Timo Kümmel
4 hours ago

Es gibt endlich eine Petition mit Gewicht und großer Strahlkraft, die die Politik dazu auffordert, für ein starkes KI-Gesetz einzustehen, und dafür zu sorgen, dass die Bürgerinnen und Bürger und alle Kulturschaffenden geschützt werden.

Alle Infos auf meiner Page:

#Midjourney #chatgpt #KI #künstlicheIntelligenz #humanart #urheberrecht #datenschutz #ai #aiart #kigeneratoren #noai #illustration #art #kunst #artificialintelligence #aiact #euaiact #petition #kigesetz

Titelbild KI-Petition.
Bild mit Text aus dem Beitrag.
Bild mit Text aus dem Beitrag.
Will Morris-Julien
21 hours ago

The Wanderer waited with her spell charged… (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

She uttered the spell and it glowed
Matt T
2 days ago

Hey folks. Glaze, the tech developing to protect artwork from AI, is getting an integration tool in the Cara app.

Cara is a wonderful place for artists that stands against AI scraping, serving as a portfolio site, as well as social alternatives to Artstation and Instagram. Cara is almost a year old, built by volunteers. Check it out.

#mastoart #noai #humanart

The Future Fire
2 days ago

Jonathan Olfert, author of “Collective Bargaining” in The Future Fire #67, came by for a short chat about the story, equity, AI and the future of education.

#microinterview #freescifi #reasonableaccommodations #noAI

3 days ago

I miss following artists.

Scrolling through art was so inspiring. I loved watching their work and skills grow. Seeing an amazing new technique or style, studying it, trying it myself. It felt meaningful. Felt like I was able to learn and grow too.

ai, twitter feed algorithms, elon finishing off twitter.

Fuck all of that. Fuck all of this complacency too. We witnessed digital art get fucking torn apart and just swiped up...

Guess I'll just go visit every Art Museum now

#art #noai #rant

Honestly, I hear those arguments mostly from people who can't be bothered to actually do art. People who can't be bothered to invest their time in something as accessible as art but who really crave the same attention artists who refined their work and skill deserve. They want to make art that required no skill and be praised for it.

#noAI #promptersarenotartists

Smash that ❤!

Shameless encouragement for people to share my and other artists' work, intended as an end-panel for carousels on IG.

There's just so much noise and it's increasingly difficult to rise above it. If you want human souls to create and remain visible you better start smashing that share button whenever you can! 😄

Have a great weekend and keep making stuff!

#art #artist #pinupart #NoAI #comicart

A girl vigorously smashing a heart with a baseball bat. Cartoon illustration.
Will Morris-Julien
5 days ago
The wanderer called it to her
AmiW Streetart ❄️
5 days ago

⚪ Ein schnelles... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A quick... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #NickAquaviva / #Knaqua in Loc.: #Chicago USA - Title: "Passing the time" (Zeitvertreib) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #NoAI #Train #Streetphotography ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo
of a moving train. A moving silver-colored train was photographed in such a way that you can literally see the speed. Blurred contours and the frontal view between two moving carriages reveal a brief glimpse of a man sitting and waiting directly opposite. The street canyons of Chicago can still be seen in the upper part of the picture. A perfect moment for a photographer.
Info: The photographer assures us that the photo is not artificially arranged, but that he himself was surprised by the man in the center of the picture.
Will Morris-Julien
6 days ago

He waited in the rain for her to come…. (monochrome rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

He knew it was only a matter of time

Looks like another user agent for the blocklist to curb the AI freeloaders:

#NoAI #Webmaster

6 days ago

My concept theatrical poster for James Gunn's "Superman: Legacy". Properly protected with Glaze.

