Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 days ago

Vandaag gaan we verder aan de hut. Het is een driehoekige boomhut en twee muren zijn af. Vandaag maken we de derde muur. Dan verder met het dak.

#boomhut #treehouse #zelfbouwen #buitenleven #offgrid

A timelapse of people working on a treehouse in the forest
2 days ago

for no reason, tonight i'm once again thinking about the "russian cyberfarm." i've seen this video so many times & i *still* think it's funny. i was born in the former soviet union, and this is about as accurate a representation as you're gonna get 😂

also, i think anyone with a #farm or #homestead or #offgrid will recognize a lot of the situations portrayed... (eng subs in cc)

#solarpunk #cyberpunk #lols #EasternEurope #farming #rural #countryside

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
3 days ago

Big help today with hanging the laundry. Because we moved the camper last week we moved the drying lines. Doris made a lower line so she can hang some laundry. She even made a short line for socks. I love how inventive she is and wants to help with doing tasks.

#OffGrid #LaundryDay

Multiple drying lines hanging between trees in the forest. One line is hanging low and a girl is putting up laundry to dry.
4 days ago

Solar cooker #today is beyond meatballs with elbows and sauce. Kind of cloudy today, so it definitely took longer. Made the elbows on the stovetop tho. #offgrid #cooking

Raw beyond meatballs (plant based protein) next to the solar oven and packaging.
Mostly cooked, slightly browned, beyond meatballs in the cooking tray.
Meatballs with sauce poured over them, going back in the oven to cook.
A bowl of macaroni and meatballs in marinara sauce and cheese.
4 days ago

@emil Codzienne relacje już niebawem. I opis mojego rozwiązania (niedrogiego).
Docelowo przed trasą ze 2 tygodnie w "dziczy" nad jeziorem niedaleko, by sprawdzić sprzęt i ewentualnie zrobić poprawki.

Ma być pełen #offgrid #diy i samowystarczalność (2 lapki, tablet, 2 telefony).

Dzisiaj byłem wybrać i wybadać miejscówkę ;)

Brzeg jeziora, po bokach trzciny, na środku piaskowa "plaża" z wysuszonymi połamanymi fragmentami trzcin.
Widok na jezioro Dzierżno Duże od strony Kanału Gliwickiego. Trzciny, drugi brzeg całkiem niedaleko. Piękne niebo z niewielką ilością chmur. Bardzo słonecznie.
Panorama jeziora, po lewej drzewo, niżej trzciny. Lekko pofalowana tafla wody. Nad drugim brzegiem niewielkie chmury.
Earth Notes
4 days ago

On Setting Up a Raspberry Pi Off-grid PV-Powered Server (2014) - How I set up a Raspberry Pi (Model B then B+) after the SheevaPlug. ~1.6W consumption typical, 400x less than my original server rack! #RPi #frugal #offGrid -

4 days ago

Used my new solar oven for the first time #today ! I was really unexpectedly impressed with this little oven!
First I made gingered carrots w butter and brown sugar. They came out hot and sizzling. They tasted amazing, it cooked beautifully and it seems really efficient. It took only 30-40 minutes. #cooking #solar #offgrid

Gosun solar oven
Pulling delicious roasted carrots out of the solar oven.
Anna Belluz :mastodonworld:
5 days ago

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest or in Southern BC and love bluegrass/country music and need a place to truly chill? Here's a kept secret.: I have a property for sale where several of our neighbours are top 100 musicians. We have an informal concert every summer where we all jam in the old growth under intense starlit skies.

I'm sad to go, but it's time for a new chapter in our lives.

Check my media. Picts posted earlier.
#cabin #forsale #offgrid #Seattle #Vancouver #bluegrass #realestate

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
6 days ago

Vegetable garden morning. Weeding a bit and put the tomatoes around a stick.

