Bogi Takács
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The latest free reviews on Bogi Reads the World: a fantasy graphic novel that was a pleasant surprise, a small volume of queer prose poetry, and a vintage YA science fiction book!

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Alexander Corby
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#WritingWonders 6/4: MC POV: Last time you travelled?

Bran: Ha! Well, Bless me! I shouldn't have much reason to leave the Isle of the mighty, but for this awkward situation in Erinne. So off I went with the brave men of Britain across the sea. Well, I might do more sailing myself if I could find a big enough boat! Ha!! Lucky for me, the waters between here and Erin isn't all that deep, a mere 60 fathoms. A little chilly maybe, but an easy walk for one of my stature! HAHAHA!!


7 hours ago

I listened to 2 episodes of the #feminist #sff #podcast "Breaking the glass slipper" today and both books sounded so exciting!

"The surviving sky" by Kritika H. Rao is a science #fantasy inspired by Hindu #mythology where humanity lives in plant-based cities high up that are sculpted by magical architects. The protags who have to save the world are a married couple with an interesting dynamic, and apparently the wife is full of rage 👀


`Each of us was thought to have a kind of detachable aura, like a shell, around us. It looked exactly like us and could wander like a ghost in places distant from our bodies. Encountering one’s #fetch had various meanings: If you met yourself in the morning, it meant good luck was coming; but if you ran into your exact image in the evening or near a graveyard, death was on the way. Those with second sight could see the fetches of other people as well as their own. The fetch was apparently distinct from the co-walker, which could be a fairy or ghost rather than an aura.`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

`In #Ireland the eel was a plentiful source of food during its annual spring migration. Said to grow out of horsehairs left too long in the water, eels were believed to have the ability to reincarnate themselves. They were sometimes said to travel across land to graveyards, where they slithered underground and ate the corpses. In Co. Clare, near Lisvannor, a monster eel called an Ollipheist or eascú crawled up from the water to sneak into graveyards and feast. It was pursued across the country by the outraged residents and finally killed near the cairn called Conn Connachtach in Kilshanny, some miles distant from the sea.
Eels appear in myth as well as folklore: The fearsome goddess ‘Mórrígan appeared as an eel to the hero #CúChulainn, perhaps in her role as a foreteller of doom. The monstrous Caoranach fought with saints and heroes from the depths of Lough Derg (“dark red lake,” called so after her blood shed copiously at her death).`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

10 hours ago

#folklore #mythology @folklore

Hey guys! A HUGE folklore library, online and free. Happy Pride Month

“Just as every #fairy mound had its queen, so also did it have a fool, the #Amadán, who served the queen loyally, even blindly, unaware of the difficulties he caused. It was the Amadán who could cause a stroke by the mere touch of his hand over human flesh. While some describe the Amadán as malicious—and certainly his behavior caused difficulties for his victims—he is more often depicted as too dim-witted to understand the (sometimes dire) consequences he wrought.
The fool also appears in oral folklore and in written texts as a hapless human simpleton, as in the story of “Shawn an Omadawn,” recorded by several early collectors, wherein a somewhat stupid boy winds up outwitting his more intelligent siblings or companions. In a tale from the Fenioan Cycle called the Adventure of the Great Amadán (Eachtra an Amadáin Mhóir), the fool was really the son of a king, dispossessed of his lands by invasion. Hiding in the wildwood, he grew into a hairy giant who, despite his unattractive features, married into the usurping family, only to kill his in-laws in retribution for their crimes. After many adventures and battles, the Amadán was restored to his own family and went forth to battle other giants.”
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
13 hours ago

Jesus Fables | #Jesus #Myth-Telling with #Bible Scholar Richard C. Miller

Groundbreaking book: "#Resurrection and Reception in Early #Christianity." With a flair for #intellectual acrobatics, he fearlessly navigates the treacherous waters of comparative #mythology, unmasking the awe-inspiring parallels between the resurrection narratives of Jesus and the enchanting translation #fables of #Greek and #Roman #lore.
#SUNDAYSCHOOL #christian #religion

Otro de la serie "chica con cosas en la cabeza" #Rol #Krita #Mar_cuayada #Ttrpg #Asturias #Mitologia #mythology

Sal Randolph
1 day ago

I wrote about Pandora’s box and the silence of the art object.

#Art #Myth #Mythology #ArtWriting #AmWriting

Alexander Corby
2 days ago

#WritingWonders 6/3: Art share!

I'm pretty sure I've shared this before, but the first image here is a map I made of Cantre're Gwaelod, the sunken city, from Book 1. The second is the cover for book 1.