#superman #supermanlegacy #jamesgunn #posterdesign #movieposter #filmposter #digitalart #illustration #dccomics #huiontablet #photoshop #humanartist #noai #davidcorenswet

Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

The Wanderer stood beside the ruined watcher… (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

They stood at the cliff top
The wanderer watched
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

It discovered her… and she was waiting… (monochrome version rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

It was drawn to her
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

She remembers her youth… A very quick gestural sketch that is like and old found/forgotten photograph. A fleeting glimpse of a forgotten past (monochrome rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #noAi

The young girl waits
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

The wanderer at the edge of the forbidden realm… (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #noAi

The wanderer
The keeper asks the riddle
AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 week ago

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #KarolNienartowicz 🇵🇱 in Loc.: #Keflavik #Reykjanesskagi Iceland 🇮🇸 - Title: untitled - #Art #Streetart #Travel #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #NoAI ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photo. A color photo of a landscape in Iceland with a view of a lighthouse. The photo was taken close to the ground so that the view is over black volcanic rock towards a red square lighthouse on the horizon. The dark cinder has a hilly, round shape with strange little round holes where water collects. The sky above the lighthouse is deep gray, punctuated by a warm shade of red and a small area of yellow sunlight. Magical.
Info: The photo was taken about 15 minutes drive from Keflavik airport.
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

Seagulls circled the huge statue… (rough sketch detail) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

The wanderer approached the statue
1 week ago

Hey megacorps! This is how much we don't want AI handling our problems! #NoAI

Screenshot of Google query that begins "how do I talk to" with suggested autofills that are all variations on "a real person at" + name of a large company.
Jodi DiLiberto
1 week ago

Trajectories of Divergent Dreams -
The divergence of a dreamer's dreams cast them outward to similar and separate cosmic points.
Find it at:
#fractalart #abstractart #MastoArt #Dreamart #artprints #RealArt #noAI

Fractal image of three spiraling pointers in brown, gold, and red.
Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago

She cast the spell… (rough sketch detail) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

She quick cast the binding spell
Quickly she cast the spell
2 weeks ago

I guess I'll be done with this one. I wanted to paint Ace Hart in a realistic style.
This is one of those pieces of art that you can just work on forever and never finish, ha ha.

#art #AceHart #DogCity #digitalpainting #painting #noai #dog #cartoon #90s #nineties

Dog character (Ace Hart from Dog City) in a painted style
Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago

It discovered her… and she was waiting… (rough sketche) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

The beast discovered her
Gerard Thomas
2 weeks ago

Years of fighting myself (hash iagt) I can now say, with 100% conviction, that these 3 images define my work.

Sketches (ballpoint)
Sketch/representative 3D
Analogue ‘Fine Art’ (pencil)

All it took was to understand was why I am doing this and what *I* want from it.

#design #designer #drawing #art #scifiart #spacefiction #conceptart #conceptdesign #fediart #mastoart #drawing #art #graphiteart #pencilart #noai #madebyhumans #scifi #sciencefiction #sketch #sketchbook #3Dart

A triptych image of my design/illustration processes
Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago

The boy and his owl… (monochrome rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #noAi

The boy lifted his arm to hold the owl

Hello! I'm TypeProton, concept artist/illustrator who draws (but not limited to) machine, environment, prop design for video games and others that needs doing.

I'm currently open to art commissions to tide over lack of full-time job. Please take a look at links below:

* Portfolio:
* Commission details & ToS:

Thank you!

#commissionopen #mastoart #noai

Digital painting of an angelic white-haired teen lying down on stone floor pondering amidst an assortment of surreal marble-weapons surrounding her - For personal project Angelcarna
Digital concept art of a dull dark blue austerity-type steam train - stripped down yet rugged-looking. Integrated water tank gives the engine bulky appearance.
Digital fanart of Hololive's phoenix V-Tuber Takanashi Kiara soaring the sky aboard a bright orange transformable delivery mecha along with her long-suffering KFP chicken employees.
Digital concept art of a grim-looking black coffin-like mecha.
Jeremy Mallin
2 weeks ago

Does anyone have suggestions for alternative #SearchEngines that actually have good, meaningful results?? That's going to mean no deeply flawed AI, no SEO gaming the system, just useful results.

