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Thereโ€™s been a huge amount to learn about narrowboats this month, along with some unexpected outgoings. Iโ€™m still surrounded by piles of boxes.
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narrowboats in a marina, with sunset in background

Join me this week for the first of our sessions where we answer your questions. These include, our mooring, why we chose to live afloat & how Donna felt about it, night-time cruising, and canal holidays.
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A photograph of the 'studio' I set up each week in the little study at the back (stern) of the 'Erica.' It shows a microphone, laptop, headphones, and a lot of notebooks (essential!!).

Iโ€™ve decided to add blog content to my morning read. That said, I am actively looking for RSS-compatible #blogs with content related to #boating, personal (not cruise ship) #cruising, and the #GreatLoop. I prefer reading about #powerboat and #narrowboat travels instead of sailing travels. (I am admittedly too lazy to sail.) If you blog about your travels on the water, send me a link to your blog.


Sounds like you need to spend a week with a knowledgeable #narrowboat owner who can advise you and help you set things up. I feel for you. Wish I could help but I know nothing and am 6000 miles away.

2 weeks ago

Completely overwhelmed with the boat situation. Nowhere near enough storage, need a battery charger installing ASAP and no idea what to buy, need a galvanic isolator to stop my hull turning to dust and learning to use a quirky stove ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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lounge area of a narrowboat, piled up with mountains of posessions
a narrowboat stove roaring nicely
Ana McKellar
4 weeks ago

A great tool from Fox Boats for fenland waterways โ€” an interactive map with moorings and facilities.
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4 weeks ago

My first day working from the marina today and itโ€™s gone great. Also found out thereโ€™s a community garden here to help out with ๐Ÿ˜€
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Wide shot of lots of narrowboats in a marina
Community garden at the marina
Narrowboat Thin Lizzy mooted up under a setting sun
1 month ago

My girl got me this wonderful card of a badger on a boat from ๐Ÿ’œ
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Illustration of a badger, hare and fox on a narrowboat
Ana McKellar
1 month ago

I am interested in the scope for small scale enclosed composting which is possible on a boat โ€” space equivalent to a small window balcony. If it could dispose of human waste, even better! (Lots of boaters prefer a separating loo, but disposing of the semi-dried solids is an issue.) Any thoughts? Iโ€™ve looked at โ€˜hot compostingโ€™ but even the smallest unit is too big, a wormery looks more feasible in size but Iโ€™ve no experience ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
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1 month ago

On the plus side, lovely boat is now at the marina where Iโ€™ll be living. On the not-so-plus side, this orange water wasnโ€™t there the other day! Coolant maybe? ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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Mystery orange water in narrowboat engine bay

A warm dry week has ended in chasing clouds and showers. It looks like a dampish Bank Holiday weekend here. Therefore it might be a good time to think about the special quality that rain has for touching us both physically and emotionally. Join me tonight as we listen to the wisdom of 2 very different writers on the language of rain: Thomas Merton & Tristan Gooley.

Episode: 'As long as the rain talks (I will listen)'

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A length of canal, brown and rain pitted lies centre of the picture. In the distance it goes under a brick and iron bridge and then curve sharply to the right. The banks on either side of the canal are thick with green vegetation. This is a landscape enjoying the vibrant festival of rain.
1 month ago

Does anyone have experience with Hyperoptic please? Looking at their 1gb fibre internet in the marina for the narrowboat, but their pre-sales 'support' is shockingly bad so far ๐Ÿ™„
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website of hyperoptic broadband provider
1 month ago

@mlanger @badger0us
You may have missed this post as I didn't include any of my usual hashtags, but I cannot praise this slim volume highly enough.

There's a reprint of the back cover text at
where you'll find links to where you can buy it. (My copy was a first 1997 edition, when it was priced ยฃ3.75, and I bought it from the author at a #festival in #Braunston in 1998.)

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1 month ago

Buying my narrowboat wasn't straightforward โ€“ read on to find out the process I went through to make Thin Lizzy mine.
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narrowboat thin lizzy on a countryside canal


I love reading about #narrowboat boating. So different from the kind of small boat cruising I do.

