Bruce Davie
4 hours ago

For the last couple of years I've been writing and publishing computer science books using an open source model. We put the source on Github, and we take input from the community to improve the books. All the content is freely available on the web (see for links). Occasionally we produce print and ebook editions, and we are now at that point for our latest effort: "Private 5G: A Systems Approach". Find one mistake/typo and you get a mention in the Acknowledgments; find two or more and you get a free book. (Appendix not covered in this deal as it's still in progress). Source at #5g #OpenSource

Front cover of a book called "Private 5G: A Systems Approach" by Peterson, Sunay and Davie. Cover art shows a robot arm working on a car, a presumed reference to industrial uses of 5G
merlin / alex glow
4 hours ago

Headed down to #TinyMLSummit with a new (WIP) tiny Archimedes #CompanionBot ! This bite-sized bot is @arduino based and will run #EdgeImpulse . We joined the #Tech4Good section, sharing #OpenSource #hardware insights & ideas re: #TinyML from various initiatives :)

A little blue owl robot with a top hat and origami wings peeks out of a black backpack, which has pins showing the Hackster Impact globe logo and a cartoon version of Alex's face.
R Consortium
5 hours ago

📌 TOMORROW! Juliane Manitz and the R Hub Validation team will lead the R Adoption Series on Reflections from the R Hub Validation case studies. #Rstats #opensource | Register today

Rocky Carr
5 hours ago

@linuxtech @joplinapp #Joplin is my FAVORITE #OpenSource app! I use it nearly every day. Lots of technical notes, yes, but I also store things like the exact paint color for each room of my house, personal journals, recipes, projects I’m working on, and school notes.

5 hours ago

Well, a cup of hot coffee ☕ and Elton John's numbers..


#life #music #coffee #linux #research #linuxadmin #sysadmin #opensource

6 hours ago

the pyproject.toml file is a great way to store your #python package's metadata. In many cases, especially if you are creating a pure python package, you can get ride of that and setup.cfg . Learn more here #opensource #openscience

An image with a purple colorful background and a monstera leaf on the right with pyOpenSci next to it. text says" what is a pyproject.toml file?
Open Source Initiative :osi:
6 hours ago

"This is a serious and persistent issue with the Commission's work; they need to become aware that when proposals affect the #OpenSource ecosystem." - OSI Standards & EU Policy Director @webmink

Systems Approach
6 hours ago

We're very close to publishing our next Systems Approach book, which is on Private 5G. As is our tradition, we are offering a bug bounty before we go to print. Find one mistake/typo and you get a mention in the Acknowledgments; find two or more and you get a free book. (Appendix not covered in this deal as it's still in progress). #5g #opensource

Front cover of a book called "Private 5G: A Systems Approach" by Peterson, Sunay and Davie. Cover art shows a robot arm working on a car, a presumed reference to industrial uses of 5G
Max Lee
6 hours ago

PaperMC's new experimental multithreaded #MinecraftServer software called #Folia is out: They ran a test with over 300 players on one server with normal Survival gameplay and it ran extremely smooth! (It had insane server specs though...)

This will totally not break most plugins, but my own ChestShop #Bukkit plugin as well as Tresor (my Vault fork) should already be compatible!

#Java #Minecraft #OpenSource

6 hours ago

This is what the web application for GifMaker looks like.

Soon a docker container will be ready for you to deploy easily.

#web #coding #python #docker #redis #flask #react #programming #foss #freesoftware #logiciellibre #opensource

6 hours ago

My theme "A touch of glass" for @flatpress got an update: it is compatible to the latest Flatpress version again.
#flatpress #php #opensource

Stefan Bohacek
7 hours ago

This is a really good bot, and a very good law.


