14 hours ago

How to copy a MySQL instance ?
To copy a MySQL server to another server or to the cloud, there are several ways.

We can distinguish between two different types of copy:

physical copy

logical copy

The physical copy is often the fastest. However, it requires some tools to ensure that you have a consistent online backup. For example, you can use MySQL Enterpris
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PAI: Benjamin T.
17 hours ago

#til "set profiling = 1;" in mysql enables really accurate time tracking for sql-queris...
`set profiling=1;`
`select 1 from foo;`
`show profiles;`

be amazed!

`set profiling=0;` turns it off again.

#sipsiphooray #mysql

Zach Nocturnal Artist
2 days ago

Inktober 2022 Prompt Day 18: scrape. Scraping data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a MySQL/MariaDB database
#MySQL #MariaDB #Microsoft #Excel #inktober #inktober2022 #Sketchbook #computer #programming #computing

derwaro :tux: :python:
2 days ago

some notes of mine, on upgrading/transitioning alembic to an async set-up and what I'm especially proud of, on how to differentiate the environment for alembic in a, in my opinion, most easy and concise way:

Would love to read some opinions/comments!

#blogging #blogpost #alembic #sqlalchemy #python #notes #async #sqlite #mysql

Doctor Popular
2 days ago

MySQL version 5.7 will reach end-of-life status on October 31, 2023. 75% of #WordPress sites are currently using 5.7 or an earlier version. On this episode of Press This, I talked with Carmen Johnson about what site owners need to know about upgrading to #MySQL 8, and how you can help spread the word.

cory hughart
2 days ago

Laravel's relationship count and sum methods are great, but don't use them for orderby statements.

The performance will drastically decrease with more rows and higher load.

Instead, consider adding a "cached" value column on the table and increment/decrement/recalculate based on certain events or criteria.

#Laravel #MySQL

3 days ago
iX Magazin
3 days ago

Oracle-Datenbank 23c ist da: SQL-Abfragen in natürlicher Sprache

KI auch für Oracles neue Datenbank 23c: Mit den Features sollen Entwickler produktiver werden und Sachbearbeiter ihre Datenberge selbst auswerten können.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #Softwareentwicklung #MachineLearning #MySQL #Oracle #news

4 days ago
Todd Alström
4 days ago

It only took me ~6,691 days to finally code a sitemaps system for BeerAdvocate.

#coding #webdev #xml #php #mysql

4 days ago

Cut & Paste a User Creation Statement with MySQL 8
Sometimes it's convenient to retrieve the user creation statement and to copy it to another server.

However, with the new authentication method used as default since MySQL 8.0, caching_sha2_password, this can become a nightmare as the output is binary and some bytes can be hidden or decoded differently de
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Enalys 🐉
5 days ago

On my old personal website talking about StarCraft, I can actually attribute only one author to a map or campaign (one to many SQL relation).
I would like to change that so I could attribute them multiple authors (many to many SQL relation).

At the MySQL level, I know I have to create an intermediate table who only have foreign keys to create the relation with two tables.

But I don't really see how to make the update form, or how to add or update the linking table. As a map or campaign can have multiple authors, I think the PHP variable who contain them should be an array?

Same, I guess that for some stuff I will have to use two SQL requests instead of one (example, if I want to list all the campaigns each with all their authors, and each author name being clickable so we can see it description)


1 week ago

Summary of my week:
- 70 servers reinstalled
- All #MySQL 🐬
- Debian 11 :debian:
- Last internal supported kernel
- Using #Terraform

Another coworker did the other half running #PostgreSQL :postgres_logo:
This represents a whole region of our infrastructure. In one week.

Now it's time for a good and well deserved week-end, followed by a chill week 😌

Kevin Woblick
1 week ago

Apparently, #MySQL quickly becomes slower once you reach a dozen of million records and search through them. Even with indexes.
So I looked into #Clickhouse. The same query on the same dataset only takes about 1/10 of the time. Impressive! 😯

Next week @cloudhiker will get a serious speed boost!

