3 weeks ago

Che gran #RhythmGame che è Crypt of the #Necrodancer , e che colonna sonora!

Per chi lo conosce nella zona 3 ci sono due aree, una calda e una fredda. Cambiando l'area in cui si muove il nostro personaggio cambia anche l'arrangiamento della canzone che dà il ritmo ai nostri movimenti.
Video per capire meglio:

Un mio caro amico ha unito le due tracce, montandone una nel canale dx e una nel canale dx.
Il risultato in cuffia è fenomenale:

6 months ago

Preview: Hands-on with Rift of the NecroDancer at PAX East 2023
A novel twist on rhythm action games that throws in combos, stacking, and even a little Rhythm Heaven
#Previews #BraceYourselfGames #hands-on #NecroDancer #pax #paxeast #preview #RiftoftheNecrodancer

Carrie E, Craft++
7 months ago

Hey folks! I've updated my Etsy with a few new items, and adjusted priced down on a few existing ones. You can find it here, with coupon code:

#Pokemon #necrodancer #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #hades #dungeonsanddragons #beholder #crafter

A hand holding framed art of Eevee plus all 8 Eeveelutions from Pokemon. They are on a background of green grass and encircling a Pokeball. The Eevees are made of Perler beads and look delightfully pixellated.
Framed art, on a wooden background, of 3 characters from Crypt of the Necrodancer. A skeleton dances with Cadence, while Freddie Merchantry sings in the background. A chest, a diamond, and the beating tempo heart are visible as interface pieces.
A close-up of a dice tray with a stony texture. In the inset, a beholder made of polymer clay and 11 googly eyes smiles toothily at a 20-sided die. It has rolled a 20.
A giant minotaur demon stands in profile on a stormy background. Its paint scheme colors mirror those of Asterius from the game Hades.
9 months ago

It's taken so many years of attempting, getting frustrated, quitting, getting back on the horse but I finally did it. Zone 4 of #Necrodancer finally cleared! #videogames

Steam achievement reads: Today
In The Zone (4)
Complete zone 4 with solo Cadence!
8.7% of players have this achievement
There's also an image which shows pixelart of a purple banner on a brick wall with the number 4 off set to the side
TapTap 🎮
9 months ago

Important Poll!

Do you listen to your Necrodancer OST with or without the shopkeep?

Personally, I say let him blow. Man has the best set of pipes I've ever heard. When he hits those high notes 🤏 👌

#necrodancer #cryptofthenecrodancer #gaming #polls

Maxim Lebedev
1 year ago

Произошёл "ебать-копать moment": разработчики #Necrodancer решили починить игру спустя 5 лет молчания. Примерно столько же лет назад я разочаровался в игре по которой так дико угарал, что даже забросил работу над собственным модом c саундтреком. Возможно, повод вернуться?

Maxim Lebedev
2 years ago

#NecroDancer также опубликован:

Уже опубликованные треки обновлены чтобы треки можно было скачать со всеми нужными мета-тегами. Ну и немного подправил стили чтобы было поинтереснее и скрипт, который исключает какафонию из кучи запущенных плееров, да ещё и хранит установленный ранее уровень громкости. В мобилках тоже должно хорошо работать, но MediaSessionAPI с компа не потестить, так что гарантий у меня для вас нет. Но и без них должно быть достаточно.

Maxim Lebedev
2 years ago

Из недостающего остались лишь отмененный альбом мода #necrodancer и мета-альбом с каверами. Их дозалью в ближайшие дни.

Rémi Rampin
5 years ago

Beat the #Necrodancer daily with the DLC! Feeling good 😎

Rémi Rampin
5 years ago

Just did my best run ever in #Necrodancer, feeling pretty good! 😌
Surprised I made it this far with a gamepad

Crypt of the Necrodancer, scorescreen