And kudos to @jochie‬ for making it #OpenSource

#bots #CreativeBots #labor #LaborLaws #WorkersRights

Screenshot of a post from the bot:

NOTICE DATE: 2023-03-22

County/Parish: San Francisco County
Received Date: 2023-03-22
Effective  Date: 2023-03-31
Company: Glassdoor, Inc.
Layoff/Closure: Layoff Permanent
No. Of Employees: 130
Address: 300 Mission St, 16th Floor  San Francisco CA 94105
Danie van der Merwe
8 hours ago

11 Best Open Source Note-Taking Apps for Linux (and many are Cross-Platform)

I make daily use of a note-taking app to record what I learn when problem-solving, prepare for YouTube videos, and much more. I save everything in Markdown format so that it is future-proof and stays compatible with whatever I’ll be using in 20 years time.



#linux #Logsec #notes #opensource #technology

Roni Laukkarinen
8 hours ago

Mastodon Bird UI v1.3.4 released! :neon_skull:


* Accessibility: Fix focus for list toggle (thanks @MerriNet!)
* Accessibility: Fix focus ring on :focus-visible on column-links
* Add follow and unfollow hashtag icons (thanks for the idea @jaoler and @lari)

Source code:


#OpenSource #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI #CSS #UI #WebDev #MastoAdmin

Screenshot of the mobile interface of Mastodon Bird UI, dark/light theme presented, home feed.

Imagine an organization calling itself the so-called steward of #OpenSource, doing an annual survey of the movement that only collected responses of corporate users.

Imagine such an org being so unaware of the realities of #OpenSource that it doesn't realize that there are more people using it as individuals than corporations.

#SoftwareFreedom is about people. It always has been. Don't let them take it away from us.


Open Source Initiative :osi:
8 hours ago

"#AI and security and compliance are sure to be top #OpenSource themes for 2023 as these topics are on everyone's radar." -@smaffulli

Kevin Woblick
8 hours ago

The power of open-source lies in the collaboration and creativity of its contributors. So don't be afraid to share your ideas, seek feedback, and work together to make a difference. The possibilities are endless. ❤️ #collaboration #creativity #opensource

Danie van der Merwe
9 hours ago
I make daily use of a note-taking app to record what I learn when problem-solving, prepare for YouTube videos, and much more. I save everything in Markdown format so that it is future-proof and stays compatible with whatever I'll be using in 20 years time.

I had originally got started with Evernote but exported everything to QOwnNotes later on. After that I started using Obsidian (powerful, free but not open source), and I'm thinking of making a change again back to something open source. Although I've also tried Joplin and Standard Notes, I never fully migrated to them. The beauty of an open standard like Markdown is that you can switch apps and just continue using all your notes from 10+ years ago.

The only issues you may experience are that some "features" like say generated tables of contents, Kanban, to-do's, highlighting, etc are not standardised in Markdown, so you can lose these when changing apps. But generally, headings, bold, italics, indenting, links, images, tables, etc are all fine. So, if you stick to one editor then go wild with the extra plugins, but if you want to retain compatibility across editors then you may want to think about what plugins you make use of.

Although not listed in the linked article, I see that open source and cross-platform (including mobile) Logseq has vastly improved, and I may want to give that a spin. Its feature is "everything is a referenceable block" with a block being a paragraph of text, and it calls notes pages. Only thing is it seems to mark the start of every block with a dot (and this shows in other editors) so hopefully I can disable that being inserted into the saved text. Its philosophy also centres around a daily journal where you just write your notes and can flag to-dos or link/search for anything. It also has whiteboards and graph views of linked notes (just like Obsidian).

Very interestingly, I noted that both Logseq and also Obsidian, have various Chat-GPT plugins to help generate content or even to rewrite your rough drafts. So yes, AI has already invaded open-source text editors!

See 11 Best Note-Taking Apps for Linux Desktop

#technology #notes #opensource #Logsec #Linux

A note-taking app allows you to record notes on the go, whether you are in class or studying, reading somewhere, at work, or in a meeting.

SDV Eclipse gathering in Lisbon

The #OpenSource #automobile development community welcomed in Portugal.

