Repairing and renovating the exterior of our home for the first time. So color has to be chosen for everything: siding, windows, window casings, gutters, fascia, soffits, corbels, decorative trim ... you get the idea.

One of several color studies I did today, using — left to right —chokeberries, winterberries, and cranberries from my own garden.

#Photography #ColorPhotography #NativePlants #ColorPalette #NativeShrubs #NativeBerries

8 hours ago

Has anyone every tried Turk's Cap fruit?

I grow them bc the flowers are butterfly magnets, but apparently a lot of the plant is edible. The leaves are supposed to taste like spinach, the flowers like honeysuckle, and the fruit like sweet apples.

I've never been brave enough to try it. The beautyberries taught me to be wary of plants other people describe as "actually edible" lol.

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9b #NativePlants

Close up of a Turk's Cap fruit.

Further detail: the fruit is bright red and very shiny. It is small - approximately the size of a quarter - and round in shape with slight ribbing and a dimple in the bottom. It looks like a tiny red pumpkin.
Turk's Cap vines with a flower and fruit.

Further detail: the small red flower resembles a rosebud with a long stamen protruding from the top. The fruit (as described in the previous photo) looks like a tiny red pumpkin. The leaves are dark green with serrated edges and a ruffled texture. Background is a weathered gray fence.
J blue
9 hours ago

#ClimateDiary #ClimateChangeGardening

Addressed all the envelopes for the native plant food security project and will be packing seeds this week. Will ship everything off on Monday.

The pawpaw and persimmon are partially cold-stratified already but since it’s winter, they should go back in the fridge as packed until spring. Boehmeria and physalis, follow directions on pack.

(Sorry, a month late.)

#gardening #rewilding #FoodSecurity #NativePlants @plants

A close up of thousands of little sand-colored physalis grisea seeds on a white paper towel.
Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
10 hours ago

The first of the winter violets emerges


A small white flower emerges from the forest floor. Its bottom petal has small purple streaks leading out of its “tongue.” Dead pine needles lay around it, hinting at its tiny stature
Brendan Keesing
11 hours ago

With FOMOGRAPHY being set in Australia, it gave me a good opportunity to appreciate the diverse (and sometimes downright weird) flora we have here.
Like, what even is this thing?
#flora #australia #nativeplants #photography #aliens

We most often think of caterpillar host plants as being some type of flowering herbaceous plant, but the most important host plants in eastern NA are several genera of trees and shrubs. This video covers the top ten groups of host plant trees and shrubs and gives a brief overview of each. East US

#nativeplantgardening #NativePlants #raingardens

We most often think of caterpillar host plants as being some type of flowering herbaceous plant, but the most important host plants in eastern NA are several genera of trees and shrubs. This video covers the top ten groups of host plant trees and shrubs and gives a brief overview of each. East US
Eugene Parnell
2 days ago

@botanyone This is a long but great article on yet another invasive species threatening our native forests in the #PNW Pacific Northwest. I’ve been trying to kill a holly stump in my garden for years now but it just keeps reappearing like the villain in a slasher movie. “The holly and the ivy” may evoke fond holiday memories in Britain, but here they’re just shudders of horror. #NativePlants #InvasiveSpecies

Paula Borchardt
5 days ago

Once again it’s time for #ArtAdventCalendar thanks to @jayispainting - hooray! 😀 A couple of years ago I created an art series in which I painted 1 color/day of something from nature I saw in/from my yard: plants, animals, birds, arthropods, reptiles & skies. Here’s my Tucson Color Journal ~ December.

#SciArt #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #Tucson #SonoranDesert #NativePlants #biodiversity #nature #arthropod #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Tucson Color Journal ~ December: my watercolor & pen art showing one color/day of something from nature I saw in/from my Tucson, AZ yard in December including plants, animals, birds, arthropods, reptiles & skies.
5 days ago

On #RecordRidge near the town of #Rossland, #BritishColumbia, the perfect conditions exist for a very particular #plant called the #MountainHollyFern to grow.

