7 hours ago

HAUS Weyer, Gürzenichstraße

Hatte ich tagsüber schon hier gepostet:

Sie sah so verdreckt und erbärmlich aus, dass ich dachte, sie wäre kaputt, aber Überraschung: Sie ist in Betrieb!

#Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

HAUS Weyer erleuchtet
James Akers
12 hours ago

A view of my current "office" with @alifeeney in Puerto Vallarta #Mexico along with a #sketch made in said #office . #inkscape is really nice for iterating through #neon ideas true to scale and color.

This one would be another "beer sign". I drew the oval design but think I like the "flag" design better.
Inspired by decision achitecture #incentives from the book "Nudge" by Thaylor and Sunstein. Thoughtful questions when presented with architected choices.

#paradise #art #drawing #foss #ideal

An inkscape drawing on a MacBook. Who Chooses? Uses? Pays? Profits? In red white and blue
Ali standing in front of our in room infinity pool that Cascades into another infinity pool fed by a third Infinity pool above. Sunset over ocean and mountains in the background.
Alternate oval bumper sticker design. This one would spin round an round. It feels too much like those place bumper stickers?

Oh My Girl -- Neon

Even though "Neon" is not one of my favourite Oh My Girl Songs, I was so delighted to see them on kick scooters.

Kick scooters could be part of the solution to the "FirstMile/LastMile" problem:

#Kpop #OhMyGirl #KickScooter #FirstMileLastMile
#Transit #Neon #GirlGroups

3 days ago

HUE V2: Syra
A part of HUE: NEOchromatic: 
Character ( © @CentaurWorks

Syra on top of a space cruiser as they fly towards a battle. Her Sword at the ready, as they inch closer to the planet's atmosphere.

Say Hello to the first ever Zine Image created (at least by me). When wanting to grow as an artist, I felt like the best way to do that is to sign up for Zines, and one of the few that did accept me was HUE Zines. For this, I wanted to do an image of Syra in space but riding a Space Cruiser. It always felt like something Syra could and would do if they're doing a quick travel to a battle. I especially love how I did the glow and the reflection on the glass below her. I feel proud of this as a stepping stone to greater things.

#MastoArt #Syra #Space #Ships #Cruiser #Flying #Blue #Cyan #Neon #Glow #HUEZine #art #art2023 #digitalart #digitalartwork #artwork #CentaurWorks #OC #anime #animestyle #animeartstyle #originalcharacter #clipstudiospaint

Syra (my Original Character) on top of a space cruiser as it's heading into combat
3 days ago

And on the other hand- here's a brutalist poster made in Photoshop #graphicdesign #photoshop #poster #brutalism #mywork #graphics #project #neon #horror

3 days ago

EIS FÜR FEINSCHMECKER, Pfeilstraße / Kettengasse

#Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

3 days ago
Parfümerie MELLER
Pedro Pereira
4 days ago

"Dead or alive you're coming with me!" 🤖 #DustandNeon #Dust & #Neon #Xbox #Dust&Neon #DustNeon

James Akers
4 days ago

Some photos of a #fashion thing I was part of. Love working with Breanna and Peter and Home In Heven!

I should grab a few more of those giant pink tubes so I can go on vacation. If they buy a few more I will need to bulk order the coated blanks... and batteries. They do look good, can light up the room, and in theory, could even charge your phone.

Making the #glass requires patience and zen :)

#fashion #sculpture #fabrication #handbag #work #neon #fragile #art #nyc

model with Home In Heven bag and flaming stick.
Giant pink circle aging in atop a big chandelier lighting job. Such a nice light in the shop that day!
Two of my frames with glass illuminated in a very messy studio. The glass ring wont fade, is rigid, and glows pink in every direction. Yes, it is fragile.
A ring being bombarded, with other rings beside it.
James Akers
4 days ago

Made some sales over the summer and am now treating myself. 17 liters of 99.999% pure Xenon gas! The rarest and heaviest of inert gases that aren't radioactive. With it, I can make some neatO plasma effects! This #Rainbow Xenon #doodle was made in 2019 before steel mills were halted, embargoed or bombed.

