When I say #Mask, I mean #N95 or #KN95 #Respirator or #Elastomeric or better.

I do NOT mean surgical mask.

If you need help finding one to fit you comfortably and WORK at keeping #Covid out, I highly recommend @masknerd

He keeps a Google spreadsheet of practically all the masks on the planet (useful ones anyway) and has some super helpful videos!

3 days ago

For those of you needing n95 masks here's where to request

⚠️ FREE N95 MASKS and R.A.T.s ⚠️

*Also free shipping within Canada*
Donate a Mask Canada

Here's the link if you can donate to this worthy cause.

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'Wednesday's Pandemic Update: NYS Covid Rapidly Rising And Is The Mystery Virus Now In Dc?'

#COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Pandemic #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #KeepMasksInHealthcare

Sean Boyer
4 days ago
I've had the honour of doing sound for #JeremyDutcher twice. He's super cool - a generational champion of #indigenous language, art, music, culture, life, and two-spirits. He internalises the horrors of history and the present, and exudes a palpable positivity with an actionable message of hope and togetherness that blows past placation and delivers a way out of the darkness.

Pretty remarkable stuff, especially from someone so young.

His band is on #tour. Wear an #N95 and go see them.

Ed Suominen
4 days ago

@wallacewords I haven’t taken a single breath of air in a public indoor space without an #N95 mask since March 2020 and don’t know when I ever will again. As you might imagine, my going-out habits are pretty limited.

You can look at the posts I’ve done under the #NoToBrainInfections hashtag for some of the reasons why.

Not discounting the very real loss to your mission. This is just what I view as the only reasonable approach to an airborne pathogen that refuses to cooperate with us.

Babu Menos 💬
5 days ago

»Can You Catch Covid Outside? Yes, You Can.«

Jessica Wildfire once again says what needs to be said.

#COVID #COVID #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #LongCOVID #Sequelae #WearAMask #N95 #CleanAir

Eric's Risk Assessment
5 days ago

I did the riskiest non-medical thing I have done in 3 years today.

I let two people in my house to do an assessment for maintenance work that I had been pushing off for quite some time. It was do it now or lose the resource.

What was my risk mitigation plan?

I asked them to wear head strap #N95. They did. They both had beards so the fit wasn't great.

I turned up the 5 HEPAs we own to full. Plus kept the furnance circulation (which has a central HEPA) running full.

I opened the windows throughout the house.

We both wore our GVS Elipse #P100 #elastomeric in our own house the whole time.

I left the house empty for an hour post-vist: windows open & #HEPA cranked.

Then checked my #ARANET4 CO2 before re-entering to confirm the rate of decrease of CO2 over the hour to make sure I was getting good ACH.

I used nasal spray after returning.

Lotta effort.

Why? This is what #DefenseInDepth #airbornePrecautions looks like.

Because #COVIDisAirborne

ANY of the following can be the case:

• Mask wearers are immunocompromised.
• Mask wearers are sick.
• Mask wearers are caregivers of high risk people.
• Mask wearers know that #CovidVax is not enough to stop transmission.
• Mask wearers are healthy and want to STAY that way.

You, if you're smart.

#MaskUp #ButNotSurgicalMasks #N95 #Respirator #Elastomeric #CovidIsAirborne #Covid #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid


1 week ago

So I just flew a round trip, and took commuter rail to and from the airports. I one of very few people who wore respiratory protection, an #N95.

Not masking is a judgment call. I'm not upset at the people who disagree with me. What does bother me is the people wearing "surgical" (really procedure) masks. If you're going to mask, why not a mask that provides at least twice the protection? The #3M Aura can be found for under $1 (

#Mask #MaskUp

'Saturday's Pandemic Update Covid And Other Viruses On The Rise'

'Weekly Wastewater Check On Covid, Influenza, RSV, And Other Viruses'

#COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Pandemic #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #KeepMasksInHealthcare


It wouldn't if society didn't buy into it. *sigh* yet we just accept what is fed to us.

It's been awhile since I tooted this but I know it had to do with stopping the creating of stock #photos with people wearing surgical masks, that get used everytime there's an article about #Covid and creating accurate photos promoting #N95 or better.

