Toni Miquel
15 hours ago

Para ejecutar un modelo #LLM se necesita un ordenador con unos requisitos considerables, pero poco se habla de compilar una imagen de #Node para #Docker.

Olivier Forget
3 days ago

@katafrakt This reminds me of the comments I heard Ryan Dahl make on a podcast about why he wrote #Node and why it became very popular very quickly: because JS is event driven you can serve many requests on the same thread. It's easy to forget that this was not a given with tech stacks back then.

Joe Lanman
3 days ago

Are Jest and Supertest still the best way to test a Node web app?
#js #node #jest

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Ach #node, was ist denn jetzt kaputt?

Zum Glück geht noch alles und ich weiß welche Buttons was tun...

Buttons, die nur Rechtecke zeigen statt der Symbole
Joe Lanman
5 days ago

finding Knex's docs pretty impenetrable
#js #node

Anders Eknert
6 days ago

Most tools written in the #Javascript / #Node / #npm spehere seems to assume they'll be used exclusively in that context. That means installation instructions often describes adding a dependency to a package.json file, etc. But.. I just want to lint some CSS over here. You've built a perfectly capable standalone tool, so provide a binary, will you?

I created to get the most recent 30 days worth of content from @joe,, and @steinbring, interleave the records so everything is chronological, and present the result as JSON. I then created to display the result.

This has limited utility but I wonder if I could use the #node script behind the webservice to feed another #ActivityPub instance. :blobcatthink:

1 week ago

I am tired of installing packages using node v12 only to get weird errors because of a dependency on newer version of #node.

1 week ago

experimenting with automated photo capturing + uploading + printing for a low frame rate paper based video chat tool I'm building with Jo Suk at ITP. Planning to move on to RPI cam or ESP32 cam and debug some encoding issues next. #slowchat #websockets #node #rpi

1 week ago

Chez #Mainmatter, on peut consacrer 1jr/semaine aux projets #OpenSource. En ce moment, je suis sur l'automatisation d'un processus pour maintenir la trad française des #EmberGuides. Je prépare un script #node qui gère des #diff et poste des issues #github. C'est fun :3

1 week ago

Node.js Easy Installer
Debian 11 / Ubuntu 20.04 以降で動作するにゃ。
#Misskey #Node # #Nodejs

I spent *WAY TOO MUCH TIME* building using #ChatGPT. It is WAY MORE resource-limited than average folks think. I then used in #Node to copy the data to #Firebase Cloud Firestore.

I need to find a way of adding GeoJSON to define the borders of each park and a GeoHash value for each park, now. 🤔

A screenshot of a firebase cloud firestore collection
Jean François Kennedy
2 weeks ago

Oh! Node 20.6 supports loading environment variables files out of the box. That's pretty cool. There is no need for 3rd party anymore. At least not for a basic usage.

#dev #node #javascript

Luigi 💚
2 weeks ago

New release for EruptionJS. Try it out with npm init eruption

Now with support of
#vite5 and #node v20. Several improvements were made. To see all of them, check:

Docs, discussion and contribution? You're welcome at our GitHub:

2 weeks ago

"Benchmarking 'for', 'while', 'for...of', and 'Array.forEach' - using - DEV Community" #performance #node #javascript

Papá Friki
2 weeks ago

Pues sigue el disco sin cifrar así que las reglas de firewall parece que sí funcionan pero..... Algo hay que no me están llegando los mensajes de Telegram que genera #node-red

Tocará revisar todo.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Ethan
2 weeks ago

Configuring #TypeScript and #ESM / #CJS is, frankly, a nightmare. 👿 :javascript: :typescript:

Here's a thoughtful discussion over at #hackernews

and here's my opinionated boilerplate to skip the configuration, and dive right in to writing #TS

#node #javascript #js

Danny Blue
2 weeks ago

so wireit-visualizer may actually be becoming a thing. Initial POC was pretty simple. Need some cleanup and testing and then I may release it as a package while investigating if it can be integrated directly into wireit.

#JavaScript #Node #NPM

Danny Blue
2 weeks ago

I created a simple POC for a wireit visualizer using mermaidjs.