Just got the stainless Robbins valve, so yesterday was leak checking the gas delivery system. Just gotta fab some parts now to get it on the manifold :)

#sculpture #glass #neon #art #tools

A rainbow xenon doodle using Murano glass and about 90 torr of Xenon. Created in 2019, pre Ukraine War and COVID price increases.
A khaki colored CGA600 disposable cylinder filled with 17 liters of 99.999% pure, research grade Xenon gas. Messy bombarder table covered in glass and yellow coily blowhose in the backgroud.
Me holding a fully assembled gas delivery system before adding some teflon tape and tightening some joints. Its attached to a blue propane cylinder for leak detection (propane is a lot cheaper than xenon).
leak checking the assembly by pressurizing the inside, monitoring the pressure guage and spraying all the joints with soapy. Bubbles mean leaks. Holding the assembly in a vice makes tightening parts easier.
4 days ago

A Deusa, R. 1º de Dezembro (Lissabon)

Danke an @janosch für den Hinweis and thanks to @maique for the permission to use the picture

#Lissabon #Lisbon #Lisboa #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame

A Deusa
4 days ago

Pfefferkorn, Rathenaustraße (Essen)

Danke an @HerrOffAir für das wunderbare Foto!

#Essen #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame

Vidar Karlsen
5 days ago

#KDE #neon in a VM looks and feels just like my daily driver vanilla-ish KDE on #FreeBSD
Would totally recommend Neon to someone who needs a nice and functional desktop experience and has no particular OS preference.

Screenshot of KDE vm on top of KDE
James Akers
6 days ago

A fancy lil #video of the (mis) information arrow #neon beer sign #sculpture I made over the summer. This will be at View Arts Center in Old Forge NY starting December 2nd through March in the Northern Lights Exhibition.

The animating blacklight tubes blink like a rocket shooting. take aim :)

I have a few other "beer" sign ideas. I like the murdered out, #blacklight theme, but other colors are nice.

#cat #documentation #art #glass #sign #misinformation #steel #brooklyn #nyc #exhibition

A neon "beer" sign in the shape of an arrow with black glass that flashes red with neon. The sign flashes between dis, mis and mal information
gene x
6 days ago

Last night I saw Fantastic Planet at The Roxie. Walking out after & saw this spilled Sprite can and reflection of the neon on it and loved the color/textures #neon #theroxie #missiondistrict

Reflected neon from The Roxie sign reflected in spilled Sprite on the sidewalk
6 days ago

Eis Cafe Orchidea, Höninger Weg / Zollstocksweg

#Zollstock #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

Eis Cafe Orchidea
Lenz Grimmer
6 days ago

Finally, a description of "serverless" that made sense to me: "What is a Serverless Database?"

"This is the essence of serverless; there are servers, but the developer only needs to focus on the service, not the endless whack-a-mole of scaling up and down. It’s not just somebody else’s servers; it’s somebody else’s problem."

#neon #postgresql #opensource #databases

1 week ago

BLUMEN Flink, Fuldaer Straße

Hatte ich schon einmal gepostet …

… aber immer wenn ich dort war, wurde die Sicht versperrt, so dass ich das Schild nur von der Seite fotografieren konnte. @HerrOffAir hat es nun geschafft, die Frontansicht zu erhaschen. Danke dafür!

#Höhenberg #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

1 week ago

Fische, Roonstraße

Dieses Schild hat einen Zwilling am Bahnhof #Mülheim

dennnoch haben die Geschäfte nichts miteinander zu tun.

#KwartierLatäng #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

eli shroom
1 week ago

happy test piece sale day! since i've finally completed all my resin testing--it's time to let these babies go!

i'll be popping them up into replies one by one; if there's one you wanted, speak up! most of these are gonna be on a deep discount because of imperfections.

i'm happy to provide more pics if you ask!

#ArtForSale #BlackFriday #ArtSale #skull #CommissionsOpen #painting #acrylic #resin #neon #metallic #ArtGifts

Photo of a haphazard pile of small wooden trays, each painted with various skulls in various colors, and all coated in resin.
1 week ago

+ bistro + restaurant + bistro +, Neumarkt

Diese Leuchtreklame gehört zu Diner‘s am #Neumarkt

… und wird ebenfalls bald unwiderruflich verschwinden.

#Innenstadt #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

+ bistro + restaurant + bistro +
1 week ago

Maarhof, Widdersdorfer Straße / Maarweg

Danke an @HerrOffAir für das Foto

#Braunsfeld #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

Thomas Berker
2 weeks ago

Presented the idea to rethink science as "science within limits" at the #NEON conference in #Trondheim today. I modelled this after "computing within limits" approaches toying with terms like "tika science" (inspired by Luke Munn's tika technology), "permacademia" (from #permacomputing), and "Jenga science", among others.

For all of this remains a huge inspiration.