The third image is where I'm at with character design for book 2. All characters here have been drawn to scale (actually I think Bran might be a little bigger but the paper was only so large.) As should be obvious, I'm not an accomplished illustrator 😅


A computer rendered map of Cantre'r Gwaelod, a kingdom with several criss crossing causeways, a castle in the center of a gated bay with various towers and spires. A sea gate and wall stops Caridgan bay from flooding the kingdom
The cover to my first book. A small boy in medieval clothes stares up at a menacing king who we only see form the back. The cover is filled with red and gold coloring and reads Taliesin, Chief of Bards
A superb drawing of the characters of book 2. Bran the blessed is standing center and looks to be about forty feet tall. Small stick figures surround his feet and include Matholwch, King of Ireland, Taliesin, Chief of Bards, Efnysien who is quick to stab things, and Branwen, wife of Matholwch and sister to Bran and Efnysien. She has a small bird perched on her hand.
Alexander Corby
2 days ago

#WritingWonders 6/2: Any fictional locations inspired by real-life.

Book 2 of Taliesin is mythological fiction. So most of the places are real historical locations. Cantre'r Gwaelod is a mythic kingdom built on Cardigan Bay.

Book 1 was set in Wales. A lot of Book 2 will be set in Ireland so I'm neck deep in research. I know the characters cross the River "Lidon" according to my source text but I'm trying to figure out if that's the same as the Shannon or not.


Erotic Mythology
2 days ago

It's the #DayOfDionysos here at Erotic Mythology! 🍇

"If he [#Ampelos] joined with a yearsmate hunter to follow chase, Dionysos jealous held him back, lest another be struck like himself with a heartbewitching shaft, and now enslaved by love should seduce the fickle boy's fancy."
Nonnons, Dionysiaka 10.230

🎨 #Dionysos, supported by the satyr #Ampelus. Gaeco-Roman bronze, 1st century BCE-CE, today in the Royal-Athena Galleries, New York

#mythology #GreekRomanArt @antiquidons @mythology

Bronze statuette group of Dionysos being supported bcxy the satyr Ampelos. The youthful god of wine, having over-imbibed, holds an upturned rhyton (wine cup) in his right hand. He wears only a chlamys and high laced travelling boots and wreath about his head. Ameplos is dressed in a simple chiton and holds the god whose left arm is resting on his shoulders.
2 days ago

Long, sunny, beautiful days like this always remind me of these lines from Milton:

“from Morn
To Noon he fell, from Noon to dewy Eve,
A Summers day; and with the setting Sun
Dropt from the Zenith like a falling Star”

But so many things remind me of Milton and make me quote him.

The lines here link the devil Mulciber with Hephaestus, who fell on Lemnos thrown by Zeus in the Iliad.

#Milton #Hephaestus #Poetry #mythology

Erotic Mythology
3 days ago

June is the best month to join my #Patreon: not only will there be a story featuring the two-sexed deity #Hermaphroditos, I'm also pausing billing for July, so you get 2 months at the price of one. 🙂
There won't be a new story in July but a catalogue of 87 stories and 36 non-fiction articles should help bridge the gap. I write in about equal parts #mlm, #wlw, and wlm/mlw.

#mythology #LGBTQ @lgbtqbookstodon @mythology @smutstodon

Erotic Mythology
3 days ago

Have a beautiful Day of Aphrodite aka Venus' Day aka Frigg's Day aka Friday 🌹

Mirror case depicting two women bathing before a statue of #Aphrodite on a pillar. The goddess is of the Aphrodite Anadyomene type, Aphrodite rising from the sea, her pose suggesting that she is wringing out her hair.

🏛️ Roman mirror case dated 110–117 CE, today in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

#DayOfAphrodite #GreekMythology #mythology #GreekRomanArt @antiquidons @mythology @histodons

In the center is a large basin on a tapering pedestal. To the left, a nude woman with her hair wrapped in a cloth bends to pick up a water jar (kalpis) at the left. There are low bases or platforms below the kalpis and the basin. At the right, a nude woman with her hair pulled back tightly into a bun on the crown of her head leans on the basin with her left hand and pours oil into the basin from a bottle in her right. Behind her feet is an askos. Behind the basin is a pillar with mouldings above and below. The pillar is topped by a statue of a nude Aphrodite arranging her hair. There is a low base beneath the figures and containers.
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
3 days ago

#CallForPapers: #ImaginaryBeings for a special issue of Imagining the Impossible: International #Journal for the #Fantastic in Contemporary #Media.

Wanted for this issue: original articles on the role of imaginary beings in #classical and #contemporary narratives.

