21 hours ago
Bartosz :ywp_to:
1 day ago

Pierwszy dzień czytania dokumentacji #Nix'a. Chyba zostanę fanbojem.

1 day ago
Daniel Siepmann
2 days ago
Can some of the #Nix folks help? IG uses there are language servers with auto completion out there.…
2 days ago

Uh...does anyone have tips on getting the System76 specific bits installed on NixOS properly? I can see linux.packages.linux_zen.system76 exists as a metapackage= and that's where kernels live, but the linuxKernel.packages.linux_zen.system76 mentions it is only the DKMS driver and there are a ton of other packages there that don't seem to be the kernel either? #Nix #NixOS #system76

2 days ago

Children, remember to clear your #nix cache in #nixos

3 days ago

There's a Nix meetup happening today in Zürich, Switzerland, celebrating Nix's 20th anniversary! 🇨🇭
#nix #nixos #anniversary #meetup #Zurïch

3 days ago

Haumea v0.2.2 has been released with a new matcher interface for loading non-Nix files!



#nix #nixos

3 days ago

I commited a new package to #nix packages but it seems to be broken.

What a day.

But it is my first step to contribute to the open source ecosystem. I'm so proud of it.

As I made a mess of it, I should fix it.

Gaël Reyrol
4 days ago

Super Colliding #Nix Stores: Nix Flakes for Millions of Developers - #dailylinks

Alexis Simon
4 days ago

I'm curious if anyone has transitioned (or tried to) from Conda to Nix in coding environment setup in bioinformatics, modelling, or data analysis in general.
What would be the pros/cons?

I don't really know Nix but would like to know more.

#bioinformatics #modelling #Nix #Conda

Ariel Richtman
4 days ago

#Nix management for Wordpress, NextCloud and more. Handy!

#NixPkgs #NixOS

amy "fembot" bones
4 days ago

No, no, no, no! I am not going to get sucked into the idea of figuring out how to use #NixOps to deploy and manage all my various little projects.

This is
NOT what I need to be doing. Brain, why are we going down this path again?

#nix #tech

Alejandro Baez
6 days ago

On my voyage for more #idempotent systems, deploy-rs is really resonating with me right now. 😁 It's a #nix #flakes profile deployment system.

Fancy for, you write a declarative config and it gets what you need correctly. 😅 It's really making me rethink of my #ansible usage. At least for provisioning.

For troubleshooting though, you'll need to pry ansible from my dead hands to get rid of the love. 😁

6 days ago

Clearly I'm in the "spooky shit" territory of #nix given how often I see it die on me.

1 week ago

ran into this when trying to look for quirks in the Nix language

hmmm thinking emoji

#nix #nixos

1 week ago

Has nested destructuring of lambda parameters ever been proposed in #Nix?

Alejandro Baez
1 week ago

Found out about #nickel, when looking for alts to config management again. 😅

It has some similarities with #cue. But focuses more on the resulting generation. Nickel has validity of data like cue. Though not necessarily the focus. Whereas cue is all about validity of what you input to the config. Not just the config.

Still, nickel takes a lot of its design principals from #nix as well. 😎 Meaning it warrants researching some more. 😄

1 week ago

How I used Nix to turn Open Policy Agent policies into standalone CLI tools | #nix

1 week ago

Just got #CrystalLang on aarch64-linux all packaged up for #nix

Feel free to use it `nix shell github:crunchydata/nixpkgs#crystal`, but it's not a priority for me to maintain it outside of what I just need for myself.

I was hoping to get it more automatic with cross compiling, but gave up and just uploaded a hand cross built crystal.o and use that to bootstrap everything else. I imagine that this probably can keep building new versions for a while.

#nixos #CrystalLanguage

screenshot of terminal showing crystal working in an aarch64-linux nix shell
1 week ago

Did you know that it is super easy to set up a NixOs QEMU VM 🤩 Short gist is available here:

#TIL #Nixos #nix #devops #qemu

flake.nix contents available here:
configuration.nix contents available here:
Run instructions available here:
1 week ago

Time to rewrite #nix in #Rust


1 week ago

#Hottake #Nix is just 'Gentoo Linux for application installs' 👀

1 week ago

felt like packaging some new #nix packages, so I did

1 week ago

What is the most reasonable #nix module way to achieve the following:

1. The attrset in 15..22 is generic (i.e. it should be the same for all clusters).
2. It allows for local cluster overrides (e.g. in 17 I need a cluster-specific externalIP)
3. It allows for cluster-specific generics (e.g. in 21 I want enabled = true IFF cluster.${clustername}.hasMetrics == true for every clustername out there)

Julien M.
1 week ago
#Nix #VirtualMachines

microvm.nix is a #Flake to run lightweight #NixOS virtual machines on #NixOS. Starting with the reasons why for the remainder of this chapter, this handbook guides you through the provisioning of #MicroVM-s on your #NixOS machine.
1 week ago

@nixCraft Or you can just use #Nix 😁

1 week ago

@zarel I author my #argocd configurations in #nix (using helm as a flake dependency via and random docker images via Argocd effectively evaluates the flake output and applies it.

