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#Octopus #RV
Met this young family on their 3rd camping trip after this recent purchase. The design had been completed, but they had to paint the white themselves.

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I missed the memo when this came out a few weeks ago: 23-AUG-2023
Scientists solve mystery of why thousands of octopus migrate to deep-sea thermal springs
MBARI’s advanced technology offers new insight into the “#OctopusGarden” off Central California, the largest aggregation of octopus on Earth.

#science #cephalopods #MarineBiology #octopus #ecology

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He wikiō nani (ʻehiku kekona) o ka heʻe “Dumbo” kiʻi ʻia i ka Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument #giftlink #octopus #deepsea #hawaii “Living deep in the sea, dumbo octopus has a breakout moment”

Petra van Cronenburg
3 days ago

I searched long for a new intelligent #reading, a #novel going with changing times without being dystopic. The reading sample has me hooked: Ray Nayler's The Mountain in the Sea: Could be too much info dump, but I like #octopus Here a review: #bookstodon #SciFi #CliFi #kinship #alien

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
4 days ago

Rare Dumbo octopus seen at almost 3,000 metres in deep sea livestream | Lifestyle | Independent TV


5 days ago

Rare 'Dumbo' #octopus filmed on deep sea live stream

Mark :v_pan:
5 days ago

Paging @explodedsoda

🚨Cute octopus alert, I repeat, cute #octopus alert! 🚨

Rare 'Dumbo' octopus filmed on deep sea live stream

Unseen Crafts
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I did not realise we could put videos on here!
I Have Three Hearts & I’m Ready For Love 🎶 #art #artist #singingintherain #octopus #pyrography #burn #rain #craft #handmade

From sketch to finish. Octopus hanging out from a lamppost in the rain with an umbrella, Singing in the Rain style.
Resolviendo la incógnita
6 days ago

Si te has ido de la feria a la playa con el traje de flamenca de lunares, este pulpo te representa 😜. #feria #sea #mar #pulpo #octopus

Pulpo rojizos con manchas blancas caminando por las pequeñas dunas de arena en el fondo del mar con dos de sus brazos, mientras levanta el resto.
Dave Smith
6 days ago

We've got a Renault Zoe that came with a dumb charger. Now that 3 years are up, Renault wants us to subscribe to their service to be able to remote control the charging. We want to charge overnight when #Octopus are cheaper.
What's a geek to do? #ESP8266 and #homeassistant all the things!
Inside the charger there is a useful connector where I can tap off 12v and GND. A simple relay board get inserted on the PP line behind the charge plug.

BP Chargemaster home car charger.
Janne Moren
6 days ago

The IKEA octopus is really pretty cool! Only reason I didn't take one home today is I'm on the way to the airport and there's no room in my bag.

#ikea #octopus #cephalopod #kobe

Yellow octopus lounging on top of some IKEA furniture flatpacks.
Yellow octopus sitting on my head in an IKEA warehouse.
6 days ago

thinking about octopus blue blood, so i thought to sketch a blushy octoling
#octopus #splatoon

fanart sketch of octoling from splatoon blushing with blue

🐙 How many suction cups does the giant pacific #octopus have?
🪶 What do #ostriches eat to help them grind down their foods?
🌴 How many different tree species are in the #Amazon #rainforest?
🦴 How many bones are in your hand?
🗺️ And what country has the longest coastline in the world?

There's a wealth of fast and fascinating facts in this animated "Did you know?" video from #HighlightsKids.

👉 Learn more:

#stem #marinebiology #anatomy

Octopuses have three hearts
Rob Whiting 📓
1 week ago

🐙 Octopus time - “Can the liquid motion of the #Octopus radicalise our ideas about time?”

An interesting look at the concepts of ego-moving and time-moving perspectives.

1 week ago

If you've been following me for a while, you know my admiration for cephalopods (octopuses and squids). 🐙

These eight-limbed beings possess remarkable intelligence.
Since cephalopods have advanced cognitive abilities & can sense pain, the National Institutes of Health has proposed new guidelines for their research.

The first step to help these remarkable creatures is to stop eating them. And stop #octopus farming. Please share and sign 👇

1 week ago

Charcoal remains a vital drawing tool and is a satisfying digital brush as well!

