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The Loveliest Electronics Desk You’ll See Today - Does your electronics desk have a lap drawer? And is it filled with random, disorg... - #electronicsworkbench #classichacks #organization #lifehacks #desk #mdf

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Irgendwer hat mal gesagt:
"Anarchismus ist die Ziele von Demokratie einen Schritt weiter gedacht".
Und falls nicht, dann sag ich's.

Anarchie ist organisierter Respekt und systemische Liebe für alle.
Freiheit ist es nur wenn alle frei sind. Deshalb braucht es Teilhabe aller an allem. Also Rechte für Minderheiten und Individuen. Also geht es nicht ohne Organisationsstrukturen. Diese müssen lightweight sein und so wenige Machtpositionen habe wie möglich.

#anarchism #democracy #organization

15 hours ago

I made a program I've been thinking about for years, finally! Download it here

A fairly simple program that lets you open a folder of images (and video and audio files) and browse through them and move them to a new folder in one click, or delete, or rename them. Also doubles as an image viewer with a random order (or by date or name).

I made this because I have a large collection of furry art that's gotten disorganized over the years and I wanted an easy way to sort them into a better folder structure. Also I wanted to view a folder of pictures in a random order.

#furry #software #program #java #sorting #kobold #organizer #organization #collection

How-To Geek
3 days ago

How to Check Call History for a Single Contact on Android

Check it out! 👇

#Productivity #Organization #Android

Bernard Forgues
3 days ago

Interested in co-editing this fine #organization journal: @OrganizationStudies?
See the call issued by #EGOS.

Screenshot of email sent by EGOS, reading:

Dear EGOSians,
The journal 'Organization Studies' and EGOS are seeking Expressions of Interest for the role of 'Organization Studies' co-Editor-in-Chief [succession Paolo Quattrone] to join Tammar Zilber, the existing team of Associate Editors, and the Managing Editor Sophia Tzagaraki in the lead of the journal. The term of office is four years, starting in September 2025. The post carries an honorarium; necessary travel expenses will be covered.
For all information on the journal 'Organization Studies', please visit:
To view the detailed Call for Expressions of Interest, please click on this link:
Closing date for Expressions of Interest: Friday, November 3, 2023.
Should you have any further questions, please contact the EGOS Chair Giuseppe Delmestri:
Kind regards,
Angelika Zierer,
Head of EGOS Executive Secretariat.
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I'm starting to suspect that my "order" consist on hiding things, never to be found again... 😰 #order #organization

4 days ago

Get Organized with Notion — by Jill from the Northwoods

She explains how she uses Notion to manage her “Podcast Empire” and her daily life. Check out her shows at

#Notion #Organization #Databases

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5 days ago

Feels really good when you finally sort through all the files in your Downloads folder after letting it get a little cluttered. Or when you finally sort all your photos/videos into proper groups.

#organization #order

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
1 week ago

The humble friends-and-enemies #list in #management. Early #career edition.

A new general had taken over a few days ago. I was summoned, sat in the secretary's office waiting. The sound proofed (padded) door to the general's office was not tightly shut.

I hear his aide say "Salix* is excellent but very independent."

The aide comes out, sees me, turns a velvety crimson red, silently nods, and leaves.

[*Not my real name but same first letter, 😉 ]

#organization #mishap

Patrick Stewart
1 week ago

The interview I did with @robin_wilding is out! I'm so thankful she decided to interview me. If you've ever wanted to know more about my publication, how I got into #taoism, or my #goals with my #organization, please watch, like, and #subscribe to her #YouTube channel.

1 week ago

After lots of delays my #books are finally here! Going to see how to make a digital #database. I started one with an app but found that pre-ISBN titles were unnecessarily tedious to add.

Boost coming up in regards of book #organization and data export/import.

2 weeks ago

Our Member Success Manager Kaitlyn has a great new blog post out for anyone looking for any advice on how to organize and digitize their collections. Check it out for some excellent expert advice! #DigiPres #PhotoManagement #Digitization #Organization

Jon Fazzaro
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

‘Flow’, an open-access web platform to perform #bioinformatics analysis and #workflows through an intuitive web interface. It enables efficient #storage and #organization of the resultant files while facilitating streamlined data #sharing.