This isn't about privacy or a lack of privacy. I'm just really getting sick of not finding what I'm actually looking for.


Nautile Bleu
2 weeks ago

I asked deviantart AI to draw Erie. It seems I don’t have to fear being replaced for now ! 🤣#aitrash #noai #trashart #weird #mastart #creativetoots

It’s supposed to be « Full body of Short slim maid face looking like a cheetah with pale green fur, long teeth in black French maid outfit and black stockings. » but it’s just garbage
It’s supposed to be « Full body of Short slim maid face looking like a cheetah with pale green fur, long teeth in black French maid outfit and black stockings. » but it’s just garbage
It’s supposed to be « Full body of Short slim maid face looking like a cheetah with pale green fur, long teeth in black French maid outfit and black stockings. » but it’s just garbage
Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago

The wanderer met the keeper of the lake… (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #noAi

It rose from the lakes mist
2 weeks ago

"One good thing about #music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

I created a textured #DigitalArt picture of Bob Marley. #NoAI #BobMarley

Picture of Bob Marley.
Digital painting.  Various textures and colours. Black hair, with a bit of paper white textures. Mostly purple textures background, with some splashes of pink and red. Face and body textures of mostly purple.
Tara Price
3 weeks ago

Real artists may be inspired from other art, but it's still our own experience and perception of things we curate and put into shape. AI prompters just tell a machine to create something from a prompt, and no matter how much this prompt is engineered to create what they want, it's never their work. It's a machine's work, a machine trained on the labor of real in-flesh artists who did not consent to become trainers. #noAI

I will never use AI in the form in which tech bros are peddling it. It's absolutely an antithesis to human-made art.

Programs should help artists, not replace art. Even if AI could be 100% original, it would still be uncanny and void of human emotions. Me and the ones perceiving my art would miss the artistic passion and the love of creating behind the art.

So called AI artists do not create, they prompt. They let a machine create from the experience and inspiration of others.


⚪ Meisterlich... ein Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 Masterful... a favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #DavidVanDartel in Loc.: #Vlieland Netherlands 🇳🇱 2017 - Title: "Sil Tijdens Vloed" ("Sil in the Rising Tide" / "Sil in der steigenden Flut") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photo #Photography #NoAi ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photograph
of a young blond man surrounded by water and fog. Only his head is visible in the white water mist. Atmosphere, light and sensory impressions merge to create the appearance of rapid movement and equally breathless stillness. A moment is captured and an intense image is created. Masterful.
Keith Ammann
3 weeks ago

Aw, HELL no, #Squarespace. This is NOT OK. #NoAI

Screenshot from Bluesky: "Hey Squarespace users! Did you know Squarespace opted you into being crawled by AI bots without telling you? I didn't."
3 weeks ago
my own digital art.
several fluffy white cat heads in the background.
foreground is a black and white image of a woman in dark glasses, circle behind her.
the image is then duplicated 3 times with various colours.
3 weeks ago

Mit #ChatGPT in der #Toniebox wird dann auch abendliche Kind-Elternzeit, Zeit der Verarbeitung des Tags, des Erzählens und Herumspinnens, des Kuschelns, des Vorlesens, des Hörens vertrauter Stimmen, des gemeinsamen (Wieder-)entdeckens bekannter oder neuer Bücher und Geschichten, des Fan-Seins und des Mitfieberns, der prägenden Kindheitserinnerungen .......... zur #Contentproduktion.


Will Morris-Julien
3 weeks ago

The wanderer climbed the peak and summoned the eyes… (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #noAi

The wanderer stood before the eyes of the Djinn
Will Morris-Julien
4 weeks ago

The disciple and the flask (rough sketches) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

He stepped into the light clutching the flask
Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
.🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #HenriPreste 🇵🇹 in Loc.: somewhere in Southern Europe - Title: "Misty Fields" Series - #Art #Streetart #NoAI #Mastoart #VSCO #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Autumn #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photograph of a man walking through a foggy meadow. The photo looks like an oil painting. From behind you can see a man in a long black coat and hat walking across tall yellow-green grass. Individual trees can be seen in the background and the horizon is shrouded in mist. Shrouded in light and shadow, you can almost feel this windy autumn day.

