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reintroduction time, been here for a while

I am Anshu or andysha, adult boy (just not vibing with Man label), finishing with living, schooling and working in Far Eastern region of Russia

I am somewhere on aro and ace spectrum, just need to figure it out. for now I think it's demiromantic and either aegosexual or aceflux

there is also some neurodivergency to figure out. "they call me an AAA battery"

my fursona is a very fluffy/plushy feral fox, how daring!

my life mostly revolves around tech, software side of it, knowing some C#, Python, JS, and able to do wacky stuff in (or at least know how to search the internet about) Windows, Linux and Android. haven't made anything notable though

my native language is Russian (duh), the level of English knowledge is pretty good, and I've also been trying to learn German, you can track the Duolingo progress on , but with my situation changing, the motivation and energy has dwindled. won't mind someone kicking me to learn it more

the music is on all the time, I am mostly listening to various "not boring" electronic music, loving bunch of Halley Labs aliases, Kettel, Benn Jordan, chiptune, breakcore, ambient, but also some post-rock, whichever enhances my mood at the moment. I want to make music too, but it doesn't turn out well yet, and I don't have enough time to poke arts around

out of that stems the love to various rhythm games. I mostly play osu!taiko or Clone Hero, with online ranks exposed at (but might be inaccurate because I play on lazer most of the time) and , not half bad at playing taiko and mediocre at plastic guitar. other games I play are either something calm story driven, or sandboxes, with OneShot being the favorite (I have a Niko plush)

I am an endogenic system host, with other members being a sweet avali @Eija and big gryph Onyx. when the life gets better here, we would work on schedule to get everyone time to do things they want. Eija's profile might look abandoned, but vi can be contacted at any time

I am not sure myself what should one expect from my profile. take a look I guess

I can also be contacted at any time, private message here, on Telegram or Discord are preferred, but I will get to one eventually on Matrix or email

tags: #intorduction #furry #neurodivergent #plural #tech #linux #programming #android #asexual #electronicmusic #english #russian

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 hours ago

@sashag It's considered by the #ActuallyAutistic & broader #neurodivergent community to be an anti-autism hate group.

The only time I'll mention them is to advise folks to avoid them at all costs & to spread the word that they are actively harmful.

It's not a perfect analogy, but their methodology for autistic folks is a bit like conversion therapy is to LGBTQ+ folks 😖

8 hours ago

It didn’t occur to me until recently that i am the mother of some deeply neurodivergent teenagers. Picking out their very particular foods, exact clothing qualifications, getting the right meds into the right kid….. it’s not “normal” and it’s not easy. And i need to be nicer to myself as the mama. #neurodivergent #autism #FragileX #SpecialNeeds #LGBTQ #2020

Kai Ash
9 hours ago

Volunteers are wanted to complete an online survey for an LGBTQIA+ and autism wellbeing study with Deakin University.

You don’t need to be autistic or identify as LGBTQIA+ to take part. All adults (18+) who live in Australia are eligible.

This project includes researchers who are themselves autistic and belong to the LGBTIQA+ community.

Survey link:

Many thanks!

#ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Autistic #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #LGBTQ #Australia #Research #Study

The recruitment flyer for the study. In summary, the study is investigating the relationship between being autistic and belonging to the LGBTIQA+ community. It is seeking participants to take a survey. Participants need to be 18+ and live in Australia. The study is through Deaking University and an ethics approval number is given.

I know I said I wasn't going to share press pieces for CRIP UP THE KITCHEN as frequently. That said, I've been waiting for this DEEP DIVE for a few weeks now and it really gets into the meat (no pun intended) of the whys this book exists

#DisabilityJustice #DisabilityInclusion #Neurodivergent #Bookstodon #Disabled #ActuallyAutistic

17 hours ago

Fun fact:
If you get up just 60 minutes earlier everyday, in a year you will have achieved 21,900 more minutes of unnecessary anxiety

#neurodivergent #anxiety


For as little as $5.00 a month you can download almost all of my fiction past/present/future in mobi/epub/pdf.

That’s a lot of weird #neurodivergent #scifi and #darkfantasy.

You can even check it out free for 7 days.


#actuallyautistic #bookstodon #indie

@KaCi We should celebrate Schrödinger’s Autism (which I have) where the #neurodivergent person can both see and feel their condition, so it exists, but the NT person sees and feels nothing, so it cannot exist.


