Heute "Love at First Sight" auf #Netflix geschaut

Netter #Romantischer #Film, nicht sicher wie der auf Deutsch heißt, aber das findet ihr selber raus... Und ob es den woanders gibt auch.…

Ah ma vedo ora che #Netflix ha sparato fuori due perle.

Il 2 novembre #Onimusha

La seconda di #KenganAshura tre giorni fa! (me la spazzolo subito 😆)

#UnoAnime #Anime

Jaycee Jarvis
2 hours ago

I discovered Choose Love on #Netflix this weekend, and I'm obsessed with it. Has anyone else played with it?

It's a choose your own adventure style romantic comedy and the way the choices have ripple effects is fascinating. It's total catnip for the storyteller in me...

#RomComs #Romancelandia #amreadingromance #WhatchaWatching

realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 hours ago

Watched the #Ruslan interview with the writers of #Nefarious and it actually tracks. They originally had a #Christian documentary editor edit the movie but it sucked so they got a #Netflix editor to edit it

But that also sucks, like #Christian editors should be this good, why aren’t we?



7 hours ago
8 hours ago


#netflix #Ragnarok #imdb

10 hours ago

今日はLove at First Sightを見た

#netflix #LoveatFirstSight #imdb


:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
13 hours ago

So... Live Action #BG3 on #netflix

Talks going on apparently.

New On Netflix UK
13 hours ago

Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021) 1hr 39m [PG]

After their tiny red puppy grows into a 25-foot giant, a young girl and her uncle must protect their lovable new pet from an evil genetics company.

#NowStreaming #Netflix #NetflixUK

Sean Murthy
20 hours ago

"A Day and a Half" (Swedish hostage drama) on Netflix is good. I'd ignore the "Thriller" tag Netflix has for it, but it's a nice drama that tackles some real-life issues.

Fares Fares does a good job as the director, a writer, and an actor.

I give the movie 3 stars. I can be easily convinced to make that 3.5.

#movies #movie #entertainment #drama #hostage #swedish #netflix

『赤ずきん、旅の途中で死体と出会う』メイキング映像 – 橋本環奈、新木優子、岩田剛典らが語るグリム童話の舞台裏

#Netflix #onceuponacrime #キムラ緑子 #ネットフリックス #ネトフリ #ムロツヨシ #佐藤二朗 #夏菜 #岩田剛典 #新木優子 #橋本環奈 #真矢ミキ #福田雄一 #赤ずきん旅の途中で死体と出会う

『赤ずきん、旅の途中で死体と出会う』メイキング映像 - 橋本環奈、新木優子、岩田剛典らが語るグリム童話の舞台裏
The Japan Times
22 hours ago

Based on a remarkably endurable manga and anime franchise, the live-action series may satisfy fans, but most of the personality of the original is gone. #culture #tvstreaming #onepiece #netflix #anime

22 hours ago

Augusto Pinochet’s True Story Is Bloodier Than ’El Condo’s Vampire Version
#Collider #MovieFeatures #Netflix

The Hollywood Reporter
22 hours ago
Substandard Nerd
23 hours ago

Gave 'Accused' a go on Netflix. Very suspenseful with a brilliant performance by Chaneil Kular as an everyman British Asian. A pretty damning indictment of the social media mob, racism in modern Britain, and useless police.
Always enjoy scenes with no dialogue and very quiet or no music, just the ambient sounds of the action happening, and this one made good use of that.

Gave it 9/10 on IMDB.

#Accused #Netflix #Film

Dún Piteog
23 hours ago
Simone Margio
1 day ago

Just finished watching Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. Luckily, FaceTime didn’t exist yet.

#Netflix #iPhone

Returned my unopened (duplicate) #AppleTV to Costco today and got a full refund.

My advice to everyone - *don’t buy this device*. Apple have the best implementation of an interface in terms of prettiness and speed, but the worst implementation of an actually efficient and useful operational environment in the entire ecosystem. They’ve shown up to someone else’s game wearing a Burger King crown and expecting everyone to play by THEIR rules. #Netflix and #YouTubeTV have already given them the 🖕and are NOT integrated. It’s fucking horrible. It really is.