#node #wireit

Khalid ⚡
2 weeks ago
Danny Blue
2 weeks ago

No secret that I love wireit. One thing that I would really like is the ability to visually inspect dependencies between my commands and packages.

#node #JavaScript

All I wanted to do was to write a minimally viable mastodon-compatible #fediverse server in under 100 lines of #node? 😏

Luciano Mammino
3 weeks ago

... And with the release of the official #Node.js 20 #Lambda Runtime, we have decided to release a new major version of #Middy too! 🎉

Meet Middy v5! 🛵

This version's nickname is "The ESM-only update"! It comes with some other interesting changes, but if you are already using ESM it should be relatively easy to migrate to it.

Full Migration guide here: 👉👉

We also slightly revamped the website, so have a look and let us know what you think:

Khalid ⚡
3 weeks ago

Given project Aspire is about orchestrating #dotnet applications, where does that leave teams who've decided on a polyglot approach to microservices with implementations written with #rust, #go, and #node? Probably not for those teams, right?

3 weeks ago

As a traditional #microsoft stack dev, I learned #OOP from #Java, #TDD from #Ruby on Rails, Concurrency and API design from #golang, and underlying of software development patterns from #javascript. I learned how to put things together to make a #node app prod ready while in most languages/frameworks you get most of it for free.

Angel Munoz
3 weeks ago

Oh well, looks like my dart Journey is being fruitful at last.

I am able to install different node versions at least in Linux
I have to try windows/mac but over all I think I've learned what I wanted to learn from dart

repo for the curious eyes

#dart #clitool #cli #learningintheopen #node

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago


Some progress on dialog branching and quest controls for world editor.

#indiegame #dialog #quest #tool #rpg #pcgames #node #editor #gamedev #indiedev #unity3d

Jobs for Developers
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

A surprisingly insightful article about the Node.js event loop.

#node #nodejs #js #javascript #programming

Ready for review
4 weeks ago

Willkommen zur einer Schnapszahlfolge!!

Sandra und Daniel reden über ein Rust-Buch (danke an Dpunkt Verlag für das Sponsoring). Batman und Kochen darf auch nicht fehlen.

Hört einfach selber rein.

#rust #verlosung #kochen #spring #node #batman

4 weeks ago

#JS #Node #tip:

See what #npm packages your project is no longer using with this one-liner:

npx npm-check | grep -i 'notused?' | rev | cut -d'?' -f2 | cut -d' ' -f1 | rev

(Treat the list as a hint: npm-check isn’t capable of detecting all possible usages of all packages, so there might be false positives.)

IT News
1 month ago

Deno 1.38 features HTML documentation, hot module replacement - The Deno runtime for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly has been updated with new... - #softwaredevelopment #developmenttools #javascript #node.js

I am once again dealing with fucking #node and it's making me angry

Steve Frenzel
1 month ago

Posted this on @astro #discord but maybe someone here can help?

I can't install a new #astro project by running "npm create astro@latest". Using #pnpm and #yarn works just fine.

#node version: 20.9.0 & #npm is 10.1.0. Tried installing #svelte with npm for comparison & got a similar error, so it's a local issue? When using "npm install" to install #11ty it works with no issues.

Could anyone point me to a direction how to fix this? I'm not very familiar with debugging these kind of things...

Successful Astro install using pnpm
Successful Astro install using yarn
Unsusccessful Astro install using npm, throwing a bunch of errors I have no clue how to fix
Christian Tietze
1 month ago

Geeeez the #Node ecosystem is so foreign to me!

Figured out how to use VS Code and the Jest.js testing framework to create a new project from scratch just to get some tests working:

$ yarn init projectname
(hit enter all the time to set up a dummy project)
$ cd projectname
$ yarn create jest
$ mkdir __tests__/
$ touch __tests__/gdcr.js

Now you can open the 'projectname' folder in VS Code and test stuff.

That took me a while to figure out.

1 month ago

wget -q && sudo -E bash ./ && rm ./
#Misskey #Fediverse #Node #Nodejs

1 month ago

#nodevember Day 1/2: GORGEOUS GARDEN

I created an underground in brown with different z-positions, added grass (based on a cone) and flowers with curves, an extruded ico-sphere in the middle and a quadratic curve in green.

