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John Quiggin
3 days ago

I was going to write this but David French in the NY Times beat me to it

We’re misinformed not because the government [or the #Murdoch media -JQ] is systematically lying or suppressing the truth. We’re misinformed because we like the misinformation we receive and are eager for more.

Ferdi Magellan
4 days ago

After struggling through his final AGMs, Rupert Murdoch faces more courtroom grief

Stephen Maine’s question about Tony Abbott was ignored

“Why was Tony Abbott appointed to the Fox Corp board rather than the News Corp board given that Fox has no operating assets in Australia, the market he knows best?”

Rupert is decrepit
“As Joe Biden turned 81 on November 20, it is understandable that Rupert has bailed out. It would hardly be credible for Fox News to keep hammering the US president over his age if their own executive chairman was 93 going into next November’s election.”

#FoxCorp #NewsCorp #crikey #Murdoch #FauxNews #MurdochGutterMedia #MurdochSewerageCompany #MurdochRoyalCommission #MurdochRC #Auspol

Preston MacDougall
1 week ago

@janrif The #Murdoch family has built a media empire based on #disinformation - for THREE generations!! 👉 “The myth of #KeithMurdoch ‘s Gallipoli Letter”

#SaveAmerica from #FoxLies !
🗳️ 🌊 💩 👉 🚽

3 weeks ago

@markseibel This propaganda campaign is deeply interwoven w the continuous removal of posters that identify and call for return of #Oct7 #hostages. Nothing on #socialmedia occurs in a vacuum. Manipulating, boosting, distorting, exhorting, provoking - #hatred is not only the purview of #X #musk #TikTok #Fox #Murdoch #Maga but of #terrorism and #terrorists. There is have no seat at the table for #womensrights #LBGTQIA+ #diversity #equity #inclusion

Karl Schwartz, Artist advocate
3 weeks ago

Worth your time. Actually required reading.

What's next for #Fox News now that Rupert #Murdoch has stepped down?

#news #politics

3 weeks ago

US-Medienmogul Rupert Murdoch übergibt Geschäfte an Sohn Lachlan

Ende einer Medien-Ära: Trump-Freund Rupert Murdoch tritt als Chef der Fox-Gruppe und des Verlags News Corp. zurück. Sein Sohn Lachlan übernimmt. Wie geht es weiter bei Fox News - ein Jahr vor der US-Wahl? Von C. Voß.


#Murdoch #RupertMurdoch #LachlanMurdoch

Ende einer Medien-Ära: Trump-Freund Rupert Murdoch tritt als Chef der Fox-Gruppe und des Verlags News Corp. zurück. Sein Sohn Lachlan übernimmt. Wie geht es weiter bei Fox News - ein Jahr vor der US-Wahl? Von C. Voß.#Murdoch #RupertMurdoch #LachlanMurdoch
US-Medienmogul Rupert Murdoch übergibt Geschäfte an Sohn Lachlan
1 month ago

The fascists and the autocrats and the billionaires are all the same people, why is this hard to understand. Yeah, they got white trash flunkies and true believers, it ain’t nothing new. To distract they throw a ball at a trans kid and everybody blames the kid. Fuck these fuckers. #fascists #autocrats #putin #trump #murdoch #orban #hewhowillnotbenamed

1 month ago


It only allows four options.

But I'd probably group that under "too much free speech" anyway?

If they had a different political system they'd send #Murdoch and #AlexJones to go build railways in Alaska on a chain gang? (Alaska ≈ USA Siberia?)

But… "not #Stalinist enough" can't be the full story, because that's not far off what the USA did to #Assange ? and in a deranged twist, #Snowden fled to #Moscow

#FreeSpeech #FreezePeach


1 month ago

I've been wondering wtf people who complain about #WesternMedia are watching… i found it by accident? #Murdoch ?

M Schommer
1 month ago

@saltomentale @vowe
Das da in der Mitte ist Rupert #Murdoch. Der hat bei den #Brexit-Kampagnen kräftig mitgemischt und mitverdient.