I’m still trying to force feed myself the koolaid with my remaining ATV but I fear that very, very soon it will be put back in its box and Craigslisted off to some gibbering goose who doesn’t know there’s far better tech out there.

I can’t wait for the new #Chromecast and #FireStick Max. I have too many streaming devices already, but not as many as I have #pocketknives or #mechanicalkeyboards. Still have to catchup.

Dennis A
1 day ago

#Maniac #Netflix
I've never heard of it.
"The ambitious, Emma Stone-led sci-fi miniseries premiered on Netflix five years ago to near-universal acclaim, but it’s since been forgotten by most viewers. That’s a shame because Maniac is a rare thing."
85% 🍅 7.7 IMDB

Dennis A
1 day ago

#Maniac #Netflix
I've never heard of it.
"The ambitious, Emma Stone-led sci-fi miniseries premiered on Netflix five years ago to near-universal acclaim, but it’s since been forgotten by most viewers. That’s a shame because Maniac is a rare thing."

5 Years Ago, Netflix Released Its Most Audacious Sci-Fi Series — And Never Topped It

"The mind is a battleground in this forgotten, Emma Stone-led Netflix limited series from the showrunner of 'Station Eleven.'"

Universo Nintendo
1 day ago

La actriz #JamieLeeCurtis quiere participar en la segunda temporada de la serie live-action de #OnePiece de #Netflix como la Doctora Kureha y habla acerca de lo que necesita :3.

1 day ago
『赤ずきん、旅の途中で死体と出会う』メイキング映像 - 橋本環奈、新木優子、岩田剛典らが語るグリム童話の舞台裏

It’s 2023, and streaming platforms still provide a very limited set of subtitles (e.g French only).
Looking at you, #AmazonPrime, and #Netflix

1 day ago

¿se acuerdan cuando Netflix era el futuro? Y los servicios de streaming? Que tiempos aquellos....ahora son, básicamente. Peor que tener televisión por cable

#streaming #netflix #hbomax #amazonprimevideo

1 day ago

When you bring math into Drishyam, you get Jaane Jaan aka Suspect X on Netflix. Keeps you engaged - great storyline and performances, though Jaideep Ahlawat stands out #Netflix

Panelist Joelle from @thepocketpod is catching up on the final season of #SexEducation on Netflix. While weathering the impending storm hitting the east coast this weekend, she'll find out how a bunch of hormonal British teens weather a completely different kind of storm. #GPCD #Netflix #podcast #podcasts #popCulture #TV #TVShow

It's #GPCD Culture Club! Our pod is going back to the pods with gold wine glasses! #LoveIsBlind S5 dropped on Netflix, and panelist Andrea is ready! Join us on #discord to drop your hot takes! Show of hands, have ever been victimized by the #Lacheys? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #Reality #Netflix #podcast #podcasts #PopCulture

Bin gut in der Zeit. Heute gibt es #sushi und #theirisman auf #Netflix.

#sturmfrei #wasguckeichheute #mafia #oscar

1 day ago

The One Piece live action on Netflix has a Tamil dub, and it actually isn’t bad!

Usually in Tamil dubs, they seem to take out all the flavour of the dialogue, making it very basic. So I was expecting to be disappointed and move back to English when I changed the Audio language, but they surprised me!

#tamil #onepiece #anime #netflix

Dawid Zaleski
1 day ago

Obejrzałem "Hrabia" na Netflix

Świetna mroczna komedia wprost z Chile. Pinochet jako już stary wampir - trochę prześmiewcze, niekiedy brutalne, a przy tym naprawdę piękne ujęcia. Przyjemnie się oglądało.

Zdecydowanie warto! 🔥

#serial #seriale #netflix

1 day ago

Parents on Netflix’s ‘Old Enough!’ Are Better Than You Think
#Collider #RealityTV #Netflix


#Amazon has had an adverts section in #Prime for a while now... This isn't anything new. If anything, #Netflix copied Amazon.

