Seedy Three Sixty
7 months ago

I found it hard to key in the installation ID at first because of the weird keypad in the virtual phone app I use. The IVR was like: hey, I can see you're struggling. Don't worry, just press this key if you need a bit more time. For context, the installation ID is a 54 digit number split into 9 groups of 6 digits. I probably couldn't have done it without those prompts for extra time. #accessibility #Microsoft #MicrosoftActivation #OfficeXP

ko kāihe ahau ✝️
4 years ago

Found a couple of holes starting in this ol’ shirt. Got it free from microsoft back in the day. It’s lasted longer than the software did!

#officexp #freeshirt #freeisgood #microsoftnz #merch #msmerch #geekmerch