The Japan Times
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Rupert Murdoch would be questioned under oath as part of voting technology company Smartmatic's $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox Corp over coverage of debunked vote-rigging claims involving the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a source has said. #business #companies #foxnews #foxcorp #newscorp #rupertmurdoch #smartmatic #elections #us #misinformation

2 days ago

Rupert Murdoch goes undercover as "Reporter Murdox".
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DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
1 week ago
Rupert Murdoch hat seinen ältesten Sohn Lachlan einst gedemütigt. Nun übergibt er ihm den mächtigsten Medienkonzern der Welt, zu dem auch der rechte US-Sender Fox News gehört. Das könnte die Rettung sein – oder das Ende.#RupertMurdoch #JamesMurdoch #Fox #NewsCorp #DonaldTrump #USA #Medien
Verlegersohn Lachlan Murdoch: Kann dieser Mann das Haus Murdoch vor dem Untergang bewahren?
2 weeks ago
The Hollywood Reporter
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The Hollywood Reporter
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2 months ago

Preserving the purity of the convict race...??

lolz - more comical than disturbing.

"A video sent by neo-Nazis to Indigenous Senator Lidia Thorpe, depicts a balaclava-clad man claiming to be from “Warriors for Convict Resistance” who reads a statement endorsing “white Australia”, before burning an Aboriginal flag and performing a Nazi salute."

#AusPol #LNP #NewsCorp #VoiceToParliament

Mojo ♻️
2 months ago

Scam of the Week: will #Qantas, #Newscorp or #PwC get the gong?

2 months ago

#QandA selects a Murdoch editor and includes a link to a Murdoch newspaper on their promo for next week's show.

Chris Merritt is the legal affairs editor at The Australian newspaper.

#ABC #NewsCorp #Media #AusPol

Promotional Twitter text: 

#QandA: Chris Merritt is the Vice-President of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia. They say young voters are ill-equipped to vote on the Voice referendum as they don’t understand the Constitution.

What will you ask? 
Poetry News
2 months ago

O Rupert Murdoch! Entertainer, king of the press
Your influence extended far beyond the rest
You wielded power enough to shape a world,
Instigating wars that would forever unfurl
The political career of Trump and the Brexit too
Your work helped shape what we all knew
Your career was unique, and undeniably destructive
So to mark your retirement, we raise a salute in respectful

#rupertmurdoch #fox #newscorp #iraqwar #brexit #donaldtrump #ode #poetry

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"It was reported that James donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of #JoeBiden, and was frustrated with News Corp's coverage of #ClimateChange."

But it wasn't James who inherited the #NewsCorp empire.

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 months ago

#ClimateVillain’: scientists say #RupertMurdoch wielded his media empire to sow confusion and doubt

The tycoon, who is stepping down from #NewsCorp and #Fox, has used his outlets to promote #DenialAndDelay action, experts say
#ClimateCrisis #DontLookUp #JustLikeTobacco

Poetry News
2 months ago
2 months ago

Where Joe Hildebrand fails to convince Throsby...

#Racism #AusPol #NewsCorp

Section of article from Australia's Murdoch Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph written by one Joe Hildebrand. 

The logic is mentally damaging, so just imagine something awful.
Saji Weerasingham
2 months ago

The first 10 mins of this podcast is an interesting discussion about how Rupert Murdoch built his media empire and what might happen with the "succession" now that he's stepped aside and handed the reigns to Lachlan... spoiler alert there's a family trust that shares the power between Rupert and the children
#murdoch #newscorp

2 months ago

... 😎 Who owns the Sun?

🤖 Hi, there. Do you want to know who owns the sun? [...]
However, there is something else that is called The Sun, but it is not the same as the sun in the sky. The Sun is a newspaper that is printed and sold in the United Kingdom. It is a type of paper that has a lot of pictures, stories, and opinions about different things that happen in the world. Some people like to read it, and some people don’t...
#RupertMurdoch #TheSun #NewsCorp

Brendan Jones
2 months ago

Has anyone damaged western, English-speaking democracies over the last 20-odd years worse than Rupert Murdoch?

“the media mogul had created an “anger-tainment ecosystem” that had left the US “angrier and more divided than it’s been at any time since the civil war”.