Der Cartoon mit Rupert Murdoch, den Keksen und dem Spruch "Careful mate... That foreigner wants your cookie!"
M Schommer
1 month ago

Das da in der Mitte ist Rupert #Murdoch, dessen Medienimperium die gleiche Nummer schon vor Jahren in AU, US, UK abgezogen hat.
In einem deutschen Cartoon würden da die deutschen Medienmilliardäre #Springer, #Döpfner, #Burda, #Mohn sitzen. Und ganz neu: #Gotthardt und #Reichelt.

Cartoon: 3 Männer an einem Tisch. Der linke (dunkelhäutig, schwarzer Bart) hat keine Kekse, der mittlere (Medienzar Rupert Murdoch) hat einen Berg Kekse vor sich, der rechte (hellhäutig, mit Warnweste und Helm, Arbeitertyp) genau einen Keks.
Murdoch lehnt sich zu dem hellhäutigen Arbeitertyp rechts, zeigt auf den dunkelhäutigen Mann links und sagt "Careful mate... That foreigner wants your cookie!"
(Vorsicht Kumpel, dieser Fremde da will deinen Keks!)
1 month ago
Asia One title: El Nino to continue into mid-2024, threatening agriculture.
Yahoo Finance title that links to Euro News: El Nino is back: Surging temperatures bring extreme weather and threaten lives.
Courier Mail: How El Nino will influence Aussie tourists' plans this summer
1 month ago

@FinchHaven @shoq This is exactly true.

I recall an interview Rupert #Murdoch did many years ago here in Australia where he revealed his readership started reading his newspapers every morning from the back page first, ie the sports section.

It’s literally politics as sports. They only want to hear how good their team is and how much the other guys suck. And fully support a dirty player on their team that they would otherwise hate on other teams, especially if he winds opposing fans up,

Ojo a esto de @Reuters: un fondo activista le echa un ojo a News Corp ahora que el viejo Rupert pliega velas.

#Murdoch, pese a su imagen de viejo zorro implacable, se ha hecho a lo largo de su carrera varios negocios que tiene más por el prestigio que por el #dinero. Así de sopetón me sale 'The Australian', el único periódico "nacional" de Australia (todos los demás son de ciudades en concreto)

#prensa #noticias

Steffen Kunze 🇪🇺🇺🇦
2 months ago

#Angst #Hass #Titten und zur Abwechslung #Celebrities, auch #C-Promis genannt

Das sind die Zutaten, mit denen in #SocialMedia das Geld verdient wird.

Wir alle gieren danach und füttern dieses System, mit dem #Musk #Zuckerberg #Springer #Murdoch und Co. hervorragend verdienen.

Wir haben es in der Hand mit unserer eigenen Entscheidung - für oder gegen bestimmte Anbieter in diesem Business.

Pauline von Hellermann
2 months ago

7/n Today sharing this #DeepStateRadio podcast, with host David #Rothkopf and @MichaelEMann, about #OurFragileMoment. It’s about much more than #COP28 but provides good context - in particular the role of #BadActors like #Murdoch and the #Koch brothers

2 months ago

Why We Have The Worst Media In The Western World | Downstream

The UK, the last few decades have shown the steepest decline in trust in the #media globally, second only to Egypt. How did we get here? Is it as simple as Rupert #Murdoch wielding his malice more fervently here then elsewhere? Or are there insidious cultural factors that meant our #newspapers and increasingly our broadcasters, were destined to be made more boring, inaccurate and corrupt?

#news #war

2 months ago

The “enormously powerful #Atlas #Network, a #global network of more than 500 member think tanks #advocating for “free market” #policies.”

Started by #AntonyFisher and his Institute of #Economic Affairs in the #UK. It went #worldwide with assistance from the #Koch family and Rupert #Murdoch, along with funding from big #oil #companies.

#climatechange #jerkmillionaires #jerkbillionaires #jerktrillionaires #classwar #eattherich #killyourlocalfascist #killyourlocalcapitalist #capitalism #fascism #ausgov #politas

Aha, meeting with #Murdoch, a sympathetic opinion piece by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian... is #KemiBadenoch jostling for position ahead of Sunak throwing in the towel?

