5 days ago

Synthtube (or similar music gear related channels on Youtube) is very often just masked consumerism. I gave up watching it some time back and I'm a lot happier today with my setup and music making. #synthesizers #musicgear

Steve Hammond
1 week ago

I'm a big @walrusaudioeffects fan, so I had to pull the trigger on this guy, the Meraki stereo analog delay pedal. Hang out long enough, and I might put up some demos. Or come to a show and hear/see it for yourself.

Real analog delay, powered by EIGHT MN3005 chips, producing REAL stereo delay.

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Steve Hammond
2 weeks ago

I'm a big Walrus Audio fan, so I had to pull the trigger and this guy, the Meraki stereo analog delay pedal. Hang out long enough, and I might put up some demos. Or come to a show and hear/see it for yourself.

Real analog delay, powered by EIGHT MN3005 chips, producing REAL stereo delay.

Double Wide Dallas w/Sleepy Atlantis (also on the bill, Telephone House Music and Michael Gray)

12/13 Magnolia Motor Lounge Fort Worth w/Jessi England

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Eryck Gu⸸⸸eЯaL
2 months ago

Low Down Sound
This may just be what I've been looking for. Completely custom #bass cabinets.

I can get that big #subwoofer for the ~17-20hz ultra low range & the smaller, punchier #speakers I've been looking for in one unit.
I can get three identical cabs or two plus one that's a little different.

I'm going to have to think about this & choose my speakers wisely & message them some ideas. 😼

Plus, I like the name.

#musicalinstruments #musicgear #guitar #synth #drums

3 months ago

There's gotta be an #audiophile contingent on this nerdsite. If you're an #audiogear sort of person, what's your favorite affordable, simple Bluetooth receiver that can plug into your primary receiver? Our bitty wee Logitech Audio Receiver died a death some time ago, and at the time was the bottom of the "budget but worth trying" market. I'd be willing to shell out closer to $100 now, but don't want to go too much higher. #SoundSystem #music #MusicGear

JJ Mickey
4 months ago

Came to realize I was wasting my time with a crappy Fender Squire jazz bass. My Ibanez 5-string is several times the superior instrument. Better intonation and I have so much more endurance with it. #instrument #musicgear

Trevor Hamer Music
4 months ago

Finally filled up my #500series rack today with all #diy kits from Hairball Audio and DIYRE.😌 Now I just need the time to use them. 😭

#newgearday #DIYAudio #musicgear #studiogear

I don't know which hashtags to use.

A DIYRE Colour Palette 500 series module with 1 15ips module in slot 1 on a wooden desk.
A DIYRE GBUS compressor atop a Fredenstein bento 500 series lunchbox filled with the following modules: two Hairball Audio Lolas, a FET 500, DIYRE OLA5, two EQP5, and two Colour Palettes.
Steve Hammond
4 months ago

Building and testing the patch called "Interference Lead", available for free from Moog's website.

#synth #synthesizer #gear #musicgear #moogmusic #moog #moogmatriarch #matriarch #keyboard #music #piano #music

Steve Hammond
5 months ago

My Moog Matriarch. First impressions, and a demonstration of a preset "Long Lost Brush Chord", designed by Jordan Passmore

#synth #synthesizer #gear #musicgear #moogmusic #moog #moogmatriarch #matriarch #keyboard #music #piano #music

Kydia Music
5 months ago

Also, don't yank on the microphone stand to adjust it to your height. That will wear it out and eventually it won't work at all. The twisty knobs are there for a reason.

#Music #MusicProduction #LiveMusic #LiveSound #SoundEngineer #LiveShows #MusicShow #Microphone #MusicMeme #MicDrop #MusicianThoughts #MusicianProblems #MusicGear

Picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson holding a microphone as if he is about to drop it. Text above and below in Impact font says "Anyone that 'drops the mic' has never bought a mic."
Steve Hammond
5 months ago

Quick gear check for this morning! Always great to play.

#synth #synthesizer #iseenord #nordkeyboard #rolandkeyboard #music #gear #musicgear #livemusic

Steve Hammond
5 months ago
polarity :wig:
6 months ago

This page will show you how to turn a $199.95 pair of Sennheiser HD 555 headphones into a pair of Sennheiser HD 595‘s that cost $349.95. And all you need is a screwdriver.

the only physical difference was an additional piece of foam inside the cheaper HD555 headphones, So to save yourself $150, open your HD 555’s up and remove the foam. Done.

