David Benfell
21 hours ago

New instance, new #introduction.

I see this instance has a *nice* *long* character limit for posts.

I have a Ph.D. in Human Science (2016, Saybrook University), which is about the experience of being human in social contexts. It is the mother of the social sciences but is now, at least in the English speaking world, and at least as far as I can tell, a dead field.

I studied #conservatism for my #dissertation. And yes, the #Democrats are far too #conservative for me.

Once upon a time, a very, very long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a computer programmer. It was the wrong career choice.

I am a #vegan #LibertarianSocialist (recovering #anarchist) mostly from the #SanFrancisco #BayArea in #California, presently residing in #Pittsburgh, #Pennsylvania, hoping to move to #erie

In #kyriarchy, I mostly focus on #classism and #ageism, but since arriving in Pittsburgh, have been confronted with blatant #racism (and yes, many white people here do see it). But #SocialJustice has to be for everybody; to focus on any one identity, to the exclusion of others, is nothing more than to elevate that identity over that of the predominantly wealthy white males who are now in charge.

I oppose all #imperialism and #SettlerColonialism, not just U.S. and NATO imperialism and settler-colonialism. Having lived on the underbelly of #capitalism most of my life, I am #anticapitalist and ferociously opposed to #neoliberalism. I oppose physical and structural violence.

Human beings have #HumanRights. These rights are not constrained by their governments' failures to ratify certain human rights treaties.

#Borders exist to mark off territory controlled by elites whose competition accounts for most if not all wars and to deny human beings on the "wrong" side of an arbitrary line rights and privileges available on the "right" side. This cannot be justified ethically. I am hostile to #xenophobia

Finally, I am pessimistic about the future of humanity. #COVID19 and the #ClimateCrisis demonstrate our unfitness for survival.

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
2 days ago

Impact of #MMT theory of value

(Derived from a previous response)

Once uppon a time, there was a lie to maintain the argument, that salesmen are making the money and #workers are not involved in creating value anyhow.

When this lie collapsed, they came with another lie (called #Keynesianism)

When this lie collapsed, they came with the next lie (called #Neoliberalism)

Now the bourgeoise predominantly white race has invented another lie?

Meanwhile 50% of energy is consumed by 10% of the people, of which 90% are white.

The poor global south will suffer first and most of #ClimateChange effects.

The #IPCC suggests tax paying to be used for the green transition and refers to papers of a lot of MMT thesis supporting scientists or in other words:

The global white and rich north, that looted the word for centuries don't want to pay a single tax cent, if so just to provide credits with "low interests" to the global south.

So in this sense, I don't believe MMT has good intentions, but to keep on lying and maintain white wealth and the idea, that wealth is just an imagination and unrelated to western armies and companies around the world that keep on killing and looting.

The stability of the #Dollar is foremost a condition of violence. The more violence you can apply, the more stable it appears. For sure I know, that many countries profit to a certain extend from a stable currency. And so everyone plays he wants to align with the rich. (why else does nobody act on #Gaza)

According my value theory, #Biden does the right decision giving #Israel direct access to its weapon stockpiles.

The reason is: To maintain #value! Is this already MMT? 🤔 No it isn't. MMT is just as blind as the other theories.

2 days ago

It's not trickle down - it's a PISSTAKE! 🎵

#UK #Politics #Labour #Neoliberalism

It's not trickle down it's a pisstake (feat. Keir Starmer)
Credits: The Skewer
Miro Collas
4 days ago

Stretched NHS even less ready to cope with a new pandemic, scientists warn | Health | The Guardian

That's exactly what the #Tories want, to cripple, then destroy the #NHS

#Capitalism #Neoliberalism

Leftist Lawyer
4 days ago

In response to Cass Sunstein and @freepeoplesfreepress

What we experience today is not "liberalism" in the classic sense whatsoever. Should we actually still practice the liberalism of the Roosevelt era, I highly doubt there would be much in the way opposition to liberalism in the U.S.

What we practice today is #NEOLIBERALISM. Or, liberalism completely dominated by "finance capitalism" as described in the link I post below by #MichaelHudson & #SteveKeen.

Evidence of this fact is the utter disappearance in the U.S. of industrial capitalism & industrial policy -- again spoken of in depth below.

