1 day ago
The photo of the sleeping cat
3 weeks ago

Today was a pretty hard ride in the rain and I didn't take any pictures so I attached an old photo of my kitty

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The photo of the orange cat

Toasty's just a little guy.

#littleguy #orangecats #squishmallow

A selfie of me with my hair down wearing red glasses and a mint green tank top laying against a Squishmallow while Toasty the light orange cat lays on my chest.
Cat News
2 months ago

Henk’s (Ontario, Canada) human hid treats around the house as an exciting scavenger hunt for him, since it was raining very hard outside. In the end they gave up on him finding them though, and Henk needed every single one pointed out to him.

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A cartoon of a hand pointing out a cat snack on the floor to a very confused orange cat.
2 months ago

This handsome lad is having a fabulous #caturday
Hope all of you are as well

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Orange cat on his back with his belly exposed
Orange cat on his back
Smiling orange cat on his back
Angus McIntyre
3 months ago

Today's #Caturday star is Bebe, a native of New York's Lower East Side. I don't know who owned Bebe, but s/he was clearly a keen entomologist, as demonstrated by this picture of him/her paying close attention to a large fly.

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A large orange cat crouches down on a wooden pallet, staring intently at something close to its nose, striped orange tail frozen in mid-swish.
Angus McIntyre
3 months ago

It's #Caturday, and time for another picture from the #RetroCaturday archives.

This is Louie, who we temporarily renamed Orange while he was staying with us, because we're imaginative like that. He was a fine houseguest and, as you can see, he has excellent taste in literature.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCats

A large orange cat curled up on a sofa cushion. The cat's fur is striped in light and dark shades of orange. Lying next to the cat is a paperback science-fiction novel titled "The Warrior Within" by Angus McIntyre.
Mx Kestrel ᓚᘏᗢ
4 months ago

Starting my day off with a loudly purring orange cat, and bringing that energy into the rest of my day. Sound on for 16 seconds of purr-therapy!! #catsofmastodon #cats #orangecats :blobcathearthug: 🐱🐈️

Cat News
4 months ago

Jake (Washington State, USA) has been doing his best to tangle up the legs of his humans as they move around the kitchen. Eventually they might drop something good, or better yet, decide its finally dinner time.

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A cartoon of an orange cat awkwardly winding himself between the legs of someone trying to walk.
5 months ago
My silly orange kitty boy sits on my lap with his hind leg crossed over his front legs.
Cat News
5 months ago

Juju (California, USA) decided to jump through a window. To his great surprise, the window turned out to be a mirror, and he only narrowly avoided hitting it with the help of his big fluffy tail.

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More about Juju can be found here:

A cartoon of an orange cat obliviously leaping into a mirror, thinking it is a window. He is staring in surprise as his reflection rushes towards him.
Meghana :bongoCat:
5 months ago

Having an orange cat means everyday you find a new way to cat-proof the house. Nothing is off limits!!

The cat climbed the top of a curtain rod today and couldn’t come back down.

#CatsOfMastodon #PascalTheOrangeCat #OrangeCats

5 months ago

I am awake at 1:30 AM because Charlie, who normally sleeps more and harder than any of the other #cats, decided it was time to hump my feet and yell loudly until I got out of bed to go to the bathroom (since I was awake anyway)
#OrangeCats are evil. And yelly. Eddie is also orange and also likes to scream in the middle of the night.

5 months ago

Merry Christmas Eve. She’s above my left shoulder, and he’s on my lap. Waking up in our house. #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #OrangeCats

Two pictures - orange cat (mother) tucked in between pillows and second orange cat (son) curled up sleeping
6 months ago

Floof alert! His name is Noodle. And he is very cute. #floof #CatsOfMastodon #gingercat #Caturday #OrangeCats #NoodleCat

6 months ago

#Thanksgiving is hard on a loyal little cat. #WileyCat is getting a headstart on #Caturday
#CatsOfMastodon #WritersCats #OrangeCats

6 months ago

Daddy had a stroke several years ago and is now dealing with Parkinson's. He had a great day at our house for Thanksgiving. I'm so proud of #WileyCat who stayed at Daddy's feet, watching over his buddy. BTW Daddy is sitting in his own father's recliner, my Granddaddy's. #Thanksgiving #catsofmastodon #orangecats #mydaddy

Cat News
7 months ago

Jake (Washington State, USA) would really, really like a cookie. He hasn’t taken his eyes off them, even though his humans assure him, he would not enjoy them.

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A cartoon of a ginger cat staring obcessively at a plate of cookies.
Pixelcats⁷ 💜
7 months ago

It is 13c here in CBR, Australia in late November .. stupid weather is stupid!

Pixel (the actual cat) is not pleased, but his office wear is fashionable! 🤣💜

#btsarmycats #orangecats

An orange cat, snoozing under his (knock off Burberry scarf)
7 months ago

So, since one of my listed interests is #cats, let me introduce you to my boys, Manny and Mister #orangecats #cat #catsofmastodon

Two fluffy orange tabby cats.
7 months ago

They are adorable! 😍😍 Squiggy says "hey let's go cause trouble"

Very cute and mischevious orange and white cat
1 year ago
Our 1-year-old orange cat Momo sleeping the day away in a big, fluffy cat bed with his back leg sticking out.