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Greenpeace unites for Global Day of Action against deep sea mining

It’s World Oceans Day people ! Our favorite day of the year 🌊

Thousands of Greenpeace supporters and volunteers celebrated the beauty of the oceans by gathering and calling on world leaders to stop deep sea mining and end the era of ocean destruction.

We just won a historic Global Ocean Treaty. It’s time for our governments to show they are serious about ocean protection by stopping deep sea mining before it starts.

#stopDSM #deepseamining #stopdeepseamining #WorldOceansDay #lookdown #ProtectTheOceans #ProtectTheDeep #oceans #oceanslover #greenpeace

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
9 hours ago

Ten years later, things looked a LOT worse. Science, 2018.

“Major extinction events in Earth’s history have been associated with warm climates and oxygen-deficient oceans.”

#Oceans #ClimateChange


Dead zones in oceans, 2018, Science
Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
9 hours ago

In 2008, NASA published this map of “dead zones” in oceans, areas with extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen.

#Oceans #ClimateChange


Map of ocean dead zones, 2008
2 days ago

For centuries #native #ClamGardens on #BritishColumbia #Westcoast provided #FirstNations with #clams & other #seafood .
In aftermath of 2021 #HeatDome - there's more interest in this #ancient #aquaculture technique. 

#Scientific experiments from #SFU #researchers & #CoastSalish #Indigenous ppl show clam gardens help #SeaLife stay cooler.
#Research aims to show how ancient #IndigenousPractices offers #ClimateChange #solutions in present.

#nature #science #Oceans #PNW

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Knowledge Zone
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#Oceans are an essential component of the Earth's ecosystem - for oxygen, food, and water - it is impossible to sustain life on Earth without them.

Login and take a test on the Oceans. #WorldOceansDay.

Alliterative/Endless Knot
2 days ago

It’s #WorldOceansDay – so it’s a good time to learn more about the seas, and efforts to clean them up:

#Etymology #Video #WordNerd #Linguistics #Language #Words #HistoricalLinguistics #LingComm #Oceans #Sea

Claude Trudel
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Knowledge Zone
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#ClimateChange and #Oceans: The Oceans Are Getting Warmer. In 2022, global ocean surface temperatures were 0.69 degrees Celsius higher than that century’s average. (4/5)

2 days ago

🌊Today we celebrated #WorldOceansDay with policy makers at #Nieuwspoort. Striking was the common ground to not make hasty decisions that affect the #oceans. Let's try to avoid mistakes made on land.

Read more about #WOD2023 at NIOZ 👇

Employers Group of the EESC
2 days ago

RT @Jelic_Violeta: There's a lot we can do on 🇪🇺 & state level but a lot of responsibility is on us, individuals.
We can do a lot with small but significant steps! 🏊🐚🌊
#BluePlanet #oceanday #oceans


Prof Felipe Gusmao
2 days ago

Happy #WorldOceansDay
Feliz #DiaMundialDosOceanos
"In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Annual World #Oceans Day #Photo Competition in 2023, the Photography for #Sustainable Oceans exhibit draws on winning entries from past editions of the competition and centers around the three core, integrated and indivisible elements of sustainable development: #EconomicGrowth, #SocialInclusion and #EnvironmentalProtection"
#Conservation #Sustainability #MarineSciece

Fishing boat
Marine Mesocosms at the Australian Institute of Marine Science 
Fishing boats
EU in Sri Lanka
2 days ago

🌊Today, on #WorldOceansDay, we recognise the vital role #oceans play in our eco-system & the importance of protecting them.

Last month, we hosted a conference on Ocean Governance together w/ @the_lki where we discussed key areas of mutual interest & concern.



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Charlie McHenry
3 days ago

Arctic Ocean could be Ice-Free in summer by 2030s, with Global, Damaging and Dangerous Consequences - #GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #oceans

3 days ago

Guess Who Is the Worst Enemy of the #Oceans (And Everywhere Else)?

undergrowth-feed 🍃
4 days ago | Microplastics found in every sample of water taken during the Ocean Race |

"Concentrations of plastics in round-the-world race through remote ocean environments found to be up to 18 times higher than during previous event in 2017-18" | #environment #PublicHealth #oceans #water #microplastics #plastics

Philippe Couzon Ⓥ
4 days ago

#Océans À New York, deux #baleines à bosse ont été retrouvées mortes avec un "traumatisme énorme", heurtées par des bateaux.

