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Our Open-Plan Office Failed, So We’re Moving to a Towering Panopticon - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency #office

Online #gratis #office applicatie.

Your current tariff plan is STARTUP. It is absolutely free and includes:

1 admin, 2 power users
Up to 12 rooms
Unlimited number of users in each room
2 GB disk space


23 hours ago

Après la canicule, la banquise ? (mesures préventives)

C’est une façon de mettre en valeur les logiciels libres et, notamment, LibreOffice, voire, de pousser des gens à l’adopter.

#opensource #libreoffice #Calc #tableur #bureautique #office

Leonardo Grando
1 day ago

Trabalhar remotamente pode reduzir em mais da metade a pegada de carbono de um funcionário em relação ao trabalho local.

#remote #job #carbon #footprint #office

1 day ago

Chuwi CoreBox 5th, MiniPC con Intel 13gen I5-13500H

#minipc #chuwi @chuwidotcom #CoreBox #pc #intel #gaming #office

Ross of Ottawa
1 day ago

Was thinking this morning how media loves to talk about downtown office-area lunch counters having a hard time since office workers shifted to work-from-home, but they don't explore neighbourhood cafes that do great business now with the #WFH people able to nip out for coffee and a snack at their local. Also all those who go out for lunch near home for a change of scene, or to meet with a colleague/customer/consultant.

#cafe #workFromHome #office

Mathias Pohl
1 day ago

Just another lost #friday in the #office.

Stefan Malter |
2 days ago

💡 UPDATE im #Lehrer-Blog: Handschrift & Zeichnen mit #Windows & #Office - Was braucht man, um digital zu schreiben und zu zeichnen?

👉🏻 Tipps für Hardware & Software mit den wichtigsten Funktionen für Notizen & Skizzen:

#FediLZ #Schule #Microsoft365

What is the compassionate, socially elegant way to tell a coworker he smells?

I like the guy, but whenever he enters the #office I've got to leave.

And no, I don't want to go complain to our manager: we're peers, we solve problems without The Powers That Be, I'm not a fucking Karen.

2 days ago

🇬🇧 below
Hallöchen, ich bin Sabine und habe einen Termin wegen der Praktikumsstelle.
•Sehr schön nehmen Sie bitte Platz.
•Möchtest du das Praktikum?
•Ja, gut ich mache es. Da am Fenster auf dem Bürocontainer?
•Na geht doch und jetzt zeig mir wie sehr du das Praktikum möchtest...

Hello, I'm Sabine and I have an appointment for the internship.
•Very nice, please take a seat.
•Bla bla bla
•Bla bla bla
•Do you want the internship?
•Yes, well, I'll do it. There at the window on the office container?
•Okay, now show me how much you want the internship...

#nsfw #office #Intership

Linux Magazine
2 days ago

Check out the new edition of LibreOffice Expert. You'll get tutorials on all the core tools of the @libreoffice suite. Special thanks to our partners @tdforg @allotropia @CollaboraOffice and @tuxedocomputers #OpenSource #LibreOffice #FOSS #Office

LibreOffice Expert 2023/24 Edition | FREE DVD! LibreOffice Full Version | Dive deep into the worlds greatest free office suite.
ShawnT 🐀
2 days ago

And some people* mumble-talk to themselves sometimes**.

* every coworker within earshot
** all the time, nonstop

#office #work

2 days ago

Zeit für Kaffee und Schokolade.

#work #office #derDruckerspinnt

Guilherme Dea
2 days ago

What I really want from Microsoft is the Office redesign they showed some years ago and forgot at the barbecue #microsoft #windows #office

2 days ago

Greatest thing about my #office? If I don't feel so well I can start cuddling with anyone around here and they never judge me.

