Vee Sheep
16 minutes ago

i decided to release the music for an old project i'm never finishing.
it's up for free on itch but paying for it is encouraged and appreciated! #music #itchio #musicrelease #album #myart

Your Pal Cal
28 minutes ago

On track for day two, SPIDERS. (not my favorite subject but I think it came out well!) #myart #inktober #inktober2023

A yellow Post-It with a hand-drawn spiderweb, with a large, somewhat fearsome-looking spider lying in the center. In the bottom right corner, an itsy-bitsy spider hangs from a twig.
5 hours ago

I'm gonna be starting commissions. Down there is gonna be the examples of my art style. The only types of payment I'm taking is cashapp.
My prices are:
Clean sketches = $5
Lineart only = $10
Flat colors = $12
Fully colored = $14

Dm me on discord to talk about for commissions. I won't be doing anything nsfw and anything with complex backgrounds.
Discord: .needle.

#commissionsopen #commissions #myart #artist #artistsonmastodon #artwork #commissionopen #commissionart #art

Your Pal Cal
6 hours ago

Catching up on #Inktober, here is day one, DREAM. #myart #inktober2023

A hand-drawn scene featuring a flaming scroll, surrounded by three small fireballs. It has various arcane sigils and glyphs across it, with a large eye-like symbol in the center. To the right of the scroll, a cross-shaped tombstone with vines and roots growing from it. Another sigil hovers in the air above the marker.
14 hours ago
15 hours ago

socks adventure


More Tumblr ask PDFs

"Hey macan nomad had tried the grimace shake?💜🥤"


#myart :verified_gay: #macan #magan #tokyoafterschoolsummoners

"Hey macan nomad had tried the grimace shake?💜🥤"


A Tale of Fury to Signify Nothing
Painting with digital watercolor.

This piece was done as a study to get back into painting. I very much enjoy the process of painting. It is relaxing, and it's the only way I like to render my work.

I also included a time-lapse ;)

#myart :verified_gay: #painting #watercolor #artist

A digital watercolor painting of a hand dipped in pinkish-white water.
Time-lapse of the painting process.
Betos Garcia
1 day ago

(Commission) Freezing Chandler

Commissioned by MetalBrony823

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#TheLoudHouse #Chandler #LincolnLoud #LunaLoud #Nicktoons #Nickelodeon #MyArt #FanArt

1 day ago

#Inktober2023 Day 2 - Spiders

Palpatine and Doriana in an AU where all naboolians are half-spiders
#inktober #StarWars #SheevPalpatine #KinmanDoriana #spiders #MyArt #ink

Zack Loup
1 day ago

Spooky season has officially begun! Why not kick it off by checking out my campy horror comic Psychopomp?

Psychopomp is a queer comic which blends the campy mystery fun of Gravity Falls with the atmospheric horror of Silent Hill.

#webcomic #furry #horror #myart #halloween #psychopompcomic

Anthro dog holding a dog skull and looking into its eyes. Ghostly light emits from the skull. The background is an art deco theme. It says "Psychopomp. ZackLoupArt."
1 day ago
Drawing of a feral striped hyena with a mail-bag and a mailperson's hat. The hyena is running towards the right, a happy expression on its face.
2 days ago

Note: Requests are for friends and patrons only. Do not ask for them.

Did Gluten request as they help beta-read the last chapter. Practice with waterpaint as that style of the game.
#okamiden #okami #Chibiterasu #Chibi #canine #dog #furry #digitalpainting #digitalart #fanart #myart

2 days ago

everynyan.... look at my new oc.... nyannn!!

2 days ago

Repost of this older piece, because I have now finished my bachelor of Geoinformatics. I didn't really think so back then, but now, 3 years later, I feel confident enough to also do my masters-degree in that field.
Transitioning helped a lot with it. It is a LOT easier when you don't have to pretend to be someone else.

(I am terrible at soil science, but I think their maps are the prettiest)

#art #myArt #mastoArt #furryArt #Lemur

Drawing of an anthropomorphic lemur in front of an excerpt of a soil-map. She is falling backward, with a kinda overwhelmed expression on her face.
Betos Garcia
3 days ago

Mammon's first dime

"Oh dimey, I'll never lose you again."

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#Mammon #HelluvaBoss #vivziepop #MyArt #FanArt

Betos Garcia
3 days ago

(Patreon Reward) Molly

Patreon Reward for Esteban Felix

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#Molly #BubbleGuppies #EG #EquestriaGirls #Nickelodeon #MyArt #FanArt

Wild Raven
3 days ago

I was remembering how cute Munin was during her first meal at a Mexican restaurant. She was about 12 weeks old I think. The waiters all came to see her and feed her chips. When she got full and sleepy, she hunkered down and became a black fluffball. This is a page from my #journal earlier this year when I was first starting out with traditional dip nib pens. #crow #crows #ravens #corvid #corvids #bird #birds #munin #penandink #dippens #watercolor #ink #pen #sketch #mastoart #myart #art #artwork

Pen and watercolor sketch of my raven Munin When she was about 12 weeks old, with the text "Munin was content after our meal at Mi Mexico, and sat next to us observing things."

