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Jörg Hänsel
2 hours ago


#Pikmin4 ist so ein liebevoll gestaltetes und optisch ansprechendes Spiel. 🥰

Und auch die Smartphone-Applikation #PikminBloom ist sehr schön und motiviert die ganze Familie zu noch mehr Spaziergängen. 🚶‍♂️


Habt einen schönen Sonntag!

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Pikmin

QTE Gamers
5 hours ago

This week's @pad10th Cup is the Highren Cup Revival. This #YouTubeShort was my final win. Watch it at or head to and watch me get all the achievements #NintendoSwitch #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ハイレン杯開催

10 hours ago

Mei: What book was it?

Hanna: Dune, weird book, but my mom gave it to me after she found a book about twilights and promptly threw it over the edge of Gasco.

Mei: All the way from home?

Hanna: She has quite a throwing arm.

#Fuga #FugaMelodiesofSteel #NintendoSwitch

I don't know who needs to hear this, but...

#gaming #videogames #NintendoSwitch #PC #Xbox #Playstation

Berdly, an awkward humanoid bird person, has a touched but surprised look on his face as he says

"You're not only kind, but a true gamer as well."
13 hours ago

I wrote this last year about the complexity of getting 5.1 sound from a #NintendoSwitch and was reminded of it again today when the sound test wasn’t working properly because…my soundbar wasn’t in “direct” mode (any extra processing will screw up the signal) 🤦 #nintendo

14 hours ago

It's #Caturday - of my #ACNH friends out here, who is your favorite cat villager?

So far, mine is Kabuki. Cool aesthetics, personality like a little old man. He's relatable...for some reason.

That said, aesthetically, Ankha is a close second.

What about you?

Tags: #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #QoTD #QuestionOfTheDay #NintendoSwitch

Two Bros Game Night
14 hours ago

Younger Bro is is back with more #shinyhunting in Pokémon Violet. Come watch the live hunt for shiny Bramblin here #Pokemon #PokemonViolet #shinypokemon #NintendoSwitch #twitchstream #SaturdayGaming #saturdaynight #saturday #TBGN

Universo Nintendo
16 hours ago

#Sega compartió nuevos avances de #SonicSuperstars para #NintendoSwitch, los cuales revelan el prólogo y Battle Mode del juego :3.

QTE Gamers
17 hours ago

(#ICYMI) This week's @pad10th Cup is the Highren Cup Revival. This #YouTubeShort was my fourth win. Watch it at or head to and watch me get all the achievements #NintendoSwitch #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ハイレン杯開催

Universo Nintendo
18 hours ago

#ShirentheWanderer The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island para #NintendoSwitch tiene fecha de salida para Occidente y nuevos detalles :3.

Two Bros Game Night
20 hours ago

While researching for this episode of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, I found out that 'pickax' is apparently the spelling in the US, and 'pickaxe' is from the UK. I've never seen anyone spell it pickax in my life. Is this a regional US thing? #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #Mario #CaptainToad #キノピオ隊長 #toad #gaming #SaturdayGaming #TBGN

Cristhian Vega Cortés
21 hours ago

I have to be honest, I expected a port, remaster or a remake of F-Zero GX for nintendo switch, however everyone knows nintendo is not going to invest in a new game if they are not sure that the people is going to buy it. F-Zero 99 is not what we wanted, but it's a very good test to see if people is still interested in that IP.
Anyways, the games is pretty fun!

#FZero #FZero99 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Gamer #Gamers #GamersOfMastodon #GamerOfMastodon #Chile #ChileanGamer #ChileanGamers

FZero99 Highlights
22 hours ago

Protip I just discovered:
Apparently you can send screenshots you took on your nintendo switch to your phone without needing the nso app! (it works using a local wifi network)

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

『F‐Zero 99』は得意でないので、すぐ脱落するなどして悲しい気分になる事があったけど、少なくとも実況アナウンサー氏の絵が楽しそうなので、楽しそうでええなあとなります。

#FZERO99 #FZERO #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch


#FZERO99 #FZERO #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch

これまで六回ぐらい Grand Prix に出走したけど、初めて完走できた。…と思ったけどもう少し多かったような気もするので Records を見たら、九回でした。


#FZERO99 #FZERO #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch

Out of Print Archive
1 day ago

And one more in the series of racing games, where I try to grab the ones that I missed out on for cheap.
This one wasn't even €20 from Amazon UK.


Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch
1 day ago

Finished #MarioRabbidsSparksOfHope. On Hard. Without ever using consumables (accidentally challenged myself).

Lovely game. No better and no worse than Kingdom Battle, just different. Although a bit long to my taste, but, come on, I 100%-ed it!

And there are still 3 DLCs remaining. Looking forward to trying them out. The Donkey Kong DLC in the first game was better than the main campaign, to my taste.

#Mario #Rabbids #NintendoSwitch

QTE Gamers
1 day ago

This week's @pad10th Cup is the Highren Cup Revival. This #YouTubeShort was my fourth win. Watch it at or head to and watch me get all the achievements #NintendoSwitch #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ハイレン杯開催

Chris Baldie
1 day ago

I bought “Islanders” on switch for £2.50 or something ridiculous and it’s really fun. It’s like a mini sim game with a built in puzzle element.

It’s quite easy so far and low stakes, so it’s great just to spend some downtime playing it.

Controls are a bit frustrating, but as it’s a PC port I can’t complain too much.

#game #gaming #nintendo #switch #nintendoswitch #islanders #games

The screen of a Nintendo switch shows a game, with low poly graphics and a town being built upon an island.
Out of Print Archive
1 day ago

Not super cheap, but the cheapest I've seen it anywhere so far:

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery on Nintendo Switch for €36 at Amazon Holland


1 day ago

been playing my #NintendoSwitch quite a bit more. i think the "ending" lineup looking as strong as it does has me feeling that nintendo hype, haha.

wanna explore some titles i've missed out on over time. gotta get through the newest
#Pokemon titles, as well as learn them new #MarioKart 8 Deluxe DLC tracks!

ZeeZee~💜 ►►►
1 day ago
1 day ago

Achtes Update der Bisafans-Seiten zu „Die Türkisgrüne Maske“

Der Routendex ist nun vollständig.

Zur News:

#Bisafans #Erweiterung #NintendoSwitch #PokémonKarmesin #PokémonPurpur #DerSchatzVonZoneNull #DieTürkisgrüneMaske #Kitakami

Hatchwell is 60% off on Steam and Nintendo eShop!

Please buy my game if you haven't yet!😅 If you did already, why not leave a review?

Thank you! Links are below!

#indiegame #ARPG #Steam #NintendoSwitch

Universo Nintendo
1 day ago

El cocreador de #MortalKombat promete que la versión para #NintendoSwitch de #MortalKombat1 será actualizada y tendrá mejoras :3.

1 day ago

I finally won a race in #FZero99! Easily the sleeper hit game on the switch I’m hooked! This game got my heart racing too. #NintendoSwitch

Wild Goose in first place on Big Blue.
Leaderboard lap results showing my time.
2 days ago

Ankha's second day on Moduland was her birthday! Such a queen moving the week of her birthday.

When I got there, I found another fav, Muffy, who was just so hyped to celebrate with her new friend.

Knowing we have a queen on our hands, I gifted Ankha a prom crown. I can not wait to see if she wears it!

Happy Birthday Ankha!


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #Ankha #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHScenes #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #VideoGames #ACNHCommunity #ACNHAnkha #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #ACNHMuffy #HappyBirthdayAnkha #ACNHBirthday

Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. The upper screenshot shows Isabelle (yellow dog in a pink shirt in an office setting) saying "Today is also Ankha's birthday! How wonderful!"

