Andrew Brandt
8 hours ago

U.S. #educational #nonprofit National Student Clearinghouse has disclosed a data #breach affecting 890 #schools using its services across the United States.

In a breach notification letter filed with the Office of the California Attorney General, Clearinghouse said that attackers gained access to its MOVEit managed file transfer (MFT) server on May 30 and stole files containing a wide range of personal information.

Calgary Climate Hub
22 hours ago

Multiply your impact - the AB Crowdfunding platform will match 30% of your donation in the first 4 weeks of our campaign!
Help us take on the challenge of #ClimateChange in #YYC!


#crowdfunding #ClimateAction #nonprofit #fundraising #canada #activism #ClimateEmergency #climate

Beside a green bulbed thermometer that has $50,000 at the top and the Calgary Climate Hub logo reads "support local informed mobilized grass roots climate action. Contribute to our fundraising drive today"

⭐️ Core team member highlight!

This is Saptak, a core team member and contributor to multiple projects, including OnionShare, our Design System, and Hush Line. Saptak has been central to our organizational & community outreach strategies and is always finding new opportunities for our org.

His impact extends beyond our org and includes Freedom of the Press Foundation, The A11Y Project, and Superbloom!

🙏 Thank you for your work, Saptak!

#opensource #accessibility #nonprofit #appreciation

Saptak speaking at a conference.

I invite you to join me in supporting DAPS on #NorthTexasGivingDay (today!). DAPS is a nonprofit started in 1978 by the wife of a person with Parkinson’s (PwP). For 45 years they’ve stayed true to her mission with free exercise classes, speech therapy, educational programs, and social groups for PwP. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

#Parkinson #Giving #Charity #Nonprofit #Fundraising

3 days ago

Nebenjob: Internetretter*in!

Du ein politisch denkender Mensch und möchtest dich gegen digitale Gewalt engagieren? Dann komm in unser Team!

Bewirb dich jetzt für die Stelle als Werkstudent*in Community und Content Management:

#Job #NGO #NonProfit

Alex Ip
3 days ago

With the Biden administration's announcement of the creation of the Climate Corps, now is a great time for public support of reporters and newsrooms that will hold fossil fuel interests accountable and report on climate solutions that actually work.

You can donate to my newsroom @thexylom here:

#climate #nonprofit #news

Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

Upcoming in #Austin: Join the Texas Observer and our board member Kathleen McElroy for "In Conversation," a special evening with #history author and scholar Annette Gordon-Reed ...

October 19, at the Stateside at the Paramount Theatre. Tickets are on sale now, and support the work of the Observer.

#BlackHistory #Nonprofit #fundraising #JournoLife #Texas #events


A graphic showing a portrait of Annette Gordon-Reed, alongside the text: In Conversation. Join the Texas Observer & Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annette Gordon-Reed and UT professor of journalism Kathleen McElroy for a discussion. Annette Gordon-Reed, author of “On Juneteenth” and the landmark “Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings,” grew up in Texas then distinguished herself as an historian, author and Harvard professor. Oct. 19. The Stateside at The Paramount Theatre
4 days ago

Yes, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can deliver IT for nonprofits. Many nonprofits benefit greatly from partnering with MSPs to address their technology needs.

#msp #newyork #nonprofit #technology #cybersecurity #cyberattack

Need to know more:-

You asked and we answered - international purchases are now live on the Science & Design Shop! Get merch supporting @ddosecrets, #OnionShare, #RiseUp, and more!


#international #shipping #nonprofit #opensource #foss

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe
5 days ago

Putting the news behind a paywall is a for-profit #journalism move.

#NPR is a #nonprofit, so, like all nonprofits, it gets tax breaks (not paying property tax in Texas is a HUGE benefit) that are supposed to be in exchange for the public benefit they provide.

I'm disappointed that even #Harvard NeimanLab can't keep its eye on the ball when it comes to this.

Just led week one of #nonprofit fundraising 101. It was so much fun!

Christy S
5 days ago

Does anyone have suggestions for getting my #nonprofit themed instance listed on one of the #instance lists out there? I'm hesitant to go with the ones that require you to agree to the #mastodon code or whatever it's called. This is not because I have a problem with the moderation requirements, but rather because with using, I don't have control over who has access to the physical server or how often backups are done.

Lee Cruz
6 days ago

Art, music, #NorthHaven Festival and #BizExpo. #Nonprofit opening too, among the events showcased this week on #GNHCommunity. #GrtNewHaven #NewHaven #NHV

1 week ago

My organization launched its first Chicagoland #Tutor #Mentor #Volunteer Recruitment campaign in August 1995. This 1996 T/MC Report describes it.