Stuart D Neilson
1 day ago

Walking in the city. Motion intensity image of the visual change, much of which is not consciously perceived by most people. (Still frame from a walking video).

#neurodivergent #autistic #attention #distraction #anxiety #video #photography

Visual change represented by brightness. Most of the potentially attention-distracting change is irrelevant to the task of walking, navigating or socialising. Most people do not even notice it.
Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
1 day ago

If anyone is thinking about working with me, I always offer a consult to determine if coaching is right, safe and appropriate for you, right now.

Some people only want to have the conversation once they've had a good think for themselves about whether coaching is right. I encourage this!

To support your thinking on whether you could or should be working with any coach, I have written a post that tells you things you can be thinking about, and what I discuss in consults to help a client work out if coaching is where they need to be or not.

I hope this is useful!

#Coaching #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #ADHD #Autism #AuDHD

Dr Becci Quirky Brain Coach
1 day ago

It's a big day for me today - I am giving two talks about topics that I am really passionate about.

At 5pm, I am speaking for the Bristol chapter EMCC on neurodivergence in the coaching space. I'll be talking about my areas of experience/coaching expertise (ADHD & autism). The talk is about the lookout points in the coaching process and conversation where coaches may need to think about how they conduct the coaching or undertake particular actions to support their client.

At 7pm, I will speak about what the "positive university" would need to have or be based on my experience as an autistic academic, and some ideas from positive psychology about what might help autistic academics to be well and thrive intellectually and energetically.

It's going to be a busy day but a really enriching one. Wish me luck!

#coaching #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #adhd #autism #audhd

A screen grab of a cover slide. The title reads "neurodivergence in the coaching space". My multicoloured quirky brain logo appears above and below the title. On the right, there is a cartoon avatar image of me (Becci) smiling widely, wearing chunky headphones, and giving a big thumbs-up.
Brian Johnson
1 day ago

Spectrum Theatre Ensemble is thrilled to announce auditions for the company’s 2023 Season, which will be comprised of a series of short plays that originated from STE’s Neurodivergent Playwright Initiative. These plays will be developed and performed over the course of the year at the Neurodiversity Everywhere New Play Initiative Readings and the Neurodiversity New Play Festival.

#SpectrumTheatreEnsemble #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent #Neurodiverse #Autism #Theatre #RhodeIsland

Kathryn Long
2 days ago

Dude I was playing #MagicTheGathering EDH with at store got mad at me for just saying "I attack you with..." instead of using his name. He was like, "I remember your name from last time we met, use my name!"

Thanks Mr School Teacher (really), I come from a family where #FaceBlindness runs in family and even if I'm not as bad as my sister I'm still #Neurodivergent and names and faces can slip from my mind literally in seconds even when I'm *consciously* trying hard (and sometimes I can't recognize people or names I've known for years) so thanks for getting all ablist, you ass

2 days ago

Holy crap are Loop earplugs amazing. I really struggle with noise--things like the neighbor kid bouncing a basketball outside the house are enough to send me into a distraction frenzy, as is someone talking on a cell phone or next to me in a movie--and these help so much. I also have the Quiet ones for sleeping and love them deeply.

(Not an ad. Just so grateful things like this exist for the #neurodivergent brains among us.)

Johnny Profane Âû
2 days ago

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #Neurodivergent #ADHD #AuDHD #Neurodiversity
#autism #Autistic

Hey, #ActuallyAutistic fam…

Just starting to write again after nearly 3 months. Health scare. Little rusty…Need your opinion.

This is something that might affect #AutsticElder males… maybe Enbys, females?

"Autistic Burnout? New Truth - What If It Actually Goes Deeper?"

I think humor often treads near the edge of good taste. Saying mildly forbidden things out loud? One source of jokes. The trick is, don't go over the edge, offend most of your audience. Think @Hannahgadsby...

I want to start my article like this... Do I get away with it?
Ever notice how pop culture gets our natural autistic ways all wrong? They try to be so hip… so inclusive. But like Sia, even tho she says she's autistic... they end up pissing us off?

Imagine your local open comedy mic. Your sipping the finest cheap swill the dimly lit establishment has to offer.