I'm sorry if the state of things re "#AI" (big hairy air quotes) affects your livelyhood.

Eric's Risk Assessment
1 week ago

#CDC Advised To Weaken Infection Protections

> Aerosol researcher Jose-Luis Jimenez @jljcolorado added, “The Cochrane Review is scientific garbage.” He continued, “There is high-quality evidence from many angles that shows that, of course, #N95 masks are better.”

> Jimenez, was also critical that #HICPAC is “ignoring the huge body of evidence coming out of the pandemic” that most respiratory viruses have airborne transmission. “They don't mention ventilation at all. They don't address all the measures that you can do to remove the virus from room air.”

> Each expert I spoke with is also concerned about #HICPAC and the CDC’s secrecy. Jimenez said that #NIOSH experts he’s spoken with agree with him but “are basically forbidden from talking to the press.” This is because “if they talked freely about the science, it will contradict the policies of the #CDC,” he added.

#foreverCovid #sars2isairborne #CovidIsAirborne

Jeff Gilchrist
1 week ago

Why can you still smell things wearing an effective #mask?

You can #smell some nasty things like #smoke and rotten eggs even with fit tested #N95 #respirators which block tiny viruses/bacteria because the smell molecules have atomic masses that are 17 million times less than a #virus . 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Image of a woman wearing an N95 respirator with an expression of disgust from smelling something bad. Generated using Bing Image Creator powered by DALL-E 3 using prompt, "A person wearing an N95 mask with an expression of disgust from smelling something bad"
Graph using logarithmic scale showing difference in atomic mass (Daltons) of various gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide and some you can smell ranging from 32 to 131 Daltons while the COVID-19 virus is millions of times more at 602 million Daltons and the aerosol it travels in is billions of times more at 160 billion Daltons. Note the graph is in logarithmic scale so each number on the vertical axis scale is 100x larger than the one below.
1 week ago

I've been following covid-caused immune damage in kids as once last years severe rsv season and how it could lead to more severe outbreaks from other viral and bacterial diseases, so when I see what's happening in China ... it's not surprising to me. But it's sad. #MaskUp #n95 #LongCovidKids

Another story in the (becoming long) list of people I suspect have #Covid / #LongCovid #CognitiveDecline ...

Was at Whole Foods checking out. Checkout gal was totally with it and lively. I ran my card and looked up at her. She had that far-away spaced out stare... then she literally jumped when the receipt started printing out.

I know, I know, not everything is Covid and I'm no stranger to spacing out but this was so sudden and weird.

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 or better!

2 weeks ago

🇨🇦 Canada Strong Masks

Save 25% off all CA-N95 white masks. Enter discount code BFW2523 at checkout.

Save 15% off all earloop masks, including from BreatheTeq, Vitacore, Layfield, and Dent-x. Enter discount code BFL1523 at checkout.

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2 weeks ago

Shoutout to Alarm Boy who brought and wore a GOT. DAMN. #N95 #mask to install my new system today.

2 weeks ago


“Stop the flu with baggy-blue, but for SARS-CoV-2 you need an FFP2.”

#MaskUp #WearARespirator #FFP2 #N95

Last week I had to stop at the post office to send a package.

I open the door & there is a woman standing in front of the door. She scootches over so I can pass. We politely chuckle while I assess the situation:

There are 6 people in front of her in line w/only one employee working.

Behind her are 6 more people in line in a 6ft x 15ft space.

Still in the doorway, I back out shaking my head. Yeah no.



#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #elastomeric

2 weeks ago

@edsuom I concur, and appreciate your posts on this and related matters. Good thing I'm an introvert, with mostly careful introvert friends. and newly retired (avoiding office-coughers-sneezers and public transit commutes). Good thing to have loose affiliations with online communities (sometimes Zoom). #N95 when I leave my apartment door.

Ed Suominen
2 weeks ago

This morning was my first time in two weeks of being in the same indoor space as anyone outside my #Covid cautious household. Right behind the unmasked woman with the wet juicy cough at the drug store, where I am forced to go on a regular basis to pick up my meds.