Mega Man portrait that started as a sketchbook doodle, and turned into a full illustration. Had a lot of fun doing the colors/shading on this one.

#megaman #rockman #megaman #capcom #myart #drawing #digital #digitalart #art #megamanfanart

a portrait of the blue Capcom character, Mega Man. Standing in the middle of the frame facing forwards, against a yellow background with his eyes looking to the right.

some practice of a some fangs I had doodled. Wasn't gonna upload it, but I really like how it turned out and wanted to share ^^

#furryart #furry #anthro #furryart #myart #fangs

closeup of a anthro's pointy teeth with two big fangs.

I've been spending too much time on Tumblr and have been drawn back into fandom stuff lol. So I made an adult design for Cynder
#cynder #Spyro #TheLegendofSpyro #myArt #fanart #SpyroFanart #MastoArt

An image of an adult Cynder, a black dragoness from the Legend of Spyro series, with red wings, a red underbelly and 6 curved, white horns - though only 3 are visible. Cynder is covered in scars and and scratches, and is wearing a chain necklace with a purple gemstone around her neck. She has a similar, smaller gemstone attached to her bottom left horn
Wild Raven
5 days ago

#Rat watching, bird watching... I've heard #crows and #ravens are the rats of the bird world because "they can eat anything and nothing can kill them." (And they're just as cute when they look at you waiting for a peanut.) @otterX posted a photo of very cute wild rats in a tree that I drew this picture from. #rats #WildRaturday #myart #sketch #sketchy #watercolor #art #penandink

Wild rats in a tree looking cute. Pen and ink with liquid graphite watercolor.
5 days ago

Circle! #myart

5 days ago


Most of my works are for sale at reasonable prices. My website isn't ready so DM me.

#art #photography #MyWork #MyArt #Monochrome

photo of a woman's clavicle from the upper arm and the line curves up her neck to her lips
neuroknives :knife_nb:
5 days ago

I fixed it/finished it. The previous version was fine. But... I wanted to do this.

Lewd versions on patreon because I need money.

#myArt #art #digital art #MyOC #succubus #succubusOC #choker #glasses

My succubus OC, Reika. She has long black hair, red eyes, and red lipstick. She is wearing round black glasses in addition to her usual dual choker combo (one solid black choker and a smaller one with a hear ornament). She is also wearing a raglan tee shirt that has a design a friend made of a little cartoon antifa person strutting off to the left. The text above and below them reads "I'm off to commit [ACTIONABLE THREAT].
Matt 'Smudge' Wells
6 days ago

New quick sketch comic I posted earlier today. I'm still running behind on my next webcomic....
#webcomics #anime #manga #cartoonist #draw #digitalart #art #artist #illustration #comics #cokicstrips #myart

Behold the Frost giants!
Zack Loup
1 week ago

Make Your Own Luck 🐇🍀 #animalart #rabbit #bunny #mastoart #myart

Black and white image of a rabbit running. One of their front paws is a lucky rabbit foot keychain that has been reattached. It says “make your own luck”.
1 week ago

A more human version of my sona, originally designed as a means to potentially commission some people who won't draw furry characters. I suppose in a way, I made a serval girl with some light horror aspects in the end.

This said, I found myself liking the design quite a bit.
#sona #klee #art #myart #myartwork

A world where worker bee's are forklift-certified and can operate heavy machinery. They may be late for work on this day, but this busy bee will be there in no time. uwu
ps. Their arm is supposed to be like, a welding tool, but ended up looking like Samus' arm-blaster from Metroid.

#bee #myart #digitalart #illustration #digital #digitalpainting #anthro #characterart #cuteart

an anthro bee character with cartoonish proportions wearing construction gear. They have a hard hat, a wrench in one hand, and their other arm looks like a Metroid blaster. The background is a blue sky with clouds on an angle, to make the character look like they're moving fast.
Drawing Padawan
1 week ago
Retrato en acuarela sobre papel, mujer con pelo largo saliendo de la boca y un murciélago junto a la cabeza. No es contenido perturbador.
Ilustración de una pequeña bruja de calabaza, estética de halloween y fantasía. Realizado en rotuladores y lápices de color.
Zack Loup
1 week ago

Wheel of Fortune from the Divine Canine Tarot. Get your copy of the deck here:

This card represents the circle of life, luck, change, and destiny.

