Rayne Hall Author
1 week ago

I discovered one last carrot in my raised vegetable bed. I thought the carrot season was over months ago, but here it was, healthy, crunchy, tasty.
We're going to have the first winter frosts soon, and then few vegetables will survive, though I'll still have lettuces in the greenhouse.

#permaculture #Bulgaria #gardening

A womans hand holds a fat carrot. The carrot is still part-covered in dark soil and has green leafes.
2 weeks ago

Just took the last harvest from the #garden for the season, a short row of carrots. Coincidentally I also received my first seed order for 2024. The wheel just keeps turning. 😁

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A small pile of rather dirty looking orange and yellow carrots that are going to taste way better than anything we can get at the grocery store.
3 weeks ago

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If you choose to use #NeemOil then check prices at suppliers of soap-making, candle-making, cosmetic, massage oil ingredients.

My local version of that sells neem oil in 1 litre containers for the same price the local hardware chain sells one tenth that amount.

Rayne Hall Author
4 weeks ago

Look at this gorgeous large butterfly on my tagetes flowers!
In the four years I've lived here, I've turned the land into chemical-free paradise for bees and butterflies. At the moment, there are dozens of butterflies wherever I look, and that's no exaggeration. It's possible, and I hope others will follow my example.

PS - I don't know what species this butterfly is. Some kind of swallowtail, perhaps? If you know, please leave a comment.

#permaculture #organicgardening #butterfly #Bulgaria

A large butterfly with beautifully patterned wings - an organic pattern of creamy-white, grey, black and blue. It sits on a plant with dark green leaves and dark orange flowers.
1 month ago

Harvested the winter squash and some of the hot peppers I planted.
#organicgardening #gardener

Tanya Reynolds
2 months ago

Going to try garlic again this year. Last year was not successful Delivery of planting bulbs from Baker Creek since I don’t know any local garlic gardeners in my community and using local supplies did not work well last year. 😊 #CrossingFingers #gardening #Zone7a #SmallGarden #Suburbs #OrganicGardening

Two brown paper bags of garlic bulbs for planting. The bags have holes to allow for air circulation. The left one says “German Hardy GB130 (4 bulbs),” and the right one says “Transylvania Garlic GB149 (4 bulbs).”
Liza Gross
3 months ago

One of my favorite things about composting is adding the bug-rich organic matter to my garden and seeing the ground-foraging birds kick up the dirt! #organic #organicgardening #compost #gardeningforlife #biodiversity

Today's garden haul. It's been a tough year but we still have a lot to eat every day & even some to freeze. Here are lettuce, cilantro, nasturtiums, tomatoes, broccoli spears, mustard greens,arugula & anise hyssop flowers for the tea in the second pic.
#EllieKPosts #Garden #organicGardening #gardening #organic #growYourOwnFood #homeGrown #vegetableGarden #organicGarden #organicFood #edibleGarden #organicfarming #gardener #growWhatYouEat #veggieGarden #gardenersOfMastodon #vegetables #mygarden

A green plastic collander is on a wooden counter. It contains many different salad items, including lettuce, cilantro (known as coriander in the UK), orange nasturtiums, tomatoes, mustard greens and arugula (also known as rocket). On the top are a few purple flower sprigs, the anise hyssop I mention.
Two tea glasses are on grey counter surface, filled with water steeping the leaves and  purple anise hyssop flowers.
4 months ago


Would they tamp down the grass and everything like that?

Is there anything we can do to protect the surviving colony?

Would something like deer-be-gone dissuade them without hurting the wasps?

#OrganicGardening #Insects

4 months ago

Today is the first day of my second battle with box tree caterpillars. I’ve taken my eye off the ball. It’s nearly a month since I sprayed with nematodes. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years, love animals, rehome spiders. But these caterpillars 🐛 ignite a primeval rage in me. I sprayed the hedge this morning (bacterial stuff), but what really works is removing them by hand. Found myself stood in the rain staring at the hedge, having ‘removed’ a dozen big ones. #Gardening #OrganicGardening

4 months ago

Welp, the tomatoes are completely out of control again this season. Just two plants have taken over one end of the balcony, and I've had to tie their cages to the railing to keep the plants from pulling the cages out entirely. So many tomatoes coming.

#ContainerGardening #OrganicGardening #UrbanGarden

Two tomato plants, filling the entire frame. In the foreground is Gold Nugget, with several unripe and a few ripe orange-yellow cherry tomatoes on the vine. The background plant is heavily laden with unripe Black Krim tomatoes: bright green with darker green shoulders.
Reese Amorosi
5 months ago

This stunning Red Admiral Butterfly kept me company for hours while I worked in my community garden plot a few days ago. They spent the whole time flitting about the echinacea aka coneflowers.

The Echinacea 'Warm Summer' cultivar in the photo is a hybrid of the classic purple coneflower, echinacea purpurea. I always recommend growing the classic for medicinal purposes, and the hybrids as ornamentals.