Unfortunately for the Record Ridge #ferns, the high #magnesium content of the rocks in the area have attracted the #MiningIndustry’s attention. Junior #mining company #WestHighYield (WHY) Resources has been exploring the site since 2006..

#Nature #Cascadia #PNW #BCinterior #ecology #environmental #NativePlants

Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
5 days ago
5 days ago

Following the 4 dam removals on the Klamath river, and restoration plan closely. Local tribes collected a phenomenal 19 BILLION local ca native plant seeds from 98 species to revegetate the project. Our local tribes do stuff in a well thought out, big way, reintroduction of endangered species like condors, reintroduction of cultural fire, instrumental in getting the dams removed, + collecting 19 billion native seeds to reveg the project. Continual source of inspiration.
#KlamathRiver #DamRemoval #WatershedRestoration #NativePlants
#Yurok #Karuk #Hupa #SeedGathering

5 days ago

Following the 4 dam removals on the Klamath river, and restoration plan closely. Local tribes collected a phenomenal 19 BILLION local ca native plant seeds from 98 species to revegetate the project. Our local tribes do stuff in well thought out, big ways, reintroduction of endangered species like condors, reintroduction of cultural fire, instrumental in getting the dams removed, + collecting 19 billion native seeds to reveg the project. Continual source of inspiration.
#KlamathRiver #DamRemoval #WatershedRestoration #NativePlants
#Yurok #Karuk #Hupa #SeedGathering

Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
5 days ago

Wonderful talk from Wild Ones this afternoon on Resilient Landscaping with Native Plants; particularly relevant after this year’s crazy heat and drought.

Reports from all over the area are clear: native plants, especially local ecotypes, not only survived but even thrived. They’re working on much longer timescales than we are and this wasn’t their first rodeo. Planting these local ecotypes from local seeds is incredibly important!

#nativeplants #landscaping #louisiana #wildones

S. K. Riley
1 week ago

Before rushing off for a very busy fun time last weekend, we managed to plant out a few more Australian natives.

#NativePlants #Wildlife #Pollinators #BloomScrolling #Gardening #NSW #Australia

Lemon Myrtle [Backhousia citriodora]

One of the most popular Australian native herbs, Lemon Myrtle’s tangy leaves can be used in teas, syrups, glazes, cakes, biscuits, dressings, sauces, ice creams, dips and any protein dish. As a dried and crushed herb, it takes fresh seafood to the next level. This subtropical rainforest tree also attracts bees & insects. The essential oil distilled from its refreshing lemony scented leaves has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

From the centre of a clump of elongated glossy green oval leaves, a cluster of white fluffy flowers with pale yellow centres presents itself like a bouquet.
Native Daisy [Brachyscome multifida ‘Mauve Mystery’]

This easy-care Australian native daisy is grown for its dainty green foliage and masses of mauve and white flowers produced throughout the year. It’s also tough enough to withstand children’s play areas. Whether grown as a clumping perennial or ground cover, its flowers attract pollinators, especially butterflies. 

A pale golden butterfly rests on the petals of a pastel mauve daisy, seen in a group of other mauve and white daisies with bright yellow centres amongst soft green foliage.
Bower Vine [Bignoniaceae - Pandorea jasminoides]

A subtropical Australian native evergreen climbing shrub (a distant relation to Jacaranda) with beautiful bell-shaped blossoms gathered in bunches. They range in colour from white (‘Lady Di’) to pale rosy pink with a flower throat in deep cerise pink. A hardy, vigorous growing perennial vine in coastal environments, but avoid planting above pipes due to its penetrating root system. We are growing it in a large tub. 

This plant attracts bees and other pollinators, while its fruits open to release many seeds. Thus, it’s named after ‘Pandora’, which for us means seeds of hope, rather than the conventional connotations of Ancient History.

