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Turpentine Creek
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*** Unique Gift Ideas *** Stocking Stuffers *** Animal Rummy Card Game - A deck of 48 cards with sweet and engaging animal illustrations and vintage design will make this easy-to-play, classic children's card game very special.

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IT News
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E-commerce Logistics and the Last-Mile Delivery Revolution - The Digital Retail Revolution in the world of E-commerce logistics has emerged as ... - #logisticsinnovation #deliveryservices #lastmiledelivery #digitalcommerce #transportation #onlineshopping #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness #e-commerce #education #readwrite #structure #logistics #sales

Turpentine Creek
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*** Unique Gift Ideas *** Tiger and Logo Knit Socks - These bright and colorful knit socks feature a bold image of a tiger in the grass as well as the Turpentine Creek logo on the side of the foot.

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ABC Feeds
4 days ago

What does a recycling emoji or the word 'sustainable' mean in an online ad? A lot of the time, nothing at all
By Casey Briggs

How environmentally friendly are the goods you are buying? And how true are the big "green" claims advertisers are making in online ads? New research shows it's easy for marketers to imply their products are "sustainable" without necessarily backing it up.

#ConsumerGoods #Consumers #Laws #RetailIndustry #OnlineShopping #AdvertisingInformationandCommunication #CaseyBriggs

ABC Feeds
4 days ago

What does a recycling emoji or the word 'sustainable' mean in an online ad? A lot of the time, nothing at all
By Casey Briggs

How environmentally friendly are the goods you are buying? And how true are the big "green" claims advertisers are making in online ads? New research shows it's easy for marketers to imply their products are "sustainable" without necessarily backing it up.

#ConsumerGoods #Consumers #Laws #RetailIndustry #OnlineShopping #AdvertisingInformationandCommunication #CaseyBriggs

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This may be the season to be jolly for many holiday celebrants, but for porch pirates, it’s time to raise the Jolly Roger. #porchpirates #onlineshopping #packagedelivery #holidayseason

Houston Public Media
1 week ago

Is Black Friday shopping becoming obsolete? An expert weighs in

With the increase of online shopping, many stores may begin combining their holiday sales.


#blackFriday #CyberMonday #houstonMatters #onlineShopping

You know you buy something from a website and then you get loads of bollocks sent to your email address, even though you selected the 'Don't send me bollocks' check box.

I mean, occasionally I go Hmm I might wanna buy that, but usually I don't. But they continue to send the bollocks all the same.



1 week ago

So...I may just have bought a laptop sleeve and an iphone tough case from my own Society6 shop and one laptop sleeve for my sister - because they are 70% off today and I couldn't resist 😅 (and I really can use them as I do not have such items at home yet 😅 )

#BlackFriday #OnlineShopping #shopping #FediGiftShop #art #sale #ChristmasGifts

An iphone case with a purple and white abstract fluid art design.
A laptop sleeve with a photograph of a meadow full of red poppies and some blue cornflowers all the way to the horizon.
A laptop sleeve with a digital created abstract design consisting of many quadrangles in all colors of the rainbow.
Harald Klinke
1 week ago

Google's AI-driven Search Generative Experience (SGE) introduces new shopping features, providing users with suggested gift subcategories for easier discovery.
A forthcoming SGE capability allows users to generate photorealistic images from text descriptions for precise online shopping matches. The virtual try-on tool expands to include men's tops from popular brands.
#GoogleAI #SGE #AI #OnlineShopping

Leif Davisson
2 weeks ago

Buyer beware this black friday.

I ordered new monitors from Amazon for $400, but I was disappointed to find out that they do not offer price matching. I saw a better model at Walmart with a 160Hz refresh rate and more features for only $169 each. I also found the same model I bought on eBay for a lower price and they were new.

I know that Amazon has a policy of not matching prices, but it seems unfair to me that I have to pay for the return shipping and deal with the hassle of repacking them. I feel like they are taking advantage of me and other customers. I am frustrated and don't want to argue with Amazon over a small difference. I will just avoid buying from them in the future.

