Stefano Marinelli
11 hours ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration: The task is less time-consuming and complex than it seems, but I need to do it when I'm at home and it's low priority. Not to mention, I can't leave my wife without a connection.

Stefano Marinelli
11 hours ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration: I am testing everything, everything seems okay. I have set up a solution to keep the system in read-only, a simple operation on #FreeBSD but not supported on OpenBSD. I will keep an eye on it.

13 hours ago

@topher I've gone that route on #OpenBSD with the #fvwm window manager in the past, but these days I let #GNOME take the wheel.

I'm running a LOT of Flatpaks on this Debian system because the standard-size 30GB root partition ran out of room. I went to --user Flatpaks to get all of that bloat out of / and into /home. My next #Debian install will not have separate /home -- it's been more trouble than it's worth. Unless I can figure out Encrypted LVM with a bigger /

16 hours ago

@cstross @marjolica

You've both made a rather large and quite amusing assumption, there, though.

I'm doing this with tooling invented by DJB in the 1990s, on OpenBSD 5.

I can _easily_ outdo _both_ of you on the not using systemd or Linux front. (-:

But I didn't mention that until now because this isn't about that. This is about the several suggestions in this thread to start using logrotate, which was bettered long before systemd was even thought of.

#OpenBSD #cyclog

Stefano Marinelli
22 hours ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration: I went crazy for hours thinking I had problems with rad or firewall on ipv6, but it was actually the MikroTik switch that, for some reason and even though it was correctly configured, wasn't routing #ipv6 traffic. I solved it by resetting it and importing an export.rsc. Now everything seems to be working fine.

Peace of mind and tea
A Christmas present -


Paul Tagliamonte
1 day ago

Day 2 of my posting adventures to finally figure out what is going on with my build of #libuhd #libusb on #openbsd :openbsd:

:boost_ok: boosts would be v helpful in case anyone has seen something like this before, esp from bsd folks or sdr folks #ham #sdr #bsd

Marcus Rohrmoser 🌍
1 day ago

🔐 💻 #OpenBSD laptop with Full Disk Encryption
This is how my #ThinkPad X230i gets encrypted and won’t boot without the proper USB thumb drive plugged in.

Stefano Marinelli
2 days ago

Interesting tutorial on how to set up a (simple but effective) e-mail server on #OpenBSD by @joel

#SysAdmin #EMail

Stefano Marinelli
2 days ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration: I migrated all policy routing, now the system is able to properly handle incoming connections from both WANs. WAN1 is also monitored, redirecting new outgoing connections to WAN2 when it is near saturation.

Paul Tagliamonte
2 days ago

if any of my :openbsd: friends have some time to devote to a mystery, I don't know #OpenBSD's USB stack / ugen well enough to reason through the logs, so far everyone I've reached out to haven't been able to point me in the direction of a smoking gun yet #bsd #libusb

#OpenBSD/arm64 now supports branch target protection in the kernel using the BTI (Branch Target Identification) instruction, which is currently supported on the Apple M2.

kettenis@ modified sys/arch/arm64: Implement branch target protection using the branch target identification feature introduced in Armv8.5. This provides "head-CFI" to complement the "tail-CFI" provided by retguard. Unfortunately most arm64 machines don't support this feature yet. But Apple M2 does support it and it seems to work there.


Stefano Marinelli
2 days ago

It seems that #ChatGPT is not familiar with #OpenBSD. It keeps confusing it with other BSDs and using the old syntax of pf.

R. L. Dane
3 days ago


Learning to adapt my workflow to the BSDs has given me some of this fun feeling back, and also playing with #uxn, the not-quite-retro #permacomputing 16-bit virtual machine and assembler.

I stayed up until 6am configuring #OpenBSD on my old #stinkpad a couple nights in a row a few months ago 😅

#BSD gives me the feeling of using old Sun workstations 30 years ago (but modern).

uxn gives me the feeling of late 8-bit and early 16-bit home micros.

#FreeBSD #NetBSD #RunBSD #uxntal

Stefano Marinelli
3 days ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration - unbound is now using ad-blocking lists to avoid ads and I’ve started to recreate the vlans, dhcp servers, static dhcp reservations and the first Wireguard link. Everything’s running fine. #OpenBSD is, as always, clear and logic.

OpenBSD Amsterdam
4 days ago

@simondassow @aep we “just” use what a excellent group of people are building and maintaining. 🫶🏻 #OpenBSD #RUNBSD

Stefano Marinelli
4 days ago

#MikroTik to #OpenBSD migration is going on - I had some problems with some #eoip interfaces but they were legacy configurations, so I removed them and managed everything via static routing. Much better!