3 weeks ago

"I'm a Certified Professional Organizer ..."

Mefi member The Wrong Kind of Cheese again comes to our aid with great, specific advice, this time in a question about dealing with the unneeded, unused, yet still emotionally meaningful items that sometimes overwhelm our storage areas ... and our feelings.

#declutter #organization #space #StepByStep #storage

"Gone" by M.P.N.texan on Flickr: photo of paper bags and plastic bags and boxes of books and other items
Matcha 🍵
3 weeks ago

New 2024 #Hobonichi Techo launches today, it's very exciting. I highly recommend the Cousin A5. I have yet to find another #planner that matches the Hobonichi in terms of accessibility for my #ADHD and #OCD. The Tomoe River S paper is soft and smooth, and does not trigger my sensory problems like many other papers. It's accepting of most of my stationary with little bleed through. The layout is clean and uncluttered without the needless etsy-esque scripts and flashy colors most planners are heavy with. I appreciate the binding, no clunky plastic rings to wrestle pages onto. I also like that the pages are gridded. It makes it so easy to line things up and box things off. I'm not sponsored I swear!

#paper #stationary #planning #neurodivergent #organization

Teri Radichel
3 weeks ago

Programmatic Governance in AWS
Multicloud.7 Using CloudFormation, Accounts, OUs, and Service Control Policies for governance on AWS
#cloud #security #aws #governance #multicloud #organization #account #policy #ou #scp

Fokke de Jong
3 weeks ago

I support the organizers of the #MyBirthday #Tree #Organization in #Tanzania. This organization started in Morogoro province and is now spreading its activities throughout the country. Many youngsters help the organization in #treeplanting #euclimatepact

Tyler McGee
4 weeks ago

There’s been a lot of talk about which note taking system is the best…

But which one is the worst? And why is it Atlassian Confluence?

It’s the only note taking system I’ve ever used that has “Here’s a blank ream of printer paper. Go crazy, champ.” as it’s organization philosophy. 😡

#Tech #Notetaking #Apps #Organization #Work #Mad

Kailee ♾️
4 weeks ago

Dear Fellow Americans,

“Make America Great Again” is a slogan originally used by the Ku Klux Klan, of which Trump’s father was a member. It’s rooted in the racist notion that our country was “greatest” when the only people who had any rights were straight white men who owned land and slaves.

Democrats are not scared of Donald Trump.

It's Un-American that republicans are still following a man who lied to them 30,000 documented times and who has been arrested four separate times, a criminal defendant inmate # P01135809 and is currently out on bail while pursuing the highest political office in the world.

#conspiracy #RICO #criminal #organization

Kailee ♾️
4 weeks ago

2. NEW: Fighting removal by a federal officer is never easy: standard is low & the law is favorable to feds

But Meadows shot himself in the foot with a damning admission:

‘Everything I did was political’

On Mark Meadows' fatal concession.

They explain why 2 pages of Meadows' court brief should prove fatal to his attempt to get Georgia trial into federal court or dismissed

Summary of second prong analysis: "the conduct did not 'aris[e] out of his duty to enforce federal law. It arose out of his failure to comply with federal law.'"

#RICO #criminal #organization

Explainer link #just_security 👇

Patrick Stewart
4 weeks ago

I would say that so far, I'm liking my new home on #Zirk. It's not as noisy as #Universeodon had become. It's still small enough to enjoy people's posts and see what they are like.

I tend to lurk a little more than I should nowadays. I never knew running my own #organization would be so difficult.

Especially when there's almost no #money coming in. I'd really like to pay people rather than just tip my #volunteers when I can. But I love building the #community. So much fun!

4 weeks ago

All Nations Invited to Join BRICS Said ‘Yes’ to Membership: Russian Diplomat - The six countries that received an invitation to become members of BRICS at its su... - #emergingmarkets #memberstates #organization #enlargement #invitations #southafrica #candidates #newmembers #expansion #diplomat #members #russian #russia #summit #brics #group #news #bloc

Kailee ♾️
4 weeks ago

The mug shots of all 19 defendants in the Georgia election interference case have been released by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office.