#Fantasy #ScienceFiction #SFF #Mythology #Folklore #SpeculativeFiction #PopularCultureStudies #MediaStudies #Books #Television #Film #Games #Academics

Title (gold and white on black and purple) of journal Imagining the Impossible: International Journal for the Fantastic in Contemporary Media.
Japanned Steve McCarty
3 days ago

A Deep in Japan podcast interview is in production on the life and times of Japan's great saint Kūkai, Esoteric Buddhism from India to East Asia, and Zen Buddhism. Meanwhile, you might like to listen to the Deep in Japan podcast on "Japanese Prehistory and Mythology" (2020) or Japancasting Episode 16, the recorded presentation “Encountering Famous East-West Bridge Persons across the U.S. to Japan” (2022), among the Multimedia links at

#podcast #podcasting #Japan #Asia #Buddhism #religion #religions #mythology #philosophy #history #AsianReligions

3 days ago

Remembered to say “red rabbits day”, first thing this morning. Chuffed as I think I’ve only ever managed this once or twice since learning about it as a kid at school. After telling a colleague, I checked Wikipedia and found out it should be “white rabbit” ffs #mythology

dinet 🕷️🦂🐍
4 days ago

“From an ancient Taíno perspective, the hurakan was an expression of the fury of Guabancex, mistress of violent churnings of wind and rain, and one of the manifestations of Atabey (the consciousness of Mother Earth). Guabancex is chaos incarnate; yet, her power was not seen as merely a destructive force of death, but part of a transformational cycle leading to new life and balance.”


dinet 🕷️🦂🐍
4 days ago

“Hurricane” comes from the Taíno word “Huricán”, the Carib god who represents Guavava & Coatrische, the 2 messengers of Guabancex, the Taíno deity of wind. They controlled tempests and floods, and “accounts … show that offerings were made to her idol to appease [her] wrath, in order to avert tempests [from destroying the crops] rather than to bring rain.” (fr. “An Antillean Statuette, with Notes on West Indian Religious Beliefs”, J. Walter Fewkes)


Alexander Corby
4 days ago

#WritingWonders 6/1 Where's the 1st place you'd go in the #WIP ?

I'm jumping back to the Taliesin series I'm doing. For book 1 I'd head straight to Cantre'r Gwaelod to see if I got it right 😉

I'm just starting book 2, but I'd first want to hop over to Ireland and check out the house Matholwch builds for Bran, the giant. A monumental battle takes place all within the house, so I'm going to need to take notes on some floor plans.


Should Be Writing
4 days ago

Pan removing a thorn from a Satyr’s foot
Marble, 2nd century CE
#TheLouvre 🇫🇷

#kunst #ArtHistory #Arte #ArtMuseum #ArtMatters #MuseumArchive #mythology #AncientRome #Paris

Marble statue about 12 inches tall. A nude male figure sitting on a rock with his left ankle on his right knee. His head is leaning back in pain. Below him is Pan, sitting on the ground and picking the thorn out.
Humanist Engineer
4 days ago
Window sticker of a cross overlaid with the "thin blue line" flag. 
Top text: "When you try to Jesus"
Bottom text: "but you end up Pontius Pilating instead."
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
4 days ago

It's the Day of Zeus / Jupiter's Day / #Thursday! ⚡

#Ganymedes feeding and caressing #Zeus in the shape of an eagle. Zeus will eventually abduct Ganymedes and make him his lover, immortal and forever young.

🏛️ Roman relief, late 1st century BCE, Hermitage Museum

#DayOfZeus #Zeus #Mythology #ancientRome #GreekRomanArt #antiquidons @antiquidons @histodons @mythology

Marble relief of Ganymedes caressing Zeus in the shape of an eagle and giving him something to drink. He can be identified as Trojan by the Phrygian cap on his head.
4 days ago

#mythology #folklore #ghosts #yurei
A reminder from #YureiHouseClothing❤️❤️❤️👻👻👻🩲🩲🩲
In pre-monotheist cultures they maintained a rigorous practice of offerings to the ancestors and the dead in general. Sadly, many of those practices have been forgotten and ghosts don't die! But they DO get hungry! Be a good folklore/mythology fan and offer something to your local dead today. You can support your local dead with many kinds of offerings. The dead shouldn't have to un-live in poverty!

`In #Irish #mythology, many characters had particular animals they were associated with. Ulster’s hero, #CúChulainn, had two special horses which pulled his chariot. Their names were Liath Macha, meaning the ‘grey of Macha’, and Dub Sainglend, the ‘black of Saingliu’. They were said to have emerged from the pool of Linn Liaith in the mountains of Sliabh Fuaid as a gift from the goddess, #Macha. This association with water clearly indicates their Otherworldly origin. Cuchulainn leaped onto their backs and rode them around the whole of Ireland in just one day, after which they were tamed.`
Source: Ali Isaac #Celtic

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 - 1951), CúChulainn in battle, public domain.jpg
5 days ago

The cup-bearer, a rare exemplar of the ancient-modern Cycladic style: "The outstretched right arm, with the slightly flexed elbow, profters a small beaker. The freely extended hand is an extremely rare feature in Cycladic sculpting". 2800-2300 BCE #AncientArt #Art #sculpture #AncientGreek #Cyclades #Aegean #Greece #Ganymede #mythology #archaeology

A Cycladic figurine saw down with an outstretched arm holding a cup
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
5 days ago

It's the Day of Hermes aka Mercurius Day aka #Wednesday! 🐏

#Hermes is putting his sandals on for #PrideMonth 🌈

🏛️ Gold finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes from the Greek colony of Tarentine in Southern Italy, 4th century BCE. Today in the MET, New York.