Let me know what you like about it and what not.

#node #procedural #blender #blender3d #blenderart #b3d #fediart #mastoart #art #Nodevember2023

Grass with flowers. Described in detail in the post.
Ian Brown :verified:
1 month ago

I like #Node because it makes me incredibly angry and yet manages to make me laugh at the same time.

50 verbose stack TypeError: Cannot read property 'insert' of undefined
50 verbose stack at (/usr/share/nodejs/npm/node_modules/make-fetch-happen/lib/cache/entry.js:325:27)

An animated GIF from the movie "Mean Girls" with Rachel McAdams saying "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's not going to happen."
Sam Vargas
1 month ago

What good sources have people found to find remote Fullstack Engineer roles in UK/Europe? I'm primarily aiming for B-Corp or Tech for Good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated 🙏

#jobs #remotework #Fullstack #webdev #typescript #react #svelte #node #express

Ricard Torres
2 months ago

:javascript: Wait a minute #Node 21.0.0 introduced unit testing? 😱

Is Jest and the other testing frameworks sort of dead now?

I haven't had the time but have you tried this?


Handy Hack when using the official #node container from Docker hub. (assuming #npm here, guessing #yarn is similar)

1. Don't use "-g" when running npm install

2. Add npm .bin to $PATH. e.g.

docker run ....
node:current /bin/dash -c 'PATH=/home/node/app/node_modules/.bin:$PATH $0 "$@"' "$@"

See also

Jobs for Developers
2 months ago

DoorDash is hiring Applications Engineer - Business Applications

🔧 #java #javascript #kotlin #python #react #node #api #grpc #rest #aws #docker #kubernetes #awss3 #sql #terraform
🌎 Austin, United States; Chicago, United States; San Francisco, United States; Seattle, United States
⏰ Full-time
🏢 DoorDash

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

2 months ago

How to set up TypeScript with ESLint & Prettier in Node.js from scratch

#typescript #nodejs #node #backend #webdev

Benjamin Reed
2 months ago

I wonder what the environmental/carbon impact is of a single update to a popular dependency like lodash or webpack in node, or commons-io in maven, or whatever.

How many tens of thousands of CI environments fire up from dependabot pull requests all at once for “fixed a tiny bug in a feature almost no one is using, and updated the README”?

#cicd #node #java

I think I've worked out how to run Node/npm development from a desktop container. No Node install required.

#node #docker #Development

Melroy van den Berg
2 months ago

@NanoSector Yea.. I used it quite a lot, but trust me, it should be forbidden...

JS is too dangerous throwing errors at will and even with TS the types are unsound and more a guideline, because at runtime everything can happen, incl. undefined! Crashing the server/app!

I regret JS/TS backend services. Here, I said it.

#typescript #javascript #nodejs #node #regret #unsound #unsafe #crash #error #throw

2 months ago


Some of my files in my #Node project in VSCode are getting “[conflicted]“ in their name, I have no clue why. It happens to rotated log files, but also bundled files (with #parcel)

Boosts appreciated.


Doug Parker 🕸️
2 months ago

@mattdsteele Hard to say, we'd probably need a more comprehensive survey.

Google is likely unique in that we've kind of developed are own independent "tech island" (as coined by Urs I think?) where we've developed our own internal tools and constraints such that you really _can't_ just plug in an external OSS tool.

The historical point about #Gmail as the first big Google #SPA and how it's timeline aligns with #Node is relevant, most #web #OSS tooling didn't exist like it does today.

Hypothetically you could replace Closure compiler with #Webpack, #Rollup, or any other bundler, but Google workloads are so large that these tools just fall over in comparison.

Even if we had switched to Webpack, migrating the internal codebase makes things move much slower than the external ecosystem. Moving to Rollup or #ESBuild would be a major task in itself, so that tooling can easily become technical debt just as expensive as maintaining our own.

Most companies don't have this scale and history.

