1 day ago

If I were to have the following JSX, how could I process `data` inside of <Parent>, and have the results of that accessible to <Child> without using React Context, as it won't work with Next.js SSR which is the target.

<Parent data={data}>

#react #nextjs #webdev

Matthias Andrasch
2 days ago

Hey #nextjs & #apollo devs! I wanted to start a headless #craftcms project with #graphl, nextjs & apollo. But I now discovered the app router changes in next + the experimental state of support Now thinking about REST / react-query. Any opinions?🤔

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 days ago

@mcc Every new framework or version is a good (and only) excuse to update the ol' web presence!

The next update for me is all #NextJS 14 #PPR!

4 days ago

The November edition of #shopware community digest is out with topics around admin #services, #api explained, how to fetch product #data or create a #PDP using #NextJS. Thanks for your contributions!

Patrick Prémartin
4 days ago

Vous connaissiez "Emprunte mon toutou" vous ? Moi pas et c'est bien dommage. Ca semble être une très bonne idée.

Ils recherchent un développeur web front end pour poursuivre les évolutions de l'application web actuelle et faire de nouveaux sites.

C'est du télétravail ou sur place sur Toulouse, au choix.

Infos sur

#Emploi #Job #France #DevWeb #FrontEnd #NextJS #React #Tailwind

Adam Fortuna
4 days ago

Continuing to be impressed by react-instantsearch ( ).

All of these filterable options auto-update based on what's in the results.

I'm seriously amazed by Typesense/Algolia's API and how well it maps to the the library.

The facets are based on every result in the collection – not just what's shown.

The search query returns the results + the facets.

If facets are collapsed, they won't be queried.

Seriously impressive. 👏

#react #reactjs #nextjs

A search form for books showing John scalzi books, with filtering options by pages, rating, publication year, author, genre and more.
Adam Fortuna
5 days ago

How many React props do you have to pass around before you realize "this should've been a context"?

For me apparently it's 12. 😅

#react #reactjs #nextjs

Lionel Rudaz
1 week ago

Is there a way to set cookies then redirect in @nextjs Server Actions?

Setting cookies works fine.

Redirecting works fine.

Combination of both: cookies aren't saved... #help #nextjs

Martin Wenisch
1 week ago

Prepisovani "firemni" casti webu @ceskodigital z Nextu do Webflow pokracuje. Zakladni definovani stylu slo dobre, temer vse v barvach, typografii a zakladnich mezerach pokryly globalni classy ("all h1", "all h2"...). Designerka to abstrahovala do design systemu moc pekne.

Sekce jsou naopak hodne custom. Mimo hlavicky a paticky se temer nic neopakuje, takze se to nesnazim sroubovat na nejakou abstrakci a sazim jednu sekci za druhou. WET princip. Pomuze to predatelnosti.

#web #nextjs #webflow

Dari se vyvoj webu? Vosum bejku uz na tom maka.
Dom Habersack
1 week ago

Hey! I’m a senior front-end developer looking for my next medium- to long-term freelance role.

I have 14 years of experience working along the full web development stack, usually with #JavaScript, #TypeScript, #ReactJS, #NextJS and #TailwindCSS. I often work with e-commerce and healthcare clients. Once, I helped turn a household appliance into a smart IoT prototype.

Go to for my CV or to set up a meeting.


I am looking for freelance roles as a Lead or Senior Front-End Developer. I mostly work in React.js and TypeScript with REST and GraphQL APIs. I also use Tailwind CSS, Next.js, Vitest, Prisma, and many more. For a full list, visit
Matthias Andrasch
1 week ago

Interesting read while I start to check out #nextjs again (at work):

The original article "Why I won't use Next.js" (and remix instead) was also discussed in this podcast:

1 week ago

"Deploy a NEXT.js app for FREE on AWS with SST - DEV Community" #nextjs #aws #webdev

Turku ❤️ Frontend
2 weeks ago

Our first speaker of the day is a tech Youtuber and frontend developer Tuomo Kankaanpää who joined us today to talk about data fetching and mutation with #Nextjs

We're really happy Fellowmind helped us make Tuomo's trip to Turku a reality!