#OffGrid #VegetableGarden #growyourown #Veggies

A collage with four photos of a vegetable garden. On top from left to right you see radishes, tomatoes en zucchini. On the bottom one picture of an overview of the vegetable garden with zucchini, grapes, a garden hose and in the back lots of wild grasses
1 week ago

first test of the gosun sport solar oven i got on sale recently!

i had it cook some pumpkin from @saltphoenix's garden

it was a cloudy day & i wasn't sure how to arrange it toward the sun, but it definitely got hot, & this pumpkin got soft in ~45 mins.

so the first test went well! there is definitely more experimentation to go.

i bought it here:

#solarpunk #SolarCooking #offgrid #homestead #SolarOven

gosun sport solar oven
looking inside the solar oven's mystical glass tube
putting the food half-tube into the glass tube
cooked pumpkin coming out of the tube.
maxmoon 🌱
1 week ago

Yesterday I still had to use the heating at night. Today I had to use the ventilator the first time, because it's 28°C (82°F) in my trailer (even with a protecting roof).

That escalated quickly!

btw. the ventilator is solar powered.

#trailer #offgrid #selfsufficient #hobo #ventilator #hot

A thermometer shows 28°C
It's a ventilator.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 week ago

Woke up with this amazing feeling after working on the treehouse yesterday. It feels so good to create and build this ourselves. It is a big project, we have never done something like this before. It feels rewarding and fulfilling to think, look, cut, try and try again to make this amazing playhouse for the kids!

#OffGrid #TreeHouse #Builders #DIY #WorkingWithWood #Wood

Two kids who look up from a wooden window in a treehouse, to check the treehouse
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 week ago

This morning we are finally working on the treehouse again! We picked up loads of used wood from a friend's place that has been renovated.

Already super happy with how it looks, and also with this timelapse!

#OffGrid #Building #TreeHouse #Play #Learn #DIY #Timelapse #OutdoorLiving

A timelapse video of people building a treehouse

@jwildeboer That's why it's basically illegal to be #OffGrid in #Germany...

And yes I've read of a small village that due to wind turbines basically has a cooperative energy company selling power for € 0,09/kWh + taxes and mandatory fees to residents and businesses...

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 week ago

Tiny broccoli is making his appearance in this world. :)

#OffGrid #Gardening #VegetableGarden #Broccoli

A plant pot with soil growing a little broccoli plant
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 week ago

Harvesting and drying some cilantro seeds, so I can sow them again soon.

#OffGrid #SeedHarvesting #Seeds #VegetableGarden #Cilantro

Cilantro seeds on a bleu tray
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Summer is we moved the camper a bit so that she is under the trees for some extra shade. An extra pro is that she is closer to the outside kitchen, so it is more inviting to use the outside kitchen more than the one inside the camper.

I am always the one who drives the camper. And I am pretty proud of my accomplishment today, squeezed in between four trees, each on one side of the camper. Who says women can't drive or park a car?! ;)

#OffGrid #Vanlife #OutdoorLiving

A big white camper standing in the forest between the trees.
see shy jo
2 weeks ago

finished converting my #starlink to DC power.... this reduced my house's base load from 65 watts to 37 watts, of which about 24 watts are starlink #offgrid

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Shining as new!

Today I maintained the chainsaw. It was leaking some oil and the forest sand was everywhere. I cleaned it completely and afterwards I sharpened the chain ⛓️. Ready to cut some trees before summer.

The first thing I wanna do with it is make a wooden bench for the vegetable garden.

#OffGrid #Chainsaw #GirlBoss #OutdoorLiving #Tools #Forest

A Chainsaw on a wooden picknick table with some tools and cleaning cloths.
see shy jo
2 weeks ago

I prefer top to bottom. #starlink #offgrid

(Ignoring the kaypro)

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Absolute favourite picture of my favourite people (and dog)!

Favoriete foto van mijn favoriete mensen (en hond)!

#NaturalLearning #OutdoorLiving #Sweeties #OffGrid #Chill #relaxed #Nature #Photography #Children #beautiful #Natuur #Fotografie #Ontspannen #Kinderen #NatuurlijkLeren

A boy and a girl and a dog sitting in high grass together. They look really relaxed and  are holding each other loosely.