Is she going to make a pitch, in the face of the Trussite faction, of being the leader of a (revived) 'sensible' #Tory party?

Right now I'm sure #RishiSunak is looking over his shoulder every time he leaves the office... The ides of October?

2 months ago

#Murdoch was much happier when his editors were able to manipulate elections.

It's much harder to find somebody who'll do your bidding & then try to convince people your man isn't an odious oaf.


2 months ago

@TimKarr She can just make stuff up since she is not under oath. X isn't a public company now, so she can say what the major shareholders, Musk & the Saudis, want.

Private companies don't have to provide the same kind of data public ones do. But, neither do HUGE ones, like NEWSCORP. That's why I phrased my question to #Rupert #Murdoch like I did. After my question Reuters & the NYT found out over 300 brands wouldn't advertise on Beck's show following the #ColorOfChange campaign.

Spocko asks Rupert Murdoch how long he plans to subsidize The Glenn Beck show.
John Earle
2 months ago

EXPOSED: Keir Starmer the Liar, Murdoch's Man & Candidate for MI5 - YouTube

#Sunak #Rishi Sunak #Labour #Keir Starmer #Boris Johnson #Conservatives #Labour Party #Jeremy Corbyn #Rupert Murdoch #The Sun #Murdoch #United Kingdom #UK

2 months ago

@smitjo I find it so immeasurably sad that some reactionary politicians would divide #Australia for their own political gain. Struggling to be even noticed, Dutton and his cronies, at last found some way to set out their own miserable vision for the future: a vision of rancour, bigotry, fear, and hatred. Backed by their media wing, the #Murdoch press, they have poisoned discourse and started a fire for which they will be only to glad to fan the flames.

The land and the peoples of Australia deserve better than this.

#VoteYes #auspol

2 months ago

#politics #murdoch #australia #MainstreamMedia

So fell down a rabbit hole a few days ago.

It started with someone posting a video on the
#fediverse from youtuber and stand up comedian- friendlyjordies.

Now I don't necessarily 100% like his approach at times, but, what really pulled me in was a series of videos
here that started when he began digging into why the then right-wing local authorities were doing what they were doing, which then led to him and his cameraman being put under surveillance by anti-terrorism police, followed by spurious law suits and ended with a parliamentary inquiry all under the gaze of Murdoch press.

Hand on heart, and to Australia's credit, with the legal parallels - I think if he'd been in the UK things wouldn't have ended they way they did.

But it doesn't stop there. He then goes on to dig into mafia collusion with Australian politics, a war crimes cover-up committed by the Australian army in Iraq.

At some point his house gets firebombed.

A consistent theme running through all of this is the Murdoch press and the environment it wants to maintain and his analysis of the mechanics. It's real, hard-hitting, investigative journalism and we sorely need more people like him.

2 months ago

#Murdoch’s empires have, even worse, consistently undercut any broad public awareness of the price we pay for letting that wealth and power continue to concentrate.

“Nobody has done more harm to the understanding of climate change than Murdoch,” as the

Murdoch, “has wielded his global media network as a weapon to sow doubt and confusion about the basic science and the case for action.”

#ClimateCrisis #Journalism #elites #Oligarchy

"One might ask how someone worth more than $8 billion has the nerve to cast himself as a populist. This is the familiar tactic of right-wing demagoguery: wearing the mask of populism in order to defend hierarchy and plutocracy.

This particular mask is increasingly slipping as Murdoch and his media minions are torn between a desire to stir up the mob while also defending their entrenched privilege."

#Murdoch #lies #lying #FauxPopulism

"Murdoch’s days of lying aren’t over. The resignation letter Murdoch released to his employees was itself a masterpiece of misinformation. The first falsehood is the idea that Murdoch is resigning and handing over the reins to son Lachlan."

And: "Murdoch casts himself as a populist fighting 'elites' who 'have open contempt for those who are not members of their rarefied class.'"