That’s what the #elastomeric #N95 and dry-eye prescription glasses with silicone eye cups are for, I guess. And the Enovid I snorted after getting back in my vehicle, for what good that does.

This is what turns people into hermits.

Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

@maggiemaybe @augieray
You would't believe the number of times I've stood in a group of adult touring professionals, complaining about how they hope they don't get sick again and have to cancel additional weeks of tour.

I point to my #n95: "You remember masks, right? They cost $1 and prevent Covid, colds, flu and stop you from giving it to others, too."

They chuckle and sigh and go back to wishful thinking.

I'm not making this up.

Cognitive dissonance is my new normal.

Richard Rathe
2 weeks ago


I respectfully disagree on one point: #SurgicalMasks also protect patients FROM infection (during surgery for example).This was their main function originally.

You are correct that surg masks are much less effective protecting the WEARER from small aerosolized particles like #Covid.

It takes #N95 or equivalent #masks /#respirators to do that.

But if all you’ve got is a surg mask, wear it! It’s not nothin’.

Also anyone with a #cough who enters a confined public space should wear some kind of mask as a courtesy to those around them IMO.

When someone coughs, surg masks DO decrease how much infectious material gets into the air, on surfaces, etc.

It’s a big world out there with many respiratory pathogens (#flu and #TB come to mind). Not all of them a aerosolized like Covid.

2 weeks ago

I don't want to merrily play Ring around the Rosie during the pandemic, turning death and disability into a laughing game. I don't find joy in it. We don't have to play this silly game where we all fall down. We could all stand up, take a few steps back, and put on a respirator mask. Like grown-ups. #CovidIsNotOver ... but it could be #WearAMask #n95

Julie Webgirl
2 weeks ago


I'm telling you, this is the future. You can not tell me #LongCovid isn't affecting people, society, and the simplest of things, never mind the difficult. As a human race, we've handed over our cognitive function. Archaeologists will look back at these few years as when evolution turned back. #CovidIsNOTover Please #MaskUP #N95 or better #Elastomerics #Covid #CovidVax & #CovidBooster is not enough

'Let's Face It, Covid Trashed Our Immune Systems. Now We Get to Enjoy Outbreaks of Tuberculosis.'

#COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Pandemic #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #KeepMasksInHealthcare

3 weeks ago

@BlackAzizAnansi I've been masking since March 2020, whenever I leave my apartment door. In the workplace, until I retired 5 months ago. Wear it to my plot I lease in the organic city garden site. Doing errands and shopping. In my Ford Ranger and on public transportation in this city. Meeting with friends outdoors and indoors, except when eating. Never had COVID. I do not feel like a weirdo -- doesn't enter my mind. #N95

Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

I had a really crazy dream the other day. I saw some guy dancing with bears out in my woods and was so impressed I followed him as he left the property to pay him a compliment. He stopped at a bar and I ran in, without my #N95, figuring I could hold my breath long enough to say, “Great moves out there with the bears!” and then get out. But I couldn’t find him and realized I’d have to inhale soon.

This dream is totally ridiculous, of course. I’d never go someplace like a bar without a mask on.

3 weeks ago

Hosting safe masked birthday gathering, shae mask selfies because #RepresentationMatters #n95 #WearAMask #Covid #LongCOVID #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

Parent and child masking with respirator masks, holding balloons
Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

@eniko Well said. I completely agree and have decided not to get a fifth mRNA shot bc I never spend much time around people and always wear an #Elastomeric #N95 whenever I have to be. Novavax, maybe, but doubt it’s that much better.

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a Twitter thread about what I call the cargo cult of the vaccine. All these people standing there, waiting for the cargo that would get unloaded from magic airplanes of immunity and normalcy.

Ain’t happened yet.

Brian Dear
3 weeks ago

A relative, who’s traveling thru Texas and Florida this weekend, has gotten nothing but dirty looks, mockery, mean comments, and unsolicited opinions (“That doesn’t help, you know”) about her wearing an #N95 #mask in airports and aboard airplanes. She says she saw maybe 10 people total also wearing masks today, out of countless thousands of people, in two major airports and on two flights.

WTF, America.


