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(Because these are scattered across my drives it's difficult to find them in proper order, the DA backups as well do not have the original dates on them any more.)

Some of my earliest attempts at digital art, I started with a mouse (green dragon) but got a tablet a few years later (purple dragon).
I also did some small animations from time to time.

(I've found even more dragons in my archives that I haven't posted yet, - shocking I know.)

#OldArt #DigitalArt #Animation

A purple wyvern coiled up mid flight on a purple background.
A green eastern dragon looking at the viewer. His head, shoulder and left hand are in frame in the foreground and his tail is seen curling around in the background. Background itself is a sunset purple-pink gradient.
A rough animated gif of a fluffy quadruped creature sitting down and attempting to catch something, slapping at the ground. At the end of the animation it opens up the paws to it being gone.
(I never finished drawing in the 'something')
An anitmated gif of a fluffy dragon sitting down, holding one paw up. It starts off looking to the viewers left, its gaze following a tumbleweed as it bounces across the screen from left to right.
4 days ago

Even moar dragons!

Some really old scans that I found forgotten in a folder, I just liked drawing creatures, and wings and stuff, also noodly dragons were a favourite because you can make such fun shapes with them. :ablobcatbongo:

I can still remember other art I had as I look through these, which is why I keep digging around. I'm sure I'll have tracked them all down soon... :artpeek:

#OldArt #Sketches #TraditionalArt

A page with two images of the same dragon, one is a loose sketch of a grumpus from the chest up, the other is a finished inked and coloured drawing of a floating dragon looking cute.
The dragon is blue with a icy-white mane running all the way from the head to tailtip, it has fluffy ears and two black horns, light blue feathered wings and two long whiskers.
A pencil drawing of a small dragon standing on a branch.
The dragon is standing upright and is seen to be a little fluffy with anatomy similar to that of a cat, the wings are made up of three long spines each with webbing inbetween, it also has similar webbed ears and a spiny mane that ends at the shoulders. The tail has webbed spines running from just behind the legs towards the end of the tail. The tailtip is a little bit fluffy.
A pencil drawing of a long noodly eastern-style dragon lying down, curled up on itself in a loose figure 8, reading a book.
A pencil sketch of a dragon lying on a rock, the dragon is drawn at a 3/4 angle facing to the viewer's left. It has crossed arms in front and the back legs sitting up on the higher end of the rock. It has feathered wings, a long mane running from the head to the tailtip and two long whiskers.
4 days ago

Digging through my old files I found a few more sketches of my dragon chara.
I was really trying to find a style I liked for her, but I just couldn't hammer it out properly. I wanted something I could easily chibi-fy for silly little doodles etc. but nothing really clicked.
And, like everyone else with a character, I tried adding personal touches to the design as well. Everything was very well thought out, but still, I just didn't have the connection I saw others have.


Three different black and white sketches of the same little dragon character, looking to the viewer's left. Two are sitting down and have basic pencil shading, and one is standing up with her arms behind her back and is plain lineart.
A shaded pencil drawing of a dragon's face, she's lying on the ground looking at the viewer, both paws placed down just in front of her face. The tail is leaning over the paw on the viewer's right and the fluff on the tail tip is flowing over the head and the paw on the viewer's left. The tail shaded in a way to frame the face in the picture, the upper half of it fading into the background.
Design sketches of a dragon character, on the left side are a few very loose pencil sketches, with only vague forms and pose structures visible. On the right hand side are more refined sketches of an anthro dragon's upper torso and wings and a (disembodied) lower body half with most of a tail drawn on.
5 days ago

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 2.

Photoshop CS2, 2014. This one was a quick study that I've never really posted since, as it felt fairly unfinished. It was inspired by the Akira Kurosawa film "Ran" (1985) that I had seen for the first time that week. The imagery just stayed with me so much that I bashed this out from my head in a couple of hours.

No print of this one, but you can get others here:

#DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #MastoArt #OldArt #Art #ArtStudy

A painterly digital image of steep grassy hills, with piles of clouds against a blue sky. On one of the foreground hills, three wind blown, vertical banners are stuck in the ground, one yellow, one red and one blue, with different symbols on each - three stripes, a crescent moon, and a circle.
6 days ago

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 1!

