Ooh… finally, the company where I work (@cadrageapp) published their very first post in the #Fediverse. 🎉

So, please give them a warm welcome 🤗, say hello and follow them, because they are very #newhere. 😃

#FilmMaker #MovieMaker #Cinematograph

Checkin Posting
4 days ago

Welcome to #CheckIn for Thursday, September 28

Hi there, @cass_m (and here. I will be your host for the next week. If you are #NewHere; welcome!

As many of you know, I did a bathroom renovation that included a glass wall at the shower. I never thought I would spend almost as much time cleaning the shower as taking the shower but I really like how it looks so, oh well. Is there something you really wanted that turned out to be way more maintenance intensive than you thought it would be? Did you make a change away or just take it as part of enjoying that thing?

This week’s topics are suggested by @cass_m but there’s always an element of randomness. Grab your beverage preference (pixel or not), follow Wheaton’s Law and enjoy the space.

To find out more about #CHECKIN** check our site
* You can participate without being notified.
* To get notified when the daily #CheckIn post is live just mention it in the comment. Tag @cass_m for quicker response.
* To get off the list let us know by commenting on the current post.
Have an idea for a topic – let us know or even be a GUEST HOST! Just send a message to @suann

Greetings… Ahoj! Aloha! Bom dia! Bonjour! Bună! Ciao! G’day! Geia sas! Günaydın, صباح الخير , בוקר טוב 你好! Håfa Adai! Hi! Hei! Hello! Hallo! Hei! Hola! Howdy! Halō! Kamusta! Kia Orana! Kon’nichiwa! Mabuhay! Moi! Namaste! Ni Hao! Neih hou! Pagi! Saluton! Sawasdee! Shwmae! Γειάσας! Talofa! Terve!😄


We hope you’ll use the hashtag to keep track of the daily post and join in if you’re not on this list. The topic is always open 💕

5 days ago

#newhere - does this work for #introduction ? Hello, I just wanted to try out if I would like firefish as much as I guessed. Have some patience with me, I will have to learn how to get around here.
Expect postings about living in
#Jordan, my #cats - and usually I cannot keep my postings off politics - I learned early that it rules all our lives, if we want or not. More visibly these days with the climate getting ruined.
Also, as I try to earn a bit with
#translations I might write about books - books I read or I translated - or try to write myself, who knows.
There is more, but just for now ...

Hey 👋​

just came over from that bird site, hoping to have some fun here #newhere

I am a cute fluffy spider enjoying electronics, making and much more…

1 week ago

@richardburr Richard - I suggest loading your posts with hashtags to get wider circulation. And, here you can edit!

I'd add: #NewHere #Vegetarian #Environment #RejoinEU for example

Oliver Schafeld
1 week ago

Hashtag #BelieveInFilm is pinned 👍🎞️

To anyone #newHere: Did you know you can follow hashtags? It's a great way to get interesting stuff into your #Mastodon timeline.

Cleef Hanger
1 week ago

Hello again to all those #newhere

Just remembering than in this account you will find Froggelio, a little frog that does things

Welcome to mastodon, hope you enjoy it there.


hola otra vez gente nueva.
Solo paso a recordar que en esta cuenta encontraréis a Froggelio une rana que hace cosas.

Bienvenidos a mastodon y pasaoslo bien aquí.

Froggelio in a seat panda
Froggelio saying "get in i take you" in a toy train
Froggelio above a red ball with a star on it
Froggelio with a lute singing with a background of a lemon tree
Rhythms of Resistance Hannover
1 week ago

Do you want to create a good vibe at rallies and demos and loudly support your political demands? ✊

Then #RhythmsOfResistance (#RoR) is just the right thing for you! 🥁

We want to start a local RoR group in #Hannover and are organizing a kick-off workshop! 🎉

📅 Saturday, October 21, 2023
⏰ 10-14 h
🎯 UJZ Korn, Kornstraße 28-30, Hannover
💌 Sign-up: (it's free)

You don't need any prior knowledge, we will learn everything together :)

#NewHere #drums #climatejustice

Heike Huntebrinker
1 week ago

@s3thi I agree with you. Several weeks ago I asked here the question:

"#newhere Where are the #climate scientists and activists from the global South in the #fediverse ?"