The critique of "liberals" by the left is truly a critique of neoliberalism -- government by corporate financiers and rent seekers -- wedded to the neoliberal political strategy of using identity politics to undermine class cohesion. The Clintons really got the Democrats rolling down this road. Obama doubled down on it -- see the wall street bailout, yo. Biden is just another clone with some frilly left topping to make it look like he's different because people are catching on.

Then, ask yourself where "liberals" get the majority of their campaign contributions? Huh? Yup ... you guessed it: Wall Street.

So, please Mr. *master of rhetoric* Sunstein ... spare me the crocodile tears about the left laying "siege" to liberalism. We're not. We're laying siege to the neoliberalism that you, and your ilk benefit from at the expense of the people -- an analysis Sunstein OH SO CONVENIENTLY forgets to include in his "high minded" rhetoric filled screed.

#news #socialism #liberal #politics

ZNet (unofficial)
4 days ago

Can't imagine what it would look like now...

(image reproduced from "Chaos or Community" by Holly Sklar)
#trickledown #economy #inequality #capitalism #labor #neoliberalism #meme #humor

The erosion of the American middle class
1970: a human pyramid with working and middle class people holding an upper class's car on the top; 1980: trickle down action erodes the pyramid; 1990: trickle down makes only a few people hold a large car while the bottom inflates; 2000: three middle class persons hold a luxury car while standing on a heap of working class people.
PoliticalPuffin in the UK
5 days ago 1/n Hi all 👋 With all the terrible things that are happening to #humans across the globe, you may wonder why this story piqued my interest.

Apart from it being the quintessential #Guardian, #Neoliberalism 'protect the state-usquo' (no, not the 70s band of my childhood) at all costs, piece, it is also the upholders of law making 'arguments' for not upholding the law.

A cop, driving at 80mph in order not to miss out on the chance of shooting someone...

Hannu Ikonen, MD
6 days ago

So, people are mad at inequality & feel isolated/lonely & unheard in their hardships, so are punching down on vuln. immigrants

Per The Guardian Article I just skimmed

If thats how the Right is winning in IT, NL etc

Then we need to offer a supportive, community-building alternative

This is the inevitable consequence of Stand for Nothing, Fall for Everything, have it both ways, inequity-reinforcing neoliberalism aka flaccid Leftism

Third Way is dead.

#neoliberalism #LateStageCapitalism

Sara Hjelm
6 days ago

Another Swedish municipality demanding more of its school staff but offering less resources … @Skolinkvisition is on tour giving seminars. This is a never ending story.
(Scroll to the bottom and get an easy translate)

#neoliberalism @education

6 days ago

@statsguy not only a #nazi, also a #putin lover. A dangerous sad little man.
The Dutch Tory party #vvd has normalized #fascism speach and the media are all in to get many people watching their commercial shows.
#neoliberalism leads to #fascism worldwide.

wilders in russian parlement

Wilders collecting money and medals in the Russian Duma.
1 week ago

@hembrow #neoliberalism leads to #fascism

#neoliberalism leads to #fascism

#neoliberalism leads to #fascism

#neoliberalism leads to #fascism
#neoliberalism abolishes institutions that can solve real problems, by handing over essential state coordination to the highest bidder.
Then when problems come they cant be solved since coordination ability has vanished.
On top of that oligopolies have So much power they can stop any meaningful change

#neoliberalism leads to #fascism

Anders Baerbock
1 week ago

Enforcing the usage of the US dollar in Argentina in order to replace the national currency constitutes neither «neoliberalism» nor «free market»; rather, constitutes hard-core colonialism.

When some people hit rock bottom, they keep digging further (and further).

#Argentina #colonialism #neoliberalism #freemarket

Sally Strange
1 week ago

Been reading up a lot about neoliberals lately.

Turns out that the people who love capitalism the most and want to protect it at all costs don't think that it inevitably leads to democracy. In fact they think too much democracy leads inevitably to socialism, and sought (often successfully) to encase capitalism within the protection of national and international law in order to fend off democratic attacks on "economic freedom," aka, the right of a small slice of humanity to take their piles of money wherever they want and be assured of finding desperate low-wage workers wherever they go.

#neoliberalism #democracy #economics #socialism #PrivateProperty

1 week ago

@BenjaminHCCarr @EU_Commission poison's civilians and devastates #biodiversity according to its #neoliberalism views

1 week ago

I will never #ShutUp about how #USA tried to kill all of my family. I won't shut up about how #ResistanceArmy fought to free us. I won't ever forget #USwarCrimes & how #American govt still refuses to do #reparations.