3 weeks ago

What pissed me personally off most about HICPACs draft that they signed through (illegally) and is now in CDC hands to review is: You don't reduce and confound the safety measures when the problem is non-compliance (for staff wearing a respirator as opposed to surgical); you fix the non-compliance! Patients are there to get care, not COVID! It is the duty of healthcare workers to follow the infection control guidance. We need airborne protections for routine care. End.

#n95 #MasksInHealthcare

3 weeks ago

Naked Capitalism: "It’s plain as day that HICPAC’s membership is not “divergent” as FACA understands the term; every one of its members is affiliated either with a hospital or a medical care facility... CDC has an entire institute, NIOSH, with expertise in “respirators and masks.” Are we seriously to believe that NIOSH has nothing to contribute to HICPAC on masking? Or ventilation? Or training?" #MasksInHealthcare #n95 #HICPAC #cdc

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
3 weeks ago

Bonus note: if you aren't already convinced, not only can I attest that my black diamanté mesh mask has served me well ...

a friend who will remain unnamed has helpfully likened it to a 'face #vajazzle' (#iykyk)

And really, what better kind of energy to bring to a party? 💎 💫 😉

#Covid #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #Pandemic #Coronavirus #N95 #N99 #Respirator #Mask #Party #FestiveSeason #Novid #Festive #Dancing #Christmas #Glitter #Sparkle #Fashion #Sequins #Essex #TOWIE

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
3 weeks ago

Happy Friday all! Any good parties this wkend?

I plan to be dancing - but as you can see, my bare N99s aren’t serving quite the right vibe. So I’ve been investigating mask bling options…

If - like me (& Taylor Lorenz!) - you’d like to be covid-safe AND sparkly, these might be up your alley too 👇

(to be worn over an N95, obv) ❤️😷✨


@novid #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsAirborne #N95 #CovidCautious #MaskUp #Pandemic #Coronavirus #Party #Dancing #Christmas #Festive #Glitter #Sparkle #FridayFeeling

A woman wearing a strappy dress, faux pearl necklace and N99 mask under purple UV style light
A selection of ~sequined~ face masks in various colours
A glamorous model with long blonde hair wearing a ~diamanté~ white mesh mask
4 weeks ago

Looking back on my comics from 2022, and realizing it really is as simple as this:
Mandate N95s vs Mandate COVID-19. The real Smokey Bear would #WearAMask #n95 because #CovidIsNotOver #LongCOVID and would require #MasksInHealthcare
For more free Covid Awareness Works visit

Smokey vs CDC Smokey
Smokey Bear says mandate n-95 masks; CDC Smokey says Mandate COVID-19
US Mask Deaths: 0 cumulative: 0 daily
US COVID Deaths (2022): Over 1.1 Million cumulative; 500 daily
N95s and their equivalents, also known as respirators, are the best masks for Omicron sub-variants and dan reduce the risk if COVID 19 infection 75-fold when an infected person and someone nearby both wear them. CDC expects that anyone with Omicron infection, regardless of vaccination status or whether or not they have symptoms, can spread the virus to others. Data suggests that Omicron can reinfect individuals, even if they've recently recovered from COVID-19.
Samhain Night
4 weeks ago

The reason people don't get that Covid lingers in the air like cigarette smoke is because most places don't allow smoking indoors anymore.
The analogy we should be using is Covid Lingers in the Air like Pee Lingers in a Swimming Pool. Every room is a pool & every unmasked person you see is a potential Pool Pee-er. The more unmasked people, the greater the risk of pee, but it only takes one going pee & there's pee in the whole pool for the rest of the day. Get it now?
#Covid #MaskUp #N95

How does an N95 mask filter particles much smaller than the gaps between the fibers? This video explains the physics.


#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #KeepMasksInHealthCare #WearAMask #maskup #N95 #FFP2 #covid #covid19 @novid

Anna Nicholson
1 month ago

A good post on the importance of continuing to take transmissible diseases like Covid-19 seriously when organising events such as conferences:

Don’t leave people in your communities behind just because it would be inconvenient for you to adapt!