Depuis le début de l'année, 23 baleines à bosse se sont échouées sur la côte est des États-Unis.

4 days ago

Humans have been using the oceans as a dumping ground for decades, so when flesh-eating bacteria attaches itself to microplastics and single-cell organisms mutate into urchin-killing forms, it doesn't surprise me. I honestly don't know how we're going to solve this kind of shit. Maybe "praying" to the aliens isn't such a bad idea. I remember an old bit of graffiti from the 1990s read, "Space Brothers [sic] help us. Save us from ourselves." Indeed! 👽

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #Scuticociliates #CoralReef #Vibrio #Sargassum #WaterIsLife

4 days ago

50 years ago, 1973's "Soylent Green" depicted a nightmarish future: the oceans are dead, corporations are in control, and many are homeless. Um...

"In 2022, Earth is overpopulated and totally polluted; the natural resources have been exhausted, and the nourishment of the population is provided by Soylent Industries, a company that makes a food consisting of plankton from the oceans. In New York City, when Soylent's member of the board, William R. Simonson, is murdered, apparently by a burglar at the Chelsea Towers West where he lives, efficient Detective Thorn is assigned to investigate the case with his partner Solomon "Sol" Roth. Thorn comes to the fancy apartment and meets Simonson's bodyguard Tab Fielding and the "furniture" (woman that is rented together with the flat) Shirl and the detective concludes that the executive was not a burglary victim but executed. Further, he finds that the Governor Santini and other powerful men want to disrupt and end Thorn's investigation. But Thorn continues his work and discovers a bizarre, disturbing secret of the ingredient used to manufacture Soylent Green."—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #SoylentGreen #Dystopia #BigCorporations

A man in a suit and tie running away from large trucks that are scooping up people in big shovels. The trucks are marked with the words, "Riot Control".

Text: It's the year 2022...
People are still the same.
They'll do anything to get what they need.
And they need SOYLENT GREEN.
4 days ago

A library children's book published in 2020, written by Theresa Emminizer.

What If #SeaUrchins Disappeared?
Life Without Animals

"From the fiercest predator to the lowliest plant, every member of an ecosystem is immeasurably important to the survival of their environment. Although they're not regarded as a keystone species, sea urchins play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy marine environments. Without #seaurchins to consume #algae, entire coral reef ecosystems could collapse."

Available as an e-book at this link:

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #CoralReef

Ian Robinson
4 days ago

My copy of the new @helenczerski book about the oceans arrived 🥳👍🏻

#Science #Oceans #BlueMachine

A hardback copy of Blue Machine. How the Ocean Shapes Our World book on my office desk.
4 days ago

Black #SeaUrchins have disappeared from the Gulf of Aqaba. Their loss could kill off an entire coral reef

By Hadas Gold, CNN

Published Jun 5, 2023

"Given how quickly the urchins disappeared, Bronstein said scientists have little time to take action. His team skipped the normal academic process that can take months or years to conduct studies and release journal papers, choosing to sound the alarm as quickly as possible with fast-paced academic articles and public appeals.

“'We need to understand, and decision makers need to understand, that the window of opportunity to take action is very, very narrow. And it’s closing rapidly.' Bronstein said.

"The first step, needed in the coming weeks, is to establish 'broodstock populations' that will eventually help repopulate and reintroduce the black sea urchins into the region. But the surviving sea urchins that could be used to do so are themselves under threat.

“'[The mass mortality] is currently occurring south of #Turkey and #Greece, but it is making its way down along the eastern #Mediterranean coastline, towards #Syria, #Lebanon, and #Israel. Once it gets there, we probably will have pretty much closed our window of opportunity to take action,' Bronstein said."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans "#Scuticociliates

4 days ago

Industrial fishing is prohibited in the coastal waters of the Cantagallo-Machalilla Marine Reserve in Ecuador’s Manabí province, which is home to numerous threatened species.

Yet between November 2020 and March 2022, more than half of the government alerts for unauthorized fishing in Manabí province occurred within the marine reserve, according to a Mongabay analysis.

by Yalilé Loaiza

#News #Conservation #Environment #Oceans

EU Maritime & Fish
4 days ago

RT @WINBIG_EU: Ahead of #WorldOceansDay on June 8, let's reflect on how climate change & human actions are impacting our #oceans & #seas 🌊

Protecting our Blue Planet is our common responsibility. Be part of the solution!