[…] without Fox and News Corp, Britain probably would not have exited the European Union and Donald Trump would not have been president.”

#murdoch #journalism #democracy #brexit #trump #US #newscorp

2 months ago

@Strandjunker I agreed. Most people do, & I think people should act to thwart his empire. That's why I worked with #ColorOfChange & #AngeloCarusone to get advertisers to leave #GlennBeck's #FoxNews show.
The campaign cost #newscorp millions & led to Beck being fired.
It didn't stop Murdoch, but it did show him corporate sponsors won't support race baiters like Beck. We also used this method on Tucker. If Lachlan Murdoch is like his dad, we need to act to thwart him too.

Spocko asks Rupert Murdock how long will he keep subsidizing the money losing Glenn Beck Show. From 2011 Quarterly con call.
2 months ago

Now that #RupertMurdoch is leaving #NewsCorp & #Fox, do I need to start watching #Succession to see what happens next?
Him leaving reminds me of the successful campaign with #ColorOfChange & #AngeloCarusone to get advertisers to leave the #GlennBeck show.
I asked #Rupert how long he was going to support the money losing show.
Beck was fired after this for lack of revenue after thia story.

rootfs :oh_no:
2 months ago

me celebrating the end of rupert murdoch's reigh of his empire (and hopefully, the last of the murdoch empire)

#rupertMurdoch #newsCorp

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

In shock news, Horrible Old Shit steps aside in favour of Horrible Middle Aged Shit.

"...#RupertMurdoch has stepped down as the chairman of #FoxCorp... and #NewsCorp... ending a more than seven-decade career during which he created a media empire spanning from #Australia to the #UnitedStates.

"His son, #LachlanMurdoch, will become the sole chairman of News Corp and continue as the chair and CEO of Fox, the companies said on Thursday..."

#News #DirtyDigger #Media

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian press baron who reshaped conservative media in his image, plans to step down as chairman of #FoxCorp. and #NewsCorp.
He will become chairman emeritus of the two corporations, Fox Corp. announced in a news release. His older son, #Lachlan #Murdoch, will become the sole chairman of both the firms.

Angus MacPherson
2 months ago

James > Lachlan

#succession #fox #newscorp

2 months ago

#RupertMurdoch is retiring from the #FoxNews & #NewsCorp boards, making his son #LachlanMurdoch the sole exec in charge of the global #media #empire he built from a small local newspaper concern in Australia starting 70 years ago.

The elder #Murdoch will become chairman #emeritus of the 2 companies.


#Fox #NewsCorp #RupertMurdoch


"Rupert Murdoch to step down as Fox & News Corp Chairman in November!"

Murdoch Statement:

“For my entire professional life, I have been engaged daily with news and ideas, and that will not change,” Murdoch wrote in a memo to employees.

“But the time is right for me to take on different roles, knowing that we have truly talented teams & a passionate, principled leader in Lachlan who will become sole Chairman of both companies.”

Yaaay! 😁

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox & News Corp Chairman
rootfs :oh_no:
4 months ago

Don't mind me while I grin with joy at this news article

News Corp profits dive 75% as Rupert Murdoch-owned company hints at AI future

#news #rupertMurdoch #newsCorp

EV not Petrol
4 months ago

Dear lord he did the DNA review and gave credit to #newscorp for reporting it. This now questions the integrity of that review. I wonder if we are going to hear from #qldhealth minister tomorrow. #qldpol

"Non-disparagement" 😶

Wonder if Higgins spotted that little easter egg buried in 1pt Bodoni amongst the ten thousand pages of her NDA.

"The former Defence minister is also claiming Higgins breached a settlement contract entered in 2021 containing a non-disparagement clause that disallowed her from speaking negatively about Reynolds."

#AusPol #NewsCorp

Email arrived just now from my 84 year old sister, lamenting a conversation with her two younger sisters who live in Tasmania - both comfortably well-off and living, you would correctly assume, totally wonderful lives in a beautiful little village near Hobart:


"Thank you so much for some decent reading... especially after a dismal and disappointing phone chat with Lynne, in which I had to stomach the virtues of Little Winston, Scott Morrison, and the evils of The Voice.