The bottom screenshot shows Ankha (yellow cat with blue hair dressed in ancient Egyptian robes with a snake coming out of the center of her forehead like a Pharaoh headdress) and Muffy (black sheep with a white face and purple striped horns) both dancing. The setting is inside of Ankha's home that has pyramid flooring and walls. The room is decorated for a birthday party with streamers, a central table with a cake on it, and balloons.
Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. Both screenshots show Ankha (yellow cat with blue hair dressed in ancient Egyptian robes with a snake coming out of the center of her forehead like a Pharaoh headdress) talking to a light skinned, bearded, bald islander in a bright blue tuxedo. The setting is inside of Ankha's home that has pyramid flooring and walls. The room is decorated for a birthday party with streamers, a central table with a cake on it, and balloons.

In the upper screenshot, Ankha said, "Oooh, the wrapping on this is tres chic. Hop you don't mind me tearing into it!" In the lower screenshot Ankha said, "Wait, is this some sort of mistake? You're actually going to give me a prom crown?"
Etheria 🎉
2 days ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would be the first game approved by Shakespeare, play it now!

#fakeshakespearefacts #Fensterfreitag #Xenoblade #XenobladeChronicles3 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

2 days ago

Lol if it´s true #nintendo #nintendoswitch

2 days ago

Quelle agréable surprise ce jeu #Marsupilami ! Je l'ai pris en promo sur #NintendoSwitch (un peu plus de 6€). Une vraie bouffée d'air frais et un très bon petit jeu de plateforme qui sent bon les 90's ! Je conseille surtout à ce prix là ! ^^ #jeuxvideo

Illustration très colorée du jeux vidéo Marsupilami représentant un décor très verdoyant avec quelques maisons en arrière plan et les personnages principaux du jeu
QTE Gamers
2 days ago

(#ICYMI) This week's @pad10th Cup is the Highren Cup Revival. This #YouTubeShort was my third win. Watch it at or head to and watch me get all the achievements #NintendoSwitch #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ハイレン杯開催

2 days ago

#EdgeMagazine likes to keep their 10/10s well hidden in their pockets. They don't deliver those easily. A reviewer needs to wake up in the right mood, and a game needs to be incredibly outstanding. Or both. I'm looking forward to reading their #bg3 review. It also features a funny article about #PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor and how unlikely we'll see a Switch re-release any time soon. #NintendoSwitch - Hold my beer.

The cover of Edge magazine from November 2023 with a cute figure holding a sword in the cover artwork. It refers to The Plucky Squire game coming in 2024.
2 days ago

[Maintenance Scheduled]

Maintenance has been scheduled for "Nintendo eShop" on 02 Oct from 20:00 UTC to 02:00 UTC.

#Maintenance #WiiU #Nintendo3DS #NintendoSwitch

Project N
2 days ago

Super Mario Bros. Wonder ganha novo trailer mostrando uma “visão geral” sobre o jogo

Check it out! 👇

#SuperMarioBros.Wonder #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #Notícias

How-To Geek
2 days ago

Customize Your Xbox, PS5 or Switch Console with Wraps, Stickers and More

Check it out! 👇

#NintendoSwitch #Playstation #Xbox #Hardware #VideoGames
2 days ago

Im Oktober erscheint Super Mario Bros. Wonder für die #NintendoSwitch. Ein neuer Übersichtstrailer fasst jetzt alles Wichtige zusammen, was wir über das Spiel wissen müssen. #SuperMarioBrosWonder #SuperMario

2 days ago

📝 #Análisis de #TMNT Shredder's Revenge Dimension Shellshock 💮
Profundizamos en el contenido adicional del estupendo #beatemup con el que #TributeGames y #DotEmu rinden fiel homenaje



#️⃣Tags: #Acción #aventura #cómic #retro #pixelart #PS4 #PS5 #NintendoSwitch #Steam @tesuragames

2 days ago

So, Ankha officially joined our little island yesterday. She was VERY motivated to finish unpacking.

