4 hours ago

Well I never.... sister is volunteering at a place even more out on the sticks than others visited yesterday... great place, everything organic and meatless!! Just bought rolling papers and non tobacco smoking mixture- organic, so's good for you-

More later

Kennylex Luckless
18 hours ago

Nothing say "ecological" as much as putting a plastic sticker on each #eko #bio #organic banana you sell.

Mandy Watson
2 days ago

Don't make green tomato chutney - use this easy method to get your unripe fruit in a fit state to eat.

#gardening #gyo #tomatoes #organic #homegrown #harvest #plants #heritage

Cancer Care Parcel
4 days ago

𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐨 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐋𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 | 𝐎𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐜 𝐓-𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐭

Made from 100% #organic ring-spun cotton, high-quality, super comfy, and eco-friendly.

#chemo #chemotherapy #cancersucks

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
5 days ago

We would agree, but money is needed by people. Instead of demonising monetising things we should be asking where our money goes, what is it encouraging when we spend on some 'x' or 'y' thing?

We can democratise our world by choosing #SOLE (sustainable, #organic, local, ethical).

The #ShopEthical website is a good one. Putting aside the fact they give (Sc)Amazon an 'F'-rating and yet use (Sc)Amazon to host the site.

Btw our instance is going down, no funds for a year.

United Diversity Bridport
6 days ago

📢 Our fortnightly film & food night is back!

📽️🍲🧑‍🤝‍🧑MMMM! Monday Movie, Meal & Mingling
🗓️Mon 18 Sept, 6-9pm
📍Chapel in the Garden #Bridport #Dorset

We'll eat delicious #organic curry & watch inspirational #documentary 'Tomorrow' together

Join us! 🙂

Sunnywines 🌞🍷🇪🇺
1 week ago

Was für ein Tag zum Start der #Weinlese2023. Und so beginnt es!

#wine #harvest2023 #wein #weingarten #vineyard #bio #organic

Blick in einen Weingarten. Junge, saftig grüne Zweigelt Reben mit schön hängenden, fast reifen, blauen Trauben unter wolkenlos blauem Himmel.
Derselbe Weingarten aus einer anderen Perspektivem Im Hintergrund viele große Windkraftanlagen.
Johnny Beer
1 week ago

To Emma Watson

Working on a project, & I was wondering you would like to look into it.

I'm good with most areas of philosophy and all kinds. We could talk more, if you want to. Like; more Females that are inventors, where to find them?

Organic Vine Yard, Animal Welfare. What happened?

#Philsophy #Wonderment #Organic #Trees

Johnny Beer
1 week ago

To Kim Dot Com

Are you Vegan?

I can guide you..

Starter: Organic Mushroom protein slabs.

Pre Maincourse: Organic Refried bean burito (Tom Stolten's favourite)

Maincourse: Rice with Cashew cream

Pudding: Organic Caultiflower Vegan Cheese.

#Organic #Vegan #Cooking #Entertainment #Comedy

Coney von 1Land
1 week ago

Interested in the latest #organic #research & #innovation? 👀 👩‍🌾 Join @TPOrganics' annual public event, the #OrganicInnovationDays #OID2023, & learn more about hot topics with sector experts & actors on the ground! 👏
Save your spot now 🧐👉

Alameda Post
1 week ago

City Council approved an eight-year lease of an Alameda Point hangar to an autonomous electric aircraft manufacturing company, Pyka Inc. Richard Bangert, who has vocally opposed the lease, explains the actions that led to the approval.

