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Erschreckend war Folgendes….
Ich habe die AI in #Photoshop ausprobiert (Generative Füllung) und so integriert in „meinen“ üblichen Workflow, meiner üblichen Umgebung, war das echt überraschend, faszinierend, unglaublich, erstaunlich.
Erschreckend war aber, dass sich das Alles nach einer halben Stunde völlig normal angefühlt hat, wie Abwedeln und Kontrast erhöhen.

#Adobe #Firely-KI #OpenAI #Fotografie

Halluzination: Der Fall eines von ChatGPT blamierten Anwalts zeigt, wie gefährlich es sein kann, sich komplett auf den Support von KI zu verlassen.

Mehr dazu erfährst du hier: 👉 #ChatGPT #chatbot #KI #OpenAI #anwalt #jurist

ChatGPT blamiert Anwalt vor Gericht. (Foto: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock)
Michael Hollmann
2 hours ago

Moin und einen guten Start in diesen Dienstag!

Das "Guten-Morgen-Bild" von DALL-E.

Prompt des Tages: "On a bright and sunny spring morning, a slim young boy sits outdoors, enjoying the warm breeze and a mug of steaming hot coffee. His eyes sparkle with whimsy as he gazes around him, his hands delicately arranging felt pieces into a colorful pattern. He pauses to take a sip, savoring the moment and the peacefulness of the outdoors."
#openai #motivation #goodmorning #moin

Feynman 🔴
6 hours ago

@inthehands but the power of generative AI could also leverage people with smaller means than big corporate. I think it was too rapid the way #OpenAI rolls that out in public tho, and changed it as a for profit model. They should change their name. I prefer Open Source #LLM like #Vicuna that which is as good as #GPT3 and #GPT4.

I don't think they will achieve #AGI tho, someday but it's too early #OpenAI are just an hype right now. It won't last.

9 hours ago

Good news, writer friends – I did some experiments with ChatGTP and the results are more proof that AI isn’t about to replace writers. #writing #writer #writersofinstagram #chatgpt #ai #aiart #midjourney #openai

9 hours ago

Effective as a collective: Researchers investigate the swarming behavior of microrobots #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

Kristoffer Lawson
10 hours ago

One interesting aspect about #bitcoin is that it has allowed some people to invest in a technology, rather than some particular company (btw this doesn’t apply to many tokens or alt coins, which frequently act as unsecured securities).

Could this logic be applied to other tech somehow? It would be interesting to invest, for instance, in #LLM, rather than #OpenAI.

There are of course funds, but they are still investing in companies (and also are frequently closed to general public).

Stephen J. Carrington
11 hours ago

lol this #lawyer deserves to have his licence yeeted. Using #OpenAI on a case... and using the six totally imaginary case citations in his presentation. :pika:

😆 "Lawyer Steven A. Schwartz admitted in an affidavit that he had used OpenAI’s chatbot for his research. To verify the cases, he did the only reasonable thing: he asked the chatbot if it was lying." 😆

#AI #ChatBot

11 hours ago

👉 Let ChatGPT visit a website and have your email stolen.

Finally had time to write up the details of the exploit chain and fix ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Please share with anyone who is building or thinking of building a ChatGPT plug-in to help raise awareness.

#openai #ChatGPT #plugins #infosec #ai #humanintheloop #redteam #pentesting

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
12 hours ago

@barubary @randomgeek We demand accurate output from every other form of software.

But some people are giving a free pass to “#ArtificialIntelligence#LargeLanguageModels like #ChatGPT because they’re attracted to the metaphors used by backers like #OpenAI and #Microsoft that confuse computer malfunction with human behavior.

14 hours ago

Lots of Prompt Engineering classes out there & relatively little talk about the dangers of inserting untrusted data into LLM prompts.

Feels like the 90s and everyone builds vulnerable systems at scales.

#redteam #aiinjection #LLM #PenTest #openai #ml #langchain #infosec

David Libeau
14 hours ago

#OpenAI replied today to my #ChatGPT right to access (article 15 of #GDPR) request with a document summarising how to download our personal data, with a section dedicated to training data, confirming that it would be possible to retrieve them.

Screenshot of an OpenAI document on data subject access request
15 hours ago

Браузер #Opera отримав оновлення

Тепер це ШІ-сумісний браузер. Останнє оновлення це AI: Aria. Вона працює з GPT #OpenAI. І це окремий продукт - його не потрібно спеціально підключати.