"This was preceded by a chat with Kerrie about the wonderful Alan Jones and his views on The Voice!

"Oh, where of where did I come from to be placed in this family... I don't understand how I came to have such opposite values. What a mystery... certainly cuts out meaningful dialogue."

It would seem these two old biddies - my otherwise loving and sweet elder sisters and their NewsCorpse-induced hatred of The Voice - could do with a small history lesson about the former inhabitants of Van Diemen's Land.

#AusPol #TheVoice #NewsCorp #Murdoch #Sky


I'm sorry did you say that is Australia's leading news site?

By who's fucking measure?

Australia's least reliable news site.
Australia's biggest source of lies pretending to be news.
Australia's leading advertising arm of the RWCNJ LNP cvnts.
Australia's leading employer of stenographers pretending to be journalists whilst not having any writing skills.
Australia's only employer who tells all staff to leave their ethics at the door.

#newscorp #newscorpse #murdochisacunt
#murdoch #liar #journalism #lol

demï7en 🎗
6 months ago

⬆ Funny how all the 'Mao Haris' and 'Mata Rasputinovas' quite accidentally end up bedding the most influential foreigners possible... 👀


#russia #china #microsoft #facebook #newscorp #murdoch #serendipity

Cory Doctorow
6 months ago

Another important risk from "bargaining codes" and link taxes is that they tend to favor the largest and/or most sensationalist news companies, who have the leverage to bargain for the highest sums. In Australia, #RupertMurdoch's #NewsCorp bargained for a sizable payment from the tech sector - but then it laid off its news workers. Merely transferring money to media giants doesn't mean an increase in investment in news.


7 months ago

“Grossberg was moved off of ‘Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo’ & onto ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ where she alleged she was bullied & subjected to #antisemitic comments, acc/to a lawsuit in NY.…

“In a statement, attys for Grossberg suggested her suit was a key factor in Carlson’s exit.

“‘#TuckerCarlson’s departure from #FoxNews is, in part, an admission of the systemic lying, bullying, & conspiracy-mongering….’

#Propaganda #FauxNews #FoxCorp #NewsCorp

7 months ago

I was on a panel last week talking about how I used financial leverage to fight RW media. I told the story about how I asked Rupert Murdoch how long he will be subsidizing the money losing Glenn Beck show. Rupert said he wasn't subsidizing it, but once the investors saw Beck was costing them money, not making them money they had him pushed off. Fox has adapted so they can survive without Ad revenue, but they STILL want it!
#TuckerCarlson #Fox #NewsCorp

Q3 2010 NewsCorp conference call Investor Relations  
Thank you. Next question please, that comes from the line of Patrick McShane with Free Press, please go ahead.

Michal Spocko  
I know you don't breakout revenue numbers for Fox News beyond the top line. But with 81 advertisers leaving the Glenn Beck Show following the Color of Change action, the show now seems limited to in house ads and gold ads. Do you have a timeframe for how long Fox will be subsidizing the show until it starts to generate revenue in line with its ratings?

Rupert Murdoch  
It's not subsidizing the show at all,  it's ah it's a giving a terrific kickoff to the whole evening schedule. It has plenty of advertising and those advertisers you talk about,  I don't think there's anything like that number, but if they were they're on other shows.

NewsCorp Investor Relations  
Thank you. Next question.
Pete Orrall
7 months ago

Fox News had zero chance of winning this lawsuit. By Fox settling, they admitted they lied. No mention of the settlement or the lawsuit on their website. Shocker. I do seriously question what actually will change and where accountability will be held. For now, however, I'll take this win over the right-wing propaganda machine.

#foxnews #lawsuit #dominion #newscorp #lies

Cory Doctorow
8 months ago

Meanwhile, in #Australia, the #NewsBargainingCode stampeded tech giants into "voluntary" negotiations with the media companies, allowing #RupertMurdoch's #Newscorp to claim the lion's share, and then conduct layoffs across its newsrooms.