So, thinking about my shed set up.
- 120w Solar Panel Kit (Eco-worthy)
- MiFi with PAYG data sim
- Either 2 CCTV camera's OR 2 Old smart phones running Alfred.
- Bog standard inverter for things like strimmer (600w or something)
- LED lights + USB power hub

My only real question is, should I get one of the LiFePo4 batteries, or a regular deep cycle leisure battery?
#gardening #solar #solarpunk #shed #offgrid

2 weeks ago

Just installed my second set of 200W #solar panels for my trailer for a total of 400W peak. Now I just need two more #LiFePO4 batteries and I won't need to lug around our 130lb #generator anymore.

#Camping #Offgrid #Boondocking #RV

Ever wanted to filter #rainwater for human consumption, then watch this informative video

#OffGrid #Drinking

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Having a little picknick after working in the vegetable garden with the kids all morning. It has rained so the soil is perfect to prepare for some more seeding and planting.

#OffGrid #OutdoorLiving #OffTheGrid #VegetableGarden #NaturalLearning #Picknick #freelife #FamilyPicknick

Two kids and a grown man sitting on tree trunk having some food and drinks. They are sitting in front of the vegetable garden and vineyard. Right behind them is a wheelbarrow with some garden tools.
Earth Notes
2 weeks ago

On Setting Up a Raspberry Pi Off-grid PV-Powered Server (2014) - How I set up a Raspberry Pi (Model B then B+) after the SheevaPlug. ~1.6W consumption typical, 400x less than my original server rack! #RPi #frugal #offGrid -

2 weeks ago

Even tho I'm still on this sinking ship, it's nice to have help from friends with the lifting, reworking, water issues and power, to make it more comfortable, for a little while longer.
I'm just so damn tired and will never be "done." #offgrid

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

So, I used this thick winter jacket from Doris to prepare rice pudding (let it cook for 1 minute and then put it in the winter jacket and let it sit for 1 hour). I would love to make my own 'Hay madam' (a portable version of the hay box). Does anyone has experience with that?

Can I for example use old pillow stuffing for it?

#OffGrid #OffTheGrid #MakeYourOwn #HooiMad #HayMadam

A dark blue winter jacket with pink zippers, there is a pot inside with hot rice pudding, but you cannot see that because it is completely covered with the jacket and a shawl.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Morning walk through the vineyard and the vegetable rained the past few days and it makes everything even more beautiful!

#OffGrid #OffTheGrid #VegetableGarden #GrowYourOwn #Vineyard #OutdoorLiving #Nature #NatureLover #GreenFingers

A pic collage of 5 pictures. Two are landscape pictures of the vineyard, one with a dog walking in long dry grass. The three lowers pictures are small pictures of a yellow zucchini flower, a pink clover and a pink/yellow rose.
2 weeks ago

FINALLY I have hot showers again. Y'all have no idea what a luxury that is.
#offgrid #junglelife #friends #homesteady

maxmoon 🌱
3 weeks ago

@ndpi This sounds actually interesting, because I would like to figure out a system for off-grid communication.

But how does this even work without phones and routers?

btw. if you use fitting hashtags in your posts, much more people could find it.

#offgrid #mesh #meshtastic #communication

Tyler Disney
3 weeks ago

I finished up the #offgrid #pv #solar build for a neighbor. Biggest install I've done to date (5kW production, 24kWh storage, dual SCCs) and I learned a TON.

It feels great to finish my winter work season on a high note, days before I load up the panniers on my bike and head out.

An offgrid PV solar system battery room, including batteries, charge controllers, wires, inverter, etc.

I saw Nellie Lindqvist's video installation at #Charlottenborg last weekend and was able to track Lindqvist's name to this essay on #decolonization of the #internet in it's most physical sense.
The text analyzes some obvious examples where governments have weaponized the internet against #political revolts ( #Iran , #China , #Russia ), and how the actual infrastructure would need to be replaced, e.g. by #meshnetworks or similar #offgrid technologies.
It's a rather radical idea, yet to me in line with some of the problems that #fediverse and #decentralization also address.