Literally no one replied. This is sad. #Mastodon needs more diversity to get relevant.

ArtBear on Firefish
2 weeks ago

A very few big corporations should not own human communications, should not own social. It gives them too much power over how we see our world.

#Fedi is a real alternative to this, where users choose for themselves. Freely choose without algorithms & without top down authority from a privileged handful in some corporation controlling the content for millions.

#Fediverse #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #SocialMedia

A dark silhouette of a person walks down a rain covered road. This is a world that has been constructed. The reality falls away increasingly towards the edges of the image with Matrix code streams covering the 3D surfaces.

Time for an #introduction, cause I am #newhere:

me: 8-tentacled guide to the spirit realm.

please follow me for short stories, wisdom,
#news and jokes from the xy dimension to which you can find a portal in your drywall.

If you put my toots on decorative pillows and sell them, I will commend your business acumen.

#boost, please. I am lonely, and the #fediverse is vast.

2 weeks ago


Dank lieber Leute hab ich den Umzug ins CHAOS geschafft & stell mich kurz vor:

Ich bin Lili, trans femme um die 30, bin chronically online & nenne mich da Lilischote weil aeh klingt witziger?

Social Media nutze ich primär als Informationsquelle & um Aufklärung zu verbreiten. Vor allem Aufklärung & Repräsentation von #queer & #trans Themen, aber mittlerweile auch oft Gesellschaftspolitik.

Hier meine Links, wenn euch das interessiert:


2 weeks ago

#Introduction #newHere
#friendica rugby forum page for the fediVerse just in timefor the #RWC2023
#Rugby union, commonly known simply as rugby, is a close-contact team sport that originated at Rugby School in the first half of the 19th century.
Rugby is simply based on running with the ball in hand.
In its most common form, a game is played between two teams of 15 players each, the reduced version with seven players has become an olympic sport.……

2 weeks ago

#Introduction #newHere

This is #friendica forum page for the permaculture community of the #fediVerse.

#Permaculture is an approach to land management and settlement design that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems. It includes a set of design principles derived using whole-systems thinking. It applies these principles in fields such as regenerative agriculture, town planning, rewilding, and community resilience.…


Image of a  green hummingbird rising to feed itself on an orange flower of aloe arborescense miller. The background is a composition of white circles on a greenish back ground. The wings of the bird are bend and out of focus due to it's movement. The tail feathers are quite sharp, same as the beak that assembles the same color as the flower.
@yugiohmaster88 Welcome Ricki! Have fun! #newhere
Kevin RR :verified:
3 weeks ago

Like a stranger crashing a party, dance as wildly as you can to your favorite songs for potential recognition by your new best friends. 💃🏾 If everyone looks the other way, at least you’ll have a good time.
#newhere #introduction #welcome

Enlightened Flamingo
3 weeks ago

Hello, my name is Amy & I'm a total noob here.

I am: disabled (CRPS), an introvert (INFP-T), multicraftual (cross stitch, crochet, pyrography, hand embroidery, sewing, acrylic painting, digital drawing, mixed media, etc.), short, & awkward.

Interests: all things paranormal, flamingos, gaming, rewatching the same shows & movies over & over, getting coffee with friends.

Looking forward to getting to know more crafty folk!

#Introduction #Noob #NewHere #Crafty #Disabled #CRPS #Introvert

Small round piece of wood with woodburning of a filled in circle, minus a heart in the center. Charming, friendly, & welcoming.
Jan Penfrat
3 weeks ago

Great to see @ilgaeurope joining the #Fediverse, defending #LGBTI equality also on the free social web! #newhere

3 weeks ago

Hello! My first post!

Odin Halvorson
3 weeks ago

@luisferkmosq23 Try connecting to more hashtags, and using hashtags when you post! That will help you connect to a broader community.

