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Here is one of the recordings I made a couple weeks ago, a thermal pool in the middle of sage desert, the static sound is actually hundreds of tiny bubbles popping, along with larger gurgles and bubbles. Some crickets and occasional flies and birds. At the end a surprise treat of thunder.



There's going to be an #ElNiño this winter. I've never been in the #PNW for one of those. Seems that it might just mean less snowfall? The #LaNiña seems like the worse #weather pattern for us up here; the 2016 blizzard probably came from that. #oregon #portland

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September 12th, 2020. #Portland #Oregon

#wildfires #smoke

Screenshot of the AirNow aqi meter showing a reading of 511 with Beyond Index in the center. In other words, off the charts.
Screenshot from another aqi source with a reading of 511 “Beyond the AQI” and advising people to stay indoors and reduce activity. Gee, ya think?

#Fire at the fuel pump at the Bend, #Oregon airport. A highway near the airport is closed and officials are recommending those within 2 km to evacuate due to dangerous fumes.

Sherry Holub
5 hours ago

This is one of my favorite trees. It's on a short hike, around a little lake called Lake Marie, in the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park on the Oregon coast. It's a tree that has grown on top of a long dead, fallen, larger tree. #trees #nature #oregon

A tree in the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park on the Oregon coast. It's a tree that has grown on top of a long dead, fallen, larger tree.
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[Madison] I think the Pelicans absolutely love Scoot Henderson, really think Scoot is going to be a star and would also like to be in the Scoot business.

#basketball #NationalBasketballAssociation #NBA #NBAWesternConference #NBAWesternConferenceNorthwestDivision #Oregon #Portland #PortlandTrailBlazers #TrailBlazers

[Madison] I think the Pelicans absolutely love Scoot Henderson, really think Scoot is going to be a star and would also like to be in the Scoot business.
Escape Fights - Portland/PDX
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Cheap Flights: Portland to Dublin $486-$532 r/t [October-December] (No Christmas) - Icelandair

#Airfare #Flights #Travel #EscapeFlights #Portland #PDX #Oregon

Charlie McHenry
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Ian Rose
8 hours ago

I'm very proud of my colleagues at the Oregon Capital Chronicle. They deserve all this recognition and more.

#journalism #oregon #pnw

Redrawn Hell Human
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Also, Shady Pines Festival is right around the corner so get your tickets soon! July 13-17 at Red Mud Ranch in Oregon City: 3 and a half days of music over 2 stages, featuring some of #Portland 's best up-and-coming bands and awesome touring acts, plus local vendors, activities and camping in the pines on a beautiful creekside ranch! Kids go free!!

More info and tickets at

#pdx #portlandoregon #pdxmusic #oregon #festival #SummerFestival #MusicFestival

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Shooting yourselves in the foot to combat wokeness… (for those who don’t know, County Extensions are a vital resource for farmers, ranchers, and gardeners). We get everything we deserve.
#StupidApes #4H #ExtensionService #Oregon

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#Oregon is invested in #FoxCorp. and is investigating its board over bogus election fraud claims

Oregon's attorney general announced Monday she has begun investigating the board of directors of Fox Corp. for breaching its fiduciary duties by allowing #FoxNews to broadcast false claims about the 2020 presidential election — claims that cost the broadcaster almost $800 million in a lawsuit.


Ian Rose
23 hours ago

As the climate crisis deepens and the oceans warm, fish are moving, and those movements are already causing conflicts around the world. An international research team, led by an Oregon State professor, is trying to understand how changes in fish ranges are likely to impact economies and security in the decades ahead and avoid the next fight over fish.

My latest for the Oregon Capital Chronicle:

#fish #fisheries #oregon #OregonStateUniversity #climate

Andrew Briscoe
1 day ago

Here’s a 4-pack of the remaining mountains from my Larch Mountain hike on Saturday. I hope the next iPhone does have the rumored “periscope lens.” Need more zoom.