#aircraft #alameda #AlamedaPoint #automated #CityCouncil #drone #environment #organic #pesticides #pyka #tidelands

moore taylor
1 week ago

Organic Lamb Market Key Players Profile Outlook and Forecast Till 2022-2031

Organic lamb, known for its high-quality meat produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has gained immense popularity among health-conscious consumers.

read more-

#organic #foodindustry #Food #Marketing

Alexander J. Stein
1 week ago

#Yields in organic #farming are 18% lower than in conventional #agriculture & climate matters: In warm temperate #climate, yields were even 21% lower. #Organic yields are also lower in vegetables, oilseed & protein crops, #cereals, and root & tuber crops:

Tanguy Fardet
1 week ago

I ended up not going to #RAMIRAN (a conference on #organic resources) because I forgot my passport had expired and, well... #brexit

I recorded my talk (preliminary thoughts about the #logistics of #urine reuse in #agriculture) but they did not even let me present remotely, they just played it... pretty bad for 2023 and with COVID going up again.

Anyway, if you want to have a listen, it's only 12min-long (also *really* short to say much of interest 😅 )

(subs included)

2 weeks ago

"In its ‘zero tolerance’ approach to gene editing, the #organic sector may seal its own demise"

Oh well. Let 'em go.


2 weeks ago

During the pandemics I did not find any #organic #restaurant openings in #Munich -- but now, finally the #organictraveller's #travelguide comes with new entries for the #Glockenbach neighbourhood: lovely #Italian and #mediterranean / #oriental food which I full-heartedly recommend.

#münchen #bio

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
2 weeks ago

My dear friend, Farmer Yon, is a lead person at an amazing urban farm in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn (NYC food desert). Look for photos of this wonderful, #antiracist justice-focused cornerstone of community that is a model of #regenerative practice. Totally aligned with #solarpunk .

She was interviewed for a segment of (public radio) Morning Edition last week:

#sustainability #organic #herbs #farm #agriculture

2 weeks ago

#Packagefree #supermarkets try hard to find new ways to survive - and those in #Bremen are no exception: The nicest #zerowaste shop in town is about to relocate, leaving its splendid venue behind, another one is turning into a #cooperative . The updated #organictraveller's #travelguide also comes w/ new entries, e.g. a source of fresh #organic veges from a #communal #farm.


Liza Gross
2 weeks ago

One of my favorite things about composting is adding the bug-rich organic matter to my garden and seeing the ground-foraging birds kick up the dirt! #organic #organicgardening #compost #gardeningforlife #biodiversity

2 weeks ago

Late summer crop from the garden. Technically I never planted the sarpo miras (red potatoes) we think there were some chits in the compost that made it into the beds and this is the result.

Also, after many years of ill luck we have our first surviving pumpkin!
#organic #gardening

Tray of potatoes. White potatoes at the ends of the tray with red potatoes in the middle. A hand is holding a red potato to show the large size of them
A pumpkin growing on its vine. There is a hand on the right hand side to show the large size of the pumpkin
Jake Rayson
2 weeks ago


* #Organic
* #PeatFree
* #Vegan
* Local & recycled materials
* Minimal energy
* Minimal plastic

Lukas VF Novak
2 weeks ago

Cause and Effect: How Ecosystem Elements Affect One Another

"Earth-derived elements and chemicals provide direct energy sources for a diverse array of #microorganisms and consequently, the #metabolisms of these #microbes transform the Earth’s largely inorganic emissions into #organic compounds which can fuel other forms of life. Thus, #HydrothermalVents create transformations that cascade into a range of other marine #ecosystems."

worms living on a hydrothermal vent underwater
2 weeks ago

The first round of dried organic chili peppers 🌶️

Should fill about 12 of these jars soon. Might also pickle some.

#peppers #organic #hotpepper

2 weeks ago

A beautiful image of home baked organic zucchini bread. Framed with meds that are too expensive and one that I can't even get access to because it's back ordered. With some black metal blaring in the backdrop it's a perfect encapsulation of my life outside of work.

#baking #bread #cake #organic #zucchini

B's Creative Life 🌈 🎃
2 weeks ago

An example of the week I've been having in the gardens is aptly demonstrated by this week's yield of green beans.

Last week 5 lbs. This week 1.5 lbs.

I almost pulled them up last night except that there where new leaves and beans to harvest.

Yellow stains streak most of this week's laundry, I hope they're not permanent, but are a testament to the chaos.