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
4 weeks ago

Once a week we need to water all the new trees and plants we put in the forest last winter, that is about 75 of them. So I can use some help with that!

Most of the trees I can reach with the hose, but some are to far away, so we use the watering can for them.

#OffGrid #OfftheGrid #OutdoorLiving #Forest #NewTrees #Trees

A little boy putting water in the watering can.
4 weeks ago

The birds built their nest with my goat's hair, shredded white tarp, and moss. I suspect the moss is both good for having water at the nest, without it soaking the nest. It's thick and holds dew, but very well draining, in rain. They are amazing.
😭🥰💓🤩 #nature #adaptation #usewhatget #offgrid #birds #junglelife #farm

Hand holding a palm sized bird nest of tiny blades of dried grass, white goat hair, white plastic strips and green and living moss and tiny ferns.
Viewpoint from above of same nest.
Close up of nest.
Sébastien Barbieri
4 weeks ago

@ploum il est très bon ce post gemini://
Je suis en train de travailler sur l´économie de l´attention et tout en lisant ton post je voyais ma fille à côté de moi assise dans cette librairie en trai d´attendre que je termine ma lecture... encore une fois sur mon telephone... et je me disais voilà je suis malade aussi... pourtant depuis que j´ai arrêté Twitter ça va mieux... #BackToTheTree ? Qu´est-ce qu´on arrête ensuite? #offgrid ?

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
4 weeks ago

The curiosity of Doris (7yo) is limitless. I has always been that way, especially when she is in nature. Taking a walk can takes hours with her because there is so much to see, explore, research and find out.

This evening we saw a snake and we stopped at an ants nest to see and feel how they move.

#OutdoorLiving #OffGrid #OffTheGrid #Nature #Explorer #Homeschooling #Curious

A girl with a pink t-shirt is squatting om the ground to take a close look to a ants nest.
4 weeks ago

A little experiment to see what will fit into the food cabinet (or pantry) of the bike trailer.
Not what I'll actually take to start with, but now I know what'll actually fit. Roughly equates to two 'standard' grocery tote bags.

#BikeTooter #CycleTouring #OffGrid #Nomad

A corner cabinet of a steel-framed plywood bike trailer, the cabinet door is open, showing it packed with about 16 cans of food plus various other packages and bottles.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

Of they go! To feed the donkeys with their selfmade knapsacks (is that the right English word for it?)

#MorningWalk #OffGrid #Donkey #OutdoorLiving

Two children walking in the forest with self made knapsacks..
IT News
1 month ago

Converting On-Grid Electronics To Off-Grid - Husband and wife team [Jason & Kara] hail from Canada, and in 2018, after buil... - #solarhacks #wallwarts #carhacks #inverter #starlink #lifepo4 #offgrid #dc-dc #solar

BarbNerdy 🐿️
1 month ago

Camping, #offgrid friends

I'm looking for a power system which helps me out for around 3-4 days in the wild without power for:
W-Lan Hotspot, charging Laptop, phone etc.
no fridge and other heavy power consumers..

In the next step, I'd like to get the solar panels for it... so it needs to be a system

Would this #jackery be enough?

Tyler Disney
1 month ago

There is nothing quite like the feeling when after months and months of analysis, design, concrete work, trenching, fabrication, wiring, stripping, endless trips to the hardware store and scouring the ends of the internet for the right components... flip the switch and WHAM 2+ kW baby and that's literally only the half of it! And it didn't blow up!! Engineering is AWESOME!!

#solar #PV #offgrid #engineering

Offgrid solar system including inverter, batteries, charge controller, breakers, wires...
A 5kW ground mount solar panel array on a custom unistrut rack.
Stephanie Jane
1 month ago

A new #introduction as I've moved instances ...