#RICO #conspiracy #republican #criminal #organization

Kailee ♾️
4 weeks ago

#RICO and #Racketeering regarding Trump because they sound cool but they both mean one thing: Organized crime. The criminal defendant has been a two-bit cheating fraudster pimp scumbag his entire adult life. Now he's finally going to prison where he should have been long ago.

Criminal defendant donald learned everything he knows from the king of blackmail and dirty tricks. Mob shill roy Cohn taught him to get dirt on people from the start. Who knows what the FBI found in his safe.

“RICO” means “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.” Under the Georgia RICO law, it is a crime for any person through a pattern of racketeering activity to acquire or maintain any interest in or control of any type of property or business.

A person may be charged with RICO (O.C.G.A. § 16-14-4) if they participate in an interrelated pattern of criminal activity motivated by or resulting in monetary gain or economic or physical threat or injury.

#criminal #organization.

Read 🎁 gift

ts thank you ☕
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#graphicDesign #organization #UI #UX
Hey all, I’m trying to make Windows more usable for me, which means custom icons for folders. (E.g. book, lightbulb, pair of headphones…)
Anyone else do this? I know how to change the setting for an individual folder. Wondering 3 things:
- should the referenced icon images be in a certain location
- where I can buy a (searchable) set
- if you have another thought or tip
Etsy has been one option, so maybe I’ll reach out to a couple sellers. So I got 'em. these pouches should be here next week :)

#storage #organization

1 month ago

BRICS Discussing Single Unit of Account, Alternative to Dollar, Russian Finance Minister Says - The BRICS members are mulling over the possible launch of a common unit of account... - #summitsouthafrica #financeminister #commoncurrency #singlecurrency #unitofaccount #organization #u.s.dollar #currency #siluanov #finance #russian #dollar #russia #brics #group #bloc #euro

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#Talking #Trash: The #Global #Garbage #Crisis w/ Oliver Franklin-Wallis

In much of the developed world, waste is out of sight and out of mind. The world generates around 2 billion tons of #municipal #solid #waste #annually, with at least 33% of it #not #managed in an #environmentally #safe #manner, according to a 2018 World Bank report. Though high-income countries only account for 16% of the world’s population, they generate about 34% of the world’s waste each year. A third of all 3food produced is wasted and ends up in the garbage can. 3Plastic waste is another mounting issue: Across the globe, #less than 10% of it is #recycled, according to the most recent data from 2018 published by the #Organization for #Economic #Cooperation and #Development. Plastic waste has more than doubled globally since 2000.
#RedGreen #podcast

Usufruct Collective
1 month ago

Points of Unity template for shared practices and processes (for social movement groups and popular organizations of various kinds): ***Although descriptively accurate, the above is not formulated to be the best name for practical use in movement context as it is too jargon heavy and wordy. Alternative names: Points of Unity, Group agreements, Shared Agreements, Group Practices, Shared Practices, Group Processes, Shared Processes, etc

Direct-Democracy: Direct democracy refers to direct collective decision making. Direct democracy enables collective dialogue, decisions, and actions to achieve various goals and solve various problems. Deliberation is foundational to a practical direct democracy as it enables questions, amendments, conversations, problems, solution criteria, multiple perspectives, critiques, concerns, alternative possibilities, dissent, and evaluation of pros and cons to round out proposals and decisions made. After deliberation, there is an aim for full agreement. If there is not full agreement, there is further discussion and then a decision is made by majority vote. ***The specifics of direct democracy can be tweaked and even left out of this section and simply included in the bylaws.

Horizontality: Horizontality refers to the presence of self-organization and the absence of hierarchy. Hierarchy refers to institutionalized top-down command obedience relations. Horizontality includes horizontal rights such as freedom from hierarchy, freedom from oppression, freedom from domination, freedom from exploitation, and freedom to participate in self-managed groups and relations. This group strives to be internally horizontal and contribute to horizontal relations. etc. ***can alternatively be called or framed as: non-hierarchy, or egalitarian relations, or opposition to hierarchy. With different groups, different framings and wordings will make more sense. Depending on group and context, it may or may not make sense for a group to give a list of various hierarchies in such a points of unity document.