#Aria є експертом із Інтернету який дозволяє вам співпрацювати з ШІ під час пошуку інформації в Інтернеті, генерації тексту чи коду або отримання відповідей на ваші запити про будь що. Тобто власний GPT але сумісний з браузером, та від розробника. І вона повністю безкоштовна.

Pour une appliquette flash que je passe en #html, #CSS et #Javascript, j'avais trouvé du code Javascript sous #jQuery que je voulais faire fonctionner en Vanilla Javascript (c'est-à-dire sans dépendance). Et j'ai été stupéfait par le résultat proposé par Chat Gpt #OpenAI : conversion réussie avec du code fonctionnel.
Et en plus, l'IA explique les transformations, ce qui permet de comprendre les modifications.
Dans le domaine de la #programmation, #ChatGPT peut rendre de sacrés services.

Garry Trinder
16 hours ago

Bringing the power of large language models (LLMs) to Microsoft Teams apps just got easier.

Join Joey Glocke, Steve Ickman and Ayca Bas to learn about the new Teams AI library that we just announced in public preview at Microsoft Build.


#Microsoft365Dev #MicrosoftTeams #OpenAI #LLM

Martijn Smit
16 hours ago

I haven't launched yet because I was struggling with an issue where the below chart was all the same for all days. I finally found that #OpenAI's API endpoint /v1/usage sometimes returns faulty data - as in all timestamps have the same usage. 🤔

So, I built in a check for same data, then redo the API call to try and get the right data 🤞

Max Leibman
17 hours ago

When Sam Altman declared, “I am a stochastic parrot,” we should take that to mean he doesn’t know what he’s saying and can be relied upon to make up facts.

#LLMs #OpenAI #StochasticParrots

Bracken Spencer
18 hours ago

🚀 OpenAI-Pharo: A powerful @openai playground for pro-users & developers ✅ Interact with unlimited #OpenAI chatbots ✅ Use responses as objects in the live @pharoproject environment ✅ Generate & export #DallE images ✅ Auto-update #Pharo class comments with Class Responsibility Collaborators

19 hours ago

There’s going to be a generation of employees that doesn’t remember work before #AI, and it will be here before you know it. Just like you now have workers who don’t remember a time before mobile phones, the Internet and social media.

#openai #chatgpt

‘Ended digital divide’: Here's what Nvidia chief has to say on AI technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots like #OpenAI's #ChatGPT, Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing Chat have now got various abilities, including writing code. #press

20 hours ago

I've created a browser extension that recommends Notion users pages similar the currently open one, helping them discover hidden connections in their knowledge.

The plugin is in a very early stage of development. Please give it a try. Any feedback including bugs, feature requests, or UI improvement suggestions is appreciated.


#notion #productivity #ai #openai #gpt

21 hours ago

Генеральний директор #OpenAI Сем Альтман заявив, що його компанія може піти з європейського ринку у відповідь на нові правила регулювання штучного інтелекту в ЄС.

«ЄС працює над тим, що може стати першим набором правил, які регулюватимуть ШІ у всьому світі. Згідно з проектом, компанії, які розгортають генеративні інструменти ШІ, такі як #ChatGPT, повинні розкривати будь-який захищений авторським правом матеріал, який використовується для розробки своїх систем», – Reuters.

23 hours ago

MediaTek Partners With NVIDIA to Transform Automobiles With AI and Accelerated Computing #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

1 day ago

Electronics Giants Tap Into Industrial Automation With NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

1 day ago

Techman Robot Selects NVIDIA Isaac Sim to Optimize Automated Optical Inspection #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

1 day ago
1 day ago

Live From Taipei: NVIDIA CEO Unveils Gen AI Platforms for Every Industry #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

Michael Hollmann
1 day ago

Moin und einen guten Start in diesen Montag!

Das "Guten-Morgen-Bild" von DALL-E.

Prompt des Tages: "On a sunny morning, a slim young girl is doing yoga outdoors. She is wearing a clockpunk-inspired outfit made of felt pieces. As she stretches, the felt pieces move with her and create a beautiful pattern in the sunlight. The girl takes a moment to take in the beauty of her surroundings, and to appreciate the beauty of the morning."
#openai #motivation #goodmorning #moin

1 day ago

NVIDIA Brings New Generative AI Capabilities, Groundbreaking Performance to 100 Million Windows RTX PCs and Workstations #ai #tech #machinelearning #deeplearning #nlp #gpt4 #openai

1 day ago

These LLM text-generation apps remind me of the "wrong answers only" internet game:

"Medical transcription of my last doctor's appointment. Wrong answers only."