I'm a #Narrowboat dwelling reader & #BookReviewer currently living in England though I want to be in Scotland. I'm a #vegan and a #GreenParty member, a supporter of #VeganLandMovement and a #Pigoneer
I love #DiverseReads, sharing 3 #WorldReads #BookReviews on My WorldReads ko-fi each week with another 2 #veganish reviews on my Stephanie Jane ko-fi
We live mostly #OffGrid and are #CarFree. I want to do more to be #PlasticFree and support #degrowth initiatives like the #SharingEconomy

A view of my back as I walk away through woodland. I am wearing a blue jumper over a vintage floral dress with hiking boots.
Phil Sturgeon
1 month ago

🚐🔋 Introducing the Struggle Bus, my little electric camper van I've been living in whilst on the road doing woodland creation/ restoratioration over the country for @ProtectEarthUK.

It's so simple, but it's brought a lot of freedom from the grid when travelling, and has kept me independent and mobile when injured and sick.

#VanLife #FuckFossilFuels #electricity #Climate #OffGrid

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

And again back in the vegetable garden to prepare the soil, taking away some weeds, sowing and planting #flowers, #herbs and #vegetables.

Learning by doing it is, I often tell myself it is one big green, naturel experiment where nothing can go wrong, I can only learn from what didn't work like it thought it would.

#OffGrid #GrowYourOwn #vegetablegrower #VegetableGarden #Permaculture #GreenFingers #LoveMyGarden #OutdoorLiving

A fenced vegetable garden with vines in it. In the garden lays a watering can, stands a big green bucket for catching water.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

Een laatste knuffel voor Rosan, het liefste kippenvriendinnetje van Doris dat vandaag ineens doodging.

Er waren veel emoties bij Doris, verdriet en ook boosheid op de andere kippen, dat die Rosan buitensloten, maar dat bleek ook verdriet.

"Ik mis haar niet echt, want haar ziel is gewoon nog steeds bij ons."

#OffGrid #Kippen #Liefde #KippenLiefde #KippenHouden

Een kinderhand die een zwarte kip vasthoudt. Er steekt een gele grote kippenpoot onder de arm uit.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

Finally, a complete morning working in our vineyard-vegetable-garden! This work makes me so happy and fulfilled. And because the vineyard is 500metres away from our basecamp, I decided to take lunch with me so I don't have to walk extra for lunch break. Saves time and energy that I can put in the garden. :) Lovely morning!

#OffGrid #VegetableGarden #Gardening #sowingseeds #Lunchbreak

A vegetable garden, with some vines in it. On the ground is a plastic lunchbox and a thermobottle. In the background there is a wheelbarrow.
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

Making a little cabinet from second hand wood and wood from the forest. It is for our Berkey water filter, so it will stay in the shade and won't fall out of the kitchen when there is a lot of wind.

#OffGrid #waterfilter #Berkey #DIY #Homemade #Reuse

The beginning of a cabinet with reused wood. In the cabinet there is a silver coloured water filter.
Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago
Living off-grid in the boondocks scares me.

Technological improvements like solar panels and satellite broadband have made it much more attractive these days, but they don't change the physical isolation.

I get that isolation can be really attractive and it can work very well if you're younger and able-bodied, but having lived on a farm, I know it can quickly become scary and dangerous if you're older or get injured.

It doesn't mean city living is the best. But technologically-assisted backwoods off-grid living seems like a precarious proposition.

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 month ago

We hebben een paar weken moeten wennen hier in het bos. Vorig jaar woonden we hier 9 maanden en in de winter waren we 3 maanden weg. Toen we in februari weer terug kwamen voelde alles anders. We moesten landen en voelen waar de energie op zat. Sinds begin april zijn we weer helemaal thuis hier. We genieten intens van het buitenleven en de natuur om ons heen.

#OffGrid #Portugal #Vanlife #Buitenleven

Twee kinderen die op een zandbult staan met links takken van een denneboom in zicht en recht een stuk wijngaard
Phil Sturgeon
2 months ago

My new Kelly Kettle will help me keep hoards of volunteers full of tea and coffee

It can boil 1.6L of water and cook up whatever at the same time - like these sausages I got from the farm I was protecting last night.