I've continued to try to draw volunteers, and donors, to youth serving programs throughout Chicago and in other cities every year since then.

Look at my article and see how I'm doing that. You can do the same.

#youthdevelopment #education #clmooc #nonprofit #philanthropy

This is the front page of the Fall 1996 Tutor/Mentor Connection newsletter. It features a story about the August/September volunteer recruitment campaign organized by my organization.

Did you know that about 150 million households in the US and EU now have access to reliable, high-speed fiber internet? ⚡️🔥

If you've got bandwidth to spare, you can now set up an unmetered @torproject relay using Pi Relay!

Learn more 👉
Try it 👉

#opensource #nonprofit #privacy #selfhosting #tor #volunteer #foss #anonymous #mutualaid #censorship #internetfreedom #relay #homenetworking

Lee Cruz
1 week ago

Art, music and #NorthHaven Festival & Business Expo plus more #GrtNewHaven #nonprofit events on #GNHCommunity. #NewHaven #NHV

1 week ago

I think one of the most underrated changes in the #nonprofit world (in the US) is that Public Service Loan Forgiveness for #socialwork (and allies) is now available at for-profits. That, for the first time, means my social entrepreneurship-minded students can start or work at worker-owned cooperatives.

1 week ago

I love <3 Signal and like Signal foundation.

I do think foundation can do better in some areas.

#signalapp #signal #privacy #nonprofit

⭐ Interested in Godot? Want to help a good cause? Here's a deal for you!

🎮 "The Complete Godot Software Bundle Encore" includes 20 Godot courses if you pay at least $25.

❤️ The link below also supports the charity @stopTDV. They do a LOT to help young people & your support will make a difference.


#Nonprofit #Godot #Humble #Dev #IndieDev #PublicHealth @gamingagainstv


The Complete 
Godot Software Bundle 

Software Bundle

@exempt @cra1g @academicchatter

We hope to publish our first critical thinking video game for students in October. As with our other games it will be free, contain no ads, and respect your privacy.

#CriticalThinking @CriticalThinkingGames #Education #Nonprofit

2023 Winners

Critical Thinking Games, the critical thinking cat mascot sits atop the "E" in "games."

Next are a series of four screenshots from the video game Mushwhom? The images from top-left and moving clockwise:

A cute mushroom red capped character with the title Mushwhom? underneath.

A 3-D mini-map with various on-screen controls and a call-out message: Explore Vast Sky Islands! A time-line indicator along the top shows it to be 4:02pm. Index cards along the left are partially emerged and individually reveal: "Who," "What," "Many," and "Where."

A notebook open to a page that shows a cute mushroom yellow-capped character holding a butterfly net. The top of the page shows "Their name is..." with a dropbox with "Madoo" selected. A call-out message: Journal Your Findings!

A group of three cute mushroom characters with different colored caps are roasting marshmallows around a campfire. A time indicator along the top shows it to be 6:20pm. A call-out message: Observe Wacky Cute Interactions.

Below the screenshots:

Collin Lang, Knitwit Studios

Visit [URL]
1 week ago

Former Sierra Club Directors on Layoffs, Equity and Environmental Justice

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and largest environmental groups in the U.S.. It also has a problematic history, from being founded by racist John Muir to members penning the racist "Population Bomb," advocating for population control, to former director Carl Pope promoting corporate greenwashing.

Earlier this year, politician Ben Jealous became the organization's new executive director and began a process of "restructuring" due to budget deficits. The restructuring led to layoffs that included the equity and environmental justice teams.

We talk with Hop Hopkins and Michelle Mascarenhas (@MG_MMS), two of the top directors, laid off in the Sierra Club's restructuring about what happened, the impacts on environmental organizing and equity within the non-profit industrial complex.
#GreenRed #interview #SierraClub #hijacked #corporateinterests #lossofcredibility #internalresistance #struggle #environment #nonprofit

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open-source but haven't known where to start? We're always looking for new volunteers across all disciplines - software engineering, web development, accessibility, QA, product design, UX and technical writing, user research, marketing, social media... or any other role interested in helping our non-profit!

#opensource #nonprofit #volunteering #foss #design #ux #research #engineering #webdev #accessibility

Adrian Segar
2 weeks ago

The story of Seth Andrew, a silver-tongued thief who wreaked havoc in my little Vermont town—until the FBI arrested him for stealing $218,000.