1 week ago

Why the hell does #sql not have the obvious "create index if not exists" syntax??? All solutions I find are super RDBMS specific using obscure metadata tables or rely on ignoring "An index with that name already exists" errors. This makes using indexes properly unnecessarily difficult.

#satabase #mysql

Yann Büchau :nixos:
1 week ago

@neil Reminds me of my early days of webdesign in the 2000s when I added a guestbook (which was basically a
direct INSERT INTO query to #MySQL 😅) and found the website to be filled with spam a few days later. So I handcrafted a captcha with rotated and blurred numbers and random lines and the spam stopped immediately. Awesome feeling 😁

Wilda Software
1 week ago

Powszechnie wiadomo, że #PostgreSQL jest zwykle nieco trudniejszy (głównie bardziej restrykcyjny) niż #MySQL. Nie jest to duża różnica, choć istnieje, natomiast na poziomie podstawowym nie ma to dużego znaczenia.

Ale gdy zejdziemy głębiej, to robi się ciekawie... Ten artykuł warto polecić nie tylko ze względu na PSQL, ale także ogólnie na mechanikę działania relacyjnych baz danych, jeśli chcecie odświeżyć wiadomości z uczelni.

Jobs for Developers
1 week ago

I'm so old I remember when #MySQL was a weird little #opensource #database that you couldn't get anyone to let you use.

#webDev #db #tech #foss

1 week ago

Where to find official MySQL container images ?
If you are deploying MySQL on containers, one of the first tasks is to find the right image.

There's a certain amount of confusion, especially when we're trying to help someone who's having problems with their deployment.

For example, when people say I'm using the official docker image... what does that really mean?

#80 #81 #containers #MySQL #MySQL80

1 week ago
Zergy :verified: :redpanda:
1 week ago

Dites-moi, sur mon site sur StarCraft, actuellement, je ne peux attribuer qu'un seul auteur à une carte ou campagne, j'aimerais modifier cela afin de pouvoir leurs attribuer plusieurs auteurs. Au niveau de MySQL, je sais que je dois créer une table intermédiaire composée uniquement de clefs étrangères pour faire la liaison entre les deux tables (par exemple entre les tables des auteurs et des campagnes).

Par contre, je ne vois pas trop comment faire le formulaire ni comment ajouter ou mettre à jour les données de la table de liaison.
Comme il peut y avoir plusieurs auteurs pour une carte ou campagne, je pense que la variable PHP contenant les auteurs serait un tableau PHP ?

Bon, vous allez me dire, je m'embête sans doute pour rien. 😝


Open Source JobHub
1 week ago

A leading provider of #OpenSource database solutions in on-premises and cloud environments, Percona is hiring! Browse 100+ jobs now on #OSJobHub #jobs #career #Percona #SoftwareDeveloper #database #security #sales #PostgreSQL #MongoDB #MySQL #marketing #engineer

Percona logo
1 week ago

OMG, I have been hunting down a #php #mysql bug for hours.
apparently mysqli calling $stmt->close() twice opens a new connection?!?

starwars meme, Obiwan cries out "Your were supposed to destroy the connections! NOT JOIN THEM!"
2 weeks ago

Sometimes even SQL reveals itself as a powerful magic wand. When you think you need to conjure a small script to recover a specific field from all the records in a table from the abyss of your backup, you're amazed because... it's just SQL! 💫 #mysql #sql #micropost

A SQL clause where the `updated_at` field is being restored from backup.
2 weeks ago

What is the recommended max number of database queries per HTTP request, assuming fully optimized queries and correctly indexed database columns? #PHP #Mezzio #Laminas #PDO #PostgreSQL #MySQL

Jobs for Developers
2 weeks ago

Smart Pension Ltd is hiring Senior Ruby Engineer

🔧 #ruby #mysql #postgresql #tdd #seniorengineer
🌎 Remote; United Kingdom
⏰ Full-time
🏢 Smart Pension Ltd

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

2 weeks ago

ちょっと前に頑張って書いた記事なので宣伝しても許されるだろう。 #MySQL #Perl #Mojolicious

Josef Garvi
2 weeks ago

@Marv @nomisiv What database file format are you using? I suspect Syncthing won't do it for #mysql or #mariadb.