#Murdoch #lies #lying

~ Jeet Heer

Preston MacDougall
2 months ago

The question men like Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and countless others raise for us, it seems to me, is this:

Is the world simply constructed — by evolution, a creator, happenstance, whatever — so that obscenely rich men rise to the top and run things, usually by wreaking havoc?

Or has someone — have we — constructed the world in a way that makes that dismally, fatally possible?

If the latter, what to do about it?


"I don’t think there’s a single person or entity in the world that has done more to promote climate denialism and undermine the efforts to combat that threat [than Rupert Murdoch], and that will last for generations."

~ Angelo Carusone

#Murdoch #ClimateChange #ClimateDenial #Fox

edgeoforever 🍎
2 months ago

MAGA Media Warns Fox News Viewers: Lachlan Murdoch Is ‘Super Woke’ #uspol #murdoch

"When Murdoch’s tabloid practices reached the US in the form of Fox News, it had the power of kryptonite. As he finally exits the scene, American democracy hangs by a thread.”

#Murdoch #democracy #propaganda #disinformation #CultureWars #RightWing #Fox

“Murdoch’s biggest legacy is the damage his media did to democracy around the world — from Australia to the UK and finally the USA. From the beginning in the British tabloids 50 years ago, he unleashed the power of hate-filled rhetoric, setting the working-class ‘blokes’ against the elites, a crucial step in creating a movement of rightwing populism."

~ Linda Hirshman

#Murdoch #democracy #propaganda #disinformation #CultureWars #RightWing

Bob Mottram :debian:
2 months ago

Yes, #Murdoch was awful. For a long time he was regarded as a "king maker" in general elections, because he controlled all the main newspapers and so could set any right wing talking point within the popular psyche. Anti-establishment rants from him are disingenuous, because he very much was the media establishment for many decades.

But from what I understand one of his sons is taking over anyway. And so the Murdoch dynasty will continue its toxic legacy.

Peter Gleick
2 months ago

Dr Peter Gleick, a co-founder of the California-based Pacific Institute, said Murdoch was responsible for pushing “decades of dangerous #climate misinformation and denial to millions of people”.
“His distortions have influenced policymakers and the public and wasted critical time that should have been spent slowing the climate crises we now see all around us....
“When our history is written, and the final roster of climate villains is posted, #Murdoch will be at the top.”

"For decades, it pushed conspiracies of every stripe and played a major role in pushing numerous disasters, from the Iraq War to the January 6 insurrection. Pushing conspiracies was and is Fox’s business plan: It exists to tell its viewers that their political opponents are not just their adversaries but represent an existential threat."

And, sadly, huge numbers of Americans — as Shephard says, notably white and older ones — are happy to gobble up the slop Murdoch feeds them.

#Murdoch #Fox

The evil legacy of the scummy, greedy Rupert Murdoch, in Alex Shephard's words:

"Fox News, with Murdoch and Ailes at the helm, transformed news into a massive engine of confirmation bias. It was a safe space for Americans, most of them older and white, to have their fantasies affirmed: Immigrants were pouring into the country, crime was out of control, their way of life was under threat from sources both foreign and domestic.nt an existential threat."

#Murdoch #Fox

Oli Mould
2 months ago

Rupert #Murdoch will never actually properly retire. He will always be there in the background pulling the strings.

He'll never actually die either, just put himself into cryostasis, awakening every few years to start another war in the middle east and hack the phones of murdered celebrities.

BBC News
2 months ago

#News at 3PM: #Ukraine's frontline troops receive medical aid as #Biden announces support package. Rupert #Murdoch steps down from Fox & News Corp. King Charles continues his state visit to #France. The #UK sees its first 'rejection free' kidney transplant. An asteroid dust sample is en route to Earth. Northern Soul club celebrates 50 years. Bee-killing pesticides found in UK waterways, while Libya faces water contamination fears. Labour plans economic watchdog scrutiny. #RupertMurdoch #BBC

BBC News

Imagine the tears on #Starmer's face as he hear #Murdoch was retiring....