#TurkuFrontend #TurkuDev

A room full of developers listen as Tuomo speaks in front of the room. He has a slide on the screen that reads "React Server Components (RSC)"
Martin Wenisch
2 weeks ago

Listopad byla docela jizda. Ac na WRKS moc programatorske prace nebylo, vrhnul jsem se na web cz Aerorozvedky, web @ceskodigital a prednasky. Na prosinec a leden moc prace neni, ale flakat se u stromecku nehodlam, tak jsem se vrhnul na hunteni gigu.

Mam hromadu zkusenosti a kapacitu ~20h/tyden na programovani za penize. V Nextu, TypeScriptu, DevOps (AWS, skalovani), ale muzu se kouknout na cokoli je potreba vyresit.

Znate nekoho s peknym projektem? Prosim, nevahejte sdilet 🙏

#nextjs #prace

Anne Dorko
2 weeks ago

#introduction I am a code-writing, #DnD loving #queer musical artist from SoCal based in Germany increasingly obsessed with #mentalhealth, #privacy, #digitalhumanities, & intercultural #ethics. Recovering #hustleculture addict.

🎤 #OriginalMusic artist making #adventure #folkpop. Available to stream or you can #crowdfund and download my music at

⚙️ #FullStack dev moving from #WordPress to #Jamstack, particularly enjoying #GatsbyJs #StrapiJs #NextJs and dabbling in #Ruby and #Python

Symfony Station :symfony:
2 weeks ago

Interview with John Faber of Chapter Three: Next-Drupal & securing the future of Drupal. #Drupal #NextJS

Aprendiendo #nextjs
Learning next js
#vtuber #vtuberES

Anime Animals アニメの動物
2 weeks ago

It appears that the type of #NextJS bugs that I had with the app router / server component caching are still not fixed yet.


François Best
2 weeks ago

📦 New release: next-usequerystate 1.13.0

It adds a couple of bug fixes, plus two new exciting features:

- A server cache to allow deeply nested #react server components to access search params in a type-safe manner (video coming up next week)

- Support for `useTransition` to get a loading boolean state on RSC updates.

#opensource #webdev #nextjs

François Best
2 weeks ago

I have found the weirdest bug in #nextjs

Adding a page in the app router makes the pages router fail, dafuq?

Deep dive tomorrow.


Tiberiu Ichim
3 weeks ago

Searching for specific errors and issues with #nextjs is leading me to pages that trigger my "PHP help pages PTSD"

Adam Fortuna
3 weeks ago

On Tuesday, I had an urge to work on a Next.js related content idea that formed in my head.

I spent some time this week hacking on it, and reached "minimum viable blog post". 😂

That point where the styles and data hit the get to where, if you squint, you can see where things are going.

I'm going to share while still in the ugly state (it'll only get better from here 😅).

Next.js Bits
Quick Next.js answers when you need them most.

#nextjs #next #javascript #react

Dom Habersack
4 weeks ago

I want to see if people find this interesting, so I’m turning on the debug control for all visitors on my site for a bit. It shows the current breakpoint and overlays the layout grid. What else could I add here?

#WebDev #BuildInPublic #ReactJS #NextJS

Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
4 weeks ago

#nextjs defaults to server-side rendering of #react components. Pretty bold move, but overall seems like a good idea | #javascript

François Best
4 weeks ago

My first PR on the #nextjs repo was merged and published in 12.0.3-canary.8 🎉

I'm officially a contributor, yay! 🥳

It contains a fix where prefetch links reset shallow URL updates, which broke next-usequerystate.

Patiently waiting 12.0.3 to land in GA, but this is good news.