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
eli shroom
2 weeks ago

a rolling tray commission for @Konaburd !

so now yall know why i've been learning how to do resin work. i'll be opening up some commission slots for these starting friday~

#FurryArt #furry #resin #acrylic #painting #weed #CommissionsOpen #neon #fursona #anthro

Photo of a bong-shaped rolling tray painted in bright green, with two anthro characters in the lower part of the bong, smoking together. On the right is an anthro bat, and an anthro gryphon on the right, with smoke in orange and blue wisps swirling around them. In front is a lighter and a pipe for scale.
Photo of a bong-shaped rolling tray from a side view, showing the glossiness of the resin and a thin felt layer on the underside of the rolling tray.
Photo of the same bong shaped rolling tray under blacklight. With blacklight, the outline of the bong glows with neon green edges, and the characters inside glow as well as their smoke. The bat glows primarily orange and pink, and the gryphon glows primarily yellow and blue.
2 weeks ago
Sion im Schäfer
von links fotografiert
Sion im Schäfer
von rechts fotografiert
2 weeks ago

365 Tage
im Jahr, Neue Weyerstraße / Salierring

#Innenstadt #Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

365 Tage
im Jahr
neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
2 weeks ago

night cuddles🌙

collab commission for Lythua, done with Marjani over furaffinity! her work is linework of characters and flats, mine is the rest <3

#furry #furryart #mastoart #mastoartist #fediart #procreate #digitalart #cyberpunk #neon #svipsart

a couple resting in a comfy pillowfort, with a view from their balcony occupying  a big part of the composition; inside the apartment a home computer displaying holograms can be seen
Southern Minnesota Guy
2 weeks ago

Stardust Motel

Wallace, Idaho, USA / Traditional territory of the Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene), Ktunaxa ɁamakɁis , and Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla nations

#Idaho #WallaceID #motel #neon #sign #StardustMotel #retro

Photo of a neon sign lit up at night. It features a stylized comet and the words STARDUST MOTEL.
Johannes Ebeling
2 weeks ago
A red neon sign for a bowling alley attached to a brick chimney with an apartment high rise in the background
3 weeks ago

I love a sign maker or lettering artist that is inspired by an existing model or typeface yet improves it in every way.

#Signs #Lettering #SaltLakeCity #Neon

J. Martin
3 weeks ago

China World Summit Wing — Beijing by Night, Beijing, China. May 2014, iPhone 5s.

#vintagestyle #china #beijing #highrise #neon #cyberpunk #architecture #night

3 weeks ago

New piece, just completed. Another new direction. Many thanks to @stevenlawson for the reference photo. My husband asked "what is it?" I don't think you need to know what it is, I just like the image. This is the first of a pair and will be for sale at some point - for now I'm just enjoying it.
#NewWork #neon #collaboration #FineArtInStitch #TextileArt #Art #embroidery #MastoArt #stitching #embroideryart #fineart #ContemporaryArt #needlework

Framed stitched artwork. Bright blue circles and apparently abstarct shapes on black fabric. Framed in black with black mount and pictured against a stine wall. Viewed on an angle from the left.
As image 1 but viewed on an angle from the right
As image 1 but viewed face on and held by the artist for scale against a green grass background
Photo by Steven Lawson used as reference with kond permission. Circular blue neon lights reflected in water. The reflection is disrupted by the texture of a drain cover
James Akers
1 month ago

Finally got around to re-bending this #misinformation arrow neon sign. It was half broken by the time I got it back from Pilchuck (what I get for just tossing it in the pelican case with the rest of my stuff).
The black light (Woods) #glass I used is a neat filter to the #neon fill- even uncoated without its usual tanning light phosphor- It's tricky to bend- extra hot an fast🔥🔥

Now it "waves" as it points with the mistruth information prefixes.

#handmade #sculpture #neonsign #steel #nyc #art

Misinformation arrow at the neon shop with some fresh coats of paint on the steel (and wires this time)
Disinformation arrow at home in the living room. I gotta remake or alter how the electrodes sit on "dis" and "mal" so it can sit and stand on its own better. Id rather it sit on steel than glass
That's neon filtered by Woods glass tubing in the dark! The malinformation arrow!
Me after finishing up bending "information". Side tubulated like a cheap-O-wholesaler- blowhose still attached.
James Akers
1 month ago

@jenn big milk strikes again! This time at the #NYC Marathon finish line. Here are photos of three days of bending- and an install starting at midnight-till now.

