2 weeks ago

no way Jesus supports the #nra !
God 'being' all about the violence and retribution, that's the first book ... not the second book in the series

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valkraider :verified:
1 month ago

To the old white guy at the golf resort who got out of a Tesla wearing expensive khaki shorts, a designer polo, and boat shoes - with a “NRA Stand And Fight” hat : I am sure you have had lots of need to stand and fight in your life buddy…. How about a hat that reads “Kids shouldn’t live in fear of getting shot at school and people should be able to go to church without being killed with assault rifles”. Is that too wordy to fit on a hat?

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Luis M. Rocha
5 months ago

In a sane country, these child abusing profiteers would lose custody of their children, not be elected. #nraisaterroristorganization

Democracy Matters :verified:
7 months ago

Record Number of Guns Intercepted at Airports

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The Associated Press reports 6,542 guns were intercepted last year at airport checkpoints across the country.

The number — roughly 18 per day — was an all-time high for guns intercepted at U.S. airports, and is sparking concern at a time when more Americans are armed.

Melody Cooper
8 months ago

“ What the hell is going on??” Well, duh. During the early COVID years California saw its largest sale of guns and ammo. Do the math. More mentally ill, emotionally challenged, untrained, hate filled or/and fear focused people with access to guns. GOP, NRA and gun manufacturers doing absolutely nothing to stop the mayhem…except double down and suggest more guns. What could possibly go horribly wrong?
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Photo of news that CA has seen more mass shootings than ever
Big Head Tales
9 months ago

The child pulled the trigger, but the parent's are liable. They should both go to jail for accessory to manslaughter and child abuse for providing an unsafe environment for their child.