#Community #NewHere #Support

3 weeks ago

@thatpisceswitch welcome! Try hashtags like #welcome, #introductions, or #NewHere to get started

3 weeks ago

Also: hello! I'm Rey, a they/them, and your freshest birdsite transfer.

After a few months away from the tootin' I realized that I miss the sense of online community--and so I'm here now.

I mostly follow & write stuff about #gardening #homesteading #dnd #cooking #funfact #nonbinary - looking forward to finding my peeps!


Bill Reese
3 weeks ago

Been a while since I've posted one of these, but if you're #NewHere and into #Soccer (Particularly #MLS, #NWSL, #Bundesliga, #EPL), let's be friends.

Most of us use the #MastodonFC hashtag, and there are more subgroups for leagues and teams every day.

@mls @bundesliga @nwsl

EM Lyraa
3 weeks ago

I was recently lured here, watched it from a distance for a while and now settled here.

From now on, I will be communicating the events I run for my players on #Drachenfels exclusively here, and not on certain other "social" sites, which I all will delete very soon. Here you don't need a login and can easily read & view pics! I hope for a pleasant, inclusive interaction and am very much looking forward to a new adventure here!

Btw, thanks @britt !

#introduction #introductions #newhere

Löhwe :pentagram:
3 weeks ago

#neuhier #newhere

hallo Metalheads, hab das hier mal spontan reaktiviert als Musikaccount, wird viel Metal geben und Alternative (aber nicht nur)

getting this back up as music / metal account

4 weeks ago

Hi there, I'm Kasiandra a Cyber-Witch-Punk from outta 'ciety. I'm not really #newhere/ #neuhier, this is my public account for publishing #Art, #photography, #Recipes, #howtos and more, mostly in German. Feel free to follow me if ya interested in this and #mastodonart / #mastodonartist.

You can see my work at:

My recipes for vegan Food and Pastries are available under:

Also I'm at GitHub

Sowjetisch inspierter Sticker einer Frau mit Tuch auf dem Kopf, die den Daumen nach oben zeigt und in kyrillischen Buchstaben unten auf Englisch steht "Encrypt your Backups"
Schwarz-weiß Foto eines Durchganges in einer Zeche
Bunt beleuchtete Fairydust Rakete stehend auf einer Wiese
Stilisierte Cthulhu Darstellung als Sticker mit einem "Cthulhuctl" Schriftzug
4 weeks ago

Hi there, I'm Kasiandra a Cyber-Witch-Punk from outta 'ciety. I'm not really #newhere/#neuhier, this is my public account for publishing #Art, #photography, #Recipes, #howtos and more, mostly in German. Feel free to follow me if ya interested in this.

You can see my work at:

My recipes for vegan Food and Pastries are available under:

Also I'm at GitHub

Valerie Lillis
4 weeks ago


Serious question bc I'm still learning the ropes on Mastodon. Are ya'll okay with authors tooting about new releases on the group page?

#newHere #Bookstodon

1 month ago

//Trying an intro again, hello #mastodon! I'm a roleplayer of 8+ years who's had it w #Twitter

#boost welcome! Roleplay accounts wanted, who here does in-character text roleplay? Public or DM.

I'm flexible on characters but only have one account so far, Raspberyl is a demon from Disgaea! I've played characters from Animal Crossing, Neptunia, Senran Kagura, Azur Lane, and many more!

#opendm #openrp #mvrp #newhere #roleplay #animeroleplay #rp #lazytoot #introduction #monday #disgaea #ocrp

raspberyl, a pink little demon brat, precious
xeno rasperberyl, a taller purple demon brat
1 month ago

Found this idea for people who are #NewHere via @cyanrainnin
"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


ArtBear on Firefish
1 month ago

Rebuilding communities is good.
With the ongoing migration waves, it may be worth checking periodically to see who over here, was one of your former Twitter contacts.
This can be done automatically using the tool at.
#Fediverse #FediFriday #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialMedia

A crowd of Zionites from the Matric films. Fists raised in the air, they fill the underground cavern for their gatherings.
1 month ago

I'm Tobias from #Germany and I'm doing an apprenticeship as an #IT specialist for system integration because I'm very interested in #networks, #servers, #hosting and #digitalization. Apart from IT, I am interested in #wildlife and #drone #photography.