Free Association and Participatory activity: Free association refers to freedom of and from associations and participatory activity within associations. For there to be free association and participatory activity, persons and groups must have the guaranteed freedoms to choose their activities and associations while respecting and enabling freedoms of others to do the same. All labor, work, and action within this group is to be voluntary and non-coerced. If someone does not like a policy that is made, they can continue to argue for and advocate an alternative proposal, continue to argue one’s point formally and informally, choose to not participate in the implementation of the policy they disagree with while remaining in the group, or choose to leave the association. *** This point can potentially be included in other points of unity without being its own point. Also, it is often implied that a group is such a voluntary association so including this for a group as an explicit point may or may not make sense.

Direct Action: Direct action refers to opposing exploitation, domination and oppression through self-managed action to achieve various goals. Direct action can be contrasted to indirect action of top-down organizing and relying on rulers to solve social problems. Direct action includes a wide array of potential activities and campaigns against specific hierarchical institutions for short term, mid-term, and long-term goals. *** A description giving examples of direct action tactics such as occupations, blockades, strikes, boycotts, etc. is optional. An alternative to the wording to “domination, exploitation, and oppression” can be “unfreedom and injustice” or something sufficiently similar.

Mutual Aid: Mutual aid refers to voluntary multidirectional help to meet needs. Mutual aid can exist within a group, between groups, between groups and persons, between persons etc. Mutual aid enables groups and people to pool abilities, needs, ideas, proposals, actions, infrastructure, resources, tools, etc. together. Mutual aid can include a wide array of potential activities from mutual assistance towards common goals, creating or participating in development of the commons (including communal fields, factories and workshops, social centers, libraries, eco-technology projects, etc), free food distribution, communal childcare, etc. ***Such a list or variation thereof is optional to include.

For groups that collaborate with other groups in various formal and informal ways:

Co-Federalism: Co-federalism refers to ways organizations can freely collaborate for inter-collective coordination, decisions, and actions in a way that enables decision making power to be in the hands of people directly. Delegated persons and councils of collectives can meet up for deliberation and administration. Such delegates and co-federal councils are mandated and recallable to their respective popular assemblies, are merely communicative, administrative, and have no policy making power. All policies are made and ratified by general assemblies directly. ***Alternatively the words federalism, confederalism, intercommunalism, inter-collectivity, egalitarian federation, etc. can be used in place of co-federalism. Co-federalism is a neologism, and confederalism and federalism both have connotative issues despite them referring to an essential practice for horizontal and free inter-organizational relations.

Addendum point for Community assembly groups in particular:

Communal Self Management: Communal self-management refers to horizontal, democratic, participatory community politics and economics. Such communal and intercommunal self-management can exist on every scale from the block, to the neighborhood, to the city, and beyond. Means of existence and production needed by communities are to be held and managed in common. Policies and protocols for communal economics are managed by communal assemblies and co-federations thereof. Such communal assemblies and co-federations thereof have embedded participatory councils that self-manage implementation within the bounds of their respective mandates and protocols. Such a communal economy aims towards providing each and all with free access to needs.

***The above point is specifically for community assembly groups. It generally makes the most sense for groups that are at relatively a mature level development to the point where they have sufficient power, means of production, and popular support.

Alternative framing that synthesizes the first three points of unity into a single point:

Participatory Democracy: Participatory democracy refers to a combination of direct collective decision making, without rulers, where people freely participate in decision making and implementation of decisions. ***By condensing the substance of the first three points into a single point, a lot of clutter disappears. From here, people can fill out this point through their own descriptions or through copying, pasting, and blending some of the more essential sentences from the first three points of unity listed as needed. An alternative framing for this point could be “self-management” in such a way that includes the substance of direct democracy, horizontality, and free association. As coherent as the first three points are as separate points rounding each other out, they are rather cumbersome and can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around. Creating a single point that combines the essential features of those points can help clear up confusion. Something like a practical unity of Participatory Democracy (as defined above), Direct Action, and Mutual aid can lead to a lot of coherence and functional use for groups starting from scratch or otherwise developing such points of unity overtime.

