Adam Cook
1 hour ago

Who are these people (from NBCUniversal) that look at current state of #Twitter and the type of filth that #Musk is increasingly elevating over there and say "yeah, I want to be part of that. I am excited to help build Twitter 2.0"?

I guess it makes sense since we have already seen shades of Linda #Yaccarino's bigotry.

Figures that Linda would bring other like-minded colleagues over.

4 hours ago

The Numbers Are In: Elon Musk Has Been a Disaster for Twitter

After seven months of botched rollouts, sweeping layoffs, and little to no content moderation, the company is apparently worth a third of what Musk fronted.

This stunning decline can no doubt be traced to the big and erratic changes Musk has made to Twitter’s revenue plans, workforce, and core functions. His current growth strategy throwing out a slew of ideas waiting for something to stick

#musk #twitter

Dr Bob
6 hours ago

@Green_Footballs why are #bluesky users on corporate sponsored #SocialMedia? They all should be on #Mastodon!

#JackDorsey and #Musk are simply #Narcissistic #Billionaires that should best be ignored.

6 hours ago


Any idea how to find out if #PeterThiel was at this huge global "#DefenseIndustry" conference?*

Is there something like @elonjet for #Thiel?
He is even (far( more dangerous than #Musk owning #Palantir and #AIP.

Adam Cook
6 hours ago

@rvawonk #Musk is an absolute piece of shit.

Optimistic Moron
10 hours ago

🏳️‍🌈 I had #Twitter set to private & haven't posted since #Musk took it over, but I held on to the cursed account in some weird hope that maybe it would could turn around.

But alas...

I couldn't in good conscious keep an account on a site run by such a massive altright narcissistic manbaby promoting #transphobia, hate, & violence.

#PrideMonth is a great reason to cut the cord for good, y'all. It's done. Feels good.💕

#TwitterMigration #elonmusk #lgbtq #queer #pride #mastodon #mastodonmigration

Screenshot of my deactivated Twitter account
Steve Thompson
15 hours ago

"Elon Musk Calls to Imprison Therapists Helping Trans Kids" #LGBTQ #discrimination #Musk #birdsite #transphobia

"The Twitter CEO suggested throwing the medical professionals in jail, shortly after vowing to lobby for the criminalization of gender-affirming care."

Kyle Memoir
16 hours ago

Dear Twitter users:

It’s not virtue-signalling to leave Twitter on principle now it’s owned by, led by, and most amenable and useful to #fascist interests.

It’s virtue signalling to remain.

#elon #musk #twitter

Bendy Wendy
17 hours ago

Musk has a daughter who is trans. I cannot imagine bullying my own child, nor by extension her community. No wonder she won’t speak with him! #TransRights #Musk

Kay Eluvian
17 hours ago

#Musk shows Capitalism‘s end. The Mega Wealthy now buy-n-sell politicians, are beyond the law and believe they're Just Better Humans. The only step left is to abandon #Capitalism (its purpose now served) and become the Feudal Lords they want to be. Making laws on capricious whims, taking what they want and leaving scraps as they deem fit, beyond question or refusal. Unless we change course, the world will become #Twitter and people like Thiel, Koch and Musk the new kings we must serve.

k cavaliere
17 hours ago

Who would have guessed that #Twitter 's reputation would rank #97 (out of 100). I thought it would be lower. Good show #Musk.

Some extra stinky, sweaty ones for you freaks out there 💙


#Furry #FurryArt #FootFetish #Paws #Sweat #Musk

Cooper, a brown river otter, sitting with his legs crossed and presenting his sweaty paw to the viewer.

There are visible clouds of musk around his paws.
18 hours ago

@hankg @GottaLaff @atrupar Their brains work OKish, it’s their souls that have rotted away. #Musk #BlueSky

Dr Bob
20 hours ago

Article fails to mention that Musk spends half the day posting nasty tweets on his social media site #Twitter! [=#troll]

“Elon #Musk Is All About the Nonstop Grind. And He Can’t Stop Talking About It” [=#narcissist]

“Elon Musk endures a lot. Just ask him” [=#martyr]

“In recent weeks, he has again expounded upon his long workdays and his infrequent vacations, all while mocking workers who prefer working from home as living in “la-la land” [=#asshole]

#WSJ #timhiggins

Dave Holland
1 day ago

I suspect it is more about the reality that #Musk’s bird cage is not somewhere that people of diversity, and their allies, want to be or be seen to be.

Dr Bob
1 day ago

These are the 7 most hated brands in America—Elon #Musk's Twitter is No. 4

#Twitter, #Meta and #TikTok are three of the world’s biggest social media giants.