#remotework #remoteworking

3 days ago

4 #WFH / 1 #office

#work week

is the perfect balance

#Microsoft hat wohl #Office2013 kaputt gemacht. Auf vielen Systemen unserer Kunden wo es noch läuft poppt jetzt eine Meldung beim Start von #Excel #Outlook #Word oder anderen auf die nur sagt:
> "Das Betriebssystem ist momentan nicht zum Ausführen dieser Anwendung konfiguriert"

Abhilfe schafft entweder eine Deinstallation, Neustart, Neuinstallation oder eine Online Reparatur (Wobei letztere das Problem nicht zuverlässig behebt)

#Office #MicrosoftOffice #Microsoft365

:rss: 窓の杜
4 days ago

#forest_watch_impress #Microsoft #Office #Excel #オフィス #エクセル #オフィス_ドキュメント #Windows #ドキュメント #tips

Nathan Miller
4 days ago

Great set of tactics in this article about ‘overwork’:

✅ Acknowledge the degree to which compulsively working is true for you.
✅ Focus on two primary commitments: sleep and exercise.
✅ Choose one activity in your life that gives you the purest enjoyment.
✅ Become more aware of what you’re feeling in your body, especially after you’re working for extended periods of time.

#futureofwork #office #work

Arbeitest du oft im Homeoffice?

Remote-Arbeit ist gut fürs Klima. Das zumindest legt eine neue Studie aus den USA nahe. Hybrid-Modelle wirken sich hingegen deutlich weniger stark auf Emissionen aus.

Mehr dazu erfährst du in diesem Artikel: 👉 #remotework #homeoffice #newwork #office

Eine Frau sitzt im Homeoffice vor dem Laptop mit Kopfhörern und hat ein Meeting. (Foto: Shutterstock/Ground Picture)
Damon Young
5 days ago

Genuine but naive question: do beautiful printers exist?

I don’t mean “can you find something attractive in common printers?” because you probably can but I don’t care to try.

I mean: are there any printers that’ve been subject to the same aesthetic care as, say, the iMac?

(I don’t care if you hate the iMac. Use your own example, then.)

#computing #computer #printer #printing #printers #office #hardware

Cerstin Mahlow
5 days ago

Over summer, our #office has been reorganized: no more fixed desks, various zones for various communication/work issues. A clear “clean desk” policy which seems to work.

It’s really nice and friendly, space for everybody with way fewer desks than before when we had difficulties installing a working place for a new person.


I much more prefere working from home than before

I realized that not knowing where to work today and who will be around me puts me under enormous #stress


Ondine B.
5 days ago

Excel World Championship: The world’s foremost Excel experts will battle to solve puzzles on the biggest stage in sports
#excel #office #espn #microsoft #software #technology

News18 India
5 days ago

Leader of opposition Ambadas Danve questioned the Maharashtra government over spending lakhs of rupees on a private building, especially when Maharashtra's budget is 'in deficit'. The new office at Nariman Point will cost the government Rs 21 lakh a month in rent
#Office #NarimanPoint #MahaOppn #ShindeGovt

Sampath Pāṇini ®
6 days ago

The term “conference call” has been flushed down the memoryhole.

#KnowledgeBlindness #work #office

Lukas Beran
6 days ago

App #updates with Microsoft #Intune. When you have a device managed in Intune, it's a safe assumption that you're also using Microsoft 365 Apps (#Office) and probably also #Edge. But did you know that updates to these products are not included in #Windows Updates?

You can use a third-party tool to manage app updates or use the built-in options directly. Third-party tools usually give more control and customization options, but again, it's another tool that needs to be purchased, installed, and maintained. And if that tool has a security vulnerability or malicious code embedded directly into its code (supply chain attack), it's a huge problem.

So I rather recommend using the native capabilities directly in the system and Intune. For Microsoft 365 Apps and Microsoft Edge, the basic configuration of updates is part of the deployment of the app. Additional configuration options are then within the Settings Catalog, where in addition to the update channel, you can set things like defer updates, force updates including restarting the app, etc.

Microsoft 365 Apps updates in Intune
Microsoft Edge updates in Intune
vanlau :tialove:
1 week ago

I want a clean office, but i also want flowers and memories everywhere 🥹

I acutally want a big map of the bunniekingdom in the back, so most of the deko will move when this is done.
Though finishing the map will take ages :D

Still looking for an easel for canvas paintings 🧐

#artist #artisoffice #office

Sideboard decorated with a few pictures. A metal shelf with art from other awesome artists placed back for now. This will move, once another big shelf can be bought. That one will then be for figurines 🥰
1 week ago

Heute zum ersten mal die Funktion "nach Farbe filtern" genutzt und bin begeistert! Tolle Option.
#LibreOffice #LibreOffice7.5.6.2
#OpenSource #Linux #Office