#SethAndrew #thief #NonProfit #MarlboroCollege #Vermont #DemocracyBuilders #DemocracyPrep #CharterSchools

Seth Andrew stealing funds in November 2019 (photo obtained from bank surveillance footage by Melody Shen, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Hi! 👋 While I've been on Mastodon for a few months, I'm new to, so this is an #Introduction.

I study #nonprofit organizations and charitable #giving and how they are affected by public policy. I am interested in understanding giving as a form of #altruism that can be affected by things like #tax treatment of charitable gifts, #inequality, and the behaviors of the receiving charities and other #institutions.


#Nonprofit Makes a Mistake By Offering This #Employee A 9% #PayCut While Others Enjoy Their 3% #Raises

William Mortada
2 weeks ago

Join us in November/December for the biggest #CiviCRM event of the year. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about CiviCRM and get involved in the community.

#TechForGood #charity #nonprofit

🎊 17th Annual Fundraiser

Preventing Teen Dating Violence

🤵 Honoring Senator César Blanco

📆 Saturday, October 14, 2023
6:30pm - 1:00pm

🌃 El Paso, Texas

🍲 Dinner
🎶 Live Music
🕺 Dancing
📷 Photo Booth
🖼️ Silent Auction

🎟️ Information or Tickets:

#Nonprofit #Violence #Prevention #PublicHealth #DomesticViolence @sociology @psychology

17th Annual Fundraiser
Jennifer Ann's Group

Preventing Teen Dating Violence

Honoring Senator César Blanco

Saturday, October 14, 2023
6:30pm - 1:00pm 

Live Music
Photo Booth
Silent Auction

Information or Tickets: 
915-584-3636 or

Erica Astrella at EFF: Tech leader also known as Erica Joy has joined the board at EFF
#governance #nonprofit #ericajoy #erica #eff #+

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? 🤠

Our magazine is out. Look for more from the September/October issue on our site this week. Remember, you can become a member to get your copy of the next issue :

Attention #Austin, be sure to get your tickets for Annette Gordon-Reed, in conversation with Kathleen McElroy. Find more information at

#journalism #nonprofit #news #events #Texas

Texas Observer Presents In Conversation. Join the Texas Observer at the Stateside for an evening with Annette Gordon-Reed, Oct. 19, The Stateside at the Paramount Theatre
2 weeks ago

…The application was approved 7 days before #ClarenceThomas joined the 5-4 majority on a decision that would open the door to a new era of major #spending on groups like the one his wife was forming. After putting up $500k, the lion’s share of her #nonprofit’s seed money, #HarlanCrow held an event for #GinniThomas at his palatial home in Dallas. The group later made clear its goal was disassembling President Barack #Obama’s agenda, mainly the #AffordableCareAct.

#DarkMoney #SCOTUS #Corruption

2 weeks ago

The case followed a highly unusual path —one blazed by a five-justice #conservative majority who seemed determined to strike a blow against #CampaignFinance restrictions.

Initially, the dispute centered on whether a conservative #nonprofit’s unflattering documentary on fmr Democratic presidential candidate #HillaryClinton violated campaign finance #laws.

2 weeks ago

Two months before the #CitizensUnited decision…, #attorney #CletaMitchell — later to play a role in #Trump’s false claims about the 2020 elections — filed papers for #GinniThomas to create a *#nonprofit* group of a type that ultimately benefited from the decision. #Leo was one of two directors listed on a separate application to conduct business in the state of Virginia. #Thomas was president. She signed it on New Year’s Eve of 2009, & #Crow provided much of the initial #cash.

2 weeks ago

They also include a for-profit business for which #Leo himself is chairman & which received tens of millions… from his #nonprofit network.

Leo’s role as the central figure in this movement has long been known, culminating in his acquisition last year of what many believe to be the largest #political #donation in history. Few are aware of the extent to which the movement’s baby steps were taken in concert with #GinniThomas.

2 weeks ago

1/ #BrainCommunication is a #nonprofit #APC-based #OpenACcess #society journal from #OUP. Here it explains how it spends its APC income.



Imagine there's some shift in the #internet #markets, such that #servers #Mastodon and other #Fediverse programs cannot afford to keep going without mandatory #financial #contributions from their users. (I don't think this will ever happen, it's just a #hypothetical)

What is the maximum amount of #money you would be willing to #pay / #donate to keep your #server / #instance running?