Stefano Marinelli
4 days ago

Today I installed #OpenBSD on the #apu and configured the lan and the two wan interfaces. I created a script able to modify the pf configuration in order to switch to the second wan if the first if fully loaded. I'll continue and switch some of the #MikroTik managed networks.

Klaus Zimmermann :unverified:
5 days ago

Gonna power off my #RaspberryPi with #FreeBSD for a while, but for a noble purpose: I'm off to try arm64 #OpenBSD in it for the first time! Who knows, maybe BSD in general plays better than Linux in the Pi after all?

See you around and wish me luck!

Screenshot of Fluxbox desktop on FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE running on a Pi4.

Present windows are: 1x Terminal running ufetch and an image viewer showing a 90s style 3D rendering of a "evil pacman" character with the text "A Computer Virus! I'm gonna eat yer FAT!" in it
Stefano Marinelli
5 days ago

Going on with a new migration: #MikroTik to #OpenBSD - stay tuned!

Video for Theo de Raadt's CanSecWest 2023 presentation: "Synthetic Memory Protections - Beyond R, W, and X" was posted over on :birdsite:​!


Paul SomeoneElse
5 days ago

#openbsd #vmm #freebsd #alpine

I'm installing an alpine vm in OpenBSD vmm and it's very fun. I downloaded a FreeBSD qcow2 image to run next.

It't too easy so far, but I haven't gotten to networking yet. The alpine installer seems to have gotten a dhcp address so VMM on OpenBSD must provide that by default.

5 days ago

; see here for the patches and the Makefile for noX11 flavor. #openbsd #emacs

(I use emacs in non-X environments as well, so to get a conserved experience I leave it as the noX11 flavor everywhere and just use feh or mpv myself for images.)

5 days ago

#bhyvecon Tokyo 2023 speakers include:

Dave Voutila
Elena Mihailescu
Sergiu Weisz

We welcome your submissions and sponsorships!

#FreeBSD #NetBSD #OpenBSD #illumos #Virtualization #Containers

@pluralistic I'd consider majordomo, with subscription only possible by email - that is what #openbsd project is doing, I think.

Henrik Kramselund - kramse
6 days ago

I absolutely love Unix and OpenSSH.

I have a pentesting server embedded at a customer network, but needed to update before testing.

1. Did locally, ssh server -D 8100 - creates a socks server at my work station

2. then another terminal ssh into server deep into network, with -R 8100, reverse port forward

3. asked apt nicely to use as a socks proxy for apt

Violá apt updates on a server that cannot reach the internet or much else.

#unix #OpenBSD #OpenSSH #pentest

Screenshot of Kali (Debian) Apt system being configured with socks5 proxy in a small file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90socks, and doing "apt update" 

Contents of file:
Acquire::http::proxy "socks5h://";
6 days ago

@qbit how does it work with #openbsd? I bought #StarLabs StarLite but firmware has broken power management. I did consider #framework but reviews of prev generation were so-so.

1 week ago

@gabrielesvelto uuuh, please promise us that it doesn't clash with new security features in #openbsd;sid=20230313064617

Issue #13 of the #OpenBSD Webzine is available in

Brazilian Portuguese

If you want to translate in another language, please contact me :flan_thumbs:

R. L. Dane
1 week ago

Have I mentioned that pkg in #FreeBSD is about a bazillion times faster than pkg_* in #OpenBSD?*

Not hating on obsd, it's a sweet OS. But man... up to 45 minutes or so to update all packages. Yowsa.

pkg on fbsd is about as fast as apt. It's no pacman, but it definitely gets the job done. ;)

*At least on my hardware. The security mitigations on this old Core 2 Duo made obsd crawl unreasonably slowly

1 week ago
techno-mage and puffy traverse the mountains to reach the 7.3 update station.
Peter N. M. Hansteen
1 week ago

The @eurobsdcon 2023 submissions period runs until May 26, 2023. See for further details #eurobsdcon #openbsd #netbsd #freebsd #bsd #coimbra #portugal #freesoftware

1 week ago
R. L. Dane
1 week ago


I might try #NeoVim on #FreeBSD, then, because vim's clipboard is acting weird there.

Oh, that's where I ended up on my X200t. I tried #NetBSD for a little while, and while I liked it (it reminded me a bit of #OpenBSD for obvious historical reasons), I had too many problems with it on my hardware, and the lack of FDE (and the fiddliness of the workaround) was a bummer. Still, definitely an OS to try again, mad props to the devs.