#SciArtSeptember #SciArt #SciComm #MastoArt #FediArt #charcoal #octopus #ocean #tentacles

A stylized drawing of an octopus in black charcoal strokes on a blue background with slightly lighter-blue waves crossing behind. The eye of the octopus glows green
Ruesselfressi 🐘
1 week ago

Habe ein Baby Oktopus gehäkelt!
Nur sind die Tentakelchen irgendwie zu winzig geworden, glaube da hab ich die Anleitung falsch verstanden oder so. :blobcat0_0:
#crochet #amigurumi #Handarbeitsclub #octopus #hakeln

1 week ago

I don’t share my arty stuff often on here, but I have some new cards I thought you might like to see 😊

#scotland #art #artcards #greetingscards #hare #octopus #owl #badger #flowers #blankcards #colourful #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness

Spring hare in coloured pencils
Large black pig in a snowy scene Holly and a robin
Midnight snack - a badger with a moon above in coloured pencils
A selection of art cards octopus, pig, badger, hare, owls, flowers.
David Colquhoun
1 week ago

Wow -from 23:30 to 05:00, electricity is essentially free -or they even pay you a bit to use it. Being on #Octopus Agile tariff, we can use that. By tomorrow morning, our 10 kWh battery and our 77 kWh car will be full -for nothing!

Ben Tasker
2 weeks ago

New #Blog: Shaving the Morning Peaks

Earlier in the week I configured our #solar #battery to take a small charge from the grid in the mornings

The idea was to try and shave the morning pricing peak. It's not gone particularly well, so I figured I'd do a short post looking at it.

As an additional bonus, I also shot myself in the foot with today's #Octopus #Powerup

2 weeks ago

Time for more cephalopods! This time around, we have Wunderpus photogenicus (yes, this is really the scientific name). The first one we saw was in maybe 15 feet of water and our guide found it before we had all even descended. It didn't seem too bothered as photographers gathered around and snapped away. Philippines diving is epic!


#octopus #Philippines #wunderpus #scuba #diving #underwater

3 weeks ago

#SciArtSeptember #Heart

All these animals have multiple hearts.
Octopus, Squid, & Cuttlefish have 3 hearts,
Hagfish have 4 hearts,
Worms have 5 hearts!

#mastoArt #Learning #Watercolor #Nature #Ocean #Underground #Octopus #Squid #MarineLife

Watercolor of an octopus, squid, hagfish, cuttlefish, & worm arranged around a purple-red heart.
Tino Eberl ✅
3 weeks ago

Das war ein kurzer Trip, aber anscheinend werden die Kassen klingeln.

#Shell stellt deutsche #Solar-Firma Sonnen zum Verkauf

Darüber hinaus hat der #Ölkonzern sein #Privatstromkundengeschäft in Deutschland und Großbritannien an #Octopus Energy verkauft und vorher bereits mehrere #Windenergie- und #Biokraftstoff-Projekte beendet.

2019: Shell übernimmt Heimakku-Hersteller Sonnen
2023: Shell stellt deutsche Solar-Firma Sonnen zum Verkauf
Ben Tasker
3 weeks ago

New #Blog: Improving our #Solar #battery savings

Last month, I realised just how poorly our battery performs (at least in the financial sense).

In this post I talk about changes I've made to improve efficiency, as well as taking a look at the benefits that #Octopus #powerups have brought

Flipboard Science Desk
4 weeks ago

Shimmering water intrigued scientists at a spot off the coast of California in 2018, where they made a staggering discovery: Far below the surface, an estimated 20,000 deep-sea octopuses had gathered, the largest congregation of the cephalopods ever found. Smithsonian Magazine explains why:
#Science #Animals #SeaLife #MarineLife #Octopus

Scully :spacePhone:
1 month ago

Chocolate milk #octopus pop!

normie: octopuses
pretentious: octopi
orthodox greek: octopodes
pretentious geek: octopux
orthodox geek: hexapus

Universalist: All are valid. It's Engl-ish, not Eng-precise.

#plurals #octopus #pretentions #english #grammar #plurii

Today I learned octopus eggs take 5-10 years to hatch.