@deadparrot @brianleroux Yes from a developer standpoint I agree #Node is plenty fast. (Background: did some HFT in Node.) For a general purpose language. As for power efficiency I think there’s still room for improvement

Christophe Porteneuve
2 months ago

Delighted to announce @DeliciousInsights is available again for int'l work! Enjoy our unmatched expertise on #React, #Node, #Git, #JS, #TypeScript and more from anywhere in the world!

Hexagon :github:
2 months ago

Learn to create libraries compatible with both ESM and CommonJS, as well as different runtimes like Node.js, Deno, and browsers.

#deno #bun #node #esm #commonjs #javascript

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
2 months ago

This is actually a pretty awesome (but lengthy) post about Bun and why you probably shouldn't jump on the train already.

Bun hype. How we learned nothing from Yarn

#Coding #WebDev #JavaScript #NPM #Bun #BunJS #Yarn #ESBuild #Node #NodeJS

Let's say I have a folder full of SVG files, and I want to change some attributes values in those files.

Do you know any Node package that could help?

#SVG #Node

Skyler :nonbinary_heart:
2 months ago

I might be #hiring a developer for our team Q1 2024 (we really need someone sooner but we are investing in other things right now). If you know #node and are interested working for a small business that put employees first, follow me and I will post when we start looking. Big plus if you are in #Knoxville and have knowledge of security and networking.

Darek Kay
3 months ago

Node.js version 16 has officially reached its end-of-life. If you are still running Node 16, you should upgrade to at least version 18 (maintenance LTS) or 20 (current LTS). #node #nodejs #javascript

Needless to say:

Reality kicked in and even in the most #CryptoBro infested beach towns #Bitcoin doesn't work.

And if a self-professed #CryptoInfluencer can'd do a #LightningNetwork #node you know that shit is bad.

So yesh, 10+ mins for a transaction to appear on the blockchain (not even be confirmed) is ridiulous when #Monero does that in 2min and 6mins respectably and that those funds are spendabke after a mere 10 blocks or 20mins by the reciever...

3 months ago

@kagan yes, it was Oven, the company behind #Bun. They've since renamed their Twitter and deleted a bunch of tweets, but the thread on HN is still there:

Bun does some interesting things. But being the VC-funded product that it is, it will soon push Oven's commercial products (cloud hosting) ever more aggressively and try to lock users in. #Deno is VC-backed too, btw. #Node on the other hand is a real community project and making good progress lately.

Khalid ⚡
3 months ago

“Just install Node…” #node #javascript #software #development

16 seconds of node versions from NVM.
Doug Belshaw
3 months ago

Kerri Lemoie, the new Head of the Digital Credentials Consortium at MIT, is looking for a Software Engineer (#node #typescript #aws)

Ironically, given what the successful applicant will be working on, you need a bachelor's degree in CS or related subject.

I guess it is a university, so having a degree makes sense, but...

(please boost!)

#OpenBadges #VerifiableCredentials

You silly tarball you.

#node #npm

Dump from my error log: "silly tarball no local data for npm@https://[some irrelevant URL]"
Thomas Maria Helzle
3 months ago

Working on my future sculpting #website, I finally found a replacement for my old annoying #cms :

Really cool static site generator that does all I need in clever ways. Check it out if you need a fast and lightweight tool for your homepage:

Have the basics mostly working after only 1.5 days :-)

#web #node.js #opensource #html

Doug Parker 🕸️
3 months ago

@jsparty @acemarke Honestly I would suggest a bit of a tough-love approach. Now that we have ESM and most tools support it, just don't publish anything non-standard in the package.

Libraries should just export JavaScript, with explicit file extensions, `exports`, and (optional) type definitions. It's up to applications to bundle and downlevel their transitive libraries, with them bearing the cost that represents.

Tools get a little more complicated, but frankly this is a reflection of the broken design of the JS ecosystem. Everything accepts source files and plugins, nothing composes. The solution here is to vastly limit the tools which do module resolution.

#Jest shouldn't be unique here, it's just #Node! Jest shouldn't be doing anything special with module resolution or even have a #TypeScript plugin. Users should build their TS first and then run Jest on the JS outputs. Unfortunately that just isn't the way the modern web tooling ecosystem is designed.