#myart #mastoart #animalart #wolf #rabbit #tarot

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card from the Divine Canine Tarot. A wolf chasing a rabbit around a circle. The front half of the wolf phases green leaves and is alive, the back half is skeletal and facing winter. The front half of the rabbit is skeletal, the back is alive.
1 week ago

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu were divided by four floors and eight hundred years of longing

modern!AU with reincarnations
#FarawayWanderers #WordOfHonor #wenzhou #ZhouZishu #WenKexing #MyArt

Zack Loup
1 week ago

As eternal as the cowboy 🏜️ #anthroart #furryart #coyote #desert #mastoart #myart

Anthro coyote playing the guitar. He is sitting on the back of an old car, parked in the desert at sunset.
2 weeks ago

#architecture #Archaeology #History #artwork #artshare #art #toptags #artist #artistic #artlovers #myart #artwork #bestartfeatures #painting #drawing #amazingart Sphinx Gate, Hattusa, former capital of the Hittite Empire, in present-day Türkiye (17th-13th century BC) 🧿

Thom Zehrfeld
2 weeks ago

There is this architectural salvage yard in Oregon that is very unusual. If you need an antique window, old antique wooden door, a nostalgic telephone booth, antique mailbox, dresser they have it. Prints at: #BuyIntoArt #Art #ThomZehrfeldPhotography #PhotographyIsArt #Photography #Fotografie
#ArtForSale #ArtMatters #MastoArt #Mastodon #ArtforInteriorDesign #HospitalityInteriors
#InteriorDesign #Wallart #InteriorDecorating #WallArtForSale #myart #myartwork #coolart

W'fik ‘ ‘\‘ 8 \;:J”“L\r\\y ) L T =Y f*‘ii (IS .‘%\ M byl 7/ W e P \v“l“(--mtfl' T ‘/‘Hflfik‘(j'fiv“fi/ - 'j!\t {b Sl YA — N i M el 27 [ o Bk Heiy- 4 o) At e R
2 weeks ago
Black and white photo of a proud woman showing her inner power

...and, the best for last:

Pogo, my #werewolf #fursona. Black ink drawing on my sketchbook, colored with #Krita in my #Wacom.

And a tiger who one day could be another sona or OC, I dunno yet.

#MyArt #MastoArt #sona #weresona #furry #FurryArt #illustration #drawing #BrazillianArtist #ArtistasBrasileiros #fetish #leather #harness #gay


The drawing is a cartoonish werewolf, wearing a black jockstrap, leather chest harness,  and 2 leather bracelets in each arm. He's hairy and have black moustache, goatee and beard. He's skinny, with a little belly. And with pointy teeth.

He's standing, looking to something outside the page, slightly to the left, with a subtle smile.

The werewolf colors are brown, black and grey, his eyes are light green and the leather is black.
The drawing is a cartoonish werewolf, wearing just a jeans shorts. He's hairy and have black moustache, goatee and beard. He's skinny, with a little belly. And with pointy teeth.

He's sitting in a sofa, looking to you, with a subtle smile.

The werewolf colors are brown, black and grey, and his eyes are light green. The sofa is orange and the jeans are indigo.
Drawing. A cartoonish face of a anthro tiger. The line is black ink and sketchy, the color is digital and blurry. You can see the pencil auxiliary lines and the paper texture. The character seems to be happy and peaceful. And with a pair of saber teeth.

The tiger is orange, white and black, his eyes are light green and the background is kinda turquoise.

More of my art, now some oldies:

- a prompt, some years ago, prolly 🐺 🎷 🍷 or something
- a faun/satyr/pan for #SatyrDay
- the horned goaty dude again, maybe my future #mythsona

#MyArt #MastoArt #werewolf #gaylove #gaykiss #satyr #faun #pan #mythology #prompt #sketch #sketchbook #illustration #drawing #BrazillianArtist #ArtistasBrasileiros #gay #LGBTQ


Drawing with blue, red and black ink. A cartoonish werewolf wearing a tuxedo, playing saxophone. Musical notes flow from the saxophone. Two young and cute black men in a dinner date, toasting with glasses of wine, kissing in the lips. A heard appears from between their heads.
Photo I took from my desk. It's a page of my sketchbook, opened. The drawing, made with black pen, portrait a satyr (or faun) with a pair of goat horns in his head, as expected. He's shirtless and you can see his bearded face, hairy torso and the beginning of the thick fur from his goat legs. He's brunette, attractive, and is laying on a field of grass and flowers, with his left arm raised, almost behind his head, in a sensual way, and subtlety looking to the observer.
It's a page of a sketchbook, but this time time the page is lemon-green colored. 

Black ink drawing of a face of a satyr (or faun) with a pair of goat horns in his head, as expected. He's almost bald and his beard and moustache are black and pointy. We can notice he's shirtless and his chest and shoulders are hairy. He's subtely smiling.

Well my name is Bruno, aka Capitão Barba (Captain Beard). I'm a illustrator slowly going back to illustrating.