Unless you find an underwater warm spot.

"Why 'Hot Springs' Draw the World's Largest Gathering of Deep-Sea Octopuses"


Adam S. Smith
1 month ago

New on the Animal Toy Blog. Blue-ringed Octopus (3D Picture Book Poisonous Creatures by Toys Spirits):

"The blue rings do have a notable error where the centre should be either yellow or brown depending on which part the body is. Because of that, I am unsure which species to identify this figure as"

#AnimalToyBlog #animals #octopus #toys #cephalopods

A yellow plastic octopus toy with blue spots
Louanne Cooley
1 month ago

Seen in New Jersey. #random #octopus #ThickTrunkTuesday

In the middle of a forest near the highest point in New Jersey, US, a large purple and blue fabric octopus perched in the fork of two broken stems of a multi stemmed tree. For no reason we could discern. The large eyes of the octopus give it a startled expression, which seems appropriate for a forest cephalopod.

A video about making this painting and about what it feels like to never be entirely sure who you are:

Une vidéo qui montre la réalisation de ce tableau et qui parle de ce que ça donne lorsqu'on ne sait jamais vraiment qui l'on est:

#mastoart #fediart #painting #peinture #traditionalart #illustration #arttalk #womensart #creativetoots #artist #artiste #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #lgbtq #octopus #surreal #mentalhealth

grey octopus gripping a balloon shaped like an eyeball with a rainbow iris

A first set of diving photos with animals in holes, from the second June weekend this year near Ammouliani island in Halkidi, Greece together with @vivia.

We're finally slowly catching up with our photos!

Featuring: a mediterranean moray eel looking curiously out of its little hole, a spiny lobster also looking out of its hole with a nice orange sponge at the ceiling, an octopus hiding in its hole and carefully peeking out of it, and another octopus that is walking towards its hole for hiding, in the foreground a two-banded seabream and a painted comber looking towards the octopus.

#ScubaDiving #UnderwaterPhotography #Photography #MarineLife #Moray #MorayEel #Lobster #Octopus #Comber #PaintedComber #TwoBandedSeabream #Seabream #NaturePhotography #Ammouliani #Chalkidiki #Greece

A photo of a mediterranean moray eel (muraena helena) looking out of its hole. It's curiously looking what is happening outside, with a slightly open mouth that shows its teeth. It's far enough out of the hole to show off its yellow-blue-gray spotted pattern.
A photo of a spiny lobster (palinurus elephas) looking out of its hole. The whole head with its dark purple-spotted pattern and the eyes are visible, and the white-red-striped antennae are poking out of the hole.

Above the entrance of the hole there is a big orange sponge, and various others all over the rocks.
A photo of an octopus hiding in its hole. Its eye is slightly open and its curled up with one of its tentacles. At the entrance of the hole are some rocks and a black sponge (Chondrosia reniformis).
A photo of an octopus walking across rocks covered with black sponge towards its hole to hide. In the foreground are a two-banded seambream and a painted comber looking at it.
Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

4) Octopuses are usually solitary and incubate their eggs for at least 5 years, sometimes up to 13 (!)

So it’s exciting that scientists have found “the largest aggregate of octopuses known anywhere in the world, deep-sea or not”, where octopuses are hatching their eggs in less than 2 years 🐙

#Octopus #OctopusGarden #Science #DeepSea

A group of octopuses gathered on rocks under the ocean
Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

Scientists solve mystery of why thousands of octopus migrate to deep-sea thermal springs

Abyssal #hydrothermal springs—Cryptic incubators for brooding octopus

"The #OctopusGarden is one of a handful of known #DeepSea #OctopusNurseries. At this nursery, warmth from deep-sea thermal springs accelerates the development of #octopus eggs. #Scientists believe the shorter brooding period increases a hatchling octopus' odds for survival."

