Nik Kantar
5 days ago


North Bay Python
1 week ago

More talk proposals please and thank you

#nbpy #python

Less than 18 hours left on the North Bay Python CFP. Go ahead, help make our reviewers' choice more difficult/our conference even better. #nbpy #python

Do you have your North Bay Python proposals in yet?

There still time, I promise! #nbpy #python

North Bay Python
1 week ago

It's the last day we're accepting talk proposals! We don't need to extend our deadline, so we won't.

What does that mean? If you want a chance to be on stage at North Bay Python, you need to get a talk in TODAY.

#nbpy #python #cfp #conference #sfba #sonomacounty #PyCon #PyConUS

Matt Cengia
2 weeks ago

OK, that's over 8 hours of Getting Things Done today; I think I'm going to call it a day!

✅ Breakfast
✅ Coffee
✅ Read emails
✅ Read/action browser tabs opened via email (FINALLY done)
✅ Lunch (Yay, I didn't forget to eat, even if it was at ~14:30!)
✅ Maybe rush through a last-minute #FOSSY proposal if I can think of a talk idea relevant to one of their tracks?
✅ Likewise for #nbpy
🔲 Start writing work to-do list
#Accountability #CollectiveAccountability #FocusTime #ADHD

I love the mad rush of proposals over the last two days of a CFP. In a matter of days, #nbpy has going from probably being able to scrape a program together to an embarrassment of riches.


North Bay Python
2 weeks ago




North Bay Python
2 weeks ago

@shauna Having a talk to give is a perfectly reasonable reason to have to go to #nbpy! Can't wait to see your proposal!

We congratulate @northbaypython on making #NBPy 2023 the second #PHPledge badged event 👏

The team is doing admirable work to creatively reimagine their event in the pandemic era.

➡️ Masks: Robust Policy
➡️ Vaccines: Efforts Made
➡️ Tests: Efforts Made
➡️ Ventilation: Robust Policy
➡️ Alternatives: Efforts Made

Health and Safety:
Badge Standard:

#Events #DEI #HealthAndSafety #OpenSource

A virtual flyer with the Public Health Pledge event badge assessment of North Bay Python 2023: Masks, robust policy. Vaccines, efforts made. Tests, efforts made. Ventilation, robust policy. Alternatives, efforts made. Thanks to the latest applicant for the PHPledge Event Badge! Badged on 2023-05-15 based on standard v2023-01.
North Bay Python
2 weeks ago

Meet Pete the extremely friendly barn cat, part of our trusted venue staff. He'll be around to greet speakers and attendees at North Bay Python.

Get your talk proposals in now, so you can meet him!

Submissions close Friday! #cfp #python #nbpy #CatsOfMastodon

A small light orange short hair barn cat stands looking up with his mouth open mid-meow on a grassy hill.

We run an independent review committee at #nbpy, led by the inimitable (and loudly opinionated) @skimbrel.

One rule I'm extremely fond of is that reviewers are instructed to only review based on what they see in the proposal. If a detail is not present, we assume it won't be covered.

Clickbait (acceptance-bait?) doesn't work. Spoilers are encouraged.

Other conferences may be different; you should read their guides before submitting to their conference. #cfp

If there's one piece of #CfP guidance I wish everyone knew:

If a conference puts up a detailed guide about how to maximise your chances of acceptance: read it, and apply that guidance in your proposal. If there are specific things they say you should do, do them! If there are things they say not to do, then don't do them.

Hint 1: #nbpy has a guide!

Hint 2: You can still edit your #nbpy proposals :)


North Bay Python
2 weeks ago

Want a chance to sit in our green room and contemplate the rolling hills of Sonoma County, California while you review your #nbpy talk slides?

Now's your chance!

Proposal submissions for North Bay Python 2023 close on Friday, so get your ideas in now! #python

A barn, with a bar in the foreground on the right, two picnic tables in the middle, a chandelier hanging from the rafters, and a big unglazed picture window with a hill and blue sky visible in the background. Very woody. Very rustic.

@brianokken Planning on submitting anything to #nbpy? Even if not, can you help spread the word? :)

My least favourite part of running a conference is the weeks leading up to the close of the CFP. A conference is nothing without talks, and talks need to be proposed and reviewed.