A cluster of soft white trumpet-shaped flowers with deep pink throats seen against a leafy green background.
Scented Gum [Eucalyptus olivacea - Summer Scentsation]

A hardy compact flowering gum tree with silver-grey foliage and fluffy yellow flowers, which produces a spectacular summer display from Christmas to early autumn. Their blossoms are rich in nectar and together with their alluring fragrance, attract native wildlife, including wild birds and pollinators. The flowers are also useful as a long-lasting cut flower for the home. 

Large frothy yellow flowers peak out from between grey-green eucalyptus leaves like pom-poms.
Don Ray
1 week ago

#trees #tree #iowa #nativeplants

Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is native to North America, but not to Iowa. It’s a tree that (amazingly to me) grows very well (see thread) far north and west of its native range.

A map of North America.  The green area shows native range.  Blue arrow marks the location of my little bald cypress grove.
Sylvia Wright
1 week ago

We are being lulled into a false sense of security by this ridiculously pleasant weather. #ElNino is going to come roaring along around Jan 12 with its atmospheric rivers and kick our butts. But I'm not complaining -- the California Wildrose produced a late cluster of blooms today 🤯.

#NevadaCountyCA #bloomscrolling #nativeplants

Pink roses and green leaves, with golden fall color in the distant background
Evan Prodromou
2 weeks ago

In *this* house:

- We plant #NativePlants
- Leave the leaves
- Cats live inside
- No mow
- Boxes for bats
- Amnesty for spiders
- Feed the birds
- No poison; not ever
- Hotels for bees

Evan Prodromou
2 weeks ago

#Thanksgiving, to me, is in part about recognizing that North America is a bountiful land that has provided nutritious, delicious food for millions of humans for thousands of years.

It did not need to be turned into a clone of Eurasia to become livable. We have delicious, native foods here. #NativePlants provide the vitamins, minerals and energy we need; native animals have meat for those who eat it.

One small step in decolonisation is to #EatNativePlants.

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
2 weeks ago


#Gardening and #NativePlants are two good hashtags to follow!

Gulf Fritillary on orange/scarlet Mexican Sunflower flower.
2 weeks ago

I quit Facebook years ago because I didn't have the discipline to refrain from arguing politics with high school acquaintances I hadn't seen or spoken with IRL for 20+ years. Twitter was pretty much the same, only with strangers. When I created this account, I wanted to engage only about #music, #vinyl #RecordCollecting, and #VintageAudio. Recently, I have been getting back into #gardening, #NativePlants, #birds, and creating a wildlife-friendly yard. I'm really enjoying this new direction.

Jake Rayson
2 weeks ago

Old Man's Beard (Clematis vitalba) seed heads on the walk to the park.

#NativePlants #WildFlowers #BloomScrolling

Bunch of wispy seed heads on a grey and drizzling November morning
Visions of Napa
2 weeks ago


Red Toyon berries growing by the Napa Creek.

#NativePlants #California

Loose clusters of small red berries hang on a green bush with lance shaped leaves. The edge of the leaves have small serrations.
Sam Butler
2 weeks ago

Do you know the story of Christmas trees?

A Christian missionary went to a tree that people worshipped as sacred, cut it down, and told them to worship a fir tree instead.

Now, billions of people cut down trees every year, just to throw them away after a month.

Don’t cut down a Christmas tree. Plant a native tree instead, and worship that. We’ll need them.


^ I want to turn this into a simple illustrated meme / one-page comic. Anybody know someone with art / graphics / meme chops, who could be up to turning this into an image we could distribute?

It's about Donar's Oak, andthe colonial tradition right in our living rooms (

#Art #Illustration #Meme #GraphicDesign #comics #memes #history #culture #colonization #decolonization #Christmas #ChristmasTrees #BlackFriday #Thanksgiving #Christianity #NativePlants #Trees #Collaboration #Artist #media #PSA #change

screenshot of linked wikipedia page about Donar's Oak
Marie Kung
3 weeks ago

@levampyre The house came with a yard. Thought some #NativePlants would lessen the work. Got hooked and now spend much of the year outside. 😆 #gardening

Bjorn Idle
3 weeks ago

Harakeke (aka Phormium, or NZ Flax) are flowering right now. That mix of oranges and reds looks super cool when you get up close.