An aggregation of female pearl octopus (Muusoctopus robustus) nesting at the seafloor among sea anemones
antoine 3,141592...
1 month ago

[4/4] Primer plano de la cabeza y ojos del pulpo

Haciendo snorkel en Valle Niza - Querido pulpo, increible e inteligente animal -
#FOTOS #fotografia #photography #photo #naturaleza #nature #buceo #diving #diving_photography #fotosubmarina #oceano #scuba #scubadiving
#fish #octopus #peces #pulpo

Podemos ver un buen primer plano de su cabeza y ojos. La cabeza bien hinchada, para magnificar, y ahora de color gris uniforme, y los ojos sin perder detalle sobre mis movimientos.
antoine 3,141592...
1 month ago

[3/4] Decide posarse en una zona descubierta de una piedra con bastantes algas verdes.

Haciendo snorkel en Valle Niza - Querido pulpo, increible e inteligente animal -
#FOTOS #fotografia #photography #photo #naturaleza #nature #buceo #diving #diving_photography #fotosubmarina #oceano #scuba #scubadiving
#fish #octopus #peces #pulpo

Posado en una zona descubierta de una piedra con bastantes algas verdes desde donde me sigue observando adaptando una postura de ventosa, en la que su parte superior son los ojos saltones... las patas bien pegadas a la piedra excepto una por detras, y la cabeza tumbada y escondida para no sobresalir en exceso... está bien vigilar pero sin llamar la atención.

El color ha cambiado mucho, ahora tiene colores grises y blancos que hacen que se asemeje al fondo arenoso, excepto la zona de sus ojos saltones, la cual está casi negra. Sus ojos se ven claramente por lo que sobresalen, y tambien pueden verse sus sifones a ambos lados, prestos a dar empuje cuando sea necesario. No se distinguen detalles en sus patas, son un todo, como una ventosa, con las mancha de colores ya mencionadas blancas y grises.
antoine 3,141592...
1 month ago

[2/4] Tras observarme durante unos segundos el pulpo decide marchar a mejor lugar para preservarse de peligros.

Haciendo snorkel en Valle Niza - Querido pulpo, increible e inteligente animal -
#FOTOS #fotografia #photography #photo #naturaleza #nature #buceo #diving #diving_photography #fotosubmarina #oceano #scuba #scubadiving
#fish #octopus #peces #pulpo

Despues de plantarme cara mostrando su tamaño durante unos segundos decide huir, elegante como sólo un pulpo sabe hacer, impulsado por sus sifones y estirando de manera máxima sus patas, adoptando forma de huso, la cual es óptima para el desplazamiento.

El pulpo en este momento mantiene el color gris verdoso, pero ahora la cabeza tiene un color muy claro próximo al blanco, que hace resaltar más aún sus ojos saltones. En algunas de sus patas, dependiendo de su posición, se pueden ver en el envés las ventosas y en el anverso de cada pata se observan numerosos óvalos más claros, que le otorgan una gran belleza.
La cabeza, bomba impulsora, y con ojos atentos, avanza con una forma bastante hidrodinámica. A un lado de su cabeza asoma uno de sus dos sifones impulsores.
El suelo es de arena gris algo oscura, y hay algunas rocas claras de tamaño mediano, que están llenas de algas verdes y pequeñas algas marrones.
antoine 3,141592...
1 month ago

[1/4] El pulpo adopta esta postura en la que maximiza su tamaño para amedrentar, extiende sus patas y las faldas de cada una de sus ocho patas para crear una gran falda que lo hace inmenso.

Haciendo snorkel en Valle Niza - Querido pulpo, increible e inteligente animal -
#FOTOS #fotografia #photography #photo #naturaleza #nature #buceo #diving #diving_photography #fotosubmarina #oceano #scuba #scubadiving
#fish #octopus #peces #pulpo