I like getting rid of whatever scraps of wood are about, like this split 1.2m tree stake! 🤣 #NoFossilFuels #OffGrid

Benjamin Bramble
3 months ago

Howdy. I'm trying to find a place on the internet where I can be myself, and find folx with similar interests.

I am a climate and ecology oriented farmer, working with organic livestock and tree crops in the Midwest US. My focus is on ecosystem stewardship and community resilience, but mostly navigating surviving as a food grower and living simply. Trying to write some.

Not a natural with digital tech, but I'm pretty good with a pitchfork.

#introduction #permaculture #rural #offgrid #intro

Had a chat with the neighbour after he kindly helped us schlepp our old batteries off the pontoon.

Turns out he has some ultra-rare batteries on his boat: Flooded NiCd cells. 1.2V nominal, 20 year service life. His are from 2007 and still good, although they did cost a small fortune at the time.

They're still available and used in certain applications due to their unique properties and long service life.

#Battery #NiCd #OffGrid #TheBoatyard

Beameup Scotty
4 months ago
Old stone road with old stone walls each side, in the distance is the lake & snow topped mountains
Ray Lovegrove
5 months ago

"Living and working on a smallholding without electricity, fossil fuels or running water, has taught me much about the natural world, society, the state of our shared culture, and what it means to be human in a time when the boundaries between man and machine are blurring."

~ Mark Boyle

#SimpleLiving #RadicalChange #OffGrid

5 months ago

Working on some different ideas and designs with a badass local group, trying to figure out how we can make portable AC units for the summer that are cheap to mass produce and can help people cool down if they don't have access to AC. Breaking down the approaches. 🔨🔩 #solarpunk

Design one is a radiator pump design. You add ice water into the bottom reservoir and use a pump to force the water into a radiator. This will get extremely cold and a fan is used to blow that cold air out. No humidity unlike a swamp cooler. Powered off a portable battery bank.

One major downside is that you need ice for it to work. Which then you have to have access to ice, money to buy ice, or have ice dropped off to you. There are portable ice makers but that could only work for larger places with electricity or a lot of solar infrastructures.
Adding on, you can put a smaller bucket inside the 5 gallon, and fill the space with spray foam to insulate the water to keep it from melting. But we can't always assume that people can either afford ice, or carry it far enough to fill up their coolers.

Another option is using a thermoelectric cooler unit, that takes electricity and makes one side cold and the other side hot. Attach it to a PVC vent to vent out the hot air through the tent. Then you don't need ice and this is more portable.
One downside is that peltier units really need to be cooled on their hot side. And there needs to be a strong delta in the temperature difference. For a small cooler is fine, but cooling air is way harder even with a bunch of them.

An answer to this might be a hybrid unit. Where instead of ice water, a peltier unit is used as a water cooler. The hot end is vented out the tent and the cool end can make cold water to use in the radiator. No ice is needed, but more power is needed to make the whole system work.
A big problem is that it's easier to make heat than it is to cool down. Cooling air is very energy intensive and requires a lot to get it cold enough to matter. It's easier to make stuff like heaterbloc heaters at a low cost compared to cooling, which involves a lot more.

There are ups and downs to all of these, and more than likely a hybrid approach will actually work in the harsh Texas heat, but will mean that less units can be made because of the expenses needed. It's a step in the right direction. Keep ya posted on how things go.

A little bit of background,we are making these for our local conditions in the hot and humid climate in Texas. There are other ways of cooling air like direct air over water/swamp coolers but they are best for drier climates. Just a bit of context into why we are going this route.

A good idea was brought up by @bjthoi
about using a zeer pot/ceramic evap cooler as the resevior that might offer a more appropriate/low tech approach to the idea. Might look into making mini Yakhchāl using the same idea.