Why? Apparently it's her birthday today.

Of course this queen would show up on my island and immediately throw a party.

Rock on, Ankha. I'll have to check her party later.


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #Ankha #ACNHScreenshots #ACNHScenes #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #VideoGames #ACNHCommunity #ACNHAnkha #ACNHCampsite #あつもり #あつ森 #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming

Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. The upper screenshot shows Isabelle (yellow dog in a pink shirt in an office setting) saying "We have a new friend on our island! Let's give a big Moduland welcome to Ankha!"

The bottom screenshot shows Ankha (yellow cat with blue hair dressed in ancient Egyptian robes with a snake coming out of the center of her forehead like a Pharaoh headdress) yellowing at a bald, bearded light skinned islander in an orange, flashy cat costume. The setting is inside of Ankha's home that has pyramid flooring and walls. She is saying, while holding a small broom, "Oh Matt! I'm  here! I made it, darling!"
Inverse Phase
2 days ago

Get ready - #retrogaming inspired Beatdown City is launching an Ultra Remix update with a bunch more #chiptune music from yours truly on Oct 4. #steam #gaming

Also available on #nintendoswitch and their first time on #XBOX !

Please spread the word!

2 days ago

Wir laden morgen Nachmittag zum spontanen Gaming-Abend (Mario Kart 8 auf der Switch) in den @bytespeicher ein. Wer aus #Erfurt Lust und Zeit hat kommt vorbei. Geht etwa 17 Uhr los.
#Gaming #Nintendo #Switch #NintendoSwitch #MarioKart #Hackspace

2 days ago

Überblich über Halloween-Event in Pokémon Unite veröffentlicht

Pokémon Unite wird rund um Halloween verschiedene neue Inhalte bekommen.

Zur News:

#Smartphone #Halloween #App #Ankündigung #Mimigma #NintendoSwitch #PokémonUnite #Unite

2 days ago

Puzzle Adventure game 'Rainbow High: Runway Rush' launches today for the Nintendo Switch:

Visit the site to view the full article.

#nintendo #switch #nintendoswitch

Tina Schieber
2 days ago

I was absolutely sure, the #SteamDeck was just a more powerful and less ergonomic approach to the #nintendoswitch. And it is, of course, way more powerful. But boy was I wrong about the ergonomics! It’s actually comfortable even over longer periods. Battery also does a decent job. #chefskiss #gaming #portablegaming

My Actual Brain
2 days ago

My #NintendoSwitch Pro Controller had an issue with the left joystick where it would treat holding it in specific directs as a slight tilt instead of a full tilt. So, a walk instead of a run.
Well I had some time today and disassembled it, sprayed it with compressed air, and now I’m playing #CyberPunk with it on #LinuxMint
#linux #linuxgaming #nintendo

2 days ago

[Maintenance Finished]

Maintenance for multiple titles has finished.

#Maintenance #NintendoSwitch

2 days ago

[Maintenance Finished]

Maintenance for multiple titles has finished.

#Maintenance #NintendoSwitch

2 days ago

My brothers and I are such different #gamers lol. All of us grew up gaming on #PlayStation while also dabbling in #PC #gaming, only difference being when #PUBG came out and became incredibly popular, I built my first PC and played with my brothers and while they still continue to primarily/exclusively game on their PS of the day, now #PS5, I never want back to #consoles except the incredibly occasional #NintendoSwitch gaming once every 2 years or so lol.

Whenever they complain or boast about how cheap or expensive some games are on the PS Store, I get to be annoying and boast about how that RM100 game is just RM17 on
#Steam. When they complain about how #PSN (online subscription) has increased in price, I can be really annoying and remind them about how playing online on PC is free 🤠

B. Morgan Murrah
2 days ago

Playing #skyrim on #nintendoswitch . So long after that game came out, still so engaging

2 days ago

[Maintenance Finished]

Maintenance for multiple titles has finished.