Harakeke is one of those iconic NZ plants, providing nectar for birds and pollen for insects alike (or, like the starling I saw this morning with its head smeared in pollen, makeup for birds as well...)

#BloomScrolling #MacroPhotography #Flowers #Harakeke #Plants #Florespondence #NativePlants #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Closeup of a cluster of flowers and flowerbuds from a phormium plant. they're banana-shaped, curling upward, with the pollen-covered anthers protruding from the open end. Two strap-like leaves with parallel veins have curled around part of the cluster, one from above and one from the side, partly sheltering the buds which have yet to open. The background is all blurry green
Paul Ashby
3 weeks ago

California Native Plant Society's Bristlecone chapter is to be commended for focusing on priorities -- LADWP water issues, and mining in the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley --- in its latest newsletter.

#cawater #nativeplants #CNPS

Paula Borchardt
3 weeks ago
My 2023 Perpetual Journal watercolor and pen art of a Caltrops seed head and seeds, and my 2022 Perpetual Journal watercolor and pen art of a Western Screech-Owl pellet.

SF Bay Area Native Plant Extravaganza coming up Nov 18 10am - 4pm.

#Gardening #NativePlants

Paula Borchardt
3 weeks ago

A couple of years ago I created an art series in which I painted 1 color/day of something from nature I saw in/from my yard: trees, wildflowers, cacti, animals, birds, arthropods, reptiles & skies. Here’s my Tucson Color Journal ~ November.

#SciArt #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #Tucson #SonoranDesert #NativePlants #biodiversity #environment #ecosystem #nature #insect #arthropod #butterfly #moth #larva #color #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon

Tucson Color Journal ~ November - my watercolor art showing one color/day of nature I saw in/from my yard in Tucson, AZ, USA.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 weeks ago

Planted 20 silver buffaloberry bushes in our east hedgerow area in with the persimmon trees. #NativePlants #EdibleForest

A Buffaloberry bush planted in amongst prairie grasses in our Eastern hedgerow area.
4 weeks ago

At first glance this plant of subalpine wetlands looks rather unassuming but a closer look reveals small but stunning flowers: Alpine Mitrewort (Pectiantia pentandra).

#FloweringFriday #Wetlands #NativePlants #Colorado

A cluster of small greenish yellow flowers with petals and sepals resembling circular antennae with some reddish accents.
Closeup of a couple mitrewort flowers looking like sets of circular antennae against a dark green background.
A group of mitrewort plants- roughly heart shaped dark green leaves with  clusters of small light green flowers emerging from it. They grow in a deeply shaded, moist setting.
Sylvia Wright
4 weeks ago

My new mantra, @ my local New Life Nursery

#gardening #nativeplants #CANativePlants #NevadaCountyCA

photo of roadside sign that says, "There are no gardening mistakes – only experiments"
Cascade Pine
4 weeks ago

Our native Vine Maples really turn brilliant red. Fall colors from early October.

#pnw #washingtonState #maple #vineMaple #trees #fall #fallColors #leaves #nativePlants

Several maple leaves at the side of a rocky trail. The leaves are brilliant red.
Visions of Napa
4 weeks ago

A Lovely Madrone tree and a Toyon bush on the side of Mount Diablo, California.

#nature #NativePlants #California

In the front is a green bush and behind it is a tree with red bark on the twisted trunk and branches.
J blue
1 month ago

Gaultheria procumbens, wintergreen

Been looking for this plant for a while and ended up stumbling across it at Lowe’s. Tastes like certs candy, sweet and minty. 😊

#gardening #jardin #plantas #fruit #rewilding #permaculture #GrowYourOwn #NativePlants @plants #FallColors

A closeup pic of a cluster of red berries. The leaf/bloom/fruit stems look a bit like blueberry morphology. The leaves are dark green and lanceolate and a few are sunburnt with red-brown edges. There are more red berries in the background.
Paula Borchardt
1 month ago

We do indeed have Fall foliage here in Tucson! Here’s my latest Perpetual Journal entry showing a range of colors of leaves on a single Ocotillo, along with last year’s PJ entry from this same week, of colorful local Anaheim chiles.