"Legal document/brief/citation. Wrong answers only."

"Totally not plagiarized essay/speech/doctoral dissertation. Wrong answers only."

...and on and on and on...

What could go wrong?

#LLM #ChatGPT #OpenAI

1 day ago

For people realizing that #ChatGPT is just one giant bullshit machine, why are you surprised? It was designed by #OpenAi which has been founded in parts by #ElonMusk. Where is the surprise?


Oisín McGann
1 day ago

Every publisher needs to make their policy clear on this, so that they’re setting the terms, rather than having the terms set for them. This is Clarkesworld’s statement on #AI text.

#ChatGPT #AIArt #OpenAI

1 day ago

Got generative #AI #geology field trip stop descriptions working on if anyone wants to try themselves.

Grounds #llm text predictions with Macrostrat geologic map API data using a #langchain agent.

Synced geologic and topographic map + StreetView photos help select a lat/long point with a rock outcrop to use as starting input for the text output.

#openai key used has a fixed budget so might run out eventually.


Charlie Fish
2 days ago

#AI safety is critical, but we must also be mindful of unintended consequences. I question if companies are thinking about those unintended consequences. #Microsoft putting their #Azure #OpenAI service behind a confusing manual registration process in the name of “AI safety” risks alienating segments of the population. This is a transformative time, and allowing people to learn about AI is essential. Barriers to entry have created divides in our world before. I hope that doesn’t happen with AI.

2 days ago

How times have changed!

Years ago, I attended a talk by Geoff Hinton about handwritten-digit recognition. A slide also showed glyphs generated from the model: noisy images of digits, as expected. One of them looked like an 'R'. Tongue in cheek, Hinton went "as you can see, the model generalised from digits to letters!". We all laughed.

Fast-forward to 2023: #openai are seriously telling people that #chatGPT and #LLMs have generalised from syntax to semantics. They are taken at face-value. 🤷‍♂️

Tao of Mac
2 days ago

Notes for May 22-28

I can blame Zelda (and books) for not having achieved much outside work this week, but I did manage to get a few things done.(...)

#openai #msbuild #emulation #retrobrighting #zelda

Notes for May 22-28
Brad Rubenstein “:verified:”
2 days ago

Are people polite to #LLM​s?

I would love to see the #OpenAI research report where they tally how often users end a #ChatGPT session with "Thank you!" or "Nice talking to to you!"

I do it instinctively, then momentarily feel a bit silly.

But then I tell myself I'm simply adding civility to the training set, making the world a better place.


Michael Hollmann
2 days ago

Moin und einen guten Start in diesen Sonntag!

Das "Guten-Morgen-Bild" von DALL-E.

Prompt des Tages: "With the sun streaming through the window, a robot is doing an asana in the middle of the room. In this retro-style illustration, a macro lens captures the intricate details of its intricate movements, from the metal of its body to the light reflecting off its circuitry. The robot is in harmony with its surroundings, its pose perfectly balanced ..."
#openai #motivation #goodmorning #moin

2 days ago
Freedom Baird
2 days ago

Automatic Aura
Jul 7 - Aug 27, 2023
Installation Space
FeministFuturist collective: Karen Meninno, Carolyn Wirth, Christina Balch, Marjorie Kaye, Homa Sarabi, Freedom Baird
Opening Reception: Friday, July 7, 4-8pm
49 Eagle Street, North Adams, MA 01247

#HarmonAI #GiftsForAIs #TheConcord #RobotChurch #WisdomNexus #Dodecahedron #AutomaticAura #Massachusetts #FeministFuturist #InstallationSpace #DoingWhatTheBotsSay #ChatGPT4 #ChatGPT #OpenAI #GPT4 #AI

Flyer for an art exhibition titled Automatic Aura, showing a bowl filled with eight 3-D printed dodecahedrons, each about 3" across, and each containing a small LED so they glow from within, showing the honeycomb structure of the 3D-print.
2 days ago
Claudio C
2 days ago
Nayla Salibi
2 days ago

The #EU is finalizing new #AI regulations, but #OpenAI CEO #Sam_Altman says he has ‘many concerns’ about the law. The EU AI Act would require the company to disclose details of its training methods and data sources.