#Maintenance #NintendoSwitch

3 days ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich hoffe am heutigen #IndieDonnerstag geht es euch gut

Passenderweise spiele ich derzeit Coromon von #TRAGsoft, einen #Pokemon Klon der altbekannte Mechaniken gekonnt mit eigenem Charme verbindet. Das Ganze gibts für #Computer und #NintendoSwitch

Wer also nochmal vollkommen unbefangen in die Tage von Pokemon Rot/Blau zurückversetzt werden will, ist hier goldrichtig. Der #Pixel Look ist sehr gelungen, wer mehr sehen will kann gerne auf meinem #Twitch vorbeischauen

Bild aus der Gboard-Zwischenablage, Ein Kampf im Coromon Stil
4 days ago

So I'm curious:

People with a Nintendo Switch, what's your preference for docked vs handheld? Do you almost always do one or the other, does it depend on the game, does it depend on what you're doing while gaming? And if you also have a PS5 or Xbox X|S, what's your preference for games that are available on both that and the Switch?

#gaming #NintendoSwitch #HandheldGaming #IndieGames

The Video Game Library 📚
5 days ago

Blown away by how many books there are about #VideoGame LAW! Another one was just catalogued.

From classic titles to modern giants like #Nintendo and #PlayStation, explore the legal challenges of this booming industry.


#Law #Xbox #Microsoft #Sony #NintendoSwitch #PCGaming #VideoGames #Gaming #Gamer #Games #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon

A basic red book cover with white text. Computer and Video Game Law. Cases, Statutes, Forms, Problems & Materials.
Gaaranji 🎮
5 days ago

#GameInfekt - Uff, wie viel gibt es in #FaeFarm bitte zu tuen? Habe bereits etwas über 25 Stunden gezockt und bin gerade mal in Kapitel 4 (also, keine Ahnung wie viel Kapitel das Spiel insgesamt hat).

Aber allein was einem mit Kapitel 4 an neue Sachen zugänglich gemacht wird, uff ... Schon sehr geil. :D

#Gaming #Daddeln #Zocken #NintendoSwitch

🕹️ jbz
5 days ago

:pika: Nintendo NX: The Most Pointless Internet Argument
➥ KnowledgeHusk

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

6 days ago

Need more friends for #nintendoswitch online play. I’m still playing Breath of the Wild so don’t expect much! #loweredexpectations @hotdogsladies is my spirit animal.

Been wanting to pick up the #BatenKaitos remaster on Switch really bad, but I've been busy the past few days. Its one of those #GameCube games I've never played, but have considered buying a GameCube for in the present.

Thing is it was digital only in America, no digital preorders allowed either. Had a busy few days since it launched, and im buying it to play this morning. Before I did I said to myself "Better dial up a review, and make sure it's not a broken port or something."

Save there are virtually no reviews out. Did #BandaiNamco send this out to die? I know its had almost no press here in America too. #Nintendo #Videogames #Switch #NintendoSwitch

Chris Adamson
1 week ago

Played a little #HatsuneMikuProjectDiva on the big screen while we had the #NintendoSwitch in the other room tonight. One of the cool things about Miku is that the fans create and popularize songs with topics and themes that no corporation in its right mind would EVER create or release themselves. But once it’s a hit, SEGA is justified putting it in the game. Case in point: the sinister conformity march of “This Is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee”.

Gameplay of Hatsune Miku Project Diva Megamix.
Gameplay of Hatsune Miku Project Diva Megamix.

My sister captured the moment I faced my demise, still haven't beaten him

#MetroidDread #NintendoSwitch #CasioCult

Me holding my switch playing Metroid Dread, Samus is dashing for her life
1 week ago

This probably sounds silly, but I did NOT think it was possible to tie... in a SINGLE RACE. 😳

#FZero #FZero99 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchOnline #NSO #Switch #Racing #Multiplayer #Gaming

A screenshot from the Nintendo Switch game, F-Zero 99. The image displays the results screen after a player finishes a race. To the right is the ranking for every player after a race. Two players, ThinkPlank (me) and Hylus, have finished in first place simultaneously at 02:04.75.