#opensource #webdev

Adam Fortuna
4 weeks ago

I’ve been having so much fun building in Next.js the past 2.5 years. It reminds me of Rails from 2006 again. I’m even thinking about making some educational content!

The thought of building an audience and creating something big sounds exhausting. 😮‍💨 I’m thinking something basic that solves common problems w/video+text.

I’d be curious to know: what questions, or problems have you faced working in Next.js that you wish you had a quick answer to?

#nextjs #next #JavaScript #TypeScript

Nick Taylor
1 month ago

Just scheduled! Looking forward to part two of bleeding next.js! Come hang on the @cfedev YouTube channel with me on Thursday, November 30th @ 6 pm UTC (1 pm Eastern) #nextjs #react #webdevelopment

Jon Jampen
1 month ago

Hello world 👋
I'm Jon, an 18-year-old #programming enthusiast from #switzerland. I caught the coding bug at age 12 😉, and I've been fascinated with computer science ever since. #webdevelopment has become my passion.

Currently, I enjoy using #svelte, but I am also learning #reactjs and #nextjs 👨‍💻.

I'm also in the process of switching from Windows to #linux #debian 💻.

I'd love to connect!
Happy coding!

#introduction #introductions

1 month ago

Ah creating a #nextjs #authentication with #next-auth is really a joy, not even 2 hours in and everything is setup and I can do something more meaningful then login stuff :)

🌈 Lascapi
1 month ago

C'est parti pour un nouveau projet en #react #nextjs #strapi et #tailwind !!

Ca c'est de la stack !

D'ailleurs petite question #fedivers : c'est une appli de "réseaux social thématique", est-ce que ça serait cher de la rendre compatible avec #activitypub ?

Est-ce que des #devs ont déjà eu ce cas là ?

Frank Quednau
1 month ago

I misspelled #NextJs to #NestJs and of course it exists 🙄

Martin Wenisch
1 month ago

Dnes se mi opet bohate vyplatila investice do typovanych API endpointu na FE i BE. Zmena v mechanismu automatizace obrazku a videi v ruznych velikostech se propsala z jednoho zdroje na BE i FE.

Dneska uz si neumim predstavit tu udrzbu kodu bez dobre nastaveneho typovani.

Taky zacinam preferovat knihovny, ktere pouzivaji nativne Zod pro typovani. Je skoda, ze DB frameworky jako Prisma generuji "dale nepouzitelne" typy a nejdou posilat typovana views mezi BE a FE.

#typescript #nextjs #prisma

nomás la gente acá el gremio escucha "página estática" y ya te están sacando el #react, #nextjs, #nuxt, #gatsby y diossabequé

aguanten la vara! se puede llegar lejísimos con puro pinche #html y #css planitos!

Lars Willighagen
1 month ago

Apparently in #nextjs it is fine to ```export function middleware() {}``` but on #Vercel you *need* to ```export default function middleware() {}``` instead.

Martin Wenisch
1 month ago

Tak hlasim vitezstvi nad service-workery a web push notifikacemi na vsech platformach.

🎯 Vsude se da k notifikacim prihlasit s kompletne pokrytou sadou moznych chyb a logovani.
🎯 Notifikace spravne otevira PWA, ac na iOS (16.7) ji nedokazu deep linkovat. Podle specifikace by to melo jit.
🎯 Minimalizoval jsem vsecky side-effekty, ktere by service-worker mohl mit a neco mi v apce rozbijet. Celkove jsem dosahl rozumneho kodu.

Velka PWA bariera padla i na iOS 🍾

#ios #nextjs #android

1 month ago

📝 Why You Should Write Your Own Static Site Generator

「 When Vercel released Next.js 14 recently, some friends I've talked to where still on Next.js 12 and really felt the pressure to upgrade to not fall behind even more. This made me think about the longevity and robustness of my website and so I decided I don't want to depend on other people's decisions and run after version upgrades I don't care about 」

#SSG #Nextjs #Opensource

François Best
1 month ago

✍️ New blog post: "Testing against every Next.js canary release"

After one of the recent canaries broke next-usequerystate, I need to know when it gets fixed and when other things break again in the future.