#musicproduction #musicgear #sennheiser

6 months ago

Hey everyone. I am downsizing my studio and have plenty of stuff to sell. I'll be posting various items as often as I can, unfortunately only the items small enough to ship.

First up- CAD M179 studio Condenser Mic.

Perfect condition / lightly used.

-True variable pattern
-Large 1.1" condenser capsule
-Gold sputtered diaphragms
-High SPL
-Transformerless balanced output circuits
-20 dB pad
-6dB @ 100Hz HP filter
-Internal pop filter

Price is $140 including shipping.

#Music #MusicGear #Microphone #ForSale

DM me please if you want, or have any questions! Thanks!

Cad M179 Microphone front view.
CAD M179 front panel
CAD M179 back view
CAD M179 container.
Nadia Purge 🎵
8 months ago

Hey #Musodon! #Musicians of the #Fediverse!

For this week's #DIYMusicChat we're doing a show-and-tell of our unusual #MusicGear

• Did you make an #instrument #pedal or #synthesizer?

• Did you buy a #HandmadeInstrument of some kind?

• Did you inherit anything for soundmaking that's really old or rare?

• Found a cool #OneOfAKind music-making object somewhere?

Tell us about it, #MusiciansOfMastodon

9 months ago

This very exciting! I can have the best of both worlds by synchronizing Ableton Live and Bitwig and run the audio from Live into Bitwig via Rogue Amoeba Loopback.
#musicTools #musicgear #ableton #abletonlive #bitwig #mastomusic #musodon

The struggle is real 😂

#music #musicgear #musicproduction

Coffee mug with a list of audio editor naming conventions, getting progressively more ridiculous in their naming schemes, i.e. audio mix 2.wav, audio mix 2 final.wav, audio mix 2 final 2.wav, etc.
Nadia Purge 🎵
9 months ago

Hey! If you like my content here, my #MusicProduction , my #Photography, or want to support me for whatever reason, I made a #VirtualTipJar at

Your show of support would go toward a streaming rig and #MusicGear for a #HomeStudio and learning experimental #ElectricCello

I’m a huge advocate for right to repair. I have a dearly loved Kurzweil KSP8 multi-effects box that is quite old and no longer supported. Power supply went bad so I designed a new board for it and it fired right up. Without that, devices that still would work would just die. Totally wasteful.

#musicgear #music

Kurzweil KSP8 internals with new power supply inserted
Kurzweil KSP8 booting up successfully after new power supply installed.
Photo of original Kurzweil KSP8 power supply and new replacement power supply.
Soul Academy
9 months ago

I’m starting to add some content to this #Flipboard magazine. If you’d like to contribute with mixes, tracks, #production tips, reviews, #gigs or anything #DeepHouse related, please don’t hesitate:

#MusicProducers #DJ #DAW #MusicGear

Gothish Andy
9 months ago

Everyone needs a cable stand! I added five or six headphone holders to this light which I found in a charity shop somewhere in Halifax I think. They're perfect for keeping frequently-used cables close by. I added a tray for other useful bits & bobs. I got most of the stuff from, really useful stuff! #musicgear #musicmaking #homestudio

A microphone stand with headphone holders set at various heights and orientations, attached to the main stem of the stand. Each headphone holder has multiple studio cables of various types hanging from them. at the top of the stand is a wide and narrow tray with a selection of useful accessories, batteries etc.
Gothish Andy
9 months ago

Mixer and pedal setup. I plug directly into the stereo channel of the mixer from my reverb pedal to take advantage of the lush stereo sound generated by the SCF pedal. I use a Laney Digbeth preamp (I'm looking at changing that, maybe for a Trace Elliot Transit B) and a Boss 10-band EQ, which isn't always on. I mainly use the EQ to balance out my new Hagstrom Swede shorty bass, as it can be a bit boomy in the low end.
#Musicgear #musicmaking #effects #stereo

A small Mackie branded mixing desk on a short stand is surrounded by a selection of effects pedals: TC Helicon Hall of Fame 2, TC Electronic SCF chorus, Laney Digbeth Preamp, Boss EQ-20 and Peterson Strobostomp tuner pedal. A mess of connecting wires and power supplies runs through the pedals and mixer.
Gothish Andy
9 months ago

OK, I finally got round to taking some pictures of my studio-ish zone. I didn't dust before I took the photos, and I'm now painfully aware that I need to! Here are a few of them....