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 12PM: Labour plans economic watchdog scrutiny. King Charles is on a state visit to #France. Rupert #Murdoch resigns from Fox & News Corp. An asteroid dust sample is en route to Earth. Brazil debates decriminalising abortion. #UK performs first 'rejection free' kidney transplant. Bee-killing pesticides found in UK waterways. #Biden announces #Ukraine aid package. Zelensky visits #Canada unannounced. Police search for missing mother and children. #RupertMurdoch #BBC #News

BBC News
2 months ago

You know what's funny about #murdoch retiring to spend more time in a coffin filled with earth? The nagging feeling that in ten years time folks will be lamenting the high standards of journalism during his era. By which I mean, I expect things in his empire to become even worse.

BBC News
2 months ago

Good morning. It's 9AM, Friday, 22nd September. The headlines: Zelensky visited #Biden and appealed to the US Congress for more aid. Rupert #Murdoch has stepped down from Fox & News Corp, with his eldest son set to lead. The US auto worker strike is nearing its first week. Brazil is debating the decriminalisation of abortion. JetZero claims their design can halve carbon emissions. #RupertMurdoch #BBC #News

BBC News
Brendan Jones
2 months ago

Has anyone damaged western, English-speaking democracies over the last 20-odd years worse than Rupert Murdoch?

“the media mogul had created an “anger-tainment ecosystem” that had left the US “angrier and more divided than it’s been at any time since the civil war”.

[…] without Fox and News Corp, Britain probably would not have exited the European Union and Donald Trump would not have been president.”

#murdoch #journalism #democracy #brexit #trump #US #newscorp

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 6AM: #Ukraine's President Zelensky visited #Biden in Washington, appealing for more aid. In response, Biden announced an aid package for Ukraine. The US auto worker strike is nearing its first week with a possible expansion looming. Rupert #Murdoch has stepped down from Fox and News Corp, with his eldest son set to take over. #India's parliament is moving towards gender equality by allocating a third of seats to women. #UK ends interest rate freeze after 14 increases. #RupertMurdoch

BBC News
2 months ago

The claim that Rupert #Murdoch had his 'humblest day' at the UK #media inquiry was nonsense.

It was just the statement that he thought would best serve his corporate interests.

(Before the Leveson inquiry it was always said that James Murdoch would succeed his father - Clearly something has changed since then.)

#auspol #UKpol

Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston
2 months ago

No. You're an idiot and this is not what to say right now.

"But I think that somebody who’s working and busy and engaged at 92 is a great message for all older Australians actually.

“We used to step away and think we had to not be involved in the workplace or the workforce after 65, as I was growing up.” "

#Murdoch #evil #NotHelping #Disinformation

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

Murdoch’s departure from Fox News is likely a positive for Biden, who has benefited from a string of setbacks for conservative media during his presidency.

Here’s some of the context from a media historian:
#Murdoch #histodons @histodons

Joe Biden is seen from a distance, standing at a lectern and facing a row of people with cameras and notepads behind a rope.
Antonio Páez
2 months ago

Just more proof, as if any was needed, of how that horrid person Margaret Thatcher, poisoned the well of all that was good in Great Britain for decades to come.

Her evil legacy perdures.

#ukpolitics #thatcher #murdoch #corruption #conservatives #tories

Tom Ellard
2 months ago

So it looks like the lesser fucking-awful Murdoch has got the drivers seat at News ltd. It was going to be James a replica of the original, but Lachlan walked away years ago and has been acting vaguely human for some years.

So it’s the plot of the Godfather now. Will he stop all this left wing Bolshie nonsense and use Fox News to blow up planets? Or has the time spent hanging in Surry Hills make him part human? #Murdoch #news

2 months ago

"Elites have open contempt for those who are not members of their rarefied class. Most of the media is in cahoots with those elites, peddling political narratives rather than pursuing the truth."


#Murdoch confessing? Otherwise this is the most cynical thing I've ever, ever read.