#PNW #Oregon #Washington #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains

Mount St. Helens from Larch Mountain in Oregon. The scene is filled with the forests of the Cascade mountain range. Helens rises above the mountain range and is covered in snow. The mountain only has a crater after it erupted in 1980. Hazy blue sky above.
Mount Adams from Larch Mountain in Oregon. The scene is filled with the forests of the Cascade mountain range. Adams rises above the mountain range and is covered in snow. Hazy blue sky above.
Mount Rainier from Larch Mountain in Oregon. The scene is filled with the forests of the Cascade mountain range. Rainier rises above the mountain range and is covered in snow. Hazy blue sky above.
Mount Jefferson from Larch Mountain in Oregon. The scene is filled with the forests of the Cascade mountain range. Only the tip of Jefferson rises above the mountain range and is covered in snow. Hazy blue sky above. The tall green trees can be seen in the foreground.
Jake Brown
1 day ago

Basking in City Hall’s remarkable architecture
#portland #oregon #pdx #pnw

An elevator sits between two towering columns next to an interior staircase.
Stairs wind up multiple levels, revealing skylights above them and a table setting below.

Folks in the #Ashland / #Phoenix / #Talent / #Medford area of Southern #Oregon are looking at all your #NewYorkCity #smoke skyline pictures and asking "so, how close are the flames, though?"

Maybe inconvenienced wealthy people in the Acela Corridor will move the needle on #ClimateChange catastrophe.

Ian Rose
1 day ago

This week around Corvallis, Oregon, we've got a big engineering expo, some river and habitat cleanups, and a webinar on gardening for bees. Lots to do, and pretty good weather to do it in.

#corvallis #oregon #OregonStateUniversity

Hubbub World
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#Oregon #COVID19 Weekly Forecast 6/7

‼️ Portland has very high Local Prevalence maxing at 32 /area and increasing slowly 📈

⚠️ Willamette Valley including Eugene & Salem is high at up to 23 /area and increasing slowly 📈

Real time updates & FAQ:

Charlie McHenry
1 day ago

Is Google a bad neighbor? A fight over water use at a huge data center is exposing deeper issues in an Oregon town | This is my state and we’re all watching closely. #Google #Oregon #TheDalles #water

Community Supported Shelters
1 day ago

Have you ever seen a wagon loaded with raffle tickets? Eugene REALTORs enthusiastically supported us with their summer fundraising event and raised enough money to fund a Conestoga Hut! This generosity goes a long way to help #unhoused individuals stabilize and rebuild their lives.

#fundraisingevent #realestate #eugene #oregon #fundraising #housingcrisis #communityhelpingcommunity #endhomelessness #pnw #shelter #homelessness #community #makeadifference #homelessness #support #eugeneoregon

Airplanista 🇺🇦
2 days ago

@ai6yr Yeah 381 is nasty. We had that last year in the Willamette Valley of #Oregon - could not really go outside.

2 days ago

This weekend I went to the High Desert Museum in Bend, #Oregon.

I did not expect it to be so big and fancy. They have a whole wing dedicated to the #Indigenous people of the Plateau tribes.

🧵 1/12

Outdoor sign for the High Desert Museum, surrounded by beautiful and fragrant Ponderosa pines. Aaaah.
Interior sign that says "Hall of Plateau Indians" and "Desertarium"
Map showing the Columbia River Plateau and the names of the tribes from that region.

@ifixcoinops 🥥 I love this home cooling tip of yours, Dan.
I can say from experience that it really works here in southwestern #Oregon -- until a string of days that are triple-digit Fahrenheit (above 38 degrees centigrade). Then the outside air doesn't cool down enough to do much good.
Sound of sad trombone. 🥥

chris actually
2 days ago

When democracy doesn’t go your way, you throw a temper tantrum, then run off and secede like a real maga does 😂

#oregon #idaho #lol

Chas Hundley
2 days ago

I am at a wildfire mitigation event sponsored by our electric utility and I won a firestarter 🤔
#Oregon #Wildfire

A flint striker tool
Andrew Briscoe
2 days ago

My plans this weekend were canceled so I’m free to go backpacking. I’m running out of options without snow. Wahtum Lake apparently still has lots of snow. Requirements: Water that can be filtered and no to little snow. Anyone have any ideas for a 2 night trip in northwest Oregon or southwest Washington?

#PNW #Oregon #Washington #Backpacking #Hiking

Backpacking tent pitched in the forest along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State. The tent is on a dirt pad with trees and a cliff behind it.

USGS now reporting that there were three earthquakes in quick succession under Mount Hood.

14:35:15 Tuesday - M3.0, 1.4km deep
14:36:03 Tuesday - M2.2, 2.0km deep
14:36:06 Tuesday - M2.6, 3.1km deep

Interesting, but still not a sign that an eruption is imminent.