5 days ago

#EVNautilus #deepsea #deepseaexploration #sience #biology #marinebiology #ocean #oceans #seacreatures #seacreature

Watch "Wow Wildlife Moments from the Deep Waters Near Kingman Reef | Nautilus Live" on YouTube

Ruth Mottram
6 days ago

So, I've arrived by train in #Aarhus to talk #Oceans #Ice, #climate #SeaLevelRise and @OceanIceEU
As t the Ocean Race village in Aarhus harbour tomorrow.

Ses vi i morgen?

Kl.14 hos Genoa teltet...

Advertising poster showing a sailing boat with the words A race we must win and Climate Action Now on the sails. The title above says The Ocean Race Stopover Aarhus 2023
Bob Payne
6 days ago

Two-year voyage finds Pacific coral reef biodiversity is far greater than we know #Oceans #Pacific #Corals

CelloMom On Cars
6 days ago

The #HighSeasTreaty "aims to protect #biodiversity in our #oceans on a global basis, bringing the high seas and #seabeds, which no country owns, under an agreed international law.

Under the treaty, countries and [their] companies have to do and publish an environment impact assessment for any projects they are planning for the high seas — which is particularly timely as the contemporary “gold rush” is for #minerals and rare earths on and under the #OceanFloor."

1 week ago

#Vibrio Colonization Is Highly Dynamic in Early #Microplastic-Associated #Biofilms as Well as on Field-Collected #Microplastics

by Katharina Keys, et al, December 2020


"Microplastics are ubiquitous in aquatic ecosystems and provide a habitat for biofilm-forming bacteria. The genus Vibrio, which includes potential #pathogens, was detected irregularly on microplastics. Since then, the potential of microplastics to enrich (and serve as a vector for) Vibrio has been widely discussed. We investigated Vibrio abundance and operational taxonomic unit (OTU) composition on polyethylene and polystyrene within the first 10 h of colonization during an in situ incubation experiment, along with those found on particles collected from the Baltic Sea. We used 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing and co-occurrence networks to elaborate the role of Vibrio within biofilms. Colonization of plastics with Vibrio was detectable after one hour of incubation; however, Vibrio numbers and composition were very dynamic, with a more stable population at the site with highest nutrients and lowest salinity. Likewise, Vibrio abundances on field-collected particles were variable but correlated with proximity to major cities. Vibrio was poorly connected within biofilm networks. Taken together, this indicates that Vibrio is an early colonizer of plastics, but that the process is undirected and independent of the specific surface. Still, higher nutrients could enhance a faster establishment of Vibrio populations. These parameters should be considered when planning studies investigating Vibrio on microplastics."

#NecrotisingFasciitis #FleshEating #bacteria #plastics #oceans #environment #pollution #seaweed #FleshEating #PublicHealth #wildlife #sea #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #Pollution

1 week ago

#Florida researchers find ‘high amounts’ of #FleshEating bacteria in #Sargassum

by Dylan Abad, May 30, 2023

"A new study from Florida Atlantic University is uncovering how the seaweed interacts with #plastic debris and Vibrio bacteria to create the 'perfect pathogen storm' for beachgoers and marine life.

"Samples collected by FAU revealed that Vibrio pathogens had harnessed the unique ability to 'stick' to #microplastics within the seaweed blob. The findings further showed that some #Vibrio bacteria had an ‘omnivorous’ lifestyle that targeted both plant and animal hosts.

"'Another interesting thing we discovered is a set of genes called ‘zot’ genes, which causes leaky gut syndrome,' said assistant professor Tracy Mincer, Ph.D.

"For instance, if a fish eats a piece of plastic and gets infected by this Vibrio, which then results in a leaky gut and diarrhea, it’s going to release waste nutrients such nitrogen and phosphate that could stimulate Sargassum growth and other surrounding organisms.

"Simply put, the combination of the bacteria and microplastics could be responsible, in part, for the rapid growth of Sargassum."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans

Anne N. Connor
1 week ago

Seaweed as a climate solution? “Seaweed forests collectively cover an estimated two million square kilometers and absorb as much carbon as the Amazon rainforest.” #climate #solutions #oceans #seaweed

1 week ago

Mystery pathogen is stripping sea #urchins of their flesh and turning them to skeletons — and it's spreading fast

A mysterious epidemic that began in the #Mediterranean at the start of the year looks set to wipe out all of the Mediterranean and #RedSea’s urchins, and possibly their #coral reefs too.