Ich bin Tobias aus
#Deutschland und mache eine Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration weil ich mich sehr für #Netzwerke, Server, Hosting und #Digitalisierung interessiere. Abgesehen von der IT interessiere ich mich für Wildlife und #Drohnen #Fotografie. #introduction #Introductions #NewHere #introduction #Introductions #NewHere

ArtBear on Firefish
1 month ago
Hello. Welcome to the Fediverse of decentralised social platforms. I'm posting from Firefish (a Fedi platform like Mastodon).

Do take an archive of your Twitter data, people are working on tools to automatically repost everything to Fedi.

You can reconnect with many contacts using

Also I made a thread to hopefully shortcut settling in & learning about Fedi social here. It's pinned to my profile or can be found here.

People are friendly here so don't worry about asking questions etc!
#welcome #feditips #help #TwitterMigration #newbies #newhere

1 month ago


is a refugee from her last account here right now. Don't forget to follow her for witty repartee and some Masto Spice ....

#NewPhoneWhoDis #NewHere

whisky kitty studios
1 month ago

"Just sit on the keyboard, you'll get there eventually." -instructions from kitty IT department.

#cats #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cartoonist #comicstrip #newhere

@davidivy Welcome 💕 #Newhere

Änn Euing 📜
1 month ago

Hearing about some servers going under lately, here is your friendly reminder to back up your accounts. You can usually find it in settings - export somewhere. Doing regular backups will let you recreate at least some to most of your account elsewhere if something should happen to your instance. Make sure you got your following and follower lists saved somewhere. #newhere #feditips

I don’t think I ever made a proper intro post (with hashtags)?

Hiya, I’m Madi! I love drawing cute stuff while watching/playing/reading scary stuff! Digital art and Silent Hill lore are my forte, if you start talking to me about Silent Hill you’ll open the 7th gate and you don’t want that to happen. (AKA I’ll never shut up)

I’m super chill so don’t be afraid to say hi!

#introduction #newhere #art #digitalart

A girl with purple hair, an over-sized hoodie, and a skirt.
Hawkblood • Laura
1 month ago

Hey there! I'm Hawkblood aka. Laura! 🌸
Nice to meet y'all!

I am a mainly watercolor artist from Germany who does a little bit of everything!
I love painting my OCs, nature or weird stuff - whatever I like and I feel inspired by!
With that let me show you my favorite piece of my OC Venus!

🌸 Stay safe! 🌸

#introduction #newhere #neuhier #watercolor #aquarell #OriginalCharacter #portrait #WatercolorPortrait #TraditionalArt

A watercolor portrait painting of a goth girl. She has her eyes closed and wears big fake eyelashes and black makeup, long black hair with a bangs and a bridge piercing. The artwork is photographed surrounded by the supplies used, gemstones and black feathers
Odin Halvorson
1 month ago
1 month ago

Hello! Hoping to find my place on the Fediverse.

My wardrobe and sense of humour are often dark, with a few sparkly
bits here and there. I'm into movies, live music, creative ventures, and nature among everything else. Pronouns are she/her.

A few hashtags:
#introduction #movies #cats #dark #nature #photography #NewHere #introvert

1 month ago

Hi everyone, #newhere, finally, and curious about where this path will lead me to🌍

Änn Euing 📜
1 month ago

Hello #newhere, welcome! I know it can be a little disorienting and lonely to start out. Here's a tip: Follow some hashtags. The fediverse is much less slanted towards individual clout and more to shared interests. Following a hashtag will bring the posts right to your timeline, from anyone, including people you do not follow. Today is #FensterFreitag or #WindowFriday, which will bring pictures of windows to your feed. I also recommend #mosstodon and #bloomscrolling against doomscrolling.