(See here for what on earth this is all about: )

Starting with an early one, from 2013, Photoshop CS2. I had just started getting into digital painting, and this was a breakthrough piece for me. It took many hours of painstaking zooming in, which I probably wouldn't do these days, but I'm still happy with how it looks.
Print available in my INPRNT shop:
#clouds #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #OldArt #MastoArt #CloudScape

A fairly detailed digital painting of a pile of white, fluffy clouds against a deep blue sky. They are lit with bright sunshine, creating purple and blue shadows underneath a large anvil shaped cloud that is the focal point of the image.
Kitty Ocean
1 week ago
Girl with braid
1 week ago

Here's another. A friend (not my cat...) posed for me for reference. In case you're wondering, I had to stop painting like this because I injured my wrist. :blobfoxlaugh:

#MastoArt #Illustration #OldArt

Illustration of a druid woman in armor, injured by an arrow, and sitting by the base of a tree. She's accompanied by a golden tiger. Her magic powers light up the scene.

A bit of a joke piece between myself and my kiwi loving friend :3c
I think I'll redo with a more current look of theirs later, if I have time.

#mastoart #art #furry #furryart #queerart #Kiwi #Oldart

Close friend drawn as a Kiwi
2 weeks ago

Just as I'd gotten good at doodling my derpy bear, BfA dropped, and (belatedly) with it, the Kul Tirans.
And holy shit did I fall in love. Not just with the druid forms, but the ladies! I finally saw a humanoid model I actually really loved. I was ecstatic, - but really, really bad at drawing humans...

So to start with, I tried to get familiar with the bear form, since I was maining tank anyways, and it took a fair while to get everything to 'click'. But eventually it did.


A Kul Tiran druid bear form headshot, the character is looking up and to the viewer's right, It has a skull for a face and a scruffy grey-blue mane with bone spikes poking out here and there.
It is staring at a blue butterfly sat on it's nose and blepping.
A front-on symmetrical headshot of a Kul Tiran bear form, its head is a skull with wooden horns, a ghostly green glow in the eye sockets and nose, with green glowy mist spilling out from it's open mouth. The mane is scruffy grey-blue with bone spikes poking out here and there. An acorn necklace is visible half-buried in the mane.
A shoulders-up digital drawing of a Kul Tiran druid bear form making a silly 'bad joke husky' pose. The character is facing to the viewer's left and has the mouth wide open in a silly grin.
The face is a skull with wooden horns, ghostly green glow in the eye sockets and nose hole. The mane is scruffy, blue-grey and has bone spikes poking out here and there. A leather strap crosses over the chest and back and an acorn necklace can be seen poking out from the mane.
A side-on digital illustration of a Kul Tiran bear druid standing on all fours, facing to the viewer's left. The bear's face is a skull with a ghostly green glow emanating from within and wooden horns. A scruffy blue-grey mane encircles the neck and runs along the back to the stubby tail. Bone spikes and spines poke out from the mane here and there as well as along the spine. A leather belt encircles the body and crosses over the chest and back. The limbs are wooden and twist and blend into the flesh closer to the body.
2 weeks ago

Having gotten more confident in drawing my druid, I made a proper ref image, after which I got heavily into making stickers.
Then I decided to re-colour them and pack them into Telegram packs in case anyone else wanted them.
For consistency purposes I also made a colour palette for myself, with the base and line colours, and to make sure I knew what was what I made little icons I could use for colour dropping.

#Art #OldArt #WoW #FanArt

A digital illustration of a Night Elf bear druid sitting down, holding up their right paw waving and smiling at the viewer.
A telegram sticker of a Night Elf bear druid making a 'Hmm' emote.
A digitally drawn lineup of the 5 colour variations of the Night Elf druid bear forms. The icons are simplified and designed to show off the main colour areas for ease of colour sampling. Each icon has two sides, a light one for the main colours and a dark one which is intended for the lineart.
An overlapping sticker collage/lineup of all 5 colour variations of the Night Elf bear druids enjoying a beverage in a cup.
2 weeks ago

So, having settled on using my derpy druid as an avatar I set out to redraw All The Memes! Lots of silly fun, and I grew really attached to the big bear.
I also used the art in splash screens and thumbnails for my WoW raid recordings.

I believe at this point I had already abandoned DA thanks to them constantly serving up malware to my pc through their adverts. I gave up after realizing that my weekly ritual of disinfecting my pc was their fault.