I drafted a blog post on this, but never published it. I really should.

My current issue with #nix, #nixOS and #HomeManager: I think I see their point how they solve some issues I'm facing. I may want to be there but I don't want to invest the energy to actually go there.

Furthermore, there seems to be a chaotic-looking heap of concepts that are hard to initially understand and keep them apart.

If I'd be in my twenties, I may have started with that ecosystem, embracing its style and concepts. 😔

#nixlang #flake

Arch :wiggly:
1 week ago

Anyone happen to have a #Nix flake on hand that does cross compilation of Rust from x86 to ARM? Trying to get this building for a Rust based AWS Lambda in a nice way 👀

Have something that might work but need to compile all of clang first apparently.

Lalo Leites
1 week ago

@maarten I am using #nix package manager for reproducible development environments but do you know how it works the security updates process? Do they Backport things like Debian stable or what?

2 weeks ago

nurl v0.3.12 has been released!

Nurl is a tool to generate Nix fetcher calls from repository URLs. It's like `nix-prefetch-url` but for everything from GitHub repositories to Rust crates



#nix #nixos #rust

Lars Chr.
2 weeks ago

I am very tempted to move my workstation from arch to Debian + nix. I am just not sure it's worth the time. Especially when #Debian testing goes stable. Think that would provide a very stable os, and then all developer tooling could be handled nicely by #nix.

Not pure #NixOS since i fear that's an even greater timesink.

Bartosz :ywp_to:
2 weeks ago

Cóż za fenomenalna prezentacja! Aż chciałoby się spędzić pół nocy przed komputerem poznając #Nix i #NixOS.

2 weeks ago

what was that #nix tool that rewrote shell scripts by replacing the paths to the binaries called with the absolute paths to nix store?

Paco Velobs
2 weeks ago

@clementd Ça roule. J'ai commencé tard donc j'ai commencé par #Flake car ça avait vraiment l'air d'être le futur de #Nix.
Si je trouve le temps d'apprendre ça, je te mentionnerai à la sortie de l'article qui en parlera. 🤞

Paco Velobs
2 weeks ago

@clementd Ha mais tout à fait. Il y a des choses qui ne méritent pas la complexité de la méthode #stow.
Le must serait de pouvoir dire à #home-manager de prendre la config directement d'un dépôt mais je n'ai pas encore le niveau en #nix pour ça.
Ce doit être "facile" en mettant un #flake.nix à la racine du dépôt d'ailleurs, en permettant de faire du #stow et de #homeManager .
À creuser tiens.

@shuLhan I have heard good things about this being a good place to start these days: by the awesome @grahamc and team. #Nix #NixOS

2 weeks ago

I have been trying to start exploring #nix, unfortunately their documentation are scatered on, It's hard to even find what is "shellHook", "mkDerivation" and where it comes from.

I've been reading all days, and still cannot even put any order where to start except installing a package.

Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen
2 weeks ago

As it turns out, today was apparently backup day.

Spent the rest of my desktop time packaging the excellent and got 99% there (needs some cleanup, but is fully functional for anyone eager):

#nix #nixos #steam #linuxgaming

2 weeks ago

❄️ NixOS for the Impatient

#Nix #NixOS #Linux

2 weeks ago

Here's another one on why #nix with #argocd = awesome.

The #helm chart I use for ghost has the spec.replicas hardcoded to 1. The helm way of solving this? Fork and maintain your copy (or go to the owner and fix their chart). The nix way? Just plug in a little patch in the pipeline:

Santi :rust:
3 weeks ago

I just released a quick update to npt: it can now display the executed nix commands: `npt -t install <package>`

Check it out:

#nix #nixos

Christian Stankowic
3 weeks ago

@Sydymar Hoffe du hast #nix gelernt :D

Christian Stankowic
3 weeks ago

Passend zum Wochenende noch ein neues Rabbit Hole gefällig? 🤓

Der werte @hexa und @fleaz geben euch in unserer neuen #podcast Folge einen umfassenden Einstieg in die #nix #nixos Welt.