I refuse to be OK with ppl putting #Biden on pedestal because they're terrified of #Trump - Biden supported #CarpetBombing my ppls.

I refuse to be OK with ppl literally playing into #neoliberalism & being OK with USA funding more war.

You need to find better #POTUS candidate.

demï7en 🎗
1 week ago

🤨 Unethical tax-evading labour-abusing online oligarchs selling
🧐 proprietary non-repairable disposable gadgets
🤯 manufactured in hostile dictatorship hellbent on eradicating democracy on earth.
🙄 People: TAKE MY MONEY! 💵️💰️

🫣 Yeah, apparently we simply can't *choose* to have *all* good things in life, but...

.. maybe give those above-mentioneds as little of your money as possible? 🤔

#blackfriday #cybermonday #consumerism #globalism #dictatorship #neoliberalism #inequality #climatechange

Categorical Imperative
1 week ago

#kultur #medien #wirtschaft
#alternative zum #neoliberalismus #arbeit #bedingungslosesgrundeinkommen #bge #buch #rezension #gemeinwohl #culture #media #economy #neoliberalism #work #book #review #commonwealth

Was eine Person früher in zweieinhalb Tagen geschaffen hat, schafft sie jetzt an einem. Das ist der Mittelwert der Produktivitätssteigerung über alle Branchen gesehen, vom Industriearbeiter bis zur Lehrerin und zum Krankenpfleger.

Felipe :wyd:
1 week ago

On his first announcement the future president of Argentina said YPF state oil company, all the public media and the central bank will be shoot down. Foreign companies will take control of the main source of income the gov has, while destroying 3/4 of all ministries, the currency will be controlled by the USA, he will overwrite the laws that protect tenants from landlord's abuse.
He also promised any protests will be severely repressed

#argentina #neoliberalism

1 week ago

OnlineFirst - "Planning deregulation as solution to the housing crisis: The affordability, amenity and adequacy of Permitted Development in London" by Ian Chng, @jreades, and Phil Hubbard:

#housing #neoliberalism #planning #adequacy #affordability

Integration Nightmare
1 week ago

I guess now the whole world will see that so called anarcho-capitalism has nothing to do with #anarchism and is just another form of exploitation of the poor by the rich... right? #Neoliberalism #Argentine #Capitalism

Ingo Stützle
1 week ago

Already 20 years ago, Peck/Tickell made a distinction between roll-back and roll-out #neoliberalism in order to understand that the neoliberal project cannot design a model for the future, but is rather confronted with its own contradictions. #Milei and others are advocates of the position that the solution is even more market. #argentina


I'm sure that both the Carters can be described as decent individuals, and thus far removed from some some recent monster denizens of the White House.

Yet we should not allow this affection to whitewash Carter's record as president. The dismantling of regulation in many areas of the economy paved the way for Reagan:

#JimmyCarter #Neoliberalism

2 weeks ago

The 1980s and 1990s weren’t good to everyone. #usa #neoliberalism

2 weeks ago

#introduction time
Ecologist, did some university environmental stuff, then #memetics policy analysis (6 years)
No PhD (#burnout) then turned to IT.
Ciso #infosec now for a Dutch #youthcare organization.
Found out I'm #autistic at age 53, also #hb. 2 kids and married with photographer
Interested in many many things, but deeply into #trees # nature #insects #ecology #memes #neoliberalism (as a #memeplex) Also like to use #python to make cool things to fill @bomengidsnl

2 weeks ago

best speech ever. #gop and #neoliberalism is anti society and pro cruelty. watch what that means

2 weeks ago

#NGIForum23 Our social system based on greed and selfishness - #neoliberalism is obviously incompatible with #FOSS #openweb and basic human survival in the era of #climatechaos and #XR

If you think outside "common sense", it's obviously incompatible with "European values" we talk about and base our #FOSS tech on.

How do we build on these "native" non-commercial codebases and ethos. Let's not keep pushing the same #dotcons paths or #geekproblem paths of "sustainability".

2 weeks ago

Surely this bit of "folk wisdom" is oversimplified, and probably includes some bad assumptions/definitions, nevertheless I find it essentially true and a significant argument against the rule of law:

"Good people don’t need laws and bad people don’t follow them."

(from: )

An interesting thing about this is that "good people" (or at least those who self-identify as such) also don't obey laws.

