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I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. I will refrain from using new Apple APIs the year they are released. #observable

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"Masterclass: Arquitectura de #SwiftUI con #iOS17 y #Xcode15"

Pasa y aprendamos cómo funciona Xcode 15 con iOS 17 y la nueva arquitectura de SwiftUI con el patrón #Observable y #CleanArchitecture.

Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
2 weeks ago

#TIL about "Evidence" a #BI #OpenSource tool, that works using #LiterateProgramming (à la #Rmarkdown, #Quarto, or #Observable). It allows the creation of #dataviz mixing #Markdown with specific data extraction and visualization section.
More details at

Max Bo
2 weeks ago

Hey folks! I've just joined Mastodon. I've built some urbanist datavis projects - here's a recent one of mine:

#introduction #urbanism #sydney #infovis #geospatial #observable

1 month ago

This val uses Observable Plot to generate a map of earthquakes, server-side, from live data. The map is saved and updated on a daily basis, then served as a web page.

Code & details:

#valtown #observable #cartography

A map of recent earthquakes
1 month ago

Haven’t tried yet, but could something like this work? #swiftlang #observable

gemma lynn
2 months ago

for anybody else who has trouble keeping track of #reactjs #hooks with dependencies and #mobx (or #mobxStateTree, in my case) #observable objects, i've got a sandbox that evolves as i run into things that confuse me

#frontend #js #javascript

¡Estamos en directo!

#SwiftData y #Observable

Descubre en esta Masterclass, las nuevas herramientas que han cambiado por completo la arquitectura de SwiftUI tal cual la conocemos.

Probemos la principal novedad de la #WWDC23 para desarrollo iOS.

3 months ago

Wow, I might be in love. 🥰 #swiftui #observable

Deborah Kurata
5 months ago

Check out my latest video on error handling with Observables:

🧐Catch and Rethrow
🧐Catch and Continue
🧐Retry on Error
🧐Errors and Action Streams

#angular #rxjs #observable #errorhandling

An interesting post on Periscopic using #observable (@observablehq) for #DataForGood


Noam Ross
5 months ago
Jordan Wirfs-Brock
6 months ago

I think I'll need to stick with Python/Jupyter notebooks for teaching data science in the future, since those tools are so ubiquitous, but I'm tempted to integrate #Observable more. Curious if folks have thoughts, pros/cons on this front...

Jordan Wirfs-Brock
6 months ago

This week & last I *finally* started playing with #Observable (, motivated by wanting to bring it into my data science class as a visualization tool. So far I think we are having...tentative success?? It serves all kinds of (ulterior motive) purposes in addition to viz: it's great for remixing & investigating code, a gentle intro to JavaScript, avoids a lot of file management headaches. Any cool ways you've used Observable in teaching settings?

#Signals are just the reactivity model from #Solid, #MobX, #Ember, #Knockout, et al. It pushes a notification with an #observable-like mechanism that something has changed, there’s a dependency graph (implicit or explicit) that is notified. Then, it schedules a pull to calculate values. #ReactJS #Preact #javaScript #webDev #frontend

Françoise Bahoken
7 months ago

🌟 🌍 🌟 [TTT] Tribute to Tobler

Visualiser la première #loi de la #geographie de W. Tobler ? L’#auto-corrélation #spatiale

by @ljegou

🔗 Sur #Observable :
🔗Dans #Neocarto

Graham Snyder
7 months ago

My main #datavis projects are currently all still in various states of embarrassing disarray, and to help me get unblocked on them I have recently been writing some #Observable notebooks exploring specific technical challenges I have been facing.

One of these addresses how to preserve state at the interrupt of complex transitions in #d3js. I learnt a lot along in writing it and I'm reasonably happy with the solution I came up with. You can read it here:

Jake Coppinger
7 months ago

“Perceptually uniform color models and their implications”, an #Observable notebook/blog post about colour theory by Max Bo (Software Engineer at Canva).

#color #colour #theory #srgb #graphicdesign #design #sydney #australia

Laurent Jégou
7 months ago

Qu'est-ce que l'Analyse en Composantes Principales ? Un exemple illustré avec #Observable sur un jeu de données rigolo : les types de pain !

Un assortiment de types de pains, sur une table.
Adam Gardner
7 months ago

Do you use #featureflags ? With #openfeature it is a one-line change to switch from in-house to vendor. OpenFeature is tightly integrated with #opentelemetry so everything is #observable by default. for more info

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
8 months ago

Did you know that you can include #nodejs #npm packages directly on the front end without node.js? You can use sites like Observable which fold in D3 to pull JS into the front end. I have like over 100 examples here #javascript #observable

I've been asked to participate in an online panel event on "Predictions in Data Visualizations in 2023", hosted by @observablehq this coming Wednesday morning.

I think there are some spots left, but not sure.

It's certainly got me thinking about my hopes more than predictions.

#DataVis #DataViz #DataVisualization #observable

Mattias Villani
9 months ago

Observable ( blows my mind. The possibility to include reactivity into slides and course web pages etc is amazing. Most importantly, everything runs in the browser without any install.