Finally got the time to fight against Raven Beak in #MetroidDread, this is my 7th attempt and I've managed to get to the second phase thrice, wish me luck!

#metroid #nintendo #NintendoSwitch #FinalBoss

1 week ago

Switching from Pro controller to the SNES controller in #FZero99 has improved my game massively, it just feels so right! :pika_shocked: I'm still not brilliant, but I'm getting close to the top 10 now.

Also, adjust the controls BEFORE you join a race! ZL+ZR on the Pro are for spinning, on the SNES controller they will take a screenshot and boot you back to the homescreen! I'm glad spinning is L+R, it would've been awkward otherwise (tiny buttons!) 😂

#FZero #NintendoSwitch #VideoGames

1 week ago

#FZero99 is without a doubt one of the most chaotic games I have ever played and I love it!

I haven't won any races yet, so far my highest result has been 24th since I turn into a damage magnet if I boost too much!

For now, I like to keep my nose clean. It means I see the end of more races that way! 😀

I'm glad to see Nintendo bring this franchise back after so long, I hope it leads to more games in the future, even if it's just a GX remake!

#FZero #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #VideoGames

A snapshot of the chaos in F-Zero 99 at the Big Blue track (a race track that runs above the ocean). There are a large number of brightly coloured futuristic racing cars with some trying to smash into each other and others hitting the electrified barriers of the track.

I am placed 48th out of 98 in this shot.

Started Fez tonight on Switch. Sumpin tells me this gonna be gyood.

#switch #nintendoswitch #nintendo #videogames #gaming #games

Chris Adamson
1 week ago

Nice to get another first place finish before this game shuts off its servers next month. #PacMan99 #NintendoSwitch

Pac-Man 99 first place “PAC-ONE” screen.
Pac-Man 99 end of game rankings, with me in first place.
1 week ago

Classic Nintendo Racer F-Zero Returns As A...Battle Royale

Like Pac-Man 99 and Tetris 99 before it, F-Zero 99 will be available through the Nintendo Switch Online service

#FZero #FZero99 #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchOnline

Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
1 week ago

Noah & Mio amibos! Finally some #XenobladeChronicles3 merch! 🤩 #NintendoSwitch #RPG

Amibo figures of Noah & Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
1 week ago

#FZero99 is incredibly addictive holy shit. I don’t care about getting first as much as just beating all my rivals. #NintendoSwitch

1 week ago

F-ZERO 99 is a dream to play! So cool of Nintendo to allow the SNES controller to work with this too! This is the stuff #NintendoSwitch online should be doing all the time. #FZero99

Me holding up a snes wireless controller for the Nintendo switch in front of my tv Playing F-ZERO 99. (Fender Jazzmaster guitar to the left of the TV.)
Nikki 🦔
1 week ago

Crikey, quack quack! There's a Thousand Year Door remake coming out next year on switch!

It's my number 2 top game of all time. I might even pre-order it.

#NintendoSwitch #NintendoDirect #CrikeyQuackQuack

1 week ago

While I love the idea of F-Zero 99, it already feels like there's a clock on how long it will stay online before it disappears again forever. And I really don't want to get excited for something that's just no longer going to exist a year or two from now.

#NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #NintendoDirect #FZero #FZero99

Nefarious Aryq
2 weeks ago

I had been planning to use my second Nintendo Game Voucher on Octopath II, but it wasn't eligible. However, Mario Wonder was -- so I used it to preorder that. Octopath II happens to be on sale right now so I went ahead and picked that up. Between 100%'ing Tears of the Kingdom and these two games, I should be pretty set for a while.

#Nintendo #Gaming #NintendoSwitch #Switch

Out of Print Archive
2 weeks ago

One more "impossible" port for the Switch.