What #content would you most want to keep interacting with? #Friends, #art, #science, #news, #politics, #AI, #tech, #VideoGames, #streaming, #LGBTQ, #furry, or something else? What cause would most entice you? #OpenSource, #NonProfit, #Democracy, #Freedom, or just non-#toxic #SocialMedia?

Please respond to and #boost this #poll, and let me know your thoughts in the #replies! (Sorry for #hashtag #spam, trying to maximize #reach for #diversity and volume of #responses)

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

We need your help! If you can't make it—or can't afford to go—you can still help the Texas Observer survive by:

—sharing this event with others
—becoming a recurring member (membership starts at $0.99/month)
—renewing your existing membership at a higher level
—making a one-time donation to the Observer

#journalism #nonprofit #JournoLife #fundraising #TexasNeedsAnObserver

A closeup photo of an orange and white cat's face, sitting their chin on an upholstered chair arm, with a seemingly pensive expression.
Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Tickets Available Now!

Join the Texas Observer In Conversation with Annette Gordon-Reed, author of "On Juneteenth" and "Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings."

October 19 at the Stateside at the Paramount Hotel in #Austin. Find more information, and purchase your tickets here:

#TexasNeedsAnObserver—all proceeds from this #fundraising event will help keep the Observer alive!

#events #books #Texas #nonprofit #fun #news #politics #USpol #history #InConversation

Graphic: Join the Texas Observer at the Stateside at the Paramount for an evening with Annette Gordon Reed.

Texas Observer In Conversatrion: Annette Gordon-Reed, October 19. The Stateside at the Paramount Hotel
2 weeks ago

#ElonMusk’s threat to #sue the #ADL extends platform’s war of words

Since buying #Twitter last year, Elon #Musk has developed a seeming obsession w/the Anti-Defamation League.

Over the past several days, the owner of #X …has posted at least 25 times about the ADL, a #nonprofit #Jewish group that fights #antisemitism.

#StopHate4Profit #HateSpeech #Privilege

Kenny Smith
2 weeks ago

“Press Forward will use the $500 million to fund grants for existing local for-profit and #nonprofit #newsrooms, help build shared tools, provide resources to diverse outlets and those in historically underserved areas, and invest in nonpartisan public policy development that advances access to news and information.


“‘they just simply don’t have enough philanthropic capital to get it going, and we’re going to provide at least a down payment on that.’”

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 weeks ago

If You’ve Got a New Car, It’s a Data Privacy Nightmare
"Bad news: your car is a spy. If your vehicle was made in the last few years, you’re probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity. Volkswagen’s cars reportedly know if you’re fastening your seatbelt and how hard you hit the brakes.
That’s according to new findings from Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included project. The #nonprofit found that every major car brand fails to adhere to the most basic privacy and security standards in new internet-connected models, and all 25 of the brands Mozilla examined flunked the organization’s test. #Mozilla found brands including #BMW, #Ford, #Toyota, #Tesla, and #Subaru collect #data about drivers including race, facial expressions, weight, health information, and where you drive. Some of the cars tested collected data you wouldn’t expect your car to know about, including details about sexual activity, race, and immigration status, according to Mozilla."

#Privacy #Surveillance

Straße mit leuchtenden Zahlen auf welcher Autos fahren
Tracy Rosenberg
3 weeks ago

Layoffs at the @TexasTribune - the #nonprofit #journalism world's most significant success story - raise concerns about whether nonprofit news sites can function at scale. The Tribune laid off its entire copy desk and most of its criminal justice team.

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

Please also follow our Special Investigative Correspondent, Steven Monacelli @stevanzetti

#news #extremism #journalism #JournoLife #nonprofit

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

Updated our bio to accurately reflect the currently active accounts on Please follow

Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana
Digital Editor Kit @oconnell
Senior Writer @gusbova
Senior #Politics Writer @justinmiller
McHam Investigative Reporting Fellow @josephinelee

#journalism #JournoLife #nonprofit #news #Texas

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

A sneak preview of the September/October issue of Texas Observer magazine, featuring stories by Eva Ruth Moravec, Kit @oconnell, Reynaldo Leaños Jr. and @gabrielarana.

The new issue will be arriving in mailboxes, inboxes, and at select newsstands soon.