Wow- I love working with #union folks- we barely had to do any work at all- just boss people around- and they didn't even break any of my tubes- yippee!

The marathon neon really lights up the finish line- people will be basking in the milk white glow!

#neon #advertising #signage #handmade #urbancraft #glass #nycmarathon #neonsign

A union worker folding up the stepladder we brought in front of our neon they installed. Next time your about to run a marathon, don't forget to chug a quart of milk beforehand:)
Day 3 of bending an pumping- Green day! Yes- I listened to the band while bending this.... A bunch of green neon pieces on the aging table- mercury aging in
THAT. MILK FOR on the aging table burning in. Day 2 of bending an pumping
Day one of bending an pumping- all aged in (photo taken an hour into day 2)
1 month ago

Gorgeous B&W of a Chicago landmark. It's hard enough to capture the richness of #neon in color but you managed to really bring this scene to life without the crutch of color. Really great.

#vintage #neonsigns #chicago

James Akers
1 month ago

Some photos of the Mirror World class my friend Kacie Lees and I taught over the weekend. Silvering (AKA mirrorizing) and a day of neon bending made for a very shiny and luminous weekend!

The students totally went mirror crazy. The shiny chemical chaos was glorious! All weekend we only generated 9 gallons of hazardous waste! (already treated by now).

How fun! I gotta type up some more class descriptions.

#silver #neon #mirror #handmade #class #nyc #brooklyn #glass #plastic #light #shiny #art

A selfie? Of Kacie Lees and I taken through a hand silvered half mirror piece of float glass
Some student work of a neon piece wrapping around a hand silvered half mirror piece of float glass.
Two tables of silvered student work. Many students ran around stores of downtown Brooklyn during lunch and grabbed things they could silver. Woo Woo!
Tanda's cast glass face silvered. Pouring silver all over the face makes for interesting silvery tears.
1 month ago
1 month ago

Neon Circling Audrey Diwan’s Erotic Drama ‘Emmanuelle’ Starring Noemie Merlant (EXCLUSIVE)
#Variety #Global #News #AFM #AudreyDiwan #Neon

1 month ago
lisa c
1 month ago

I was sad to hear the artist Robert Irwin died, I really liked his work. Not all of his work was neon but his neon pieces were some of my favorites. This is Miracle Mile which is on view at LACMA and South South West at Pace Gallery.

#Art #Artists #Neon

artwork titled "Miracle Mile" 2013 by Robert Irwin
artwork titled "South South West" 2014–2015 by Robert Irwin
neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
1 month ago

the cyberqueen! uv acrylic painting, commission for Nat

#traditionalart #furryart #cyberpunk #mastoart #mastoartist #svipsart #painting #neon

La Fleur
1 month ago

#banque #neo #neo #suisse
Bonjour Tout le Monde, qui expérimente ou a expérimenté une néo banque ? Quelqu'un.e a-t-il une expérience avec :
#yuh ou #neon ou #revolut et quels avis, opinion... ? C'est pour ma réflexion personnelle. Merci tout le monde. Parce que pour l'instant je lis le reportage ci-dessous...

Dario Solera Photography
1 month ago

I really, really love red neon lights.
📍 Milan, Italy

#streetPhotography #photography #street #milan #milano #italy #italia #neon #night

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
1 month ago

#UnderNoPretext I miss my old pink #neon
for several years my life was lit by a neon sign that said "Top 20" in pink & a double bulb black light.
I would jump on this one. My world was kinda wild

1 month ago

‘Enys Men’ Ending Explained - What the Hell Is Happening on That Island?
#Collider #Horror #EnysMen #Neon

James Akers
1 month ago

Yesterday I attempted to make a crackle tube. Bill Concannon told me that it was possible to bombard them slowly and to put vigereux to block crackle fill glass from covering the electrode and with that I set off.

I smashed a bunch of clear glass nice and fine and funneled it into a prepped 15mm tube.

It lit for about a minute on the bombarder (lowest setting) before the heat ripped the tube in half along the arc- pretty much a #hotpop

#mess #oops #glass #neon #science #workinprogress #nyc

The tube split in half from the electricity heating the glass too much along the focused arc and cracking the glass. It even spilled its crushed glassy innards all over the freshly cleaned pump table.
A glass tube with lots of crushed grey glass in it. Some definite impurities being burned from my initial ribbon burner bushy flame "bakeout" along with its brief bombarding giving it the darkening.
The prepped crackle tube ready for another electrode. I actually added that in the crossfire for convenience :). Commercial bending pattern underneath- yesterdays news
James Akers
2 months ago

Some behind the scenes install shots helping Deb Czeresko install the Queer de lier and mycelium/ rockpile and mushrooms for the group show Form and Formless. The opening is tonight, (actually riding the train there now), but the show is up till January.