#Art #OldArt #FanArt #MemeRedraw

A digital headshot illustration of a Night Elf druid bear form, head is raised up, ears perked up and eye is looking down at the viewer.
A digital illustration of a Night Elf Guardian druid drawn in the style of "Concerned Shibe" meme.
A digital illustration of a Night Elf bear druid face-palming.
A full-body digital illustration of a Night Elf bear druid running towards the viewer. It's a redraw of a picture of a floppy beagle running, tongue lolling comically out of the mouth, the side of the mouth stretched out and floppy and the long ears flapping in the wind.
2 weeks ago

I think we all have that one older artwork that we still really like. For me, it's this one. Drew this back in July 2017. I just really love the face, hair, shading, colors, the pose, like the whole thing ;; Still makes me happy looking at it. :)

#fediart #mastoart #digitalart #digital #art #mastoartist #artistsonmastodon #oldart

A digital drawing of a human female character seen from the thigh up, with her hip to the side and head tilted in a bit of a sassy confident way. She has pale skin, extremely long white hair that fades to red at the tips, and black horns. She is wearing a skin tight body suit that cuts off at just above the breasts and at the hips, with a black jacket on top and black leggings. She has an eye patch over one eye and various gold accessories. She's holding a red lollipop.
2 weeks ago

Been digging through my folders, some art was missing from my DA backup folder but luckily I tracked some of it down on my pc.

Some more WoW fanart, my favourite were ofc. Bear and Moonkin, this was still pre-BfA so I was still very not happy with the Nelf model.
Worgen got introduced, and I was really tempted to race change, but the female model looked nothing like a werewolf, and I wasn't sure which was worse, - bouncy boobs or rabid chihuahua.

So just Bear then.

#Art #OldArt

A inked lineart drawing of a worgen moonkin. He has a top hat, monocle and a cup of tea, and is staring judgingly at the viewer.
A digital drawing of a sad night elf moonkin sitting in the Dalaran sewers, holding a sign up that says "Will lose duels for food".
A digital drawing of a happy night elf in bear form squeezing a dwarf in a big bear hug. The dwarf is less happy as he can barely breathe.
A digital drawing of a night elf in bear form drawn in the style of the 'Bad Joke Husky'. The druid has a wide open-mouthed silly grin and is looking directly at the viewer (after delivering a terrible punchline to a joke)
2 weeks ago

The Most Rabbit Behaviour

Shout out to cat people and dog people who deal with this too.

#art #TraditionalArt #bunnies #rabbits #bunny #rabbit #IndieComics #comics #webcomics #OldArt #old #repost #watercolor #watercolour #TraditionalMedia #pets #animals

a comic in which Portia the rabbit eyes a chair. She jumps onto the chair. She is sleeping on the chair in the third panel. A human says, "I'll need that chair, Portia." The last panel is Portia raising her head and saying, "This is my chair now."
2 weeks ago

As the years passed (years!) and I mained my druid, I started using the Night Elf bear form for myself online. I never resonated with the Nelf humanoid model, it was just too skimpy and bouncy and just - not me.
But a derpy fluffy bear? Absolutely. I was very fond of my character, and the bear was just perfect.

I started doing a lot of WoW fanart, various Guild shenanigans as well as druid form 'redesigns' (the copy/paste/recolour method was tiring)

#Art #OldArt #FanArt

A blue dragon looms out of the darkness over a tree form druid that's too occupied hugging a puppy to notice the impending doom.
A troll druid moonkin form redesign where inspiration is taken from crested cockatoos. The moonkin is in the middle of casting Wrath so has a ball of green energy collecting between its hands.
The main body is various shades of green with the crest and arm feathers being bright red. The facial feathers are mint green and accented with yellow. There is a little bit of white face paint on the beak and at the corners of the mouth the beak structure sticks out like tusks. The ears are long and pointed and the neck ruff is decorated with little skull ornaments that have yellow feathers attached at the bottom.
A digital illustration of Onyxia in her lair, she's seen in the background and has just knocked a dwarf in full armour into the air and he's about to land in a big pile of spiky dragon eggs shown in the foreground.
A digital portrait of a Worgen druid in Moonkin form. It is mostly blue grey in colour, with long pointed ears that are fluffy and a bit tattered. Dark braids are in the main flowing from under the ears. He has an angry expression and his beak is very toothy. The trademark antlers are more swooped back than is typical.
2 weeks ago

A white and red bunny made of polymer clay and designed after the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. Originally posted to Instagram on 20th April 2016. Watermarks have been added where previously there were none.

Posting for Archive.