They’re also three of the brands with the worst reputations in the U.S., according to the recently released 2023 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings.”

Text Shot: Here are the seven brands with the worst reputations in America, according to the poll:

The Trump Organization
Fox Corporation
Spirit Airlines
Americans named the Trump Organization as the company with the worst public perception in the country. It’s the only business on the list with a “very poor” overall score, the lowest possible tier.

The Trump Organization scored particularly low in the “character,” “trust” and “ethics” categories.
Adam Cook
1 day ago

@peterlhansen @J12t Whatever #Musk does, he needs to stay the hell away from #SafetyCritical systems or commenting on them.

Even when Musk was largely talking about #Tesla back-in-the-day, it was in large part to exaggerate the capabilities of #Autopilot which has negatively impacted roadway and public safety.

And we can see the recent public and environmental safety issues of Musk's decision to re-insert himself into #SpaceX.

k cavaliere
1 day ago
Alexander Hay
1 day ago

#ArwaMahdawi asks: "#Twitter’s #Rightwing takeover is complete. Why are #Liberals still on it?"

"...There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a #FarRight social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are #News organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?"

#Media #Fascism #Musk #SocialMedia

Spaceflight 🚀
1 day ago

#SCMP 📆 9 May, 2023 #RocketLab CEO Peter Beck isn’t a billionaire and he didn’t attend college – but his company did beat the #Amazon founder’s #BlueOrigin to #orbit. ‘It is impressive that they managed’ it, #Musk told his biographer. ‘It’s f***ing hard. #Bezos has spent a s***load of money, and he hasn’t made it’

1 day ago

2/2 The 1st #AI threat is the massive potential for job loss and the absolute denial by any government to deal with the fallout by creating #SocialSecurity structures such as Universal Basic Income to keep people going.

When people on the far left are joined by folks like #Bezos, #Gates and #Musk calling for #UBI to be implemented, it's obviously not an idealism issue, it's just that #politicians are terrified of even talking about it because it's hard to understand in #economics #science terms

@frumble @eichkat3r #janboehm ist auch nichts anderes als ein kleiner #musk. Selbstverliebter 'alter' weißer Mann

1 day ago


You don’t use twitter, #twitter uses you.

I’m proud of my decision to delete my twitter account. As a creature of habit it wasn’t easy but I am a happier, healthier person for doing so.

Those who remain on the fascist site may not all be Nazi collaborators, but they also do not truly understand who or what they support yet by staying.

This #musk circus is far from over, there’s most likely a brutal third act to come.

"Everyone (myself included) who is still on Twitter has some hard questions to ask themselves. There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a far-right social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are news organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?"

~ Arwa Mahdawi

#Twitter #Musk #journalists #media

2 days ago

This via @atrupar.
🤔Somehow #BlueSky is even less appealing than before. #Twitter #Musk #JackDorsey

Tweets between Musk, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Jack Dorsey in which Musk and Kennedy set a date to do a Spaces discussion together and Jack approves.
🚂 Bahner
2 days ago

Liebe @tagesschau ,
wann zeigt ihr Haltung? 🤔
Zumindest sollte die Alternative :mastodon: auf der Webseite angebotenen werden.
#jointhefediverse #twitter #Freiheit #VogelRIP #Musk #ElonMusk #joinmastodon

@sebmeineck @anlomedad @netzpolitik_feed Die viel konkretere Gefahr für Menschen ist aus meiner Sicht Software mit neuronalen Netzen im Auto. Wie man bei #ChatPGT sehen kann, funktionieren neuronale Netze nicht zuverlässig. In ein Auto eingebaut gibt das eine Katastrophe.

#Tesla #Autopilot #FSD #Musk

Fabian Laasch ⚡️🔋
2 days ago

@mspro Hab die Sendung geschaut, Teile des Papers gelesen und mich ernsthaft gefragt, wo die Neuigkeit ist. Das Ding hat kein Skandalniveau… leider…

#Musk und #Twitter sind trotzdem eine gefährlich Kombination und ich hoffe die EU macht den Laden einfach dicht. #vogelrip

@janboehm @Luca

Had this idea for a while now, however did not yet get to it. #Twitter's press team is finally allowed to state there true opinions about #Elon #Musk. 🤡

I asked them to rate his leadership skills and got a response. Seems they are not that good, I appreciate the honesty. 😉

If you also have questions about Twitter or Elon, maybe try


Screen shot of an email response from The subject is "Re: Rate Elon Musk's leadership skills", the content of the mail is just a poop emoji.
Oliver Schafeld
2 days ago

Normalerweise pappe ich bei #Elon #Musk und #Twitter eine Inhaltswarnung / "CW" dran.