Oh and a new window gallery show- double opening! Sita had some neat things going in there.

I like the scripting neon mycelium in Deb's piece. The flowy light was fun to make!

#glass #art #sculpture #nyc #urbanglass #neon #debczeresko

Sam at BLAG
2 months ago

Opening tomorrow in Amadora, Lisbon: This is Not America: Letreiros Comerciais — Século XX (commercial signs of the twentieth century).

This is an exhibition of some of the incredible Letreiro Galeria collection. If you're not familiar with their work, I recommend a look at their instagram ( with Portuguese signs that they've salvaged.

This exhibition now listed at

#neon #signs #amadora #lisbon #exhibition #show #letreiros

Exhibition flyer with picture of neon glasses presumably from a former opticians, and details of an exhibition of such salvaged signs running in Amadora, Lisbon, from 19–29 October. The show is hosted by the Amadora BD festival 2023.
IT News
2 months ago

Noble Graphs: Displaying Data With Neon Like Its 1972 - In the days before every piece of equipment was an internet-connected box with an ... - #arduino #parts #nixie #retro #neon

James Akers
2 months ago

In thinking about what to make tomorrow during the Urban Gala, I bent this little doodle.

Never made a #doodle quite like this one with the inner wraps like that. I like keeping myself on my toes by trying new things with these and keeping them fresh and interesting. I feel like I have so many directions to go with these!

This is perhaps more exciting to watch than a tiny little BOO. It took over an hour an they are easy to break mess up midway.

#neon #sculpture #art #lightart #handmade #nyc

Me holfing the doodle by its ruby red section after its final bend, blowhose still attached.
Another angle of the Raspberry Ruby, Novial Candle, Aquamarine Sunrise Wrap Doodle being held in hand, blowhose still attached.
Raspberry Ruby, Novial Candle, Aquamarine Sunrise Wrap Doodle after adding the mercury while still aging in.
Raspberry Ruby, Novial Candle, Aquamarine Sunrise Wrap Doodle being bombarded.
James Akers
2 months ago

Wanting to put "ON AN (ON.....)" in the infinity box I realized it wouldn't have worked with the reflecting. So I took a page from the Ivan Navarro playbook and used letters that have the same tops an bottoms. 8mm extra bright pink half BOO in a mirror is a full BOO. In the chamber it will be an Infini-BOO!

It took me 40 minutes to bend this. I might make a second one tomorrow for the UrbanGlass Gala. Next time I won't mess up the second "O".

Did someone say #looptober ?
#neon #Boo #handmade

me holding the blocked out neon half boo in the bathroom mirror making a full BOO
Half BOO lit up on the aging transformer
half BOO on the pattern. I side tubulated this and used donated electrodes from UrbanGlass. I find it amusing to bend them as cheap as possible.
me holding the half BOO like a popsicle stick bi its side tubulation. Usually there is a tubulated electrode. But these electrodes are so cheap and were free donations but there was no tubulated electrodes. Foam kids anti fatigue mats in the background.
James (Jim) Little
2 months ago

Toronto's El Mocambo in the early morning. Photo by Robert Little #clubs #Toronto #neon #signs

James Akers
2 months ago

#work photos of some sign things I bent. They are putting the #neon through the wall to truly see no wires- so I have to leave at least 7 inches vertical, and on target for the holes before the electrodes. Same letters next to each other ("ss", "ee") are tricky to get them to be the same- these should work close enough ;) The tubes get long- over 20 feet! The slinky like 8-20 foot glass tubes give a little bit of flex with the wall targets.
#behindthescenes #neonbending #handmade #craft #nyc

2 months ago

die Komödie, Neue Mainzer Straße (Frankfurt am Main)

#Frankfurt #FrankfurtMain #FrankfurtAmMain #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame

die Komödie
2 months ago

I love neon signs! El Tecolote Cafe/Camarillo, California. Not far from where Jack Kerouac started The Dharma Bums. #neon #signs #owl #JackKerouac

El Tecolote Cafe sign- bright neon on a dark night, and owl outlined in yellow and blue and a Ted arrow drawn in red neon with El tecolote in white. Cafe in yellow on red background.