#anarchism #anarchy #socialism #communism #communalism #socialmovements #libertariansocialism #libertariancommunism #egalitarianism #horizontality #federalism #democracy #mutualaid #freeassociation #pointsofunity #pou #organizing #freedom #revolution #organization

panda :verified:
1 month ago

If you don't know `beets` and you have music files, I recommend having a look at it.

#opensource #media #library #music #organization #foss

1 month ago

Processes are not digitalized as long as your #organization keeps their #excel in #sharepoint

Fred Markle
1 month ago

I've been exploring Fabric for the past week, and I'm really impressed. This project definitely has potential, plus the team behind it seems great.

#productivity #organization #pkm #fabric #cloud #OS

Fabric screen shot, "One Home for everything"
Sean Killeen
1 month ago

New Blog Post: "How I Use Trello as a Continuous Packing List"

I thought I'd share a little life-hack that's served me well, since I forget things all the time and need to externalize my brain 😅

#travel #trello #packing #organization #kanban

2 months ago

Talking about the “nervous system” in isolation from the rest of the body and its environment is like trying to figure out what is the automobile about by looking at its motor running on a stand. You need to look at where the “rubber hits the road” to really understand what’s going on.

Only “bodies can do things” not the isolated nervous systems. Of course, brains have a #function within the body, the same way that individual bodies (with their respective brains) have a function within a social organization.

The nervous “(sub)system” has no need to be in direct contact with the environment, but it also can’t function or even survive (is not viable) without the support of all the other body parts, some of which are and must be in direct contact with the #environment.

According to #HH_Pattee, The whole purpose of the nervous system and cognition is the survival of the body:

“The major function of the brain is actually not to sit around and discuss things like we are doing now, but it is to make decisions - it has to decide whether to fight or run or eat …”

Thinking about the nervous “system” in isolation is typical for #Cybernetics thinking which separates the #control (management) system from the #controlled system (the plant) and does not recognize the fact that they depend on each other and should be thought of as one system.

People are “social animals” and the emergent capability and knowledge of an #organization as a system of people are quite different from the collection of all the individual learning capabilities and knowledge of the individuals it is composed of, so it is, therefore, appropriate to treat the organization as another dynamical #learning system.

Bryan Redeagle
2 months ago

To the folks that design clothes hangers,

A small dimple in the hanger is not enough to hold a dress or anything with straps. Do better. Make something with actual hooks.


#fashion #clothing #organization

Benoît Valiron
2 months ago

I recently had to print two dozen name tags out of a spreadsheet. Two columns: name, and affiliation. I thought: there must be a way to automate this, right? Fiddling with libreoffice menus, I discover a type of document corresponding to my needs: "Labels". Great, almost there (so I thought). (1/)

#Conference #organization #LibreOffice #Fail

Lately I've been working on organizing some things, and setting up systems is always key. Even for digital stuff. Maybe ESPECIALLY digital stuff. Just like cleaning your physical house and trying to rid it of clutter (did a lot of that recently, as we always do, sometimes to little avail 🤣), digital clutter is real. Going through my YouTube 'Watch Later' playlist and it's down to 106 things. That feels like a miracle- it was over 200 videos (almost 300) the other day, and just by watching a few seconds of one or two, many just needed filing to another playlist - especially ones I'd already seen and just want to save. And, of course, same as phone screenshots, some things you just have NO idea why you saved it. So you delete those. And wow. 106. Amazing. Maybe I can knock out more next week. Plus, I'm learning some things. They're some really boss videos. If I find some *really* cool ones, I'll post em here, of course.

#organization #organizing #clutter #DigitalClutter #YouTube

2 months ago

But this is #belied by their own #example. They talk about the #attester having to handle "billion-qps traffic" - that's a #billion #queries per #second.

No open-source #project, non-commercial #browser, #community #organization, or virtually anyone else whose business isn't based on tracking, abusing, and selling web users is going to be able to stand up a service like that. It would be economically impossible.


#lie #qps #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #CommunityOrg #public

2 months ago

#Design #Pitfalls
Why design systems fail · None of the issues are related to technical or tooling decisions

#DesignSystems #Organization #Risks #Failures #DesignTeam #ProductDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend

@Brad_Rosenheim When #DeSantis announced in 2021 that he wanted to revive the long-dormant #State #Guard, he vowed it would help Floridians during emergencies.