1 month ago

Things I learned from our first narrowboat cruise:
- 99% of boaters were extremely friendly
- Narrowboats can't steer very well going backwards
- Doing locks with two boats was way easier as they move around less
- Locks aren't as terrifying as they look (even the 11' deep one)
- Parking in a marina in a side wind was a nightmare
- Piling hooks > mooring pins
- We didn't actually travel very far ๐Ÿ˜…
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Mooring narrowboat Thin Lizzy by a sunny canal in the countryside
1 month ago

Getting out of a tight marina entrance in the wind, doing two locks and heading down the canal was honestly one of the most stressful things Iโ€™ve ever done! Rewarded with this beautiful view though ๐Ÿ˜€ #BoatsThatToot #narrowboat #canal #boating

Grey and blue narrowboat moored at the side of countryside canal
View of a canal, bridge and sunset out in the countryside

In the UK, August has presented us with quite a lot of 'weather'! However, it has meant the continuation of rich greens and some very treasurable moments.
Join us tonight for 'An August-coloured Evening.'

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On the stern of the 'Erica' is an opened tin of varnish. A brush lies across it. The water is dimpled and calm. The sun is warm. The other boaters at the mooring are relaxed. It is a good time to gently tick a couple of jobs of the 'to-do' list.
Stephanie Jane โ“ฅ
1 month ago

Hello fellow #Vegans
An #introduction as I have just joined here (if you recognise my avatar, that's because I was previously on

I have been #vegan since #Veganuary 2019 and currently live aboard a #narrowboat touring England's canals. We are #carfree and mostly #offgrid. I love living out in #nature, foraging - especially for #tea leaves - and living a slow, as-calm-as-possible life.

My hobbies include #cooking and I share my #WFPB #VeganRecipe creations on my ko-fi page - the food is good, the photography not so great!

I am also a keen reader and post two vegan #BookReviews each week - one fiction and one nonfiction. (If you're a #VeganAuthor please feel welcome to tell me about your books.) You can see my most recently posted reviewed books in my header image.

I am a #Pigoneer and support the #VeganLandMovement.

1 month ago

The new boat is sitting a bit low at the front end - turns out it has about 20 concrete blocks wedged around the water tank! They are going to take some shifting to get her level again ๐Ÿ˜…
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2 months ago

Anyone know how to reliably measure the health of a pre-loved leisure battery bank please? I have a multimeter if that helps - pic is my bank of 2x115ah batteries
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battery bank in narrowboat
2 months ago

Surreal waking up to this view and gentle mooing!
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Early morning view of boats on a peaceful marina, with clear blue sky
2 months ago

Picked up the (floating) keys to this beauty today! A lovely quiet marina is home for the next couple of weeks and Iโ€™ll be moving aboard gradually ๐Ÿ˜€
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lovely black and grey narrowboat parked up in marina
sunny countryside marina full of colourful narrowboats
laptop and floating keys on table inside my new narrowboat
2 months ago

Heyooo this is my #intro post pls boost

i'm a multiply #disabled #Autistic white #trans #lesbian living in the so-called uk (specifically on the island of #Britain), I'm Bargee, I live nomadically on a #narrowboat which I mostly successfully maintain myself. Interested in #RightToRepair and #repair more generally. A factor of the way autism manifests for me is hyperlexia (verbose speech, obsessive about choosing the exact right word, obsessed with learning new words and ways of speaking), this means my writing comes out really formal; read it as a class thing if you want but I'm working class, no now or future inherited wealth, no access to managerial or corporate power, lived paycheck to paycheck my whole adult life.

Politically speaking i'm into #greenanarchy, I love the #iww, i'm here for #familyAbolition and #policeabolition, #transformativejustice and #prisonabolition. I want an end to all colonial rule, capital, states, nations, borders and capital. In terms of the island I am on I am here for the end to the English occupation of the six northern counties in Ireland, the end of English rule/occupation/power in Scotland and Wales, and the end to all English overseas domination in all forms perpetrated under the flag of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I'm pessimistic about technology and I think it and legislation can't solve social problems.

I mostly post about disability justice, #CovidIsNotOver, queerness, transness, #ukpol, anarchism and anticapitalism.

I'm a linux user, obviously, and a #foss advocate.

I'll make a separate pinned post with a cw for sexy. Flirts welcome if you're a dyke, don't think covid is over and still mask up (or disability precludes you masking), and if you're like, older than mid twenties (i'm in my thirties). CIS AND TRANS MEN NO FLIRTING, THIS IS IN CAPS BECAUSE YOUR PEOPLE SEEM INCAPABLE OF READING COMPREHENSION.

To People of Colour: I collect my cousins, particularly white trans/disabled girls and autistics. If someone is doing a racism from an instance mine is federated with and you want collection please let me know. If I see this myself I do my best to not need asking. Being gracious and grateful when receiving criticism and asks for accountability or change in my behaviour is important to me and I do not expect your tone to be a certain way for me to hear it, and I am grateful for any time you take a chance on me and do me the generosity of feedback. I understand that feedback does not have to be complete and that a gift of feedback does not obligate the giver to provide further explanation/education/contact. I understand what diunital thinking is and do my best to employ it. I can usually keep my temper and own feelings in check when collecting and recuse myself when they get in the way of constructive action. I have no qualms with conflict, upsetting people and being "mean" where necessary, however. This paragraph is here for your informed consent and does not obligate you to like or trust me or interact with me.