Yesterday's @pluralistic long thread finally got me to move my default search engine away from Google. The Google Home has gone, replaced by an @mycroft_ai running #neon

The slow slog of untangling myself from the behemoth continues.

2 months ago

Bei d‘r Tant, Cäcilienstraße / Antonsgasse

Danke an @HerrOffAir für das Foto.

#Koeln #Köln #Neon #Neonreklame #NeonSign #Leuchtreklame #thisiscologne

Bei d‘r Tant
Pixel Occult
2 months ago

I haven't been promoting this campaign very aggressively and it's been going smoothly even without me doing so, but I wanted to post a courtesy heads up here.

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Neon Moon Lenormand deck(possible companion for the Neon Moon Tarot, if you want) is in its final couple of hours. Last chance to grab an early copy of the deck that'll include some exclusive extras! Here's the link:

#lenormand #cyberpunk #neonmoon #neon #tarot

neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
2 months ago

⚡ sea of neons⚡
i reopen this multislot ych that sends u straight to neon city, in the urban labirynth

therye 50€ for fulllrender! any species/gender, can adjust bodytype as needed. p@ypal upfront! :3
write me if interested <3

#ych #furryart #furry #furryartwork #commission #furrycommission #commsopen #cyberpunk #neon #transartist

YCH preview pic of a blank character sitting on some  architectural part of a building, situated in what seems to be a middle level of a very tall building complex. balconies, ads, windows and other outside buiulding elements can be seen, and even taller buildings are drawn faintly in the foreground.
same as before, except with a female big cat wearing a neon corsed, fishnets and studded garter belts
same as before, but with an orange domestic cat wearing flowery pattern shirt and booty shorts
same as before, but with a deer wearing very faint stockings and pearl necklace
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 months ago

So many free #databases and nothing to write to them. #Turso #Neon #PlanetScale

eli shroom
2 months ago

i fervently refuse to be a serious person but come get your blacklight skulls today!

you want a skull in daytime? a secret skull only visible under blacklight? some other secret hidden blacklight content? reach out and let's chat!

this will run thru October or until I get overwhelmed. so jump now if you don't wanna miss out!

#furryart #blacklight #halloween #spookyart #spooky #skull #skullart #commissionsopen #painting #neon

A chaotic collage style advertisement featuring 5 different images of blacklight paintings, including two that show both the daylight and blacklight view. The advertisement is for blacklight skull art, which can either feature a skull in both day and blacklight views, or a hidden skull visible only under blacklight. Text reads: Oh would you look at that, it's blacklight skull season. Let me paint some skulls, I'm begging you, I want to paint some spooky blacklight skulls. Standard 8" x 10" for $120, 10% off glowing canvases. Just in time for halloween! I'll skeletonize your sona--that's a promise and a threat! Ask about shaped + glowing canvases, more @ The bottom right corner shows a triangular canvas, labeled as such, and four different shaped wooden canvases with plastic inlays that light up.
James Akers
2 months ago

Some photos of the Soul Selling Timer on view at the opening of Neon in the High Desert. I was delighted to see viewers pressing it's button and even using it as a fortune teller as they asked it questions and pressed it's red button to pause the animation.
What a show! It was neat meeting so many people that came from so far! Many new friends, some familiar faces and some online acquaintances that I finally got to meet in person
#art #sculpture #neon #museum #wyoming #interactive #glass #casper

Soul Selling Timer with title cards telling you not to touch the artwork
Soul Selling time with title card that tells you to touch the artwork.
A native Casperitan pressing the red button as she asks it a question
More native Casper and Wyoming folks interacting with the sculpture! It was so fun seeing and meeting so many generous people!
James Akers
2 months ago

Some photos of the Neon Makers Guild bender meetup. Uptown Neon- what a place! Great to see Chloe Kottwitz running the place and hosting all these benders and neon nerds from all over the U.S. I met folks and connected an old boss with many of them. I gotta up my neon storage solutions -though I don't really have many walk in customers. Great to meet so many folks- I joined the guild after they bought us all food and drinks :)
#neon #nerds #meetup #RVA #glass #storage #excess #guild #craft #art

A view of Zoelle with the ceiling neon saves from over the years.
A custom made mini crossfire torch with hand torch heads. The CRT TV in background is playing stuff from Doug (the previous owner/ bender) from that computer.
Neon benders and nerds from all over the US.
Sarah Blood uses a handheld Tesla coil to reveal the color of some cieling hung neon.
2 months ago

Gilden im Zims, Heumarkt / Seidenmacherinnengässchen

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Gilden im Zims
3 months ago
neon open sign reflected in a plastic curtain
3 months ago

Wake up and see the coffee! I’m riding alongside the wonderful Randall Ann Homan for a virtual road trip of coffee shop neon in California. It’s part of the online Neon Speaks festival on Sep 16. Register for free:

Pictured: Courtesy Coffee Shop in Blythe, CA at the Arizona border. The shop opened in 1964 and featured a rotating pole sign and boomerang roof. I shot this in 2022.

