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Methyl Ethyl at Northcote theatre #naarm #melbourne #checkin will be my first time so I'm excited. Such a kid.

New @3CRMelbourne #podcast: Making connections for active transport in Melbourne's East

David Blom from Metro East Bicycle User Group about what's happening out east

Local news incl last weekends Darebin Loves #Ebikes forum as 3CR summer special & news from #PortPhillipBUG that safe bikes lanes on #Inkerman Street need your support, please make your feedback by 7 Dec

🎧 Listen back

#communityradio #Melbourne #naarm #cycling #advocacy #8to80 #cyclingadventures

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This Christmas beetle was small but shone so brightly on the path as I walked along, I hope it had a good life

#nature #beetle #Melbourne #Naarm

Ultraluscent green beetle no longer alive
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
6 days ago

Make your voice heard on the proposal to improve Inkerman St, East St Kilda. We like Option A for the protected bike lanes, more trees, and extra safe crossings for people walking. Please fill in the survey here: The consultation closes on 7th December #cycling #SafeInkerman #melbourne #naarm #BikeLanes

A busy street with a bike lane separated from the roadway by a planter box with greenery in it.  There is a raised zebra crossing, parked cars, and cars waiting at the crossing.  There are two people cycling.
Chicken :cqlgusu:
1 week ago

#Melbourne #Naarm people, where would you go in person to buy #Muppets themed merchandise?

My office holiday gift exchange recipient has left it too late to provide gift ideas in time for me to order online.

Since I often see them wearing a comfy hoodie covered in muppets during remote meetings, and don't otherwise know much about them, they're going to receive a muppet-themed gift.

1 week ago

Wow, had never heard of them before, but turns out that they were pretty active here in #naarm (Melbourne Australia).
@untsuki @vantablack

E-BIKE Q & A // Darebin Loves Bikes, everything you wanted to know about e-bikes but were afraid to ask, Sun 3 Dec 2023, 1pm - 2:30pm, Preston Library

Details + registration (free!)

#Melbourne #naarm #Cycling #Darebin #ebike #ebikesRule #ActiveTransport

Peter Riley
1 week ago
Peter Riley
1 week ago

#Naarm Friday 1 December morning star ceremony

The #MorningStar songline is one of the oldest living songlines on earth.
Call to Ceremony led by #Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Joy Murphy, followed by #Yolngu members of Yothu Yindi who will perform Banambirri (Morning Star), Timor Oan's from #TimorLeste, Contemporary dancers from #TorresStrait, Sprigga Mek from #PNG, the Black Sistaz and members of the #WestPapua community.

2 weeks ago

Nice spot to wait for friends
#Melbourne #Naarm #Australia #river #trees

Landscape looking from the shade of trees out to the Yarra River Birrarung Mahr (excuse spelling)
2 weeks ago

Good morning 🌞
I chase #Aurora but maybe I should enjoy the beauty of every day

#Melbourne #Australia #Naarm #SunRises

Dawn sky with streaky pink clouds and trees and rooftops in the foreground
Fluffy dark pink cloud in the dawn sky
2 weeks ago

A neighbourhood tree which I suspect is a possum highway

#trees #nature #Australia #Melbourne #Naarm #Suburbia

White cream trunk of a eucalyptus tree showing scratches from possums

When taking a #Selfie means you really do join a Climate Strike.
This is making news in #Melbourne / #Naarm today:
1. student climate strikers hung 3 banners from the public gallery in state parliament yesterday
2. Greens MP Gabrielle De Vietri took a selfie of herself and fellow Green MPs with the banner drop in background.
3. Today She has been suspended for rest of week and pay docked by the Labor Gov speaker.

#climatestrike 1pm Friday Flagstaff Gardens #ClimateDiary #ClimateCrisis

Selfie photo of banner drop Tweet text says: “Courageous school strikers demanding and end to coal and gas and a safe climate future ❤️ Question time shut down and protesters removed by PSOs. 

When the future of the planet is at stake, business as usual is no longer tenable.”
Tweet from Gabrielle De Vietri MP announcing her punishment: “Labor just voted to suspend me from Parliament for taking a selfie in solidarity with @StrikeClimate ahead of the school strike on Friday. 

We are about to face the hottest summer in 125,000 yrs and Labor is approving new coal and gas. 
Now is not the time for business as usual!”
3 weeks ago

Scene of my second coffee - hoping the fresh breeze + caffeine will sort out my sinuses
#Melbourne #Naarm #Australia

Landscape beach scene with sand, quiet sea and blue sky
4 weeks ago

The Myer windows are open!
#Melbourne #Naarm #Bluey

People looking at Myer Melbourne shop windows with scenes from Bluey cartoon displayed. Christmas/summer holiday themed
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
1 month ago

Critical Mass, put it in your calendar.
Friday 24th November. Start State Library Victoria 5.30pm.