Some grinning dude struts out into the spotlight, swaggering like he's gonna slay the lit crowd. Grabs the mic, tilts his head back, laughs out loud, and launches into his best autistic-coded humor, cuz diversity and all:

A hip looking therapist sits at a desk in a lavishly furnished office in wood and leather. Wearing hip sunglasses.
2 days ago

My milkshake brings all the ants from my yard
and they might
come in through the doors
damn right
they comin' indoors
I would squish them
But they are quite large
and tbh it kinda squicks me out

#Music #Lyrics #MusicProduction
#ShowerThoughts #Ants
#MusicianThoughts #Parody #Milkshake #Kelis #ADHDmemes #ADHDer #NeuroDiverseSquad #NeuroDivergent #ADHD #Funny #Humor

Eric Daniel (Spark E.) Muntz
3 days ago

For clarification, my sexual orientation wasn't mentioned (it occurs to me I may have left all with that impression).

Instead I brought up my suspicion that I may be on the autism spectrum. I was given a questionnaire via email to fill out, and my score was 30 out or 50 (with 50 being highest likelihood/intensity of ASD). The psychologist will discuss the results with me at my next appointment. #neurodivergent #adhdautism

Knowing all this put me in the headspace to make the previous post.

3 days ago

As someone with neurodevelopmental disorders #ND, I constantly explore technology's role in improving my life. One game changing tool has been fitness trackers. They not only track my steps, highlighting activity gaps, but also enhance my sense of distance and time. Inspired by this, I began behavior tracking and monitoring habits like water intake. I'm intrigued by how fellow community members leverage technology for ND's. Share your experiences! #techforgood #assistivetech #neurodivergent

Another shower, another #FragMyBrain. I am really trying to reduce showering in order to stop having these stupid thoughts. But, hey, I can't stop having showers, can I?

Whenever I post something, and especially if it is something sad, and people respond not only with "Favorite" but write something, my brain goes bananas.

I *could* just favorite their response, they probably don't even think I'd respond, but at the very least they don't really *expect* a response. But just favoriting a response where someone says "I feel you, take care" or sends a hug or *something*, feels like ... disrespectful. It feels like I am saying "yeah, ok, whatever" - at least for my brain. And no, I don't think this way the other way around. It is only when *I* do/don't do it.

The next thought is "but what if they think the same and if I respond to their response they feel the obligation to respond again and this becomes a catch-22? What if they just wanted to say 'I feel you' and hoped I would just favorite it and done with it. If I respond, do I put them in a weird situation, make them uncomfortable? Wouldn't it be better just to favorite? But then, won't they think 'eh, fine. They didn't see my response worth a response, so they don't value it...'?"

You see, this goes on and on.

And then there is this variation: I then start responding, but this creates other problems.

If there are a lot of responses to my original post, I don't want my responses to these responses look like copy/paste, because then, my fragging brain thinks, it could come over as lazy, then I should rather not respond at all. "It is disrespectful to just copy/paste or even give the impression it is copy/paste."

Ok, then let's start writing different responses, problem solved, right? Wrong!

There is the next problem: but what if the responses are different but some of them (very) short, others (very) long. Won't the ones I responded to with a short response think I value their responses less than the responses where I responded longer? And the emojis: which emojis to use where? Won't the ones getting a "cheaper emoji"* think that their response is valued less than the response of those getting "not so cheap emojis"*?

Yes, I still have to live with this fraggin' brain 😖

*: cheap: my brain thinks that those that just look like a face are cheap because they are at the beginning of my emoji-view. The further I have to travel, the less cheap they become... Did I say that I still have to live another 78 years with this collection of garbage I call a brain?

#Musings #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #ND

3 days ago

I just realised I phrased things wrong when I was talking about myself. It’s not that I’m uncaring, I do genuinely care about the people I like and I love the few friends I do have, and would go out of my way to help them. It’s just that the fact that I’m not very empathetic, I’m not good at comforting people and I’m generally unfeeling to other people’s emotions and a lot of things that most people would be upset over. It’d have to be something horrible to get a reaction from me.
#neurodivergent #txt

3 days ago

A lil’ bit about our mission from our founder. Give us a follow on TikTok for more!