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This photo shows a Red Admiral Butterfly feeding on nectar from an Echinacea "Warm Summer" bloom. The butterfly is black with orange and white markings; the flower is the same shade of orange that the butterfly has in their wings. The background of the photo is a mass of green leaves.
5 months ago

#introduction. Late to introducing myself. Permaculturist on small acreage in western Oregon. My farm is my retirement plan and the source of nearly all my inspiration. I still work in healthcare, and I do care deeply about peoples’ health, but people exhaust me. I am peaceful and happy here on the land. #permaculture. #nature. #organicgardening #selfsustainability

Photos are mine, taken on an old iPhone7 and usually feature small critters.

Otwarte Źródło
5 months ago

Rosną nam selery na ściółce ze słomy. Seler podobno jest rośliną bagienną, więc nawadniamy obficie. 🌊

W ubiegłym tygodniu w paczkach w RWS znalazły się #selery. W tym tygodniu damy selerom odpocząć, a będą za to nowości w tym roku: #cukinia i młode #ziemniaki. 🥒 🥔

#warzywa #warzywaEkologiczne #warzywaEko #seler #ściółka #słoma #żywnośćEkologiczna #RWSNadBugiem

💡 Warto wiedzieć: #RWS to Rolnictwo Wspierane przez Społeczność. Po angielsku: #CSA - Community Supported Agriculture. Po francusku: #AMAP - Association pour le maintien d'une agriculture paysanne. 🌍

#organic #organicFarming #organicGardening

Selery rosnące na ściółce ze słomy
Hampshire Karin
5 months ago

A little beetle on my yellow daisies. I think they’re a yellow cultivar of oxeye daisies.

#GardeningforWildlife #GardeningforPollinators #OrganicGardening #NoChemicalsSprayed

Yellow daisies with dark yellow centre, pale yellow petals and dark green leaves like the leaves of oxeye daisies.
A small, long, thin, pale olive green beetle which seems to have long thin legs and long antennae but the phot isn’t sharp enough to be sure. It’s on the dark yellow centre of a daisy with pale yellow petals.
Yellow daisies with dark yellow centre, pale yellow petals and dark green leaves like the leaves of oxeye daisies.
5 months ago

Have I mentioned the natural pest control we have in our garden before? They're remarkably tolerant of us humans being in their space, working just a few meters from where I was hand watering. I just hope they don't eat the toads. #gardening #birds #OrganicGardening #CommunityGarden

A pair of Sandhill Cranes foraging in our garden neighbor's plot. They are large birds. Their feathers are mostly gray but as seen here they stain their backs and wings brown with mud. They have bright red patches on their foreheads above their long sharp beaks and they stand a meter or slightly more tall. The male is keeping watch while the female forages in the mulch for food.
John Strauss 🏳️‍🌈
6 months ago

Any gardeners out there? I found this under a piece of wood in my garden. I thought it was a spider sac, but there are some little bugs crawling on/around it.
#organicgardening #gardening #bugs

7 months ago

Ditch your spade, forget fertiliser, listen to the weeds: Alys Fowler’s guide to laid-back gardening

Wed 10 May 2023 01.00 EDT

"The more one type dominates, the louder the sermon is. Dandelions are saying your soil is a little compact, low on surface nutrients, particularly calcium and potassium; nettles tell you there is too much surface nitrogen (not as good as it sounds). A flurry of annual weeds – bittercress, chickweed and mouse weeds – say your soil is dominated by bacteria, while thistles, docks, green alkanets and comfrey are another sign that the surface is a little low on nutrients and only those with long tap roots to mine the sub-soil layer can thrive. Brambles tend to proliferate where there is excessive nitrogen, but the land has been left alone so they can take better hold. There is some evidence, though, that they have a potential role in the natural regeneration of tree seedlings: deer won’t browse in the middle of a bramble thicket and in a woodland this means the tree seedlings won’t get nibbled, while the mycorrhizal fungi will tap into the woodland network to boost the seedlings with enough growth to make it up and out of the thicket."

#Gardening #Soil #Rewilding #Weeds #Herbs #OrganicGardening #ListenToNature

Read more:

Lucy Wallace
8 months ago

Busy few hours in the garden yesterday. I'm so behind.... 😅 got the 2nd earlies in 🥔🥔🥔, cut my first ever rhubarb harvest, mulched the blueberries and planted a new one in a whisky barrel tub behind my little bog garden and laughed at the cat while he got drunk on whisky barrel fumes.

Wally heroically lugged 6 bags of 🐎 💩 up the garden for digging in. 🤩


Sowed a bunch of "wildflowers" hoping they might bloom despite the heatwaves, so Id have at least something blooming.

But unexpectedly spring arrived right after the heatwave, and they ALL germinated!

( Cornflowers / Bachelors Buttons)

Pic of a flower bunch of these flowers in the next toot...

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Closeup of a lavender coloured cornflower, with lighter outer petals and dark interior.
Closeup of a pink cornflower, with lighter outer petals and dark interior.
Closeup of a royal blue coloured cornflower, with lighter outer petals and dark interior.
Closeup of a purple coloured cornflower, with lighter outer petals and dark interior.