In the meantime, ask for some safe bike lanes on Johnston St:
#CriticalMass #melbourne #cycling #naarm #BikeLanes

A purple poster with a stylised cyclist. Text is *Protest ride for safe bike lanes* Critical Mass. Johnston Street. Friday 24th November. Start: State Library 5.30pm. End: Edinburgh Gardens. Bring your bike or scooter to celebrate 28 years of Critical Mass!
Ameel Khan
1 month ago

Scar trees that are part of the Scar Project artwork installation in Enterprize Park, which is on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne.

#melbourne #naarm #PublicArt #artwork #IndigenousArt #photography #fujifilm

Photo of the Scar Project artwork installation in Enterprize Park in Melbourne. The installation consists of 24 vertical timber poles, somewhat like trees, that have artwork on them by eight Indigenous Australian artists. This photo is taken from inside a brick archway that's next to the installation.
1 month ago

I've seen my first two fancy hats.
Horse racing is not my thing but the Melbourne Cup holiday serves as a Spring Festival
#Melbourne #Naarm #Spring

Port Phillip Bicycle Users
1 month ago

According to Phil: The current bike lanes put you at risk of being driven into or doored. There is so much room here to put in proper protected bike lanes to make it safe, I don't understand why this hasn't happened. It connects to the Bay Trail and Albert Park, it would be a great connection if it was made safe. #cycling #melbourne #naarm #BikeLane

The BikeSpot map with orange crosses on Kerferd Rd.  The label is 89 Kerferd Rd, Albert Park, Victoria.  Phil added this Unsafe Spot. Description: The current bike lanes put you at risk of being driven into or doored. There is so much room here to put in proper protected bike lanes to make it safe, I don't understand why this hasn't happened. It connects to the Bay Trail and Albert Park, it would be a great connection if it was made safe.
1 month ago

This tree has a very thick base and has not taken the shortest path
#Melbourne #Naarm #Australia
#trees #TreesOfMastodon

Reddish tinged gum tree trunk with a very wide base and a main branch twisting left then right
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
1 month ago

Do you ride with parcels, with groceries, to drop your kids off, or while being elderly, infirm or disabled? Your City of Port Phillip councillors might not know that you even exist--- they claimed none of these things were possible! Please help educate them--- send us an action photo, or tag us in on social media. #cycling #melbourne #naarm #CityOfPortPhillip #StKilda #SafeInkerman


Critical Mass North: Spooky Edition: riding in Melbourne's north shouldn't be scary

5.30pm State Library, Fri 27 Oct
Pick up point 6pm, Park St Reserve, Fitzroy North
Riding from the south? Join @portphillipbug, 5pm St Kilda Town Hall

#CriticalMass #Naarm #Melbourne #cycling #8to80 #activetransportation #ActiveTransport #socialride

Juliet and Indiana Jones
2 months ago

“Sick of being stuck in traffic? Hire or test ride an e-bike today.” Says the board outside Velo Cycles.

We have definitely noticed more e-bikes around especially reaching into the northern suburbs of #Merribek. Now we we need the protected cycling lanes to ensure a safe cycling environment.
#DogsOfMastodon #Naarm #Cycling #ebikes

Two chihuahuas in a bike basket looking at several cyclists waiting to cross Nicholson Street. A sandwich board advertises the advantages of e-bikes
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
2 months ago

Do you travel on Inkerman St? Or are you hoping that the City of Port Phillip will take effective, local action on climate change?
70% of locals say that they'd consider cycling if there were safe cycle lanes. Ask for protected bike lanes on Inkerman by filling in this survey.
#cycling #melbourne #CoPP #naarm #BikeLanes #ClimateChange #urbanism

An adult and a child are riding their bikes on a protected bike lane, with greenery to the right.  There is a pedestrian crossing ahead.
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
2 months ago

BIKESPOT project is on once again! You can mark the map where you feel unsafe or safe riding your bike. Port Phillip Bicycle Users Group (and other advocacy groups) uses this data to inform our advocacy work, so it's really appreciated if you can participate. #cycling #melbourne #naarm #BikeLanes @fedibikes @ajsadauskas
(Edited to add: this is NATIONAL, not just for melbs! go to it, interstate friends!)