#Art #Artist #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #MastArtist #Handmade #OOAK #Miniature #Clay #PolymerClay #PolymerCharms #PolymerClayCharms #Sculpture #ClaySculpture #PolymerClaySculpture #MontyPython #Rabbit #Bunny #KillerRabbit #KillerRabbitOfCaerbannog #OldArt

2 weeks ago

The first-ever OC concept art I made back in 2021 :blobfoxheartcute:
Lenn on the left and Rei on right 🤍

#DigitalArt #ocart #myocs #oldart #MastoArt

Digital art of two guys- one facing forward and one backward
3 weeks ago

More from the archives. - Pencil detailing was still my strongest skill, as I actually have fairly shaky hands which really shows when you look at my ink lines. Something that wouldn't really be fixed till I started working digitally with vector lines and stabilized brushes.

On the other hand pencil shading did translate well into coloured blending pencils, which I was getting more confident with.

#Art #OldArt #TraditionalArt

A pencil drawing close up of a dragon's eye.
A highly detailed pencil drawing of a scaly dragon from the shoulders up, looking to the viewer's left. Main focus of the drawing is the scale details, which range from large armour plates down to tiny hide-like dots.
The dragon has a flowing mane, webbed ears and two mostly straight horns.
An inked line drawing of a dragon mid flight. The dragon is looking to the viewer's left, wings half unfolded and the main body pose makes it look as if it's moving backwards.
A rear view of a colourful dragon sitting down, looking to the viewer's left, wings loosely spread to each side hiding most of the body. It's body is blue and the wing membranes purple, with a colourful mane meant to imitate the colours of the aurora. The neck is long and slender and bent over, posed with the tail it almost looks like a figure 8.
3 weeks ago

A lot of my sketches seem to have been lost, but luckily I have tracked a fair amount down in my backups.
I liked to do anatomy/pose practices, as well as trying to figure out perspective etc. All the good stuff.
I was also deep in the weeb hole and trying to replicate chibi style in my more simple work. - I used to get lost in detailing and shading (still do tbh) and was enamoured with the sharp simplistic nature of chibis.

#Art #OldArt #Sketches

A pencil sketch of a dragon falling upside down through the air.
A pencil sketch of a chonky baby dragon, seen from above. The dragon is on all fours, looking up at the viewer with their mouth wide open.
A pencil sketch of an armoured ninja warrior dragon, kneeling on the ground with one arm on the ground in front and the other holding a staff behind their body.
A pencil sketch of a kitten in a chibi style. The kitten is sitting with their back to the viewer and looking to our left. It also has little stylized wings sprouting from its back.
3 weeks ago

Emoji inspired charms. Originally posted to Instagram on 19th April 2016. Watermarks have been added where previously there were none.

Posting for Archive.

#Art #Artist #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #MastoArtist #Clay #PolymerClay #Emoji #PolymerCharms #OldArt

Four round yellow  charms with a different face on each. The top left is a -_- face with a dot nose, the top right is a :•( face, the bottom left is a :3 face with a red nose and red blush, and the bottom right is a =•] with blush.
3 weeks ago

So, armed with my new character I did trades and fanarts and whatnot, and it was a lot of fun and I interacted with some really nice peeps. But truthfully, I just never connected with her on the level that other people seemed to be doing with their own.

But still, I doodled and practiced, it was good to have a model (so to speak) that I could just play with. I had other characters, mostly fan characters that I'd doodle here and there, but never an actual 'me' so to speak.

#Art #OldArt

A small pencil portrait of an anthro dragon character.
A coloured pencil drawing of a golden dragon with a brown mane, tail tuft and elbow fluffs. The dragon is sitting down and looking to the viewer's left, wings slightly unfurled. The body is a bit long and bunches up a little above the hips, similar to a cat.
A digital drawing of a golden dragon with a brown mane and tail tuft, floating in the air against a reddish dark background, holding a mote of light between it's paws and in front of its chest.
Kitty Ocean
3 weeks ago

New #free #colouringblank (made from my old art) on my @kofi_button . No donation needed, much appreciated.
(I tried a different art style)


#oldart #anime #manga #fantasy #fanart #oc #sketch #redraw #WIP #prettygirl #cute #kawaii #chibi #イラスト #

young girl
3 weeks ago

I would see all these characters and I wanted to join in, but I had no avatar of my own. I did a few gift/fan arts, but there was something just missing, like I was sending out art but no one could reply if they wanted to.

So, I set out to design an online 'me' to fix this. It was clumsy, awkward and I was really just stumbling in the dark, but eventually I came up with a character design.
And yes, of course she was a dragon!