Here is bit of my art, RPG-related:

- Américo, a Verbena
- Thicc Him'Bo, a half-orc barbarian
- Gorky, a half-orc assassin in #Ravenloft

#MyArt #MastoArt #RPG #TTRPG #DnD #Storyteller #WoD #MageTheAscension #drawing #illustration #skethbook #sketch #BrazillianArtist #ArtistasBrasileiros #gaymer


Black ink sketch. A young white man, with long dark hair fluttering in the wind and short dark beard, wearing a grayish overcoat and a t-shirt with a triskele design. He's pensive, looking a bit to the side.
Black ink sketch in a DnD sheet. A young and strong half-orc, with medium long dark beard, unkempt dark hair, thic eyebrows, pointy ears and a pair of inferior tusk. He's wearing a rustic shirt, showing the chest hair. He's attractive, looks kinda dumb but with a good heart.
Black ink sketch, on a sketchbook. A lean half-orc, with short curly hair and beard, one big eyebrow, pointy ears and a pair of inferior tusk. He's wearing typical DnD assassin clothes. He's very serious.
Vee Sheep
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Dandelion Feather

(vertical photo)

Nearly all the artwork I post is for sale. Until I get my website up DM me

#art #photo #Dandelion #MyWork #MyArt

Close-up photo of a single dandelion fluff held in someone's fingers. The fluff is back-lit making it glow
3 weeks ago

Retro Day ;3

"Lucky" is having a pretty decent day, just don't let him see the mailman :blobcatmelt2:

#oc #originalcharacter #mastoart #retroanime #dogboy #catboy #animeandmanga #myart

Retro anime-style art of a man, with golden eyes and blue black short hair, is staring at the camera, with a deadpan expression. He has wolf/dog ears the same color as his hair. Shout text that says WOOF.
3 weeks ago

Today is International Knifes Throwing Day.
So let's throw Knives!

#trigun #trigunmaximum #VashtheStampede #KnivesMillions #MyArt

I figured it's time to update my profile picture since I've had the old one for a while, now featuring chonky nix doin' a mlem!

#dragon #furry #MyArt #MastoArt #fursona #dragonOC #furrycharacter #scalie #DisabledArtist #QueerArtist

A headshot illustration of a chubby purple dragon with dark purple horns and a yellow underbelly and dark purple spots sticking out it's tongue at the viewer. The dragon has a gold band on their right horn, a gold nose ring in their right nostril and their left eyebrow pierced. In the background is the 2022 disability pride flag, featuring a dark grey backing with 5 pastel stripes going from the top left corner to the bottom right. The top stripe is green, followed by blue, then white, then yellow and red is at the bottom.

I did some sketches for a new design for Nix! I'll probably clean some of them up soon, but I like how the sketches looked on their own, so I thought I'd post them.
I wanted to tweak Nix's design to look more chonky, and try out some new looks for their underbelly and jaw scales specifically.

#MastoArt #MyArt #sketchs #DisabledArtist #QueerArtist #digitalArt #furry #SFWfurry #furrycharacter #furryfandom #furryart #furryoc #anthro #anthroArt #fursona #dragon

5 headshot sketches of a Nix, a fat dragon, done digitally in dark purple ink on a grey background. The top left image shows the right side of Nix's face with xis neck extended, looking up. The top middle image shows Nix looking back over xis left shoulder, and the top right image shows the right side of xis face again, this time with their head down and their mouth open. Both the middle and right images are to show how the fat around their neck and jaw folds, and how the underbelly scales fold. The two bottom images show Nix from the front. On the left, they are smiling and sticking their tongue out playfully. The right image shows them roaring, their jaw scales flared like a bearded dragon's beard.
1 month ago

I've been wanting to draw these two OCs' apartment for years and I thought I finally have the resources/skills and... yeah. Yeah!

#DigitalArt #MyArt #OriginalCharacter #CSP #OCs #illustration #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

A digital drawing of two men in a messy apartment. The one in the back is lit overhead by a kitchen light. The kitchen is an ugly, dingy retro green. The man has silver hair and seams on his arms and around his neck, signifying he's an android. He's sounded by empty take-out boxes, dirty dishes, and various bottles. In the foreground is the owner of the flat, lounging on a blue couch with mismatched pillows and blankets. His foot is resting on a wooden coffee table with empty bowls and cans and utensils and a cigarette ash tray with a few stubs in it. Around him are cardboard and wooden boxes, trash, and other discards. He's lit by an off-camera screen of some sort.
1 month ago

On a lovely evening 47 million years ago, #Darwinius and #Geiseltaliellus are forced to share their favourite lakeside tree. They don't enjoy each other's company,but are unlikely to do anything about it. Meanwhile,a pair of #Gastornis enjoys the evening Sun while a #Eurohippus takes a drink,safe in the knowledge that these giant birds are herbivores. #Archaeonycteris hunt insects above the lake,while various crocodylians hang out and get ready for the night.

#Eocene #MyArt #paleoart #Paleogene

A watercolour showing a lakeside scene in the evening.The branches of a tree form the foreground,and are darker than the background.Sitting on one of the branches is Darwinius,a primate with long limbs and tail and a lemur-like snout.Its shaggy fur is brown and it sits in a relaxed position,tail and one leg dangling,arms resting on the branch and leg.It throws a look over its shoulder at a Geiseltaliellus sitting on another branch.This is a large green lizard with an extremely long tail,it glares back.Insects can be spotted amid the tree's leaves: a dragonfly and a bunch of large ants.Most of them are dead biting into a leaf in a 'death grip',and have a parasitic fungus growing out of them.