Had a lot of trouble finding one for a decent price, especially new, but Amazon Italy had the German version for €37. 😅


Metro Redux on Nintendo Switch

@Fenreliania How good or bad this works depends on how much a Platform Owner wants #IndieDevelopers on their #Platform:

None of the 3 big Platform holders are obligated to support #W4Games.

And #Valve never even attempted to turn the #SteamDeck into a #WalledGarden to begin with...

But with the #SoftwareDrought on #XboxSeries, #PS5 and a bit on #NintendoSwitch the chances are good however for them to get something worked out.

2 weeks ago

New #Nintendo Controller Patent Shows Possible #JoyCon Drift Fix

According to the controller patent, which was first filed on May 11, it proposes "a resistance section using a magnetorheological fluid whose viscosity changes with a magnetic-field intensity and which becomes resistance when the operation element is displaced."


🌞 Etheria 🌞
2 weeks ago

It took me many months but I finally managed to complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, reaching 100% wasn't easy but it was so worth it!

My favorite Zelda game, it's just crazy that a game of this scale and ambition can even run on Switch, it looks so good too! I'm so satisfied with it on every level!

Waiting several years before we get a whole new 3D Zelda will be hard but I'm excited to see what they'll do with a much more powerful hardware!

#zelda #TearsoftheKingdom #nintendo #nintendoswitch

Got a new transparent case to show off my #NintendoSwitch #TOTK edition.

It was kinda cheap and hard plastic, but it protects the design and it's also more comfortable to hold!

Behind the joycons there's a bit more grip!
The switch with the transparent case on it, full body pic. Metroid Dread is in focus in the main menu screen

Unchecked capitalism on Earth or villain in a Kirby game? One and same 🦁

#capitalism #kirbyandtheforgottenland #kirby #nintendoswitch #workers #workersunite #union #unionstrong

A still from Kirby and the Forgotten Land - a big lion villain saying Plan ruined. Important plan. Needed labor. Opened vortex. Found workforce. Brought here. And yet? Error made. Irksome. Pink contaminant...

A small post about #gaming on my #NintendoSwitch with friends, and the games I borrowed from them! Long live physical media...

Day 57 of #100DaysToOffload

I bought my first digital game for the #NintendoSwitch, a gift for my little sister, titled #ALittleToTheLeft...

If only her bedroom was as organized as the levels she completes :blobcatderpy:

Switch Weekly 🗓️🎮
3 weeks ago

📬 Issue 348 of Switch Weekly is out now: #NintendoSwitch

3 weeks ago

5$ Bluetooth Dolar Tree speaker review

In this post im gonna be talking about a $5 #bluetooth shower speaker I had for about a month now purchased from #DolarTree .
Despite the name you dont have to use it while in the shower. But that's it's intended use. It is also water resistant.

Being bluetooth, it enables you to use on any bluetooth capable devices ranging from modern pcs, #laptops, #smartphones, #switch #nintendoswitch, *some* #smarttvs, and #Playstation Portal*not* ,sony is a money hog these days, they dont support bluetooth on the #playstationportal .

i'l tell you up front, This $5 bluetooth speakers is better then most flat lcd, led and oled tvs build in #sound equipment #speakers . And its cheaper, probally because its just the one speaker.

How exactly does it sound, imagine how old #crt #tvs use to sound like but with a single portable speaker, with just enough #bass to #sound good but not enough physical speaker space to be perfect. The quality of the music/sound is good but not outstanding.

For $5 this is probally the best bluetooth speaker you can buy at full price that cheap. Plus it is water resistant.

it'l meet you half way. Giving you half the sound quality, and a somewhat cheat price. I say somewhat cheap because other items at dolar tree usually go for a dolar. $1.25 such as #headphones, #earbuds but those arent as good.