Achtung, es wird tief (inhaltlich und witze-technisch!):

#AllesKannNixMuss #FocusOnLinux

Variation des "Can't wait to start"-Memes. Ein kleiner T-Rex steht vor einem See, in welchem sich ein Langhals-Dinosaurier befindet (vermutlich ein Mamenchisaurus youngi). Dialog:

"Sollte ich anfangen NixOS zu benutzen?" - "Klar, du wirst es nicht bereuen"

Beim Sprung ins tiefe Nass fliegen dem kleinen Dino verschiedene Begrifflichkeiten entgegen: Nixlang, Nix, Nixpkgs, NixOS, Derivations, Flakes, Home Manager und Lanzaboote.

Abschließender Kommentar des T-Rex: "Holy Moly!"
3 weeks ago

@JesseSkinner one way to insulate the differences and wrap/abstract what you need, is to create a nix-env that runs your app/s using a shell.nix to build and define/codify your buildtime & runtime deps, in your current comfortable OS, then switch to the new OS (in this case BSD), then replicate/run the same nix-env to build then boot up your app in the new OS. Kind of like docker, but lighter and robust/reproducible - see #nix

3 weeks ago

Eval-time random number generator for Nix without IFD

#nix #nixos

Jons Mostovojs
3 weeks ago

@dpwiz @haskman as I said, this is stackage. (See haskman's argument about curation). If you squat, you get kicked.

But yeah, #haskell needed #stackage because of #cabalHell, whereas #purescript has both #nix integration and #dhall / #spago combo wombo, which is a less known "nix for language ecosystems".

But if this website (which I didn't understand beyond "I am certain I don't need this") provides `go get`-like experience, then it will be very good for beginners.

The experiment is over. I've never had the problems that #Nix purports to solve and the problems I have it can't help with.

It feels like the project is an attempt to foist two generally unpopular software concepts on people:
- a functional programming language
- a Linux distribution

That's a bundle of items that's very far from the mainstream of software engineering.

3 weeks ago

Thoughts on #Nix flakes exporting `__functor`?

3 weeks ago

Hello, Mastodon!

I'm figsoda. I work on Nixpkgs, nix-init, fenix, and a few other Nix and Rust projects

Check out some of my projects here:

#nixos #nix #rust

Reading development proceedings from the #Nix project and seeing the founder shoot down most suggestions for clarifying and simplifying things, it's clear that the problems are baked in at the governance level and are unlikely to be fixed.

fasterthanlime 🌌
3 weeks ago

✨ “Making a dev shell with nix flakes” is now available for everyone! #nix

Mike Rossiter
3 weeks ago

Sorry I'll shut up about Nix at some point :) BUT I'm preparing a presentation to introduce Nix to my team and I wondered if anyone was using it in a professional capacity at the moment. I'd love to know how it's implemented and how it's being used etc. #nix #nixos

I'm making an effort to learn #Nix. It's a good idea but judging from what I'm seeing and the strong path dependance, I'm not sure if the issues are fixable within the project.

It would be best for somebody to do a clean and humane re-implementation on top of the Nix store concept.

4 weeks ago

@hazelweakly @fasterthanlime Well when using #nix I do feel like peering in the hidden foundations of computer science, shaping entire universes from few commands while being completely immune to mere mortals base concerns like global state, versions or compatibilities

4 weeks ago

@olivierlacan @samsaffron fwiw I used auto jump for a long time and switched to a Z implementation (not zoxide though) because there were examples I could copy and paste to get it to auto set all the shell hooks when I was migrating to #nix home-manager:

I have it set to use ‘j’ as a key though for muscle memory

The Owner of Mastodon 🤞
1 month ago

@YurkshireLad if you've got the time and inclination to learn how to use the #Nix ecosystem, you could try #NixOS with #xfce. It's one of those things that you learn once and rarely go back to not doing it because the benefits are too great, like potty training or touch typing.

I'm getting into #Nix and now installed it on my personal machine as well (thanks new installer!), but the error messages are from another planet. I don't see what fundamental complexity there is in Nix to make it *this* difficult to understand.

Konrad Hinsen
1 month ago


No-root is in principle possible for #Nix and #Guix under #Linux, but not available today.

Cross-platform reproducibility is not possible, period. You can run #Nix under #macOS as well as under #Linux, but you get reproducibility only within each platform.

Moreover, reproducibility with #Nix under #macOS is limited because #Nix depends on code it cannot control (managed by Apple).

@jperkel @Nature @ctb @fertiglab @minecr @benmarwick

Paco Velobs
1 month ago

Funny enough, I can't install #homeManager in a clean #docker #nixos / #nix image.

Paco Velobs
1 month ago

Hey #nix users on #macOS ?

I see there is #nix #darwin out there.
And I read the doc, see HOW to install etc.

But, as with #nix, #flake #homeManager and the like, there is no clear answer to WHY.