My foe? Click to see...

#gardening #Gardener #insect #organic #farming #FoodSecurity #volunteer

Screenshot of a post on iNaturalist showing a yellow larvae of a beetle with little spikes on a green bean leaf.
Text below photo says, "Mexican Bean Beetle Epilachna varivestis"
Close-up of a Mexican bean beetle trapped between a gardeners fingers. Yellow orange in color with black spots and eyes. Looks similar to a lady beetle, but bigger.

Oolie just turned 2! And today we’re announcing our first bedding for grown-ups: 100% organic cotton, with our unique deep fitted sheet. Take 20% off until 9/12.

#WomanOwned #BCorp #GOTS #Organic #OrganicCotton

An Oolie organic cotton deep fitted sheet in natural, unbleached cotton installed on a full size bed.
2 weeks ago

Well I that’s the disappointing part about being #PesticideFree and #organic. 🤷🏻‍♂️I hate wasting the #pepper more than I think unripened, green peppers are an abomination so I’m going to chop these up and see if I can salvage them for use with breakfast potatoes. I hope no ody’s living inside my peppers. #garden #Gardening

Our young company is almost 2! Exciting announcement coming out tomorrow, especially for #parents who like #organic #sheets from a woman-owned #BCorp. 😉

Amanda Shankland Ph.D. would like to share the second edition of her monthly newsletter with you. ‘Cultivating Community’ provides stories of how community-centred thinking and action can drive sustainable environmental and food movements forward.

#Newsletter #Food #Sustainable #Environment #FoodMovements #Community #WaterPolicy #Organic #Orchard

Subscribe to Cultivating Community here:

J blue
2 weeks ago

Campanumoea lancifolia, 蜘蛛果 (spider berry) is starting to flower. So excited to try the fruit. It literally looks like a fat little purple spider.

The leaves of the plant are also edible.

#gardening #jardin #fruit #plants #plantas #organic @plants #organic #bloomscrolling #florespondence #GrowYourOwn #蜘蛛

Two small spiny flower buds emerge out of a stem with three serrated lanceolate bright green leaves . The stem of the plant continues upward with three thin new leaves. The leaves are illuminated by late afternoon sunshine.
3 weeks ago

Doing some maintenance in my #forestgarden over the weekend and was so pleased about the progress in the #herbaceous and #shrub layer that I decided to take this wide angled shot. Really benefited from two months' of cooler wetter conditions. Only two years with anything of significance growing ...

These layers (and others not in shot) work together to protect & fertilise the soil, attract beneficial insects, and resist extreme weather.

#permaculture #gardening #resilience #uk #organic

A wide angle shot of the herbaceous perennial and shrub layer of a corner of my forest garden. There's a mix of comfrey (white, and Russian), mint (apple), and Oregon grape. Also in shot is American elder (top, middle distance) and leaves of Italian alder (off to the right). The fence panels contain the three bin compost system.
3 weeks ago

Das ist richtig cool!
Soo eine tolle Hütte! Super freundliches Personal und für eine Hütte echt gutes Essen und leckerer Kuchen und das alles sogar #vegan (!!!).
Freut mich richtig, dass die jetzt #bio #organic zertifiziert sind, was ich sonst meist nur von Jugendherbergen im #Alpen Raum kenne.

Die Hütte lässt sich perfekt mit einer Besteigung der #Zugspitze kombinieren. Die erste Ettape verläuft dabei über die #Partnachklamm
Super schöner weg, nicht zu anstrengend, kein Gletscher, daher kein Steigeisen oder sonstige Ausrüstung notwendig und nicht überlaufen :)

Wegen dem oberen Teil mit dem Geröll sind gute Schuhe der Kategorie B oder höher zu empfehlen:

Tanya Reynolds
3 weeks ago

Just when I thought the #garden was winding down, a burst of tomatoes 🍅 (mostly cherry) and a couple more cucumbers 🥒. Tomorrow I plan to pull out the two cucumber plants to make room for some type of fall planting. #SmallGarden #gardening #Organic #GrowYourOwn #Zone7a