While in #France, the link tax depends on publishers integrating with #GoogleShowcase, a product that makes Google *more* money from news content and makes news publishers *more* dependent on Google:


8 months ago

Five Weddings and a Funeral? Rupert Murdoch, 92 announces engagement to 5th wife.
Couple is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond the Grave.
#Fox #FoxNews

Rupert Murdoch left, and Ann Lesley Smith, right 
Text reads: 
Rupert Murdoch, 92, announces engagement to 5th wife.
ArtBear on Mastodon
9 months ago

When trying to work out where your money all went... might help to look at the people who now have all the money.🤔

#Meme #Humour #Funny #Economics #Politics #Disinfo #Murdoch #Fox #theSun #NewsCorp #Social #Media

Rupert Murdoch from his sea of cookies points & tells a working class man with 1 cookie left to be scared of an immigrant with no cookie.

"careful mate that foreigner wants your cookie" Murdoch says.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
9 months ago

I mean, if they told the truth, I might be inclined to believe them.

Conservative News Corp. empire says hackers were inside its network for 2 years

#NewsCorp #Hackers #Network #InfoSec #TechNews

The front of News Corporation headquarters.

Alan Austin @alanaustin001 at Twitter

"Why have the media lied so brazenly about Jacinda? Because she is young, female, honest, respected abroad, loved at home, a proud socialist, and a winner – the opposite of Trump, Morrison and Johnson. So they must falsify her record."

#NewsCorpse #NewsCorp #Media #NZPol

moby dickgirl
1 year ago

6. "The government's own website HealthDirect promotes 'gender affirming care' and states that it is wrong for any health professional to try to change someone's gender or identity."

Healthdirect does indeed "promote[...] 'gender affirming care'". For example, it says at one point: "People with gender dysphoria need to get gtender affirming care." It seems pretty obvious and straightforward to say $PEOPLE_WITH_CONDITION need to get $TREATMENT_FOR_CONDITION. Not seeing a lot of objections to "If people's muscles hurt, they need to get Nurofen."

Healthdirect does indeed also state that "It is wrong for any health professional to try to change your gender or identity in any way." This is also very obviously unassailably true. Part of the impetus to #BanConversionTherapy was the strength of the argument that trying to change someone's identity is wrong even without considering direct observable material harm. This is because people have other human rights like autonomy and freedom of conscience, of which an attempt to forcibly psychologically modify them would deprive them even if they weren't otherwise harmed.

However, #ConversionTherapy *does* do harm; it consistently leaves its subjects with lifelong psychological trauma [1] [2]. Then again — many other therapies which are widely accepted in clinical practice also inflict harms, which are accepted because the benefits outweigh them; anyone who's been through chemo, or knows someone who's been through it, has witnessed this principle in action.

If we accept for some dickhead reason that changing someone else's gender is actually a beneficial thing to do, then are the harms of conversion therapy worth it to achieve that end? No, because conversion therapy doesn't actually do that. It has no demonstrated efficacy [3]. Conversion therapy can't be justified even in the terms in which its advocates claim to believe, *because it doesn't fucking work*.

#NewsCorp's careful misframing here implies that Healthdirect calling conversion therapy "wrong" is emotive and debatable. In reality, not only does conversion therapy have shitty ends, it can't achieve them; Healthdirect calling it "wrong" is as close to objectively correct as any statement about science can get.





moby dickgirl
1 year ago

On 27 November 2022, Brisbane's SUNDAY MAIL, an edition of #NewsCorp Australia's THE COURIER-MAIL, published an article, "Aussie doc: 'I see 300 trans patients a year'," by Julie Cross.

The article has #SeveralProblems. Here are a few. /1

Mike in Melbin
1 year ago

Most #Victorians hold disdain for the Herald Sun, a notoriously conservative #Murdoch tabloid.

The paper is home for the racist, climate sceptic and all round terrible human being Andrew Bolt. In the past Bolt has lost defamation cases for playing fast and loose with the facts.

So yesterday the centrist Labor Party and centre left Greens won a thumping victory in the state #election. The ultra conservative Liberal party suffered a humiliating defeat - actually losing seats against a third term government.

It is a total rout and rejection by the greater voting public. A real bloodbath.

But from within the bubble of the conservative mindset, the victorious Victorian premier #DanAndrews was grievously "wounded" and he should "resign".

You see, Bolt can see into Andrew's heart: apparently the victorious third term Premier actually knows he should resign.

Copium much?

#politics #auspol #news #newscorp #Murdoch