Thankfully, it looks like @northbaypython is going to have a full program worth of talks. Now all we need is a pile of last-minute proposals to make sure we can design a program that matches our audience's expectations.

Help us out? Submissions close Friday!

#nbpy #python

North Bay Python
2 weeks ago

It's the last week to get a talk proposal into North Bay Python 2023!

If you want to share your ideas with the world (or at least, whoever joins us in Petaluma in July), let us know on or before Friday.

All the details at

#Python #nbpy #PyConUS

North Bay Python
2 weeks ago

Good afternoon!

Have you submitted a proposal to #nbpy yet?


Oh. You should do that.

Reminded that it's both #Eurovision weekend, and the new #Zelda game is out tomorrow… which means I had really better get to work on my @pyconau, @djangocon, @conservancy #FOSSY, and #KiwiPyCon proposals today.

(And everyone else, you should work on your @northbaypython proposals before you get irretrievably distracted too!)

Each one of those CFPs close next week!

#python #cfp #PyConAU #nbpy #DjangoCon

North Bay Python
3 weeks ago

It's another great day to think about submitting a talk idea to #NBPy 2023!

We're looking for talks that will inform and inspire our audience of #Python fans. Submissions close next Friday, May 19th.

Details and submissions link is at

For your consideration, please enjoy a photo of the SMART train whizzing past our venue.


A pastoral scene, with rolling green hills partially covered in trees in the background. An irrigation pond is in the mid-field, with a small green and silver DMU train moving along a causeway. The grey-blue sky is full of big fluffy clouds.

@frank I did mean years…

… but also there's a small winery on the property at the #nbpy venue, so if you're in the area… 😂

I just submitted a (brand new) talk to @northbaypython

Let's see if they like it!

#nbpy #Python #Conference #CFP

It's just over two weeks from May 19th, which means two weeks to get your #nbpy talk proposals in!

Three reasons you might want to get a talk in:

1. We have a glorious semi-outdoor venue, and speakers get a green room where you can ponder the rolling hills of Sonoma County as you relax before your talk.
2. We're a welcoming event, with a friendly audience of everyone from students to core #Python developers.
3. We want to be able to invite you to speak!


North Bay Python
1 month ago

We're still accepting talk proposal ideas for North Bay Python!

If you've done something the Python community might like to know of, why not submit a talk? Submissions close May 19th.

All the details, and a link to our form are at: #NBPy #python #PyCon

North Bay Python
1 month ago

There's a new way to get to #NBPy from SF!

Take your bike on a sunset ferry ride past the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island, hop on the train to Petaluma. Stay the night before riding to #NBPy!

Convenient? Maybe. Astonishingly beautiful? Definitely.

A photo of blue skies with whispy clouds, rolling green hills with some trees on them, and the Petaluma River in the foreground. A small train is cutting through the mid-field of the shot, just behind the river.

Spent yesterday afternoon doing #nbpy things. Checked out the venue and the cats with @skimbrel and @josh, and pulled apart the budget so that we can run the conference on a tiny amount of sponsorship.

(Want to sponsor? We'd be extremely grateful. Https:// ) #python #PyCon

A View from the back of a barn, whose front door is half open letting lots of light in. There is a projector beaming across the ambient light onto a similarly impacted projector screen.

Josh is sitting near the screen, petting a small cat

I just realised the conference I'm running is going to need to provide tick-check guidance as part of our admin slides.

#nbpy is going to have the weirdest admin slides.

#pycon #python

North Bay Python
1 month ago

Good morning #PyConUS! Got some free time waiting for a flight? Looking for something to do with your sprint day? Submit a talk to #nbpy!

Our CFP is open today, tomorrow, and every day until May 19th!


Submit a talk:

@frank Was great to run into you, hopefully I can see you at #nbpy!

North Bay Python
1 month ago

Happy #caturday! This is Paulina, one of #nbpy's friendly venue cats.

If you want a chance to meet her, why not submit a talk to our #CFP? All the details are at

#PyConUS #python

Paulina, the long-haired orange-white cat, is laying down flopped on a concrete slab and door mat, right next to some shod feet and legs that are extending from the bottom-right of the image.