A bunch of cherry tomatoes, four slicing tomatoes, and two large cucumbers sit on a counter top
3 weeks ago

Despite #Bremen's long history as a #hanseatic #coffee hub the way to a decent #fair-traded, #organic coffee drink (or #tea) can be longer than expected: Here's the updated #organictraveller's #travelguide to organic #cafes, #teahouses and #coffeespots, with interesting new discoveries:

J blue
3 weeks ago

Bunnytrix Hopper posing prettily in front of my wall of Melothria pendula (native cucumber).

Also caught her munching on milkweed. Has anyone ever heard of a bunny eating milkweed? I thought it was poisonous.

#permaculture #gardening #plants #plantas #vegetablegardening #NativePlants #organic #rabbit #nature #wildlife

Bunnytrix is almost full grown now. She is standing on the ground in front of a double-layered green fence plus chicken wire. She is sitting on her bum facing right. She has a white chin and white belly and is tawny and light brown. 

Climbing up the fence is small light green ivy looking leaves. There are tiny yellow flowers but you can’t see them bc they are very small. Even smaller are the baby cucumbers.
Another pic of the rabbit is her stuffing her face in front of the milkweed. You can see most of her body but her most of her head is obscured, just her ears stick out. 

The pic was taken from a different angle in front of the native cucumber fence. There is also maypop seedlings coming out of the ground in front of the fence.
Mini Mimi
3 weeks ago

"#Aliens? #Vegetables? Nope, vegetable and #animal bridge #mushrooms. They're the myxomycetes, and they can move and hunt for prey or look for the best environment for them. They are born from spores, like mushrooms.
#Myxomycetes move like huge #amoebas, like pulsating masses; their movements seem to be dependent on microfibrils that remember the fibers of the muscles. These "blobs′′ crawl (at a speed of 1 cm per hour) #phagocusing #bacteria, #algae, #yeasts, #protozoa and other #organic material as they go; they digest them and expel the remains outside. Not randomly, mixomycetes proliferate where there are plenty of prey - on decomposing logs or on carpets of dead, wet leaves. And so they're often found in the #woods, #yellow, #purple, #blue, #red, thanks to the #pigments they contain.


B's Junior Gardeners
3 weeks ago

14 pounds of green beans, squash, onions, and passion fruit were donated today!

That's 119 pounds of organic produce donated this summer to our local food pantry from our elementary school beds!

How amazing is that? Way to grow Lil'Vikes!

#school #SchoolGardens #gardening #food #FoodSecurity #organic #farming #teacher #volunteer #education

A basket full of produce bagged for donation sits on a burner ready for transport to the food pantry
3 weeks ago

The Belle Gibson story never made sense, but the #wellness world loved her fictions and she was raking in the bucks and dripping in fame. Apparently there's about to be a film.

#grifters #organic #quackery #cancer #faker #BelleGibson

3 weeks ago

@brad262run yes, consumption of #coffee, #beef, #chocolate and #palmoil are one of the main causes for #biodiversity loss in recent years.

Of course along with human made rapid #climatechange, and the extensive use of #pesticides

1 month ago

Lies, damn lies, statistics —
Organically rigged numbers games,
Pleasing the majority.

August 22nd, 2023
#vsspoem prompt: #Organic

Share. Boost. Change the paradigm.

#poetry #prompt
#AmWriting #WordedArt

J blue
1 month ago


This is my larger baobab growing in a larger pot. Baobabs will adapt to the size of the growing space. I harvest leaves mostly from this plant. It is also growing with stones at the bottom and 50% sand. It is a struggle to lift up stairs into the sunroom for its seasonal migration. At these times, I regret all my life decisions.

See AltText for more growing details.