Aber Böhmerman schreddert den "reichsten 12-jährigen der Welt" so schön, das geht ungefiltert raus. 🤣


#satire #meinungsfreiheit #humor

Adam Cook
2 days ago


The Triumvirate of Morons.

#Musk #RFKJr #JackDorsey #Twitter

A screenshot of a Twitter thread, started by Elon Musk on June 2, 2023 at 6:26 AM which states:

Would you (Robert F. Kennedy Jr) like to do a Spaces discussion with me next week?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr then replies:

Yes! How's Monday at 2 p.m. ET?

Jack Dorsey then replies:

This would be great.

Elon Musk's initial reply has 2.1 million views at the time this screenshot was taken.
Mike Kuketz 🛡
2 days ago

Was viele schon gefühlt/vermutet haben: Twitter ist tot. Wer dort noch ein Konto hat, sollte wirklich nochmal in sich gehen und darüber nachdenken, ob es okay ist, auf solch einer Plattform vertreten zu sein. 🐦🚫

#twitter #fediverse #mastodon #rip #fail #musk #elonmusk

Following on from my earlier toot about how some people feel Elon Musk is the new Messiah, here's another piece showing that he's not the Messiah...

#Environment #Green, #ElectricCars #Texas #Musk

I am so tired. I don’t go to non-work events any more because my nerves are shot.

I don’t want to go to work events.

I am seriously considering a new life that doesn’t involve the Internet.

I feel like the last four years have stripped me of all my good bits and left a nougat of stress, fear, and anxiety.

I don’t want this as my existence. So please, be an ally. #trans #LGBTQ #Musk

2 days ago

If you still have a Twitter account or are buying a Tesla, you are supporting this. #elon #musk #nazi #pride #birdsite #tesla #TSLA

2 days ago

@JoshuaHolland “Again, even if Musk was some universal free-speech maximalist, he wouldn’t have to personally promote videos that only happen to punch down against #transgender people…. Instead, it just coincidentally happens that the ‘free speech’ #Musk advocates for is often language that attacks already marginalized people, and seldom challenges corporate interests that harm all of us.” #FuckElonMusk

2 days ago

@JoshuaHolland “The episode comes after #Musk has been quick to heed requests from #Turkey and #India to suppress free speech; the common denominator being a complete lack of principle or standards and a pathetic #subservience to power interests on the far right. Musk, who often pretends to be a moderate, is neither, in his politics nor in his role as #Twitter CEO.”

2 days ago

@janboehm @zdfmagazin Super Sendung (, oder in den Worten des berühmtesten deutschen Hörspiel Vogels: »Das habt ihr gut gemacht, gut gemacht ...«

#LopezLinette #MathiasDöpfner #Twitter #💩 #Musk #AxelSpringer #DieDreiFragezeichen #Superpapagei #VogelRIP #BVJ #BMJ #MarcoBuschmann #DOYOURFUCKINGJOB #Lobbyist #Jazz #Freiheit #FDP

2 days ago

Student Who Tracked Elon #Musk's Jet Has A New One — That Of Florida Gov. Ron #DeSantis

stephie :betterpride_flag:
2 days ago

Passend zum politischen Programm vom Faschisten #DeSantis, äußert sich jetzt sein enger Unterstützer #Musk, und gibt bekannt, dass er dafür eintreten wird, dass Healthcare Worker, die minderjährige #trans Personen behandeln, für lange Zeit ins Gefängnis geworfen werden sollen.

Schon heute kann man dafür in Florida im Gefängnis landen.

Musks Äußerung wie auch Plattform ist Teil einer faschistischen Strategie.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

Another chaotic week in the books for #Twitter.

But I think this one is unique in some ways, on the surface.

I posted this to Reddit last night.

Here is what is going on in #Musk's head.

Do not be snowed by this fundamentally hateful guy. He is a serial liar amongst everything I noted below.

Do not be snowed by his collaborators either.


A comment by "adamjosephcook" on Reddit, written on June 2, 2023 at around 12:30 am EST which states:

Yup. (Musk is) twisting himself in the wind.