💚 Artist: #ACHES / #ACHESdub in City: #Hamburg Hafencity, Shanghaiallee Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Dear Uwe" ("Lieber Uwe"/30 Jahre Hinz&Kunzt) - (📷 by Mauricio Bustamante) #Art #Streetart #NoAI #DronePhoto #Mastoart #Mural #Portrait #UweDierks #HinzKunzt for #WallCanDance #Streetpaper

Streetartwall. On the outside of a multi-storey modern building (30 meters high), the 400 square meter portrait wall of an elderly gentleman has been sprayed/painted. The special feature is the triple, overlapping design of the person, both in terms of color and the person's gaze. In versions in the colors yellow, blue, purple, red and turquoise, the movement of this man is depicted in three positions. In bright colors, he can be seen from the right, left and front.
Info: The mural depicts a huge photorealistic portrait of Uwe Dierks († 2020), the longest-serving Hinz&Kunzt vendor and a well-known figure in the city. For 27 years, Uwe Dierks sold the Hamburg street magazine Hinz&Kunzt in the Hamburg city center near the town hall, where he worked passionately as a Hinz&Kunzt vendor. He was always appreciated by his customers for his unwavering optimism.
1 month ago

Well, we've had rather a full weekend. First thing Saturday was pancakes on the patio as @rdm had made butter during the week. Consequently there was buttermilk - and the best use of that is clearly pancakes.

This stood us in good stead for the next bit which was to drive about 40 minutes South for a kiddy birthday party, where we joined the birthday kiddo and friends and family for cake and chatting.

Then it was off to Walyalup for us! We decided to have lunch at Run Amuk which does gourmet hot dogs with gluten free options. So delicious! The hot Easterly Wind (Nundat) at our backs we picnicked on South Beach in the shade. It was delicious food but the hot wind wasn't to our taste so we didn't linger.

We wandered to our hotel, The Hougoumont which has tiny, tiny rooms but great, great staff. And a lovely foyer to chill in and enjoy complimentary coffee whilst waiting for the room to be ready. So I did a couple of drawings out of my comfort zone, again ink straight to paper - and rdm read. Then we flaked in our room for a bit before dinner at Benny's (recommended) and icecream at Kuld (even more recommended).

Then it was time for the drone show which was great! A giant crocodile invaded from the North, and this came to the attention of one of our local guardian Wargul , the great rainbow serpent so there was a bit of a conflict in the sky.

This show is going to be shown in Attadale and Wadjemap, so if you're interested in seeing it the details are

The first 5 minutes I took - here, but beware there is sound!

After that Rob set up the Dwarf II and we chilled for a bit. I did some astrophotography with my phone which will be quite nice after some postprocessing so watch this space.

Then it was back to the hotel for a bit of a watch - Marcia Hynes introing Rage and then sleepy bos.

The next day we woke and enjoyed our complimentary gf breakfast in the foyer, and then checked out as we had stuff to do at home and lunch with friends to attend.

We saw their travel photos of Queensland, chatted and showed the video from the drone show, and then went home by way of JB HiFi (I want my sister to try the astrophotography with the phone thing, so I'm buying her a tripod for her phone to encourage her) and watched Taskmaster with Mum over coffee and chocolate gingerbread.

#Fremantle #PerthWesternAustralia #ink #FountainPens #FountainPen #NoAI #NoongarLanguage #NoongarCulture #drawingwithoutanet #AstroPhotograhy

A light sketch in ink of a couple of motorbikes parked in front of a boutique hotel and shops. There's a tree on the right.
Bavarian Creampuff
1 month ago

@tmcw Even the AI companies couldn't make a tool that detects generated content, unfortunately #NoAI

adaddinsane (Steve Turnbull)
1 month ago

#WordWeavers Day 11/5. What is your MC’s favorite form of entertainment?