The background shows bats flying low over the surface of the lake.The shores are densely forested,but on a grasst beach are two Gastornis,large birds.They have sturdy yellow beaks, long necks, thick bodies, brown-and-white feathers,and fluffy upturned tails.They are sitting close to each other.Another animal near them is Eurohippus,a small ancestor of the horse.It is less than a third as big as the sitting Gastornis,and drinks water.Its fur is grey and it has a big bushy horse tail.Farther away,a separate muddy beach has a bunch of crocodiles lying about,partially on top of one another.The farthest background shows the forested lakeshore,including a gap where a river reaches the lake.Above it,the sky is aglow in evening colours,with nebulous clouds turned pink and purple in the sunset.

Hard to believe its been 10 years. A third of my life spent by your side, and we still have forever ahead of us. I love you with all my soul Axle.💕💍

#myart #art #furry #furryart #furryartist #digitalart #illustration

1 month ago

I did some field sketching this morning :)

#watercolor #ink #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #MyArt #nature #

A photograph of a bit of greens, rocks, and flowers, with a building in the background, and in the lower right corner is an ink sketch of the plantlife on a small sketchbook.
The previous image's ink drawing. There's daisies surrounded by tufts of longer leaves, small rocks and large boulders, a plant box with roses and other flowers, and some bushes in the background with dark shadows.
A photograph of a port harbor on a partly cloudy day, and a watercolor painting of the same area. In this image the watercolor image is in focus. It's a landscape drawing of the harbor, with four boats, and a small peninsula with trees.
Another photograph of the same harbor, but this time the painting is out of focus and you can see the boats and land in the distance.
The horizon is a little askew.
1 month ago

🐰 ​:winehq:​ 🏝 #furry #RabbitDX26 #myart

1 month ago

i drew my favourite kind of maid dress . it is a dress archetype that seems Obvious in my mind, like u should be able to walk into department store clothes section and get this. and yet it is so elusive


1 month ago

Big streeeetch!!!
Work I did for Carmen Orin 🩷🩷

Early access, exclusive art and offers:

#art #drawing #cute #catgirl #anime #artist #catgirl #suggestive #artistonmasto #MastoArt #myart

A brunette Catgirl, wearing a sport top and shorts, stretching with her hands back her head, she is smiling with her eyes closed.
1 month ago

Huge #commission for rowyn on toyhouse. They wanted a big poster for their #DnD room to commemorate a long campaign finishing. 12 people, 5 cats, and a baby dragon.

#Mastoart #DigitalArt #MyArt #OriginalCharacters #ArtistsOnMastodon

A digital drawing of the deck of a pirate ship. There's 12 characters, 5 cats, and a dragon, all interacting in small groups. The ship is made of wood, there's a cannon in view, and the water int he background has the shadow of dragons on it.
A close-up of the previous image, featuring two ghostly people sitting on support beams. The man is humanoid with grey and white hair and wearing lightweight grey armor and a black scarf. The woman has dark hair, a frilly white and black skin-tight outfit, and has crossed her legs, where a small tabby cat is sleeping. Behind them is the sea, two large shadows shaped like dragons on the water's surface.
Another close-up of the first image, featuring four characters. A water-based elf is by the steering wheel, one hand resting on it, and holding a monocular to one side, at the ready.
A group of three people: an older dwarf in metal armor, a young woman with red hair, and a dark-themed thief are playing cards with a cat. The older dwarf has a few coins beside him, and is perched on the railing of the ship. The girl is also on the railing and is holding some flowers, dropping a flower crown on the thief's head. He's scowling down at a black cat who has a pile of coins and a hand of cards itself, clearly winning.
A close-up of the first image, this time with the largest group of characters. A couple is lounging on stairs and a railing, a male bard in light armor playing a song on his lute while the dragon-themed lady and a white cat listen with interest.
On the bottom left there is an orc and a yellow kobold arm wrestling, the orc winning. To the right is a young mage throwing out sparks of lighting from one of his hands, showing off, while a dark-themed sorceress watches. Beside them there is a siamese cat clinging to a white dragon, also watching the lighting.

People say bizarre things when you're visibly disabled, so I made a video talking about some of my favourite weird things people have said to me throughout the years, accompanied by the full timelapse of my disability Sloth Month Picture

#disability #disabled #furry #dragon #myart #art #amputee #storytime #abledsareweird #disabilityPride #amputeelife #PeopleAreWeird #Youtube

2 months ago

On a rainy #Devonian day, a #Tiktaalik father guards his eggs in a small forest river. Meanwhile,his hunting mate has her eye on a #bothriolepis . Another Bothriolepis is eating something buried in the river sediment,drawing the attention of a #Coccosteus.

I've wanted to draw Tiktaalik for a while. It always seems to get depicted pulling itself onto the land. While that was of course extremely important,surely they spent most of their time living quite happily underwater.