He is trying to satisfy the following competing interests all at once:

- His own, ingrained hate and transphobia; and

- His newfound group of bigots and literal Nazis that he relates to; and

- His farcical desire to be seen as a “moderate”; and

- Advertisers, both current and prospective; and
The incoming “CEO” Linda Yaccarino, who seemingly shares at least some of Musk’s bigotry, but is also primarily tasked with placating advertisers. Musk cannot napalm the ground too much before she is officially installed… otherwise she may walk, which would likely be the final nail in Twitter’s ability to attract big-monied advertising ever again; and

- EU regulators which are increasingly putting Twitter under the hot lights.
Peter Nimmo
3 days ago

Interesting background to the resignation of #Twitter head of trust and safety Ella Irwin- #Musk recently allowed an anti #trans video after it has been flagged as #HateSpeech. He'd done a deal with the #FarRight media company that produced it- their CEO had complained. Musk is really determined to turn Twitter into a tool for #fascists

Offenbar hat #Musk nun das "Twitter-Blue"-Abo mit einem neuen Feature ausgestattet: Zahlende Abonnenten können Rassismus, Hass, Nazi-Verherrlichungen, Frauenverachtendes, sogar Mordaufrufe etc. veröffentlichen so viel sie wollen — und es wird einfach nicht gelöscht. Eine neue Studie fand heraus, dass bei Twitter-Blue-Accounts 99% der Hass-Inhalte trotz Meldungen online bleiben.

A new report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) found that subscribers to Twitter Blue—a service that allows any user to buy a verification badge, marking another one of Musk’s harebrained revenue schemes—can largely post racist, antisemitic, homophobic, and white supremacist content with impunity. Once a marker of digital trustworthiness given freely to celebrities, brands, and politicians, verification badges are now being donned by users who share fan videos of Hitler and call for the executions of LGBTQ activists. The CCDH findings, which were first reported by the Daily Beast, estimated that 99% of hate speech posted by Blue users—whom Twitter grants “prioritized rankings in conversations and search”—is not removed.
Adam Cook
3 days ago

@mikkergp @carnage4life Not that you suggested it, but Ella Irwin gets no points in my book if she finally grew a spine and pushed back on an over-the-top, hate-filled and #transphobic video that Matt Walsh has been pushing:

Not after all the harm she caused others previously.

Frankly, I think Ella, #Musk and #Twitter are in a panic... twisting around policy on-the-fly in order to placate both Musk's hateful rhetoric and Twitter's advertisers.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

@BruceMirken You can bet your Bottom Dollar that it will be someone who outwardly appears to care about "trust and safety" on Twitter, but is really just a front for #Musk.

I expect Musk will fill this position very quickly.

Shoot. I would not be surprised if he taps one of the faux-left #Krassenstein brothers - who have clearly been deployed by Musk recently in a pathetic attempt to mainstream Musk's hateful rhetoric.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

@BruceMirken Let us never forget that it was Ella that was the instigator and primary ringleader for baselessly accusing Twitter's previous Head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth, of being sympathetic to pedophilia/child exploitation causes and content - #Musk's favorite accusation.

Yoel had to go into hiding for a while after that.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

@carnage4life Past reporting has always characterized Ella Irwin as being pretty much lockstep with #Musk ideologically (as the new "incoming CEO" of #Twitter, Linda Yaccarino will also undoubtedly be).

In fact, Ella was the ringleader in launching the initial, unfounded attacks on Yoel Roth - causing Yoel to go into hiding for a while.

So, in fact, Musk's Twitter never had a VP of Trust and Safety anyways.

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
3 days ago
⚠️🇺🇸The Pentagon has signed a contract with Elon Musk's SpaceX to buy Starlink satellite communication terminals for Ukraine and services for their use by the Ukrainian military, Bloomberg reported. #Ukraine #NATO #Press #News #Musk #ElonMusk #Starlink #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

4 days ago

Professor of Economics at Yale says the burden is on *you* to prove future tellers are wrong, not on future tellers.

Also provides the graph below to support his claims.

I bet #Musk fully agrees with him (2016, "self driving cars a reality in 5 years", humans on Mars by '29). Also Hinton (2016, "all radiologists jobless in 5 years")

#sarcasm #AIgoldRush #AGI

4 days ago

Another great Tech Won’t Save Us episode from @parismarx with Mary-Jane Rubenstein, who wrote an amazing book called Astrotopia -
The Dangerous Religion of the Corporate Space Race

#tech #space #spacex #musk

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 days ago
⚠️🇨🇳Elon Musk lands in Beijing with eye on expanding business in China (FRANCE 24 English News VIDEO) #Ukraine #USA #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Musk #ElonMusk #MuskIsATraitor #MuskIsASpy #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

maeve harris
4 days ago

The value of #Twitter, under the leadership of cryptofascist #Musk, has recently fallen to 1/3 of what he paid for it. Its fall continues

4 days ago

🤣#Twitter is now worth only $15 billion, nearly a third of the $44 billion that Elon #Musk paid for the platform in 2022, according to Fidelity.

jbz :catjam:
4 days ago

Twitter innovating under Musk's leadership, the first tech company with a "degrowth team", most companies would just throw millions a McKinsey for that.