1 day ago

Netflix’s ‘Choose Love’ Makes Us Want To Dump Interactive Rom-Coms
#Collider #MovieFeatures #Netflix

1 day ago

@bahianoticias Quando houve os convites abdução pra brusque, mui e muito analisei os № de brusque e #SC da época.

Eis que na tortura dos № não tinha como dar errado, era tudo tão perfeito para dois domésticos que gostavam do escuro com #netflix vinho e #pizza.

Mas ao perguntar pra uma loira, mais loira que a rainha dos baixinhos, se havia muitos na cidade?

A loira cunhou "tem uns Cain, aí!" Uns Cain, impediram que nós, as cobaias vivêssemos, simples assim!

30🫀DE 30

#Brasil #brazil

1 day ago
Ain Tohvri
1 day ago

#Netflix ending its DVD business must finally mark the end of DVDs. Would have thought it has reached its EOL already. #Tech #Streaming

Bloggo e sto
1 day ago

#Netflix non permette più di abbonarsi al piano base e bisogna scegliere tra il piano con #pubblicità o il più costoso piano standard a 12,99 euro al mese. Decisamente troppo.

Una sorpresa amara soprattutto per chi aveva sospeso l'#abbonamento in estate.

New On Netflix UK
2 days ago

Lake Kivu's Hidden Treasure (2010) 51m [PG]

This documentary follows the conflict around a lake in central Africa with a methane deposit worth billions, but which could kill millions of people.

#NowStreaming #Netflix #NetflixUK

2 days ago


In Netflix's "Live to 100," I liked the bit about how Okinawans love eating kamote, a vegetable much maligned by Filipinos.

#Netflix #Filipinos #Okinawa #Longevity #Vegetables #SweetPotato #Kamote

Jeremy Thomas
2 days ago

The Fall of the House of Usher is an absolute doozy in the best kind of way. Check out my review of the upcoming Netflix horror series as part of my Fantastic Fest coverage at 411mania! #FallOfTheHouseOfUsher #Netflix #MikeFlanagan #FantasticFest #Horror

2 days ago
2 days ago

‘Griselda’ - What We Know About the New Series From the Makers of ‘Narcos'
#Collider #Netflix #SofiaVergara #Narcos #EricNewman

Squid Games: The Challenge - a reality tv game show based on the series is coming to Netflix November 22


#SquidGames #GameShow #RealityTV #Netflix #Scifi

Squid Games - The Challenge (Fewer Trailer)
2 days ago 星野源 – 不思議 | Gen Hoshino Concert Recollections 2015-2023 #Netflix にて世界独占配信中 #genhoshino #Shorts #星野源

星野源 - 不思議 | Gen Hoshino Concert Recollections 2015-2023 #Netflix にて世界独占配信中 #genhoshino #Shorts
Anton Bitel
3 days ago

"an innocent young man is fast made a monster by a baseless online campaign": Philip Barantini's rapidly unfolding home invasion survival thriller ACCUSED (2023) is a j'accuse to us all. On #Netflix UK from today

heise online
3 days ago

Telekom: Big-Tech-Kostenbeteiligung ist die CO₂-Abgabe fürs Internet

Da der Datenverkehr der großen US-Plattformen ständig wachse, hält ein Telekom-Lobbyist einen finanziellen Sparanreiz analog zu Klimaschutzbeiträgen für nötig.

#Amazon #Apple #Breitbandausbau #Google #Facebook #Netflix #Provider #SocialMedia #news

Douglas VB
3 days ago

I'm surprised at how #Netflix #Disenchantment ended. I figured it would be a very different outcome.

Gocha :prami:
3 days ago

Guess who just came back ❤️

#sexeducation #netflix

Last time ever!*

#Netflix #DVDs

*Probably, unless I get a damaged DVD in the next nine days

An iconic red DVD envelope labeled Netflix going into a post office mail slot labeled Netflix Here.
Holger Haase
3 days ago

The crazy thing about anime is that a lot of times if I heard about the plots in productions from different countries, I'd know I would absolutely hate it and not be remotely interested.