SDV attendees celebrating the end of the first day of the summit on the bar.
9 hours ago

11 Best Open Source Note-Taking Apps for Linux (and many are Cross-Platform) I make daily use of a note-taking app to record what I learn when problem-solving, prepare for YouTube videos, and much more. I save everything in Markdown format so that it is future-proof and stays […]

Eclipse Foundation
9 hours ago

Gain insight into the challenges and concerns around deploying commercial #IoT and #edge computing technologies by downloading the new IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey Report: #opensource #IIoT #EdgeComputing

Oh My Posh Release Bot
9 hours ago
10 hours ago

Frens. We are hiring @rotkiapp. Multiple positions but mostly #python backend devs

More here:

A piece of advice. Understand you are applying for an #opensource project mostly funded by grants/donations

If big bucks is what you seek, rotki is not for you

David Bureš
10 hours ago

Today in Cork: Tokens in the installed packages field now have icons! It's a simple change, but it makes it look much better 😊

There has not been any more info from Apple concerning the inability to bring the token selector up, so we keep waiting.

Now that I updated to Ventura 13.3, the search field has a broken background. No steps forward, one step back!

I'm hunting down a Cask installation bug. Please help!

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev

demï7en 🎗
10 hours ago

All geeks who cherish or at least somewhat care about humanity and the supposely inalienable rights we humans deserve ought to read his story...

「For 12 years, Program Think, an anonymous Chinese blogger, mounted an open challenge to China’s tightening authoritarian grip and expanding surveillance state.

The freewheeling blog offered a mixture of technical cybersecurity advice and scathing political commentary – including tips on how to safely circumvent China’s Great Firewall of internet censorship, develop critical thinking and resist the increasingly totalitarian rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

Then, in May 2021, Program Think suddenly went silent. 」

「“Since June 2009, (Ruan) has used his computer to write more than a hundred seditious articles that spread rumors and slander, attack and smear the country’s current political system, incite subversion of state power, and intent to overthrow the socialist system,” the court verdict said.

It added that the articles, published on overseas platforms, attracted “a large number of internet users to read, comment and share, causing pernicious consequences.” 」

「Ruan never cared much about money or material comfort. Instead, he longed for what he called the “open source spirit” – freedom, openness, sharing and cooperation, Bei said.

“He thinks one must pursue spiritual values in life. For him, it is technology – that’s what he finds valuable. But only recently did I discover that his (quest) for freedom had also morphed into a (longing for) political freedom,” she said. 」

#RuanXiaohuan #opensource #infosec #ethics #freedomfighter #dissident #CCP #PRC #china #dictatorship #authoritarianism #panopticon

crossgolf_rebel on Calckey
10 hours ago

So, jetzt gerade mittels dem #OpenSource #Scribus drei Urkunden für unser nächstes #Golf Turnier entworfen.

#Inkscape habe ich das Logo noch verändert und die Urkunden können jetzt zur Endabnahme gehen.

Mein Beitrag für den Verein


10 hours ago

Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 Adds LDAP Realm Authentication

Based on Debian 11.6, Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 comes with Linux kernel 5.15, updated ZFS, and a fully-integrated dark theme.

#linux #opensource #proxmox #backup #debian

10 hours ago

Not exactly fresh news but it turns out that @compiler_explorer got an amazing feature last year: ability to step through the individual LLVM optimization passes and see what exact effect it has on your code sample. Cool stuff! 🤯


#Programming #OpenSource #RustLang

An opened compiler explorer with many sub-windows: original code sample, its final asm form, long list of LLVM passes with one opened to see the diff

Blender 3.5 is out

Check out our pick of the 5 key features in the #opensource 3D software - from support for vector displacement maps for #digitalsculpting to the foundations for an interactive #realtime compositor…

#B3D #gamedev #VFX #motiongraphics

Aida Akl
10 hours ago

If you recall this incident, it's not that it wasn't expected. It's that the #ChatGPT hype has been more robust than the security around it. #cybersecurity #opensource

The breach was "caused by a bug in an open source library."