#DayOfHermes #Mythology #GreekMythology @mythology @antiquidons #ancientGreece

The broad oval bezel of this heavy gold ring is engraved with an intaglio showing the youthful messenger-god Hermes balancing on his left leg as he fastens a wing to his raised right foot. The god wears a short mantle that encircles his neck and hangs down his back. Winged sandals or boots are a standard attribute of Hermes, but it is unusual to find the wings attached to the figure's ankles rather than to some form of footwear.
Steve Dustcircle ⍻
5 days ago

#Yahweh Inspired FALSE #Religions to Prepare for #Jesus?? (feat. Dr Dennis MacDonald)
For @ColdCaseChristianity J Warner Wallace, he used to consider the #Bible to be more like #mythology than #history... and not even original mythology at that. But now, the good detective seems to think that #God inspired all the false religions before #Christianity as a way to signal how really-real Christianity is.

Adamas Nemesis
5 days ago

Charles Edward Perugini's "Pandora's Box" shows the famous (infamous?) maiden setting evils loose, being so innocent...or is she? After all, behind that expression, maybe she feels like getting even in the most final possible fashion. Who among us has not been there?

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #mythology

Puzzle Trail Paul
5 days ago

It's #CupOfTeaSocial #QuizQuestion time! It's #Tuesday today (at least, it is where I am while I'm writing this, time is weird). In English Tuesday is named for Tiw (AKA Týr), who is a Norse god. What is Tiw the god of?

#quiz #trivia #mythology #NorseGods

6 days ago

#scifi isn't prophecy anymore than #mythology is.

Stories of destructive #ai are reflections of our anxieties at the time, just like how myths of gods warring with titans reflect anxieties of ancient Greeks.

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
6 days ago

Working on revising my "Spin the Globe" #storytelling program this week. It's a program where I let the audience spin an actual globe and point somewhere, and I tell them a folktale or legend from that place.

🌏 🌍 🌎

(Yes, if they point at the ocean, I am prepared for that too.)

If anyone wants to try, spin and point, and I'll tell you what story I chose 😄

#folklore #folktales #mythology

Jürgen Hubert
6 days ago

As a reminder, I dislike using the term "fairie" for spirits unless it's specifically about British/Celtic/French mythology and folklore. The term creates all sorts of associations which might not apply to spirits from German folklore, much less to spirits from other continents.

And I'd rather not view entities from global folklore and mythology through a primarily British lens. #folklore #fairy #spirit #mythology

What if unicorns looked like this?

Like a strange 20th century chimerical cryptid.

Would they sill have graced the covers of Lisa Frank binders?? 🤔

🎨 :

#folklore #mythology #unicorn #medieval #history #illustration #cryptid #cryptids

Illustration from an illuminated manuscript depicting a creature that has the body of a wild boar with a human face, long pointed ears, the feet of a dog or cat, and a long golden horn like a unicorn.
Victoria Audley
2 weeks ago

The Wild Hunt is calling! Join Ether & Ichor and the upstairs neighbours' dogs for a ride with the eternal hunters across Scandinavia, the Pacific islands, the world of DC comics, and more.

#mythology #folklore #FolkloreThursday #podcast

painting of the wild hunt. the earth below is dark and obscured with low cloud. in the cloudy sky, an immense crowd of hunters on horseback ride through the sky with swords and spears raised. ravens fly in the sky around them, and odin can be seen in the midst, slightly raised above everyone else. through the clouds, the sun peeks in a fiery blaze in the distance.
Mar del Valle
2 weeks ago

Everytime I rise I see you falling
Can you find me space inside your
bleeding heart

[Placebo - "Passive Agressive"]

Illustration for "Rojo y Oro" - "Red and Gold" -, young adult book written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.
Otra ilustración para "Rojo y Oro", novela juvenil escrita por Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #mythology

Ilustración en blanco y negro.
En el panel superior izquierdo hay un adolescente delgadísimo con el cuerpo cubierto de cicatrices, se atraviesa una mano con un puñal mientras sonríe malicioso.
En el panel central vemos el rostro de ojos cerrados de un joven de cabello rizado y negro, parece triste, derrotado o muerto. Sobre su cabeza hay una luna.
En el panel derecho hay una anciana blanquísima y sonriente. 
En el panel inferior hay dos jóvenes idénticas de perfil sobre un fondo de hiedra. Una parece abrazar delicadamente a la otra por la espalda mientras la otra se resiste débilmente y derrama una lágrima. 
Todes llevan túnicas griegas. 
Black and white illustration.
The left panel shows a very thin teenage boy with his body covered with scars, he is piercing one of his hands with a dagger while he smiles maliciously. 
The middle panel shows the face of a young man with his eyes closed and his curly black hair crowned with ivy, he looks sad, defeated or dead. Over his head there's a big moon.
The right panel shows a very old and very white woman smiling.
The panel below shows two identical young women over a background of tangled ivy. One of them is embracing the other, the other struggles weakly while a single tear runs down her cheek.
All the characters are wearing greek tunics.
Mythology Monday :verified:
2 weeks ago