1 week ago

Le numéro 13 du webzine #openbsd a été traduite en français :

Gonzalo Nemmi :runbsd:
1 week ago

Nice to see!

#DragonFlyBSD #HAMMER2 file system has just been ported to #OpenBSD (read-only support) thanks to Tomohiro Kusumi (tkusumi) who also made the ports to #FreeBSD and #NetBSD

It currently compiles and has been tested with #OpenBSD_7_2

Announcement, instructions and details on the link below

Have fun!


1 week ago

After some testing in snapshots, Mark Kettenis' has committed an improvement for userland stack randomization on 64-bit platforms, just in time for #OpenBSD 7.3 release! :flan_thumbs:​

kettenis@ modified sys: Aggressively randomize the location of the stack on all 64-bit architectures except alpha. This will put the stack at a random location in the upper 1/4th of the userland virtual address space providing up to 26 additional bits of randomness in the address. Skip alpha for now since it currently puts the stack at a (for a 64-bit architecture) very low address. Skip 32-bit architectures for now as well since those have a much smaller virtual address space and we need more time to figure out what a safe amount of extra randomizations is. These architectures will continue to use a mildly randomized stack address through the existing stackgap random mechanism. We will revisit this after 7.3 is released.

This should make it harder for an attacker to find the stack.

ok deraadt@, miod@

R. L. Dane
2 weeks ago


Right. #OpenBSD has optional FDE, and it might even become an easy to use installer option in 7.3

#NetBSD doesn't yet. People have figure out how to have everything but /boot encrypted, but it's still a bit hacky.

Not knocking NetBSD, though. These are all small projects, and the things that they CAN do far outweigh what they can't.

Peter N. M. Hansteen
2 weeks ago

EuroBSDCon 2023 (Coimbra, Portugal September 14-17) Call for participation: Submission to open soon #eurobsdcon #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd

Senzilla 🌱
2 weeks ago

Website[1] and mailing list for the Portable C Compiler #pcc has been down for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know what happened to the project?

I've emailed Ragge (the maintainer), but not got a reply for a while. That's ok, maintainers have a life. I just want to offer my help. Does anyone know if Ragge is online elsewhere, e.g. Fediverse or IRC?

I think Ragge is also a #NetBSD VAX port maintainer.

Boosts are welcome 🙂

#OpenBSD #Unix

Thorsten Zöller
3 weeks ago

@tdarb I can only encourage you to make the switch to #openbsd - I have never looked back since I did.

Btw, I really like your website - beautifully simple and elegant!

Bradley Taunt
3 weeks ago

I feel as though the next logical step after using #Alpine #Linux as a daily driver for so long is to switch to #OpenBSD

Normally use it in containers/servers but I’ve always been intrigued to use it daily…

3 weeks ago

@amoroso @masinter hey, can I check why maiko doesn't have bin/makefile-init-openbsd.x86_64 ?

Simply change /usr/local/ to /usr/X11R6/ [] from bin/makefile-init-freebsd.x86_64 worked fine.

This was necessary for maiko makeright to build ldeinit, which is a requirement for medley/scripts/
(tested n=1 openbsd amd64)
#interlisp #building #maiko #medley #lisp #openbsd

So far I have run
> (1+ 1)

;p very excited for this environment and to actually be @amoroso 's peer!

Doing some #openbsd stuff :flan_hacker: :flan_hacker:

Man pages are so nice, I forgot about how to use a program, I found the man page quite easily and I got accurate information in less than 10 seconds, without leaving my terminal. :flan_shrug:

Peter N. M. Hansteen
4 weeks ago

OpenBSD -current is now 7.3-beta;sid=20230304200043 #openbsd #7.3-beta

Kenneth Freeman
4 weeks ago

On the basis of the artwork alone every #ActuallyAutistic should be running #OpenBSD; on the basis of #Lojban being gorgeously syntactically unambiguous (being based on predicate #logic) #AutisticLojban should be our project. @actuallyautistic

Fan artwork for the release of the Linux OS OpenBSD 7.2 in the style of Dr. Seuss featuring six pufferfish cavorting above the ocean like the balloons they are. From left to right, an older white one smiles sadly,, two green ones, companions, smile happily, a red one (facing right) wonders what you're up to, and a teal one leans upright on on two waves facing the viewer, smiling a welcoming smile, its right fin on its hip.
An Okay Dad
1 month ago

Late #introduction.

Love #MechanicalKeyboards, #FountainPens and other #stationery.

Lots of #gaming. I play #Destiny2, #SlayTheSpire, #OverWatch, and others.

I work in #infosec for a small ISP.

I've been managing #Linux information systems professionally for over 20 years.