1 month ago

So Elon Musk is removing the block function meaning no more actual discussion sans trolls. If we are mutuals from there please
let me know so I can fiollow you!!

Great place here. Would love to see a few more of my peeps!

#Twitter #NewHere #ElonMusk #block

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
1 month ago

:fediverse: Welcome to the Fediverse-Gang :mastogrin:

#Fediverse #NewHere #NeuHier #Welcome #Meme #Mastodon

Bildmontage: Hintergrund - ein Foto einer Gruppe 5 Tieren (Lama, Schaf, "felliges" Rind, Ziege, Hahn) in nebeliger Landschaft.

Im Vordergrund links unten ein Mastodon mit Wanderstab ausgeschnitten aus dem "Willkommen"-Bild" der Plattform.

Überschrift: "Welcome to the Fediverse-Gang"

Bildbearbeitung: @empathroet
Martin Holland
1 month ago

When you're not #NewHere anymore, and you follow enough people to fill up your timeline, it can get quite difficult to find the most #popular posts. Especially, if you're scrolling a little less – maybe because you're on vacation 😎

That's why I find by @decius helpful to get up to date.

I know, there are other similar services like by @adamghill or @quintsns.

So what do you use, and what can you recommend?

#Mastodon #Algorithm #Timeline

@2du You missed the tag #newhere 😉

Welcome welcome~

2 months ago

A few links to Mastodon Information - pass them on to anyone who needs them:

Fedi.Tips - An Unofficial Guide To Mastodon & the Fediverse:

Mastodon Migration - Sharing Advice and Assisting with the Great Mastodon Migration:

Awesome Mastodon - Up-to-date and curated list of Mastodon-related stuff:

#MastodonHelp #MastodonTips #MastodonInfo #FediTips #MastodonNewbie #Newbie #NewHere

Minybol 🌷
2 months ago

Présentation ​:meowFlower:​

Minybol 24 ans
designer graphique de formation
& apprenti créateur de contenu

Sur Twitch, je stream du gaming, de la créa (design graphique, modélisation 3D), et de l'ASMR
En ce moment la chaîne est à l'arrêt pour construction ahah, mais je reviens à la rentrée si tout va bien
L'objectif est de divertir, mettre en avant mes compétences et construire un univers

~ Mes centres d'intérêt ~ #Gaming#Art#3D#Vtubing#Streaming#Twitch#GraphicDesign#CultureLibre#Fediverse#Plante

Si tu penses que ton compte peut m'intéresser, n'hésite pas à répondre ou m'envoyer un DM pour qu'on se connecte

#vtuberfr #vtuber #streamer #streamerfr #graphicdesigner #introduction #introductionfr #newhere #nouveauici

overlay de stream twitch en just chatting. on y voit le titre, le tchat et les réseaux sociaux, dans un style claymorphisme, glassmorphisme, avec une palette de couleur orangée
logo en 3D, style Y2K. Il est marqué "LofiMaria", dans une typographie ronde. Des étoiles et des boules volent autour du texte. Les couleurs sont chromé pour les boules, rose et violet métalique pour le texte et les étoiles. Le fond est bleu foncé
un paysage de couleurs violet et vert effrayant. une lune violette et un arbre en arrière-plan. 3 miroir flottant au premier plan. style de texture ps1
un poster représentant 5 vases en modélisation 3D, et un titre "Couleurs Lumières" mi-transparent. Les vases sont anciens et glitchés (des effets de bugs numériques comme des trous, des déplacements et des abberations chromatiques sont visibles)

So yes, after using it for a bunch of days. I can highly recommand Graze for Mastodon:

It is a browser extension and let's you fav from your profile on remote instances, without the copy and paste link shenanigans.