#OpenAI has confirmed a ChatGPT data breach @SecurityWeek @ekovacs

Linux User Group Nürnberg ✅
10 hours ago

In eigener Sache:

Morgen ist wieder Donnerstag, aber der 5. im Monat. Daher findet weder ein Linux-Treffen real noch virtuell statt. Wir von der LUG Nürnberg treffen uns intern bei unserem netten Inder in Erlangen.

Am 06.04. findet wieder der reale #LTN beim Theo ab 18:00 Uhr mit Essen und ab 19:30 Uhr mit Linux statt. Bis dahin bleiben Sie gesund.

#linux #opensource #lpd #lug #erlangen

Marco Balmer
10 hours ago

@OpenTalkMeeting Es wäre schön, wenn der Link zum Opentalk Quellcode auf der Seite besser verlinkt wäre. 😉 #Opensource

Laura M Castro
11 hours ago

In the upcoming months I will be editing a #book, "#OpenSource Horizons", which will address four main topics:
(1) #OpenScience
(2) #PublicAdministration
(3) #SMEs
(4) #Diversity and #gender-perspective

If you have something to say about the challenges and opportunities ahead in #FOSS in any of these areas, and would like to contribute a chapter, get in touch!

Boosts for reach very much appreciated!

12 hours ago

AI & Human Collab Art: “Make your own superhero & supervillain stories"

#Art #AI #Human #Collab #OpenSource #ComicBooks #AIArt

AI & Human Collab Art: “Make your own superhero & supervillain stories" by AI and Berenixium
Fedora Project
12 hours ago

At the start of the year the Fedora Design Team hosted a conference all about using open source creative tools called the Creative Freedom Summit.

We had lots of neat talks that have been edited into tidier recordings! WIP, though.

Check out @ryangorley's talk on doing freelance work with free and open source software!

#Fedora #CreativeFreedomSummit #OpenSource

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
12 hours ago
Libre Base
13 hours ago

¿Te gustaría participar en el Flisol Córdoba 2023?

Si querés compartir con otros tus vivencias, saberes, inquietudes o experiencias sobre software, cultura libre y temas afines acercá tu charla o taller para FLISol Córdoba 2023.

Esperamos tu propuesta hasta el lunes 10 de abril.
El festival será el sábado 22 abril en Económicas, UNC, Córdoba.

¡Animate! Para inspirarte hay una lista de temas en el link y si tenés duda sobre cómo encararlo o si tu propuesta iría bien en el festival, escribinos.


Cómo sumar tu charla y + info:

#softwareLibre #culturaLibre #Linux #opensource #flisol

Simon Phipps
13 hours ago

My blog post asking the @EU_Commission why they made no attempt to consult the #OpenSource community about the #CRA has now been posted to the @osi blog

Lorenzo 🇺🇦
13 hours ago

👏 A big thank you to all the contributors who reported issues and submitted pull requests for this release! Your contributions are greatly appreciated 🙏

Follow me for future updates on React Native releases (the next one coming up is 0.72 RC1)!

#OpenSource #ReactNativeDev

13 hours ago

#System76 Announces New Gazelle #Linux #Gaming Laptop with a 13th Gen Intel "Raptor Lake" CPU, Up to 64GB RAM, and #NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Discrete GPU

@system76 #OpenSource

Gazelle Linux laptop
leah wasser
13 hours ago

The thing i never expected about building a #opensource #python community like @pyOpenSci that values diversity as its core: Every day I show up to "work" & am given the gift of community support, & perspectives from diverse backgrounds. Every day I learn. Every day i'm inspired by everyone to give all of my energy back to this community.

An image with yellow flowers in the background (mums) with the words "Community is a gift" in white.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
13 hours ago

So Inkscape on macOS has two directories:



~/Library/Application Support/org.inkscape.Inkscape/config/inkscape

It seems like since 2020 on my machine that the Library version is the one that is used, but old docs & posts still mention the .config one.

(I just got tripped up by this when adding a new default template.)