#musicgear #musicmaking #homestudio #diymusic

A small window alcove in an attic room. A rack of eight guitars is on the left, a radiator sits under a triple window directly facing the camera, a stand with bits of music equipment is in the right  corner next to the window, a small mixing desk on a short stand is surrounded by some floor pedals. A clock, a mirror and a painting hang on the walls.
Ether Diver
9 months ago

And if there was any question if it was the right choice, Detroit Modular ( highly recommended synth/gear retailer!) had an open box model on the front page for $90 off the usual list price (about 15% discount on an item rarely discounted). Seemed like the universe was giving me the little nod of approval.

#Gear #MusicGear #GearTalk

Gothish Andy
9 months ago

This is weird. GuitarGuitar (UK guitar shop chain) are selling the newest Zoom multitrack recorder, the R20, for less than the previous top of the range R24. The R20 is £50 cheaper and has more functions (plus touchscreen). Same number of inputs and everything. Have they just not noticed?

#musicmaking #musicgear #homestudio

Gothish Andy
10 months ago

OK, here are the first pictures of my new #BassGuitar. It's a #Hagstrom Swede Short-Scale. Still getting used to its sound and I've not quite got the hang of it just yet. The pickups are quite sensitive and can quite easily overload. I wonder if I need to reduce their height so they sit a little further away from the strings? #basstodon #musicmaking #MusicGear

10 months ago

10-15 years ago you could pick up old hardware samplers for daft cheap prices (back when Gigasampler was a thing). Now they're vintage,desirable and more expensive (& probably less reliable).
To rebuy the Emu Emax I played back in the day probably now costs close to three quarters of what it cost when new.
#music #vintage #MusicGear #Samplers

Gothish Andy
10 months ago

Discovered something interesting and infuriating this afternoon. If you run a TC Electronic SCF pedal into two mixer channels and DON'T hard pan both channels, your pedal makes you think it's broken. The chorus or flanger effects are EXACTLY the opposite of each other in each channel so combining them makes the effect disappear. You still have the original signal, it just sounds like.... the original signal.

#Basstodon #bassist #MusicGear #MusicMaking

Gothish Andy
10 months ago

That impossible, immovable and claustrophobic tension which stretches the dimension of time to its very limit, caused by the burden of waiting for your ebay purchases to arrive.

#MusicGear #MusicMaking #SoundEngineering

Gothish Andy
10 months ago

Feeling particularly smug right now. I was outbid on a Mackie mixer I saw on ebay on Thursday night. Friday morning I saw the same model on Buy it Now at about £25 less than my top bid! Smashing, yes please!
#Musicmaking #musicmakers #MusicGear

1 year ago

Minimoog Model D back in production 🤩

"Synthesizer manufacturers Moog have announced that the iconic Minimoog Model D is back in production, 52 years after it was invented in 1970."

Words: Isaac Muk
Photo: Moog


#Moog #MiniMoog #RobertMoog #Music #Musik #MusicTech #MusicGear #Gear #Analog #Synth #Synthesizer #Monophonic #Modulation #Keyboard #MIDI

Minimoog Model D
1 year ago

Gah! The right channel on the stereo in that my Matriarch sits on has started cutting out randomly. I can get it back working by cranking some bass through it, which is happily easy with the Moog. Still, so annoying.

On the bright side, the mono channel that the SubH sits on seems to be working now.

Do I..... 1) open it up and clean the pots, 2) accept defeat that it's a cheap ass mixer with shoddy circuits that I've already replaced bits in once and just replace the fucker?


Camilo Bravo :drumset:
1 year ago

I bought this awesome little toy which came this morning just in time to record some stuff:

It transmits 24 bit / 48 KHz sample rate audio in the 5.8 Ghz band, and claims it has a 6ms latency (I, for one, didn't notice it at all). Pretty cool.


Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
1 year ago

If you're interested in preserving recordings made on ADAT tape (a common format during the 1990s), you may want to check out this Marktplaats auction.

#MusicProduction #MusicPreservation

Stephan Beer
2 years ago

@litui Are there already #musicgear porn topics on mastodon ?! Love the synthesizer rack, must have cost a fortune, even without the goodies...

M. Verdone
6 years ago

Also: recent music gear lust: I borrowed a Roland JV-2080 and it sounds very 2000's, but very good. The lender bought it last year for like 250 EUR, but eBay prices now are like 350 EUR.

So I'm debating whether I should go all-in on a Roland XV-5080, which is relatively speaking stupid expensive, but might get stupid-expensiver in the next couple years. #musicmaking #musicgear