#SciArt #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #PerpetualJournal #Tucson #SonoranDesert #NativePlants #biodiversity #environment #ecosystem #ecology #nature #Ocotillo #Fall #Autumn #chile #FarmersMarket

My 2023 Perpetual Journal watercolor and pen art of green, yellow, and brown Ocotillo leaves (Fall foliage) and my 2022 Perpetual Journal watercolor and pen art of locally grown Anaheim chiles from the Farmer's Market.
Sylvia Wright
1 month ago

Float-testing the buckeye seeds for viability. My new idea to defeat The F**king Deer is to plant so many of anything that they cannot kill them all.

#CAgardening #nativeplants #gardengoals

Photo: Four buckeye seeds float in a bowl of water. Other seeds have sunk to the bottom of the bowl, indicating they have viable embryos and should grow.

A bit late for #FlyDay. Anyway, please enjoy this lovely syrphid fly, a striking dark brown/black with bright yellow stripes nectaring on a bright purple/blue aster with a yellow center.

#Flies #Diptera #Syrphidae #Syrphus #NativePlants #Pollinators #HabitatGardening #UrbanHabitat #UrbanNature #MacroPhotography

Bjorn Idle
1 month ago

Native plants can be less showy than cultivated / imported types. But their subtlety has grown on me over the years.

Here are some NZ natives - 3 from our garden, 1 from nearby.

* Clianthus (aka Kaka Beak)
* Sophora (Kowhai)
* Hebe Diosmifolia
* Koru from a tree fern

#BloomScrolling #Koru #NativePlants #Aotearoa #Kowhai #Hebe #KakaBeak #Florespondence #Plants #Nature #NaturePhotography #Flowers #Ferns #NewZealand

The red flowers of a Kaka Beak, lit by afternoon sun. Their pointed, curving shape looks similar to the beak of a native parrot (the Kaka) - hence the name. The form hanging clusters which shift in the breeze.
Closeup of a hanging cluster of bright yellow pea-like flowers with little brown helmets. These are from a Kowhai tree (aka Sophora)
Closeup of a tight cluster of tiny white flowers lit by afternoon sun.
The classic tight spiral shape of the Koru, or fern frond, slowly straightening and preparing to open up the side spirals that hold the leaf structures
John Jolley
1 month ago

#November is planting month for my #torreypine nursery! I put my first three trees into the ground today, and scouted a great fourth location near my house here in City Heights. I’ve got sixteen more trees to plant around my neighborhood, then in December, it will be time to stratify and plant more seeds for next year! #guerrillagardening #nativeplants #sandiego

A torrey pine sapling
A baby torrey pine with a playground in the background
Another torrey pine sapling
Evan Prodromou
1 month ago

Listening to this episode of Native Plants, Healthy Planet on #PawPaws. What a great discussion and a great project.


Sylvia Wright
1 month ago

Today, while I was spreading my neighbor's oak leaves in my gardens (great mulch and wildlife habitat), a very tattered California Sister #butterfly landed, for a moment, right on a sunny patch of leaves at my feet. Sisters require oaks for their caterpillar offspring. I made this pic of a CA Sister in late Sept. #NevadaCountyCA #Igardenforwildlife #leavetheleaves #gardening #nativeplants

A brown, gold and purple butterfly rests on the tip of an oak branch
J blue
1 month ago

Went #hiking today and went to my favorite American persimmon tree and it’s dying! 😭 The bark is falling off, the main trunk is broken near the top, and the fruits are really tiny! It might just be old judging by the size of its trunk.

The other wild tree had loads so I finished collecting seeds for the food security project. But I will need to ask if ppl still want the Diospyros seeds.