2 weeks ago

mysql-common : Conflicts: mysql-server-8.0 but 8.0.34-0ubuntu0.22.04.1 is to be installed #server #mysql

2 weeks ago

SQL table creation: Learn how to do it right and start building powerful databases that meet your needs. #sql

Talon Windstryke
2 weeks ago

A dev friend has been running database backups since 2018 using automysqlbackup, and everything's been great... Until we actually needed to restore a backup today.
In a huge "Oops", the config was looking for "DBName" instead of "dbname". And nobody had thought to check the file size for those backups... We've got 5 years' worth of 1-byte, empty db backups.
#devops #mysql

2 weeks ago

discrepancy in Mysql installed version and version shown in package cache in ubuntu 14 #1404 #apt #upgrade #mysql #aws

Coding with Jesse
2 weeks ago

"mysql: Deprecated program name. It will be removed in a future release, use '/usr/bin/mariadb' instead"

Seriously? mariadb expects us to call it mariadb?


Thomas Wuerthinger
2 weeks ago

From the #Oracle #CloudWorld catalog 👀🐬🏆!

#GraalVM #MySQL

Love Sequel Pro for mac? Check out Sequal Ace (foss project):

#mysql #mariadb #sequelpro #sequelace #foss #github #macos

Linux TLDR
3 weeks ago
Daniel 👨‍💻
3 weeks ago

I feel stupid for discovering window functions from #mysql only today 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
#dev #programmer

Matt Stenson
3 weeks ago

RDS now supports blue/green deployments. This should make upgrading servers from mysql 5.7 to 8.0 much easier.

#aws #mysql #rds

3 weeks ago

Oh the joys of having to query a large table without indices:

Query currently running for 1k seconds - I wonder how long it'll take ...


Tib3rius :antiverified:
1 month ago

Couldn't resist making a better example of this MySQL/MariaDB weirdness.

#Cybersecurity #InfoSec #BugBounty #Hacking #AppSec #MySQL

Stéphane Pouyllau
1 month ago

J'essaye de trouver différents points de vues sur les difficultés pour les équipes de recherche de la maintenance de sites Web sous CMS (#WordPress, #Drupal, #Joomla, etc.) et donc sous #MySQL, #PHP, etc. #QuestionDeNiche

Florian Haas
1 month ago

Hmmm. In the documentation for its latest release, #Django's reference doc says that its ORM layer supports #MariaDB 10.4 and up. It also says it supports MySQL 8.0 and up.

MariaDB 10.4 and #MySQL 8.0 are not guaranteed to be compatible; MariaDB 10.4 and MySQL 5.7 are. Later MariaDB releases make no compatibility guarantees with MySQL.

However, there isn't a separate Django backend for MariaDB; just a "shared" one for MySQL.

This doesn't compute. What am I missing?

1 month ago

This is a pretty cool and detailed article on clearing up space in a #PostgreSQL DB:

Anyone know a similar article about #MySQL ?

Lenz Grimmer
1 month ago

This looks like a lovely successor to innotop: Dolphie - an intuitive feature-rich terminal tool for monitoring #MySQL in real-time

#python #opensource #databases #monitoring #cli #terminal

1 month ago

Been busy working on this NGINX web server. It's running great so far, much much better than Apache. So glad to be getting rid of racist jerks Apache Software Foundation products.

#ChangeTheName #Apache

Used Apache since sometime in the 2nd half of the 1990's. I had to compile it myself...