(Updated with better info)

#pdx #Portland #Oregon #earthquake

M3.0 #earthquake near Mount Hood, #Oregon at 14:35 Tuesday. Earthquakes around the volcanoes are normal and do not mean an eruption is imminent.

If you are in the #Portland, Mount Hood, or Columbia Gorge regions you can help seismologists by filling out the “did you feel it” survey linked below - even if you didn’t feel anything.

#pdx #geology

Ian Rose
2 days ago

Portlanders: There's been a sewage leak just upriver in Lake Oswego. Terrible timing, with heat getting into the 90s, but if you can avoid the Willamette today and tomorrow, you should.

#pdx #portland #oregon

Charlie McHenry
2 days ago

Eww!! 👀 Half a million gallons of sewage leaks into Oregon river after facility malfunction | #portland #oregon #sewage #pollution #rivers

John Abbe 🍃 🌊 is Life
2 days ago

Do you rent in or around #Eugene, #Oregon and/or want to support those who are struggling in the current landlord crisis? There's a big Eugene Housing and Neighborhood Defense meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 6:30pm at the UU church, 1685 West 13th.

"Questions? Visit or email"

End #HouseHoarding!



June Mass Meeting


Join us for our monthly public meeting to learn about housing struggles in our city and become a part of the fight against capitalist attacks on the working class in our homes and neighborhoods! Children welcome, carpools available upon request

1685 W 13TH AVE

Questions? Visit or email
Cindy Weinstein
2 days ago

The musical accompaniment to this story about #Oregon. There's even this -- hearkening back to yesterday's big story!
Beware of the pool
Blue bottomless pool
It leads you straight, right throught the gate
That opens on the pool

2 days ago

🤦🏻‍♀️#Oregon breakaway effort is down to just 8 votes, deepening urban-rural divide

“The Greater #Idaho movement aims to redraw Idaho's map to include 14 conservative Oregon counties, but opponents say it's only worsening political tensions.”

#XMPP Community

#XMPP booth in #Portland (#Oregon) at where there will be a conference track dedicated to XMPP. Volunteers are welcome to help with the booth.

#jabber #interoperability #standards #federation #chat

Elbe-Sprint promotion cover
ms_xenophora 🐚
4 days ago

A little *Rosa Mundi* for your Sunday?

(These are very old -c1400 A.D.- roses which are classed as "crawlers," or "creepers" and resemble berry canes when out of flower. Even the buds, which look like crinkled cylinders of paper when closed, are different than the usual modern hybrids. No two blooms look exactly the same. In fact, there are a couple of solid dark pinks just out of the frame.)

#florespondence #rose #bloomscrolling #pink #Oregon

Close up of streaked pink-and-white, multi-petaled roses in full bloom. One is held upright in my left hand. You can see a few tiny insect friends of indeterminate type inside.
Row of half a dozen streaked pink-and-white Rosa Mundi blowing in the breeze in full bloom. They are held upright by the large pointed leaves and sturdy arched stems of Solomons Seal plants
Andrew Briscoe
4 days ago

I hiked the Elk Mountain - King’s Mountain Loop this morning. I tell myself I’m never doing this trail again each time, today being no exception. Elk Mountain is difficult, but fine. The technical section between Elk and King’s begins with repelling down the mountain with a rope. From there, it’s “trail” on cliff edges and parts where you have to scramble up rock with not much to hold onto and cliffs behind you if you slip.

#PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains

Full moon right above the coastal mountain range in Oregon. The Tillamook Forest fills the hilly terrain with blue sky above.
This landscape view includes bushes up close with the Tillamook Forest behind. Mount Hood can be seen poking through the clouds probably 80 to 100 miles away on the other side of Portland, Oregon. Streaky blue sky.
Rope used to rappel down this very steep section of rock and dirt.
Forested trail on the Kings Mountain trail. Tall trees and green ferns line both sides of trail.
Laura E. Hall
4 days ago

Evey's "helping" with the medallion hunt search as we head out for the 7th day of the game 🐾 🗺️

In previous years, the medallion was found on day 9 (2022) and day 10 (2020), so it may still be a little early. But it's always helpful to get the lay of the land in advance!

Plus we get to see tons of spaces around Oregon that are totally new to us—which is the true fun of the experience every year

#Oregon #Parks #StateParks #Adventure #Adventures #Puzzle #Puzzles #TreasureHunt #TreasureHunting

A cat's paw on top of a map of Portland
5 days ago

#Indigenous leaders, including descendants of those who survived massacres at #ThackerPass, are camping in protest. As I visited, a truck arrived hauling chain link panels to fence off one of the access roads to the camp.