1 week ago

How to Install LibreOffice Pre-Release, Latest stable or Backports with LibreOffice PPA on Ubuntu 22.04 #libreoffice #ubuntu #office #opensource #desktop #computer #officesuite #linux #linuxtips

Bob Young :verified:
1 week ago

Apparently Microsoft thinks it’s cool to change my customizations in #Office applications when they do an automatic update. No, #Microsoft. It is not cool to change my custom settings.

vanlau :tialove:
1 week ago

Trotz Scharniertausch keine Besserung. Händler wurde kontaktiert. Hab gelesen, dass auch andere Käufer Probleme mit den Türen hatten, weil die Scharniere nicht gepasst hatten😆
Niemand hat gestern FÜNF Stunden dran gesessen & versucht die Tür weiter nach rechts zu schieben🌚

#artist #office

Neues Sideboard, eine mittlere Tür hängt falsch, da die Scharniere nicht passen
1 week ago

Any recommendation for a single or double monitor arm? I have been seeing some recommendations on YT but would like real advice and not some paid advertising #office #programming

Gay Porn
1 week ago 📚
1 week ago

LibreOffice 7.6.1 Community, the first minor release of the 7.6 family of the volunteer-supported free office suite for desktop productivity, for Windows, macOS, and Linux is immediately available. #libreoffice #office #productivity #windows #macos #linux

vanlau :tialove:
1 week ago

Sideboard ist endlich da und es wird fleissig im stream aufgebaut 🥹💕

#artist #office #crafting

Schaniere vom Sideboard
EmpeRohr :firefish: :fednet:
1 week ago

Im #buero ist gerade das komplette Stockwerk eskaliert. Jedes Diensthandy und jedes private Handy haben gleichzeitig losgetrötet. War witzig
#office #büro #warntag2023

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Y'all know what time it is!

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixes critical Windows bugs, Word exploit

#PatchTuesday #Microsoft #Windows #Word #Office #Updates #TechNews

Someone using Windows on a blue laptop.
1 week ago

😃 Hallo, ihr Hübschen.😃
@DaKine @arbeitstitel
Ich weiß, DaKine.
Ich doch auch. Du kennst mich.
Habe heute Nacht #AfD #Berlin b. #bluesky gemeldet: "#AfD (#Alternative for #Germany) is monitored in Germany by the #Office for the #Protection of the #Constitution. Is a #fascist, #misogynistic and #xenophobic #party.
They want to #abolish #democracy, even though they are already back in the #German #Bundestag!"
Bin gespannt, was der blaue #Himmel damit anfängt.
💚 Liebe Grüße. 💚

1 week ago

Es wäre klasse wenn auch im professionellen Kontext nur noch offene Office Anwendungen und Dateiformate der Normalfall sind, dewegen ist es toll wenn auch im schulischen Bereich mehr Wissen dazu geteilt wird: (via @linuxmagazine auf englisch)


#LibreOffice #OpenSource #Office

João Santos
2 weeks ago

Came to the #office for the first time in a few months, and I already spent 1 hour and half waiting for the person that can activate my keycard that somehow was deactivated. I can already feel 100 times more #productive than working from home. #WorkFromHome #ReturnToOffice

Linux ☑️
2 weeks ago

::: Metadata Cleaner for Linux :linux:

Did YOU know?

📸 Cameras record data about when & where a picture was taken - which camera was used, etc.

📄 Office applications automatically add author & company information to documents / spreadsheets.

These can be sensitive information - not everyone is willing to disclose it - if only common users knew what information there is in their sent media.

Spread word?


#Metadata #Cleaner #files #documents #pictures #office

IBM setzt weltweit auf eine rasche Rückkehr ins Büro!
Mitarbeiter:innen, die höchstens 80 Kilometern vom Büro entfernt wohnen, sollen mindestens drei Tage pro Woche vor Ort am Schreibtisch sein – mit der Begründung, so „mehr Zeit miteinander zu verbringen“.

Was denkst du über diese Rückkehr-ins-Büro-Maßnahme von IBM? Wie würdest du damit umgehen, wenn dein Unternehmen ein ähnliches Modell einführt?