I'm looking for real life use case intended for newcomers if you have some!

Many thanks in advance 🙏

So #Nix is when Haskell people make a package manager, a language, an OS and a build system all entangled with each other both physically and conceptually?

behold, the git logs of a highly optimal system in which nothing goes wrongly ever

good thing nix saves time and neovim makes you more efficient as a person amirite

#nix #vim #neovim #dotfiles #iDoThisToMyself

❯ git log --oneline | rg -v 'flake.lock: Update'
sweet fvuk
optimize vim startup
doing me a normal one
see if pushing to cachix works conveniently
fix neovim
update to new named option
add xp pen driver. lmao sha mismatch
fix macos tree-sitter
update neovim lock file
hideous fuckin crimes to build tree-sitter because i am a slut for neovim-nightly
fix treesitter deprecations
v2 lspzero
update deps. fix copy/paste macos
update deps, add say command for linux
its a crime to not push your configs before a conference
updates n things
stable nix so nix-doc work
fix mac compat
clean up stuff again
remove large_file check
brain plz stop
fix nvim paste
fucked up neovim paste
make all modules cross platform
done for now
update vim plugins
concurrency for GHA
fix module type
fuk me thats ugly (add age for home-manager. fix inputs for real)
fix age for darwin
whew neovim sure saves time dunnit
git auth with gh
cross os is a fickle beast
power management
blEEEEEDin edge
secure boot for real v2
secure boot for real
when in doubt haxx it out
clean up commented out file
nixos stuff
make the lock file reflect reality
fix just grammar
add new stuff
add gke stuff
add bitwarden-cli
i dont like z4h-exit after all
use z4h-exit instead of z4h-eof
devenv substituter
add tree-sitter-just
fix nvim configs
fix ci
new nix lsp
updates n fix hostname
fix work filez
i am beyond hope
simplify things i guess
expose modules
simplify nvim
add gopls stuff
update the updater; fix fonts for macos13
Zach Mitchell, PhD 🦀
1 month ago

The #Nix #documentation team is taking applications for an editorial lead and a Nix expert for our documentation project! These would be short-term paid positions to help us develop a curriculum for onboarding new Nix users. You would be working with me (which is delightful) and other members of the Nix team.

The post describing the positions and the application process is here:

#NixOS #linux

Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

Anyone using #Snowfall lib with #nix-darwin? I'd appreciate a config to look through 🙏🏼

@jakehamilton ?

#NixLang #Nix #MacOS #SnowfallOrg

1 month ago

I was able to get all checks (specs, linting, etc) to only ever run if they need to (e.g. not running specs if just the readme changes), get them all to run in parallel when they do need to, and never run the same check twice if it has ever been ran before for that same set of files. On both CI *and* locally.

All the while by removing nearly all of the CI yaml down to just setting up caching and a single step of "run the checks”.

#nix #CrystalLang

1 month ago

Im upgrading my pc to curesed hardwear to than install NixOS on it OWO im hyped ​:blahaj:​ #pc #computer #hardwear #upgrade #nixos #nix #linux #UwU

Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

#Nix people, what's your approach to debugging? 🐛
I often find I have to just make changes and try rebuilding to see if my fix is correct ❌. I know about the REPL but for something like a missing config option I'm not sure how to go about it.
Any articles or blog links appreciated 🙏🏼

The option `home' does not exist.


Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

Re-watching @jakehamilton instructionals and poking around #Snowfall lib and I think I've managed to wrestle my stuff into a working snowfall setup! There are a LOT of abstractions in Jake's config repo but I think I get the gist of it.

#NixLang #Snowfallorg #Nix #NixOS

Jake Hamilton
1 month ago

@nikitaw @arichtman Admittedly, my largest problem with #Kubernetes was the lack of a real programming language with a static type system (which #Nix lacks) for creating manifests. #CDK is almost there, but the ergonomics were terrible when I used it.

In case it's useful I did end up making tooling to generate Kubernetes manifests with #TypeScript:

Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

Anyone using #Kubenix? I'm thinking alongside Terranix we might get "full stack" #IaC

#k8s #Kubernetes #NixLang #Nix

1 month ago

I'm looking for a back end / devops / SRE role that can hire me in Vancouver, BC (happy to do remote/hybrid)

I'm experienced and can be trusted around computers, especially ones that aren't my own.

I love #nix and functional languages (such as #clojure #elixir) and have experience with all the fancy industry standard tools (#terraform #kuberenetes #docker #ansible) as well as with all the other things expected of my role (cloud providers, CI/CD, IaC, networking, postgres)


Devin Prater :blind:
1 month ago

Trying out #fleek for #nix, and they ahve really good docs!