@ikkeT @chakie Same here, I run a few other services in containers and a few things in VMs (because for RaspberryMatic, that just makes the most sense).

All on #openSUSE #Tumbleweed for what it is worth :)

Installing #OpenSUSE Leap with #Plasma. MAN I love #VMware. It's like I've been living under a rock for years with #Virtualbox.

2 days ago

Hei #opensuse Fans, hier könnt ihr über die neuen Logos #abstimmen
Hey opensuse fans, here you can #vote for the new logos

@opensuse Thanks for voting!! 👍

Surprisingly, the best experience I had (so far) with the KDE environment was with #opensuse tumbleweed

Tom :debian: :xfce:
3 days ago

Very seasonal default #OpenSuse install theme for grub

A GRUB window showing a snowy scene with penguins and an igloo in the bottom left corner.

Not to mention that sadly, @landley is right:

If #FLOSS would result in good #UI & #UX, #WebDevs like @fuchsiii would be out of their jobs!

And sadly that is a problem that only few [i.e. #Canonical at least does] adress [on their core product @ubuntu LTS Desktop - even tho @opensuse / #OpenSUSE's #YaST may be seen as easier to work with for entry-level #Sysadmins since it's a better reimagination to the #Windows Control Panel]...

4 days ago

Update on me using #opensuse @opensuse

The installation experience is not as quick as for example the Linux Mint one but it is pretty easy and straightforward. The boot times are VERY low on my cheap M2 120gb chinese SSD and the system is super reactive

The premises are good, let's see how it gets!

4 days ago

I'm just trying @opensuse #opensuse

Mac Berg
4 days ago

Huh, so I updated #OpenSUSE #Tumbleweed today and it would only give me a terminal after reboot. I figured it's probably because I might have done a couple of updates in the past week without rebooting. So I rolled back a week with Snapper (yay). However, I still only get a terminal after updating now. Have no idea how to fix so I guess I'll just wait and see if a future update fixes it automagically. 😐

5 days ago

i haven't used KDE Plasma in a bit.. ..soooooooo many settings, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.. ..almost overwhelming

#KDE #Plasma #openSUSE #Tumbleweed

Screenshot of KDE Plasma on openSUSE Tumbleweed with cmus and cava apps open
5 days ago

Picked up a #ThinkPad T480 on the bay last week to use as a backup laptop. And whoah, I already prefer it to my XPS. After using the T480 for a couple of days, I'm in love with the keyboard. The trackpad is also better than the XPS's. With #OpenSuse Aeon installed, it's a very capable laptop for not a lot of money.

Mac Berg
5 days ago

@KennetMattfolk Not that you asked for it, but I'm here to just say KDE (Wayland + Nvidia) has been very stable for me on #OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Nothing has broken in the 6 months or so I've been using it, probably due to the testing they do before pushing updates.

5 days ago

#opensuse 这个打包,用的是自己做的 VCS,真的难用

osc branch
osc checkout
nvim _service
osc service manualrun
osc add
osc rm
osc diff
osc commit
osc bl
osc sr
然后现在 arm 系的 build server 一片红,全在打包,一堆 blocked 和 scheduled

Alright everyone! Meet my #server Ada! Named after Ada the countess of Lovelace! She's a combination of all the loot I got the other day, and yes, she is a bit of a mess. But she runs! Her #linux system is installed! I went with #opensuse and I'm excited to get her online after some tender care! The journey doesn't end here though! With the other machines I'm going to build a #cluster for her!

Anyone else getting digest verification errors when attempting to upgrade thin-provisioning-tools on #opensuse #tumbleweed today?

Warning: Digest verification failed for file 'thin-provisioning-tools-1.0.7-2.1.x86_64.rpm'


Marvin von Papen
6 days ago

Today I will switch from openSUSE Leap 15.4 to Tumbleweed on my daily driver Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen 2017. Let's see how far I get.