Anyone who has ever knowingly and intentionally driven faster than the speed limit can fuck all the way off if they try to promote the rule of law! Same with anyone who has ever withheld any info or "fudged" any reporting of transactions in order to pay less taxes.

Such hypocrisy reveals the true character of "rule of law".

Another thing about this is that our system tends to select bad people to make the laws and to enforce them.

It's just a circle of shit all around.

Of course the rule of law does not rule the world, it is subservient to the true god of this world: Capital. So again the rule of law stans are simply wrong; their picture of how things work is defective and dysfunctional.

#RuleOfLaw #neoliberalism #capitalism

Sally Strange
2 weeks ago

Follow-up questions about #neoliberalism:

Did you know that neoliberalism was so called by its own inventors and adherents? In other words, it wasn't a term applied by outsiders and later adopted by the group.

Sally Strange
2 weeks ago

I'm reading "Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism" by Quinn Slobodian and it's very good, do recommend. I'm about 2/3 finished now. It's just got me wondering about people's perceptions of neoliberalism. Gonna ask some questions in poll form, please #boost.

Do you (think you) know what neoliberalism is? Are you a self-ID'd liberal?

Neoliberals probably aren't reading this but I guess I'll include an option for them too.

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

Anyone who defends the status quo in 2023 is either a fool or an asshole and quite possibly both.

#climateCrisis #lateStageCapitalism #neoliberalism #riseOfFascism #etc

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Instead, all I have is all I am now, and I don't much like myself now. When I talk to friends, I find myself always discussing about things I did in the past, when I used to be interesting and do interesting things. Because what else do I have to talk about? My life lacks excitement, and whatever "excitement" is in it is usually the stressful kind, not the fun kind. I talk like my grandmother did when she reached a certain age and of all of her friends, she was the only one still living. Or I sound like my parents used to, always stressed about money and always trying to think one step ahead of every possible economic downturn or disaster.

That's not what I wanted to grow up to be, but maybe that's what #capitalism forces us to be, especially when #neoliberalism has stripped away any sort of support or expectation that the government might, you know, help us instead of just doling out more tax breaks for billionaires who don't need them.

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I suppose there's something superficial to my pre- #pandemic #self. After all, instead of focusing on the present, I was living in the future, a future that never came to fruition. There is something shallow and thoughtless about that— #capitalism needs us to be in that mindset so it can sell us a lifestyle. So much of #neoliberalism is about becoming ourselves through #consumerism, as though buying certain clothes, eating certain food, and paying to go certain places will make you a certain type of person, an enviable, Instagramnable one who can convince others to spend money to be just like you!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't taken in by that, but I also want to give myself some credit, since my pre- #covid life was largely focused on activism, and I was very much a true believer when it came to #socislism and building a better, more radical, more just world. I had selfish aspirations, but I also had more selfless ones, and I wanted to be more than just a consumer.

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

In general, I'm seeing fewer spaces online for writing and sharing stories via writing. I thought it was maybe just me, until a podcaster I listen to, who's a former writer, mentioned that there's less money in it. Venture capitalists are bored by the written word now, I guess, so they're not putting money into online writing. (They are putting money into #LLMs like #ChatGPT so that the robots, who don't need to be paid, can do the writing rather than people.) It seems like anyone who wants to share their perspective with the world needs to do so via video or at least audio. There's less of a market for websites that rely on text. Writers now seem to have pivoted to video or they put out their own individual newsletters, but there are fewer spaces for people to write and reliably get paid for it.

#Precarity #Neoliberalism #Capitalism #LateStageCapitalism #Writing #Internet #InternetCulture #InternetSpaces

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

In 2020, the #pandemic stripped away the illusion that #capitalism and #neoliberalism worked for at least some people. Under neoliberalism, the current arrangement is that if you work, if you suffer the exploitation and oppression and indignities your employer foists on you, then you at least get shiny, little distractions. You get to buy little indulgences that let you pretend things are okay. I think that's why so many people freaked out about restaurants closing in 2020. They lost the temporary illusion that they could go out and have people prepare their meals and wait on them--they lost the illusion that they could pretend to be rich. They lost other distractions like sports and shopping and movie theaters and bars.

The #capitalists and the politicians in their pockets needed to bring these distractions back as quickly as possible. That's why we're now stuck in this position where everyone is pretending #covid is over and that #covid19 is not a serious, disabling, deadly disease.


Kat ♾️
3 weeks ago

Via @pluralistic: “#Neoliberalism is many things, but most of all it is a cult of individualism.”