But in the year since its launch, key personnel and a defined mission remain elusive. The state is looking for the program’s third leader in eight months.

According to records reviewed by the Times/Herald and interviews with program volunteers, a number of recruits quit after the first training class last month because they feared it was becoming #too #militaristic.

Weeks into that inaugural June training, one volunteer, a disabled retired Marine Corps captain, called the local sheriff’s office to report he was battered by Florida National Guard instructors when they forcibly shoved him into a van after he questioned the program and its leadership.
DeSantis’ office referred questions to Maj. Gen. John D. Haas, Florida’s adjutant general overseeing the Florida National Guard.
In a statement, Haas said the State Guard was a “#military #organization” that will be used not just for emergencies but for “aiding law enforcement with @riots and illegal @immigration.”
“We are aware that some trainees who were removed are dissatisfied,” Haas said. “This is to be expected with any course that demands rigor and discipline.”
Three former members told the Times/Herald the program veered from its original mission.

3 months ago

It looks like the Japanese 5S methodology basically says to put your kids (and their stepladders) into storage for a tidy house.

This seems perfectly cromulent to me!

#Japan #Methodology #Inspiration #Organization #SelfHelp #Advice #KidsNeedStepLadders #Ridiculous #Clickbait #Journalism

An article from "Apartment Therapy" magazine, entitled "The 5S method is an unexpected way to get your home organised" by Abigail J. Fallon.

The first "BEFORE" photo is of a supposedly messy room (it looks like the tidiest my house has EVER been!) with a toddler and its stuff in the middle of the room (assuming a stepladder is a toddler plaything that is).

"You can get great home organizing tips from all kinds of sources, from professional organizers who share their tidying habits to design pros who weigh in on organizing dos and don’ts. But one of the most helpful approaches I’ve come across hails from the most unexpected place: the Japanese automotive industry, specifically the 5S, a system for organizing spaces."

The next "AFTER" photo is the same room, but really just missing the toddler and her step-ladder with a couple of things shoved underneath a table.

Driving digital transformation at scale: Key factors for success

"Let’s explore the six game-changing factors that contribute to the success of digital transformation initiatives." -- #AnttiNivala #betaNews

#digitalTraansformation #organization

Potassium ☀️🏖️
3 months ago

I just started using TickTick a couple days ago, and I'm really liking it so far!
#organization #ticktick

TickTick gives you these little badges for having completed your goals and stuff. I earned is the "badge" called "Perseverance Level 1" for having used TickTick for 3 days straight. 

It's not a huge deal or anything, but I think the idea of these badges is really cute and it's a nice little motivator ^-^
The fishing industry in the United Kingdom is struggling due to the lack of skilled workers. It has been added to a list of at-risk sectors.Since leaving the...
UK fishing industry: Pressures to bring in more skilled workers
3 months ago

Tada! Step 1 complete… #organization #makeover

An empty garage with a Pole in it
3 months ago

Boost your productivity with Joplin's 'Goto Anything' feature! 🚀🔍

Quickly find notes, folders, and tags in a snap. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to efficient note navigation!
Try it today and supercharge your workflow.

#Productivity #Organization #JoplinApp

Lucien Knechtli
3 months ago

@autisticbookclub @Vincarsi @actuallyautistic

Frankly, it took hiring an "organization helper" on taskrabbit for me to get off my butt and do something about the mess in my crawl space and basement.
They took a look at the space, recommended containers / shelving, and having a set date when they came to help me clean up kept me accountable.
Once you have a place for things, it's easier to get over the initial "I don't know where to start".
#ADHD #organization

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
4 months ago

In #FascistFlordia, "a #health care provider or health payor has the right to opt out of participation in or payment for any health care #service on the basis of a conscience-based objection."

I hope someone starts tracking the who/what/why of any #organization who denies healthcare to ANYONE FOR ANY REASON and publishes that info for EVERYONE to see - and act upon! 🤬
It’s Now #Legal in #Florida for #Doctors to Deny #HealthCare to Anyone If They Feel Like It


☆ The PM Career Ladder: Your Unofficial Guide: A great summary that matches my perspective and the structures that I implement for Product teams.