#opensuse #opensource #tumbleweed #thinkpad

6 days ago
Florian Schrofner
6 days ago

my work laptop on #opensuse started showing some annoyances and that distro hopping itch is getting stronger.

currently i'm checking out #voidlinux on my personal laptop, trying to script most of the setup while i'm going, so i could easily deploy it to my work laptop in case i end up liking it 🤓

6 days ago

@obshq I've received some guidance on this by way of #opensuse-packaging on libera - I don't need a follow-up from you on this unless you'd like to reply anyway :)

Agenda du Libre
6 days ago

Ramonville Saint-Agne: Les ateliers du CULTe, Le samedi 2 décembre 2023 de 14h00 à 18h00. #linux #gnu::Linux #debian #opensuse #mint #ubuntu #logicielsLibres #culte #ateliers #maisonDesAssociations

Matthias Bach
6 days ago

Wer wie ich gerne das Werkzeug pre-commit nutzt, dieses aber lieber über den Paketmanager der Distribution als über pipx oder ähnliche Alternativen macht, kann es auf #openSUSE #Leap jetzt wieder aus dem Python-Backports-Repository installieren. 😎

Taffer :godot: 🇨🇦
1 week ago

I installed Arch Linux on a VM, how frequently do I have to tell people when I use it?

Still leaning towards OpenSUSE Tumbleweed next time I set up a system, but we'll see.

#linux #arch #opensuse

William Andrade Pires
1 week ago

Pessoal, qual das distros vocês escolheriam? Justifique por favor :sadness:
#opensuse #fedora

Drew Naylor
1 week ago

I forgot how much I loved using MATE back in 2014 before deciding to try other desktops like #Xfce and #KDE (had already run it on #OpenSUSE on another computer at my house and on my #Windows7 laptop with the #Plasma on #Windows thing, but not on my desktop which at that point was brand new as I built it in October and it ran #LinuxMint).

#MATE #MATEDesktop #Linux #PlasmaDesktop

Christian Stankowic
2 weeks ago

Punkt der Sicht: Du startest nach Monaten den #openSUSE Tumbleweed Rechner

#Linux #RollingRelease

Die Paketverwaltung berichtet über 1733 Aktualisierungen

for #opensuse users, this survey could interest you to participate in the choice of new logos 👇 :opensuse:

2 weeks ago

Maybe did I just replace my #Debian 12 with #OpenSuse Leap 15.5.

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

openSUSE Slowroll, which everyone is excited about. -- Still unconfirmed, still experimental, and still undecided.

Do not get your hopes up.

If you find a bug in openSUSE Slowroll, which others can confirm, and you supply a working fix, which others can confirm... Do not assume anything will be done with it. -- Just don't.

If you voice yourself, expect to get slapped down silly. -- That is how they respond to any and all constructive criticism.

#OpenSuseSlowRoll #OpenSuse #Linux

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

I started out on Mastodon dot social (same name) and if you look at my post history between both, I was a big supporter of openSUSE and SUSE.

For those who knew me on Reddit (also same name), I kept promoting and helping newbies regarding openSUSE for years.

I can no long claim to support, like, or respect the openSUSE development or SUSE. --It's a shame, because I did.

The leadership and how they conduct themselves has just gone off the rails. It truly has.

1 of 4


Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

@itsfoss @opensuse

Everyone I know is getting this error.

Sometimes, openSUSE will hold a "election" but votingis not genuinely an option. This seems to be one of those times.

If you complain, they will say it is on your end, but without changing anything, the next election will work.

I suspect they have some crowd control sometimes. For the record, I have not voted, have switched between browsers, and devices, plus different network connections (ISP and VPN).


Eugen Neuber
2 weeks ago

@itsfoss #opensuse #tumbleweed caus living on the edge!

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
2 weeks ago

Has to be said, OpenSUSE is a load faster on recent native hardware.
Now to see if I can do something useful with it this time around... :)

#opensuse #linux #geek

Tarpan (extinct) | flo
3 weeks ago

Von 2003 bis 2005 nutzte ich als Selbstständiger #openSuSE #Linux.
Dann schmierte die HDD ab.

Privat nutzte ich bis 2007 noch Windows.
Zum Jahreswechsel 2008 kaufte ich mir ein #MacBookPro und wechselte in die #Apple-Welt (zusammen mit einem iPhone 2 und 3GS, das unfreiwillig baden ging).

