Graham with the text:

"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it."

Posted 5:03pm - May3, 2016
Jens Bannmann
3 months ago

Today I learned that there are #mugshots in the #USA where the inmate does not hold up a sign and does not stand in front of a white wall which has lines for size comparison.

So it seems #Hollywood either didn't account for state differences or didn't update their standards. Too bad.

Jay D'Lugin
3 months ago

#Trump going for powerful and defiant but instead looking old, weak, and pathetic. #mugshots #bookingphoto #ATL #FultonCounty

In the interest of being fair and balanced, #Fox #News has asked for Hillary #Clinton's and Barack #Obama's #mugshots.

Tywin Lannister
3 months ago

#Mugshots and Inmate Numbers oh my.

Hasani Hunter
3 months ago

Why does Trump roll deeper than President Biden? I count 14 vehicles around Trump’s plane as he heads to getting his mugshot

#TrumpIndictment #GeorgiaIndictment #Mugshots

Tywin Lannister
3 months ago

#Resistance HQ say hello to Harrison Floyd also locked away. Watch Maddow tonight I think she's speaking of these events even as we speak. #Mugshots

3 months ago

In addition, the #mugshots released so far do not include a yardstick on the wall behind each defendant…as is common in some jurisdictions.

One individual familiar w/the #booking of a #CoDefendant …said…fingerprints & irises were scanned electronically. But…said the sheriff’s staff did not ask for…height or weight, nor…asked to step on a scale. Those stats appeared on the booking rec, but didn’t match the person’s profile, or driver’s license, & the individual has no idea where they came from.


Outside of the context of trying to catch a fugitive, I do not believe mugshots should ever be shared of a defendant who has not been convicted of the crime in question.

#Mugshots #Trump

As much as I appreciate knowing that the wheels of justice are rolling a little faster tonight, I will not be sharing any mugshots...

This is because I do not believe in sharing mugshots, period.

Mugshots are taken of people who have been accused but not convicted, yet we all know that people sometimes are wrongfully arrested, which means the release of mugshots insures that the punishment lingers even if the person is later found to be innocent.


#Mugshots #Trump

3 months ago

All these #Georgia #Mugshots remind me of the ending of #HotFuzz

Mug shot scene from ending of Hot Fuzz (2007)
David Todd McCarty
3 months ago

Look at these gorgeous mug shots. This is how it should be done. #MugShots

Mug shots. Early 1900s.
Mug shots. Early 1900s.
Mug shots. Early 1900s.
Mug shots. Early 1900s.
Democracy Matters :verified:
3 months ago

In case you can't get enough of this, like me...

#GOPTraitors #Mugshots #Georgia #FultonCounty

Photos: Georgia co-defendants turn themselves in

Hey Georgia, what’s up with you mugshots? The lighting is a disaster! How is this good for identification and record keeping? Blown out photos, weird shadows, my fucking DMV does better mugshots, y’all.

#trump #indictment #mugshots

3 months ago


Question: What music would go best with a slide show of all these mug shots?
My pick? Another one bites the dust by Queen

#Mugshots #RudyMugShot #RICO #Mugshot #Georgia #TrumpIndictment

Freddie Mercury singing another one bites the dust.
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Today and over the next couple days we can expect a lot of news related to the Georgia Trump racketeering indictments. To demonstrate how Mastodon has become an excellent source for coverage of such events, and to promote good accounts to follow, this account will be boosting breaking reports and analysis.

#USPolitics #Trump #Georgia #GeorgiaRacketeering #Mugshots

3 months ago
Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

As the #January6th failed #CoupPlotters get their #MAGA #MugShots taken in #FultonCounty jail, @Wikipedia is trolling them with a Proclamation ⬇️ issued by King George III OTD in 1775 about what would go down in #history as the *successful* #July4th (#1776) coup in the American colonies! 😂

WANTED!! “For fuppreffing Rebellion and Sedition.” #wtfff 😂
“God fave the King.” 👑😂

J Davis 🫂🕊️
4 months ago


#MugShots #GenesisII
#FDA #QuackHack

Dad, #MarkGrenon 65, son Jonathon 37, son Jordan 29, don Joseph 35

I thought they deserved to be seen like any criminal.

Four pics of dad, Mark Grenon 65, son Jonathon 37, son Jordan 29, son Joseph 35 

FL family formed fake church, Genesis Il, and sold toxic, industrial bleach as a miracle cure for HIV, cancer, COVID-19, etc. since 2014. Allegedly.
8 months ago

I call this one "The March of Science"! A lineup of coffees produced using different combinations of settings on the new coffee maker. Tomorrow, I hope to test some different brands of beans. Haven't found my sweet spot yet, but also realize we often drink with milk or accompanying pastries, which makes for a forgiving context...
#coffee #mugshots #optimization

Photo of a row of mugs on a light-colored kitchen counter.  The edge of a coffeemaker drip tray is just visible in the upper left.  No two of the mugs match, although they're all on the smaller end, like 6-8 ounces: front is white, with a postage imprint visible on the inside just above the coffee line; second is light green with a muffin on the front (white inside); the third is going out of focus, but a pale gray-bue with vertical white stripes; the fourth is black on the inside and brown-and-black handmade pattern on the outside.  They show varying amounts of residual crema...
PJ Coffey
8 months ago


Ah hilarious... let's see if we can find more people who want to hear about LAPD wanting to be a secret police force.