From First Principles to No Principles. Another masterful gambit from the billionaire taking us back to the Moon.

#Musk #Twitter

Old Man Mike
4 days ago

If you diss #Musk on #Twitter you give him #power through website/app interactions to continue his quest for a right wing global takeover.

If you diss #Elon on #Mastodon there’s fuck all he gets from it except laughed at.

Don’t be a tool to your own demise.


Elon Musk Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
jbz :catjam:
4 days ago

"Led by Musk and the cadres of sycophants who were internally referred to as the “transition team,” Twitter’s new leadership deliberately, specifically, and repeatedly announced their intentions to breach contracts, violate laws, and otherwise ignore their legal obligations"
➥ Techdirt

#Musk #Twitter

Ah. So *that’s* the line in the sand.

Not the nazis. Not the fascists. Not the transphobes. Not the rampant misinformation. Not the worker abuses. Not the toxicity.


#twitter #aoc #musk #twittermigration #elonmusk

Headline reads “AOC threatens to leave Twitter after Elon Musk promotes ‘disgusting’ account impersonating her”
Andrew Leahey
5 days ago

If the current rate of value loss continues, #Musk will only have to stay at the helm of #Twitter until about 2050 and will be in a position to formally make an offer to purchase at fair market value.

If we get a couple more Patreon subscribers we might be able to swing 2049.

Old Man Mike
5 days ago

Hey #liberals on #twitter, you see now how #Turkey had its dictator reinstalled thanks, in no small part, to #Musk censoring #Erdoğan’s competition? He can only continue to do this while his social network has power, and that power comes from its users. #LeaveTwitter, Turkey is today, tomorrow is #USA, and the #world.

Also it’s no surprise that Twitter might leave the #EU, since Musk sides with Putin, once the US falls to fascism expect a war with Europe.

Catherine Morris
6 days ago

‘France’s Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot waded into a growing tussle between the #EuropeanUnion and Elon #Musk’s #Twitter… the minister said that the US company would be banned from the #EU if it refused to follow the incoming #EuropeanDigitalServicesAct, which goes into effect throughout the EU at the end of August. “Disinformation is one of the gravest threats weighing on our democracies,” said Barrot...’ | POLITICO

Adam Cook
1 week ago

Presumably, the individual in the article activated #FSDBeta.

Yes, I understand what the full name of that product is called, but there is no need to expand it.

Do not assist #Tesla and #Musk in their lies.

Additionally, I would argue that it is an ethical responsibility to note that these vehicles are not capable of “driving themselves”, at the very least.

The #SystemsSafety community has spent **years** publishing open content on these matters.

Gotta pay attention.

Adam Cook
1 week ago

For the millionth time… editors, the #media and #journalists… a #Tesla vehicle is, **at no time**, capable of “self-driving”.

There is no “self-driving mode”.

Publishing these terms and descriptions only serve to advance Tesla’s and #Musk’s lies and are an immense public safety hazard.

#Michigan #FSDBeta #Journalism

1 week ago

Elon Musk might shut off Twitter entirely in Europe.

He has pulled Twitter from the EU's anti-disinformation agreement which would have required large digital platforms like Twitter to monitor and demonetize disinformation and bots, offer warnings about political advertising and fact-check information.

The law takes effect in August.
#twitter #musk

Aure Free Press
1 week ago

Report: ‘massive’ Tesla leak reveals data breaches, thousands of safety complaints

Whistleblower files reveal customer and employee information plus complaints about driver assistance system
#Musk #Twitter #Mastodon #News

Andrew Leahey
1 week ago

Theory I debuted on this week's Esquiring Minds (@emp):

The idea for #DeSantis to announce on #Twitter was no older than Tucker Carlson's move to Twitter (5/10). By his own admission, #Musk was not consulted. That gave #Musk the idea to further cater to the #FoxNews cretins.

That gave devs *at most* 2 weeks to prepare for a Spaces the two dullards believed would have millions of listeners.

Who wants to put these two at the helm of anything?

MarcinW 🖥️🚀
1 week ago

A day after #DeSantis launched his US presidential campaign on #ElonMusk 's #Twitter, he signed a law in #Florida that "gives tremendous leeway to private spaceflight companies, specifically shielding them from lawsuits relating to 'injury to or death of a participant or crew resulting from spaceflight activities' "

#Musk's #SpaceX already reaping the benefits of their CEO pushing #GOP left and right.