Foto de un pulpo que hice salir de su madriguera. En cuanto me acerqué a él se puso en esta postura de plantarme cara mostrando su tamaño. Adopta esta postura en la que maximiza su tamaño dando forma con sus patas a una gran falda tras su cabeza. Aún asi las patas quedan curvadas hacia atrás, protegiendo la punta de sus extremidades de un ataque. Para dar forma a esta falda no sólo usa la postura de sus patas, sino que de cada pata extiende su velo, de tal manera que con cada pata y su velo obtiene esa forma de falda.
El pulpo en este momento tiene un color gris verdoso, bastante más oscuro por la zona de sus saltones ojos. En algunas de sus patas, dependiendo de su posición, se pueden ver las ventosas -en Malaga las llamamos botones- y en el velo de cada pata se observan numerosos círculos más claros, que le otorgan una gran belleza.
La cabeza está protegida tras "la falda", un poco echada hacia atrás, pero con sus ojos bien atentos. A un lado de su cabeza asoma uno de sus dos sifones impulsores.
El suelo es de arena gris algo oscura, y hay bastantes cáscaras de mejillones esparcidas en él.
antoine 3,141592...
1 month ago
Video de un pulpo que al principio adopta la postura de parecer amenazante: hincha su cabeza y pone sus patas para ocupar mucho espacio, como un vestido de esos inflados, en definitiva para aparentar más tamaño y parecer  una amenaza. Despues huye grácilmente, como sólo los pulpos saben hacer, se empujan a propulsion con sus sifones y ponen las patas en forma de cuña, muy hidrodinámicos. En su huída pasa por debajo de unas algas verdes como la lechuga, y acaba posándose en una pequeña roca desde la que mira dubitativo sintiéndose amenazado sin saber qué hacer.
Durante sus evoluciones se aprecian ciertos cambios de color .
1 month ago

Behold, an Octillery in it's natural habitat!

#pokemon #photography #octillery #octopus

Claudia Zahn
1 month ago

Did you know that the #octopus is considered to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates? They have been known to recognize faces, complete mazes, use tools, open jars and so much more!
They also sport three hearts, and blue blood, and have been around since well before the dinosaurs.

Blue glowing Coconut Octopus in the Philippines
Photography by Enrico Somogyi
By #AmazingNature #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer #Video #Science

Unseen Crafts
2 months ago

Mrs Hudson the Octeapus.
Original Unseen design, hand burned line work and hand painted colours on rustic wood slice.
#sherlock #art #craft #handmade #pyro #burn #octopus #tea #Pyrography #221b #SmallBusiness #handmadeuk #wood #woodworking

Wood slice with design of orange octopus wearing white Victorian maid’s cap and holding a tea tray with pink teapot and cup and saucer. She wears a lace collar with green jewel. She stands outside an open black door with gold knocker detail. There are lanterns either side of the door creating a yellow glow. There is a plant pot with a little green tree with tiny pink flowers.
Unseen Crafts
2 months ago

On the desk right now. Slow progress on Mrs Hudson the Octeapus. Here she is with her tea tray just outside the door of 221B. Work in progress.
#sherlock #investigate #tea #Pyro #Pyrography #burn #handmade #smallbusiness #craft #octopus #woodworking

Unseen Crafts
2 months ago

On the desk right now. Slow progress on Mrs Hudson. Here she is just outside the door of 221B. Work in progress.
#sherlock #investigate #tea #Pyro #Pyrography #burn #handmade #smallbusiness #craft #octopus #woodworking

Design, as stated, on large wood slice.
Unseen Crafts
2 months ago

On the desk right now. First paint on Mrs Hudson the octeapus with her tea tray. Here she is just outside the door if 221B. Work in progress.
#sherlock #investigate #tea #Pyro #Pyrography #burn #handmade #smallbusiness #craft #octopus #woodworking

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 months ago

Topic 11: History of Science

The lady and the octopus: How Jeanne Villepreux-Power Invented Aquariums and Revolutionized Marine Biology, by Dana Staaf

This is a beautiful and colorful book on another trailblazing woman scientist, the inventor of the first aquariums. Jeanne Villepreux-Power contributed a lot to science, including research on how the argonaut gains its shell.

#science #WomensHistory #MarineBiology #octopus

Chris Warwick
2 months ago

Big update to the #Octopus Energy #HomeAssistant HACS Integration - V8.0.0
Looks good 🙂

List of new features in Octopus Energy Home Assistant HACS Integration.