#offgrid #lowtech #appropriatetech

Trudy Harpham PhD
5 months ago

Good evening from chalet La Vigne in #bugey #france. This small isolated chalet was built on the abandoned #vineyard. There was also an abandoned ‘bassin’ for irrigating the vines. It was turned into a swimming pool whose footprint is bigger than the chalet. The pool pump is powered by #solar as La Vigne is #offgrid. With temperatures regularly hitting 40C it’s now appreciated. Half way between #geneva and #lyon. Elevation 500m. Annual rainfall 1000mm. #drought #globalheating

6 months ago

Anybody #onhere have or have used a #biogas toilet? I have an opportunity to get one at a greatly reduced cost, so looking for info from anyone who is currently using one. #offgrid #compost #humanure

Sam Sycamore
6 months ago

Hi Mastodon! 👋

I'm Sam, a #writer and #webdeveloper living in Saint Paul, MN, USA.

I work as a developer advocate for MUI, an #opensource software library. In my free time I love to make music, travel, and play with my dog.

Before I taught myself how to code, in a previous life I was an #offgrid farmer, handyman, and host of a podcast called The Good Life Revival from 2016 - 2019 (you can still stream it on all platforms).

You can find out more about my projects at 🪴

6 months ago

#Mastodon To help make connections: name 5 (or more) things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as hashtags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

#art #architecture #design #gardening #homestead #chickens #offgrid #environment #conservation

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
6 months ago

For people who just started following me...I love a good #throwback! :)

Since 2012 we live a nomadic, slow life. We have stayed in over 50 differents houses, lived in a #farmhouse with a #permaculture garden, and since 2,5 years we live in our #camper and stayed #OffGrid for 9 months. A picture says more than words, so sometimes I just like to share a throwback pic to give you a glimpse of the fulfilling, simple and #abundant life we live.

#SlowLiving #Giveconomy #VanLife #SimpleLiving

Two children playing in high grass with I black cat. One of the kids is standing, he wares a bright red hat and a bleu shirt. The other kid is kneeling down to pat the cat.
The ocean with sunrise with two persons and a dog running on the beach. The sky and water looks purple and orange. You see the people and the dog only in profile because of the light.
A man is pouring water from a bucket in a big barrel. Two kids are watching. They are surrounded by small trees and bushes those make shadows om their bodies.
6 months ago

@baldur I have been here for a while, too. And the quality of interactions here is what I love. I can ask for help in two different toots, about two wildly different topics (#UNIX #Linux then #polytunnels and #offgrid) and get so much information and help. I can confidently say this has never happened on anything else short of IRC in the early 2000s.

I'm looking at RV deep cycle batteries again, getting sucked into the vortex of expanding my off-grid capabilities.

Send help.

#RVLife #OffGrid

Tee Francis
6 months ago

Rewilding a small parcel of Ireland and a large part of myself. I live off-grid and as sustainably as I can; planting vegetables, sowing words. Solace in nature, poetry and art.

#offgrid #sustainability #NoDig #biodiversity #smallholder #wildlife #Mayo #Ireland #organic #nature #ecology #TheArchersBBC

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
6 months ago

A little throwback movie to our off the grid life the past 9 months. With our camper we stayed on a 5 hectare forest and vineyard in the south west of Portugal.

There was only forest when we arrived, so we started with making raised beds for growing our own vegetables. It is an amazing feeling what you can create in 9 months if you follow the natural flow! It was a lovely adventure, which ended last week.

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Chaotic Insanity
7 months ago

#Introduction - Hiya! My name is Michael, but I usually go by Mike. I'm a single father living day to day with PTSD and many other struggles of my own, however, I prioritize my son's special needs before my own, and I'm learning something new every single day.

I try to stay as positive as possible and I am by default non-confrontational mainly because confrontation gives me panic attacks.

The ability to stay informed and help others where I can is important to me, even if the news is difficult to hear or share at times.

Down below I will leave my interests and things I might toot about at anytime in the future, however I will be most heavily focused on politics and things that affect society as a whole. If you find yourself liking my content or have similar interests, feel free to give me a follow and/or interact with me. I'm also very willing to learn and be educated, please feel free to correct me or guide me as you see fit if you so choose.

My current profile picture explains everything without saying anything, here's where it's from:

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