Yet, here I am, absolutely enamoured by the story of an infatuated (and somewhat obnoxious) teenage girl who can only be near her loved one when she's a cat and in order to regain her humanity (and learn important life lessons) needs to visit a magical cat tree in a race against time.

#Anime #Netflix

Poster for the Netflix Anime A WHISKER AWAY
Minna Nelson
3 days ago

Woman of the Dead in #netflix. Very unexpected story. Crime and thrillerfans, you may like it!

Andre Louis
3 days ago

'Sex Education' S4 is on #Netflix and that, well that makes me happy for sure!

Ian Brown :verified:
5 days ago

Stoked to see my colleague Amer Ather talking about ML performance tuning at #Netflix today at #Intel’s Innovation conference.

A performance engineer stands at a podium.
Terence Eden
5 days ago

🆕 blog! “Why is it so hard to watch foreign TV in the streaming era?”

It looks like it's the end of the party for streaming services. Prices are going up, choice is going down, and the quality is declining. Despite all the hype about how transformative streaming would be for the industry - there's one thing which never really seemed to take off.…

👀 Read more:

#media #Netflix #streaming #tv

Why is it so hard to watch foreign TV in the streaming era?

It looks like it's the end of the party for streaming services. Prices are going up, choice is going down, and the quality is declining.

Despite all the hype about how transformative streaming would be for the industry - there's one thing which never really seemed to take off. It's almost impossible to find "foreign" TV on Netflix, Apple, Prime, and the BBC.

Outside of a few breakout movie hits - like Space Sweepers / 승리호 - there's a dearth of non-English content for me to watch.

Take Der Tatortreiniger. A hugely successful German comedy1 which was remade by the BBC into "The Cleaner". Despite having half-a-dozen streaming options available to me, it is nowhere to be found. If I used a VPN and told Netflix I was in Germany, there are no English subtitles available.

The only way for me to watch it is to buy the US region DVDs.

Even if German comedies are too niche for mainstream Anglophone viewers, isn't that the whole fucking point of the "long tail"?

The extra storage costs for a couple of GB of video are a rounding error to Netflix. An extra entry in the database is nothing. So what's the problem?

In my naïvety, I assumed that streaming services only paid royalties on a per-minute basis. But it seems that it is a lot more complicated than that.

And even if streaming services could accurately report on how popular shows are, lots of media companies are bound up in territorial thinking. Shows are sold to countries and regions. They are explicitly locked behind geographic firewalls. That's what determines the shows you are allowed to view. The Internet is meant to obliterate borders. You can sell to customers all over the world! No barriers!

I know the Long Tail Theory has been mostly discredited. And I know that the ALGORITHM is going to suggest shows which are more profitable rather than more entertaining.

I just wish the world was more open. I want to watch an Iranian sit-com, a Kiwi Biopic, a Korean melodrama, a French documentary, and - yes - a weird German comedy.

I don't want my viewing choices to be artificially restricted.

In the background, a chorus of disgruntled viewers start chanting "Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"

Sounds like an oxymoron - but it is excellent! ↩

#media #Netflix #streaming #tv

6 days ago

The cheapest tier for #Netflix WITHOUT ads is £11 per month. Is it just me or does that seem expensive? 🤔

Dalbo (extinct) | flo
6 days ago

"Brave Blue World: Die Lösung unserer #Wasserkrise"
auf #netflix

"Water Box":
Wandelt Brauch- in #Trinkwasser um

"Majik Water":
Entzieht der Luft die #Luftfeuchtigkeit und transformiert sie zu Trinkwasser

Reinigt Wasser auf "Mikro-Ebene", z.B. alles Wasser, das in einem Mehrfamilienhaus benutzt wird, so dass es zu einem sehr hohen Teil wie in einer Art "geschlossenem Kreislauf" wieder und wieder genutzt werden kann.