#inkscape #openSource

15 hours ago
Qt Creator 10
15 hours ago

🙌 New episode of The Changelog!

After years of working for Google on the Go Team, @filippo quit last year to experiment with more sustainable paths for open source maintainers 🔬

Good news, it worked! 👏

Filippo is now a full-time open source maintainer and he joins @jerod on this episode to tell everyone exactly how he’s making the equivalent to his total compensation package at Google in open source 💰

#opensource #golang #maintainer


Qiusheng Wu
15 hours ago

#WhiteboxTools v2.3.0 was released by Dr. John Lindsay yesterday. I have updated the #Python, #Jupyter, and #ArcGIS frontends accordingly 👇


For more info, visit

#opensource #geospatial

16 hours ago

#Blender 3.5 Released with New Game-Changing Sculpting Feature, Light Sampling Improvements, and Much More

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

Blender 3.5
16 hours ago

@smallcircles @plr it is a red flag in term of cybersecurity and infosec. It is a legal issue as well, especially when the survey states use "only for scientific purposes". Perhaps you can be sued for this lie; i do not know. It is a problem of representativity as stated by @smallcircles as well as a ethical nonsense when the communication about the survey turns around #opensource. References for that are the RGPD and your conscience.

16 hours ago

Arch Linux Installer Gets Initial Swapfile Prototype, Updated #Sway and #Budgie Profiles, and More in Version 2.5.4

#archlinux #OpenSource #Linux

Arch Linux Installer
18 hours ago

If you moved from Twitter to #activitypub (Mastodon) and only 10% of your followers came with you, that just shows how locked in your followship is to a closed platform.

Moving from one #opensource AP instance to another, you get to bring 100% of your followers with you.

The longer you put off your move, the more painful it will be to let that locked-in audience group go. *No time to dilly-dally!*

19 hours ago
Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
19 hours ago

A great writeup on freeCodeCamp on using the .github repository - #OpenSource #GitHub

20 hours ago

Want to install #UbuntuTouch 20.04 #Focal on the @PINE64 #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro?
Here is how:

Thanks to Oren Klopfer for porting and Milan Korecky for the instructions.

#Pine64 #MobileLinux #Ubuntu #Linux #OpenSource

Roni Laukkarinen
21 hours ago

Mastodon Bird UI v1.3.3 released! :neon_skull:


* Hide navigation-panel scrollbars on Firefox on desktop
* Hide lists by default, show the list of lists on hover (thanks for the idea @laukanhenkka!)
* Order preferences menu before lists
* Add order to all desktop column-link items

Source code:


#OpenSource #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI #CSS #UI #WebDev #MastoAdmin

New Mastodon Bird UI list behaviour on desktop, shows lists on hover only so they take less space vertically.
benjamin melançon
1 day ago

@mhoye @judell i think that coding assistants like Yegge describes are going to be absolutely huge, and unfortunately bothering to understand the code will increasingly go out the window— just automated test it and loop back until it's good enough, the same as LLMs are going to be overwhelming us with marketing/spam.

But they could be used for good, for making us a lot more efficient and effective at software development, but damn first we need #OpenSource ones that won't enclose all our work.

My greatest contribution to #OpenSource so far has been trying to follow the #documentation, failing, and then fixing the documentation. #FOSS #docs #rtfm

Andras Bacsai
1 day ago

🛠️Introduced builder servers to new version and it is insane!

You can distribute your building process to different servers, so it does not stress the servers where your applications are running! 🥳

#buildinpublic #opensource #solopreneur

CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy
1 day ago

Interested in contributing to a CNCF project but no idea where to get started? We've got you covered with the Getting Started guide:

#OpenSource #Beginners #Contributors #CloudNative

James Bartlett :terminal:
1 day ago

When you tap on a #ReplyToot in your feed, it shows you that toot in the context of the original conversation, so the necessary #metadata is already there, and the app devs just need to utilize it.