@moshez I feel like #nbpy's venue cats are a suitable alternative

This is our speaker lounge/preparation room, where you can sit and contemplate the rolling green hills of Sonoma County, California as you madly finish writing your slides at #nbpy.

Our #CFP is open!

@northbaypython @PyConUS

The inside of Reis River Ranch's saloon barn. There are two picnic tables in the middle, and the rear picture window frames a beautiful view of rolling green hills under a blue sky
North Bay Python
1 month ago

Hello #PyConUS! Come find Chris, our conference director, if you want one of our new-season #nbpy stickers, or a handy card with our #CFP and conference dates.

Oh, and our CFP is open: all the details are at

A pile of North Bay Python logo stickers, showing off the blue sky and python logo-shaped green hills in front of fluffy cartoon clouds. A single business card for the conference, in a similar style, sits atop it. It reads North Bay Python, Petaluma, California, July 29 & 30.

Feel free to think about #nbpy instead, we have a CFP open 🙃

Bought some memory retention devices to help promote #nbpy this week.

(Also, maybe submit a talk?)

Business cards for North Bay Python. They contain dates for the conference and the CFP closing, 29-30 July, and 19 May respectively.

This is Pete, the barn tiger, yet another of the #nbpy venue cats. He lives just to the left of where our stage will be.

Pete compels you to submit to our CFP:

#CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #python

Pete, a ginger cat with a white back foot and golden eyes is looking at you from the asphalt surface he is standing on.
North Bay Python
1 month ago

Did we mention our incredible venue? Our hall is a barn set on 600 acres of riverfront grassland just south of Petaluma. The barn's semi-outdoors, and our "hallway track" is basically the entire ranch.

Want to speak? #nbpy #python #pycon #cfp #pyconus

The North Bay Python 2023 venue: Reis River Ranch in Petaluma, California. The sky is a vibrant blue with whispy white clouds scattered throughout. Below it, rolling green hills with live oak trees. In the centre, a small cluster of farm buildings. At the bottom of the shot, a small lake has formed. Bliss (lol).

Using #pretalx for this year's #nbpy CFP, and I was genuinely impressed with the self-install/self-configuration experience. Genuinely pleased to have made the jump over, and that's before even one proposal submission has been made.

Thanks, @rixx!

North Bay Python
1 month ago

We care about the impact our work has on the world around us, so we want our conference to be as inclusive as possible. That means:

- COVID precautions, especially indoors
- Financial aid where needed
- Outreach and mentorship for new speakers.

We want to hear from you! #nbpy

North Bay Python
1 month ago

It's finally time: We're looking for talk proposals for #nbpy 2023! If you want to be on stage at Northern California's best outdoor-ish, farm-based #python conference, we want to hear from you!

Submissions close May 19th. #python #pycon #pyconus

@glyph thanks, did you want to sponsor #nbpy?

I have been officially* reprimanded by a fellow #nbpy organiser for not telling them that there is a friendly venue cat.

I profusely apologise. Want to meet Paulina? Sign up for our newsletter:

This is Paulina, the #nbpy venue cat. She is extremely sociable, and immediately demands scritches and back rubs from anyone who she decides to visit. #CatsOfMastodon #catstodon

You are looking from above at Paulina, a light brown longhaired cat is sitting pretty on a concrete slab. Her tail is extended out along the ground, and she is looking out into middle distance.

Unrelatedly, I'm really pleased to have a health and safety (see: COVID) policy in place for #nbpy, even before we open our CFP. We're not doing as much as I'd like (small event; tests/vaccine verification costs a lot), but we've got a lot in there that I'm very happy with.

Why not take a look and see what a small, community-focused event can do: @phpledge #nbpy #python #phppledge

North Bay Python
2 months ago

Oh, I guess we also have a website now:

#nbpy #python

North Bay Python
2 months ago

We're still in soft-launch mode (until early next week, probably), but we're starting to look for sponsors for @northbaypython's 2023 edition.

Want to help make the best little community Python conference happen?
Have we got the opportunity for you: #nbpy #python