#rewilding #NativePlants #permaculture #gardening #ClimateDiary #climatechangegardening

A hand holding up a bunch of native persimmon fruits. They are round, gentle pinkish orange color and are larger than grapes. The tops to the fruit look like star of anise spice. The background is grass. 

Last year the fruits were 2.5 times the size of what is pictured.
A picture of a thick trunk showing that a large section of bark is peeled away. There is a bit of virginiana creeper and greenbrier growing up the trunk but not suffocating it.
A paper bag of American persimmon fruits from the other tree. There are around 40-60 fruits of various stages of ripeness. All were collected from the ground so some of the fruit are almost blue. I collected everything I could find. There is also a large twig of wild sumac near the top of the bundle of fruit.
Evan Prodromou
1 month ago

I planted more than 35 species of #NativePlants this fall. I know it's hard to grow plants from seed, but I have hope for new seedlings in the Spring, or next spring, or the one after that. I feel like a genetic engineer, bringing biodiversity to our backyard.

J blue
1 month ago


Really missing my redbud tree (Cercis canadensis) this fall. It had such beautiful peach colored leaves.

It fell over after successive tropical storms this fall. Arborist said it was near the end of its lifespan anyway. I searched all over for volunteer seedlings but couldn’t find any. 😔

#NativePlants #trees #FallColors #fall #cooking #plants #plantas #gardening #arbol @plants #TropicalStorm #rewilding

Sissoo soba with miso fermented popped huazontle seeds. 

Black background, black speckled plate reflecting light so it appears almost white. Five redbud leaves pointing outwards. They are shades are yellow and glowing peach. In the middle is a pile of green noodles arranged artfully haphazardly in a circle. Stick to the noodles are toasted wheat colored grains. 

The noodles are made from:

1/3c soba
1/3c wheat
1 1/2T ground sissoo leaves (really, a truckload of leaves)

It smelled like like green tea but when it cooked, that flavor mostly disappeared into the soba. 

Incidentally, when I was washing dishes around two hours later, I poured out the soba water from the pot used for boiling and found an errant noodle. This one tasted a bit like a fruity green tea soba noodle. So maybe if you overboil sissoo soba noodles, they’ll finally start tasting something other than just soba. 

The miso fermented popped huazontle still had astringency so ideally, they should be boiled.
J blue
2 months ago

Polistes fuscatus, dark paper wasp on Passiflora incarnata, maypop

Maypops are starting to turn bright yellow for the fall. 🍂

#InsektenSamstag #insects #insectos #NativePlants #GrowYourOwn #rewilding @plants #fallcolors #fall #Autumn #autumnleaves #wasp #gardening #jardin #plants #plantas #jardineria

A large mostly black wasp sits on a bright yellow folded leaf. The weight of the insect is making the leaf curl. The wasp has yellow bands on its abdomen and has hooked antennae like a shepherd’s crook. Its wings are translucent amber fading to black at the tips. Its legs are black to translucent amber towards the tarsii. 

Below the insect are more bright yellow leaves and behind it are light green leaves.
Native Plants
2 months ago

If you want to grow plants easily and cheaply by winter sowing, my YouTube video on preparing plastic bottles might be helpful. You can end up with hundreds of plants, especially if you grow plants that are native to your area.

I usually start a few around Christmas, but sow most seeds in January and February.

#NativePlants #Gardening #PlantPropagation

Texas Observer
2 months ago

“Typically, in a home landscape, the same twenty or so species are used repeatedly.”

But there's another way. Our Fall Environmental Fellow
Paula @levihncoon explains a better way to grow your #Texas backyard ... with Paula's gorgeous #photography, too:

#nature #gardening #NativePlants #summer #ClimateChange #environment

Jake Rayson
2 months ago

In the technically-not-a-recession UK, #GardenDesign has taken an understandable hit, because gardens are considered a *luxury*. A damning indictment but hey, that’s the economic lemons.