#BuyerBeware #OnlineShopping #CustomerExperience #blackfriday

Arnaud Mangasaryan
2 weeks ago

The history of Ecommerce: easy to read with some additional resources. Don't hesitate to read it as well.

#ecommerce #history #web #onlineshopping

2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many weeks ago I ordered something from Galaxus and it didn’t arrive when it was scheduled to. A few weeks ago I ordered one thing but instead got half a dozen things. I thought “Why do I have so many extras, before realising that the order was wrong. They sent me the order that someone else had made.

For a while I thought “What do I do, do I let them know about the mistake or do I tell them. In the end I let them know about the mistake. By eventually I mean within half an hour, not five weeks. They told me to send them a list of all the items I had received in mistake, and to send it back to them.

When you see that Galaxus has made a mistake they will want the European Product number of each item, as well as for the package to be sent back. The Swiss post makes it quite easy to send an item back to the sender. You go to the Swiss post site, and within a few minutes you can register the return, and the next day a post man will pick it up as he delivers other packets. For fifty centimes more they will print the label for you. It’s cheaper than buying printer ink to print one page, and then have it dry up before the next time you print.

A few days after the incident I checked my orders list and noticed that the mistake I had declared was catalogued in their system under my name. The charge was zero francs but their system had catalogued the value of the items. If, for any reason, I had taken too long to send back the package, or an item had been missing I suspect I would have been charged for it, which would have been fair.

I was tempted to tell them that I was a blogger, and that if they let me keep the items I would write blog posts about each item. In the end I simply sent back the order within a day of realising.

Such an event tests your morality. It would be easy to say nothing, and see whether they ever notice. I didn’t want to take that chance. I like using Galaxus for ordering things online and if there was a mistake then I would want people to announce it, in the hope that I would not have to wait too long for a mistake to be fixed.

On their blog they speak about return rates in the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland but not about their error rates, and how often people are honest enough to report them. After ordering things on Galaxus over several years I have had one occurrence of something not arriving when anticipated, and another of getting the wrong thing. They are quick, and reliable so I will keep using them.

In Switzerland we have the luxury of not having to rely on Amazon. I see this as a luxury because Galaxus collaborates with plenty of online shops but provides a single point of entry. If you order things you can see a list of providers, and the difference in price.

I also appreciate that they use the Swiss Post rather than DHL, Fedex and other carriers. I like that they use the local post, and local couriers like Planzer on occasion.

#galaxus #mistakes #onlineShopping #switzerland

Friendly cat, a photo from a recent walk
2 weeks ago

»Black Friday - Wie kann man sich beim Onlineshopping schützen?«

Oh ja, da klicken die Menschen auf fast allem ohne, den #Inhalt vom #BlackFriday, den #online #Betrug zu erkennen. Meiner Meinung nach sieht man dem #Onlineshopping sehr wohl (meistens) an, wer es und ob es "sicher" ist. Ne hauptsache Klicken weil billig und bestellen, kann ja nichts passieren…


Sean Murthy
2 weeks ago

Remember Do people still go there?

(I believe woot is now an Amazon thing.)

#shopping #OnlineShopping #woot

Der Zoll
2 weeks ago

Der #Zoll hat sein Digitalangebot erweitert.
Mit unserer Internetanmeldung könnt Ihr jetzt Bestellungen aus Nicht-EU-Ländern bis 150 € online anmelden – und euch damit in vielen Fällen den Weg zum Zollamt sparen. 👉

#Blackweek #Onlineshopping

Joshua Haller
2 weeks ago

Looking for a holiday gift? Why not check out ‘Tashkurgan Valley’ from my Landscapes gallery? I’m running a Black Friday sale this week at 35% off. Just use the promo code ‘bf2023’ at checkout.