#gardening #plants #GrowYourOwn #organic #cooking

Pic shows a larger baobab tree sitting in front of a brick wall. It is nearly 5 foot not including the pot. It has two large branches coming out of the lower right and middle left and a bunch of new branches growing from the top where there was a hard cut. 

Baobabs cannot sit in water and need to be kept lifted off dampness. They can get root rot. I live in a place that gets nearly 50 inches of rainfall so I regularly have to tip the saucer filled with stones you see below. There are rocks at the bottom of the pot besides the potting soil being 50% sand. It is so intensely heavy, I have to tip the pot and saucer on heavy duty shoes or concrete slabs to drain the water. Being a bigger pot and so holding more water than the smaller pot, I do not water this baobab nearly as often in the summer. 

If you want to grow a baobab, put seeds in a cup of water over a seedling warming mat for a couple days. In two days, the seeds will crack open. Plant germinated seeds in seedling potting mix (not sand yet) in a seedling pot and let grow until true leaves appear. Then plant the seedling in 50% sand and potting mix with perlite.
J blue
1 month ago

2/ As a young plant, it doesn’t produce many leaves. You can see the proportion I use for my everyday salads below. The baobab leaves are on the bottom left.

Baobab leaves are high in protein and vitamins and minerals. In Africa, a porridge of dried ground leaves is used for weaning babies besides it being a culinary staple. The fruit and seeds (shell is very hard!) are also edible and tasty.

Baobab is known as the Tree of Life.

#gardening #cooking #vegetablegardening #plants #organic #food

An assortment of leaves, beans, peppers, radishes, cucumbers, flowers and seed pods artfully arranged on a cutting board. 

The baobab leaves are on the bottom left. There are only three leaves compared to the mountain of others.
J blue
1 month ago

My pretty pony,… sorry, baobab.

Adansonia digitata, baobab

Easy to grow tree, but will get aphids when brought indoors in winter. See AltText for further growing details.

Leaves taste slightly peppery, and are very nice in salads. Can be juiced, cooked and stewed. Also dried, it tastes mildly herbal, tea-like. Can be ground easily into powder for soups and baking.

#gardening #jardin #GrowYourOwn #organic #plants #plantas #cooking #food

A beautiful two year old baobab seedling growing in a clay pot. It is sitting on a clay saucer with stones lifting the plant. The plant is sitting on top of green grass. The leaves are a darker and shinier green than the grass. The seedling has been cut at about ten inches from the ground and has four tall branches emerging from this cut. The cut isn’t visible and will look natural over time. The leaves are large and teardrop shaped. Each leaf stem produces three leaves but a stem will emerge out of this so on the branch, 2 leaves appear opposite each other. 

The plant is easy to grow, but has a few growing requirements. It cannot sit in water and it needs very well-draining soil. The soil I have for this plant is around 50% sand and potting soil with perlite. It is growing in a clay pot and there are rocks at the bottom of the pot to keep the roots from sitting in damp. The plant is sitting on rocks on top of the tray filled with rocks so any roots that emerge out of the pot will also not sit in water. 

I water this plant everyday in warm/hot temperatures. 

When temperatures start going below 50F/10C at night, bring indoors in a well-lit space. Do not water or water only once a month while it is in cooler temperatures. My baobabs do not defoliate in the sunroom but they don’t grow very much. I unleash hordes of ladybugs in the sunroom to control the aphid population. Occasionally, I will go on a squishing campaign.
Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 month ago


Yes. I2P is a decentralised and distributed peer-to-peer network with no clear #authorities, so #trust must be built in an #organic manner.

We hope that our limited research helps the I2P name registrar to do better.

Your server is CloudFlare'd, if you wish to talk to us further you will need to #useANonCAGEMAFIAInstance. Thanks for understanding.


J blue
1 month ago

Test pic, can you see the AltText?

Muntingia calabura, Jamaican cherry. Everbearing tree, hundreds to thousands of fruit in warm seasons if the birds don’t get them before you do.