Here is a very good playlist to get you started:

I would have preferred running Julia's Pluto notebooks (inspired by Observable), but that does not run in the browser.

Finally, RStudio's Quarto system supports Observable.

#observable #quarto #teaching #pluto

Forest Gregg
9 months ago

the city of chicago fulfills residents' service requests a lot faster in the central business and a lot slower on the far south side.

here is an analysis that lets you see the details and compare ward to ward.

#chicago #open311 #observable

choropleth map showing that the far south side of chicago gets service requests fulfilled much more slowly than rest of city
9 months ago

Rwy wedi bod yn arbrofi gyda #D3 ac #Observable i geisio cynhyrchu #mapiau #Cymru (ddim yn mapio dim diddorol - ffiniau'n unig - gweler y lluniau). Dyma fy nodiadau - i mi fy hun yn bennaf ond efallai y gallent fod o ddiddordeb i eraill am y broses o'u cynhyrchu, gyda chyfeiriadau at becynnau #R

Ffiniau siroedd a LSOAs Cymru. Llun map svg.
Map ffiniau siroedd a LSOAs Cymru. png o fap ar Observable gynhyrchwyd gyda Plot.
Deborah Kurata
9 months ago

Another Angular Quick Take video:

"What is an Observable?"

#angular #rxjs #observable

2/ Volodymyr Agafonkin recently made a second data vis: "Visualizing Blackouts at Home in Kyiv". He writes about the vis and about how Ukrainians manage their daily lives here:


💙💛 Don't forget to donate to Ukraine!

#DataVis #DataViz #Observable #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

A heatmap data visualisation with calendar dates on the y axis and time of day on the x axis. Night hours are blue, sunlight hours are yellow. The blackout hours are shown as black cells. The heatmap covers October 20 to December 21. Almost 100% of days have blackouts, often many hours per day.

1/ "Visualizing Air Raid Sirens in Ukraine" data vis by Volodymyr Agafonkin, creator of Leaflet. Read about the vis and get a glimpse into what life is like under such circumstances:


💙💛 Don't forget to donate to Ukraine!

#DataVis #DataViz #Observable #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

A heatmap data visualisation with calendar dates on the y axis and time of day on the x axis. Night hours are blue, sunlight hours are yellow. The air raid sirens are shown as red cells in the heatmap. The heatmap covers March 15 to December 21. There were sirens most of the days and nights, often several times, and often lasting for hours.
Juan Luis
9 months ago

The @observablehq Community Recognition Awards 2022 are in, and @carmen_tm work is featured there 😍 Congratulations Carmen and Civio!

#dataviz #observable #civio

Screenshot of a map that shows the pressure on the primary healthcare system in Spain
Laurent Jégou
9 months ago

Several new course materials with #Observable for #DataViz : Plot, Databases, BertinJS #cartography and #WebMapping available :

Prepared for the Sigma geomatics Master at Toulouse, Univ. Jean-Jaurès and INP-ENSAT.

Forest Gregg
9 months ago

here’s an example of how to use STL for extracting the seasonal and trend components from a time series.


10 months ago

Siart rhyngweithio newydd: y nifer â sgiliau yn y Gymraeg #Cyfrifiad2011 Wedi bod yn dysgu defnyddio #Quarto ac #Observable !

Walking on the Famara beach.. you see lots of tiny pieces of plastic brought in by the ocean waves. I found a paper where they gathered microplastic on a Lanzarote beach and analyzed it..


#30DayMapChallenge Day 26: islands | #observable | @observablehq

Map of the Canary Islands with waterlines depicting micro plastic on the beaches
Picture of sand taken on the La Famara Beach in Lanzarote, showing lots of pieces of plastic

I love it when I find data for a vis and then notice interesting info for the next project. From tomatoes to colonialism.. the GeoDist data had also colonialism info.

It turns out that only 9 countries have neither colonised nor have they been colonised. Some countries are missing in the dataset... for example Romania, which according to the communist history version I had in school was very awesome😅

#30DayMapChallenge Day 25: 2 colors | #observable | @observablehq

World map of the countries who colonised other countries.. red for colonisers.. white for non-colonisers
Doug Holton
10 months ago

#Observable is a free web-based computational notebook tool that lets you embed & run #JavaScript code in a document. Unfortunately they just emailed every user that they are about to be billed $144/year. Don't know if it's a mistake or #phishing, but here are 4 #OpenSource alternatives:
1) basically does the same thing.
2) for #python notebooks
3) for #Rstats
4) for #JSX in #markdown documents

I once heard that tomatoes do travel a lot to get on our plate.. especially the cherry ones.. this really made me sad.. as living in Germany means kinda boring tomatoes

And it's true .. tomatoes seem to travel the world!