🔗 and story in 🧵

#photo #art #prints #artprints #photoart #artwork #wallart #GiftIdeas #gifts #homedecor #fediart #artMatters #aYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #FallForArt #mastoart #mastodonart #printsforsale #onlineshopping #wallartforsale #giftthemart #joshuahallerphotography

Tashkurgan Valley on the wall of a modern living room.
Majestic mountains peak out behind the ridges in the wetlands outside of Tashkurgan.
Kote Isaev
3 weeks ago

This time while ordered jeans with #Amazon I picked not Levi's but Wrangler Authentics. Reason is simple. These Levi's were said to be made in China.
While Wrangler Authentics were said to be made in Mexico.
#OnlineShopping #TimeToBePicky #ShopCareful

brad m
3 weeks ago

#China’s “#ecommerce sector is desperate to chuhai, or venture overseas. Sellers and platforms want to shed the reputation of selling cheap ‘made in #China’ gadgets, and make a name for themselves exporting whole brands and business models”
#Amazon and #Taobao are like malls. But #Temu and #Shein are like supermarkets”
“The lowest price always wins” #fastfashion #TikTok #onlineshopping #livestream

Sooraj Sathyanarayanan
3 weeks ago

🚀 Big news in online shopping!

🔍 AI-driven Fakespot - part of @mozilla is transforming online shopping! It spots fake reviews on sites like Amazon & eBay, ensuring more trustworthy ratings.

🛒 Fakespot works by analyzing review patterns and history. No more misleading feedback!

🤔 Thoughts on this e-commerce revolution? Have you ever been tricked by fake reviews?

#Fakespot #Mozilla #AI #OnlineShopping

@rdfhrn Danke für den Tipp. Die sind mir bekannt, aber auch nicht ganz geheuer. Ich überlege ein weiteres Konto anzulegen, ohne Dispo, mit rigiden Limits und "wenig" Guthaben. Oder eine Kreditkarte ausschließlich für's #onlineshopping. Debit oder Kredit 🤔 Ich brauche mehr Zeit 😂 #privacy #privatsphaere

3 weeks ago

My recent experience with buying stuff on the internet from a small business made me very sad.

If the tech bro types would be running the jeans shop in the mall, they wouldn't hesitate to hire the shadiest looking dudes to stalk their customers, follow them home, and take notes on how often the jeans are worn and how they fit.

Why is stalking your customer after the sale is normalized when it's done digitally and automatically?

#privacy #internet #tech #OnLineShopping

Sean Murthy
4 weeks ago

Online shopping is such a minefield right now and TVs are the mines. Like look, 28 of 38 items on this page are just TVs. 🌐 📺 💣

Noway I can get any shopping done without a browser extension to clear the minefields. 😫

#shopping #holidays #OnlineShopping #holidayShopping #commerce

@gartentechniker Fakt 6: #amazon prime delivery ist Unsinn

Da die Zustellung immer schlechter wurde, hab ich #prime gekündigt.

Was soll ich sagen:

• Zustellung funktioniert besser
• persönliche Übergabe der Pakete
• mehrere Teile in einem Karton & ein Carrier, statt jedes einzeln über verschiedene Paketboten
• jetzt fährt uns sogar DPD an, bei prime sind die immer zum Paketshop
• trotzdem fällt kein Porto an, wenn Umsatz hoch genug

#onlineshopping #shopping #versand #amazonprime #konsum

Ross of Ottawa
1 month ago

So my ongoing saga of #onlineShopping, what do I do now? The items are now marked as lost.

Three things, from three diff 'stores' across two #BrazilianRiver orders, all fulfilled from their warehouse.

The items are STILL listed as "get it tomorrow," but presumably if I can order them still, they could've just dispatched a new 1day shipment, no?

Do I try to order them again? Wish they'd tell us what the problem is so I can avoid that issue.

Maybe I'll order each item in a separate order!

1 month ago

#eBay #OnlineShopping

Pleased to say that eBay don't muck about. Been waiting patiently a few weeks for an order, and generously assumed they were waiting for stock.

So I asked them if this was the case, and selected "not requesting refund" just "wanting a response."