3 weeks ago
Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot. Image of an empty plot with a billboard out front with green / white text that's obstructed by a light skinned, bearded, islander wearing baggy khakis and a black shirt with a plaid shirt tied around their waist. The islander is looking aggressively surprised. Next to the main billboard is a smaller, wooden sign with a picture on it that says "Spirit" with a ghost creature with red eyes on it to mirror the Spirit Halloween store sign. The surrounding area has two stone lion dog statues and stone tiling on the ground.

Successfully applied a screen protector to my #NintendoSwitch, I am also about to face a boss of some kind in #MetroidDread. Wish me luck!


HEY #RPG fans, thinking of playing as my very first D&D video game Baldur's Gate 1 or 2 on iPad.


I only have iPhone, iPad, and Switch as my devices to play games.

Is this a good starting point? Should I start with 1 and not 2? or 2 first is okay???

#videogames #games #baldursgate #gaming #turnbased #ipad #ios #switch #nintendoswitch

Poetry News
1 month ago

GuliKit made a dock that's divine
For the Steam Deck and Switch it will shine
It looks like a SNES
Made with nostalgia drenched
For those who love retro gaming design

#gulikit #steamdeck #nintendoswitch #snes #retrogaming #limerick #poetry

I love the Sim City games (ever since I played the original in school in the early 90s!) I recently grabbed Cities: Skylines on Switch when it was on sale for less than $10 and I haven't dived in yet, but I'm psyched to eventually.

But this time, instead of just jumping in and building whatever (as I often do, recently with both the Sim City mobile game and the Sim City on DS), I'm doing some research on city design, to try and build something in a meaningful way. I want to see what designs I really like most, etc. From what I hear about Skylines, it's super realistic, and I should be able to build a cool, futuristic city that's fully green, sustainable, etc.

Anybody else played Skylines or is a big fan of any of the other Sim City games?

#SimCity #PCGames #NintendoDS #cities #CitiesSkylines #nintendo #NintendoSwitch #CityDesign #CityPlanning #sim #simulation

1 month ago

:steam: I prefer my printed at home :steamdeck_dark: holders with a seperate mega hub, but this faux #Nintendo #SNES dock for #SteamDeck / #Switch is pretty sweet looking for #RetroGaming with your #NintendoSwitch

Source :link:

Images of USB Dock that looks like a Nintendo SNES US console
Christine T
1 month ago

Catalogue 100% in time for the new season; not sure if worth it, but it was a good run I guess

#Splatoon3 #NintendoSwitch

@julia_ @ErikUden @josejfernandez @rm4 @glennmagusharvey OFC not.

Granted there are other methods like non-standard media types and espechally media encryption like with #3DS & #NintendoSwitch cartridges...

1 month ago

I bought #NintendoSwitch as a birthday gift in 2019 and it's been a great machine. But there were so many things I wished it could do.

And then came #SteamDeck and did all those things and I'm so happy with it.

I finally wrote down my thoughts on the device and why I love it so much.

(I still love my Switch too for the 1st party Nintendo exclusives!)

#Steam #VideoGames #IndieGames #gaming #blaugust2023

Charles Martinet stepping down from voicing Mario and other Nintendo characters.

Per Nintendo.

#Gaming #Nintendo #Mario #News #Switch #NintendoSwitch

Message from Nintendo: “Charles Martinet has been the original voice of Mario in Nintendo games for a long time, as far back as Super Mario 64. Charles is now moving into the brand
new role of Mario Ambassador. With this transition, he will be stepping back from recording character voices for our games, but he'll continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting with you all!

It has been an honour working with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years and we want to thank and celebrate him. Please keep an eye out for a special video message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles himself, which we will post at a future date.

© Nintendo
Christine T
1 month ago

I have a feeling that my 3 teammates are buddies.

(their names are all food names)

#Splatoon3 #NintendoSwitch

Screenshot from video game Splatoon 3, showing 4 characters ready for battle in a paintball-like multiplayer game.
Switch Weekly 🗓️🎮
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📬 Issue 346 of Switch Weekly is out now: #NintendoSwitch