A banner reading MAKE YOUR MARK ON BIKESPOT.  A picture of two women riding bikes.
Peter Riley
2 months ago

#Naarm aka #Melbourne's #YarraRiver aka #Birrarung is often derided as "the river that flows upside-down" due to its strong muddy colour. But once upon a time, this ancient river ran fresh & clear. Today, the Yarra remains a viable and important habitat for dozens of native species, as humans work to undo centuries of damage.

Guest: Harry Saddler,
Clear Flowing Yarra - Affirm Press.


It’s a busy night for #cycling and #activetransport at #MerribekCouncil meeting tonight: 4 items.
7.1 Making it safer and Easier to Walk and Ride in Merri-bek
7.2 De Carle street Bicycle lanes
7.6 Safety issues on Melville Rd (more on walking safety)
9.1 Rescission motion on Kent Road Separated Bike lane trial.

I am here in the public gallery of Council meeting.
#Biketooter #Naarm

Port Phillip Bicycle Users
2 months ago

#BikeLanes Inkerman St, St Kilda, is Port Phillip's most dangerous road, known as a BLACK STRETCH, with 33 crashes in the last 5 years. Council is considering the much-postponed bike lane this Wednesday. You can support the bike lane by writing to mayor Heather Cunsolo or by coming along to Council 6.30pm Wed 18th October, St Kilda Town Hall or online (register by 4pm Wednesday). More info
#cycling #melbourne #naarm @fedibikes #PortPhillip

A road with many cars and a green-painted bike lane.  A man wearing a red jacket and holding a bike is on the right.

🗓️ Critical Mass North: Two weeks to go!

5.30pm: State Library, Fri 27 Oct 2023
Pick up: Park St Reserve, Carlton North
End: All Nations Park, Northcote

Everyone can help make our streets safer, becoming an advocate is something you can do too ⬇️

#naarm #Melbourne #ActiveTransport #8to80 #cycling #StreetsForPeople #bicycle #CriticalMass

New! @3CRMelbourne #podcast: @cfsmtbation talks to Jonathan O'Brien about YIMBY Melbourne, planning & transport, step change & Missing Middle Report. Local news includes Johnston Street kerbside lanes petition & #CriticalMass North with @StreetsAliveDarebin @streetsaliveyarra

#naarm #Melbourne #YIMBY #8to80 #CriticalMass #CommunityRadio #Micromobility

🚧 Yarra City Council: Wellington Street Strategic Cycling Corridor, more than ten years in the making, stage 3 and 4 now open for consultation ✔️

#naarm #Melbourne #cycling #Collingwood #protectedlanes #ActiveTransport #8to80 #Yarra

New! @3CRMelbourne #podcast: 2023 Australian Walking & Cycling Conference (AWCC): Pathways to change. Chris talks to Bailey Underwood, Bicycle South Australia & Nicky Page about AWCC & Step Away From the Car podcast series. News includes #SafeonSummerhill, Kent St, Johnston Street protected lanes petition, September #CriticalMass & Gipps St Ramp works

#8to80 #CommunityRadio #naarm #cycling #ActiveTransport #melbourne #walking

2 months ago

I grew up in Collingwood and cycled there for 10yrs. Johnston St is the obvious best route for a protected bicycle lane.

There are very few east-west cycle routes in Melbourne and
Johnston St intersects with a lot of existing and well used north-south cycling routes.

Adding protected bike lanes to Jonhston St would provide a great extension of the existing bicycle network.

#naarm #Melbourne #cycling #8to80 #bicycle #Micromobility #BikeLanes

🚧 Build kerbside protected bike lanes on Johnston St from Kew to Carlton!

💡Amplifying Harrison's petition as its an idea that's overdue

#naarm #Melbourne #cycling #8to80 #bicycle #Micromobility

3 months ago

Crowds at the Yes 23 walk in Naarm



Crowds of people at the Yes23 walk in Naarm/Melbourne
Juliet and Indiana Jones
3 months ago

Dad has posted his Iphone photos of the Whale Song not Seismic Blasting Rally in Naarm at Flickr, all creative commons licensed. We feature of course and were happy that we were part of a small dog contingent barking (metaphorically) our support for marine life (we were all very well behaved). 🐶 🐶 🐕

#DogsOfMastodon #ChihuahuasForClimateAction
#Whales #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #Gunditjmara #NoNewGas #FossilFuels #SeismicBlasting #SaveTheWhales #SavetheZooplankton #Naarm