#paleoart #MyArt

A watercolour showing a scene partially underwater and partially above it.The surface breaks the frame about 3/4 of the way up.Underwater the scene is dominated by Tiktaalik-a large lobe-finned fish with a wide,triangular head.It  stares straight at us with its mouth open in threat.Its eyes are small and close together.It it slightly propped up on its front fins and its tailfin has a display structure featuring a light stripe and a blue one.All around is a dense patch of Chara algae,long stalks that branch into bunches of leaves several times. Several of the leaves around Tiktaalik are speckled with small white eggs.Further in the background,another Tiktaalik and three smaller fish:two Bothriolepis,placoderms with a vaguely mandolin-shaped body and long frontal fins.One is kicking up a cloud of dust around it as it digs into the sediment.The other is farther away and near the second, hidden Tiktaalik.The final visible fish,Coccosteus,is the same size as the Bothriolepis and swimming towards the nearer one.The surface is showing the impact of many raindrops.In the top quarter,we can see the forested shores of the river,obscured by rain.The right bank is a muddy shore overgrown by Rhacophyton,a somewhat fern-like plant. The left bank, which is steeper, also has trees on it,as has the distant part of riverbank visible between them.These Archaeopteris grow straight from the ground without side branches until they suddenly branch out into a series of horizontal flat round canopies
blint carton
2 months ago

hello, .art! my name is Jax, i'm a transmasc non-binary disabled artist and writer currently studying to become a zoologist.

i'm not great at this social media thing and haven't had much luck elsewhere, but i'm hoping mastodon's lack of algorithm and general community-orientedness might counteract my luck this time <3

#introduction #MastoArt #myart

Illustration of a blue-skinned Goddess with light blue hair, constellations on her skin, antlers, and glowing eyes, wearing a white, flow-y dress and gold jewellery,  is stepping lightly across water, the night sky visible behind her.
A simple reference sheet of a white dragonborn clad in several layers of leathers, fur and cloth. Her name is Draxle Silverbreath, and she carries and longbow, a quiver, a shortsword, and two daggers.
Illustration of a big blue and red gummy-worm with six bright red wings and an equally bright crown. A bite has been taken out of its head.
Headshot illustration of a tan, brown-haired man with long ears, candy-corn colored horns, blue-and-orange eyes and pronounced fangs. His shirt is a blue polo shirt, and the background is a purple to orange gradient with a pattern of band-aids overlaid in X shapes.
2 months ago

In a dense Sequoia forest where the darkness is broken by only a single solarbeam, a #Caihong curiously inspects a #Kalligrammatid, seeing a face not unlike its own staring back from the strange insect's transparent wings.

Although kalligrammatids superficially look like butterflies, these #Jurassic insects are in fact #Lacewings! This means their wings, which in Kalligramma brachyrhyncha's case seem to have mimicked a maniraptoran face, were transparent!

#paleoart #MyArt #dinosaur #insect

A highly contrasted watercolour depicting a Caihong, a small feathered dinosaur, looking at a Kalligrammatid in a Sequoia tree while other Kalligrammatids fly around. The background is black and the foreground is lit sharply from behind, showing only silhouettes and transparent wings. Caihong is covered in bright blue and green feathers on its neck and head, while dimmer blue feathers dominate on its back and wings. The Kalligrammatid in the tree has large yellow-and grey wings that mimic the head of a maniraptoran dinosaur. They have a sharp dividing line resembling a mouth with teeth along their middle and a bright blue eyespot. A second member of the species is flapping around. Six other Kalligrammatids are flying around too; several of them have eyespots. One of them instead has many smaller white spots amidst a dark area on the edge of its wings. Their wings are transparent and form the brightest parts of the image with their backlighting, only dimming where they are shaded by the insects' bodies or another wing behind them. Although their wings do resemble those of butterflies, they are clearly separate unlike those of butterflies, and the hindwings in particular are swept further backwards. The insects' bodies, although mostly only visible in silhouette, resemble those of other lacewings rather than butterflies.
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Hello! #Introduction

I'm Rita! I'm completely new to Mastodon, hoping to have a good time & enjoy posting here!

About 6 months ago I'd have said I drew mainly furries & cats, but I've expanded into drawing humans, and haven't yet stopped. I make a lot of DC Comics fanart!

My favorite things to play around with in drawing are high-energy poses (when I can swing em!) and a LOT of experimenting with shading, effects, and linework.

#Art #MyArt #MastoArt #Furry #Fanart #Fanartist #DC #HumanArt

A drawing of two anthropomorphic animals dancing. Visible from the back, a red, purple, and tan-yellow fox wearing gray plaid and brown cargo shorts has one arm in the air with the other holding onto their partner's hand. Their partner is visible from the front. The partner is a blue snowleopard with yellow underbelly markings, green spots, and a red mane. The snow leopard also has one hand in the air, and one paw off the ground. Both characters are smiling happily, with the fox grinning. 

There is an arrow pointing to the fox that reads, "It's you!", whereas there is an arrow pointing to the snow leopard that reads, "It's me!". This is referencing the song, "You! Me! Dancing!" by Los Campesinos.
A drawing of two Detective Comics characters. Kon is putting Bart's hair into a ponytail. He's holding a hairtie in his mouth while he manages the hair, with a content expression on his face. He is wearing a black, graphic band tee-shirt that reads, "Man / Thing", and black pants with gold chains looping from the belt. 