I guess Miralees likes music, but what she loves most is to provide the entertainment (as an acrobat and juggler).

Nothing better than an appreciative audience.

#writingCommunity #fantasy #3d #3dRender #madeWithDaz #noAI

A medieval-looking town, in the centre is a muscular man only wearing loose knee-length pants. He stands solidly with his feet apart, balancing with his left arm and his right hand raised high supporting a woman.

She stands on right leg held up by the man. Her body is stretched horizontally, left leg out behind, head forward, arms swept back for balance. Her long hair is tied up in braids and she wears a short skirt and loose top.

A few of the townsfolk stand around watching.

A 3D render inspired by events from the book "Dragon of Earth" written by me.
1 month ago

"Comme tout le secteur de la culture et de la création, la traduction littéraire et audiovisuelle est touchée de plein fouet par le développement fulgurant des modèles génératifs de langage, qui se répandent au détriment des conditions de travail des artistes, créateurs et créatrices.

Nous, traductrices et traducteurs, alertons sur l’usage de ces programmes dans nos métiers et, plus largement, dans la génération d’objets dits culturels et intellectuels.

Nous ne voulons pas que l’IA devienne une alternative envisageable à la création humaine."
#édition #littérature #traduction #IA #écriture #lecture #art #NoAI #pétition #politique #économie #travail

Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago
She looked out into the desert
Cowboy Cat Ranch
1 month ago

Working from home today. Installing open source PyMOL.

#catsofMastodon #photography #nofilter #noAI

Added a full colour background to this one, what do you think?

See the official version here:

#illustrationart #illustration #itchi5 #noai #art #mastoart #fediart #audreyhepburn #print

illustration based on Audrey Hepburn
Rigolocations ⏚
1 month ago

Salut Mastodon! Je suis tombée sur un magnifique #birb en scrollant mon tumblr et j’ai été inspirée xD
Lien vers la galerie de la photographe :
#birds #borb #bird #birdphotography #drawingbirds #DigitalArt #noai #drawingoftheday

Dessin d’un oiseau gris portant un pantalon à carreaux remonté jusque sous les aisselles et une paire de lunettes dorées, tel un vieux bonhomme grognon prêt à vous juger.
Photographie ayant servi de référence au dessin. Il s’agit d’un oiseau gris, de face, les plumes gonflées qui lui donnent l’air d’avoir un gros bidou et une bonne paire de cuisses.
Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago

He woke the sleeper… (alt version, rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noai

With the gift of the spirits he was able to wake the sleeping
Rigolocations ⏚
1 month ago

Bonsoir Mastodon, et joyeux Halloween aux personnes qui le fêtent 🎃
#Lapinktober n°31 : Réparations.
Encore merci à @Nepsie pour sa liste qui m’a bien amusée et qui m’a permis de me remettre avec plaisir au dessin 💜
#inktober #DigitalArt #drawingoftheday #drawingchallenge #sorceress #magic #noai #procreate

Dessin d’un lapin en habits de sorcière (chapeau pointu noir, toge violet foncé, cape noire, collier avec un pendentif à motif de pentagramme) en train de réparer un balai de paille. Dans le fond de l’image on voit une marmite sous laquelle un feu et allumé et d’où s’échappent des volutes de fumées vertes. L’atmosphère est un mélange de tons mordorés et verdâtres.
1 month ago

Art Ink In October No.31

Okay let's see if the people are happy! The brief was something feline, ships cats, dog, yellow and bonus points for Andre Norton.

Thank you all for joining me in the pensive journey of October and for the fun prompts!

Can you create a title that might fit this image and sound like an Andre Norton novel?

You can see I got two new Kaweco's. The purple one has got Diamine's Autumn Oak. The teal one has Diamine's Matador. The dark blue LAMY has LAMY yellow but I couldn't get it clean enough from the previous colour in it, so it's the yellow greeny colour the canine creature is mostly drawn in. The teal LAMY was accidentally photoed. Sorry. The Conklin has Robert Oster's Orange Red or is it Red Orange? The bright yellow was a Marbig brush marker which I forgot to photo.