Greetings, myth lovers! Join us next #Monday for our theme REVENGE 🗡️
Which myths are all about revenge? Tell us the #story in your toot and use the hashtag #MythologyMonday for boosts!
Your host @aimeemaroux is anxiously awaiting your toots with dramatic revenge #stories 😳

🎨 Medea, sculpture by William Wetmore Story, dated 1868–1880 CE

#mythology #folklore #folktale #legends #Storytelling @mythology @folklore @folklorethursday #NorseMythology #GreekMythology #EgyptianMythology #CelticMythology #AztecMythology #HinduMythology

Sculpture of Medea contemplating her pending revenge. The sculpture is painted white and photographed against a black background. She holds a dagger in one hand, idly fondling the beads of her necklace.
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
2 weeks ago

It's the Day of Hermes aka Mercurius Day aka #Wednesday! 🐏

This is the best preserved of the column drums carved in relief. It shows a youthful winged #Thanatos (death), a draped woman, and a figure of #Hermes Psychopompos, leader of souls to the underworld.

🏛️ From the south-west corner of the later temple of Artemis, Ephesos. Dated ca. 325-300 BCE. Today in the British Museum.

#DayOfHermes #Mythology #GreekMythology @mythology @antiquidons #ancientGreece

Marble relief on a column drum showing a youthful, winged Thanatos girded with a sword on the left, a woman draped in a detailled garment with her nipples poking through, and on the right Hermes, holding his kerykeion staff. He is nude except for a cloak draped around his arm. His hair is short and curly and he looks upwards.
Mythology Monday :verified:
2 weeks ago

Thank you, myth lovers, for your #MythologyMonday stories about turtles and tortoises!
This is your host @AimeeMaroux signing off 👋
Join us next week here on #Mastodon for a new theme!

#mythology #folklore #folktale #stories #legends @mythology @folklore

Etruscan Bronze Turtle dated 6th-5th Century BCE. It has a green patina and a finely crafted horn pattern worked into the shell.
colorblind cowboy 😷
2 weeks ago

His ear to heaven
Orpheus plucked birdsong sweet
On grass thick with snakes

#MastoPrompt Birdsong
#haiku #mythology

Erotic Mythology (comms open)
2 weeks ago

It's the Day of Ares / Mars' Day / #Tuesday!

"The gifts of Ares are swords and brazen tunics to array the limbs and helmets and spears and whatsoever things Enyo delights in."
Oppian, Halieutica 2. 24

🎨 Gem engraving depicting #Ares-#Mars in military dress standing, head facing left. He is holding his spear and leaning upon a round shield. Slightly convex surface.

#DayOfAres #Mythology #GreekMythology #ancientRome #GreekRomanArt @antiquidons @histodons @mythology

Orange-coloured gem depicting the god Mars, as described in the toot, wearing a crested helmet and full armour including a leather strap skirt and boots or greaves.
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
2 weeks ago

The Bee Tarot will be out sometime in 2024. I can't wait to see the whole deck.

#SacredSisters #Spirituality #WomensWisdom #Goddess #GoddessStudies #SacredFeminine #
SacredBeekeeping #WheeloftheYear #Mythology #Magick #Folklore #FolkTradition #Beekeeping #Bee

Bee Goddess illustration
cover of tarot deck with bee illustration
Mythology Monday :verified:
2 weeks ago

Greetings, myth lovers! Join us this #Monday for #WorldTurtleDay! 🐢
Which myths are about turtles, tortoises or terrapins? Tell us the #story in your toot and use the hashtag #MythologyMonday for boosts!
Your host @aimeemaroux will be delighted to see you come out of your shell and join us by telling a turtle myth 💚

🎨 Aboriginal rock painting of a turtle, Kakadu National Park, Australia

#mythology #folklore #folktale #legends #Storytelling @mythology @folklore @folklorethursday #NorseMythology #GreekMythology #EgyptianMythology #CelticMythology #AztecMythology #HinduMythology

Photograph of a rock painting in reds and yellows depicting a turtle with a long neck, seen from above. Four short legs emerge from under the shell as well as a tiny tail.
Linux ☑️
2 weeks ago

KALEVANIA | Metroidvaniaesque platformer - SNES style! Native Linux! 💥

Relive classic console gaming via this blast of a retro indie platformer spiced up with nordic mythos.