– Make the most of hybrid events (if not completely online)
– Encourage people to wear a mask (at least FFP2/N95)
– Ensure adequate ventilation and monitoring of air quality
– Take appropriate measures to make your event accessible
– Communicate all the steps you are taking, so people don’t have to ask

H/t @ginny and @darckcrystale

#Covid19 #LongCovid #disability #ChronicIllness #MassDisablingEvent #inclusion #HybridEvents #WearAMask #FFP2 #N95 #FFP3 #N99 #ventilation #CO2Monitoring #accessibility #communication

1 month ago


RE: formal fit testing.

I have found this recommendation/insistence from all and sundry of the public on fit testing off-putting. I put on my N95 and fit it to my face as best I can. And yet I worry, because people out there are implying that otherwise what's the point? It's not good enough. Not perfect.

I think that that martinet's insistence is dispiriting to the general public as if wearing an N95/respirator is not enough. So, though I wear one and don't 'fit test', I still fret a bit.

Better to wear any mask than none. Better to wear a formally unfitted N95 or KN94/95 than cloth, surgical or *nothing*. Anyone going to those lengths already will try their best for a tight fit anyway.

This fit testing insistence is burdensome and discouraging and very poor messaging. It can become overwhelming when there are so many bits of mitigation to take on.

Just wear a damn mask. It should be a casual norm, not this fussy overkill.

#masks #masking #N95 #covid #wearamask

I've been pleasantly surprised the last couple days, seeing more masks on people than I have in quite a long time.

Keep it up!!

#MaskUp #N95 #Elastomeric #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #Covid

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

@DrFerrous @Larhanya
I only give and receive kudos for #Masking with an #Elastomeric or #N95. Vaxxing does not protect the community like good masks do, in fact it appears to make people complacent by not masking. I'm not "anti-vax" but we were safer before they came out with them. Be well also!
#FalseSenseOfSecurity #MaskUp

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

@DrFerrous @Larhanya
Actually it seems the opposite. This study shows #Novavax is up to 9 times more effective than mRNA but only if you have never had Covid. If you have had #Covid, then there's basically no difference. As always, I'm not recommending anything, only that you do your research :)

Oh! But do continue to wear #N95+ bcuz Vax is not enough.

The study:

Reddit page where it's discussed:

Sean Boyer
1 month ago

I'm doing sound at a show outside of my usual theatre in the next city over. Over 900 people in here and only 1 #N95, and one baggy blue.

We have the highest #covid levels in #canada. 1 in 10 are infected. 90 people (statistically) in this room are sick.

Fucking wonderful.


1 month ago
Me, wearing papr with white hood over black n95, and brown hoodie; standing outside in front of blueish does and coniferous trees
1 month ago

I had so much fun at the All Virtual Clean Indoor Air Expo hosted by @whn yesterday! The full recording on YouTube at , which includes my presentation on Using Clear Messaging to Break Barriers and Drive Changes on #cleanair #covid19 #masks #n95 , going beyond the Swiss cheese model. Just my presentation is available at: Thank you to all who attended/ are watching and to the many amazing speakers still teaching me new things!

1 month ago

I'm getting really excited about the all virtual Clean Air Expo, it is going to quick talks from a variety of speakers, QA sessions with panel discussions, expo booths, all sorts of topics, hosted by @whn , THIS TUESDAY, Oct. 24th,- 2pm-9pm EDT, if you havent checked it out or registered, you should, so you can join us on Zoom for all or any parts, learn more/register at

#cleantheair #CleanAirIsAHumanRight #covid #LongCOVID #crbox #hepa #ventilation #MaskUp #n95

Clean Indoor Air Expo: The pandemic showed the need. Technology has made it possible. Countries are acting. 

Now us the time to find out what you and your organization can do to ensure clean air.
Ed Suominen
1 month ago

4/ But they don’t. And that situation I find to be the most damning indictment of our society and our government that I’ve ever seen in half a century of observing current events.

The Biden administration bears a great deal of responsibility for this. They want the pandemic over and forgotten. The #CDC is doing its best to have you never feel like wearing an #N95 respirator again. Bad for business, bad for photo ops, bad for fundraising dinners.