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 9PM: President Zelensky meets #Biden in Washington amid Ukraine-Poland diplomatic tensions. #UK delays ban on new petrol cars to 2035, despite Sunak's commitment to net zero. Rupert #Murdoch steps down from News Corp and Fox roles. Tensions rise between #India and #Canada. Gunfire reported in Nagorno-Karabakh despite #peace talks. Post Office inquiry underway. King Charles addresses French Senate during state visit. Surveys show women still do more housework in the UK. #RupertMurdoch

BBC News
BBC News
2 months ago

News at 6PM: Zelensky is set to meet #Biden in Washington. The #UK's ban on new petrol cars has been delayed until 2035, despite Sunak's commitment to net zero. #Poland has stopped supplying weapons to #Ukraine. Five individuals are being charged in the UK for spying for #Russia. #India has suspended visas for Canadians, escalating tensions between the two nations. Rupert #Murdoch is stepping down from his chairman roles at Fox and News Corp. The UK interest rate remains at 5.25%.

BBC News
2 months ago

Apparently the search for the next head of the #murdoch empire hasn't gone very far, but, hypothetically, who would be most qualified in all the manifestations of evil to truly be the successor?

2 months ago

Rupert #Murdoch finally steps down as chairman of Fox + News Corp and hands over to his eldest son, Lachlan. I assumed it would be his daughter's husband in the end.

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian press baron who reshaped conservative media in his image, plans to step down as chairman of #FoxCorp. and #NewsCorp.
He will become chairman emeritus of the two corporations, Fox Corp. announced in a news release. His older son, #Lachlan #Murdoch, will become the sole chairman of both the firms.

Congratulations to Lachlan #Murdoch (pictured) who I'm sure will do fine in daddies' shoes......

Kendal Roy from Succession, desperately trying to maintain the illusion of control says; "All bangers, all the time"
2 months ago

#RupertMurdoch, 92, had shown no intention to step down or even slow down — even after he named #LachlanMurdoch as the heir to his business empire in 2019.

Even now, in his #emeritus status, he will continue to offer counsel, Lachlan #Murdoch said in a statement.

2 months ago

#RupertMurdoch is retiring from the #FoxNews & #NewsCorp boards, making his son #LachlanMurdoch the sole exec in charge of the global #media #empire he built from a small local newspaper concern in Australia starting 70 years ago.

The elder #Murdoch will become chairman #emeritus of the 2 companies.


Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chairman of the board of both Fox Corp. and News Corp. at age 92.

CNBC reports:

And here's how Fox News covered the announcement:

#Murdoch #Fox #FoxNews #Media #USPolitics

Sorry... Not Sorry...
I Do Not Click On Any Rupert Murdoch News Corp. Holdings...

That means I DO NOT CLICK on #NYP #NewYorkPost #WSJ #WallStreetJournal #Fox #FoxNews #FoxBusiness #FoxSports #Sky #SkyNews Nor Any Other #RupertMurdoch #Murdoch #NewsCorp Owned Links...

When You Click... Murdoch Profits!


#Boycott #RupertMurdoch #Murdoch #Murdochs
#BoycottRuperMurdoch #BoycottMurdoch #BoycottMurdochs #BoycottTheMurdochs
#BoycottNewsCorp #BoycottNYP #BoycottWSJ #BoycottFoxNews #BoycottSkyNews
#DownWithFascists #DoNotClick

Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston
3 months ago

This is an ad I was just shown YouTube.

Just miserable people pushing stupid, destructive, lies on people.

Sky News is a Murdoch property isn't it? (Yes,

He's such a miserable human being.

We need to reduce concentration of wealth because it leads to too much power in the hands of malicious people like him to push this garbage.

#Murdoch #SkyNews #disinformation #miserable human being pushing #garbage #eattherich

An ad by Sky News Australia for their YouTube video "Go Woke Go Broke: The fall of mighty brands to the woke ..."
some moronic propaganda.
3 months ago

Justice #Alito on Fri rejected demands from #Dem #lawmakers that he #recuse himself from a #tax #lawsuit after a #lawyer involved interviewed him for the (#Murdoch owned) #WSJ.

In an #unusual 4p stmnt attached to an otherwise routine list of orders concerning pending cases, Justice Alito dismissed calls for him to step aside as “unsound.”