50 enemy types & variations, powers galore, upgrades, and collectibles to discover - no shortage of excitement as you keep kicking butt as Gan... err Väinämöinen. 🧙‍♂️



#gaming #Linux #metroidvania #Kalevania #SNES #retro #Kalevala #nordic #indie #Steam #platformer #action #JukkaMattila #GamesByMichi #adventure #fantasy #mythology

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

#Hesperis matronalis blooms in May and you'll never forget this #scent of warm spring evenings. The plant has names like Mother-of-the-Evening, #Nachtviole, Matronenblume, #Giroflée des Dames, and more mythic ones.
I'll never forget these #flowers. With them, I found my sense of smell again in that hard spring of 2020. I needed nearly one year to be able to write about the plant. Memories come back with this: ▶️ #florespondence #May #mythology #plants #ReconnectWithNature

The plant with pinky-violet flowers.
LM Little
2 weeks ago

@Windspeaker Thanks for flagging this compelling read. I read Bad Cree at my cabin yesterday and ahead of Jesse Johns' appearance at the Northwords Writers festival. An excellent novel with some great messages about relationships of all kinds, @bookstodon

#AmReading #horror #mythology #gender #culture #Indigenous #books

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

So I am told that the name of Foodora (food delivery service) is a reference to Pandora, and... I am not sure they understood what the story was about 😆

#mythology #storytelling

Mythology & History
3 weeks ago

Did you know that the #Roma believe that #pumpkins can turn into #vampires?

Some Romani people believe that keeping a pumpkin for too long will turn it, while others believe that keeping them post-Christmas will do it.

The vampiric Cucurbita will "fight" each other when kept together, they will start moving about, and harm people.

The damage isn't severe, however, so the offending fruit is simply boiled and thrown out.

The turning can be recognised by the "blood" forming on it.


This is a photo of a watermelon (the other source of vampire lore)

The skin of the melon has little "veins" which are an off-white colour, that snake along. They are oozing a dark reddish-brown substance, which is like a wet film.

The Romani people believed this to be blood.
Victoria Audley
4 weeks ago

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside (unlike Skaði)! Join Ether & Ichor Podcast this week for some fun with the mythology of the sea.

Links and more on the blog:

#mermay #mythology #folklore #podcast

gif from the animated film song of the sea. a small black-haired girl in a white coat dives down into blue water with a lighter blue spotlight on her. grey seals swim around her in a spiral, and as they cover her from the viewer, she transforms into a little white seal.
History of Art
4 weeks ago

Narcissus (1599) by Italian Baroque master Caravaggio.
In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he rejected all romantic advances, eventually falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, staring at it for the remainder of his life.

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Caravaggio painted an adolescent page wearing an elegant brocade doublet, leaning with both hands over the water, as he gazes at his own distorted reflection.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
4 weeks ago

In the 10th century, Persian traveler Buzurg ibn Shahriyar wrote in his book about a jinn market located in Kashmir.

According to local informants the jinn marketplace was located in luscious gardens among running streams. The jinn could be heard around the gardens buying and selling, but no one ever saw them.

Sadly he doesn't record more than that. Even though, it sounds like a fascinating setting for a story. 🧞 🧞‍♀️

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4 weeks ago

Howdy folks! I just moved servers, so it's like I'm starting from scratch, I should probably do a new #introduction post. I've been a nerd all my life and I use my overactive imagination and love of #Mythology and the #paranormal to write and draw my slice-of-paranormal-life graphic novel Wapsi Square.
I also dabble in #fieldrecording, #sounddesign, #animation, and scale model building. Looking forward to seeing you all around. ^_^

Two teens sitting at a table eating ice cream. The boy is about to flick the girl in the forehead.
Erotic Mythology
1 month ago

📸 Stock photo of an eagle owl by U. Gernhoefer

I also wrote this piece on #birds in #GreekMythology for #NationalBirdDay:


#mythology #MythologyMonday @mythology

#Celtic #MythologyMonday: „In #Irish #mythology, #swans are usually depicted as shape-shifters, capable of transforming into human and bird form at will. They could be distinguished from normal swans by the gold or silver chain which hung about their necks.“
Source: Ali Isaac

Ele Willoughby
1 month ago

A selkie for #MerMay (the mermaid 🧜‍♀️ celebration month)!

This is a hard-carved and printed lino block print of a selkie shedding her skin, seated on rocks, surrounded by harbour seals.

In Celtic, Norse, Faroese and Icelandic mythology, selkies (also spelled silkies, sylkies, selchies) or selkie folk meaning 'seal folk' can change from seal to human form by shedding their skin.