Again, I’m not a doctor…

2 months ago

SARS/COViD not mentioned, but truth seeping out, nonetheless.

> Researchers analyzed 1,048 CT scans from individuals aged 50 to 64, all of whom were participants in the Swedish cardiopulmonary bioimage study, or SCAPIS. Analysis of the scans also considered data such as diet and physical activity, as well as examination of immune cells in participants’ blood.

> The results showed that those with fatty degeneration of the thymus, as shown by the CT scan, also had lower T-cell regeneration, an indicator of immune system aging.

“This association with T-cell regeneration is interesting. It indicates that what we see in CT scans is not only an image, it actually also reflects the functionality of the thymus,” explained Lena Jonasson, another of the study’s authors.

> They also found that other factors, such as age, sex, and lifestyle, affected the appearance of the thymus.

> “We saw a huge variation in thymus appearance. Six out of ten participants had complete fatty degeneration of [the] thymus, which was much more common in men than in women, and in people with abdominal obesity. Lifestyle also mattered. Low intake of fibres in particular was associated with fatty degeneration of [the] thymus,” said Sandstedt.

@novid #longCovid #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 #P100 #LeonardiEffect

2 months ago

I really want to clarify what multiple layers for COVID prevention means, so I wrote this briefing and put it on my website under the Zorro COVID #1 comic: Feel free to share. Also printable google doc of it here:

#covid19 #WearAMask #n95

Airlines: Do you want the mask or not mask section? guy says "no mask" next panel, guy outside on wing in seat as plane is flying, wind blowing his hair straight back, frowning) (not my comic, found it floating on social media, let me know if you know where it came from or who to credit)
2 months ago

Why do so many people choose multiple reinfections over using protections? I had to make a meme after reading this article:

#Covid #CovidIsntOver #LongCovid #WearAMask #n95 #cleantheair #hepa

2 months ago

My wife's new dentist just called for a pre-appointment check-in to ask her if she's still being COVID cautious, if she'd like them to wear n-95s today, and to assure her that HEPA is used in each room. 😭

WINNER! Thank you

#covid #n95 #maskup #dentist #winning

2 months ago

We wear respirator masks every time we are in public spaces. For those who wonder why, here are 20 Reasons Why We Mask:

#MaskUp #N95 #CovidIsAirborne #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #CovidIsNotOver

Screenshot from info linked to in post

Novavax is now open to anyone over 12 who hasn't had a booster in 2 months.


Vaccines are NOT ENOUGH protection from getting #Covid

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #LongCovid #N95

FDA authorizes Novavax’s updated Covid-19 vaccine

2 months ago

@chargrille PS: concerts, conferences (not performing) still possible, with #N95. A small consolation.

I love how all these events are being cancelled "because of #Covid"

Because... too many of the people who are key to run the event have Covid ...

NOT to PREVENT people from getting Covid in the first place!!!

*flailing Kermit arms*

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #WearAMask #N95

2 months ago

Great wrap-up of the current state of all things COVID-related (vaccines, variants, wastewater levels, masks, masking in healthcare, etc.), from the People’s CDC.

@novid #COVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #N95 #N95Masks #CleanAir #USHealthCare #PublicHealth #HealthCareIsAHumanRight #CDC #PeoplesCDC @PeoplesCDC

2 months ago

Another good one:

Please consider signing this petition urging CDC Director Mandy Cohen to acknowledge and advocate for a multi-layered (Swiss cheese) approach to preventing COVID. Let her know that the current “You do you” and vaccine-only approaches don’t cut it.
😷 + 💉 = 🧀

@novid #COVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #N95 #N95Masks #CleanAir #USHealthCare #PublicHealth #HealthCareIsAHumanRight

2 months ago

Walking through several busy airport terminals yesterday filled with coughing and sneezing people, and every time I saw someone with an #N95 mask (maybe 1 in every 250 people) I thought to myself: wow, that is another smart and independent thinker! #covid #travel

Ed Suominen
2 months ago

#Spokane County #Washington #SARSCov2 #wastewater levels, showing that about as many people have #Covid as have for about half of the last 60 weeks or so.