(Stelle mir vor, die Hauseigentums-Gesellschaft Covivio, würde solche Anlagen in den "Sternbilderhäusern" installieren, wo ich wohne - was das an Abwasser sparen würde!)

Sammelt menschliche Ausscheidungen ein und macht daraus eine Alternative zu Kohle, die tatsächlich z.B. zum Erhitzen von Wasser genutzt werden kann.

Warum nutzen wir eine solche Lösung nicht groß-skalig?
Weil uns das zu "bäh" erscheint?

Industrien könnten ihren Wasserverbrauch um bis zu 90% reduzieren!

cc @BlumeEvolution

David August
1 week ago

Spencer Neumann, the CFO of Netflix, owns a home that sold in 2015 for $9,600,000, and yet refuses to call #SAGAFTRAstrong nor #WGAstrong.

Instead, Neumann is saying, "We Need To Get Back To Work, That’s What We Are Focused On."

Such a transparent falsehood.

#ActorsStrike #WritersStrike #SAGAFTRAstrike #WGAstrike #UnionStrong #lies #NFLX #netflix

Flipboard Culture Desk
1 week ago

Japanese comedy drama "He's Expecting" imagines a world in which a small number of cis men have become pregnant. Its hero quickly experiences some of the scenarios we're used to seeing pregnant women navigate, from marginalization at work to patronizing information that minimizes the risks of childbirth. In this long read for Electric Lit, Jane Dykema takes a critical look at the TV show's insights and shortcomings.

#TV #Culture #Netflix #TuneIn #Pregnancy

Cory Doctorow
1 week ago

#10yrsago A look at the #InformationDominanceCenter, a replica ST:TNG Enterprise bridge used to sell surveillance to Congress

#10yrsago #Netflix uses piracy stats to choose its programming

#10yrsago After the Meltdown: tracking the fortunes reaped by the bankers who tanked the economy

#10yrsago AT&T threatens to disconnect users accused of copyright infringement


BluePeony :bow_blue:
1 week ago

The Boy Scouts’ Sexual Abuse Scandal No Longer Lives in the Shadows | Vanity Fair

> Director Brian Knappenberger and former #BoyScouts youth protection director Michael Johnson on exposing a decades-long cover-up in #Netflix’s documentary ‘Scouts Honor’: “They tried to squash the story every time.”

>>....82,000 survivors came forward with allegations against the organization. “This was staggering—more claims than were made against the Catholic Church,”....

ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

Someone is Trying to Save The Mail-Order DVD Rental Business As #Netflix Ends DVD Service 📀

Paul H
1 week ago

Finished watching, "Who is Erin Carter?" on Netflix. We only watched to see Douglas Henshall who was excellent in the police series "Shetland", which we reallyloved. However this show is poor, with credulity stretched beyond breaking point and the violence too much in the end. Nice location in Barcelona though. 2/5 and would not recommend!

#WhoIsErinCarter #Netflix

Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 week ago

Bank of Dave on Netflix is excellent. An almost true story about a business man trying to set up a local bank.


Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

@christianselig @agiletortoise @macrumors I think we’re pointlessly talking at cross-purposes until someone with an actual #iPhone 15 plugs it into a TV and tries to watch #Netflix. Should resolve in a week or two.

1 week ago

One year ago, Cyperbunk: Edgerunners premiered on Netflix! And I did this to celebrate!

Exclusive art, early access and offers:

#fanart #anime #cyberpunk #CyberpunkEdgerunners #netflix #art #artist #artistonmasto #MastoArt #cute #lucy #cyberpunk2077

A digital drawing of Lucy from Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. She looks like she is in the middle of a backflip, with looking at the camera upside down with a smile, with the city roofs above her.

Welp, my second #AppleTV 128gb just got delivered. The one that I ordered from #Costco on 23rd August that took freaking forever to ship for no good reason, necessitating me buying a different one from #BestBuy after price matching just so I could get going with the testing faster.