So I made a little cron script to poll the GitHub releases API and trigger a GitHub Actions workflow run when they publish a release.

#webdev #opensource #nextjs #testing

Martin Wenisch
1 month ago

Po mesici na Mastodonu prisel cas na #introduction

Jsem programator z Liberce. Pracoval jsem pro ziskovky i neziskovky ruzne po svete. Pro B&MG Foundation v Keni, v >c.d, vytvarel jsem Zbrane pro Ukrajinu a podobne. Aktualne programuju vlastni socialni sit WRKS.

V tech stacku mam TypeScript, Next, AWS, databaze a v podstate vsecko kolem toho.

✍️ Pisu pravidelne o vsem, co mi prijde pod ruku.

#nextjs #typescript #aws #liberec

1 month ago

☢️ Why I Won't Use Next.js
➥ Kent C. Dodds

「 OpenNext exists because Next.js is difficult to deploy anywhere but Vercel. I'm not making moral judgements here. I appreciate the company’s incentives to make their own hosting offering as attractive as possible, but it’s evident that this incentive has deprioritized making Next.js easy to deploy anywhere 」

#NextJs #Reactjs #Javascript #Opensource

David Bisset
1 month ago
1 month ago

I'm not talking about the blogposts, Remix is just lashing out while having its own set of problems.

Pretty they would act the same if they could.

With Remix you may as well roll your own framework given how things are under VC/Corporate frameworks lately, specially niche "opensourcy" ones.

#NextJs #Remix #Opensource

1 month ago

☢️ If you're building on Next.js, get out while you can. One point of failure, Big VC Opensource Energy.

They're already pulling the rug on different parts of its framework, making them only feasible on Vercel.

Extreme conflict on interests.

Small revenues to justify those expensive engineers and devrel.

They're chockholding the React community, like Meta wasn't bad enough already.

Trying to be the AWS of React isn't a good look tbh.

#NextJs #ReactJS #Vercel

1 month ago

🗞 New episode of Changelog News!

👀 React Server Actions on display at Next.js Conf
🛑 @kentcdodds on why he won't use Next
🟢 Lee Robinson on why he is using Next
📦 @nixos_org' reproducible builds
✍️ OpenSign is an open source alternative to DocuSign
🎙 hosted by @jerod

#reactjs #frontend #javascript #nextjs #vercel #rsc #nixos #opensign #opensource #alternative #news #podcast #linux #socket #infosec #webdev


1 month ago

#NextJS, known as the React framework for the web, has launched its 14th version with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Key advancements include the experimental preview of partial prerendering and a stable implementation of Server Actions.

A black background with the Next.js logo in the middle and the number "14" next to it.
François Best
1 month ago

Weekend project: learning how #ActivityPub works to (hopefully) replicate how the WordPress plugin allows blogs to be federated, but for #nextjs webapps / blogs.

So far, it looks like it needs:

- A database where to store follower connections, so we can send them activities
- A POST endpoint for the inbox (to accept follow requests)
- A GET endpoint for the outbox (to do server-to-server federation when publishing a post)


Cont. /n

Brian Rinaldi
1 month ago

What's new in Next.js? Yesterday was Next.js Conference and the release of Next 14. Today Nick Taylor will look at all the new features you need to care about and do some live coding. Join him live in 20 minutes at 1pm ET (UTC -4) #webdev #javascript #nextjs

Khalid ⚡
1 month ago

I’d just like to point out to #JavaScript folks that #Blazor offers the same #NextJS experience. 😅 #dotnet #aspnetcore #pleaseDontDoThis

Calling a SQL Query from an onclick event in Blazor similar to the newly announced Vercel/NextJS feature.

Partial Prerendering is one of the coolest things to happen to nextjs. I cannot wait for it to stabilize.