#CourtReform #Corruption #JudicalEthics #law #legal #judiciary

3 months ago

@AnthonyFStevens @MutualityWSDEs @Judeet98 @Loukas "who's going to complain if #Starmer switches back to his original pledges"" ?

All the corpotate donors, the private health lobbyist, the rip-off privatised utilities and #Murdoch .....and all the other bastards that he has been relentlessly courting

So who will he betray, the people of this country or the rich and powerful who "donate" and lobby him

Senator Brownshirt
3 months ago


Colored me shocked that #FoxNews has been busted spreading bullshit, again.

#MAGA #Murdoch #propaganda #Fox #GoldStar

Eric Blair
3 months ago

This, of course, is the problem. Modern robber barons— Western oligarchs— like Murdoch have learned how to use media to corrupt democracies from the inside.

#Murdoch #media #democracy #fascism

Truthfully, saying the #media has failed us, is fucking nonsense, since it implies that's a new thing.

It isn't. And the sooner the #world holds #Trump's unindicted co conspirators, the fucking #Murdoch family, to account, the sooner we'll see the light side of this shit show called #News #Corpse and their co conspirators..

Fuck them all.

k cavaliere
3 months ago

@parismarx #Trump was a golem created by #Murdoch for the NY Post in 1976. #Trump craved attention, Murdoch needed "sensation". Trump married Ivana in 1977. She gave him "class" and "social status". He failed at that, too.

demï7en 🎗
4 months ago

"...anything other than his money". Influence?

#Murdoch is still arguably the most powerful peddler of #propaganda against liberal democracy, esp. within those liberal democracies (which the #PRC #china and #russia aren't very fond of).

@CarlG314 @AnnemarieBridy

I'm a little surprised that people aren't remembering that the #Murdoch's are also part of the #unindicted co conspirators.

Let's face it without Fox News the whole process would have been a lot harder.

Mark Maguire
5 months ago

My retro-nostalgia distraction for this morning. This pull out poster turned up in the recent attic clear-out. #ATeam #BA #Baracus #MrT #ILoveItWhenAPlanComesTogether #PityTheFool #Murdoch #Face #Amy #HannibalATeam #DirkBenedict

Primary coloured pull out poster of 1980s A-Team. Text: MP SPECIAL. THE A TEAM. Small picture of the team’s black van in upper right corner. Large close up of Mr T as B.A. Side panels with small pictures of the A-Team.
Four panels on side one of poster. Panel 1 Amy. Panel 2 Face. Panel 3 B.A. Baracus and Hannibal together. Panel 4 cover as previously described with close up of B.A.
Full-size image close up of Murdoch in baseball cap with primary coloured logo THE A TEAM.
John Lorimer
5 months ago

Always turn the Australian upside down at the shops #Murdoch garbage.

Checkout newsstand with bottom newspaper upside down to not show heading.

A quick reminder, from one of my heroes, @juddlegum of "Popular Information":

#Billionaire Rupert #Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal and #foxnews

Billionaire Jeff Bezos owns the #washingtonpost

Billionaire John Henry owns the #BostonGlobe

Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong owns the #latimes

Billionaire Elon #Musk owns #twitter


THIS is why I'm on #mastodon & why I deleted my Twitter accounts & why I just deleted my #reddit accounts

I'm done with that shit, folks. DONE.

Greg Dance
6 months ago


Let’s all look at Rupert Murdoch when he goes out in public.

We can all criticise his lack of youthful strength, lack of versatility vitality, speed & his withered physical appearance.

#murdoch #past-it


I'm sorry did you say that is Australia's leading news site?

By who's fucking measure?

Australia's least reliable news site.
Australia's biggest source of lies pretending to be news.
Australia's leading advertising arm of the RWCNJ LNP cvnts.
Australia's leading employer of stenographers pretending to be journalists whilst not having any writing skills.
Australia's only employer who tells all staff to leave their ethics at the door.

#newscorp #newscorpse #murdochisacunt
#murdoch #liar #journalism #lol