#LEMP #Ubuntu #NGINX #MySQL #PHP #Webserver #Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #LandBack #InstanceBack #TurtleIsland #TurtleIslandSocial #TurtleIslandArt #TurtleIslandBlog

cory hughart
1 month ago

Solved a very strange issue with #PHP + #MySQL on shared hosting last night, where I kept getting an out-of-range exception trying to set a number higher than the 32bit signed int range to an unsigned 64bit "BIGINT" column. Turns out there's a special PHP module "nd_pdo_mysql" in CPanel that I needed to turn on and turn "pdo_mysql" off. 🤷‍♂️

Tried it on a whim, couldn't find any search results talking about this particular problem.


Jon Ippolito
1 month ago

A few seats are still open in this fall's online #DigitalCuration course on #PHP and #MySQL, which power 75% of the web including WordPress, Facebook, and Wikipedia. The instructor, Craig Dietrich, gets high reviews for making these web technologies easy to understand. Contact me if you're interested or learn more at

#Archives #Collections #DigitalCuration #GLAM #Libraries #WebDev

Word cloud for this course
Jobs for Developers
1 month ago

DoorDash is hiring System Engineer Lead

🔧 #csharp #python #dotnet #dotnetcore #html #kafka #mysql #sql #techlead
🌎 Atlanta, United States; Austin, United States; New York City, United States; Phoenix, United States; San Francisco, United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $215k (Estimate)
🏢 DoorDash

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Schrank :shopware:
1 month ago

You are still running #Magento 1? Mysql 5.7 is out of support soon and we are happy to help! Blog post available in English!

MySQL 8 Patch für Magento 1: #MySQL 5.7 End of Life! Zeit für ein Upgrade auf MySQL 8.0 🚀 Oracle beendet den Support am 31.10.23. Ohne Updates wird's riskant. Jetzt Mage One Patches für #Magento1 Stabilität installieren. 💪 #MageOne #Sicherheit #upgrade

A simple #MySQL tip:

Instead of typing `exit` or `quit` to leave MySQL, you can type `\q`

If setting a custom pager in MySQL, `pager less` for instance, you can reset the pager to the default with `\n` or `nopager`

Jenn Junod
1 month ago

Want to level up your database knowledge?

Watch the stream from earlier this week with @_heyglassy as we discuss #queries in #MySQL and #Postgres. Learn a bit about #JSON vs #SQL and tools for visualization. #databaseknowledge #TechJennTech

This also gives us a sneak peak to Seltzer 🤩

Mathieu Poussin
1 month ago

Am I the only one to really prefer #sqlserver #mssql compared to #postgresql and #mysql ? 😆

I love the features, quality of the tooling and backup management.

Just a shame than this one is not open source, and still waiting for ARM support (until that there is Azure SQL edge that is kind of equivalent).

And you what is your favorite and why ?

#developer #sre #devops #dba #database #dotnet #python

Dave Pearson
1 month ago

I don’t really do anything with database servers myself — at least not with running and maintaining them, not if I can help it — but this project, newly-migrated to #Textual, looks pretty neat and also *looks* pretty:

#Python #MySQL #Terminal

It's hard to be sure exactly what is happening, but I'm certainly getting the vibe that I need to be looking for work again.

Anyone looking for a coder with way too much #PHP (#PHP8) and #MySQL experience, and now current on #Laravel...? #getFediHired :boost_ok:​

1 month ago

📢 Oracle announced a change in the versioning model for #MySQL, introducing the MySQL Innovation and Long-Term Supported releases.

Say hello to MySQL 8.1.0, the first innovation, offering enhancements like InnoDB cluster read replicas.

More insights on #InfoQ:

#AI #ML #SQL #Database

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

I hope this is the last time I post about and it's #Docker containers.

After another catastrophic failure this morning, did some more digging.

This time, instead of focusing on #MySQL database container, I looked at the #Wordpress #Apache container.

Turns out, I may have been slowly DDoS'ing myself by using a long forgotten #Grafana instance.

Hopefully, this should be the end of it.

@bildungsluecken Also sofern mensch kein #MySQL-#Web - #Frontend bauen will würd' ich erstmal zu ner #Tabelle in @CollaboraOffice & @nextcloud raten.