#linocut #printmaking #selkie #folklore #harbourSeals #silkies #mermaid #mythology #MastoArt

Linocut on speckled cream coloured washi paper of a selkie shedding her sealskin and several harbour seals lounging on rocks or swimming on a cloudy day.

`In #Scotland cattle were preserved from the influence of witchcraft by placing garlands of rowan and honeysuckle around their necks. Red threads tied in their hair or woven into the wreaths likewise protected dairy cattle from milk-stealing witches, who were especially active on #Beltane.`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`
RT @AspectTree
In Britain, Rowan was also believed to provide protection from witchcraft and enchantment as faeries were thought to live in the white flowers -…

1 month ago

Daffodils are named after Narcissus, from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
It starts with Echo, a nymph who was cursed by Juno because she stalled the Goddess by chatting while Jupiter and his mistresses escaped her wrath.
"Your tongue, so freely wagged at my expense, shall be of little use."

Echo could now only repeat the last few words she heard.
When she saw Narcissus in the forest, she fell in love with him but could not speak to him. When she finally throws her arms around him, he rejects her.

She then prayed to the gods, "If he should love, deny him what he loves!" Nemesis answers her, and when Narcissus looks into the water and sees his reflection, he falls in love with it. He stays there staring until he dies, “And in his body's place a sweet flower grew, golden and white, the white around the gold.”

#Mythology #PlantLore

Close up of a daffodil blossom with a golden center and white petals, it leans toward the leaf-littered ground looking for its reflection.
Sean Bala
1 month ago

Some accounts for learning on #FollowFriday -

@mariapopova - wonderful articles from "The Marginalian" - #literature, #philosophy, and #culture

@whencyclopedia - bot posting articles from World History Encyclopedia - #history #bot

@mythologymonday - posts on #folklore and #mythology from around the world

@fivebooks - list of extensive #book recommendations every few days - #bookstodon

@ProPublica - excellent investigative journalism from the US - #newstodon #journalism

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
1 month ago

For those of you who have a soft spot for Cassandra in Greek mythology:

There is at least one Classical source that claims that she survived, and that she - along with her twin brother Helenus, her mother Queen Hecuba, and Hector's widow Andromache - started a new life in Chersonesus.

There's your happy ending for today.

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Mythology Monday :verified:
2 months ago

Hello everyone! Join us for Monday's theme: Disappearances. Which myths feature a disappearance? Write out a brief story and use the hashtag #MythologyMonday for boosts.

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A blue silhouette of a human dissolving into smoke in front of a black background.
Evelyn in Montreal
2 months ago

Photograph: Ceremonial throne of Princess Sitamun Location: Egyptian Museum, Cairo Date: April 2023
Sitamun's throne was found in the burial chambers of her maternal grandparents.

The view of the right arm-rest depicts the goddess Taweret in the center, and two views of the god Bes (one holding two knives, the other a tambourine).
Taweret and Bes were both household protectors.

#goddess #god #Bes #Taweret
#religion #mythology #polytheism
#ancient #ancientart #woodwork

Museum display, Side view of wooden throne with gold inlayed depiction of ancient Egyptian gods. The center god is Taweret shown in her form as a hippopotamus with lion paws and limbs, and the back and tail of a crocodile. A figure to the left shows the animal god Bes wielding two knives, and another Bes figure to the right shows him clapping on a tambourine.  Location: Egyptian Museum, Date: April 2023
2 months ago

It's been so nice to drink tea each morning with my red-bellied #woodpecker friend this week. He has so many things to say, I hope I can hear them all.

Perhaps, like in the story of his namesake Picus, he's warning me of the risks involved in scorning the love of witches and goddesses of the woods.

#BirdWatching #birding #mythology @birdwatching @birding

Erotic Mythology (comms open)
2 months ago

Have a beautiful Day of Aphrodite aka Venus' Day aka Frigg's Day aka Friday 🌹

Meet this gorgeous blue chalcedony gem depicting goddess #Aphrodite in the nude, checking out her behind in a hand mirror.
Dated ca. 4th century BCE.

#DayOfAphrodite #GreekMythology #mythology #GreekRomanArt #ancientGreece @antiquidons @mythology @histodons #BumDayMonday

An oval gem in light blue, engraved with Aphrodite seen from the popular pose that shows both tits and ass as she turns to look at her bum in a handheld mirror.
Damon Thomas
2 months ago

"If no other knowledge deserves to be called useful but that which helps to enlarge our possessions or to raise our station in society, then mythology has no claim to the appellation. But if that which tends to make us happier and better can be called useful, then we claim that epithet for our subject. For mythology is the handmaid of literature; and literature is one of the best allies of virtue and promoters of happiness." — Thomas Bulfinch ("Bulfinch’s Mythology", 1881) #quotes #reading #mythology

E. Ardincaple
2 months ago

A first century fresco of the Roman spring goddess Flora, found in the ancient city of Stabiae.