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A large pole sign topped with a crown, banner shaped “COURTESY” sign and shield-shaped “COFFEE SHOP” sign in plain gothic lettering, and small “Cocktail” and “Lounge” signs in scripts. Part of an organic roofline bleeds off the frame.
James Akers
3 months ago

We pulled some iris "silvery" Bernstein "amber" tubing and I phosphoric acid dust coated one of them with 4500 white phosphor to make this #hydration #halo ! I'm after the elusive and paradoxical #brown #light #neon the halo certainly helped with water chugs- we got 26 late night #partiers to simultaneously chug a glass of #water ! Success! My coating is getting not too bad- still a little speckly, but even enough on this one.
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Hydration halo on a full hydration dispenser
Hydration halo being bombarded
Hydration halo atop the beehive hydrator
Hydration halo with irisbernstein glass on pattern
3 months ago

PHOTO, Schillerplatz / Maria-Einsmann-Platz (Mainz)

Direkt um die Ecke hängt fast das gleiche Logo. Leider habe ich erst zu Hause bemerkt, dass dort aber „Agfa FILME“ steht. ☹️ Wer also in #Mainz lebt und die andere Werbung für mich fotografieren kann, dem / der sei herzlichst gedankt!

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3 months ago

Who doesn't like neon signs? (Las Vegas, 2019) [tall image]

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photo of the Golden Gate Casino neon sign at night. It extends high above the photographer in a mainly red and golden glow.

Thank you for this day. 🌇

One of the features of Chicago is its speakeasy culture. You’ll find inconspicuous drinking establishments tucked away throughout the city. This sign indicates the Cherry Circle Room (part of the Chicago Athletic Hotel).

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Red neon cherry mounted to an alley brick wall.
4 months ago

when visiting my folks last month, i turned one of their walk-in closets into a blacklight gallery of some of my UV arts!

one UV artwork is a treat, but having a bunch is even better!

(some of the pieces below are currently available on my etsy shop: )

#blacklight #UV #fluorescence #fluorescent #neon #ForSale #ArtBiz

a variety of mk's blacklight arts, all together on a wall.
Mike Stone
4 months ago

I feel like this could be an opportunity for a more open option. Both Google and Amazon have seemingly lost some of their focus on this market because it turns out people aren't just going to ask their voice assistant to buy them something and trust that it's just all going to work out. An open option like #Neon or #OVOS could step in and cover the basic functions. Unfortunately with the demise of #Mycroft, there's no hardware to run it on other than PCs or the #Mark2.

4 months ago

It's your problem.
It's not your problem.

Anton Shebetko
*1990 / Kyiv

#ukraine #neon

Neon sign.
The word "not" is blinking.
4 months ago

I can’t resist shooting this perfect sign every time we pass through Winnemucca.

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5 months ago

Does anyone else here have this weird bug? I'm using #KDE #Neon (very similar to #Kubuntu #Linux) and it seems that the whole screen constantly, slowly scrolls up or down, by sub-pixel amounts every 1/2 second, for a total of around roughly 1 pixel every 5 seconds or so.

It's most visible on small text and near the top/bottom of the screen which cuts stuff off.It happens across all apps.

I'm using an #Nvidia card and #x11
I don't get the same behavior in #Windows.

Where to file this bug? 🤔

5 months ago

Neon Speaks, one of the best little letterlover festivals, is happening again this September, online and onsite in San Francisco. I’ll do a talk with Randall Ann Homan, and we’ll host a tour or two at Letterform Archive. Get your early bird tickets now:

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5 months ago

Hooray, it all fits!

Figures as soon as I start the assembly, I make a bunch of errors. From mounting the digit holder backwards, to screwing up the placement of supports- my clumsy hand is showing up on the inside.

Still working on the code and assembly. Still looking into #programming the interrupts to make the big red #button on top a "pause" and "mode change" button. Happy to send #code to generous C genius's.

