3 months ago

To all of the new folks that have followed me over the last week or so, first let me say THANK YOU and let me say HELLO!

I hope you are all doing amazingly well and I hope to get to interact with each of you in one way or another.

I appreciate the follows and hopefully you enjoy my sense of weirdness and crazy sense of humor as I tend to post some off the wall stuff from time to time!

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Sequin World
3 months ago
Sequin World
5 months ago

thanks for following, Happy New Year everyone :

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Delia Christina
6 months ago

To my #NewFollowers:


So you found me and you're awesome. Welcome. Here's what to expect while you're here. (And no shame if you unfollow to explore other areas of the Fediverse.)

I am a bit of an oversharer. I post about work, politics, and being a middle-aged #LadyBachelor with a high uh, GUSTO for life, and some niche hobbies that are a bit more um non-traditional in scope. (Which I put behind a CW 'Shenanigans.')

Snark is my love language.


Henning von Vogelsang
6 months ago

I see more and more empty accounts following me. Guys, if you don’t engage, if you don’t use hashtags to find people with your interests and if you don’t post, nothing will happen. This isn’t Twitter, where everything was pushed in your face. #Mastodon #NewFollowers

Cliff Wade :novaLauncher:
6 months ago

Due to the big influx of new users over the last few days, I seemed to have gained quite a few followers during that time.

Because of that, I just wanted to take a moment and say HELLO to all of you who follow me and to all the new followers.

I appreciate you dropping me a follow and giving my content a look over(hopefully).

I hope to be able to interact with all of you at some point!

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Sequin World
7 months ago
Sequin World
7 months ago

as the second day on Mastodon draws to a close, thanks for the follows!
@beatraxa @RavenVal @Darren157 @Lopezcartoons

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Sequin World
7 months ago

as my first day on Mastodon draws to a close, many thanks to this lovely lot for following! 🤗 @innerstrings @Spudgun67 @dentonpotter22 @fragmentedflaneur @vogonlaundromat

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Jane A.
7 months ago

Hello! I'm picking up a lot of #NewFollowers from the #Twexodus 😊 Welcome!

If I followed you before, I'd love to do so again — but please put your username from the other place in your profile, so I can check who you are!

If you have no handle, no bio, no info and no posts, I won't follow back — because I don't know what you're about or if I'll enjoy your posts!

Suggestion for #NewHere users: add your bio, info and an # Introduction before you start following people!

Gutter Bookshop
7 months ago

Trying a little #bookshops tag to see who I can find... if you're a bookshop (?) or bookshop-adjacent please reveal yourselves! #newstarts #newfollowers