Entirely not worth the wait or bother. Doing a store return on the weekend and getting rid of my first one as well. Simply not as good as #GoogleTV. Don’t care if the interface is faster. It’s less useful and without LiveTV and proper #Netflix integration it’s one big thumbs down from me. Two, even.

Brian Tatosky
2 weeks ago

Oh, this looks perfect for the Halloween season:

#streaming #horror #netflix

2 weeks ago
Tato Pece
2 weeks ago

"Is there a #spiritual way to kill an animal?"


"Let me put it this way, how would #Jesus kill an animal?" 🌱✝️

A snippet from the trailer of #Christspiracy, a documentary movie I am really looking forward to watching!

It is no longer to be shown on #Netflix due to the filmmakers not wanting to soften the message apparently (an argument of #cencorship?). I can see this getting a lot of attention in the #Christian and wider #religious community. For good or for worse, this may perhaps involve conversations in those communities about how they treat their animals.

If the previous films (#Cowspiracy, #WhatTheHealth, #Seaspiracy) from the filmmakers are anything to go by, it will ignite a lot of debate, which can only be a good thing!

For those that are part of the #vegan community, I hope you will spread this trailer and movie to other #vegans to raise its awareness, as I am not sure how far it will spread without the marketing team of Netflix.

#AnimalRights #Veganism #GoVegan #VeganForTheAnimals #Religion #WhatWouldJesusDo

#LiebesKind, Mystery-Miniserie, #Netflix, schafft es nach okayem Auftakt leider nicht, Spannung oder auch nur echte Mystery-Atmosphäre aufzubauen, was entweder an der steifen und langatmigen Inszenierung liegen könnte oder an der statischen Story, die für höchstens drei statt sechs Folgen gereicht hätte.

2 weeks ago

Seeing the light in the kiddos eyes and the big fat grin on their face while watching #OnePiece on #Netflix makes it worth it.

Both of us quite enjoying this adaptation 😌

The Fandom Post
2 weeks ago

#Gamera -Rebirth-‘ #Anime Debuts On #Netflix Today

Per Axbom
3 weeks ago
First season done and I have to admit I absolutely love One Piece on Netflix. In my case I didn’t know what to expect but the characters and the live action are right up my alley.

To be clear, I was not familiar with the anime so there are no adaptation quirks for me to get hung up on.

#OnePiece #Netflix
Poster for the Netflix show One Piece. Five people are standing close to water’s edge with their backs to the viewer and overlooking a big pirate ship in the sea that is lit up by a lo standing sun behind it. The character in the middle has both their arms victoriously raised, and is wearing a straw hat. The Jolly Roger (pirate flag) is a smiling skull with a straw hat. The figurehead of the ship is a smiling sheep’s head.
Mike Kuketz 🛡
3 weeks ago

Durch DNS-Filter, individuelle Einstellungen und persönliches Nutzungsverhalten wird die datenschutzfreundliche Nutzung von Amazon Fire TV ermöglicht. 👇

#firetv #amazon #datenschutz #privacy #tracking #streaming #disney #netflix

Hier soir, j'ai regardé un film sur Netflix. J'avais pas fait ça légalement depuis des mois. J'ai branché mon PC à ma télé et j'ai lancé le lecture.

Bordel que c'était laid. Pas le film, non, mais la qualité de la vidéo. Sur une grosse télé, c'est juste insupportable : flou, baveux, pixelisé à mort. J'avais l'impression que l'encodage était fait pour un smartphone.

Bref, torrent quoi. C'est pas possible de fournir un servir aussi mauvais.

#netflix #vidéo

Finished the final part (part 5) of Disenchantment today and it was so beautiful. What a ride. What a SHOW. I consider it a modern animated masterpiece. No spoilers here, of course. But if you like fantasy or medieval type stuff, FUNNY stuff, cartoons (like Simpsons or Futurama for those who haven't seen it) - I HIGHLY recommend this show. Big comfort show for me. 😍

#Disenchantment #animation #cartoons #Netflix #MattGroening #fantasy #TV

Promo image for the final part (part 5) of Disenchantment on Netflix. Queen/Princess Bean, Elfo, Luci, Mora, and Dagmar are in this art with Dreamland behind them. The logo and "The shocking conclusion!" are at the top in a yellow font.