Luckily, I am still making #garden lemonade. If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden design budget, please see my portfolio.

I have nearly 10 years of #ForestGarden design experience, with an ornamental emphasis on #WildlifeGardening, #NativePlants & #WildFlowers


Curved gravel path past wooden fence in new garden
Jake Rayson
2 months ago

Whitest Bramble (Rubus fruticosus) in flower, in mid-October.

People say "how pretty" and "what lovely weather we're having".

The earth is dying at our hands and I really don't know how else to say that.

#ClimateDiary #ClimateEmergency #NativePlants #WildFlowers #BloomScrolling

White petalled open flowers
Native Plants
2 months ago

Photos from my Toronto garden. Oct 11, 2023.

-Lance leaved coreopsis. I love how one last wee little bloom is having its last hurrah.
-Spotted bee balm, which is a monarda that doesn't get mildew. Insects love this plant. Beside it is Black eyed Susan, and below is some Hoary vervain.
-Purple coneflower. A lot of my blooms got sick this year (aster yellows, mites), but these ones look good (phew).
-Great blue lobelia. Winter sown and planted in late July.

#NativePlants #PollinatorGarden

One single yellow coreopsis bloom among dried stems of coreopsis and purple coneflower
On left is spotted bee balm with many stems is bloom, looking light pink. On right is black eyed Susan, some in bloom, but most are dried up by now. There is also a bit of Hoary vervain at bottom of photo.
Three strong blooms of purple coneflower amidst multiple dried up stems.
Short great blue lobelia plants in bloom in front of fence.
Imagery by Rihilism
2 months ago

Not unlike Virginia creeper, staghorn sumac is one of the first plants/trees in my location to develop fall colors.

#trees #NativePlants #fall #fall2023 #autumn #AutumnLeaves #AutumWatch #nature #NaturePhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a sumac tree with green leaves that extend on both sides of slender branch and one branch with leaves that have turned their Fall orange color. Sumac trees or shrubs such as this one are relatively small at roughly three to four feet though they can grow up to twenty feet tall.
Image of a sumac tree with drooping green leaves that extend from both sides of slender branch and one branch with leaves that have turned their Fall orange color. Sumac trees or shrubs such as this one are relatively small at roughly three to four feet though they can grow up to twenty feet tall.
Image of a sumac tree with drooping green leaves that extend from both sides of slender branch and one branch with leaves that have turned their Fall orange color. Sumac trees or shrubs such as this one are relatively small at roughly three to four feet though they can grow up to twenty feet tall.
J blue
2 months ago

Harvested the Passiflora lutea today. This is for the food security + rewilding project.

There are around two seeds in every berry and I collected enough already for everyone who wanted them. They don’t taste very good: sweetish pen ink with hints of dish soap. They stain a blueish purple. The flowers are edible though and can be used as a garnish.

#gardening #permaculture #bloomscrolling #ClimateChangeGardening #rewilding #climatechange #ClimateDiary @plants #NativePlants

A small green passionflower. The whole flower gives the impression of an exploding star. The 5 sepals are larger and are long thin and pale green. The 5 petals are thinner, shorter and white. The long thin white filaments are as long as the sepals and are fewer in number than other Passiflora. A (probably) inexact count is 33. The ovary and stylus are also smaller and green. The operculum (ring around the center) is white. 

It is sticking up from a stem on a thin vine. Opposite is another bud. Behind the flower is a sea-green watermarked leaf.
A very poor image taken from my phone of the ripe berries I picked today. It was very bright outside and I couldn’t see what I was taking a photo of. There is a very thick long glare from the top left corner of the pic to the bottom right. Behind the glare are vines of the passion flower hanging down with loads of black berries hanging off individually from stems. The leaves look like cartoon dinosaur footprints. There is a tree trunk center left.
Passionfruit berries in a white bowl. They look a bit like blueberries but more ovaline and mostly black. Some of the berries are slightly shriveled. The skin is very delicate and a few are a little torn.