3 days ago

Some highlights from our first event, a #sensorysafe paddock tour at during the GT World Challenge America race at @COTA

Read the recap at


4 days ago

Sarah Silverman is doing a workshop on neurodiversity for educators that may be of interest to folks. It's Tuesday, June 13th and it's free with a suggested $10 donation.

#HigherEd #Education #Educators #Accessibility #ADHD #Neurodivergent #Teaching

As a #NeuroSpicy type I think we should start saying #NeuroBland instead of the hugely value-laden 'normal.'

#NeuroDivergent #NeuroTypical

Jen McCulley :verified:
5 days ago

My teen has a sense of humor. 😂
He saw this on Imgur, and now wants to get it for himself. The tattoo, I mean; not the ADHD.

#ADHD #ADHDProblems #neurodivergent

An image that features a limb with the ACDC rock band logo, but instead, it reads “AD⚡️HD Highway to hey look a squirrel”
David Gray-Hammond
5 days ago
5 days ago

I am looking for a new instance to move to, preferably but need an invite. I rarely use this account so I’d would like to go somewhere I will be more active.

If anyone has other ideas for general *anti-everything bad* instances that are currently open or if I can get an invite to please lmk!

#Queer #Trans #Disabled #Neurodivergent #AntiRacism #AntiCapitalism #LGBTQ #Disability #BlackMastodon

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
5 days ago

@analogfusion @tismark

100% For real! I guess that Im trying to say that the impulse is the same, and it was just fascism training wheels.

I'm also trying to say, I see you #BIPOC #queer #lgbtq #neurodivergent communities. I believe you, and I will defend you. Because you are all of us.

There's WAY more of us than them.

Love wins & love never dies

Ya'll Means All

:progresspride: #TVAC #ArtFED

Olivier Blond
5 days ago

As a neurodivergent who slightly identifies as queer but is strongly inspired by the queer movement, I can see the parallel (link in post 2/2).
Because the "popularisation" of being #neurodivergent makes us forget that the #neurodiversity movement is a struggle against the white cisheteropatriarchy and its coercive system (which is implemented at all social levels).
And that I have strong allies, including men, in the communist or communitarian #anarchist movement and probably elsewhere.

A. Wilder Westgate :ir:
6 days ago

I always seem to forget to share things here at the same time that I share them elsewhere, but here is a poem I wrote that I shared on my Substack for the first day of pride month:

My children are wrapped in rainbows
without the weight of worry
about a god who would promise peace
only after dealing destruction,
or who would create life and love
only to decide that some were sinful.
Someday, they'll learn all about
the Bible, genesis and Jesus,
queer liberation and pride parades,
and the reason they, themselves,
are called rainbow babies, but
for now, they'll wear clothes in every colour,
and smile at every stranger,
and when they see the sunlight
reflected and refracted in raindrops,
they'll know nothing but momentary magic
and the bliss of being both
innocent and ignorant of ignorance.

I've decided to start publishing more of my writing on Substack as well. I'm still getting established, so right now, I've got a couple of intro posts up, plus a few notes with daily poems.

I'll be sending regular newsletters on Tuesdays which will generally consist of poems like the one above along with commentary about them, essays about life (from the perspective of a queer, AuDHD leftist parent), and thoughts about my own writing process. I may separate these out at some point, and would love feedback about what people want to see more of as I'm getting started.

I know we all get a million emails, but if you're interested, feel free to subscribe, or just check in once in a while! You can find my main page at:

#Writer #WritersOfMastodon #Poem #PoetsOfMastodon #QueerWriter #neurodivergent #AuDHD #NeurodivergentWriter #pride

Aisling Walsh
1 week ago

"Priscilla exists in a strange time capsule... drag queens were coming out of the ballrooms and into the living rooms of regular families around the world for lost little neuroqueer kids like me to stumble upon..." you can read more here⬇


#autism #actuallyautistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #movies #films #priscilla #suburbia #growingup #pride #pridemonth #queer #neuroqueer #neurokin #neuropride

some cat
1 week ago

Do you feel, or have you been told, that you use a lot of "voices" when you're talking with someone (particularly when comfortable with them), or talking to yourself (if you do that), more than others?

I feel most people generally do this to some degree, like when saying something in a tone that implies sarcasm, for example.

The question is more about: do you feel or have you been told that you do that sort of thing ("using voices") a lot?