My wife likes TikTok, she's not on any other social media anymore except for that. I do have an account myself that I mostly use to watch videos she sends me.

But after being here, that app is even MORE jarring. I just hate that you open it and people are already yelling at you loudly. I just prefer text, I guess. With text, you can just read whatever you want (choice!) and easily scroll past stuff if you want to without reading it if you so choose, and you don't have actual yelling in your face.

I enjoy loud punk and brutal death metal, but that's by choice. It's different than hundreds or thousands of random assholes yelling at me, desperately trying to get my attention with vapid-seeming, weirdly put together videos on whatever topic. It's just so strange. I guess she learns stuff on there. It's too much for me.

I get the same awful feeling from YouTube yellers.

And then there's yelling from auto-playing previews on streaming services. With Netflix, you can turn that option off via desktop (a pain in the ass) but they WILL turn it back on anyway, ignoring your preference, as has happened to me now. It's awful. Another thing you can't even browse without getting constantly bombarded with loud, auto-playing previews.

I just like the chill quiet of Mastodon. Let me CHOOSE my loud music or media. I'm sick of being force-fed all the phony, excitable yelling garbage.

#TikTok #YouTube #Netflix #streaming #yelling

Bonjour masto 👋
Une série a me conseiller en ce moment ?
#netflix #serie

3 weeks ago

Ihr wollt am liebsten direkt mit @Figma loslegen aber für euer Unternehmen ist das Thema #DesignSystem noch Neuland?

Dann schaut doch mal bei unseren Customer Success Studies vorbei. Hier erzählen Branchenführer wie #Netflix, #N26, #Vodafone und #Dropbox, wie sie mit #Figma arbeiten und wie das ihre Produktentwicklung nachhaltig voranbringt:

Gocha :prami:
4 weeks ago

Watching Invictus Games

#princeharry #netflix #miniseries

#MidnightMass on #Netflix depicts the corruption of a small town’s #faith, from lukewarm #Catholicism to #fanaticism. With the exception of its use of literal plagues and monsters, this series represents #Christian #radicalization frighteningly well. Writer and director Mike Flanagan’s commentary on the utility of #religious faith echoes what many former #believers, like myself, have learned in our experiences with religious radicalization.

D. B. Stuck
1 month ago


#netflix has their stage show to stream. Well worth the watch. Their two man tour is ongoing if anyone wants to see Steve Martin and Martin Short live.

1 month ago

#Netflix 1899: still in episode two but so far it’s keeping me in my seat, and it reminds me of Dark.

1 month ago

Recently I went to watch a #netflix DVD and found it was broken. I got a replacement and was going to watch that tonight but found it was broken in the exact same way (completely split along a radius). That was weird so I called them about it and they will send another.

But (and this is my point) I was amazed to get to talk to somebody immediately and have an understandable conversation. (I don't mean viz language or accents, I mean re meaning). Certainly raised my opinion of them some.

David August
1 month ago

Here’s an idea: fair deals for everyone everywhere who makes film and TV. While we’re at it, fair deals for everyone everywhere who works. Full stop.

#ActorsStrike #WritersStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #WGAstrong #netflix

Screenshot of a tweet by carina adly mackenzie @cadlymack: 
Fun fact: in France, Netflix already reports their viewership to writers monthly and pays writers based on that viewership, because it's the law there. They literally already have this system in place. 

[quote tweet] 
Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos is reportedly concerned that if they give a fair deal to writers & actors in the U.S. that it will set a precedent for writers/actors in other territories to ask for fair deals. 
(Source: [url]) 
NETFLIX [logo] 

1:18 PM • Aug 25, 2023
Terra Field
1 month ago
On the left, a Netflix Trans* ERG pin
on the right, a Women at Blizzard sticker