3 days ago

Let's not forget that just a week before this legal fiasco occurred, #OpenAI was advertising that their #ChatGPT Large Language Model can now not only pass the bar exam, but even score in the top 10%.

Will these victims of ChatGPT, lawyers themselves, apparently duped by OpenGPT's hype into believing it was a miracle machine, seek legal reparation? Or seek (better) lawyers to represent them in such a lawsuit against OpenGPT?


3 days ago

Lawyers in a federal court, file arguments citing fake legal cases based on ChatGPT results... and get caught by the judge 😆 😅 😂 🤣 . You can't make this up!

Full story in this very enjoyable thread by @kendraserra:

#sarcasm #ChatGPT #OpenAI #AIhype #BS

3 days ago
Cody Bromley
3 days ago

The next time someone calls ChatGPT an artificial “intelligence”, ask them to have it tell you how many times the letter R is used in the word strawberry.

Intelligence it is not.

#ChatGPT #AI #LLM #OpenAI

3 days ago

Look, I get it, but I’m not sure if #AI ranks in my top three threats to civilization that humanity needs to band together to overcome just yet

#openai #artificialintelligence

Guardian opinion writer calls AI a threat to civilization
Antonio Páez
3 days ago

“Either we’ll be able to solve those requirements or not,” said Altman. “[T]here are technical limits to what’s possible.”

The limit is:

1) they can no longer say what data they used because they grabbed data indiscriminately and the documentation debt is impossible to pay; or

2) they don't want to say what data they used because saying would reveal that they grabbed data indiscriminately including data they had no permission to use.

#CheatGPT #OpenAI #DataTheft

Jim Parsons
3 days ago
Emily M. Bender (she/her)
3 days ago

When your business model relies on theft and you don't like proposed regulations that would expose that theft ... that's a pretty good sign the regulations are on the right track.

#OpenAI #AIAct

James Shore
3 days ago

AI Chronicles #3 is up for your weekend enjoyment. In this episode, we discuss extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, how to make code fail faster, and finish implementing an #OpenAI client.

#tdd #testing #pairing /cc @jitterted

The AI Chronicles Episode #3: Fail Faster
Jim Parsons
3 days ago

Current iterations of #AI
(#OpenAI #ChatGPT)
hammering humanity now wasn’t a

It was an “injection" by #SliiconValley #TechnoFascist #VC’s and their incumbent #BigTech distributors (#Microsoft #Salesforce et al)

#AI is a savage and lawless land, perfect market conditions for these predators.

Issues we’re all dealing with now existing in the late 60’s.



Pratik Patel
3 days ago

Lol. Guess somebody got spanked by the EU.

Sam Altman says #OpenAI "of course" has no plans to leave Europe, reversing a threat to leave the region if it can't comply with the EU's upcoming #AI Act.

#MachineLearning #GPT #GenerativeAI

4 days ago

🎻 OpenAI says it could ‘cease operating’ in the EU if it can’t comply with future regulation / The EU is finalizing new AI regulations, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says he has ‘many concerns’ about the law. The EU AI Act would require the company to disclose details of its training methods and data sources

#OpenAI #ChatGPT #AIEthics #EU

4 days ago

@tagesschau #OpenAI hat kein Monopol auf KI. Sondern ist dann nur ein Teilnehmer weniger in Europa bei einem Abschied. Und Microsoft hätte ein Problem mit der Integration von #KI in seinen Software-Produkten für den europäischen Markt. Also rudert Herr Altman zurück. Denn #Microsoft hat schon ein Monopol in Europa, welches man bestimmt nicht abgeben will.

4 days ago

OpenAI rudert zurück und plant doch keinen Abschied aus Europa

Angesichts eines neues Gesetz zur Regulierung von Künstlicher Intelligenz hatte der Chef von OpenAI einen Rückzug aus dem europäischen Markt angedroht. Heute ruderte der ChatGPT-Betreiber nun zurück.