Thanks! :blobcat:

@actuallyautistic #AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent

Katy J.E.
1 week ago

#AskingAutistics #Neurodivergent #AuDHD #ADHD

What form do your memories take?

Are they mainly...

Kit Muse
1 week ago

@BZBrainz @actuallyautistic There's an anthology still seeking submissions on #grief and other topics specifically for #neurodivergent individuals.

We're currently reading for grief & #burnout with an #AutiGender deadline coming on September 30.

Cats Who Code 💙💛
1 week ago

My wife got her test confirmed! She is #AutHD! #Autism #ADHD #neurodivergent

A nice little piece today on CBC On The Island about CRIP UP THE KITCHEN and what it makes it different than other cookbooks

#Bookstodon #DisabilityJustice #CookingInclusion #Neurodivergent #Disabled

Johnny Profane Âû
1 week ago

A group of us are brain-storming about forming a neurodivergent collective, where we share skills, inspiration, and create a pipeline for new creatives, new voices in #autism have an easy, free platform to publish articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

As part of this effort we're exploring tranisitioning my successful AutisticAF Out Loud blog, podcast, and YouTube channel from my personal effort to a resource and publishing pipeline for all neurodivergent creatives.

8 of us... so far... are beginning to divide up tasks and kick around ideas toward a Mission statement.

If you have an interest... join the converstation:

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd #Autism #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #neurodivergent #neurodiversity

A fantasy logo, an "A" created from 3 rainbow infinity symbols, creating a whole. The text below is translated from the French to "This is not a logo... but it could be." It's a kind of pun on a Magritte painting.
Cats Who Code 💙💛
1 week ago

My wife is having her #AuDHD evaluation today and I'm here supporting her! #neurodivergent #Autism #ADHD :flan_strong: 🧠

Pixie Pain
2 weeks ago

The first is rapidly approaching, we need $423 to make rent. We're over halfway!


Please share if you can't donate 💗

Thank you so much!

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund #transmutualaid #remotework #neurodivergent #ADHD #immunocompromised #rent #rentHelp

Woman with pink hair and glasses.
Two cats curled up together on a comforter, a Torby and a Bombay.
Cait Gordon ♿️
2 weeks ago

The question I’ve been asked the most from disabled readers is “Where do I find stories that star folks who are like me?”

Well, have I got news for you!

With Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too, you get a total of 49 stories by authors who are #disabled, #Deaf, #Blind, #neurodivergent, and/or who manage #Mentalillness! #AmReading

Book cover of Nothing Without Us and the text: "I can't describe how refreshing it is as a disabled person to read about fully fleshed out three-dimensional characters. Not only are we pulled out of our trope-ridden literary history, we are given substance." ~ Derek Newman-Stille, nine-time Prix Aurora Award winner for the digital humanities website, Speculating Canada 

Available through Chapters-Indigo and many online booksellers.
Bookcover of Nothing Without Us Too and the text: "Stories featuring disabled characters that are written by disabled authors themselves are inherently stories of transformation and the new-because they come from people who've had to view the world in different ways in order to get by, to survive, to thrive in ways that only we know how." ~ Amanda Leduc, author of Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space, and The Centaur's Wife 

Available at Chapters- Indigo and many online booksellers.
Pixie Pain
2 weeks ago

The first is rapidly approaching, we need $473 to make rent!

Please share if you can't donate 💗

Thank you so much!

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund #transmutualaid
#remotework #neurodivergent #immunocompromised

Johnny Profane Âû
2 weeks ago

A group of us are brain-storming about forming a neurodivergent collective, where we share skills, inspiration, and create a pipeline for new creatives, new voices in #autism have an easy, free platform to publish articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

As part of this effort we're exploring tranisitioning my successful AutisticAF Out Loud blog, podcast, and YouTube channel from my personal effort to a resource and publishing pipeline for all neurodivergent creatives.

8 of us... so far... are beginning to divide up tasks and kick around ideas toward a Mission statement.

If you have an interest... join the converstation:

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd #Autism #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #neurodivergent #neurodiversity

A logo of an A made from rainbow infinity symbols. Below it reads "Ceci n'est pas ce un logo... mais ce pourrant l'etre."

which is a take off on the caption to a Magritte painting. It translates to English as "This is not a logo... but it could be."
Trollup 🐾
2 weeks ago

Something I gave to contend with when seeking play partners is navigating being in single parent mode and #neurodivergent… and experiencing #PDA.