Added peak/offpeak consumption/cost sensors for current accumlative elec/gas 

Added sensors for current elec/gas accumulative consumption

Added sensors for current elec/gas accumulative cost

Added sensors for current elec/gas accumulative cost 

Added refresh rate configuration for Home Mini 

Improved target rate sensor config to show if an import or export meter is being picked

Added next/previous rate sensors for gas 

Added functions for retrieving next/previous rates

Updated next/previous electricity sensors to find rates that have a different value to current rate

Added ability to invert normal behaviour of target rate sensors when finding target rates 

Updated charges in cost sensors to include raw representation
2 months ago

Blue Ring Octopus are famous for their venomous bite and their vibrant color. Despite their large personalities, they are small in stature. The fourth image below shows the octopus next to a regular-sized marble. It was a delight to watch this species flash its colors, walk around the sea floor, and even interact with a nearby fish.


#blueringoctopus #venomous #octopus #cephalopod #macrophotography #olympus #epl

2 months ago

i want to show my octopus girl Tenn ​:gustafgaveyoumyheart:​​:agoogleoctopus:​ #イラスト オリジナルキャラクター 人外 #art #oc #octopus #イラスト 人外 #art #oc #octopus

🐙 Artist: #ABYS #AbysOsmoz in City: #Calais France 🇫🇷 2023 - Title: untitled - (📷 for Calais Streetart Festival) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #Octopus #Seagull #Comic #Water 💧

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a two-story house is sprayed/painted colorful comic mural of a seagull riding on a red octopus. The background is designed with a light blue sky. A giant octopus struts through a desert landscape with a limo glass with an umbrella and dark sunglasses on his forehead, with a few patches of blue water still visible. Starfish and life rings hang from him. An anchor and stranded ships in the distance lie around on the ground. Perched on his back is a cheerful seagull wearing a red wool cap. In one hand is a wooden plank and in the other a French flag on a stick. The two seem to be in search of the sea.
Quinn Dombrowski
2 months ago

Marveling at the number of skull #crochet #shawl patterns, relative to the number of #octopus patterns. In principle it feels like it should be possible to transform skulls into octopi, but it's a workout for my spatially-challenged brain. May just need to try some things. 🤔💀🐙

🐙 Do you like cephalopods, puns and social activism? Then you'll love these two refreshing prints!
🦑 Vous aimez les céphalopodes, les jeux de mots et les luttes sociales ? Alors vous aimerez ces deux prints rafraîchissants !
Free DL :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_sa: :
Prints 🖼️ :
#MastoArt #Linocut #Cyanotype #octopus #squid #anticapitalism #lgbtqia

Red linocut on white depicting a squid spitting ink and holding a knife. The text reads "Let's inkapacitate the Bourgeoisie".
Linogravure rouge sur blanc représentant un calmar qui crache de l'encre et qui tient un couteau. Un texte indique "Let's inkapacitate the Bourgeoisie"
Cyanotype based on a fake engraving of a ring octopus whose motifs are LGBTQIA+ symbols.
Cyanotype d'après une fausse gravure de pieuvre à anneaux dont les motifs sont des symboles LGBTQIA+
Elecia White
3 months ago

Once upon a time, there was a squad of octopus friends, They built pyramids together, showing the babies how it was done. They went line dancing and had a great time. Then they they went to the beach and climbed on the shells. It was a very good day.

#origami #octopus

Origami octopus group building a cheer squad type pyramid.
Origami octopus group.
Origami octopus group with snail shells.
3 months ago

@aronow summoning @ErikaMoen #octopus #tentacle

I'm interested in:
🧶 #FiberArts such as #crochet, #spinning with a #DropSpindle, #LoomKnitting, and #PunchNeedle embroidery.
🎨 #Sketching and #painting.
📚 Reading, particularly #SciFi and #Fantasy. I especially love #Discworld by #TerryPratchett, and the #Cosmere by #BrandonSanderson.
:FountainPen: #Writing, mostly stories for children, and #AutoEthnography for me.
🐙 Octopuses! Squids, cuttlefish, and nautiloids are fun too but I have a special love for learning about the #octopus family.

3 months ago

Oldie but still one of my favorite #art pieces ^_^

@Curator #fediart #mastoart #octopus

Drawing of a blue octopus knitting, he is wearing a red knit cap

Hi, I'm Tiffany :ablobwave:

I joined and can see from the local feed this is my mastodon mecca. Came here because I follow @adhdeanasl @StefanThinks @the_etrain @QueenOfCoffee

I was on since late October last year in whatever wave of Space Karen migration that was. I moved from the bird site, which I used professionally for 10 years, so I kept my Twitter handle. Now that I've "retired" from academia, looking to have a much less uptight experience on social media.

