ShawnT 🐀
3 months ago

Wake me up when #ObviousPlant joins the #fediverse.

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
4 months ago

come on, baby! gimme a kiss! 💋

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A photo of a fake (and funny) product package from famous meme-maker "Obvious Plant": 

This time it's fake lip balm called "GIMME THOSE HOT HOT KISSES" that's described as "Chapstick for Lovers" and a tagline that says "It is a joy to kiss you let us be do it forever" [sic]. The package has a yellow background and a cartoonish drawing of two people kissing rather oddly with their very wide open mouths showing their skinny tongues touching. The actual tube of lip balm attached to the package is labeled "Egg Flavored Kiss Enhancement".
4 months ago

@damianogerli OH MY GOD. This is the perfect game design doc. Please, somebody in my follows with SNES assembly experience make this happen.

#SNES #SuperNintendo #Homebrew #GameDesign #GameDev #IndieDev #AssemblyLanguage #ObviousPlant

Thomas B. Rücker
5 months ago

New #ObviousPlant just dropped! 🌱

ObiousPlant blister packaging.
Why do we have hands?
There are many reasons!
[hand holding phone in its palm] View the Algorithm
[Hands holding the word content] Feed the Algorithm
[Folded hands with rosary] Pray to the Algorithm
[Hands with money] Forfeit all mortal posessions to the algorithm
Mark H
8 months ago

Via #ObviousPlant on Facebook - - and I'd like to say that I can't condone the message of this toy packaging. I do respect #fjords.

Fake toy packaging. It's a cardboard backing with a small plastic container on the front holding something a little like a toy, plastic duck. The package has a bad image of a man's face on the top with the words "I do not respect fjords" and "they are too ethnic" written around it. Underneath are images of a speedboat, a water-skiing crocodile, a fish, and a wave, with captions "Weird spelling", "Un-American", and "It it just a tall inlet it does not need to be named that." At the very bottom it reads "Fjords are conceited and by far the worst waterway that has ever existed." At the top of the packaging is a logo for "Obvious plant" and a warning: "Warning: words do not look like that I am highly suspicious"
1 year ago

@Danaintq @thejustkat Well, Crocs are ambush predators, finely attuned to amphibious assaults, so I'm not really surprised. But if you're looking for some morning casual/afternoon imperialism look no further. #meme #crocs #obviousplant #humor #funny

A parody product from the makers of Croc slip-on shoes. The product is a horrid hybrid of Crocs and a pair of combat boots with text that reads, "Croc Martens."
1 year ago

@Danaintq @thejustkat Look, I'm usually the first to dump on Fall trends but I am always glad to see these come out for the season. #meme #suggestive #darkhumor #uggboots #obviousplant #keepwarm

A parody product from the line of Ugg Boots, a set of 6 premium sheepskin condoms that look like the same material as Ugg Boots, including the cuff of Sherpa fleece. The box and an example of the product are in a Fall forest.
1 year ago

@thejustkat We're not even going to talk about what Nabisco has been up to? #meme #obviousplant #funny #humor #cursedimages

A parody of Oreo cookie packaging featuring the new Crab cake Oreo with crab and tartar sauce.
1 year ago

@WWarped It should pair nicely with this #obviousplant #meme #memes #funny #humor #whiskey

A parody ad of a ketchup flavored version of Crown Royal, Canadian whiskey.

*sigh* 😒

#vore on main again 🎫🎫

these ticket are in the spash zone two tickets to watch


unhinge his jaw like a snake and swallow an entire rotisserie chicken


it is how he eats!

obvious plant


WARNING: It is not pretty