#TexasNeedsAnObserver! Help us keep reporting by becoming a member today, and you'll get future issues too:

(🎨 Cover by Drue Wagner)
#news #journalism #nonprofit #USpol #politics #AirBNB #DragQueens #Military #Racism

The September/October 2023 issue of the Texas Observer features an illustration of a female-presenting person fearfully peeking over a windowsill at the "party house" across the street, a short-term rental with a raging crowd dancing, fighting, drinking, and dealing with the cops. The top story is "All the Scary Houses: Neighborhoods fight the giant companies pushing the short-term rental tidal wave". Other top stories include "Queens Defiant," "The Last Texan to Die in Afghanistan," and "Toppling Statues."
The Xylom
4 weeks ago

So here's the deal: We currently have 2,522 (and counting) followers on Twitter, and we want to exceed that on Mastodon before our Editor-in-Chief @alexip718 heads to Colorado for ScienceWriters23 conference in one month. Can you help us get there?

#nonprofit #science #environment #health #climate #news

4 weeks ago

We're proud to be a founding member-outlet of the Alliance of Nonprofit News Outlets! Read this piece by BINJ's @jasonpramas in Editor & Publisher for all the details on the new national network!,245490 #journalism #nonprofit #foundation

What would you do if suddenly you couldn't access Google, The New York Times, or Wikipedia anymore? Censorship like this is a reality for many people around the world, including in China, Iran, Russia, and an increasing number of other countries.

You can help people experiencing censorship by safely transforming a Raspberry Pi into a Tor middle relay from home.

Check out and start contributing today!

#censorship #anonymous #opensource #nonprofit #git #publicdomain

The Xylom
1 month ago

Hello, #newstodon! It's great to be with you this Friday on the #fediverse.

Thanks to a generous reader, we now have five (5) Bluesky invite codes to give out to the first five people who reply with a screenshot of any donation to The Xylom.

Get a friend off Twitter, and support our nonprofit science reporting!

#nonprofit #science #health #environment #climate #news

Delia Christina
1 month ago

In #nonprofit speak -- this is self-dealing.

Let's say I had a bunch of nonprofits (I'm the officer, my name is on the establishing documents) and I also have some private businesses (because I'm a full on Bizness Lady).

And I'm on some Bizness Lady bullshit. So I get my nonprofits to pay my businesses for work for my nonprofits (oh and I destroy democracy in the process.) That is self dealing.

Any nonprofit board knows this is a massive no-no.

Now is it unlawful? Eeeesh. Not really? Depends? It's absolutely unethical. Sometimes it all depends on how jiggy a regulator (and a prosecutor) wants to get about charity shenanigans.

It's hard to kill a nonprofit, much less a network of well-resourced 😈 evil nonprofits.

Public meeting this Sat at 10am, link at:

#phx #biketooter #nonprofit #urbanism

#search #help

Dear community, for a teens coding event series in #frankfurt this fall, we are searching for sponsored #laptops that we could use to work with the kids.

Is there anyone who knows someone who...?

#gift #sponsoring #support #nonprofit #coding

Around a table, a group of kids is sitting in front of laptops, working.
1 month ago

Updated #introduction after some months here:
I am a statistician from central Europe working in applied medical research at a small nonprofit. I am also a trans lesbian in my twenties who is still closeted IRL, so I am keeping this account vague and anonymous. I have also been suffering from lingering complications from a covid infection.
Biggest hobbies are indie roguelike videogames, reading fanfic and whatever random hour-long video essays my well-trained youtube algo recommends me. I am also kinda getting back into anime after the end of Wonder Egg Priority made me quit the genre for like two years.

Follow me for boosts of scattered funny, pretty, gay or interesting posts of others. I haven't really found what cool stuff I myself can add to this community. If I actually post more stuff myself it will probably be rants about AI and the way we currently teach statistics. I have some opinions on those two things😋

#statistics #anime #AI #trans #nonprofit #roguelike #LongCovid

Jew Of the Day
1 month ago

✡️ Today's Jew of the Day is Sivan Yaari!

Sivan Yaari is the founder of Innovation: Africa, a non-profit that brings sustainable technological innovations to rural African villages. Her organization has completed over 900 projects, which include solar energy to power schools and hospitals, solar powered water filters and pumps that have brought clean water to over four million people, and drip irrigation systems to allow villages to be be more sustainable and financially independent. Her non-profit also has a unique funding model that optimizes donation impact.

Yaari was awarded the Light of Israel Award, "Inspiring Israeli this Decade" by Grapevine, and “50 Most Influential Women in Israel” by Forbes, as well as other accolades. She was selected to light one of the twelve torches at Israel's 75th Independence Day.

#JewOfTheDay #philanthropist #Africa #Israeli #Jewdiverse #SustainableTechnology #nonprofit

The Xylom
1 month ago

Hello #Newstodon! We whittled 35 applicants down to one... Introducing our Newsroom Fellow Shreya Agrawal! 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

Shreya started USC Annenberg Media's Earth Desk and was their Rural Climate Reporting Fellow in Southeast Oregon. She will join us in early September.