Indigenous leaders said they could use supplies, but more than that they need people to show up and camp with them, peacefully, prayerfully, and prepared for the possibility of arrest.

#GreenColonialism #JustTransition #EVs #Nevada #Oregon

More info:

5 days ago

This weekend I visited #ThackerPass, where the largest lithium mine in the US is under construction on lands of cultural and historical significance to the Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe people, near the #Nevada / #Oregon border.

Impacted tribes have not given consent for the open pit mine, but the Biden administration and a federal judge have approved it to supply lithium for electric vehicle batteries.

#GreenColonialism #JustTransition #EVs


Andrew Briscoe
5 days ago

Made it back home so here’s some bonus photos and a trail report for those in the area. Within the last two weeks the Larch Mountain trail has been completely cleared of downed trees. The trail hasn’t been this well maintained since 2019. Snow at 4000 feet has mostly melted. Only one tiny patch on the entire trail. Hoping that Wahtum Lake will be clear in two weeks but it’s apparently still super snowy.

#PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Mosstodon

Multnomah Falls. Two-tier waterfall with a bridge over the lower tier. Moss covers the rocky slopes on both sides of the falls. Bushes in the lower section of the photo partially covering the pool of water underneath the falls.
Trail through a forest in the cascade mountain range. Tall trees and shrubs line both sides of the trail.
A selfie of me with green forest behind me and Mount Hood on the right side of my head.
Andrew Briscoe
5 days ago

Mount Hood from the summit of Larch Mountain. Powered hiked up from sea level 7 miles to the 4056 ft. viewpoint in 2:37, probably my personal best. Such an amazing location and there are zero people up here. The views up here also include Mt. St.Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Jefferson. Time to jog back down.

#PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains

Mount Hood from the summit of Larch Mountain. Mount Hood is covered in snow, surrounded by the Cascade mountain range. The view is a little hazy with dark green forest in the foreground. Light blue cloudless sky above.
6 days ago

“Majority Democrats in #Oregon Senate will begin fining GOP members $325 for each day they continue to boycott the legislative session as part of monthlong effort to block a bill that would keep #abortion legal in the state.

Oregon Sen. Pres announced he'll issue fines beginning Mon as Dems attempted to force members back to business that has been delayed since the walkout began on May 3”

Jared White
1 week ago

Anyone interested in doing the digital nomad thang on the left coast of the U.S. should come to #Portland #Oregon! It's gorgeous weather now in the #PNW, we don't have any sales tax unlike our neighbors to the north or south, and everything is lush and green. You get whiffs of perfume just walking by flower beds. World-class coffee houses galore. $5 all-day public transit. Bike or scooter rentals everywhere. What's not to like?!

Conservative politicians already trying to find loopholes in the measure passed overwhelmingly by Oregonians to stop legislative walkouts.

#orpol #Oregon

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 week ago

PNW.Zone is a relaxed server for anyone who lives in or enjoys the Pacific Northwest of the US & Canada:


To find out more see their About page at or contact their admin @CurtisLBray

#FeaturedServer #PacificNorthWest #PNW #Pacific #NorthWest #Cascadia #Oregon #Washington #WashingtonState #Idaho #BritishColumbia #BC #Seattle #Vancouver #Portland #NorthAmerica #US #Canada #Fediverse

Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

S. Washington PCT Backpacking: Wrap

Here’s a few more photos from my trip. Table Mountain was amazing. Took damage to 4 pieces of gear and have multiple bruises from slipping on the rock field but it was a fun trip. Washington State is beautiful.

#Backpacking #PNW #Washington #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors

Rocky section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State. The trail goes through a rocky slope with green trees and a small mountain in the distance.
Trail on Table Mountain. Trees on the left side of the trail and a rocky cliff on the right. Forest in the distance.
Photo from Table Mountain looking towards the Columbia River Gorge. The Washington State Cascade mountain range is in the foreground. The Columbia River flows from left to right with the Bonneville Dam on the left side. The Oregon Cascade mountain range is on the other side of the river.
Selfie of me on Table Mountain with Mount Saint Helens on the left side behind me and Mount Adams on the right. Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980 so the top of the mountain is gone.