Days went by. Had a closer look and noticed the shop's lousy 84% rating, with dozens of people saying "they never sent goods" and "they never respond." Oops, I usually check that first, tho failed to this time.

Although I'd issued no ultimatums, eBay stepped in, said they've contacted the seller asking them to respond.

A week later, no demands from me...

eBay email announcing a refund for the item discussed.
" Your case for this item has been resolved. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive valid tracking information from the seller. We’re sorry you had a problem with your purchase. "
1 month ago

Question for #WooCommerce stores, #Wordpress Admins and everyday #onlineshopping fans - which payment workflow do you prefer?

1. #WooPayments
2. #Link by #stripe

It appears a WooCommerce store must choose between the two.

The Tired Horizon
1 month ago

You read the reviews on this and see its a scam.. ..then you see the #Amazon listing specs and wonder why they're not protecting their customers

#solar #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #solarpower #renewables #renewableenergy #onlineshopping #scam

The costs of our addiction to convenience (in #onlineshopping) are paid by the #workers exploited by #Amazon.... but their increasingly 'mad as hell & not going to take it any more' (with apologies to Peter Finch).

We already know that in the competition between the #highstreet & #onlineshopping, #businessrates are a key issue impacting on shops ability to remain viable... so the prospect of an inflation-linked rise in business rates next year is already leading to concerns about the future of many retailers (big & small)....

Some may see this as special pleading by #retail, but when hight street retailers are closing we are losing a vital social resource...

The choice, joy and convenience of #OnlineShopping at #Woolworths #SouthAfrica. Where Long Life Milk, means Short Life Milk. This is not the first time and unfortunately #Woolies love dumping a myriad of their just-about-to-expire stock with Online Shoppers. 🤬 Have you noticed similar behaviour and what is your experience with other online in-convenience stores? #Consumer

Have you been looking for interesting patterns for #tops, #blankets and #throwpillows?
Perhaps you want to add some flavor to your #desk or need a striking #sticker for your #waterbottle.
You might even want to get some #schoolsupplies and maybe even a #totebag or four.
You might even need a #notebook, #journal or five for your table top RPG game sessions!
Supply yourself with items from a #store featuring art and designs by a fab #nonbinary #queer #transfem
All work has unique flavor and can add that needed break from the normal shops you scour for #decoration
Check out this store and order something! Tell your friends and support my website, writing projects and my creating more fun stuff!
#nailsthatglow #lgbtqia #lgbtq #firstdraftsthatglow #falsememories #onlineshopping #artist #design

Apparently travelling is a new concept for some companies! 🤦‍♂️

#ErrorMessage #eCommerce #OnlineShopping #travel #DigitalNomad

Error message: Oops, there's a problem...
MaxMind Error
The country of your IP address did not match the billing address country you entered so we cannot accept your order

Ich habe mich schon öfters geärgert, dass ich Kartons, die eigentlich noch gut sind, in den Papiermüll werfen musste. Anscheinend gibt es aber eine Lösung. Die App #repacked verbindet dabei Händler und Kunden, damit Kartons möglichst lange im Kreislauf bleiben.

Werde ich mal testen.

#kreislaufwirtschaft #nachhaltigkeit #onlineshopping

5 months ago

Dear online vendors,

Please stop making it more difficult for me to use ephemeral, digital credit cards.

Yours truly,

Someone who doesn’t like using their primary credit card(s) or bank account information online when they can avoid it because I’ve seen how companies treat information security and digital privacy and it makes me very concerned

P.S. Stop making people sign up to your site and give more information than what’s necessary just to make a purchase. And, no, I don’t want your buggy app that requires a ton of permissions either.