Cory Doctorow
3 weeks ago

In the end, the market-based pension makes you the sucker at the poker table, flushing your savings into a rigged casino that is firmly tilted in favor of finance barons and other eminently guillotineable plutocrats.

#Neoliberalism is many things, but most of all it is a cult of individualism.


UC Access Now
4 weeks ago
Detail of linked document. The speaker  is Clark Kerr, former President of the UC system. The word "salary" is highlighted because this section turned up in a search for what chancellors were making. "I could see why they would want to look at what was paid for big jobs in industry, but I thought it was more important for the president to be looked upon as a member of the academic profession and not be too far out of line with what faculty members got. In fact, when I was president, the regents had several times wanted to raise my salary, and I said I didn't want it. I had in mind two things. One, I didn't think it was wise for the president to receive more than the governor of the state. I just thought that might cause some trouble with the governor or the people in Sacramento.   Now, let me say they also said if I was going to keep myself below the governor, then I ought to get the retirement plan the governor had, and I said no, I wanted to get the retirement plan the faculty members had. So the highest salary I received for being head of this big university was $45,000. The governor then, I guess, got something like $47,000. And I kept to the faculty-I mean, I'm saying this as a matter of principle and also the action which I followed, that it was better to think of it as an academic position rather than as a business position.   I thought David ought to thank the regents for their consideration but that he ought to say he'd rather be at a somewhat lower level."
1 month ago

@bsmall2 @aral @glynmoody

Have been using the #deathcult hashtag as a synonym of #neoliberalism, which is old fundamentalist capitalism that has come in waves, look at "classical liberalism" of the Victorian era that lead to the Irish and Bengal famines. And the last 40 years of mess in the west.

This is a mess we need to compost agen.

Miro Collas
1 month ago

@ChrisMayLA6 What the #Tories are doing *is* long-term and intentional: their aim is to destroy and sell off public services. It started back with Thatcher, and has been on-going ever since.
The tragic thing is that most simply don't see that because they ignore the past.


1 month ago

@JoelBarr @breadandcircuses From my position of total ignorance of what will happen, my money is on change having to come from the bottom up. That is how the #Christofascists got to where they are. Many rural people would like to see that. It is how Trump got a portion of that vote, feigning #WorkingClass sympathies. Many rural persons were directly injured severely by #neoliberalism. They were abandoned by the #DemocraticParty,."Nature abhors a vacuum"? Now they have #BrandLoyalty to overcome.

1 month ago

"Yet now the classic rainy day has arrived, Hipkins and his cabinet have decided to reduce spending on emissions reductions designed to stop future days from being even rainier. In making this choice, he has exposed the real priorities of both National and Labour over the last 20 years of fiscally tight policies. It was not for saving for rainy days."

Bernard Hickey

#NZPolitics #GrandCoalition #neoliberalism

Miro Collas
1 month ago

We Went To Puerto Rico: The Most Unequal Place in America - YouTube

#Capitalism #Inequality #Neoliberalism #PuertoRico

Nigel Purchase
1 month ago


Just so. #Neoliberalism has proved to be a catastrophic failure.

Jack of all trades
1 month ago

Therein lies the problem with the Paris Agreement; it is a fantasy which lacks any actual plan of how to achieve the targets for emissions reductions.

Strong words from Clive Spash. I recommend reading the whole thing, it's just five pages plus references, but it very clearly explains why nations to this day fail to address climate change.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #economics #ParisAgreement #degrowth #GreenGrowth #capitalism #neoliberalism

The contradiction at the heart of the Paris Agreement is actually unsurprising because the powerful lobbying for growth as the solution to climate change has for some time been orchestrated by corporate business and financiers using the rhetoric of a green economy. As I have noted elsewhere (Spash, 2014), this has involved the combination of arguments for growth alleviating poverty with the necessity of environmental risk management, and ‘green’ technology promoted through trillions of dollars being directed towards ‘entrepreneurs’ (i.e. multinational corporations), to create a ‘new economy’. Technology and innovation are key to this position with its neo-Austrian economics and ‘free market’ rhetoric. Climate change policy must be crafted accordingly to serve the capital accumulating growth economy, and so the latter becomes the solution to (not the cause of) the former.