Also it's built by one of my old teams and they're really great people who are digging us out of some of the oldest serverless tradeoffs (like the lack of streaming!). Building on top of a team I used to manage a *long* time ago who have made some impossible stuff possible with serverless. I'm really proud of all of them. 💓

#nextjs #nextconf

#nextjs Apparently no new APIs in 14?

#nextjs Version 14.0.0 is focused a lot on App Router being better.

#nextjs I'm not sure how long they'll keep it on the same stream, but if you want to skip the Next.js conf signup flow, it seems to be streaming on YouTube:

Looks like #nextjs 14.0.0 just dropped about 20 minutes ago on npm... I'm guessing they'll mention that at the keynote!

So I wasn’t bundling my markdown files but they were there during build time. So when I went from static output to background revalidation (so embedded mastodon threads can get updated) the updated pages were just 404s

#nextjs #isr

2 months ago

#NextJS & I18N is a total shitshow.

2 months ago

I was reading this article about why someone should not use Nextjs 13, and only two things make good points: it was a premature release, and the transition from pages router to API router is complicated.

A better title should be "Use SvelteJS instead of Nextjs."

#nextjs #webdev
2 months ago

📣 There is still time to attend ComposableNOW in Lille, France – the FREE DrupalCon Lille Day0 event, at Lille Grand Palais. Don't miss the sessions on decoupled, Drupal, and composable architectures, starting at 2:00 PM CEST.

👉 Register now:

#ComposableNOW #WebInnovation #Composable #Decoupled #WebDevelopment #Microservices #Lagoon #Kubernetes #AWS #Drupal #DrupalCon #DrupalConLille2023 #HeadlessCMS #WordPress #NextJS #CMO #DataPrivacy

ComposableNOW, 16 October 2023, Lille Grand Palais
2 months ago

I'm currently attempting to build a #React (I know, 🫣) component that will likely be rendered serverside within a MPA #NextJS (I know, 😔) - what is the best way to start writing this - I've fallen into a nasty hole with loads of config already and I want to back-out. #Help 😢

2 months ago

Are there any good Javascript libraries for working with ActivityPub? Need something for an upcoming project. Will be used with NextJS.

#Javascript #ActivityPub #NextJS

Alexandre Sanchez 🦦
2 months ago

Hi Mastodon!
I'm a Freelance #NodeJS & #Backend expert (9 yr exp) and I'm looking for work!

- Experienced with #TypeScript / #NestJS / #NextJS / #React & more!
- Delivered 15+ projects to millions of users
- Flexible rates depending on mission length and complexity
- Based in France, I speak 🇫🇷 and 🇬🇧 fluently

Check here for more info:
Contact me:

#tech #freelance #consulting #fedijobs #FediHire #fedihired #jobsearch #tech #TechJobs

Image showcasing my freelance profile. There is a picture of me on the left side with the text "Alexandre Sanchez, Freelance Backend Expert" and the logo of Otterly Space in the bottom-left corner.
On the right side, there is some text saying:
Looking for work!
- Over 9 years of NodeJS and TypeScript experience
- Helped delivering 15+ projects to millions of users
- At your side from the idea to the finished product
Let's get in touch!
Vesa Piittinen
2 months ago

And the complexity comes from the need and desire to try to keep the code splittable and tree shakeable, so that the tooling can keep sizes down.

While at the same time you try to keep the DX as simple as possible. And these two goals are just in immense conflict with each other.

In one side you have this:

Yay, just add import CSS!

But then you try to consume such a lib in #NextJS and you face this:

You can never win. Only suffer.

Asbjørn Ulsberg
2 months ago

The more I work with React in general, and Next.js in particular, the more I despise it. If you live life to the fullest when you bathe in accidental, unintentional complexity, Next.js has got you covered. Lathered, as a matter of fact. From top to toe. Bleuch.

#React #NextJS #JavaScript #JS #SPA #Framework #Web #Development