My #HomeLab is rapidly making a shift toward fully adopting #OpenBSD because it's just so sensible.

I'm pretty easy going as long as you're not a fascist or bigot.. in which case you're welcome to fuck right off.

1 month ago

#openbsd #signify #sha512 #video #shell #example
I'm an addict! Aside from putting absolute paths in my manifest, did I do ok [openbsd sysadmin friends] ? @solene @claudiom at lots-of-people-I-missed

@ldbeth @mhcat @trurl @svetlyak40wt @galdor how does everyone sign their [lisp] projects? What's your flow?

I'm now a video addict

Jan Schaumann
1 month ago

The Qualys team slowly working their way through #SSH CVE-2023-25136 is like an #infosec whodunnit. Current stage is "full control of rip on default #OpenBSD 7.2, looking forward to arbitrary code execution..."

2 months ago

Despite all evidence to the contrary I am still alive this week! Hope to see you at the #lisp y #gopher show on #aNONradio powered by @SDF in XXX. Lisp-wise, since #sbcl is what's available at the institute, we'll talk about #sbcl on #openbsd and also #asdf on sbcl (system definition soft link farms). gopher-wise... I'll rebuild from the ashes a bit until the show starts.
Musically we'll play a little Little By Little which was released free by middle-aged Harvey Danger (Flagpole-

About 5 litres of sauerkraut in a jar, with a layer of courgettes cut across the middle. The top of the jar is covered in plastic wrap, which inflated upwards into a dome shape due to the fermentation.
2 months ago
I give you ... the worlds slowest #486, and among the weirdest pieces of #retro #hardware I own!
This is a PCChips M216A(1) motherboard, originally with a 20MHz(!) #286 CPU.
Plop in a Make-It-486(2), consisting of a TI TX486SLC CPU, a Cyrix Cx87SLC FPU, and some supporting chips - and you have a marvellously horribly uselessly slow #486 PC!

It runs so hot I had to add a heat sink and a fan. And since the motherboard has no fan power, but also no FPU (since the upgrade contains one), I pulled ground and +5V from the 80287 socket :D

Once I find a 286 motherboard with a socketed CPU which can support a full 16MB RAM I'll transplant this one and attempt to run the latest #OpenBSD or #NetBSD on it. For now I'll settle for #DOS and #OpenCubicPlayer and other fun stuff.
#retropc #retrohardware #retrocomputing #midlifecrisis
Motherboard with VGA, sound and network cards visible. Focal point is the weird CPU upgrade described in the post.
CPU fan with power leads coming from the empty FPU socket (left-side pins 8 and 9 from the top, where the top is the end of the socket with a notch in it)
R. L. Dane
2 months ago

Just pulled up my circa-late-2007 wordpress dot com blog on vanilla chromium on #OpenBSD and OH MY GOD THE ADS ARE SO HORRENDOUS!!


R. L. Dane
2 months ago

Starting to seriously love #Qutebrowser.

I just wish I could install it on #OpenBSD without a *gigabyte* of dependencies*. :sad:

* Including PulseAudio, of all things. Hey, I'm using BSD to get *away* from Lennart!! lol
(PulseAudio is fine, though. I just don't see a need for it on BSD)

cc: @benjaminhollon

R. L. Dane
2 months ago


Reminds me of when I initially got lost down the #OpenBSD rabbit hole.
I got VERY little sleep for DAYS. :blobcatderpy:


R. L. Dane
2 months ago

@living8bit @mos_8502 @48kRAM

#EmacsUserLocated lol

Isn't nano just nano-emacs? Or are the keybinds different?

You know what's funny is everyone complains about exiting vi, I tried it once on #OpenBSD to use mg (, and I couldn't exit it XD

Michael Paepcke
2 months ago


Hello Filippo,
do you know if there is already a interface (planned?) to check the x86/arm64
MRS/DIT register state via golang/syscall to mitigate within golang/crypto
or at least on application layer on demand? (at least for the *BSDs I found none)

Thank you,

#go #crypto #x86 #arm64 #mrs #dit #Linux #FreeBSD #OpenBSD

#OpenBSD developer @phessler just committed the addition of The Atkinson Hyperlegible font into OpenBSD ports tree

It's made to be the most readable possible, there is a nice PDF explaining how they did

Gabriele Svelto
2 months ago

Tonight I'm fixing a bug in #Firefox WebMIDI implementation that was reported by the #OpenBSD maintainer that also affected all other Unix platforms that aren't Linux. Sending positive vibes to all our non-tier-1 platforms, we love you all #FreeBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #OpenIndiana etc... I'm sure I missed some.