And discovering all the things that @neocarto made possible with Bertin.js is lots of fun! This changes the fact that I used to dislike making maps :D

#30DayMapChallenge Day 23: movement | #observable | @observablehq

World map showing how far tomatoes travel and their routes
Sharon Machlis
10 months ago

@mastodonmigration @mauforonda
⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ Very cool tool indeed! Written in #Observable #JavaScript and hosted at @observablehq to visualize Mastodon instance metrics.
Use it - and see the underlying JS #dataviz code - here:

#Python code and GitHub Actions creating the underlying data I believe is here:

Chris Cemper
10 months ago

@nova I still don't have a single clue about #relay #federation.

Not just #observable but actually #configurable

Is it the approach to sync everything from everywhere to my instance?

If yes, wow - resources? redundancy? raft or other cluster protos for #consistency?

If no, how can I decide what to sync? I found asian toots on my english moderated server, what's the point if I cannot even read these?

#mastodonrelay #protocols #sync #configuration #observabilty

It seems that 2016 was my most active year on the #birdsite

You can see when I really started being active on #Mastodon, mostly only cross-posted to #Twitter and then stopped cross-posting completely.

Get your graphs and more at

A graph view of aggregated tweets, retweets and replies left on the platform since 2009.

The graph shows a big change in behavior beginning of 2018 and goes almost flat past mid 2020
A bubble graph with the popular tweets, likes and retweets.

Again, 2016 - 2017 seems to have been a good year from that perspective. And quite flat after 2018
Simon Willison
10 months ago

Figured out a pattern for implementing tooltips on #Observable Plot line charts that show even if you don't manage to mouse over the line itself with pinpoint accuracy

The trick is to render the line twice: once as an opacity 0.01 super-wide line with a tooltip, and then again as a single solid line without one

(Obviously not much use if you're on a phone though - I'd love to have good mobile friendly tooltips there too)

Now using that here:

It's a line chart - this one is "total users over time across all tracked instances, over 1 day 20 hours"

A tooltip is displayed next to (but not directly over) the line, showing a timestamp and a user count.
Laurent Jégou
10 months ago

I updated and republished my online course examples for #WebMapping and #SpatialAnalysis for the Sigma geomatics Master here in Toulouse, using the new "pro" education/research group account for #Observable (in French) :

Thanks to @neocarto for the tip !

Screen shot of the page for Sigma groupe at ObservableHQ.

ITU estimates that about 66% of the world's population is using the internet. Looking at the split by gender and country, we still miss information for many countries.

From the data available, the difference between women with internet access and men is around 2.22% ..or 178 million women.



#30DayMapChallenge Day 19: Globe | #observable | @observablehq | bertin.js

World map showing the globe from two perspectives, countries colours denote the percent of population with internet access. Bubbles denote gender imbalance. red for less women with internet and yellow for less men

Public Toilets in Australia.. it just begged to be visualized

First .. I heard about @simon 's datasettes.. finding the dataset among the examples..

Then I stumbled upon Bertin.js by @neocarto which makes map plotting way more fun and observable with datasettes integration by Alex Garcia .

It's been the fastest map I've ever done thanks to all the awesome people making cool libraries out there!

#30DayMapChallenge Day 18: Blue | #observable | @observablehq

Map of Australia and spikes where there are public toilets
Jan Aerts
10 months ago

Let's see if Mastodon can help me...

Does anyone have a simple proof-of-concept of using #threlte (#threejs in #svelte) to generate a 2D scatterplot? I'm struggling with the camera settings and mesh sizes... There is an #observable notebook on doing this using threejs directly, but the settings for camera are very different. (see

Any help appreciated. Thank you!

Sharon Machlis
10 months ago

The Arquero JavaScript library is an easy way to filter, sort, and otherwise wrangle JavaScript objects.
My new tutorial at #InfoWorld:

Users of the dplyr R 📦 who want to add some Observable JS to their #Quarto docs may find this especially helpful, since it uses similar "verb" syntax.
#JavaScript #Observable #rstats #dplyr #tidyverse #QuartoPub @quarto @quartopub @observablehq

What does that mean for you? In addition to the usual JavaScript function syntax, you can also use special table expression syntax such as filter("d => op.equal(d.Region, 'Northeast')") or filter("equal(d.Region, 'Northeast')"). Check out the API reference if you think one of these versions might be more appealing or useful.

Our planet 🌏 has lots of🐍 Python Developers .. but where do they live exactly?

Based on who filled in the 2021 Python Developers Survey the larger share is in North America .. surprise!

Want to have fun with scales? the chart is interactive and you can change the scale from square root and distort reality to your preference 😅

#30DayMapChallenge Day 12: Scale | #observable | #python | @observablehq @ThePSF

World map chart with bubbles on some of the countries depicting the distribution of the python developers that filled in the 2021 jet-brains survey
11 months ago

Was hab ich die Nase voll von diesem #Observable und #Subject-Schrott bei #RXJS!

Sind die alle auf Droge? Ist einfach nur jegliche Doku dazu kaputt?

Das ist doch völlig unverständliches Kauderwelsch! Und wehe mir kommt jemand mit Ausreden wie "Asynchrones ist halt schwierig"!

underdarkGIS 🇪🇺🇺🇦
1 year ago

Incredibly interesting talk with tons of great demos using #observable
💯% recommendation for anyone interested in #dataviz by