#1stAmendment #Police #mugshots #Journalism #USPol #LAPD #SecretPolice #FirstAmendment #BenCamacho #WatchTheWatchers #1312acab

Keri Blakinger
8 months ago

It's wild to look at the picture of the San Jose police union leader who was arrested, and contrast that to all the incredibly stigmatizing mugshots we see of mostly Black and brown folks. #police #mugshots

10 months ago

@beyootifuljul Give it some time -- it probably took me a month to have a feed that felt like the right balance of, say, humor and art versus some politics and other interesting stuff, and to get the hang of some of the norms (like adding alt text to images for vision-impaired readers). Local is great for live watching sports with other fans, and we share #MugShots of our coffee and tea.

Anyway, welcome aboard!

Puzzle Trail Paul
10 months ago

I'm Paul, a Brit living in #Switzerland for the long haul. I'm a #WebDev by trade and enjoy anything to do with #puzzles and #quizzes in my spare time. I try to toot a #quiz question or puzzle for you to play every day with the #QuizQuestion tag, along with plenty of #mugshots and the odd bit of #photography. Author of the Chainagram daily word puzzle - try it out here:


Puzzle Trail Paul
10 months ago

I'm Paul, a Brit living in Switzerland for the long haul. I'm a web dev by trade and enjoy anything to do with puzzles and quizzes in my spare time. I try to toot a question or puzzle for you to play every day with the #quizquestion tag, along with plenty of #mugshots and the odd bit of photography. Author of the Chainagram daily word puzzle - try it out for something that's a bit different from Wordle.


David Boles
11 months ago

Universal Movie Monster Mug Shots! (Part 2)

The Wolf Man.

The Phantom of the Opera.

The Invisible Man.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

#AI #Universal #Movies #Monsters #MugShots

The Wolf Man mug shot.
Phantom of the Opera mug shot.
The Invisible Man mug shot.
The Creature From the Black Lagoon mug shot.
David Boles
11 months ago

Universal Movie Monster Mug Shots! (Part 1)

From the archives: It takes a monster to play a monster.

It's just been revealed that the actors in the Universal Monster Movies had rap sheets a mile long!

Typecasting much?



The Bride of Frankenstein.

The Mummy.

#AI #Universal #Movies #Monsters #MugShots

Dracula mug shot.
Frankenstein mug shot.
Bride of Frankenstein mug shot.
The Mummy mug shot.

Repeat mug for today’s #MugShots so you get the other side of the mug this time. Best radio station in Philly!

Dark blue WXPN mug on black desk

Beaned up, post-office holiday party. good morning and happy Saturday, Jawns Club #mugshots

Coffee, black, in my WFUZ coffee mug
Alex Hillman ⚡️
11 months ago

Saturday #mugshots, from the phillyfreelance collection

Mug that says "work to live, not live to work"

Yet another gloomy day, but here’s your Friday morning #MugShots. This is from one of my Illumicrate book boxes earlier this year, inspired by Gideon the Ninth

Gideon the Ninth mug on desk
Gideon the Ninth mug on desk
1 year ago
Coffee mug with the flyers mascot “gritty” in pixel art form with an open mouthed smile and wide eyes.
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
1 year ago

Alright, here's my contribution to #MugShots. I always use more or less the same mugs for loose-leaf tea, with a built-in steeping thingie.

Today the tea is bancha Japanese green tea from Arbor Teas in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Two tea mugs, one blue with darker tea with honey in it for me, one orange with lighter looking green tea and no honey for my vegan partner.
Bancha tea leaves sit in a separate metal strainer, resting on the lid that can cover the mug while it is steeping.
Thomas 🔭✨
1 year ago
Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 year ago

today’s #mugshots lineup from the crew is A+ good work team

Good morning lovely people! Adding another #MugShot to the collection #MugShots

Latte in Star Wars cappuccino mug sitting on black desk
Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 year ago

Happy Sunday. Baby Yoda knows what’s up. #mugshots

Mug of coffee showing Baby Yoda holding a mug of coffee

Rabbit, rabbit on the first, I hold my breath. Today’s #MugShots comes from #TiredHands.

Picture of a coffee mug that has the words “Today will be a good day” on it.
Cheese Bro
1 year ago

Today’s #MugShots has strong Horse_ebooks “Get ready to fly helicopters” vibes.

A mug covered in photos of ponies.

I’ve seen others posting their #MugShots so figured I might as well, too. Today is my WXPN mug

Dark blue WXPN mug with white speckles and words “Music Keeps us Connected” on it. Mug is sitting on desk with pens in front and laptop to the right
Jason Quintin
1 year ago

#mugshots this is usually a favorite on my zoom meetings

Coffee cup with a bird on it that reads “Good Morning Asshole” in teal script type. In the background is magic cards and a Lego hyrda stomper
1 year ago

@alexhillman I want to know where to get the the pixel gritty. #mugshots

Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 year ago

good morning!

as I poured myself a coffee I thought, what mugs are other people using?

post a photo of your mug. we can call it #mugshots.

I'll start.

Mug with an 8-bit gritty