A note on language: I use nondisabled, disablis(t/m) to honour the disability activists I have known and organised with in Britain, over the more common americanisms abled, ablis(t/m) but I don't care what anyone else uses. I use C(oercively)AFAB and CAMAB over AFAB/AMAB and if you're TME I think you should do the same. I don't really mind what language other trans women and TMA people use but I would encourage you to look into the terf historical useage of FAB (female at birth) and the transmasc transmisogynist useage of AFABulous, as well as to think about how CAMAB both decenters our ASAB and centers the violent upholding of cisgenderism, and think about whether this might be a useful lingustic distinction for you. But I'm not the boss of you, do what feels important/right to you.

Iโ€™d like to put this out there to #narrowboat owners:

Iโ€™d love to swap a week or two cruising aboard your narrowboat for a week or two cruising aboard my Ranger Tug on the US #GreatLoop. Iโ€™ll be doing the historic #ErieCanal next summer and will be on the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway #ICW from this October through next May. I donโ€™t mind sleeping on a sofa if you donโ€™t mind sleeping in a small lower private berth.

Letโ€™s each get a taste of a different #boating experience!


2 months ago

Drive my potential new boat over to the survey location and had a better look at all her tech - could eat my dinner off that engine!
#narrowboat #canalLife

Point of view - cruising down a river on a narrowboat
Gorgeous grey and black narrowboat moored up
Blue narrowboat engine in clean engine bay
3 months ago

ARG potential snag with the narrowboat survey next week - there's not enough water in the single lock between the current mooring and the survey location round the corner! ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
#narrowboat #canal

map showing a closed lock in the short canal/river route between mooring and survey location
3 months ago

I never made an #introduction, so:
#Boston (MA)-ish area #tech geek (#sysadmin), working in academia.
#SquareDancer (#mwsd)(#c2)(#TechSquares )
#Narrowboat and (UK) canal obsessive.
#sciencefiction fan. (#arisia).
Not going anywhere near Line, despite being too damned ensconced in FB. Trying to quit Reddit for Lemmy.

It's been an amazingly eventful whirlwind of a week that has taken us completely by surprise. Join us tonight as we welcome aboard a new member to the family.
#podcast #canals #narrowboat

A photograph of Maggie holding a toy bear. She is a young border collie crossed with jack russel. She is looking up to you with large soulful eyes.
3 months ago

Near Milford, Staffordshire.
Bit crowded.
There's a house half a mile away on the ridge, otherwise, no-one.
And we're moored in the shade.

4 months ago

I can't believe mother duck managed to raise so many ducklings this summer.

I think she may need family planning advice.

Great Haywood Staffordshire UK

A mother duck surrounded by 11 ducklings. Great Haywood, Staffordshire in the UK.
Mike Bell
4 months ago

@Raspberry_Pi Iโ€™ve still got one of these in use, it monitors the battery on my #narrowboat.

4 months ago

House prices and mortgage rates are still taking the piss, so thinking of buying a narrowboat. Any tips?
#narrowboat #houseboat #fuckHouses #housePrices

gorgeous black and white narrowboat pic  from facebook marketplace
Ronnie Tucker
6 months ago

A couple of my painted flower pots 'in the wild'. ๐Ÿ˜„

#narrowboat #boating #rosesandcastles #roses #flowers #art #MastoArt

Coming soon!
A festive episode especially for Christmas Eve.
#podcast #Christmas #NarrowBoat #canal

Painting of the NB Erica in snow by the Artist Pete Tuffrey. 
Bearing the words: A special festive episode for Christmas Eve. Nighttime on Still Waters.
9 months ago

Bartimaeus is a #Hybrid diesel electric #LiveAboard #Narrowboat cruising on the #Canals of England and Wales.

Mike Bell
10 months ago

#introduction time!

I can often be found playing with #electronics - especially the #RaspberryPi Pico and bits and bobs from #pimoroni.

I lived on a #narrowboat for several years and enjoy travelling the #canals on our boat Rebellion :dragon:

Hobbies include #boardgames (although since the pandemic more often online than with cardboard in person!) and #PuzzleHunts, where I hunt with Team Rebellion. We're signed up to the MIT #MysteryHunt again this year!