Mehr dazu hier: 👉 #beruf #office #remotework #job #homeoffice

Drei Personen sitze um einen Tisch in einem Meetingraum.
(Foto: Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock)
2 weeks ago

Recently switched to #Firefox. #NVDA plays way nicer with it than #JAWS does. But #JAWS works better with #Microsoft #Office. Especially in the calendar part of it. Is the calendar on #Thunderbird at all usable? I'd love to have mail and calendar in one application.

Es ist nicht für mich¹, aber kann mir jemand sagen, was für ein #Microsoft #Office man kaufen wollen würde, wenn es auf einmal keine anderen Office-Programme mehr gäbe? Also mit möglichst wenig Cloud, ohne Abo-Falle und so.
Es ist nicht für mich!

¹) Es ist wirklich nicht für mich!

Please BOOST

#wordpad is gone, replace it with #libreoffice #foss #FLOSS #OpenSource
#SoftwareFreedom #Office

LibreOffice is FREE open source software (FOSS) that can replace all office productivity tools you need or want on Windows, Mac or Linux. LibreOffice has been under active development since 2010 and updated at least 2x per year to stay ahead of security issues and add new features.

Download LibreOffice at It's free, safe and satisfying. What else can say that?

3 weeks ago

@Downes I don’t you’d NextCloud but I’ll re-toot this and hope it helps. #office

3 weeks ago

Got a moment on my own this morning and cleaned up my office a bit. So peaceful without the clutter 🤩 #office #homeoffice #workplace #declutter #decluttering

#Teneo members represent different facets of the conservative movement writ large.

Some Teneo members were “very strong Trump defenders,” #Baehr said in the 2019 town hall video, while others have opposed Trump vehemently. Baehr said there were clear divisions within the group’s members about immigration and trade policy.

“Hopefully other ones, maybe Green New Deal, I hope that’s more like 99 to 1” in opposition, he said.

In the town hall video Baehr assured new members that Teneo “is private and #confidential.” He said the group will never reveal the names of its members without their permission, though they are free to disclose their membership if they want to. Members must be in their 40s or younger to join.

For those Teneo members who run for #elected #office, the network offers easy access to a large pool of #donors and allies.

A Leo acolyte and member of Teneo’s Midwest membership committee, Will #Scharf, is now running for Missouri attorney general. Campaign finance records show that dozens of Teneo members made substantial early contributions to Scharf’s campaign, including Leo, Baehr and other members of Teneo’s leadership, who last year each gave the maximum allowable donation of $2,650.

In an email, Scharf said many of his “dearest friends are members of Teneo, and it has been a privilege to be involved with such an extraordinarily talented and committed group of young conservatives.”

3 weeks ago

«We had four lawyers, three #privacy experts, and two campaigners look at Microsoft's new Service Agreement, which will go into effect on 30 September, and none of our experts could tell if #Microsoft plans on using your personal #data – including audio, video, chat, and attachments from 130 products, including #Office, #Skype, #Teams, and #Xbox – to train its #AI models.»

Gurpreet Singh
4 weeks ago

Looks like rain is making Frankfurt slower. Few people on the train during peak hours.

#Train #Ubahn #Office #WFO #WorkFromOffice

inside view of U-Bahn with very few people sitting.

one of the best glossaries that I've seen... 🤓️😝️📩️

#emails #working #IT #business #office

4 weeks ago

The "ideal" office worker from any manager or ceo's perspective seems to be the most quiet and sheltered person they can find that will let management take advantage of them.

#office #capitalism #work

The Islamabad High Court has suspended former Pakistani Prime minister Imran Khan’s conviction and ordered his release on bail. Khan was sentenced to three y...
Pakistan court suspends Imran Khan conviction | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
1 month ago

KDE Gear ☀️ 23.08 🏖️ has got you covered! Working through the holidays? Skanpage and Okular are here to help! Skanpage makes organizing your scanned documents easy, while Okular provides you with all the digital signing features you need.

#Gear2308 #office #documents

Short animation showing a user re-ordering  pages in a multi-page scanned document and using the extended parameters pane to adjust the values of the scan.
Screenshot of a document displaying a digital signature with a background image.
1 month ago

Betanews: LibreOffice 7.6 adds support for Document themes, adds navigation panel to Impress #LibreOffice7.6 #FreeSoftware #LibreOffice #Article #Office

Austin Philp
1 month ago

Just submitted my first ever contest entry!