#Art #OldArt #DigitalArt

A golden dragon with a brown mane and tail tuft lying down in a grassy meadow, looking to the viewer's right.
A chibi style drawing of a golden dragon with a brown mane and tail tuft, standing up on two legs, facing to the viewer's left. Background is a solid purple cloud haze.
An illustration of a golden dragon mid run. Both front legs are on the ground and both back legs are held up high. Wings are semi-spread out and head is pushed forward and slightly up, as if the dragon is about to take off.
A chibi style digital image of two dragons sitting down, hugging. The left one is golden with brown hair and tail tuft, - this one sits behind the other dragon squeezing it in a hug. The right dragon is light blue with blonde hair and tail tuft and is being squeezed from behind in a hug.
3 weeks ago

An Undertale inspired heart locket charm (Chara's Locket). Originally posted 19th April 2016. Watermarks have been added where previously there were none.

Posting for Archive.

#Art #Artist #ArtistsOnMastodon #Clay #PolymerClay #HeartLocket #Heart #Locket #Undertale #Chara #MyArt #OldArt

3 weeks ago
A comic. Panels 1 and 2 depict a rabbit who is not neutered. He is circling and honking. He tries to mount a leg. The owner yells, "Nelly!" calling him by name to get him to cut it out. The latter two panels depict a rabbit who has been neutered. He is excited but circles in a rabbit "dance" without honking or mounting. It looks more pleasant.
3 weeks ago

Moar dragons!

Pencil shading/rendering was definitely one of my fav things to do, and I kept trying to push into the sort of dark style of the Batman and later Gargoyles cartoons, which is why I wanted to lean into learning to use inking pens. - But the idea of not being able to erase mistakes was terrifying, which is why it took me a while to do anything other than simple linework.

Still avoiding irises!

#OldArt #Art #TraditionalArt

A 3/4 view of a sitting dragon, drawn in pencil. The dragon has finned ears and batlike wings, two black horns on it's head and a fluffy mane running from the top of the head all the way to the tip of the tail.
A low-view angle looking straight on to a gargoyle/dragon like person sitting on the corner of a rooftop. Full moon, wading in dark clouds illuminates them from behind.
A yin-yang like design of two dragons running/jumping around each other, a black one up top with a white mane and green eyes, a white one at the bottom with a black mane and blue eyes.
A half-body pencil drawing of an eastern dragon. The shading is very stylized in an attempt to create more dramatic lighting. The body is smooth with a fluffy mane running down the back with fur tufts on the elbows, cheeks, ears and chin. The head is held low and looking towards the viewer, mouth slightly agape with the tongue poking out, right arm is on the ground while the left is held up in a grasping/clawing motion.
3 weeks ago

This is an old one that makes the rounds every once in a while. Rabbits do actually go around randomly suplexing things.

#art #TraditionalArt #bunnies #rabbits #bunny #rabbit #IndieComics #comics #webcomics #OldArt #old #repost #watercolor #watercolour #TraditionalMedia #pets #animals

a comic titled "Dust Bunny." Portia the rabbit eyes the dustpan. It's sparkly. She bites it, then proceeds to whack it on the ground a couple of times before outright suplexing it.
3 weeks ago

Some more old art from the DA archives!

My old online name was Dragonlady (or TheDragonlady when that was taken) and you can see why. I was obsessed with dragons when I was younger, as well as dinos, - which are just wingless dragons tbh.

Most of my work was still pencil, but I'd started playing around with inks more, still very hesitant with coloured work but trying.

#OldArt #Art #TraditionalArt

A black and white pencil sketch of a dragon mid-flight. The dragon's body is facing the viewer while the dragon itself is looking to its left, wings are raised up and the front right leg is raised up and forward towards the viewer.
A greyscale pencil drawing of a dragon sitting on a tree branch. The dragon is seen from the side, facing to the viewers left with the tail curled under and around the branch.
A cute cartoony style drawing of a baby dragon sitting down and looking straight at the viewer, tilting its head with a cute smile. (an attempted manga style) The lines are inked in black and the dragon coloured in with pencils, the body is red, the horns are yellow and the eyes are green.
A black and white inked drawing of a dragon head. The dragon is looking straight at the viewer with a smirk.
Dreki ✨
3 weeks ago

More #OldArt from 2019 – something I drew while waiting for s3 to drop. I just want the magefam to be happy, y'know?