#productmanagement, #organization, #careers

4 months ago


It does seem worse now that it's just a handful of companies using novel tech to isolate & gatekeep the work of others, instead of handfuls of industries and/or nations.

Things that are hidden in plain sight can be revealed by slowly removing the 'noise' over time, until there's nothing to hide behind.

Tools of #oppression will ultimately be used to destroy oppressors.

#network #organization #Autopoietic_Reconfiguration

4 months ago

How To Have Amazing #Tool #Organization Using Scraps of Electrical Wire

#DIY #woodworking

In a world where so much is about the vagaries of the news cycle, #delegate #wrangling is one of the few aspects of politics that is entirely in control of campaigns — and almost entirely #invisible to the public.

It is about #organization and #effort. It forces campaigns to either display a certain #fundraising prowess that enables them to muscle through these challenges or demonstrate the #grassroots support needed to do so on the cheap. There are no shortcuts to it.

5 months ago

#organization : the act of arranging in a systematic way for use or action

- French: organisation, entreprise

- German: die Organisation

- Italian: organizzazione

- Portuguese: organização

- Spanish: organización


Fill in missing translations @

5 months ago

NPR was labeled as state affiliated media and now changed to government funded media

#npr #government #media #news #organization #independent #democracy #stateaffiliated #editorial

The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

"Neatly aligned glass spice jars ... wicker baskets filled with packages of pasta, crackers and snacks."

The kitchen pantry is a prime example of how organization has become big business in today's consumer culture.

#influencers #TikTok #Instagram #culture #socialmedia #organization

After all the great help from people on here and trying out a few different options, I ended up settling on Trello for storing and organizing my healthy/vegetarian recipe ideas. It's so easy to add cards to lists on boards to quickly add recipes-- I put this all together in like an hour or so. And the way it updates across the website (lists and cards shown here) and the app on my phone for quick mobile reference, it's incredible. I LOVE it.

#trello #recipes #recipedatabase #vegetarian #healthymeals #organization

A snapshot of my Trello board with healthy/vegetarian meals organized on cards in multiple lists, with categories of breakfast, salads, pastas & hashes, soups and sandwiches, other lunch/dinner ideas, and snacks.
7 months ago

“The challenge for most organizations isn’t ‘documenting the system’ but ‘having a system that is documentable.’” — Jeff Eaton

#Business #Design #Development #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Documentation #Organization #System #Process #Content #Quote

Tyler McGee
7 months ago

I don’t like most Microsoft products. I feel like they’re designed to be unnecessarily difficult to the point where they feel like punishment.


CONFESSION: I absolutely love OneNote. It’s not perfect but it feels like it matches how my brain works and having all of my notes organized and right in front of me makes me feel joy.

#Tech #Microsoft #Confession #Work #Organization #Mindfulness

8 months ago

In this note, we’ll give you a total of 16 tools for #socialmovements .

They are divided into 2 categories. (1) #organization, related to what people also call #structure, #process or #internal . (so this is not about Community Organizing) (2) #mobilization , related to #strategy and #campaigning. Each will have 8 #tools .

Find here:

João Rosa
8 months ago

Companies are evolving their mindset from project to product. It involves changes in how they approach fast flow, such as the software architecture, software engineering practices and team boundaries.

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Ulf Schubert
8 months ago

Hey #uxmanagement experts, do you have any recommendations on helpful books or blogs on organizational design of #ux or #design in enterprises? (Structural #organization and process organization)

mark henick :verified:
9 months ago

Gallup data indicate that having a best friend at work is strongly linked to business outcomes, including profitability, safety, inventory control and retention. 📝
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MAR Collective
9 months ago

🌹​Obsidian released a new feature recently I only found out about today and it is literally what I've wanted out of a task management/knowledge manager for over a decade.

The feature is called "Canvas" and what it does is offer you a blank, grid canvas that you can add anything to, in any arrangement and size. What this means is practically infinite.