#gardening #jardin #fruit #organic #plants #perennials #GrowYourOwn @plants @gardening

So many cherries! A bunch of Jamaican cherry branches crossing with each other with tons of little cherries hanging off their stems. It is an upward facing pic and you can see the blue sky and clouds. Cast against the sky, the cherries appear black but they are green with a few pink ones here and there.
1 month ago

"When you go to your farmers' market or your local retailer and purchase what you think is organic, it may not necessarily be organic.”

"Organic products intended for the Australian market don't need to meet a particular standard or be certified to be labelled organic. However, businesses that make an organic claim, such as through a claim of certification, must be able to prove the claim." (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)

“Certification gives consumers confidence that those products have been made without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, or genetic modification, and meet high standards of animal welfare, biodiversity, water conservation and regenerative land practices.”
#food #organic #certification #regulation mandatory #domestic #Australia #standards

Organic food? painting
David O'Brien
1 month ago

Just harvested a lettuce from the garden.

#Homegrown #Organic

Freshly harvested, vivid green lettuce leaves draining in a colander over a stainless steel sink.
J blue
2 months ago

🌱 Feeling cute, might delete later. 🌱

Isan Indigo Sugar Apple, Annona squamosa

Will probably start fruiting next year. Isn’t she so pretty? So pretty, SO PRETTY!

#guttation #gardening #jardin #plants #plantas @plants #organic #GrowYourOwn #rain

A close-up image of a leaf with water droplets. The leaf is a very verdant pea green. The leaf is lanceolate and the leaf end is pointing to the bottom left. There is one large round water droplet in the middle and some further to the top of the image out of focus. There are also many small water droplets around the leaf’s edge due to guttation since it rained heavily last night.
A two year old sugar apple tree. The leaves grow opposite each other so the branches look like ferns. 

It suffered badly from two freak hailstorms this summer but regrew so pretty. 

The tree is caged bc at the bottom of the pot are different bean plants, two chiogga beets and some bloody dock sorrel. Bunnies hop up into the pot and eat them.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

Hope this provides a little bit of insight and creates a little more #empathy towards these wonderful creatures.

Thanks for reading.

Please share to spread further the knowledge.

And please do still dream of sleeping in #flowers.

Have a great one!

#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland
#vegan #organic #nature

Pollen covered bumblebee sits on a pink Musk Mallow flower petal.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

We’ve had a lot of people enquiring about and commenting on #bumblebees asleep on #flowers, especially at this time of year, so here’s a quick (long)🙄 thread explaining what’s going on.

Please #boost so more are more informed.
Thanks good people.
#bees #beesanctuaryireland
#vegan #organic #advocacy

Small bumblebee covered in pollen curled up asleep in pink Musk Mallow flower.
Seth G.
2 months ago

#Green things YOU can do to fix the #ClimateCrisis:
- air dry laundry
- use fans, not AC
- ride a #bicycle, #PublicTransport, or walk instead of using a #car
- when buying clothes, buy #organic cotton when possible
- remember that #capitalism and #corporations negate everything you do as an individual
- start a revolution
- #EatTheRich

#environment #socialism #activism

Tanya Reynolds
2 months ago

This is peak season for my little #organic #garden 🥰 #gardening #GrowYourOwn #TodaysHarvest

Three slicing tomatoes, a clutch of large cherry tomatoes and three cucumbers sit on a brown deck rail. Behind them also on the rail is white and chrome herb scissors. The green grass of the backyard sets the colors off nicely.

My latest food article is up and in The Record!

This time, I’m writing about Bailey’s Local Foods and their 15th anniversary.

What started as a family’s search for fresh, local food has turned into a food hub, community, & year-round online farmers’ market and community for those interested in organic, sustainable, and local food!

#WaterlooRegion #FoodWriter #Journalism #FarmersMarket #BuyLocal #Organic

Sylvie Pool Alvarez
2 months ago

Hi Mastodon,

I just joined yesterday because I was quite intrigued with this social media concept. I've read that it's more organic than other platforms.