By Ben Turner, May 31, 2023

"Researchers spotted the first signs of the urchin plague in the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of the year, when an invasive species of urchin began falling sick in waters around Greece and Turkey. From there, the disease appears to have spread southward through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea.

"Scientists are unsure of the exact disease causing the mass die-off, but they suspect it is a pathogenic ciliate parasite — a single-celled microorganism — which in 1983 eliminated the Caribbean’s entire sea urchin population. Before the parasite plague, the Caribbean was home to thriving tropical reefs, but since losing the sea urchins the reefs have been smothered by algal blooms that multiplied unchecked, blocking out sunlight and destroying around 90% of the region’s coral.

"The disease was only identified after a second wave hit the Caribbean in 2022, an event which gave scientists a second opportunity to study it.

"'The sea urchins are the reef's gardeners — they feed on the algae and prevent them from taking over and suffocating the corals that compete with them for sunlight,' Bronstein said. 'Unfortunately, these sea urchins no longer exist in the Gulf of Eilat [Aqaba] and are quickly disappearing from constantly expanding parts of the Red Sea further south.'

"The imperilment of the region’s corals is significant on both a local and global level. The Gulf of Aqaba is known for its numerous diving spots and is a popular tourist destination. And because the corals there evolved to high temperatures and salinity over millions of years, they are more resistant to climate change-driven temperature fluctuations that are killing off other coral reefs around the world."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans
Read more:

1 week ago

Scuticociliate (Philasterides dicentrarchi) infection cluster in a multispecies marine aquarium system

Marion Jalenques, et al, 2021 Apr 22

"#Scuticociliatosis, caused by ciliated protozoa of the subclass #Scuticociliatia, has been associated with high mortalities in marine fish. #Environmental factors such as an increase in water temperature can enhance this disease. The aim of the present report is to describe the occurrence of a cluster of cases of scuticociliatosis in a multispecies marine cold-water system in a public aquarium. Philasterides dicentrarchi was identified by PCR in formalin-fixed tissues of some of the fish showing meningitis or meningoencephalitis, dermatitis and myositis with intralesional protozoa. An increase in water temperature of approximately 2°C was identified as a potential contributing factor for this cluster of infections. Higher temperature may have enhanced the propagation or pathogenicity of scuticociliates or increased host susceptibility of some species of fish, especially wolf-eel Anarrhichthys ocellatus and spotted ratfish Hydrolagus colliei. This report also highlights the complexity of dealing with mixed species systems housing fish from different natural ecozones."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #WaterTemperatures

Read more:

1 week ago

The cause of these infections has to do with the rise in ocean temperatures (link in comments). This is happening not just in the Caribbean, but the Black Sea and Red Sea (article in comments).

#Urchins are dying off across the #caribbean Scientists now know why

A type of single-celled microorganism associated with coral diseases is to blame

By Anna Gibbs, April 19, 2023

"#Scuticociliates are found across the world’s oceans. Given their ubiquity, it’s unknown what conditions may have allowed P. apodigitiformis to become so detrimental to the urchins. It’s also unclear how it causes infection."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans

Read more:

1 week ago

Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating bacteria to Florida

Scientists are warning of life threatening piles of decomposing algae, with high levels of the flesh-eating #Vibrio #bacteria

Samples are abundant with #plastics which interacted with the algae & bacteria to create a perfect pathogen storm

#bacteria #plastics #oceans #environment #pollution #seaweed #FleshEating #PublicHealth #wildlife #sea

Primo Natura
2 weeks ago

"You might not know it, but installing a washing machine filter might be one of the simplest defences against microplastics entering the ocean."

#Plastic #Plastics #Microplastics #Environment #Oceans

The Well-read Naturalist
3 weeks ago

If you are interested in ocean acidification and hypoxia, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Beaver State Podcast recently published a very informative presentation of the subject.

#nature #environment #oceans #climate #podcast

Spaceflight 🚀
3 weeks ago

Why was the Search for #Extraterrestrial Intelligence (#SETI) 👽 unsuccessful so far ?

#Life 🦠 appeared pretty much as soon as it could, right when the #oceans formed and our #planet stopped being a molten 🌋 hellscape. That might have been as early as 3.7 billion years ago. But #intelligent life appeared basically yesterday—what we identify as anatomically modern humans arose about 120,000 years ago.