It's a shelf that mounts on top of your monitor for easy storage or display of speakers, collectibles, lights, or whatever else you might want to stuff up there!

#3dprinting #contest #office #3dmodeling

1 month ago

A look back: Galaxy word processor

As an undergraduate student in the early 1990s, I wrote all my class papers using WordPerfect for DOS. WordPerfect was a powerful desktop word processor that was used in offices all over the world. But WordPerfect was quite expensive; my student edition of WordPerfect cost around $300.

When the new version of WordPerfect came out, I just couldn't afford to buy it. F


— Nightmares in real life don't exis...
— Nightmares in real life:
#excel #excelisnotdatabase #theclerklife #office

Ian Littman
2 months ago

Strict #RTO orders on purchased or long-term-leased #office space is sunk cost fallacy corporate copium.

That's it. That's the post.

2 months ago

Hands down best thing about the #office is my work wife bringing in mint chocolate chip cupcakes 🧁 🤤

2 months ago

Good #morning Fedi! What’s everyone up to today?

I’m struggling with motivation for #office day 3 - my peopling battery is running in empty and it’s only #wednesday 😱

A gif of a drained battery
2 months ago

Felt cute for #office day 2 :blobfoxheartcute:

#selfies #today

CW: eye contact

A girl with green hair in a cozy mint sweater
2 months ago

Good #morning fedi friends! After one day in the #office I can already say I’m more productive #wfh but it is nice to meet the people I see in video chat all the time in person.

Today we have an after work team outing, so I’m a little worried about my social battery 🪫

How was everyone’s Monday? Did you accomplish everything you hoped to?

2 months ago

Good #morning Fedi friends! Headed to an #office today for the first time in YEARS - wish me luck and sanity 😂

How’s your #Monday starting off?

CW: eye contact

A girl with green hair and red lipstick
2 months ago

So, I may be a "doomsayer" (I consider myself a realist), but I'm always trying to see if there's a solution to getting us out of the mess we're in. Perhaps I would describe myself as an optimistic pessimist. Anyhow, based on my recent research, here are some of the solutions I think we (humanity) should pursue collectively...

1. Plug up the #MethaneLeaks! Seriously! That's a big part of the problem!

2. Make the price of #meat expensive! I remember when having meat was considered a special occasion -- not a daily occurrence.

3. Make things out of #RomanConcrete. Now that we've cracked the recipe, there's no excuse not to use it! Especially with rising sea levels (Roman concrete holds up better when exposed to water).

4. Manufacture stuff that lasts! No more #PlannedObsolescence -- items that can't be upgraded and/or repaired by a skilled user or a local repair shop!

5. Grow food locally! Turn empty #office spaces into #IndoorUrbanFarms (and #housing).

6. Utilize new (and ancient) technologies to the max! #SolarPrisms, reflective white paint, building new structures with #skywells, #geothermal and other ways to cool/heat spaces without using #FossilFuels!

That's just a few off the top of my head. I think a lot of the solutions are right in front of us -- but #greed and #Oligarchy are keeping them from being implemented!

#ClimateChange #RightToRepair #ClimateChangeSolutions

K.A. Connolly
2 months ago

Office cat 📋🗄️📁🗂️🐈 #catsofmastodon #office

An orange and white cat lies on an office desk
2 months ago

Oh gosh, I need to pack for the #office trip today!

We’re all wearing animal onsies now, right? Because I def have a BAT one! 🦇

2 months ago

Going into an #office next week for the first time since before the pandemic…

What do I say?

What do I wear?

How do I human??

Like this??? —> :blobfoxnomcat:

Ada :v_trans:
2 months ago

Seems like I'll have to return to an office in the near future, so now I have to ask; #fedi what the heck is appropriate office-attire?

Unfortunately, I can't just continue my ~10 year-streak of wearing hoodies and the occasional shirt (if clients) to work.

What are the rules? Where do I even start? Help?

#trans #women #office #fashion #advice

Devin Prater :blind:
2 months ago

Boosts welcome: Hey y'all, does anyone know of some accessible preparation material for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification test? Thanks for any help.

