3 weeks ago

@erinwhalen Great shot. Some days the light is perfect. St. Marmalade. #notcaturday

⛰🌲Randy Walters🌲⛰
1 month ago

Milla, Mysterious Sleeping Cat of the Orient.


My beautiful little companion Milla, having a snooze after the rigors of the day.

The cat in the high castle #NotCaturday

Tabby cat has made themselves a bed in a couple of high places chairs
Lelani Carver
4 months ago

Happy #NotCaturday - Guest cat Grace jumped up on the perch in my office just now.

She has favored me with her presence.

A calico cat with tabby markings sits on a comfy perch in a sunny window. Her ears are glowing (they are backlit).
A calico cat turns her back on you to look out the window. She coordinates well with the curtains.
4 months ago

I absolutely adore this cat, Trinité.

I absolutely love and hate how he keeps crawling into bed at 4AM in the morning, purring and demanding cuddle time.

#CatsOfMastodon. #Cats #NotCaturday

A long-haired, black and grey cat with green eyes. He's staring straight into the camera. He's lying in a box lid on a rug with a starry design.
Cheryl Lindo Jones
4 months ago

Spoiled #cat enjoying sitting in the backyard in an egg chair

#Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #NotCaturday #PreCaturday #VSCO #OrangeTabby

Orange tabby cat snuggled into an aqua-colored cushion for a hanging egg chair in a backyard. Spoiled cat is looking smug about his situation.
[nate@social0 ~]$ :idle:
4 months ago

It’s a carrot! #cats #caturday #notcaturday

:steampowered: Harry
4 months ago

Ok I know it’s Caturday and all that, but she’s nowhere to be seen so instead I’ll share what Dexter is currently doing. It’s Saturday, which means that its the weekend, which means:

#NotCaturday #DogDay ? #Dogs #Mastodogs

Dexter the dog lies on his back on his bean bag, with all four paws aloft like he just don’t care, his head is upside down which means all his jowls are hanging downwards, revealing his stupid blep.
4 months ago

It seems sea turtles also like boxes #NotCaturday

TV with image of sea turtle resting in a bowl like coral
Funny Konstantin :bheartrainbow:
7 months ago
Napping kitty asks not to be disturbed. Humans will be informed if and when their assistance is required.

#Caturday #NotCaturday
7 months ago

Passive aggressive “cuddling” (they each think the chair is theirs all the sudden) #CatsOfMastododon #catsofwestphilly #notcaturday

8 months ago

This is Mystic and she woke me up at 4:30am today. :( #cats #CatsOfMastodon #NotCaturday

Mike Meadows
8 months ago

#BlackCatBart a few minutes later. #BlackCat #NotCaturday - Easter Sunday, 2023.

Bart upside-down on his favorite shelf of the cat tree.
Mike Meadows
8 months ago

Video: #BlackCatBart trying to hide his impatience as I try to get a good picture. #BlackCat #NotCaturday - Easter Sunday, 2023.

Bart’s tail spinning slowly as he rests on his favorite shelf on the cat tree.
Mike Meadows
8 months ago

#BlackCatBart wishes you all a happy Easter. #BlackCat #NotCaturday

Bart on his favorite shelf on the cat tree.
Mike Meadows
8 months ago

Memories: “Kiddens - Working from home.” ~ April 5th, 2020. #Cats #NotCaturday

Kiddens, my bro & sis-in-laws’ cat, sitting on their dining-room table next to a briefcase and a laptop computer.
8 months ago

for the sake of balance, here are some dogs for you!
#dogs #doglovers #humour #notcaturday #hunden

Mike Meadows
9 months ago

#BlackCatBart wishes you all a happy Sunday. #NotCaturday #BlackCats

Bart, upside-down on his cat tree showing off his paws (claws retracted cuz he’s being nice), his beans, his Dracula fangs and his green eyes.

This is MeiMei.
She's about 13 or 14 years old and has no teeth.
She loves curling up on big chairs or printers, rolling on her back pretending to be a kitten, because she's a precocious little sod.
#cat #NotCaturday

A lovely cat called MeiMei
Jo Qatana
9 months ago

Local Driveway Cat AKA Spook
#feralcat #communitycats #notcaturday #caturday

Mike Meadows
10 months ago

#BlackCatBart - on the outside looking in. #NotCaturday

Bart the cat looking into the living room from the front yard.
11 months ago

Bash looking a bit disregulated. #BashBlackCat #NotCaturday

Bash the black cat looking like he drank a whole bottle of catnip moonshine.
Mike Meadows
11 months ago

Lookout #BashBlackCat! Here comes Trouble! (Click on the pic to see what "trouble" is lurking in the background.)

#BlackCatBart #NotCaturday

Bash relaxing as Bart approaches stealthily from behind.
11 months ago

#BlackCatBart & #BashBlackCat wish you a belated Happy New Year - on January 4th, 2023. Yes, the Christmas tree is still up. #NotCaturday #BlackCats

Bash above Bart on their cat tree with a Christmas tree behind them.
Bart above Bash on their cat tree.
codetholdory :mastodon:
1 year ago

Sleepy kitten today🐱 #kittensofmastodon

Sleepy tabby kitten firmly keeping her eyes closed despite the sun
🌱 Peter W Flint
1 year ago

Aaaaaand she’s spent
#cats #catsofmastodon #notcaturday

Daniel Karp
1 year ago

You typing? I halp. #Caturday #NotCaturday.

zucker & 🐢
1 year ago


Mal abgesehen von den Platschefüssen find ich, er hat das #tier sehr getroffen :)

»nichtsüsse katzen vs süsse nichtkatzen«

erna, gemalt von :)
3 years ago

Welcome home., Panther! #cat #notcaturday