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> I've always tended to be a web maximalist, but I've never felt more optimistic than I do now about the power of the modern web as a true application platform. @ameo

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Visual: nd-buffer-landscape-001
Song: HighThere - Forever (feat. MC ZEE)

This #ThreeJS #visual is using a Box (wireframe) as it's base element. Each side is moved towards the center of the Box and can be moved based on #audio input. Using the raw audio buffer, the vertices of each side are changing based on a generated map (color) & displacementMap (height). The final composition happens in #modV.

#genart #audioreactive #offscreencanvas #javascript

A 3D box, all sides are wireframes, the sides are not on the original position, but moved towards the center of the box. When audio is louder, the vertices are extruded based on the waveform data of the audio. The louder, the more colorful.