#ArtInkInOctober #SFArt #FantasyArt #FountainPen #FountainPens #NoAI #ArtInkInOctober

An open sketchbook. On the left 5 different fountain pens in blues, rainbow and purple. On the right, an illustration in earth tones, very SF. A rocket in front of a mountain range, clouds rolling in, stars and a triple moon.  A long haired figure in a jewelled robe points toward the rocketship and a large dog like creature and a cat like creature with very pointy ears attend. Or wait for dinner. A spacehelmetted figure can be seen on the rocketship, with a spacehelmetted feline. Text reads Art Ink In October No.31 Alicia Smith
An illustration in earth tones, very SF. A rocket in front of a mountain range, clouds rolling in, stars and a triple moon.  A long haired figure in a jewelled robe points toward the rocketship and a large dog like creature and a cat like creature with very pointy ears attend. Or wait for dinner. A spacehelmetted figure can be seen on the rocketship, with a spacehelmetted feline. Text reads Art Ink In October No.31 Alicia Smith 2023
1 month ago

Okay, this is it, it really is the last day of #ArtInkInOctober

You have 6 hours to get your prompts in. One prompt per person. You may also include a colour.

I will attempt to combine all elements in this last drawing of the month.

Thank you to everyone who has favourited and boosted my work throughout this! Much appreciated!

#FountainPen #FountainPens #NoAI #ArtInkInOctober

1 month ago

Art Ink In October No.30

As requested by our good @Lemonandpeach we have a dragon drinking a cup of tea. Thank you for the great suggestion! I had a delivery arrive today, so it's the first time I've tried the Kaweco Student Transparent. I filled it with J Herbin Vert Reseda and I must say it's the smooooooooothest draw I can remember. I used to draw with Rotring Art pens in the 80's and 90's and I did some great drawings with them, but then kind of moved on to other pens. Always thought I'd go back to them some time BUT what, they discontinued them, I was shocked to have found out recently. A couple of years ago!
So when I saw this green one (in my day they were black.) on Ebay I grabbed it for a bit of post modern nostalgia. It's got a blacky blue cartridge it came with.

Not pictured is yesterday's Twisbi that did the tongue.

#FantasyArt #FountainPen #FountainPens #NoAI #ArtInkInOctober #Tea
#ink #Dragon

A bipedal green, winged dragon nurses a cup of tea, its nose in the cup. It's unclear as to whether there's steam from the tea or smoke from the dragon. In its left hand it holds a dripping teabag. The text beneath reads Art Ink in October No.30 Alicia Smith 30.10.2023
Propped up a sketchbook shows a bipedal green, winged dragon nurses a cup of tea, its nose in the cup. It's unclear as to whether there's steam from the tea or smoke from the dragon. In its left hand it holds a dripping teabag. The text beneath reads Art Ink in October No.30 Alicia Smith 30.10.2023 Next to it is a green Rotring Art Pen and a transparent Kaweco Student fountain Pen.
Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago

Li turned himself into a bird… (alt colour version, rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noai

A blue bird
1 month ago

The Floating False Phoenix Firefly is native to the foothills across the southern continent of its low-gravity planet Heshick.

It feeds on nectar and is the subject of many scholarly debates as to whether it's a bird or a bee or a moth. Unlike the Hummingbird moth of Earth, however, science is very vague on whether it is any of them.

Its fiery coloured plumage may deter predators who rely on hydrogen sacs to get their lift, but this is only a theorem.

#SFArt #FantasyArt #FountainPen #FountainPens #NoAI #ArtInkInOctober
#ink #tmbg

A strange creature sips from a strange flower. It looks like a cross between a mosquito and a phoenix. It's drawn in chocolate coloured ink and is the first page of a Fieldnotes sketchbook, which has trivia on the inside cover.  A Twisbi fountain pen with gold trim is also on the left.
Coreyartus Imagery
1 month ago

There's been a new development by the researchers who made Glaze to deter AI image stealing. Can't wait for this to become a thing!