2018 wechselte ich dann zu #LinuxMint auf einem #Tuxedo Notebook von @tuxedocomputers (und auf dem Smartphone zum Betriebssystem #SailfishOS, ebenfalls ein Linux.)

Damit bin ich sehr zufrieden!

Und 2021 holte ich mir ein gebrauchtes MacBookPro, weil ich es nutzen wollte, um elektronische Musik zu machen - was aber nicht so richtig anlief ...

Und Windows nutze ich nur noch, wenn ich muss (wie zB aktuell im Job).

Seitdem ich mitbekommen habe, wie stark individualisierbar Linux Distributionen sind, und welche Möglichkeiten sich daraus ergeben, ist Windows für mich wirklich nur ein "notwendiges Übel".

Und wer nur Windows geht: euch entgeht was ;)

#Linux provides a unique advantage: it offers freedom, openness, and immediate utility.” 🐧

Alexandre Barelli has created solutions with #FOSS throughout his #IT career with the Government of São Paulo. Read his story, and learn how #opensource can help power your organization and career next!

#LPI #tech #Redhat #OpenSUSE #Debian #database #sysadmin #saopaulo #freesoftware #PHP #HTML #CSS #SQL #Apache

1 month ago

@railmeat Depends, what do you intend to do on the system? Is there anything specific you want different from what you currently have? There is no best OS or best linux distro for every job, so its hard to give good recommendations without knowing the job. And even if you know the job a lot of solutions may be adequate and its purely preferential, lemme just throw a few into the room that you may want to try out and see how you like them: #Devuan, #Debian, #Artix (if you wanna deepen your knowledge), #Gentoo (if you wanna REALLY deepen your knowledge), #PikaOS (this one mainly just because a friend of mine is a maintainer, sorry not sorry), #Fedora, #openSUSE, maybe depending on what you wanna do, you may also wanna try other non-linux operating systems like #FreeBSD(or its derivates like #MidnightBSD), #OpenBSD, #DragonFlyBSD, #NetBSD or #OpenIndiana

The list goes on

Robert Mizen
1 month ago

Second video on @Podman_io , in this video we install Cockpit to help manage the server and provide a GUI on @opensuse (Other distros work too)

#opensuse #podman #containers #linux #server #homelab

1 month ago

So far so good on the switch from #Ubuntu to #openSUSE tumbleweed. Package ecosystem is very vast, package management is great. I'm giving #kde_plasma a go, and probably this is the thing that's impressed me most. It's a less modern / refined look compared with Gnome, but gosh it is bloody fast.

#Opensource creates new opportunities for innovation! 🐧🔬🔭

Learn how Vincenzo Virgillo and his colleagues transformed a Universita Palermo lab of nearly 100 systems into a #FOSS network that powers #STEM projects for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and more.

Create new possibilities for your students next:

#LPI #Redhat #fedora #CentOS #Linux #tech #Sysadmin #IT #freesoftware #Samba #OpenSUSE #Kali #Ubuntu #openoffice

Christian Stankowic
1 month ago

Im Oktober gibt es neben 5 gruseligen CVEs auch neue Releases von #openSUSE Leap Micro 5.5, #Ubuntu 23.10, #Python, Uyuni und Foreman/Katello. GNU wird 40 Jahre alt und ein neuer #RaspberryPi5 erscheint.


#FocusOnLinux #Podcast #GuardiansOfTheAnsibleGalaxy

Lenny Leonard aus der Serie Simpsons. Er tauscht eine Zahl auf einem Warnschild aus, das mit "Tage ohne Linux-CVE" beschriftet ist. Die alte Zahl ist 0, die neue ebenfalls.
Verschiedene Charaktere des Films "Guardians of the Galaxy" - sie sind mit Begriffen aus dem Ansible-Ökosystem betitelt: Playbook, Role, Collection, Rating und "neues User Interface"
Linux Is Best
1 month ago

Just how much is in the air when it comes to openSUSE?

Well, they're even looking to change their logos for all their many, yet undecided, projects.

8 designs in total.

I think the big news here is they're even looking for a new logo for the main title (brand) logo. That's a surprise.

If you're an artist and want to enter the contest, good luck.

#openSUSE #SUSE #Linux