Bart is leaning back into Kon's legs, sitting on the ground where Kon is elevated on a vague platform. Bart has a happy grin on his face, wearing blue circular glasses, a green shirt, and denim jeans.
3 months ago

On the edge of a #Miocene grassland in South America,a group of #Thoatherium is ambushed by #Phorusrhacos.They scatter,but the #terrorbird catches one,lifting it high up into the air,and SLAMS it down on the ground to kill it.Other nearby animals have mixed feelings about this situation. Tupinambis flees for its life,while Dryornis flies closer just in case.Hapalops and Astrapotherium are unbothered and have business of their own to take care of.

#Neogene #paleoart #MyArt #autumn

A watercolour painting depicting a Phorusrhacos terror bird killing a thoatherium - a small South American ungulate - by slamming it against the ground. The scene is set at the edge between a grassland and forest during autumn - browns, reds, and oranges dominate. The terror bird, depicted with mostly brown feathers, a black stripe down its back, and a striking black-and-white tail, has the Thoatherium's rear legs clasped in its large orange beak. It is slamming the much smaller Thoatherium down on the ground back first. A little blood is visible. The Thoatherium is depicted as a small brown ungulate and has an expression of pain and fear as its limbs dangle helplessly as it is smacked down. Three other Thoatheres are visible running away from the scene. In the foreground, a Tupinambis lizard skitters away on its rock. In the background, there is the edge of a forest, where two Hapalops, large ground sloths, browse the trees. Further back is a pond of water where several Astrapotheres - hippo-like semi-aquatic ungulates with short trunks - hang out. Beyond them, distant mountains blend into the sky. Several birds are visible in the sky, one of which is fairly close - a Dryornis new world vulture, depicted with large brown wings, a white collar, and deep red beak.
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A succubus wielding a kusarigama stands back to back with a cyborg woman holding a silenced sub machine gun.
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Moon. 🌙

This is my new painting. I hope that you like it! Every support for my work is very appreciated.

#art #painting #illustration #fantasyart #digitalart #landscapeart #arttoots #artistsonmasto #myart #nightsky #moon #aglyra #landscapepainting

Digital painting of a landscape with mountains water and the nightsky. There are orange blue clouds and a big moon. The centered moon is surrounded with lines and stars. There are also little bright and shining stars in the water and on the path of the mountains.
The Zigster
5 months ago

My first merperson of the month~
Not sure if I'll do more since I'm trying to take it easy this month.

#mermay #mermay2023 #mastoArt #myArt #art #DigitalArt

A colourfully tailed merperson swimming upwards. The background is white and their skin and hair is monochrome to contrast the colourful tail.
6 months ago

An unfortunate biological scheduling conflict occurs on the coast of a #Silurian lagoon when #Pseudoniscus #horseshoecrabs and #Eurypterus sea scorpions come to the same beach to mate and spawn. Although they are relatives who share both this behaviour and eyes which lack acuity, but have perfect night vision, the sea scorpions have no qualms about using this accidental meeting to snack on their smaller cousins.

#eurypterid #paleoart #MyArt #watercolour #Cooksonia

A watercolour showing a calm beach at night. Pseudoniscus horseshoe crabs are crowded around one another and mating in the shallows in the foreground, partially underwater and partially about it. They looks similar to modern horseshoe crabs, but the segments on the rear half of their body are not fused into an extension of the carapace. Two of them have been flipped onto their backs and are struggling to right themselves.
Farther in the background, the much larger sea scorpions are doing similar things. They resemble scorpions, but with the tail held flat and large swimming paddles instead of claws. One of them has noticed the horseshoe crabs and is chasing one.
There are shells on the moonlit beach and small dunes with Cooksonia plants past them. They are primitive plants whose stalks split in two several times and end in a cup-shaped sporangium. There are stars in the sky and reflections of moonlight on the water and the animals, though the Moon itself is not seen.
7 months ago

A #Psittacosaurus wants to get to a tree claimed by some #Sinosauropteryx , but they’re having none of it. Meanwhile, #Yutyrannus takes s much-needed bath, some #Elanodactylus fly by, a pack of #Euhelopus graze, and some #Callobatrachus hang out in their pond.

#paleoart #dinosaur #cretaceous #Yixianformation #MyArt

8 months ago

An #Endoceras #orthocone descends upon an unsuspecting #Pseudogygites #trilobite . While they are often reconstructed swimming sideways, recent studies have shown orthocones actually swam upright in the water column, so I drew them more like a claw game, grabbing prey from the sea floor. This specific trilobite species has in fact been found with an orthocone having taken a bite out of it!

#MyArt #Paleoart #ordovician #watercolour

8 months ago

Do you like naughty naps?

"The little Faun loved falling asleep on the shoulder of his tender demon."

#MyArt #OC #NSFWart #NSFW #Faun #LittleFaun #MastoArt

Drawing of a little Faun resting on the shoulder of a tender demon.
The Zigster
9 months ago

Hi everyone!

Don't know if I'm quite ready to be active on social media yet but got the impulse to post a painting I did late last year of Hangman from Top Gun Maverick.