This Newsroom Fellowship is only made possible thanks to you and the Google News Equity Fund. Support the future of science writing:

#nonprofit #science #health #environment #climate #journalism #news

1 month ago

@gbhnews So glad you're here (I'm from Massachusetts originally , so I appreciate all that you do). I figure you'll want to know who is actually here in the #Fediverse (and not bots, though I do follow some news bots). Here's my list of #journalists and #news outlets here on Mastodon (not including bots).

Founded in1954, the Texas Observer is a #progressive #nonprofit news outlet and print #magazine covering the Lone Star State.

Our team of investigative journalists dives deep to tell stories about the natural world in Canada you can’t find anywhere else.

Independent BC-based journalism that swims against the current.

Free thinking for the world We're an independent media organisation covering world affairs and ideas.

Assistant professor at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland » Interests include media, race, and democracy; journalism history; and journalism and social equity

Head of Audience / Dep. Editor @NationalWorld Ex-Dataminr, ITV and Channel 4 News journalist.

Voice of America chief national correspondent and former White House bureau chief; 2022-23

Journalist covering climate change and other sciencey stuff @ CBC News.

We curate the latest science news, including climate change, space exploration, health and more. All posts are written by Flipboard’s editorial team.

Telling stories that matter for a dynamic, evolving state. Independent, journalist-owned news covering the entire state of Colorado.

Noncommercial news and investigative reporting for San Francisco Bay Area

We share stories, explainers and analysis to offer context for the top news of the day. All posts are created and curated by Flipboard’s editorial team.

Reader-supported news and inspiration from nature's frontline. Mongabay is a non-profit.

Alaska statehouse reporter for the Alaska Beacon, formerly with the Anchorage Daily News, Juneau Empire, Kodiak Mirror and Fairbanks Daily News Miner.

Houston’s home for news, culture and conversation. Chron, a free digital news site, is Hearst owned and run independently from the Houston Chronicle.

Indigenous affairs reporter, High Country News

Journalist with an eye for environmental stories, ranging from the effect of climate change on agriculture to investigations into groundwater pollution. Current Midwest Reporting Fellow at Grist.

#Reporting & #analysis on politics, policy, culture and more. Based in the United States. Support women-led independent #journalism.

Journalist. I write about weather, wildfires and other subjects relevant to Mendocino County for the Mendocino Voice. I cover portions of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin on social media.

The official Mastodon page for ProPublica.Pursuing stories with moral force.

Fearless, adversarial journalism.

aggregated leftist news, arts, culture, activism, peace, love - always monitored #RevolutionaryLove - Natalie Davis, owner/editor

Editor of CounterPunch

This account is part of an experiment from BBC R&D in establishing a BBC presence in the Fediverse.

Jeff C. 🇺🇦
1 month ago

HBR: “Research: Why Employees Accept Lower Pay at Mission-Oriented Companies”

#NonProfit #Employment #Pay

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

The Texas Observer is hiring for a PAID Fall Fellowship with a focus on environmental reporting. This is a position for early career journalists with an interest in the #environment, data-driven #journalism, and social justice.

Please apply ASAP, more information at

#journalism #JournoLife #Journojobs #jobs #fedihired #fedijobs #nonprofit #ClimateChange #Science



A small and free video game called 'Culture Overlord' is a great way to introduce middle/high school students to the subject of Media Literacy.

Two modes: Discovery or EDU (EDU includes classroom discussion questions & more)

⭐ It was a 2022 finalist for Best Educational Game at the Games for Change Festival.


▪️ Appropriate for all ages
▪️ Free
▪️ No ads
▪️ No IAP

#Indie #VideoGames #MediaLiteracy #Nonprofit

Marketing for the video game 'Culture Overlord'. A pixelated young man stands on the left, a pixelated heart above his head. In the center is the logo for 'Culture Overlord', with script reminiscent of 1980s video games overlaying the planet Earth. Below is "A short game about culture by Lucas Vially."
2 months ago

The hashtags I want to follow here... but folks don't seem to be using most of these, as most don't come up at all in my searches for them:

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Our fall fund drive is coming soon. 🍁 But nothing is stopping you from becoming a member now. 😎

Join the Observer, for as little as 99 cents per month, and help keep independent progressive #journalism alive in #Texas. 🤠

#TexasNeedsAnObserver #JournoLife #nonprofit