Mostly here for pretty pictures, memes, non-sequiturs, and hot-takes.

Approval of follows is on because of my profession :thisisfine:

Me, in hashtags: #GenX #atheist #Chicago #vegetarian #cycling #hiking #nature #travel #octopus #scuba #beach #beer #karate #coffee #cooking #ADHD (mom, spouse), #nerd

Rare octopus nurseries discovered deep in the Pacific Ocean.

#science #octopus

East Pacific Red Octopus... on a wee little oyster shell.

Soon to be for sale in the shop at the Seattle Art Museum. For information on purchasing, see my website:

#octopus #cephalopods #wildlife #MarineBiology #PNW #SalishSea #PugetSound #Seattle #SeattleArtist #painting #TraditionalArt

A small oyster shell with gold rim. Inside is painted a red octopus with curling arms.
3 months ago

Do octopuses* dream of eclectic shrimp? Probably!

Click through for a nice video of an #octopus #dreaming

* Personally I prefer the plural "octopodes" to match the word's Greek origins but also because it's pronounced "oc-TOP-oh-deez" which is way more fun to say.

Ele Willoughby, PhD
3 months ago

New toned cyanotype for #CephalopodWeek! This one features an image of my linocut #octopus with cedar and black locust branches to give it the feel of being in its environment.

#octopus #linocut #printmaking #cyanotype #cyanotypeProcess #cedar #blackLocust #tonedCyanotype #cephalopod #MastoArt

A toned cyanotype with some sepia along with the blue and white with an image of my swimming linocut octopus, surrounded by white silhouettes of cedar and black locust branches. On watercolour paper 11” x 14”.
3 months ago

I didn't participate on yesterday's Shrimp Sunday and I don't have the energy to do it today, I need sleep. Instead of taking full responsibility for my actions, I'm blaming this octopus.

But fear not, @ephesossh saved the day with his rocket shrimp.

#ShrimpSunday #PixelArt #Octopus

Pixel art of a big eyed purple octopus crawling on yellow sand. Blue water as background.
Benjamin Brinckmann
3 months ago

I saw some of your incredibly fun entries for the wonderfully #SillyCuratorPrompts #Ostropus . So I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Here is mine, the octopus is based on a #WonderpusPhotogenicus (yes, its actual name!). Ostropus stalks the mudflats in search of shells and crabs and sticks its head into the mud to dig them out with its tentacles. This was really fun and I discovered an incredibly powerful workflow as well!

#MastoArt #CreatureDesign #Ostrich #Octopus

A digital painting of an Ostropus, an ostrich with an octopus for a head. It walks across a mudflat and has just pulled out its head from the mud. "SLURP" is written in large letters besides it.
4 months ago

So. The two-spot octopus can recode the RNA in their brains over the course of less than a day in order to adapt their functionality to rapid swings in water temperature.

#octopus #cephalopods #ocean #biology #MarineBiology #science #nature #adaptation

Valerie Norton
4 months ago

More #wildlife on the trail!
What washes up, a couple of birds, and something that looks too much like a rattlesnake on Rattlesnake Ridge.
#octopus #snake #bird #cormorant #killdeer
#hiking #backpacking #LostCoast #KingRangeWilderness #California #nature
Trying to figure out what hashtags are needed is always too much. #DangerNoodle yeah.