Pictures : :ccby: :cc_sa:

Charlie McHenry
3 weeks ago

Ocean dangers toot: Some serious earthquake activity over the last two days in the remote South Pacific. #LoyaltyIslands and #NewCaledonia region. Two major, high amplitude tremors, a Tsunami alert for the first, and some aftershocks. It’s only natural that Mother Nature (capitalized with intent) will try to balance a seriously unbalanced Earth, to restore some kind of homeostasis in the face of relentless attack and degradation by greedy, for-profit corporations and corrupt governments full of politicians profiteering for their share. No direct cause-effect implied but you get the point. I read today that Killer Whales, Orcas, are training themselves to attack boats after one was injured in European waters. Enough is enough. Let’s not turn the whole planet against us. #oceans #environment #seas #oceanography #zoology

Rafagas Links
3 weeks ago

CROCO is a new ocean modeling system based on ROMS_AGRIF and the SNH non-hydrostatic core (under test), gradually including algorithms from MARS3D (sediments) and HYCOM (vertical coordinates) #oceans

Pedro J. Hdez
4 weeks ago

“The oceans have stored the problem,” says England. “But it’s coming back to bite us.”

#ClimateChange #Oceans

@Hey_Beth 😔
This is a situation that seems to be replicating itself all over the world. It's so blood-boilingly enraging. I truly hate all the people who are actively preventing this situation (#ClimateCatastrophe) from being addressed.
#Cetaceans #Whales #MarineLife #Oceans

1 month ago

Ecuador has launched a debt-for-nature deal that will wipe out some $1 billion in interest payments in exchange for boosting its protection of the waters around the Galápagos Islands.

Much of the funding will focus on managing the newly established Hermandad Marine Reserve, the existing Galápagos Marine Reserve, and sustainable fishing and climate resilience efforts.

#News #Conervation #Environment #Oceans #Ecuador

Andy Baker
1 month ago

That the world's oceans are at a record high temperature has been making the news.

But what happens next? This 'news explainer' covers the possibility of extreme climate event, impacts on fisheries and coral reefs and more....

The ocean is hotter than ever: what happens next?

#climate #climatechange #oceans #globalwarming #environmentalscience #science #climatecrisis

Ocean Circulation, Tipping Points, and the Public Climate Debate. Excellent talk by Prof. Stefan @rahmstorf / @PIK_climate.

#EMOC #ClimateScience #EarthSystemAnalysis #SciComm #OceanCirculation #Oceans #TippingPoints #IPCC

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 month ago

From 29 Apr: An ominous heating event is unfolding in the oceans - To call what’s happening in the oceans right now an anomaly is a bit of an understatement. Since Ma... #climate-change #el-niño #la-niña #oceans #science #syndication

Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Meet the fossil fuel-funded startup trying to take CO2 out of the ocean.
The Verge reports:
#Climate #ClimateChange #Oceans

Sharon Cummings Art
1 month ago

Finally had a little time to list NEW WORK today! Tropical Fish Party is a compilation of my finned friends that I have created over the past year.


#art #artwork #colorful #fish #reef #ocean #oceans #sea #sealife #beach #beachlife #beaches #coastal #nature #fun #AYearForArt #florida #coral #coralreef #mastoart #fediart

Compilation of colorful tropical fish by artist Sharon Cummings.
1 month ago

​Why are our oceans getting warmer?

The world’s #oceans are running a fever—#SeaSurfaceTemperatures have been record-breakingly hot in the past few months. Scientists think a looming #ElNiño weather pattern may be partially to blame, but the record heat is part of a worrying trend. The oceans of the world are warming up, their average temperatures pushed higher and higher each year by human-caused #GlobalWarming.


Every little bit of warming, however small, has enormous impacts on marine life, storm intensity, and more.

Coral reef discovered in the Galápagos Islands recently. It is 400 m deep on a seamount and appears to be pretty healthy. I love that we’re still in the #discovery era in the #oceans.

#environment #geography

Drea and Team
1 month ago

Bundt cake anyone?

When researchers were surveying the seafloor in February,
which enabled the discovery of 19,325 previously undetected mountains,
each 3,300 ft or taller,
they discovered something highly unusual almost as tall as a seamount but looked nothing like a typical undersea volcano.