#OpenAI #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Regulierung #Abzug #Europa

Aske Kammer
4 days ago

Strategy 101: never make a threat you are not willing to actually go through with. #AI #OpenAI

(File under: threatening to leave Europe if regulation; see also: Facebook, 2022)

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 days ago

#USA #AI #ContentModeration #GenerativeAI #OpenAI #ChatGPT: "Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are testing a provision that protected the tech industry for decades from lawsuits over third-party content.

As applications like ChatGPT and rival products rise in popularity, experts and stakeholders are split on whether and how Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act — a liability shield for internet companies over third-party content — should apply to the new tools.

Ashley Johnson, a senior policy analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said the “most likely scenario” is if generative AI is challenged in court, it “probably won’t be considered covered by Section 230.”

“It would be very difficult to argue it is content that the platform, or service, or whoever is being sued in this case had no hand in creating if it was their AI platform that generated the content,” Johnson said."

Preslav Rachev
4 days ago

“OpenAI says it could ‘cease operating’ in the EU if it can’t comply with future regulation / The EU is finalizing new AI regulations, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says he has ‘many concerns’ about the law. The EU AI Act would require the company to disclose details of its training methods and data sources.”

I propose that they then drop Open from the name. OpenAI is to open source and transparency, as McDonald’s is to healthy food.

#AI #OpenAI #Europe #EU

4 days ago
4 days ago

#OpenAI Could Quit #Europe Over New #AI Rules, CEO #SamAltman Warns

Sam Altman said Wednesday his company could "cease operating" in the #EuropeanUnion if it is unable to comply with the provisions of new artificial intelligence legislation that the bloc is currently preparing.

"We're gonna try to comply," Altman said on the sidelines of a panel discussion at University College London, part of an ongoing tour of European countries.

Fynn Becker
5 days ago

When a company’s CEO states they can’t operate if they have to follow ethics and laws, then that’s a pretty good sign said company shouldn’t operate. Period.

#OpenAI #AI #Ethics

Pratik Patel
5 days ago

Those of you wanting to play with the iOS #ChatGPT app, #OpenAI's ChatGPT app for iOS is available in 11 new markets.
Namely, these are Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the UK, and OpenAI says there are more to come "soon."


re: ChatGPT and OpenAI and all that chat bot goodness

Our company internal IS now has access to create chat bots internally. A sandbox and various chat engines have been set up for us to develop against.

It's a little odd though thinking about loading training data in jsonl files.

#ChatGpt #OpenAI #ChatBot

Lasse Gismo 🖕
5 days ago


Unn' schüss 👋
#openai #ki #EU

5 days ago

'No. 10 "acknowledges" existential risk of #AI' declare #TheGuardian

For what's *really* going on I recommend this episode of @onthemedia

The "existential risk" is a fantasy, and #Altman et al are cynically leveraging the #AIHype to place themselves in a central role for crafting global legislation around #GenerativeAI to enable #OpenAI , #deepmind etc. to craft monopolies. Classic corporate capture.

And the #UK govt (& The Guardian) are falling for it.

The Guardian: No 10 acknowledges "existential" risk of AI for first time
Alasdair Allan
5 days ago

I touched very briefly on regulation of #AI during my #NDCOslo keynote yesterday, and then this morning I saw this from #OpenAI. We saw very similar reactions from the Valley to #GDPR.

Carsten Sandtner
5 days ago

Wenn der CEO von OpenAI nach Regulieren ruft, wollte er nicht, dass es tatsächlich passiert. Anders kann ich mir DAS nicht erklären. :D

#openai #regulierung #upsi

Natasha Nox 💙💛
5 days ago

"#OpenAI threatens to leave europe amid regulatory pressure."

Hell yes, please! F**k off!

5 days ago

OpenAI zieht Rückzug aus Europa in Erwägung

In der EU wird ein neues Gesetz zum Umgang mit Künstlicher Intelligenz erarbeitet. OpenAI reagierte auf erste Entwürfe und kündigte einen Rückzug aus Europa an, sollte das Gesetz nicht entschärft werden.


#OpenAI #KI #EU

Jim Parsons
5 days ago

@arstechnica @benjedwards

• #AI wasn’t an “onset" or “launch" or “introduction" or a "release"

• it was an “injection" by #PeterThiel + #ElonMusk backers of #OpenAI #ChatGPT
(#SamAltman now on a 17 city 🌍 tour dropping metaphorical #AI bombs)

• it was “Lightning" like a #TechnoFascist Blitzkreig on #Democracy is

• #BigTech incumbents (#Microsoft, #Salesforce) are willing & complicit distributors

#AI = savage & lawless land, perfect for #VC’s


Jan :rust: :ferris:
6 days ago

No wonder #LLMs are confused and hallucinate when they encounter words such as "OpenAI"...🙄

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #OpenAI #LLM #Language

Upol Ehsan
6 days ago

This piece around "superintelligence governance" has sparked quite the uproar.