#thedragonprince #virentdp #sorentdp #claudiatdp #mastoart #art

drawing of a young claudia healing young Soren's scraped knee with dark magic, while Viren is disinfecting a wound on Soren's second knee.
4 weeks ago

An old 2015 autobio comic about how Nelly used to sit facing the wall for like an hour at a time.

He was the most ridiculous rabbit.
Shout out to holland lops for being absolute weirdos.

(also note the chewed-up mouldings—the struggle is real)

#art #TraditionalArt #bunnies #rabbits #bunny #rabbit #IndieComics #comics #webcomics #OldArt #old #repost #watercolor #watercolour #TraditionalMedia #pets #animals

panel of a bluepoint holland lop rabbit sitting facing the wall. the second panel has a person bending over the rabbit, trying to get his attention by calling his name, Nelly. Three panels follow, gradually zooming in. The final panel is of the person saying, "Uhh, I'll just leave you to it then."
1 month ago

Here's an old one that makes the rounds every once in a while.

Bun Life is nonfiction.
RIP Winnie the Pooh book.

#art #TraditionalArt #bunnies #rabbits #bunny #rabbit #IndieComics #comics #webcomics #OldArt #old #repost #watercolor #watercolour #TraditionalMedia #pets #animals

a rabbit looking at a bookshelf. She says, "what a large menu." She pulls out an old book. She says, "vintage 1957 Pooh." The next panel shows her chewing on it, saying, "like fine wine."
a photograph of a vintage copy of The World of Pooh that has been chewed up by a rabbit.
Kitty Ocean
1 month ago
elf with sword
1 month ago
a rabbit exploring a new room. he leaves his back feet in the safe room. this causes him to look absolutely ridiculous as he stretches his body to be as long as possible
1 month ago

Old Bun Life comic from 2015

(wow, 8 years ago! I was a BABY)

#rabbits #comics #repost #OldArt #bunnies #repost #webcomics #autobio

rabbit chinning a box saying mine. this is mins. another rabbit saying mine. she chins it and says I will eat this later. a human saying hey nelly, greeting her rabbit. he chins her hand and says I own you now.
1 month ago

Some older art from my now deleted DA gallery, some of my first art that got uploaded on the internet.
I used to almost exclusively draw in pencil, but slowly added some colour into the mix, - to start with only on inked art as I just didn't know how to work with coloured pencils tbh. but I gradually got a little more confident.

It would still be about a decade before I started doing digital art.

#OldArt #Art #TraditionalArt

A side-view headshot of a dragon looking to our right. It looks reptilian with a few scaly bumps on running along the top of the snout, but otherwise has smooth skin. The ear is finlike.
A dragon sits in a forest clearing, the moon on a black starless sky sitting behind it's spiked head. It's body is mostly turned towards the viewer, in a sitting squat, looking down to the left at a small human figure at the edge of the scene.
A symmetrical portrait of a blue eagle set against a plain purple background, intensely staring at the viewer with golden eyes.
A headshot of a teal and blue dragon drawn on black paper, looking to the viewers left. The dragon has finned ears and solid blue/green eyes.
2 months ago

Old stuff
I also liked hyenas a lot
Why would they be eating ice cream? Idk

#Illustration #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Art #OldArt #Animal #artistsonmastodon #Artist #Truck

Illustration of hyenas eating ice cream in front of an ice cream truck, while the driver is done with his job and crying in front of them.
2 months ago

Old illustration
I liked zombies a lot a few years ago 🧟 (and destructive pandas?)

#Illustration #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Art #OldArt #Zombie #artistsonmastodon #Artist

Illustration of zombies chasing a cop and eating other people on a parking lot, while a giant panda is destructing the motel in the back
🦷 Ottobre 💀
2 months ago

I don’t have any new horror artworks ready at the moment, so I think I’ll repost some old art from 2019.

A Nightmare on Elm Street tribute.
One of the first backgrounds I ever digitally drawn, it took me a whole month to finish it (lol).

#horrorArt #oldArt #aNightmareOnElmStreet

Fred Krueger and one of his victims in the boiler room.
Sara Kathleen
2 months ago

I drew this with my thumb on my phone 10 years ago in a shocking state of toddler-induced sleep deprivation. Every year since then I’ve shared it As Is. Now you get it too.

Happy Octobear.