Unfortunately, many environmental non-governmental organisations have bought into this illogical reasoning and justify their support as being pragmatic. Neoliberal language is rife across their reports and policy recommendations and their adoption of natural capital, ecosystems services, offsetting and market trading. These new environmental pragmatists believe, without justification, that the financialisation of Nature will help prevent its destruction.
LM Little
1 month ago

I agree! We need to pick up this 50 year community #activism resource and get to work NOW! #Neoliberalism and the extreme #capitalism of 21st century oligarchs just aren't working for you and me and Mother Earth.

#books #economics #SmallIsBeautiful

1 month ago

@LeftistLawyer @breadandcircuses Am doing radiation treatment. One of the nurses came to the US in early 1990s from a small town in central Siberia. She said it was because of the disruptions caused by the dissolution of the USSR. Laments how the stores went from having food and other goods to bare shelves. She was very angry at Gorbachev, whom she blamed. Found this to be very interesting. A case study in the failure of imposed #neoliberalism? Would love to talk over a vodka to two.

Dave Johnson
1 month ago

The pie keeps growing, but the share of the pie going to a few already-wealthy Richfucktons grows faster, so the rest of us get poorer and poorer.

#economy #neoliberalism

1 month ago


Ugh he believes in Hayek's Magic Calculator AND Objectivism (he tries to obscure the latter by listing John Galt and not Ayn Rand as one of his patron saints).

I can't help but think of Pinochet when I think of one of Andreesen's other patron saints, Milton Friedman.

#HayeksMagicCalculator #neoliberalism #objectivism #montpelerin

Nigel Purchase
2 months ago

How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

Who owns us and our politicians? Oil-soaked billionaires. We are their peons, serfs.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Freedom #Neoliberalism #Socialism

2 months ago

Why is this election so grim? And why are National and Labour so depressingly similar?

I wrote a long, furious explainer:

All my writing is available for free. If you get any value out of this post, I ask that you boost or otherwise share it. Thanks!

#nzpol #neoliberalism

An image of the “this is fine” meme, with text added that says “The party that can’t and the party that won’t”
2 months ago

@ProPublica #Neoliberalism #Capitalism #PublicHealth #CorporateOligarchy Coupled with this one has to wonder how much longer we will suffer the survival of such a disgustingly inhumane society.

Jack of all trades
2 months ago

"No, Kurzgesagt, We WON'T Fix Climate Change - The Danger of Fake Optimism"

BadEmpanada dissects toxic positivity of capitalist propaganda on climate. He doesn't mince words, I love it.

The promises made today are garbage. You need to get angry. You need to get furious and you need to demand far, far more.

#doomers #capitalism #colonialism #neoliberalism #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Chris Simpson
2 months ago

I often think about why, given that it is within reach, aren't we living in a poverty-free utopia.

This new film by George Monbiot promises to share some answers to that question:

But he needs a little help with funding:

#inequality #poverty #neoliberalism

UC Access Now
2 months ago

Remember that feeling of how you made a suggestion in a work meeting which got ignored, but when a white dude in marketing repeated your idea as his, it was suddenly genius?

That's what it's been like with the Demandifesto. UC Davis now adds alt text & image description on some of its media, but never credits UC Access Now with the change. #UCAccessNow #Accessibility #Neoliberalism

Screenshot from UC Davis' official LinkedIn page post. A bio photo of a white femme with brown & grey hair parted on the left side, wearing earrings and smiling in a 3/4 view. The bio photo is superimposed over an abstract background with UC colors of blue and gold. Text says "Julie Greenwood will join UC Davis as its next dean of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) starting on Oct. 16, 2023. Learn more:

Image description: A photo of Julie Greenwood above a blue and yellow background."

Addendum 14

The unconscionable wealth of racist troll Elon Musk

Elon Musk, $269.3 billion USD net worth 2023-09-11 up $17.9B; #1 in world

If Musk spent $1 million/day:

* $269,000,000,000 / ($1,000,000/day) = 269,000 days
* 269,000 days / (365.25 days/year) = 736.481 years

#Musk #DefundBillionaires #plutocracy #oligarchy #meritocracy #racism #trolls #corporations #DefundCorporations #neofascism #FarRight #neoliberalism

the “US economy going strong under Biden” thinkpieces feel like gaslighting.

housing and food costs are through the roof, wages mostly stagnant, but corps are posting record profits so gdp goes up.

if Biden loses this it’ll be in part because he failed to reign in corporate profits.

#Economy #UnitedStates #Neoliberalism #GDP #Inflation

3 months ago


It might be indicative of a general dumbing-down of society.