Das ist simpel zu benutzen, erlaubt einfaches teilen und #CollaboraOffice, #LibreOffice @libreoffice & #Nextcloud sind #DSGVO- & #BDSG-konform nutzbar!

Das sollte die #SchulIT oder welcher #Dienstleister auch immer das macht locker binnen 2 Werktagen online kriegen...

LaPingvino 🟙 :ir:
2 months ago

Through a look into the things people were saying about the upcoming Go 1.21 release I discovered #doltdb and #dolthub today. I have been looking for ages for something like that:

A #mysql compatible database system that works like #git for data, and a #github like environment for #datasets, free for public datasets.

For people here struggling with #healthcare in the #USA: one of the projects they are working out there is a dataset of pricing per hospital and data-based work to push for more and better policy reform around this. I think we can do MUCH better if we have good #data, and now we have a platform to share and work together about data, so let's use it!

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

I stand corrected.

Apparently, my #MySQL data was stored persistently.

Now I'm trying to figure out why that data keeps messing up and how to resolve it.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

Did a temp fix and am creating a snapshot.

I'll then export the #MySQL database and destroy the container.

Then I'll create a new one that saves the data outside of the container in the event this happens again.

Side note: The data directory I was looking for last night is totally saved outside the container /var/lib/docker

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

I also wonder if there is any issue with a plugin that's fucking with #MySQL.

It's ramping the CPU up to 100% and I think that's what's causing the crashing and corruption.

I wonder if I give it more CPU and RAM in DigitalOcean, could I dig into what's causing the issue and fix it without destroying the containers.

Stéphane Pouyllau
2 months ago

#Outil #Tool “Heurist - Create your first database on this Heurist server” #MySQL #DB

Doc. :
2 months ago

Starting every moment ... if you have experience with #Databases, #MariaDB / #MySQL specifically, please consider to join us :)

2 months ago

I didn't know you can have spaces in #mysql table names until I inherited a database with a table called "TABLE 63"

Wes Mason
2 months ago

In this year of our glorp 2023 I find myself once again skipping GTIDs. #sre #mysql #sql #dba

2 months ago

There should be a separate certification for dealing with ports #webdev #php #mysql

Scott Williams 🐧
2 months ago

Sometimes #postgresql feels like the #emacs of #databases. It has so many crazy features and yet I've never had comfortable muscle memory in it, so it always takes me longer to do about anything vs some flavor of #mysql (or #vim, depending on which tract you followed to get here).

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

This is your occasional reminder that #Oracle is where open platforms go to die:

#Java #Linux #MySQL #Solaris

3 months ago

There's a 🐦‍⬛ crow mascot for 💎 @CrystalLanguage now:

What do you think about it?

I have to admit that I expected something cute for #crystallang. Like #Go's Gopher, #Dart's Dash, the #DotNet Bot, the elePHPant, #Rust's Ferris, #MySQL's Sakila or #Linux' Tux.

Does the crow have a name yet @beta?

A black crow in the style of the Crystal logo
Multiverse Mike
3 months ago

#coders are a curious bunch...

Most love to #code and have great theoretical ideas, but never even attempt to follow through..

Many site concerns over #scaling and it paralyzes them which is funny...

Most coders never create a project for more than a handful of simultaneous usets yet are worried about "what if my #hobby projects grows worldwide?"

Sure if it's the next boom, but I've run sites w/1m+ hits daily fine off a 8gb #MySql DB and a small front end

More #POC's please; these "theory"

Lorraine Lee
3 months ago
Between #MySQL and #MariaDB, does one have more appetite for #RAM than the other?

No sé quién necesite leer esto, pero parece ser que si tienes problemas corriendo mysqldump instalado en tu máquina para respaldar una base de datos #mysql en un contenedor con una tabla muy grande entonces deberías intentar correr mysqldump dentro del contenedor 🤷🏽‍♂️ y quizá con eso jala

Hacía ya mucho tiempo que no tenía que lidiar con #mysql. Hoy es una base de datos en un contenedor con una tabla que falla (parace que solo una).