#highquality #museumquality #ishouldbefamous #exceptiwouldhateit #october #octobear #bear #digitalart #octopus #tentacles #mastoart #oldart #allthumbs #sketch #art #drawing

A very bad drawing done with my thumb on a smartphone a decade ago. It is of a grey bear head with 8 tentacles coming out of it. An Oct Bear.
3 months ago

This is the only space painting I finished to the point of posting it, from 2020, depicting a stellar nursery.
I have no idea if it stands up, being an imagined scene using Hubble Space Telescope images, amongst others, as inspiration.
Spontaneous reposting based on seeing some cool space art just now and suddenly wanting to do some more...
#mastoArt #SpaceArt #stars #space #art #oldArt #sciFi

An old digital painting representing a stellar nursery, where stars are being formed from the gas and dust of a nebula. Clouds of material spiral towards a bright mass in the foreground, and other trails of gas are forming other stars in the background.
4 months ago

Time for more old art, this time featuring some old crossover illustrations for Zelda/Adventure Time~

I'm still sick, so no streaming schedule yet, but soon

#AdventureTime #Zelda #crossover #FanArt #OldArt

Zelda/Adventure Time crossover, featuring Princess Zelda and Princess Bubblegum
Zelda/Adventure Time crossover, featuring Link and Finn
4 months ago

More old art today... How about some #Undertale ?

#FanArt #OldArt

Sketches of characters from Undertale (Undine, Sans, Papyrus, Toriel)
Sketch of Frisk from Undertale

this one is 4 years old but I still rather like it #art #oldart #illustration

illustration of a magic/slightly witchy looking character
4 months ago

I just realised this painting of mine is ten years old this year. It's one of the first I made when I was getting into digital art, in Photoshop CS2, and it was a study of my own photo taken in a zoo in Japan. I still like how I chose to do the reflections, even if I would probably do the whole painting more competently now.
#ThowbackThursday #OldArt #swan #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #Reflection #MastoArt

A digital painting of a white swan swimming on reflective water. The bird is rendered quite faithfully, with slightly painterly brush strokes, whereas the bare tree branch reflections are stylised in flat, dark blue with smudging strokes applied to represent gentle ripples.
5 months ago

I'm in a much better place mentally now, but back then was not a good time and I think these sketches summed it up. I never posted this one before anywhere but I feel this should be posted- regardless of how I felt back then; this deserves to see the light of day.
#posestudy #emotionalrollercoaster #depression #art #oldart #mentalhealth

I'm in a much better place mentally now, but back then was not a good time and I think these sketches summed it up. I never posted this one before anywhere but I feel this should be posted- regardless of how I felt back then; this deserves to see the light of day.
#posestudy #emotionalrollercoaster #depression #art #oldart #mentalhealth
5 months ago

If you mix your strawberry soju with Sprite, then you have this one

#illustration #MastoArt #oldart #art #zombie #digitaldrawing #FediArt

Digital illustration of a zombie hand squeezing a brain.
5 months ago

Sharing some old personal work, because why not
Have a good Sunday ✌️

#oldart #art #MastoArt #illustration #digitalDrawing #zombie

Digital illustration for a strawberry alcohol.
There is a zombie at the center, drinking out of a soju bottle. Around the zombie, drawings of strawberries and flowers, to indicate the taste of the drink.
The taste was so strong that it made us feel like zombies while drinking it.
5 months ago

Made this for @Boro_que’s birthday a couple of years ago. #oldart #furry #furryart #hippo #hippopotamus

Birthday pic I made for Boro_Que a couple of years ago showing his hippo form, shirtless with purple sweatpants carrying a box of Paczki’s over his shoulder.
5 months ago

The 2019 poster got way too messy!
I went out of my way to include ALL the guests, but they just kept updating me with new guests all the time, so I had to do one where I could just easily cut and paste more of them into the illustration.

The Tetris tournament had to be the center piece though, but other than that, most guests were either local or European this year. But there were a ton of them!

#OldArt #Poster #Illustration #videogames #tetris #art #MastoArt

Retromessa poster from 2019.
There's just too much going on here to describe. Alot of characters just climbing around a wall of tetris blocks. There's a race going on with different videogame cars, people fighting, an opera singing poop and Bowser climbing a building.
Too much! Too messy!
5 months ago

Okay, the 2018 poster I actually still like, though I'm not a fan of my old style.

The outdoor motive is a bit more fresh, and I thought it was cool to show off Frog Mario under water.