Octopus in a tide pool. It washed up and suckers huge and small are visible, warped a little bit the ripples on the top of the water.
Nearly dry cormorant looks back to check out the photographer. It is a black bird with black webbed feet on a black rock. A waves washes this way in the distance.
Killdeer. Brown and white bird with striping on its head looks back between testing out spots in the sand to sit. The bird is currently standing in the dark sand surrounded by lighter rocks and tufts of green.
Something that looks all too much like a rattlesnake even with a skinny tail showing. Gopher snake curled up on Rattlesnake Ridge, slightly hidden by long grass.
Deborah League
4 months ago
Octopus Batik painting features a friendly looking octopod in apparent conversation with a fellow ocean dwelling fish. Blue underwater waves contrast nicely with the purple octopus, red fish and green sea grass. Lively, full of movement and colorful, this cheery image is perfect for your beach house or sea themed children's room.
4 months ago

#Octopus erweitert InDesign um nützliche Zusatzfunktionen, kostenlos. Die Entwickler sind selbst Anwender und haben jahrelange Erfahrung im #Script⁠ing, im Umgang mit #InDesign und in der Entwicklung von Automatisierungslösungen.
#InDesignScript #AdobeInDesign

Benjamin Brinckmann
4 months ago

Making art can be a mess sometimes…
I've been continuing on my #Snailriders #boardgame and I want to make finalized art for the creature encounter cards. I'm working on "Swamp Octopus" who crawls onto the cargo your Snail's transporting, blocking your access to it. This is a process video of making just the rough sketch before painting. It was a real struggle to get the composition and pose right. I had to make many iterations before landing on a final sketch.

#GameDev #FantasyArt #Octopus

5 months ago

Fediverse, I would like you to introduce you to Ocho, the latest addition to my plushie family.

I don't think Ocho was very happy having their photo taken. They look pretty pissed off...

In any case, Ocho joins Lavender the Narwhal, Callie the Giant Squid, Ike the Blåhaj, Chompy the Blåhaj (Chompy is also a Blåhaj, but not
a Blåhaj) and Tiny the Common Octopus.

And an honorary mention to Gork the Orca, who technically belongs to my kiddo

#plushies #octopus #blahaj

Ocho, a plushie blue ringed octopus. They are golden in colour, with blue rings scattered all over their body. One partially lidded eye is visible, making Ocho look mildly pissed off
A pile of plushes on a lounge chair. In the pile is a purple narwhal, a small brown common octopus, a blahaj, a blue shark, an orca and a giant squid
Deborah League
5 months ago

Watercolor octopus. Have you ever watched the Netflix movie "My Octopus Teacher?" If not, I strongly encourage you to do so. Such a beautiful portrait of man and octopus becoming friends. I'll warn you though, you may cry at the end.


#art #artwork #mastodon #mastoart #octopus #artist #homedecor #painting #wallart #watercolor #fish #fediart #AYearForArt #Buyintoart
#ocean #beach #sealife #colorful

Colorful octopus watercolor print. Painted in rainbow shades of turquoise, purple, aqua, blue and green. This beachy, tropical painting would look just as great on the walls of your inland home as it would in a beach house.

Available as wall art, on items of home decor, as wearable art and stationery. All at the link!
demï7en 🎗
5 months ago
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

most of my #InverteFest fun I had with Octopoi though! Such endless variety of forms, so much to learn from drawing them :)

(These were days 81-84 of my 100 days of drawing animals.)

#Art #Ink #octopus

an ink drawing in black in landscape format of two octopoi
an ink drawing in black lines and some dark grey wash in landscape format of three octopoi
a drawing in brown pen in landscape format of three octopoi
a drawing in brown pen in landscape format of three octopoi
Laura E. Hall
5 months ago

3) A 5 minute video of a lovely, huge Cirroteuthid octopus spotted at the Southwest Baker Island in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument 🐙

Seen at a depth of 1,600 meters (5,250 feet), measuring 1.3 m (4.2 ft) long. (‘Deep ocean’ is the depth at which light begins to dwindle, typically around 200 meters (656 feet))

#Octopus #DeepSea #DeepOcean #Marine #MarineLife

An octopus floating down toward the bottom of the ocean, its legs tucked up
An octopus stretching out its long legs
An octopus billowing as it flexes its whole body
Robin Childs
5 months ago

The embarrassing thing about the fifth captain of the cursed vessel is no one on the crew is sure whether he'd always been an octopus, only that it became more obvious over time.

"Best Cap'n I e'er had," one sailor confided. "'m just glad 'e trusts us more now."

#illustration #DigitalArt #painting #haunted #mariner #octopus

A digital painting, portrait style, of a man who might be an octopus, or an octopus who might be a man