But is it all just hype?

Let's take a closer look at why some believe it's much ado about nothing.

First and foremost, there seems to be a fog of confusion surrounding the very definition of "superintelligence." Even if we consider Nick Bostrom's interpretation (or lack thereof), the way OpenAI employs the term leaves us scratching our heads.

#ML #AI #OpenAI #responsibleai


Jeff C. 🇺🇦
6 days ago

Free product idea: AI that can attend meetings for you and generate a bulleted list of only those things that are pertinent to your work.

Get on it, VCs!

#AI #ChatGPT #OpenAI

IT News
1 week ago

Built-in ChatGPT-driven Copilot will transform Windows 11 starting in June - Enlarge / Windows Copilot is an AI-assisted feature coming to Windows 1... - #windows11 #chatgpt #copilot #openai #tech #ai

Max Kennerly
1 week ago

#OpenAI proposal for regulation of current #AI technology: zero, absolutely none, nothing.

They're instead talking solely about tech that doesn't exist, and they have no plan for it either.

Today’s systems will create tremendous value in the world and, while they do have risks, the level of those risks feel commensurate with other Internet technologies and society’s likely approaches seem appropriate.

By contrast, the systems we are concerned about will have power beyond any technology yet created, and we should be careful not to water down the focus on them by applying similar standards to technology far below this bar.

Wow. The #OpenAI #AI CEO Sam Altman is in Warsaw this week. Too bad I learnt way too late to attend in person.

There will be live streaming (and hopefully VOD too):

"#OpenAI bled around $540 million last year as it developed ChatGPT and says it needs $100 billion to meet its ambitions"

Paris Marx
1 week ago

In this week’s roundup, some commentary on Sam Altman’s friendly Senate hearing and the mess that appears to be Apple’s new headset. Plus, recommended reads, labor updates, and other stories you might have missed!

#tech #openai #chatgpt #apple

Emily M. Bender (she/her)
1 week ago

A final kind of risk that might not be adequately handled by existing frameworks is the risks that widely available media synthesis machines pose to the information ecosystems.

Here, I keep hoping for some way to set up accountability: what if #OpenAI were actually accountable for everything #ChatGPT outputs? (And #Google for #Bard and #Microsoft for #BingGPT?)

Maybe we already have what we need, maybe there's something to add.


One of the bitter ironies of companies like #OpenAI is the co-opting of generativity for "Generative AI," a set of products that could not be more unlike the generative projects of Bhoite or Calishain.

This kind of language game is a hallmark of every scam (not for nothing: Open AI isn't open, and its product is neither artificial nor is it intelligent).


2 weeks ago

@simon I desperately need "two, both from #OpenAI" option. Was tempted to just say "one".

@dangillmor #OpenAI pretty much ruined the world.

Maarten Balliauw
2 weeks ago

I'm almost convinced chat is a distraction #OpenAI gave us all with ChatGPT so they can build something bolder while everyone and is integrating LLMs as a chat. Chats are not the best interface to LLMs. They are too easy to jailbreak, too wide open to giving bad advice.

2 weeks ago

#OpenAI, makers of #ChatGPT, have a tool to help determine if some text was written by an LLM.

Aaron Hockley
2 weeks ago

Why does the #openai #chatgpt app need this info?

Screenshot of the ChatGPT app’s privacy date information.

#Transcrição de textos em #Português com #whisper (#OpenAI).ipynb

Tutorial do Turicas, não achei ele aqui no Mastodon :(

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

#OpenAI CEO Predicts #AI Will Someday Give Birth To Twins, Their Names Will Be God And Satan: ‘One Will Fight For Humanity While The Other Tries To Destroy It’

Zack Katz
2 weeks ago

I think it's *wild* how OpenAI's app simply isn't findable on the iOS App Store.

I scrolled and scrolled. Nothing.

#iOS #AppStore #OpenAI #ChatGPT #search

Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.
Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.
Screenshot of a search result with apps that are not the official app.