This results in my sometimes not responding as quickly as people might want or having time to play when they might like. It translates in their minds to my not being interested, or maybe even baiting them without intent…?

I get it. I know it’s not true. But perceptions are what they are. When they get pissy about it, it doesn’t seems to make sense to argue or explain. My life may not be compatible with them. My gut reaction is to block. Reduce everyone’s frustration.

I don’t know if this is the right thing, but in my mind it reduces the drama load when I know the trigger for isnt something I can change.

If folks have ideas, I’m curious. But just sharing in case other experience this too.

#ActuallyAutistc #slut #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

Lynn McAlister UE
2 weeks ago

@djkalbert Just follow people who seem interesting and boost (repost) things that are meaningful to you. You can always unfollow someone later if you wish, but by following people you will increase the number of posts you see. There's no algorithm, so you need to make connections to find people of interest. Hashtags help too. The #neurodivergent community here is supportive and informative. Welcome!

Albert Kim
2 weeks ago

I am new to Mastodon, and this is so confusing. I have no idea how to use this. New learning curve is always a challenge for neurodivergent users like me #a11y #neurodivergent #neurodiversity

David Gray-Hammond
2 weeks ago

Please tell people about this, it really helps me out!

My book "The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society" is currently available on kindle on the UK and US for ⅓ of it's usual price.

You can use the links below to get it. If not, a share is appreciated.

US Link

UK link

#actuallyautistic #autism #autistic #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #neurodivergence #autisticauthor

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @bookstodon

Arrow pointing at the front cover of "The New Normal" by David Gray-Hammond.

Text above arrow reads "Grab your copy now!"
2 weeks ago

When the world lacks glorious #NeuroDiversity pride earrings, key charms and such, we learn how to make some.

This is draft one. We are not there yet.

#adhd #ActuallyAutistic #NeuroDivergent #crafts #hobbies

A pile of wood cut infinity symbols with three of them painted with rainbow colours on a piece of newspaper with paint on it.

@johnnyprofane1 You do you at your own pace! I appreciate your putting yourself out here and getting our creative and #community juices flowing. If you need and/or welcome it, I’d give you a great big hug. #Neurodivergent accolytes gently await… @adelinej @Cassandra @arisummerland @Pathfinder @Meanwhile_on_earth_One @KatyElphinstone #ActuallyAutistc

Cham is doing a presentation about mapping resources for #neurodivergent people on #OpenStreetMap as part of her Ausome Maps initiative. Shown here is the OSM logo drawn by her 14-year-old brother who has #autism.

Photo of a presentation slide projected onto a screen depicting a hand-drawn colored pencil artwork  of the OpenStreetMap logo, with Cham off to the side gesturing at the slide
Katy J.E.
2 weeks ago

#AskingAutistics #Neurodivergent #AuDHD #ADHD

Do you remember your early childhood?

Aisling Walsh
2 weeks ago

My obsession with The Dude, is a complicated, a lotta ins, a lotta outs and a lotta what-have-yous!

I wrote about surviving the square world as an #ActuallyAutistic person, work and adulting woes, comfort viewing and Echolalia in The Big Lebowski!


#autism #actuallyautistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #neurokin #neuropride #autcasts #diagnosis #autismdiagnosis #outcasts #movies #films #thedude #coenbrothers #jeffbridges #adulting #work #echolalia

Ether Diver
2 weeks ago

Things that are important to me that might be important to you:

I am #queer, #neurodivergent, and, frankly, a #weirdo. Also a #dad, a retired #journalist, #tech industry veteran. I don't drink #alcohol (don't mind if you do, I just am finished with it) but I love #weed. I like to #read but have a hard time finding the time these days. I love to promote #art, #music and other kinds of #creative expression.

Agile Alliance
2 weeks ago

"One Size Doesn't Fit All: Supporting and Fostering Neurodiverse Teams” with Becky Kuzma, and Gillian Lee is just one of the many great #Agile workshops coming to #Agile2023. Don't miss the world's premier Agile event:

#RoadtoAgile2023 #Neurodiversity #Neurodiverse #AgileTeams #Neurodivergent

Text: "One Size Doesn't Fit All: Supporting and Fostering Neurodiverse Teams” with photos of Becky Kuzma and Gillian Lee and the Agile2023 logo with an abstract colorful border.