#sculpture #workinprogress #art #neon #coding #arduino #brooklyn #nyc #box

Edge digits fitting into the box with buttons on top and "front"
Inside of timer with all the digits mounted upside down and the outside of the cube seen in the background. Pillows are keeping the acrylic off the floor.
The inside of the timer with digits fixed
The abomination I committed with an acrylic drill bit, hot knife and file. Is a bit more fragile, but it works!
6 months ago

A little video of the blinking chaser happening for my ART LOVE MONEY sculpture topper. The fast speeds are nice for the sense of urgency when the timer is on... I think a slower fade between the colors will be nice for non timed modes.

The bottom will also be RGB- but out of sync with the top- so there should be a bit of color mixing.

#neon #workinprocess #sculpture #nyc #brooklyn #light #animation #signage #wholesale #handmade #blinky #circuit #mess #muranoglass #glass #production #rbg #rbg

ART LOVE MONEY in Red, blue and green italian colored glass neon spinning in a skeleton frame with a messy desk
Pamela Williams Fine Art
6 months ago
Digitally altered original image of a butterfly to appear as a neon sign on black background
Linux ☑️
6 months ago

::: R E T R O W A V E Linux :apartyblob: 📼 :cdrr:

🌴 :hacker_r: :hacker_w: :hacker_l: 🌴

::: Elive Retrowave :::

A trip back to the 80s neon utopia for your computer - a complete special release from Elive Linux - featuring synthwave inspired look & feel! :blobcatadorablepink:

Both 63 & 32 bit - so revive also that not-so-flying DeLorean :thinkergunsunglasses:


#Linux #synthwave #Elive #special #utopia #distro #Debian #retrowave #80s #neon #retro #desktop

6 months ago

Some photos from mirrorizing and mineral oil tests from today. I might strip and remirror one or both of them. Getting the clean half #mirror can be tricky but the messed up effects are fun.

The mineral oil is super neat! It makes my cruddy coatings interesting. Love the bright light! I should have listened to Katie and got the scientific #glass parts- mineral oil is leaking through the latex I am using to seal it.

#sculpture #workinprogress #experimental #neon #silver #nyc #art #brooklyn

Small first mirror with phosphor attempt and mineral oil with glass rod (pre glass cap fab)
Showing the magnification of my imperfections in dust coating. I gotta change the latex and glass seal- mineral oil is leaking out of the latex. I should have listened to Katie and got the scientific parts.
Cruddy mirror with diluted chemicals and yellow and white phosphor. Not sure if I like it or not.
Another view of the big yellow silvered piece. I might strip it and remirror. The tube is about 50 mm in diameter. Aging table wiring.
6 months ago

Wooo hoo! Oven Pump day! It took a bit of planning and lots emails, but bakeouts CAN happen at Urbanglass!

Been wanting to see these tube in tubes pumped for awhile. I phosphored the inside myself to get that colorful #light - my coatings are still pretty uneven, but I love the colored light. Next up for those is mirrorizing the outer jacket and filling with mineral oil.

The big #purple tube's soft #krypton glow will look good in the dark.

#glass #neon #sculpture #art #nyc #plasma #brooklyn

pieces baking out in the oven while under vacuum. Annealing and vacuuming in one go! On the table is a manifold I made for 4 mercury traps and viton connections for easy movement and isolation.
Big purple pain in the butt filled and lit for testing before tip off. About 10 torr of Krypton makes that white glow (755 torr is atmosphere) Toxic fiber frax blankets abound in my bricked up support layer. Client was stoked!
My gang of four phosphored double tubes- they all made it (one tip off is a little gnarly)
The warm glow coming from two of the double tubes. I love the light quality from some of these warm whites. Even the yellows are neat when mixed in. My coating is thick and flakey in some spots
6 months ago

Dear #lazyweb,
Can anyone recommend a decent, non Microsoft wireless keyboard (or mouse combo) that works well with #Linux?

I'm on #Neon, a #KDE based #Ubuntu / #Debian derivative by the way.

7 months ago

friends, i have exciting new hand-painted neon photo paper collages up on etsy (they are blacklight-reactive!).

part geometric, part crystal, and part organic, they are 2 arts in one: a day art, & a totally different night art.

only $40. check 'em out!:

#art #ForSale #collage #neon #blacklight #uv #fluorescence #fluorescent #abstract #geometric

spiral neon collage, photographed under blacklight
neon collage in daytime view
mockup of neon collage "stone" in a room
blacklight photograph of "garnet claw" neon collage artwork