#NewHere #FediHelp

2 months ago

Heya peeps 🤗

I'm Emi and I moved here from

I'm not the most active user, but every now and again you will find me posting and commenting about the following:

- languages, linguistics and translation studies 🗣️ 🌍 📙
- Transgender/Queerness :queercat_trans: :queercat_pride: :queercat_enby:
- Neurodivergence (ADHD & ASD, in my case) :queercat_autism:
- Mental health (depression, anxiety, etc.) ⚕️ 🧠
- Witchy things 🧙🏻‍♀️ 🔮
- and other random stuff 🌵 🐕 🐈 🍽️ 🎉 🌞 🌜 🎧

#NewHere #hello

Arie Goldshlager
2 months ago

@BBCRD Welcome to #Mastodon. It is great to have you all...


2 months ago

#newhere #introduction Hello everyone, new to this side of social media called the #fediverse. My interests are #comicbooks, such as #wolverine, #incrediblehulk, #avengers, #marauders, #shehulk, and #xforce; #movies, #technology, #tvshows. I work in #IT and studying to work in #cybersecurity. I’m just a #geek looking for friends and people who also geek out. Oh and #magicthegathering. Love to just chat about hobbies and interests. Anyways, I’ll make a separate posts of tags that I am into.

2 months ago

@padraig Since then I was able to find many great new accounts organically, but it does take time.

For all newcomers there are two accounts that greatly helped me finding new interesting content:
@FediFollows and Mastodo Queen @lisamelton.

#neuhier #newhere

2 months ago

@kissane Perhaps to avoid (new) tooters to feel they are posting into a void, Mastodoners should 'like' a post more often, instead of only boosting it when they find the toot worthy for other people to see?

Boosting this toot would be nice. 🙏


2 months ago

👋🏼 im mo and new here. So far so good with a little bit of help from a friend 💛 I’m a queer, nonbinary, trans-masc person hoping to meet new people. I live with my family in va and I love anything outdoors, at the beach 🏝️, or in the gym 🧗🏼 I’m really into tech, video games, mma/bjj, honestly, anything active. I am excited to meet new folks and expand community. so say hello (or don’t)! #queer #transmasc #newhere #hi #hello #whatsup #millennial #pride #queerparenting #girldad #twomoms

Back in my Twitter days, i used an app at one point that let you write an unlimited number of characters but automatically broke it up into individual numbered tweets before posting it to Twitter. Is there a Mastodon app that does this or has a similar functionality?

#NewHereFromTwitter #NewHere

Lauren Harter
2 months ago

#introduction Hi, I'm #newhere looking for an alternative place to follow #science , news, #naturalists , #birding #gardening and maybe some #football

Änn Euing 📜
2 months ago

#Feditips: You still have to follow someone to put them on a #list, but you can now exclude accounts on a list from showing up on your home feed. I love this feature, maybe you find it useful too, whether you are #newhere or not. The upside is anyone can remove themselves from a list. The downside is I have started following a massive amount of people.

Mx. Nillin Lore
2 months ago

Hey folks! I'm #newhere and I'm looking for fellow #trans #queer #authors, #sex #bloggers and #writers to connect with!

I'm a trans queer, #polyamorous, and #Autistic sex blogger, author, and editor out of Saskatoon, SK. Currently working hard on my first solo book, "How Do I Sexy? A Guide for Trans Queers", #publishing with Thornapple Press next year!

Always appreciate some good #queerbooks recommendations too.

#author #blogger #writer #writing #erotica #anthology

Nillin sits on a couch, holding a paperback copy of their anthology, "Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica". There is an open box filled with additional copies on a glass table in front of them.
An open box filled with paperback copies of "Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica".
I'm Kerro
2 months ago

Any tips for the people you #follow when you attempt to tag someone?

When you have a #network of #friends in #mastodon how do you quickly reference them?

When you attempt to tag, and the suggest list comes up, what is that?

Thanks @feditips #mastohelp #newhere

2 months ago

Okay, time for an #Introduction post.

To make a living, I'm a network admin for a public library. I've been a hobbyist photographer for over twenty years. Most of what I've been shooting the last few years has been landscapes, with a smattering of Lego in there, but I dabble in just about everything.

I've been on #Flickr since 2005, and still love the site today. Other Flickr users should feel free to add me there. The link is in my bio.