#science #geoscience #geology #seismology #oceans #oceanography #seafloor #seamounts #volcanoes

Andy Scollick
1 month ago

Record #ocean temperatures put Earth in ‘uncharted territory’, say scientists

‘Unprecedented’ warming indicates #ClimateCrisis is taking place before our eyes, experts say #ClimateEmergency #Climate #GlobalWarming #Oceans

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

After 3 years of La Niña, it’s time to start preparing for what El Niño may have in store. Specifically, the intense marine heat waves can push many sensitive fisheries to a breaking point.

And these same forecasts predicting El Niño will affect the U.S. West Coast, the western Indian Ocean, and other waters.

#ElNino #MarineLife #Oceans #Climate #News #Weather

Dr. Robert Rohde
2 months ago

This is getting ridiculous.

OISST provides a real-time daily index of ocean surface temperature (60 S - 60 N). For the last month it has been continuously reading higher than in any previous year and still shows no sign of settling.

#Oceans #ClimateChange #Climate #Weather #Temperature #GlobalWarming

Laura E. Hall
2 months ago

4) Can plastic-eating fungi solve the polypropylene problem? These researchers think so.

Polypropylene is the type of plastic that makes up bottles, plastic furniture, tupperware, and many other applications. When discarded, it tends to go to the landfill (or into the world's oceans).

Enter: fungi! 🍄 In the study, they produce enzymes, which are excreted and used to break down substrates, for more rapid plastic degradation. Yum.

#Plastic #Oceans #Recycling #Fungi

Drea and Team
2 months ago

For #seafloor researchers.

19,325 new seamounts have been added to the Kim–Wessel global mapping project.
The addition of these new mounts and refinement of previous picks updated
the catalog to a total of 43,454 seamounts.

#edtech #science #geoscience #geology #marinegeology #seismology #oceans #oceanography
#STEM #academic #academicmastodon

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

Scientists are predicting a record sargassum bloom in 2023, and it’s already starting to wash up on beaches in Florida and the Caribbean and cause a stink.

#seaweed #oceans #marinebiology

Sarah Greene
2 months ago

Last week I uploaded full instructions to demo 'Ocean Acidification in a Test Tube' 🌊🌈🧪 to University Geoscience UK's new teaching resources portal:

If you have Earth sciences teaching materials that might be useful for schoolteachers, do consider uploading and sharing here:

#oceanacidification #climate #climatechange #carboncycle #oceans #geoscience #geology #earthscience #science #teaching #teachers #classroom

Background: a blue/green sphere representing the Earth, one quarter of which is enlarged and shows the layers from the earth's surface to the interior. 
In front of the image the text reads Geoscience/Earth Science (horizontally) and Geology (vertically)
Dr. Eric J. Fielding, PhD
3 months ago

NASA-CNES SWOT measures Surface Water and Ocean Topography at ten time higher resolution than previous satellites. #SurfaceWater #OceanTopography #NASA #CNES #SeaSurface #oceans #lakes #rivers

SWOT measurement of sea surface height anomaly over Atlantic Ocean near USA East Coast showing high resolution of new data with a color scale from -25 to +25 cm
Sea Surface height map from previous ocean altimeter satellites for same area of Atlantic ocean has much coarser resolution than SWOT. Pseudocolor scale from -25 to +25 cm.
3 months ago

Why most plastic can’t be recycled
"With only 9% of annual plastic waste recycled, the myth that we can recycle our way out of a mounting plastic pollution crisis doesn't add up."
#Plastics #Recycling #Environment #Animals #Oceans

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
3 months ago

Tell your elected officials that we can make recycling work, make companies responsible for the waste they create, & drive a future that keeps plastic out of nature. States can be leaders in implementing Extended Producer Responsibility that would remove the burden of recycling from taxpayers & communities and ensure the companies that create waste are responsible for reducing their plastic footprint.

#Oceans #Plastic #WWF #Petition

A turtle's face is entangled in a sheet of plastic film. Background is blue ocean. Source: World Wildlife.

New #DepecheMode album today which sounds very promising, but I’m also pretty excited to give the debut album by #Melbourne #Shoegaze band #Oceans a listen too. The preview tracks sounded great.

Krystal Higgins
3 months ago

Sometimes you see photos of dogs sleeping in contorted positions and you think, “That can’t possibly be comfortable.”

I found the shark version.