#Venting #DigitalPrivacy #Digital #OnlineShopping #Online #Infosec #InformationSecurity #ConsumerPrivacy #Consumer

Danie van der Merwe
5 months ago

Takealot SA versus Amazon USA tech price showdown: It’s around 50/50 so always best to check properly

Interesting results shown in the comparison in the linked article. In quite a few cases a single import, with duty and shipping to SA, is cheaper than Takealot in South Africa. I’m wondering how this will improve when Amazon opens its own warehouse in South A ...continues


#amazon #onlineshopping #southafrica #takealot #technology

5 months ago

Takealot SA versus Amazon USA tech price showdown: It’s around 50/50 so always best to check properly Interesting results shown in the comparison in the linked article. In quite a few cases a single import, with duty and shipping to SA, is cheaper than Takealot in South Africa. I’m wondering how this […]

6 months ago

where's the best place to buy e-books online? #OnlineShopping #ebooks @bookstodon
I want to break my amazon habit (staying with my kindle though)

#Lithuania has no Amazon. This means online shopping is very much a parallel universe experience compared to how it works in countries with #Amazon:

You find a company that sells what you want (easy via price comparison services), order your stuff there, pay with your bank account (this is well integrated and secure) and get it shipped to the nearest parcel locker for €3, usually within 48 hours.

Just in case you were wondering what Amazon-free online shopping would look like.


What you need to know about Temu, the online shopping app dominating download charts | CBC News #temu #OnlineShopping #TikTok #Amazon #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Competition Bureau suing Cineplex for alleged junk fees for online tickets | CityNews Toronto #CompetitionBureau #Cineplex #Competition #JunkFees #OnlineShopping #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Tarpan (extinct) | flo
7 months ago

Wenn der #Passwort-Schutz beim #OnlineShopping stärker gewählt werden kann (64 Zeichen, alle Zeichen und Sondzeichen), als beim #OnlineBanking (max. 20 Zeichen) 🙄

Liebe @glsbank, könnt ihr bitte bei eurem Dienstleister mal anfragen, ob die die Zeichenzahl nicht "aufbohren" können?

Technisch sollte es keinen Grund geben, die Zeichenzahl so stark zu begrenzen.

Vielleicht als Argumentations-Hilfe:


8 months ago

We need more of this. Every fake review #reviews #onlineshopping

The Bountiful Company ordered to pay $600,000 in fines for review hijacking | Fortune

Low-cost Temu goes head-to-head with Amazon after advertising blitz | The Star #Temu #Amazon #OnlineShopping #Retailers #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Josh McConnell :thisisfine:
9 months ago

When it says free shipping but the minimum spend is $150.

#lastofus #memes #onlineshopping #internet #lol

The Last of Us meme where Pedro is holding his chest
Daniel AJ Sokolov
9 months ago

A great way to #boost your #webshop's #revenue is to convince your competitor to send e-mails to users who merely browsed their #webstore: "Did you forget to leave your #money?"

Maybe I did, but I will definitely leave it elsewhere now.

#OnlineShopping #Shopping

"If you are shopping online at .....Third-party trackers send your product page views, search terms, and items that you have added to your shopping cart to Meta, Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Snapchat." #onlineshopping

heise online
10 months ago

Cook Store customers feel they've been burned after never getting orders and company goes offline | CBC News #CookStore #BBB #Complaints #Reviews #OnlineShopping #WindsorON #onpoli @onpoli

heise online
11 months ago

Die Post hat nicht genug Filialen auf dem Land

Postfilialen sind insbesondere auf dem Land nicht immer leicht zu erreichen. Laut Post gibt es circa 140 "unbesetzte Pflichtstandorte" in Deutschland.

#Briefe #DeutschePost #Filialen #Gesetz #Novellierung #OnlineShopping #Pakete #Post

heise online
11 months ago

Cybercrime: Drei Viertel einer Umfrage zufolge betroffen - Ruf nach mehr Polizei

Laut einer Bitkom-Umfrage sind drei Viertel der Befragten bereits Opfer von Cyberkriminalität geworden. Viele wünschen sich einen stärkeren Einsatz der Polizei.

#Bitkom #Cybercrime #Cybersecurity #DDoS #DDoSAttacken #OnlineShopping #Polizei #Ransomware #eCommerce #News

Schriftzug "Gehackt"