Es bien curioso porque como comencé con #php pues todo lo hacía con #mysql. Luego aprendí a usar #postgres por la cuestión geográfica (#postgis) y nunca lo dejé.

4 months ago

@ian Take a look at #MySQL 8.0.30, now has GIPK - Generated Invisible Primary Key. Once more, @lefred wrote a good post about it. The article goes through all the pitfalls of using the wrong datatype for UUIDs:

ADDING to your Hot Take: don't use VARCHAR/TEXT/BLOB to store UUID, EVER. If this is done, it will inevitably lead to the database equivalent of "it works on my machine":

"The database is the bottleneck"

Alex 🍜
4 months ago

Guten Morgen #fediverse
Wir sind das größte regionale Städte-Wiki und momentan auf der Suche nach einem erfahrenen Mediawiki #devops Admin der uns helfen kann unser Setup bei Hetzner auf stabilere Beine zu stellen 🧑‍💻

Wir brauchen immer mal wieder Hilfe z.B. bei einem Update #php #mysql #mediawiki und sind an einer langfristigen Zusammenarbeit gegen Bezahlung interessiert. Am besten als selbständiger Freelancer oder auch als externer Dienstleister. Bitte teilen!

Joe Brockmeier
4 months ago

Had a chance to write up a little reflection on the 20th anniversary of WordPress, and its impact on open source + MySQL adoption.

WordPress has, IMO, done a lot towards advocating open source and helping it become mainstream. A lot of peeps who'd never have touched Linux or run or otherwise known about open source were introduced to open source early on thanks to WordPress.

#WordPress #MySQL #opensource

Phil Tanner
4 months ago

@katalyst hmm.

I'd probably look to find a tutorial for building a #WordPress plugin.

Depending on the tutorial, you might get a mix of #PHP, #MySQL, JS, #HTML, OO concepts and also get some experience in a big CMS?

I'm not sure if the latter would be a help or a hindrance tho, to be brutally honest.

Anders Borch
4 months ago

Last time I did cross platform mobile dev I was using jdk 11. Today I just installed jdk 17 to get the latest toolchain up an running.

Currently I am:

- relearning c++ after 20 years
- relearning react native after (?) years
- learning rust
- security reviewing some php code
- security reviewing a mysql setup

I hope it pays off in the end.

#ReactNative #Cpp #Rust #Java #Android #iOS #Swift #PHP #MySQL #SecOps

That may seem like tag spam but I have actually been doing all of that in one week.

At least I get to sit outside while working.

My laptop running an Android simulator and an iOS emulator at the same time, while my dog is enjoying the sunshine in the background.
Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

This openness leads to "#generativity," the ability of follow-on creators and inventors to make new things based on existing things.

Generativity is the heart of the early explosive growth of the internet. From "#ViewSource" teaching millions of us to make the web to the #LAMP stack (#Linux, #Apache, #Mysql and #python/#perl) forming the substrate for billions of projects, the generative internet was - and is - the creative internet.


Alex Standiford
4 months ago

So yesterday, I was casually working on my WordPress central hub for my content throughout my site. I was tinkering with the settings, and while on the general settings page, I happened to click "save".

And that's when all hell broke loose.

#Devops #Mysql #WarStories #WordPress

Terence Eden
5 months ago

🆕 blog! “Doctrine - difference between bindValue() and setParameter() on prepared statements”

This pissed me off and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. So I'm blogging about my ignorance. Imagine you're using Symfony and Doctrine to access a database. You are using prepared statements to prevent any SQL injection pr…

👀 Read more:

#database #mysql #php #Symfony

Doctrine project logo.
Patrick Masson
6 months ago

...and the #OpenSource skills for those ^^ (and other) #EdTech, #HigherEd, #jobs?

#Python, 2,118
#Linux, 1,029
#Wordpress, 430
#PHP, 410
#Moodle, 372
#MySQL, 278
#Drupal, 261
#GitHub, 215
#Apache, 129
#Kubernetes, 79
#Sakai, 51