#accessibility #Microsoft #Office #MOS #blind

The Eastern Airlines reservations center in 1970. Photo by Bruce Dale.

#Photography #History #Photo #Retro #70s #Office #Workplace #OfficeSpace #BruceDale

Depth of field view of a large office room with meticulously arranged cubicles under fluorescent lights with almost no color other than tan/gray throughout (save for a handful of art pieces hung on the wall). Each desk houses a computer, a wooden file box, and some other office equipment. There is a woman working at each station.
Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

'new revelations, like the discovery of a document proving that #Post #Office investigators were ordered to group suspected subpostmasters in racial categories such as “negroid types” and “dark-skinned European types”. This advice was still in use in 2011. That document was also somehow not put before the inquiry, would you believe, along with tens of thousands of others the Post Office has been accused of serially withholding'

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

Guardian opinion piece on the UK #post #office scandal, by Marina Hyde
'in which totally innocent subpostmasters, the very backbone of villages and communities, were turned into criminals to cover up the fact that the Post Office’s Horizon computer system didn’t work properly. Each was told by the #PostOffice that no one else had any problems with the system. Vast sums were effectively looted from them to make up accounting shortfalls, before they were prosecuted anyway'

Something that sucks about #workingFromHome is that your #office is still there even when you lose the #job.

Maybe I'll put all my things in a cardboard box just for tradition's sake.


Gabriele Pollara
2 months ago

@arstechnica This new font looks good to me, look forward to using it soon (can't see it as an option yet) #microsoft #font #aptos #office

Aaron John Dizon
2 months ago

having problems with my #Microsoft #Office. #JAWS is not reading the Ribbons when i press alt. Tried with #NVDA and it is working. Office version is 16.0.16529.20168. anyone experiencing the same? #Accessibility #Windows #ScreenReader

Eana Hufwe
2 months ago
Aptos Moodboard with Aptos Narrow and Aptos Variable
Aptos Mono moodboard with Aptos Variable
Aptos Serif moodboard with Aptos Variable
Aptos Display moodboard with Aptos Condensed Light and Aptos Condensed Black
Lars Fosdal
2 months ago

I'll be walking to -uh- at work tomorrow!
I've gained 6kg since the dog passed in June last year, so it is time to take action.

#office #workingfromhome #exercise

This is my office with an IKEA desk that can be elevated/lowered by motor. There is a motorized walking treadmill under the desk with adjustable speed. Surprisingly quiet. On the desk, two laptops and a 40" 5K display.
3 months ago

Sorry to whomever posted this that missed the boost, but it took a while to read, take off my glasses, rub my eyes, put em back on, reread it, shake my head back and forth, spend a bit letting it swirl around my noggin and now I cant find the original toot.

Every Signature is Broken: On the Insecurity of #Microsoft #Office #OOXML Signatures


3 months ago

I may look like an adult today but my #office does not. :blobfoxgooglymlem:

#selfie #work

CW: eye contact

A woman with green hair and red lipstick in business attire in front of an office full of toys
3 months ago

#office today does not suck 😊

Where’s everyone working from today?

#work #wfh

Laptop and drink under a canopy and palm tree
3 months ago

Which work setup would you choose? (Please boost for wider reach.)

#Jobs #WFH #Polls #Career #Office #Work #Poll #Survey #Business #Productivity #Schedule

3 months ago

It’s #pride day at my client’s #office - I’m remote but I think I nailed it for #Zoom calls?

CW: eye contact

Girl in a sequin shirt in front of a pride flag background

Wie bekommt man seine Mitarbeiter:innen aus dem Homeoffice zurück ins Büro?

Diese Frage stellen sich viele Unternehmen – und Salesforce versucht es mit einer besonderen Variante.

Es gibt 10 US-Dollar pro anwesenden Bürotag – würdest du das Angebot annehmen?

Zum Artikel: 👉 #Homeoffice #remote #office #salesforce

Salesforce hat eine besondere Idee, um seine Mitarbeiter:innen zurück ins Büro zu locken. (Bild: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock)
4 months ago

Let's tell the world about #LibreOffice and free software! Our Spanish-speaking community was at the recent esLibre Conference, and helped to spread the word: #opensource #community #office

LibreOffice community members at esLibreConference