My thinking is super visual, and I've been muddling along with mind maps coupled with other text based editors but it's been rather clunky. Now, all in one place, I can keep everything I write down and display it and the media/resources I need directly in one living space

Each box can be zoomed into with a click, and zooming out to fit the canvas to screen is so so so choice for how my brain works. Now I can zoom in and out of what I need at a moments notice, and edit everything on the fly to fit my needs

I can link notes I've already made directly into a canvas, I can embed Youtube and other embed-style things into their own cards, and even add in tasks and coding. Right now I want to make a canvas for each area of my life I'm working on daily/weekly/monthly, as well as long term a "dashboard" that would hold everything I need moment to moment to function.

Even in a plural sense, each of us being able to have our own canvases for similar subjects/processes means we can lay them out to our individual preferences

This feels like the developers of my favourite PRM made a Christmas gift just for me (even though I know tons will love this stuff) and I'm over the moon. I teared up a bit when I slid around the canvas and realized what it meant for my organization woes over the years

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Screenshot of a portion of the Obsidian MD app, showcasing a new feature called Canvas which lets users dynamically snap notes, media and more any which way they please.
9 months ago

Does anyone feel like sitting down in front of the computer and playing around with their notes a bit?

I just wrote down how I set up and try to maintain my (academic) reading list in #Obsidian using the #Projects plugin by @marcusolsson and #Zotero. Might post it again after the holidays, but for now, here's the description of my approach for those who asked. Thus, fulfilling my promise from this thread: #phd #literaturereview #studying #readinglist #organization #planning #tracking

Always love seeing the organization ideas from over on r/CrossStitch - especially when I'm staring a blank part of wall in my office, trying to figure out how to best use it to store things.

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Bernard Forgues
9 months ago

Given the move to this instance, time for a proper #introduction I guess.
I'm a prof of #organization theory at emlyon business school in France. I'm interested in #evaluation, #institutions, #materiality.
Former chair of EGOS, current head of @storm and senior editor for @OrganizationStudies

STORM Research Center
9 months ago

Hi there!
STORM is the research center in #strategy and #organization at emlyon business school.
STORM stands for STrategy, ORganization, and Management (or Mates, or whatever cool M-word you can think of).
We are broad-minded in terms of theory and topics, and agnostic in terms of methods. Collectively, we have published in journals such as AJS, AMJ, ASQ, ASR, JIBS, OS, SMJ, and others…

New #work / #organization / #planning poll:

What tool do you use to help with regular meetings (daily's weeklies, etc. )

10 months ago

My #firstpost on #Mastodon:

🌏 🌊 I am an Earth/climate scientist at the University of Arizona in #Tucson (southwestern US) focusing on the areas of #climate change, #paleoclimates, and #paleoceanography, with an emphasis on #ENSO, #monsoons, & #variability.

⚗️🐚 Our group uses #inorganic #geochemistry incl. measurements of #stableisotopes & #tracemetals in #carbonate rocks & #fossils (e.g., #foraminifera, #mollusks, & #speleothems) alongside climate #observations as well as #simulations to advance understanding of how the Earth's #climate & #oceans have changed in the past and can change in the future.

Some of my hobbies include:

🎵 #music: I am a fan of #metal and heavy music of all sorts, but tend to migrate towards #black, #death, #doom, #drone, #sludge, & #thrash. I also have a soft spot for #carnatic/#hindustani #ragas, #darkambient, oldschool-ish #hiphop, #triphop, and various forms of #electronicmusic.

🦜 #birds & #birding #photography bring me joy. Right now, I feel v lucky to be briefly back in my hometown of #Bengaluru, southern India, after three long years being able to see #oldworld birds I grew up with.

👨🏾‍💻 #GTD, #mindfulness, #organization, and (vs?) #producivity are things that I enjoy thinking about. Of late, I've been using #Things3, #Streaks, #Hobonichi w a #Lamy Safari, #Obsidian, #Overleaf, & #Bookends to get things done.

🙏🏽 Thanks for reading!

10 months ago

Hey #musodon people, I’m Mark. I run #Wampus, a little #recordlabel and book #publishing outfit with about 130 releases out. I live in #Winchester #Virginia and work in an attic #studio where I make my own records (#armsofkismet and #waterslide) and do #mixing and #mastering for other artists. My pro background is in #writing, #publishing, #communications, #graphicdesign, and #organization #identity. More info in profile links.