Hope you're all having a good start to 2023!
#TopGun #TopGunMaverick #MyArt #MastoArt #Hangman #DigitalArt #Portrait #Painting

Portrait depicting Hangman from Top Gun: Maverick. He has a mischievous smirk on his face and is facing right at a 3/4 angle. The colour scheme is very earthy and backlit by a cool light.
9 months ago

Two #Mazothairos chase off a passing #Meganeura in a late Carboniferous swamp, startling a little #Archaeothyris. A #Sclerocephalus crawls ashore a little ways away, not realising there's a hidden #Arthropleura right there.

I've never really drawn paleoart set in the Carboniferous before, so I thought I'd start with the very basic 'giant bugs flying around in a swamp' trope.

#paleoart #carboniferous #insect #synapsid #temnospondyl #millipede #MyArt

9 months ago

Remixing time! This track used to be called "Waiting", it was supposed to turn that every day anxiety into #music and make it sound not as terrible as it actually feels >_> Actually, come to think of it, I sure have enough _material_ for an album.

#ardour #myart #piano #electronic #experimental

experimental piano music with lightly syncopated electronic beats and a dark synth background
Punkt 🏳️‍⚧️
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May I introduce: Jelun Erlenrast (translates to Alderrest). Dwarven Twilight Cleric of a deity also simply called The Twilight - a deity of multi-facetedness and constant change. He's known for such wisdoms as "lying is cool" and "stealing is okay but ONLY if it's books" (there might have been some misunderstandings).

His party are the current carriers of a Ring of Fate(tm) and might just have to fight some Big Darkness at some point.

Voted "most likely to have a tragic backstory".


full-body character art.
A white dwarf with dark grey and blue robes. He has a shoulder guard, leather torso armor, a big sash around his hips. The only skin showing are his ears. He's wearing a veil with a dark brown to lighter red gradient and a gold hem that's affixed to a silver headband.
His hair is breast-length and a medium brown. Parts of it are put into a bun.
A digital artpiece that shows a white man from head to shoulders. 
He has long, brown hair that is partially tied back, partially blowing to the right. Most of his face is hidden behind a veil that is also blowing to the right. Only his mouth and some of his neck is visible. The veil has a color gradient from dark brown or black at the to to a deep red at the bottom as well as a golden trim at the bottom.
The veil is attached to a silver-ish headband that also has a black and a light blue gemstome affixed in the middle.
He is also wearing a dark blue, pointy shoulderpiece with a big, light blue gem in the middle as well as a lighter blue shirt underneath.
He is surrounded by purple mist or haze.
Digital artwork showing a white dwarven man from head to hip. He has his right hand stretched out towards the viewer and seems to be casting a spell made up out of muted, dark purple energy. 
He has brown, long hair. The upper part is put up into a bun, the lower part is floating around gently but unnaturally. He is wearing a dark veil that covers his face and is affixed to a golden headpiece that looks somewhat like a tiara. He is wearing dark clothes and a big dark blue belt made from cloth. His left hand is gloved, hanging down and holding another glove - that of the right hand, which is gloveless.
The background consists of a few big purple watercolor-like brushstrokes.
Punkt 🏳️‍⚧️
9 months ago

May I introduce: Silsasym.

Sylph Portal Seeker Investigator down on their luck. Nonbinary, polyam and pan. Very loud and talkative and quick to make assumptions. Might have some hidden depths here or there?

Their party joined a thieves guild on accident and was only accused of crimes they did not commit twice so far. Currently, the group is trying to save a city from destruction but literally everyone is working against them ... rude.

ALSO their hair is CLOUDS!! ☁️

#pathfinder #ttrpg #myart

a digital drawing of my pathfinder character Silsasym. They have pale blue skin, slightly pointy ears and light blue, cloud-like hair. They are wearing a big scarf, a crop top with another top underneath, a necklace in the shape of an upside-down crescent moon, a knee-length cape, a belt, a leather harness kind of thing from waist to knees, knee-length boots, fingerless gloves and lower arm guards. The outfit is in dark greys, some with a blue hue. They've got one hand raised and are holding three marbles in it. They also have two ear studs on each ear.
a digital artwork. It shows a figure with light blue skin and blue, cloud-like wavy hair. They are wearing a mint green tshirt. Their hands are flapping up and down and they have an excited expression on their face. They are surrounded by speech bubbles of varying sizes showing different small drawings. The biggest three are of people - a lady with green hair and horns, a lady with grey skin, purple hair and yellow eyes, and a wooden person. The smaller ones include: two vague figures, a mystery portion, a puppet play, a lokking glass, a book and other, less recognizable things.
A digital artwork. It depicts Silsasym, a sylph with light blue skin, pointy ears and blue cloud-like hair sitting at a desk. They are resting their head on the right arm and writing with the left, using a white feater or quill. They look contemplative. There are three pieces of paper scattered on the desk, they're writing on the topmost of them. To the right of them, there's a cup of possibly tea, and to their left is a candle in a candle holder. Behind them, there's a window, showing the night.