Phlox paniculata, fall phlox. Such a good friend to pollinators late in the year. #NA0410 #NativePlants

A bunch of white, five-petalled flowers, Phlox paniculata

Some updates.
We sold our business in June of 2023 and so we are officially retired.

We moved to a new (to us) home in Smyrna (also in June).

So far enjoying retirement, although the first month or two was unusually busy settling into our new home and dealing with business transition to the new owners.

Current project is turning our back yard into a garden focused on #NativePlants.

@monkeyflower also, side note, I've got Mimulus ringens (Allegheny monkeyflower) in my backyard. It's one of our lovely #NativePlants here in #NA0410

Mimulus ringens (Allegheny monkeyflower) in bloom
Evan Prodromou
2 months ago

One of the things I’m interested in is gardening with native plants. So, I love following the #NativePlants hashtag on the fediverse. I get to see people using native plants in their gardens, talking about interesting species, and showing great gardening photos.

However, the native plant gardening community is pretty big. And the social web is a world-wide social network. So someone posting about native plants in Israel or UK or Australia isn’t going to be posting about the same plants as I am. There are some shared practices and shared pain we all have to go through, but a lot of the specifics depend on where your garden is.

So, it would be neat to have a way to focus our posts about native plants on a specific area. One obvious choice is our political region — say, the state, city or country that your garden is in. So tagging #QuebecNativePlants or #UKNativePlants, or #NativePlants #UK.

There are a couple of problems with this. First, plants and animals often cluster into ecological areas. So, desert plants and animals live in the desert; swamp plants and animals live in the wetlands. If you’re trying to match your garden to the local ecosystem, planting desert plants in the wetlands isn’t going to work!

Many countries, states, and even cities encompass multiple ecological areas. So, “Quebec native plants” could mean plants native to the St. Laurent River lowlands, to the Appalachian mountains, or to the Alpine tundra of the far north. And the ecological areas extend past the borders of any region or country; my region has more in common with the ecology of Vermont and the Adirondacks than it does with that of the Atlantic coast.

So, I think it would be nice to tag our photos and posts with information about our local ecological area, and not worry so much about political borders.

The good news is that there are ecologists who have carefully studied the extent and boundaries of ecological areas worldwide. Even better news is that they often agree pretty well about the rough boundaries of these areas.

The bad news is that they don’t always use the exact same names for the regions. And, of course, the names are language dependent; we’ve got different names in English and French here in Quebec for the same ecoregions.

My garden is at the border (“ecotone“) of the WWF’s New England and Acadian forests ecoregion and the Eastern Great Lakes lowland forests ecoregion. But the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) calls the same places “Northern Appalachians and Atlantic Maritime Highlands” and “Eastern Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands”.

There are also codes to be used. The CEC calls these areas 5.3.1 and 8.1.1, in their dotted-number format. But the WWF calls them NA0410 and NA0226.

I think the right thing to do is use the WWF names and/or the WWF codes. They have worldwide coverage, unlike the CEC or EPA or ECCC ones. They are kind of long to write out, though!

I really like the fediverse’s hashtag culture, and I think this is something we can work out with practice. At worst, we’ll put multiple tags on the same post, so more people can find it. It’s not really that bad!

#NativePlants #QuebecNativePlants #UK #UKNativePlants

The pollinators are loving our New England asters (Symphotrichum novae-angliae) and Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis). It really makes me glad we planted them here!

#NativePlants #Ecotone #StLawrenceLowlands #NortheasternHighlands #BloomScrolling #florespondence

Yellow Canadian golden rod and purple New England asters with bumblebees and honeybees flying around. Our bur oak (Quercus macrocarpus) makes a cameo appearance.

This smooth aster (Symphotrichum laeve) has such a beautiful pale purple. It reminds me a lot of Cichorium intybus, common chicory.

#NativePlants #Ecotone #StLawrenceLowlands #Appalachians #BloomScrolling #Florespondence

Two light purple flowers of Symphotrichum laeve, the smooth aster