#ancient #art #archaeology #spring #mythology #italy

A fresco of a woman picking flowers and gathering them in a horn-shaped basket.
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
2 months ago

#Dionysos, endowed with supernatural abilities by being gestated in the thigh of #Zeus, is on his way to spread his cult to Argos, where another demigod son of Zeus is king: #Perseus:

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That wraps up our #MythologyMonday theme on Children. This is your host signing off. Join @AimeeMaroux next week for a new theme! Have a good week!

For more stories this week check out @swampsunday 💧

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Two drawings, on the left a baby Medusa with a snake tail and snakes for hair who holds a crowned frog just turned to stone.
On the left a multi-headed hydra just hatching from an egg.
Kit Irving
2 months ago

Would love to find more folks who share similar interests!

By way of #Introduction (or reintroduction), here's some stuff I'm into: #weightlifting #baking #DoctorWho #StarTrek #Grogu #ThemeParks #writing (love the #WritingCommunity -- I #AmWritingFantasy) #dogs #puppies, all cute #pets #Basketball #Celtics #NBA #piano #guitar...

I also cohost a monthly podcast on the #astronomy and #mythology of the #constellations and toot #space stuff over on @starrytimepod

Gif of Grogu from the Mandalorian waving and smiling
Mythology Monday :verified:
2 months ago

Hello, Myth Lovers! Join us for Monday's theme: Children. Which myths feature children, infants, or babies? Write out a #story and use the hashtag #MythologyMonday for boosts.

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A screenshot of the stork carrying elephant baby Dumbo inside a big, white bundle from the film Dumbo.
:blobS2xenogender: they/it
2 months ago

Short #introduction (see my pinned NSFW intro for sex work info & pics)

Hi, I'm the happy leftist :blobS2xenogender: (they/it). I don't exist according to Prager U. Here mostly to laugh, be silly, make friends and spread leftist propaganda. I come bearing gifts. #memes #porn

Also interested in:
#anarchism #socialism #communism #antifa #ACAB #BLM #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual #NonBinary #genderfluid #xenogender #neurodivergent #ADHD #ExMormon #agnostic #pantheism #polytheism #paganism #mythology #occult #spirituality #tarot #poetry #SciFi #horror #language #linguistics #philosophy #absurdism

A devil offering you two apples labeled memes and porn
Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
3 months ago

In Egyptian mythology the ancient god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Seth.

In an inscription at the temple of Edfu a list is preserved with the locations where the relics of Osiris were kept: His head in Abydos, his legs in Thebes.

#mythology #egyptian #osiris #seth #Edfu #relics #abydos
#Thebes #mythologymonday

The geographical list of ancient Egyptian nomes from Edfu contains the locations where the relics of Osiris were kept. His head, for example,  was kept at Abydos and his leg(s) in Thebes.
Source: Brugsch, Dictionnaire géographique de l'ancienne Egypte, Supplément (Leipzig, 1880), 1359.
Jonas Richter
3 months ago

Hi, I'm scholar from Germany, part of a team working on a new Middle High German #dictionary. Apart from #German language and literature I studied Comparative #Religion, leading to a PhD thesis on Erich von Däniken and ancient astronaut #mythology.

In my spare time I dig into the #HistoryOfGames and try to catalogue German #roleplaying #fanzines.

I also enjoy time with my #choir and like baking #bread.

#introduction #lexicography #NewMythologies #AncientAliens

Erotic Mythology (comms open)
3 months ago

Have a beautiful Day of Aphrodite aka Venus' Day aka Frigg's Day aka Friday 🌹

#Aphrodite riding on a #goose. Drawing after the tondo from an Attic white-ground kylix from Kamiros, Rhodes, attributed to the Pistoxenos Painter.

#DayOfAphrodite #GreekMythology #mythology #GreekRomanArt #ancientGreece @antiquidons @mythology @histodons

Aphrodite sitting on a large goose. She is dressed in a long chiton with a dark himation over it. Her hair is tied up in a hairband. From her right hand grows a plant.
Angelique Sophia
3 months ago

The Grackles were out squawking their weird machine-language call. They scream with their whole bodies.

Why are they talked about so much less than Crows, Ravens or Blackbirds? Like I can think of mythology or folklore for the others but not Grackles. I didn't even learn their name until I was an adult.

#GothBirds #CommonGrackle #mythology #folklore #archetype #grackle #bird #birdwatching #birdnerd #BirdPhotography #nature #NaturePhotography

A Common Grackle sits in a tangle of branches. The sun hits his head and you can say a gradiant of purple, green and blue. His wings are more of a bronzey black. He has a large beak and big eyes.
Mythology Monday :verified:
3 months ago

That wraps up our #MythologyMonday theme on confinement. This is your host
signing off. Join @AimeeMaroux
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Photo from inside the walled courtyard of a castle. A tower rises on the left.