No, #CovidIsNotOver and you should be saying #NoToBrainInfections by simply wearing an #N95 respirator.

I’m really tired of this #pandemic. It sucks. My social life is a smoldering ruin. But neither my preferences nor yours dictate what happens with a highly transmissible, immune-evasive airborne #virus.

Spokane County SARS2 concentrations in wastewater since the lull of Spring 2022. Levels are rising from a 2-month long local minimum, though with considerable variance that makes the upward trend less statistically significant. It’s difficult to estimate from the plot what the levels would be even if the first derivative since June remained roughly the same, and there is no evident exponential growth.

Horizontal red line shows the current levels compared to what they’ve been for the past 14-15 months. Contrast with the zero-virus level shown with horizontal yellow line, and note area under the curve overall vs limited to the red line. If levels had been constant over plot interval at current level, we would have had most of the infections we did. Red line appears to be near the median now.

MRI scans showed abnormalities in people who had had severe #Covid:

...14 times more likely in the lungs

...3 times more likely in the brain

...2 times as likely in the kidneys difference in the heart or liver

#LongCovid: MRI Scans Reveal New Clues to Symptoms
#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 #BringBackMasks

2 months ago

CDC/HICPAC keep trying defend their cruddy drafts by saying the goal is to "streamline"-- you want to streamline? Then put n95s/equivalents back in healthcare! That is what prevents transmission to your most vulnerable and what protects you healthcare staff. Just learn from your mistakes for once!

#covid #covid19 #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #MasksInHealthcare #longCOvid #n95

2 months ago

Had essential repair in our home this AM. Worker wore #KN95 over beardybeard, sigh. We wore #N95 & ran #CorsiRosenthalBox in his space, had window open, & vented with fan after he left. Yes I am truly exhausted/frustrated from doing #CovidPrecautions but better than having #LongCovid or complications. Husband swears while he sets up filtration but does it. Just like I swear when I put HIS dishes in the dishwasher! #Marriage #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

Those getting their #booster this week, please remember to #Mask with an #N95 or better. The goal is still not to get #Covid at all, because "mild" or not, short-lived or not, it messes with your immune system & can damage essentially every organ in your body AND you can end up with #LongCovid & fully boosted is not enough.

Stay safe!

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne #Covid

2 months ago

The ability to tell the difference between political spin and real health advice is an important skill... so too is the courage to take a stand and do what's right instead of following the crowd. Both skills are rare on their own. Possessing both skills is even rarer. #covid19 #wearamask #n95

3 months ago

Aug 2023 study showing long Covid still affecting people 2+ years later.

The best way to prevent #LongCovid is to prevent infection from #Covid-19 by filtering this #airborne virus from the air you breath by wearing an #N95 equivalent or better mask, along with filtering and ventilating the air.

Screenshot from linked study Discussion section
Screenshot from discussion section of linked article

I swear if I see another picture of a person holding up a needle wearing a floppy blue surgical #mask I'm gonna lose it.

I'd like to take to the streets and burn all the floppy blues & blacks ala bra burning, WHILE WEARING AN #N95!!

#CovidIsNotOcer #LongCovid #MaskUp

Ed Suominen
3 months ago

@mattblaze I’m in my fifties and am too busy grieving the loss of society being sensible about protecting itself from a brain-damaging airborne virus called SARS-CoV-2. You know, the one that has disabled tens of millions of our fellow citizens now, and is still killing a 9/11 worth of people every month.

Just curious, do you wear an #N95 at public events? If so, thanks for not being part of this particular tragedy or the massive hypocrisy of the thinking class.

I'm going to stop saying "Covid patients" and start saying "Covid victims" because really, anyone who gets covid at this point is a victim of the government and public health officials taking away protections and measuring and feeding us propoganda like "it's over" etc etc etc.


#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #Covid #LongCovid #MaskUp #N95

Friendly Reminder

to give friendly reminders to friends and family who might not stay up on the news

who may mask but have gotten lax the past few months

who you can give just one little "Oh hey we're in a surge, please be safe"

without nagging or yelling or

*flailing Kermit arms*

Stay Safe!!

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid #MaskUp #N95