Anyway, hi I'm Sylvie and I'm an artist originally from the Seychelles Islands who now lives in Guam, USA. I create #abstract #oceaninspired #ceramic sculptures, love soft and silky textures, love to laugh, and attempt to live a slow and simple life style.
#newtomastodon #artist #sculpture #tactileart #organic #introduction

Sylvie Pool Alvarez
2 months ago

Excited to be showing this sculpture, Eloquence, as part of the 6th FLOWER International Juried Art Competition curated by @teravarna. Link in bio to view exhibit.

Ceramic, glaze
9.25 x 5.3 x 2.17 in (23.5 x 13.5 x 5.5cm)


Sylvie Pool Alvarez
2 months ago

Moonlight Dancer
Sea Dancer Series
Ceramic, glaze
5.5x4.5x3.5 in

Although the #nudibranch and marine flatworm are two different sea creatures in their physiology, they both greatly inspire my ceramic sculptural work by their beauty and grace. As I am fascinated by the purity of form and fluidity within the seas' depths, these gorgeous sea dancers are perfect specimens to focus on.
@ Eden Art Space

White abstract ceramic sculpture of marine flatworm
White abstract ceramic sculpture of marine flatworm
White abstract ceramic sculpture of marine flatworm
J blue
3 months ago

Been really busy with a theatre project 🎶 so haven’t had time for cooking experiments. So this summer has been basic salads everyday. Mix of garden and native annuals and perennials. See AltText for listing.

#cooking #GrowYourOwn #organic #perennials #NativePlants #rewilding #gardening #jardin #plantas #vegetablegardening #vegetable #foraging #permaculture

A vibrant explosion of vegetables and leafy greens and purples on a wooden cutting board on a wooden tabletop. 

From left to right: 
Top row: bok choy and radish flowers and seed pods, radish leaves, sweet peas, curly kale, longevity spinach, Okinawa spinach (dark purple colored), Boehmeria cylindrica 

Middle row: moringa, bloody dock sorrel, katuk, sissoo, mitsuba, chopped green madhatter peppers, 

Bottom row: baobab leaf, cucumber, purple shiso, more chopped peppers and chopped watermelon radish (green on the outside pink on the inside. 

Later this month, native cucumbers will replace the garden variety and there will be loads of native physalis.

Fun facts: I first posted on Twitter in 2008. I had 3000 follows max last year. My most popular/viral tweet was last year during the trucker #convoy in Ottawa. 226 RTs. Since joining Mastodon in November I have 1700 followers and I’ve already managed to produce posts with more than 500 Boosts. I am #selfhosted with 3 people on my server. But tell me again how engagement on #Mastodon and the #Fediverse is not good enough for the ‘important people’.

#TwitterMigration #Organic #NoAlgorithm

A screenshot of the tweet. It is on a black background with white and green writing and says: "Chris Alemany I i @chrisalecanada Listening to the Twitter spaces meetup for the trucker cOnVoy.. They're looking for "US Insurance Companies" to help out. 2022-02-14, 3:07:03 PM Favs: 783 Retweets: 226 link"
A screenshot of the tweet here:
maxmoon 🌱
3 months ago

I almost cried after I've discovered that a little bit of my camomile grow and didn't die.

That was the very first time I grow camomile and I used #organic seeds.

#gardening #garden #tea

A few blossoms of camomile.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago


Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 205.

A study in Switzerland focusing on two species of #bumblebee commonly found throughout Europe suggests that ‘City Bumblebees’ are smaller but more phenotypically diverse than their ‘Country Bumblebee’ cousins.

#bees #nature #naturebasedsolutions
#naturephotography #organic #vegan

Red arsed bumblebee foraging on large leek flower. Walks awkwardly across the flower. Flies to a similar flower in the background and then returns to the original flower before flying away.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago


Would you look at the corbiculae on this wee red arsed #bumblebee foraging on knapweed here on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland earlier.

Now that’s some serious pollen transportation.