#ScubaDiving #sharks #marine #oceans #Conservation

A wobbegong shark haphazardly flopped across a few rocks.
Heidi Li Feldman
3 months ago

Fantastic aerial photographs of waves and churn at the Banzai Pipeline in #Hawaii. #photography #art #oceans #waves

christina d-h
3 months ago

🌊 🐚 New book, looks interesting: The Poseidon Project: The Struggle to Govern the World's Oceans by David Bosco

"Tracing the roots of the law of the sea and the background to current maritime disputes, this book chronicles how national governments interact with activists, merchants, and fragile international organizations in the struggle to build effective ocean rules."

#oceans #maritime #law #governance #OxfordUPress #NewBooks #books

Primo Natura
3 months ago

"Plastics entering the world's oceans have surged by an "unprecedented" amount since 2005 and could nearly triple by 2040 if no further action is taken, according to research published on Wednesday."

#Plastic #Plastics #Oceans #Environment

Drea and Team
3 months ago

For researchers, educators and science communicators
/#scicomm .

New tool shows the distribution of seven ocean acidification indicators.

#STEM #education #science #environment #health #oceans #marinebiology #oceanography #climatecrisis #sustainability #edtech #edtools

J.K. Ullrich
3 months ago

After a decade of procrastination, the High Seas Treaty finally triumphed, aiming to protect 30% of Earth’s #oceans by 2030. Still a long way to go, but as it’s the first international ocean treaty in my lifetime, I’ll take it as good #nature #news.

Governments at the @un have just agreed on a Global Ocean Treaty! 🌍

This is a huge win - possibly the biggest conservation victory ever!

Here’s a short 🧵 on how we got here and what it means...

#HighSeasTreaty #GoodNews #nz #newzealand #oceans #protecttheoceans #ocean #conservation #marine #marinereserves #inspiration

A photo of a whale breaching with text that reads: WIN - Historic global  oceans treaty agreed
CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

There are a lot of reasons why protecting the #oceans is so crucially important.

For starters, the oceans provide us with half the #oxygen we breathe.
It absorbs a quarter of the #carbon dioxide humans have emitted by burning stuff.

There's a lot more:

#ClimateChange #OceanAcidification #fishing #biodiversity #DeepSeaMining

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"The High Seas Treaty will put 30 percent of the planet’s seas into protected areas by 2030, aiming to safeguard #marine life.

The treaty will enter into force once 60 countries have ratified it."

#oceans #climate #GlobalCommons

Diver approaches a very yellow coral

#Ocean #treaty: Historic #agreement reached after decade of talks - #BBCNews

"Nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the world's #oceans following 10 years of negotiations.
The #HighSeasTreaty aims to place 30% of the seas into #ProtectedAreas by 2030, to safeguard and recuperate #marine #nature."

4 months ago

Greenpeace has scored the 16 largest U.S. grocery retailers on human rights and environmental sustainability in their tuna sourcing, giving just one, ALDI, a “passing” overall grade.

None of the retailers received a passing grade for efforts to rid their supply chains of forced labor and other human rights abuses.

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Https:// provides tracking free links to organizations & foundations working for the marine environment. Please visit, boost and share.

Some charities:

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Https:// provides tracking free links to organizations & foundations working for the marine environment.  Please visit, boost and share.
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#Nature is weird. This is a volute.
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Underwater video of a volute (giant snail-like marine creature)

🌊 Artist: #AYLO / #aylonomad
( #NomadClan ) in City: #Margate 68 Harold Road, UK 🇬🇧 2022 - Title: "Amphitrite" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Oceans #SeaLife #SaveTheOceans #ProtectOurSeas

Street art wall. On the outer wall of a two-story semi-detached house is painted / sprayed a mural of an underwater goddess. The wall is painted in pastel tones. The background is a turquoise sky with ocean waves below. In the foreground is a woman figure sprayed in gray and green, looking at us with her head slightly tilted to the side. She wears a kind of diadem made of shells, pearls and spikes. Her appearance is reminiscent of Roman god statues. Her gaze is somewhat tormented. She seems to be suffering. Around her are pastel corals.
INFO - The Artist:
"Long ago, Amphitrite ruled the seas with grace and beauty. But over time, man took a toll on her realm. Today, her underwater world is plagued by bleached coral and plastic waste.... Let's strive for a better future for Amphitrite's kingdom and preserve the beauty of the oceans for generations to come."