There was a bunch of guests this year and it was hard to squeeze them all in. The Nintendo Playstation had to go center.
I still worked on paper, so the best part for me was getting all the guests to sign my original artwork. I miss that!

#art #poster #Illustration #oldart #videogames

Illustration for Retromessa 2018.
Mario swimming under water, opening a box with Conker and a Nintendo Playstation inside. Bunch of Youtubers relaxing on a beach, and the rest of the guests somehow squeezed into a tiny boat.
5 months ago

Poster from 2017 was slightly better, at least it had a theme going on.

They wanted me to include the guests: which were a bunch of british videogame devs (some ex Rare people, and some C64 devs), as well as a bunch of American youtubers.

I based the idea on the Japanese SMB3 cover and went all out.
I still think the idea is cool, but what is going on with Donkey Kong?

At least I was improving...

#OldArt #poster #videogame #illustration #donkeykong

Illustration from 2017, used on a poster for Retromessa.
Its a homage for the Japanese cover of Super Mario Bros 3, but with different characters.
Donkey Kong is flying in the front with a bunch of youtubers running down the mountain in the background.
It's a mess.
5 months ago

Been doing the posters for the retro videogame convention Retromessa every year since 2016.

This was my first poster from 2016, and it sucks.
Did it all on paper with colors in Photoshop, and it's just a mess. Colors are too dark, the art is skewed(like all my art back then was). I wasn't entirely happy with it even back then, but now I can barely look at it.

No idea why they let me back next year...

#OldArt #poster #videogames #old #artistsonmastodon

Ancient artwork from 2016, showing a bunch of videogame characters, drawn in a cartoony style, coming out of a TV screen.
At least that was the idea.
5 months ago

When #duolingo gives you weird sentences.
"i am your father"

#art #oldart #MastoArt #StarWars #darthvader #illustration

a drawing of darth vador with a korean sentence underneath that says "no, I am your father"
a drawing of a man with a thick moustache and a leather jacket, with a korean sentence underneath that says "I eat moustaches"
Feffmas Pudding
8 months ago

I've got so much older work that I still kinda like
Like this one! #mastoart #oldart

The problem is I don't have a lot of finished art (hi untreated adhd)

A digital illustrating in inks and flat colours with a blue, black, and yellow scheme. The picture is mostly blue, and centered between two silhouetted men is a youthful lady wearing a yellow scarf and a yellow Y-shaped pin in her hair. The text on the image reads: Have you seen The Yellow Sign?

I had such a major POTO Hyperfixation a while back. 😂 I had been drawing my and my fiancé’s sonas as Erik and Christine. I miss doing these!
👼 🎶

#furry #furries #furryart #anthro #anthropomorphic #poto #phantomoftheopera #art #drawing #doodle #sketch #painting #fanart #digitalart #oldart #blitzyarts

Kitty Ocean
9 months ago
colouring blank of a woman
9 months ago

Found an old draft and had to grin.

Quote: "Sir Squeakalot might not be tall, but he will not flinch in the face of danger. Even if you accidentally sit on him."

#drachenmagier #heroicrodents #fantasyArt #draft #mouse #illustration #traditionalArt #mastoArt #oldArt

Templar mouse Sir Squeakalot with the mage he's protecting.
Kit Seaton
1 year ago

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about being an online denizen for so many years, is to see how much artists’ work grows over time. I thought it would be fun to share my ancient history here, chronologically, to see if anyone finds it encouraging or interesting. Here’s part 1 of The Old Art Project because I am bad at naming things. Something from 2002, when I was 21, and something from 2021. I’ll let you do the math. 🐞🪲

#incroyable #merveilleuse #medieval #OldArt #CostumeHistory

An incroyable and a merveilleuse (proto-hipsters) from the late 18th century. The incroyable is a poodle and the merveilleuse is a sheep because they are fluffy. The incroyable wears a bicorn and a greatcoat and holds a tall walking stick. The merveilleuse wears a robe en chemise with a short  jacket. A baggy mob cap with ostrich feathers. She carries a small reticule purse.
A noble lady from the 11th-12th century in Europe. She wears a long green kirtle (an overdress that flares from the waist, this a silvery scaled corselet (possibly leather), and a heavy brown mantle on her shoulders. She holds the band of the mantle away from the neck, in the typical style of the period, with two fingers hooked over the band. Her hair is plated in two long braids intertwined with ribbon. She wears a barbette strap under her chin, held in place with a pin at the top of her head. She wears a pale colored veil held in place with a fillet or circlet.