Quick bee fact: A full pollen basket can contain over one million pollen grains.

#bees #beesanctuaryireland
#nature #naturephotography
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Small red arsed bumblebee foraging on purple knapweed wildflower with pollen baskets on her legs packed full with light grey coloured pollen.
3 months ago

@utopify_org Also into #organic #gardening, #nutrition, science based natural health, #PetRats (there's a bunch behind me right now), #Karate and a rather stupid number of side hobbies.

Tech projectwise though, I'm working towards completely migrating away from #Android to just my #PinePhonePro. Personally I don't mind the battery life stuff. It's just the missing development on the camera and lack of a #PlasmaMobile email client that's killing me! Hopeful for #RavenMail!

J blue
3 months ago

Two years ago, I fancied the idea of making marshmallows out of homegrown marshmallow root. Looks like I will be able to harvest some this fall. 😊 It’s in a pot with maypop to pull out easily without damaging the roots.

And with the sudden hot weather, loads of blueberries turned blue. This is today’s picking off one small bush planted 3yrs ago. 🥳

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Pic is of a pale pink flower with five petals. There are darker light pink veins in the flower pointing towards the center. The stamens are a light eggplant purple. The flower is attached to a sturdy stalk with green leaves and a other flower growing towards the bottom of the pic. In the background is a brick wall with maypop vines growing up on a trellis.
A silver bowl filled with dark blue-ish black blueberries. There is more than appears in the pic bc it is a deep bowl.

Got stung mowing the lawn: looks like there's a wasps nest in our yard.

What do I do? I don't want to kill the wasps, but we need to have a safe yard for our son (and us), and I don't want to poison our apple tree!

#AskFedi #wasps #apples #organic

a wasp nest the size of a clenched fist on the branch of an apple tree.
4 months ago

#Photos taken in my #garden earlier #today. I've selected these slightly soft focus images as they bring out the colour better at the expense of the shape or form.

All of these #roses are grown using #organic methods and never had a drop of weed or insect killer, let alone artificial fertilisers. I feed them using a nettle and comfrey mix grown in my #backyard .

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Full shot of a slightly soft focus yellow rose - giving the impression of being in the presence of the archetype colour yellow
Unfolding peachy orange rose flower, slightly out of focus to accentuate the abstract nature of colour.
This is a really creamy orange feast of a many folded blossom, slightly out of focus to take attention away from the detail and on to the sheer sensory experience of the colour itself
The detail at the heart of this deceptively simple pink rose bloom fades into shades of pastel pink and darker as the eye drifts to the edge of the bloom.

Are you from Massachusetts and looking to eat healthier, eat more sustainably, eat locally, spend less money on produce, and/or support your local community? is an interactive website that allows you to find local farms, farm stands, farmer's markets, and community supported agriculture programs in the MA area! And many of the programs are SNAP/HIP-eligible or offer sliding-scale pricing!

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The Bee Guy
4 months ago

Take 15 seconds with this great spotted woodpecker male tapping away on our feeder just now on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland.
At least four different individuals visiting the feeder at the moment.
A privilege to observe.
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Male great spotted woodpecker tapping away feeding on a suspended bird feeder. Flies away at the end of the clip.
Debbie Youll
4 months ago

Tiny bundles of deliciousness await on my potted tomato plants..
You can taste the sunshine and fresh air. #organic #photography

A vine of red and green tomatoes taken at close range.
maxmoon 🌱
4 months ago

Started to create my own #sustainable #zerowaste #garden and it's even #vegan because I do not use it as a toilet for the crap of animals from factory farming.

Currently working on the fourth bed, which is around 12m (~40ft) long and I am trying to put in stuff, which likes each other (#symbiosis) and all of it is #organic of course!

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A huge garden where you can only see a fence and soil at the moment.
The Bee Guy
4 months ago


To live amongst trees is a privilege…
But shouldn’t be a rarity.

Stop cutting them down.

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Looking up through trees towards the sky.