It’s seems so simple. Be sure son takes morning med at breakfast. Right?

I find when I’m having to handle something different, or he’s gotten up late and we’re in a rush, *I* forget. I’m focused on other urgent things and my #ActuallyAutistc brain fails.

Today it was making sure he was prepped for todays FIELD TRIP. If ever there was a day he’d need the extra help. Sigh.

#AutisticParenting #ParentingWhileAutistic #neurodivergent @actuallyautistic #AuDHD


This is one in a sea of hundreds of such posts you have seen.

I am trans, suffer from extreme depressive disorder and just over one year sober.

I have crippling social anxiety. Finding work is a bit harder than it needs to be.

I would super appreciate help with rent, medical and quality of life.

Venmo/CashApp help is most immediate and useful.

I still really need $400 a.s.a.p. -I lost the overdraft protection I was given to medical. New medication was really expensive. $400 would cover costs for a few things and relieve pressure in general for about a month.


I have some in my gofundme towards my surgery, would be swell to have more to cover my FFS when that comes. There is a new time frame for this and it would be swell to have something secured before it gets too close.


My YouTube could help me get more cred and exposure. Please go Subscribe and share. Will up the chances of it growing better!


If you have any gig style job like voice acting, video edits, original music, graphic design (I am ok), writing for your OC or TTRPG or any number of things, let me know.

Seriously. I work fast and will be happy to work with anyone.


I have never had such a loving community. Never have had a community like this online. I would just drift alone in the cyber ocean. It now feels like I am traveling with some of you.

If you have other social networks, please repost to those. I do not use fb, insta, whats, tic, twit, snap or generally anything other than Youtube and this.

🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

My Venmo and CashApp will help with meds and living expenses. gofund me is most helpful for bigger stuff.

Much Love is felt! I have so much love for all of you!

Another big thanks to those that have helped me out so far!
It is wonderful to feel that support.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #disabled #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #writers #Neurodivergent #socialanxiety #transhealthcare #rent #Identity #writingcommunity

🦇​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖🦇​

I love you!

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VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

Purple and pink light on a space cat with a cute smile standing in front of a green screen
Trollup 🐾
2 weeks ago

@aphyr I’d never heard of @GearUpWeekend and I’ve been in the public #BDSM scene in the SF bay area for 17 years. How does this happen? LOL.

This sounds like an amazing retreat. One question. Do they have daycare for kids, and possibly with #neurodivergent aware staff?

Yeah, there are #kinky #LGBTQ #neurodivergent #parents / #families. Hehe

@redoak YES! THIS! Sorry about shouting.

How ableist to assume parents are of course #neurotypical and helping their poor #neurodivergent children… 😢 We’re commonly in the same boat as them and far less likely to have had diagnosis and support from when we were kids.

So sure, load us up with all those helpful suggestions that don’t fit. Haha I agree, it’s madness.

Are there helpful suggestions/guidance for #ActuallyAutistic HOUSEHOLDS?


Cats Who Code 💙💛
3 weeks ago

@elduvelle I'd be interested in the #NeuroScience and related ones! I'm #neurodivergent :flan_laugh:

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 weeks ago


Birth names aren't obligations: they're gifts. But just like other gifts, you aren't under ANY obligation to like or keep them.

When people give you a gift, naturally they hope you'll like it & want to keep it. But if it doesn't work for you any more, there's no obligation to keep it.

You're allowed to treat yourself to a gift that you picked out yourself :TransHeart: :NonBinaryHeart:

#trans #transgender #NonBinary #agender #genderqueer #genderfluid #queer #LGBTQ #neurodivergent

3 weeks ago

I've not had my short-acting ritalin for a few days now because my terrible GP fucked up, and I'm really feeling the difference. Instead of short-acting in the morning plus extended release at midday, I'm now taking only the extended release one once a day. And it is not getting me through to the evening. I also have virtually no executive function in the morning. It's really terrible and idk how people who only get a prescription for one dose do it. No wonder I hear about so many people who are struggling! Hopefully I should get my meds on Monday. 🤞🏻

#adhd #neurodiverse #neurodivergent