The combination of the fragrant trio: Carnations, Star-Jasmines, and Arabian Jasmines, gives such a pleasant fresh flowery scent to the entire place.

Superrrrr relaxing!

Insects and birds absolutely LOVE my rooftop right now lol

#Spring #Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #Gardening #Lahore #Pakistan #Paktodon #Gardening #ClimateDiary #ClimateChange #Desi #SouthAsia #Jasmine #Carnations #OrganicGardening

Red Hibiscus flower blooming on the plant
A bunch of white Arabian Jasmine flowers blooming together on the parent plant
The Star-Jasmine climbing plant flourishing in a rectangular container, flanked by other smaller pots containing other green plants.
Closeup of a bunch of Star-Jasmine flowers blooming on the parent plant
9 months ago

7 years ago my husband planted some pits from some avocados we bought. Last fall we finally got avocados! They are pretty small and take forever to ripen, but here is our first large bowl of guacamole with fresh lemon and cilantro also from the garden :) Plan to make a vegan taco salad later today. #avocado #guacamole #garden #gardening #organic #OrganicGardening #Vegan #VeganFood #VeganCooking #Cooking #GrowingFood

Bowl of guacamole with three avocado pits nestled inside a handful of tortilla chips in the side of the bowl
Close up of guacamole and lemon sliced in half
Large basket of avocados from our tree
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
10 months ago

The very best things I did when I decided to get into beekeeping was to take the local college course and to join the local beekeeping club.

The instructor who is also the club president and the regional inspector has a deal with the big box stores that when (training a new fork life driver..) the spilled pallets of pure white sugar are given to him if he cleans it up.

As the inspector, he is very conscious of safe food for the bees for early spring. Then at the club meetings they raffle off the sugar and other things. There is always more sugar than people so everyone gets some anyway.

Today, the raffle proceeds were for the non-profit Elk Root Conservation Farm that is doing so many wonderful things for the community including providing food for at-risk community members, bee research, paid internships for students, and more.

I ended up with 5 packages of organic pollinating flower seed packets and 10 gallons of sugar, tons of education and information, networking and of course cementing friendships with these people. This is the way.

#prepping #FoodSustainability #LocalFood #community #MutualAid #conservation #SeedLibrary #xeriscape #HabitatRestoration #apiary #OrganicGardening #BeeKeeping

Hops (Humulus lupulus) growing int he garden (variety unknown. These quite invasive perennials (I have found runners 25 feet away) throw off tons of flowers which then can be dried and used for tea and beer making #gardening #organicgardening #gardeninglife #thehappygardeninglife #homegardening #ilovegardening #backyardgardening#vegetablegardening #beer #beermaking

a green vine plant with green leaves in the background fills the screen near the center are 3 closed leafy flowers. A bit of blue sky can be seen through gaps in the vines
11 months ago

Only seven or so months to go before I can do something like this again. Purple Bumble Bee #Tomatoes from 2016
#Garden #Gardening #Tomatoes #OrganicGardening #Vegetables #CommunityGarden #SeedToTable

A handsome hand holding ten green and red striped tomatoes over a background of tomato leaves
Just Matthew
1 year ago

What is on my mind, asks Mastodon .. ok computer. I love #organicgardening and #growyourown food to the extent my #disability allows. It's also an #activism thing and an #anarchist thing: a #praxis in and of itself. Yet it is past the middle of November and harvesting fresh tomatoes from the #garden (in SW England) gives me concern about #climate #environment #globalwarming and whether the path we are on is even vaguely #sustainable

Fresh garden tomatoes ready to be harvested, but it's mid November and I'm in the UK. This is not normal.
Hi, I'm a physics #teacher at a university's civil engineering faculty, teaching basic thermodynamics, heat tranfer.
My hobbies are mainly #beekeeping, #permaculture, my #noDigGarden and my #dog, with whom I mainly practice rescue scent work, #mantrailing. Most of my posts will be about my #poodle ;).
Ahoj, jsem učitel fyziky na stavební fakultě univerzity, učím hlavně základy termodynamiky, sdílení tepla.
Z koníčků se věnuji hlavně včelaření, permakulturnímu bezorebnému zahradničení a svému psovi, se kterým cvičím hlavně záchranné pachové práce, mantrailing. Většina mých příspěvků bude o psech ;).

#introduction #noDig #organicGardening #noTill #searchAndRescue #gardening
my dog in training
J. Croisant 🌼
1 year ago

I guess it's about time I did an #introduction post. Hi, I'm J. I live in the US midwest. I work as a software developer, although I'm considering a career change. My interests include #CreativeCoding in #Scheme and #RustLang, playing #IndieGames, #GameDev with #GodotEngine and #pico8, making #DigitalArt with #InkScape and #Blender, #OrganicGardening / #LazyGardening, animals, #Woodworking with hand tools, #DIY crafting and repairs, #NaturePhotography, and championship-level #procrastination.