When I was studying economics in school over twenty-five years ago, one of the more important topics we covered was that of #meritgoods like health care and education, which, if left to market forces, would be insufficiently provided because they have extensive external benefits, not accounted for by those purchasing or providing them.

Has all this been forgotten - or is it no longer understood?

#Neoliberalism - progenitor of #Idiocracy.

3 months ago

David Harvey, quoting a tweet by The Financial Review:
"Capitalism will never fall on its own. It will have to be pushed. The accumulation of capital will never cease. It will have to be stopped. The capitalist class will never willingly surrender its power. It will have to be dispossessed."

#capitalism #neoliberalism #DavidHarvey

A screenshot of a tweet by David Harvey which reads:
Capitalism will never fall on its own. It will have to be pushed. The accumulation of capital will never cease. It will have to be stopped. The capitalist class will never willingly surrender its power. It will have to be dispossessed.

Beneath David Harvey's text, a quoted tweet by The Financial Review reads:
"Gurner Group founder Tim Gurner tells the Financial Review Property Summit workers have become "arrogant" since COVID and "We've got to kill that attitude."

A video segment of the interview with Tim Gurner is provided. This is the Twitter address of the video:

Addendae 2

Medical Debt Collection Is Vicious Multibillion-Dollar U.S. Industry

* ballooned in recent decades
* hospitals, collection agencies making a killing
* erodes trust in health care system
* countless patients financially ruined

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3 months ago

Rewards for Mismanagement - Dismissed #Conservative Ministers Pocket up to Seven Times Their Salaries

We all love a crony politician (not really). Someone who gets into politics to be a 'frontman' for their favourite business interests. It's no coincidence that most of the UK government are just glorified business folk. And just as with any venture capitalist, protecting the #environment is not high up on their 'to-do list'.

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My take was that it was driven by a simplified notion of what #neoliberalism was, identifying the EU as a neoliberal project & thinking that leaving the EU would strike a blow against neoliberalism...

This of course failed to appreciate that one of the main drivers towards the EU's partial neoliberalism was the UK itself, and if you took the UK out of the EU, the brakes would come off domestic neoliberal tendencies (which I prefer to term #rentiercapitalism)

Addendae 3

Elon Musk Shut Off Starlink to Stop a Ukrainian Attack

* Elon Musk personally foiled 2022 Ukrainian attack on Russia
* cut off Starlink internet service near Crimean coast

How am I in this war? Musk biography details billionaire’s Ukraine dilemma

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David O'Brien
3 months ago

I know that Cory Doctorow @pluralistic coined the word #enshittification with the best of intentions.

And it really is a great word. It embodies a lot of what is going wrong on the web.

But there is a deeper reason: capitalism. #Capital demands #UX is degraded to ensure profit always flows to the right people (tech billionaires).

The correct term is #capitilisation

It's also called #neoliberalism – the idea that everything has a price.

We have to kill this idea.

Addendum 6

Greenbelt's 'Mr. X' is former Ontario mayor

* mystery man - Mr. X in scathing integrity commissioner report on how land removed f. Ontario’s protected Greenbelt - a former Clarington mayor
* John Mutton boasted about ability to get development through provincial orders


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Addendum 8 cont'd

* purchasing power eroded by prices outpacing wage growth
* response to inflation f. Bank of Canada exacerbated cost-of-living crisis
* gov. failed to cushion blow of rising prices, let alone address sources of the problem
* throughout inflationary crisis corporations imposed higher prices on workers & consumers - using inflation to increase profits

#corporations #capitalism #neoliberalism #WealthInequality #globalization #profiteering #inflation #DefundCorporations

Addendum 8

While Canadians Struggle, Energy Corporations Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank
Interest rate hikes have brought Canada’s cost-of-living crisis to a fever pitch
While workers feeling the squeeze, energy corporations are reaping superprofits

* since inflation rose in 2021 workers & consumers have been attacked on multiple fronts

#corporations #capitalism #neoliberalism #WealthInequality #globalization #profiteering #inflation #DefundCorporations

[thread] Billionaires, existential risk from

Billionaires Are Existential Risk
Whether it is moral to allow billionaires to exist
The real question is whether our species can survive billionaires >> search: billionaires AND existential

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Jack of all trades
3 months ago

Our house is on fire, and here we are frantically running around trying to figure out how to make throwing buckets of water profitable.

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