Streets Alive Darebin
3 months ago

➡️ Streets Alive Darebin Newsletter September 2023

◾New Tram Stops in Northcote/Thornbury
#CriticalMass North - Call to Action
◾Hansard transcript: Inquiry into the impact of road safety
◾Supporters meet-up
#KidicalMass & September Critical Mass


#naarm #Melbourne #Cycling #8to80 #activetransportation #publictransport #Darebin

Yarra Transport Action Plan survey open for feedback

✔️ Encourage sustainable transport
✔️ Create a more accessible city
✔️ Promote a healthy and active lifestyle
✔️ Reduce transport emissions

Survey open to 9am Monday 16 October 2023:

#naarm #Melbourne #8to80 #cycling #ActiveTransport #transport #publictransport #sustainabletransport #yarra

Slightly delayed but still new @3CRMelbourne #podcast Talking about Transport Equity Week 17 to 24 September 2023, Chris chats to Elyse from Friends of the Earth Melbourne Sustainable Cities Collective about safe, affordable & accessible transport. Local news includes Footscray Road path closure, Kent Road, Pascoe Vale & #CriticalMass North

#naarm #Melbourne #8to80 #CriticalMass #ActiveTransport #transportequity

Streets Alive Darebin
3 months ago

Mark the date: #CriticalMass North - Yarra to Darebin, ride, scoot, skate. 5.30pm: State Library, Fri 27th Oct 2023. Protest for safe protected lanes, Streets for People and against political inaction

#naarm #Melbourne #8to80

Mark the date: #CriticalMass North - Yarra to Darebin, ride, scoot, skate. 5.30pm: State Library, Fri 27th Oct 2023. Protest for safe protected lanes, Streets for People and against political inaction
4 months ago

Brrrrr frost in #Melbourne #Naarm

Violet plants with frost on the leaves

New @3CRMelbourne #podcast - Chris @cfsmtbation chats to Julian O'Shea about pick up trucks aka #truckzillas on Australian streets

Local news includes watch for punctures in Welllington St bike lanes, Collingwood, @portphillipbug call out for action to support Kerferd Rd at Port Phillip Council meeting on Wed 16 Aug, Community opening of St Kilda Rd bike lanes & Inquiry into impact of road safety behaviours on vulnerable road users

#melbourne #cycling #bicycle #naarm

I have averaged 18.2km cycling per day over the last year. It has kept my weight stable and Type 2 diabetes in remission. I do most of my shopping by bicycle, and take my two Chihuahuas to explore the cafes and bikepaths of #Merribek in #Naarm (Melbourne)
#ActiveTransport provides major health co-benefits as well as reducing personal carbon footprint and #TransportEmissions

Personal Chart showing average daily cycling for each month from Aug 2022 to August 2023

New! #3CRMelbourne #podcast David Margetts & return of bike lane guy, News includes Safer Murray Road survey, Yarra Council Road safety study in Alphington, Tasmania leads Australia in #ebike incentives, Gipps Street steps are no more & new speed limits for Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

#Melbourne #cycling #YarraBUGRadioShow #naarm #ActiveTransport

Go to #Naarm. Then go to #Connections at #Lume. It's an hour or so of extremely affecting art, story, and insight into our Indigenous Australians. You cannot walk away unmoved.

Giant screens within the Connections exhibition at Lume.

#melbourne #naarm people, if you have not yet been to the Rembrandt exhibition at the NGV, do yourself a favour and hie thee hither. It's really good.

New #3CR #naarm #Melbourne #podcast Talking to Kieran from #BrainwaveBikes, keeping #bicycles out of the waste stream, donating to charities, skills training, upcoming pop up events and Monash and Melb Uni & affordable transport options. Local news incl Motherload screenings, Bike West campaign, Moonee Ponds Creek flooding & more

5 months ago

Braeside park, yesterday

I think this is moss?


field of moss with some leaves and twigs on it, close up
field of moss, so much it resembles very short lawn from a distance. with leaves and twigs scattered over it
Port Phillip Bicycle Users
5 months ago


Friday 28th July, 5.30pm for 6pm start, State Library of Victoria.

It will be DARK so light up!

#CriticalMass #Melbourne #naarm #cycling #ClimateEmergency

A group of people on bikes.  In the foreground is a woman wearing bright clothes with a sign ""if SUVS WERE A COUNTRY IT WOULD BE THE 6TH MOST POLLUTING"
Chis-R 🐟
5 months ago

#Naarm looking great today, go soak up that Vitamin D if you can!

#Melbourne #sunshine

The State Library in Melbourne, Australia.