If you'd like to see the #QuoteToot become a real feature, you should consider contributing (code, funds, or both) to one of the #OpenSource #Mastodon clients, like #Tusky, #Fedilab, etc.

We can all sit around #ArmchairQuarterbacking about which features we think ought to be added, but at the end of the day, the people making the decisions are the people writing the code. If we make our voices heard in those circles, we'll be much more likely to see the results we want than if we just keep broadcasting our hopes and dreams into the ether, praying that somewhere out there, someone is listening. 📡

Stamen Design
1 day ago

Great news for #OpenStreetMap: the Field Papers project has been adopted into the suite of tools that @OpenStreetMapUS supports for the benefit of the larger OSM community. For over 11 years, Stamen has led and supported the development and maintenance of this important #OpenSource tool, and we're more than excited to transition it into the capable hands of the OpenStreetMap US organization. #FieldPapers

A woman in a street in Dhaka holding a printed out Field papers map. Photo from the Missing Maps Project.
A Field Papers map on a clipboard. Photo from the Missing Maps Project.
Several Field Papers maps, pens, and clipboards arrayed on a table before a mapping party. Photo by Alexander Kachkaev on Flickr.
A bunch of people around a table digitizing Field Papers printouts into their laptops. Photo from a mapping party in Ecuador, by the Ecuadorian Red Cross.
The Markup
1 day ago

Hey! We're hiring two #web engineering interns to work with us this summer.

Share with a student, or recent graduate of a coding bootcamp, who should apply.

#OpenSource #Dev #Python #JavaScript

Roni Laukkarinen
1 day ago

Mastodon Bird UI v1.3.2 released! :neon_skull:


* Fix destructive button border color
* Show green followed icon in the profile following/followers account wrapper
* Add `--width-side-panel` for side panel widths
* Fit content to iPad landscape view (thanks @jarilehtinen!)
* Fix horizontal scrollbar on some iPad views

Source code:


#OpenSource #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI #CSS #UI #WebDev #MastoAdmin

Screenshot of the mobile interface of Mastodon Bird UI, dark/light theme presented, home feed.
Jan De Dobbeleer :terminal:
1 day ago

GitHub's CoPilot for PR's so insanely useful I added it to the default PR template. Just look at how perfect this is 😍

#github #copilot #oss #opensource

Fedora Project
1 day ago

We got another round of Test Days! This time we're testing CoreOS, Fedora IoT, and the upgrading process itself.

~ March 28 - April 2: Fedora CoreOS :coreos:
~ March 28-31: Upgrading to major version release ⚙️
~ April 3-7: Fedora IoT :fedora_iot:

Follow the link below for details on how to help. New-contributor friendly!
#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource


Test Days
Shawn in Montreal
2 days ago

Can #Mastodon seize the moment from Twitter?

CEO Eugen Rochko on running — and growing — a decentralized social network.


hannah aubry
2 days ago

Last week, #mastodon reached 10 million users (and is already a quarter of the way to another million)!

So I asked my friends here what they thought we needed to do or add to the #fediverse to keep scaling — to share this place with more people, to ensure that growth happens with intention, and to keep people safe.

Here's what we came up with:

#ActivityPub #FastForward #community #OpenSource

2 days ago

HUGE Thank you for contributing to our #python packaging guide @tupui @HenrySchreiner3 @ralfgommers @frostming @pradyunsg @astrojuanlu @stefanv @jonny @marmochia @ocefpaf @scientific_py @nicholdav @hugovk & so many others!

community is really a wonderful thing. #opensource #openscience

Check it out here:

A green image that says: Thank you, contributors - python packaging guide. with our website at the bottom
2 days ago

So I was wondering today whether there's an ETA for #KDE #Plasma6.. I couldn't find anything online..

#OpenSource #Linux #desktopenvironment

Juan Luis
2 days ago

dependabot and stalebot do more harm than good.

Change my mind.

#dependabot #stalebot #opensource #softwaredevelopment #packaging #developerexperience #lamehashtags