#NoAI #Art #Illustration

1 month ago

Art Ink In October No.28

This odd little creature is known as a Varper in the hills of Krergle Lucent. They're friendly and curious and bear some similarities to the monotremes of Earth.

I drew it with the rainbow Conklin which I had to refill partway through with the Robert Oster Red Orange.

#SFArt #FantasyArt #FountainPen #FountainPens #NoAI #ArtInkInOctober

A strange but cute creature climbs up someone's hand, it has a toothed beak, feathery antennae  and patterned fur, especially on its very fluffy tail. It's drawn in orange-reddish-brown ink and the left is the rainbow shiny Conklin pen that I drew it with.
Keith Ammann
1 month ago

Just trying to get some work done this morning, and I get sidetracked for 10 minutes because #Microsoft is trying to forcibly jam AI "add-ins" into my (non-subscription, desktop-only) copy of Word, and I have to figure out how to get rid of them, and the obvious way isn't the way that finally works.

#NoAI #enshittification

Mr. Completely
1 month ago

Fireflower #mandala (detail)

#DigitalArt #NoAI #MastoArt

An off center mandala in yellow, orange and red
1 month ago
Watercolor painting of a sunrise at a beach, dolphins playing in the waves, a palm tree in the foreground.
1 month ago

To paint this one I visited the natural history museum. The lighting on the skeleton was just too good.

The process took several days.
I stood silently in the shadows, holding my Switch 😈

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A detailed study of a whale skeleton. "Balaenoptera acutorostrata" is written next to the skeleton with "płetwal karłowaty" common name under the text.
Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago

The cave rang with a strange hum… (alt colour version, rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt #noai

As she traveled deeper the light began to hum
Coreyartus Imagery
2 months ago

Today's free phone wallpaper is a Gray Crowned Crane. My husband, who volunteers at the San Diego Zoo, sees these all the time and requested it.

I don't use AI to do these. Here's the Procreate speedpaint:

HD versions for phones or tablets:

My 2024 Bird Art Calendar:

Share and Enjoy! I hope this finds a perch on your phone!

#birds #wallpaper #art #illustration #birdart #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #lockscreen #NoAI

Illustrated phone wallpaper of a Gray Crowned Crane, standing in water, looking to the left. Behind the bird is a green paper texture with a bokeh lighting effect and a blurry suggestion of plants. Surrounding the bird is crosshatching and a double halo of soft orange light.
Will Morris-Julien
2 months ago

She shaped the spell… ( alt colour version, rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt #noai

As the storm raged she spoke the words and the spell began to glow.

Dragontrain - Founding Station - 1st floor interior

#conceptart #digitalpainting #noai #MastoArt

Interior cutaway of fictional Founding (train) Station - Wrought iron dragon statues greets the visitors as they approach lacquered wood service counters and storefronts  lined within spacious stone-laid hall, while brass linings give the place more grandeur. A large staircase and an underground passage is located at the back, providing pathways to waiting terminals.

🛫 Artist: #CezArt (Céz'art) in City: #SaintBriceCourcelles E.Leclerc, La Croix Maurencienne, France 🇨🇵 2023 - Title: "Le Phoenix" - #Streetart #Art #NoAI #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Airplane
(🆕 to be seen as of 10/15/2023)

Streetartwall. The outer skin of an old gray military aircraft was transformed into a colorful, butterfly-like work of art. The fighter plane is a "Dassault Mirage 5BR No. 323", which rises into the sky on a huge gray base. Originally a gray, ugly giant in a V-shape with a spire, it is now covered all over with paint. Feathers and butterfly wings line up. 100 m2 were covered with foil for this purpose and now stand in a commercial area.
Info: The Belgian Army plane was installed in a traffic circle in 2012 in honor of the former military base. The original installation was financed by a supermarket owner.